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it's what all the girls are talking about
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Yeah, I know... It's quite an absurd metric, but there's not much way to quantify muscle from fat without some sort of water displacement thing. There's allegedly handheld things which will say body fat % and muscle %, but I have a very strong suspicion that they're complete scams.


File:caps-underwater-weighing-t….jpg (952.32 KB,1278x4993)

>not much way to quantify muscle from fat without some sort of water displacement thing
should have done the underwater weighing test


it's early morning and the sun still hasn't reared its ugly face so i can go to bed in peace, love this season


It took several days of patience but I got the reply on an anonymous messageboard I was waiting for.


Finally got an awesome 1600 x 1200 LCD. Surprisingly, though, the backlight uniformity is pretty bad compared to my lower end 5:4 LCD. Maybe the panel got messed up from sliding around and hitting into the walls while I was driving around with it... At any rate, it is very cool, and I love it. On the not so cool side, I really hate my Asus monitor. God know's why, but the designers said, "Ah, yes, let's make the edges non-straight and have the corners ever so slightly flair out." It's really infuriating because it never sit flush against the monitors I sit next to it because it doesn't have flat edges.


was mowing the lawn while listening to bay city and noticed that the lawnmower was somehow blocking out the low tones or bass or something so i couldn't hear the deep parts of the song and it sounded kinda like a loli version of junko was neat


I think I have to give up on living on my own for now... Even when I find houses that I like and can afford they won't let me get them because I don't have a job or personal references. I am going to have to live with other people instead... Living with a middle aged woman would probably be the best option, I don't want to live with young people.


bought a new onahole


is sageru down?





Commenting on YouTube videos was randomly broken for me for months due to uBlock Origin for some reason, but just recently it fixed itself and I've been able to make comments again.

I kind of miss making comments that instantly disappear into the void where no one will ever see them, because seeing people make stupid replies to me or being complete political ideologues is really annoying me.


It would be nice if Youtube had no comment section at all, often I watch something and habitually check comments but I know that they are all going to be completely asinine and not worth reading.


You can get browser add-ons that specifically remove the Youtube comment section if you really never want to see them.


new konbini opened just a couple minutes away from me and it even has self checkout holy FLIP


File:c382b127c6.png (908.45 KB,1124x907)

They told me I could be anything so I became an alchoholic


Got cat their scratch post mini tower out, and also their wheel thing. They seem content.


saw a fake mini NES at a thrift store today. I was surprised to see that it had actual NES controller ports on it. I guess it was probably cheaper to buy clone controllers than make new ones with USB ports or something.


File:1500219718066.jpg (170.39 KB,664x1024)

Not /blog/ but I didn't know where to ask. Is there a drawfag thread anywhere on kissu and if not which board should I post one, /qa/ or /jp/?


There were some threads on /qa/, but people posting to it don't like that threads on this board are geared towards permanence and things they upload could be around for a year.


/qa/ would probably be best, I think.

Probably worth it to just make a new thread at any rate.


reply number 1000? or is 1000 the cyclical amount or something?
I've been trying a new way to control heartburn, but found out afterwards this liquid thing I tried has laxative properties
really need to read the full label ahead of time

My view is /qa/, but in the past some draw guy got really upset and left kissu over the idea of the thread not dying within a couple months...
Just be aware that your art will be stored for quite a while as someone else said


let's see if it goes above


I'm still here, but I just don't post too much. The actual reason is that some stalker that harasses me outside this site found out I post on kissu. I had been wanting the thread to expire for a while because I feared that would happen, and it happened around the time extra pages were added.


I think I messed up my hearing. I used to be able to listen to things just fine at 10%, but I like to eat things while also having my headphones on, so I've been turning my headphones to 30%. Now 30% sounds normal and 10% sounds too quiet... I guess I'll have to show restraint and see if I can train my ears to hear 10% as normal again or if I actually did lasting damage...

Sorry you have to deal with that, Anonymous.


If it's just 30% it's very likely just a problem with adjusting to the new level. Would be hard to damage your hearing with such a low %


I wonder if 10% would ever cause hearing issues. Always possible that the speaker have worn down, or that it's just unfortunate genetics.


File:72485148_p0.jpg (241.75 KB,1334x998)

I've already pulled an all-nighter, so now I am going to try pulling an all-dayer as well to fix my sleep schedule for the nth time.


I'm reaching the point where I need to do that, too. I was on a pretty good streak for a few months, too.


Hey me too
I'm staying up through tonight until afternoon tomorrow


File:43866B20-BC3B-4AA6-B91D-F….jpeg (494.88 KB,1280x720)

please take your sleep and keeping a good routine more seriously!


feeling irritated annoyed and tired and i don't want to sleep either just wanna sit in my blanket and stare at the computer


haven't showered in a while and i think it's getting to me mentally


have had a cup of iced tea next to me all day i forgot to drink last night and i haven't had the will to pour it out because it feels wasteful but now it's just been sitting out a whole day...


File:1628281895547.jpg (93.03 KB,596x652)

My 30 minute nap turned into a 3 hour nap.


brain all messy from waking up funny


wanna die


get some sleep




File:Screenshot 2021-10-20 0208….png (5.97 KB,452x26)

Hehe. Funny documentation.


Looking for a house still isn't going well... I don't think middle aged women want to live with me so I have to live with other people. They all seem to want people with jobs and people that are normal and do all the normal things like watch TV and drink and have trivia nights, if people had jobs why would they need a share house? And half of them seem to be vegetarian too, they are all just weird. There is a studio near the beach that I might look at though. Or else maybe I will have to buy a yurt and live on the 200 acres of land that my uncle has and use satellite internet.


shower door somehow just exploded while nobody was there...


Paranormal activity~~ 'tis the season


assuming you're talking about glass that happened to me too
probably something to do with heating and cooling all the time


when I become emperor of earth, I'm gonna ban crypto currencies.


i'd vote for you


waterfox decided to do another "we're updating our look!" update and now tabs are randomly broken and my cookies/cache were cleared. Gee, thanks Waterfox.


can you wait until i make it first? thanks


They very well may be banned or dead by then anyway.


been trying to sleeo for the past hour or so but it's so hot i'm having trouble why the HELL is it so hot in October

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