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Do you ever stop and marvel at just how wondrous the internet is? How you're able to communicate and talk about similar interests with a variety of different people, and all without the need to be surrounded by people. Even the hikkikomori can find a place here where they can talk and interact with others without fear. I wish the internet could continue to be as nice as it is forever.


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makes me smile


I think about it a lot, especially the fact that there's been a veritable renaissance in art that the internet has created and enabled. Just looking through Pixiv, it's astounding just how much art there is.


its quite inconceivable and makes me like the world just a bit
kind of lets you forget about the bad stuff


Western culture teaches you to be sad about what we don't have or what we once had but lost, but when you step back and look at what we do have, it's quite incredible.


dunno man I probably wouldn't be hikki in the first place if it weren't for internets


File:1367880853432.jpg (78.39 KB,600x800)

Would hikkis be hikki if not for the internet or would they be dead.


I've always wondered what the hikikomoris of the 70's and 80's did to pass the time.
If I had to guess the 70's ones collected vinyl records and played poker with grandma while the ones from the 80's collated floppies and did programming.


There'd certainly be fewer if it were impossible to order anything anytime to your place. The pressure on them would be stronger too I guess because I don't think they'd be aware that other people live like this.


The internet is the first big medium which includes participation in it. Anyone can become a deceptive beautiful chuuni by and due to using it. In one room one is a pupil, in another room a fellow initiated, in another room a wise tutor, all without any attent of authenticity.





I would imagine any hikki that still had enough willpower to get out and buy food would be one of those reclusive hermits, probably becoming an author or some other solitary job that lets them stay away from people. basically if they didn't die they'd just be asocial instead of shut-ins.

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