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File:68170101_p0.png (691.88 KB,1023x723)

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it's what all the girls are talking about


feeling sleep


feeling bored


feeling feels


feeling hungry


all i have is rice, spaghetti, eggs and raw tuna slices.


I absolutely cannot


literally got nothing to do


watch everything from the new season and see if its good


ate banana


they're mostly all just the same shows with some archetypes switched around. Only thing unique is megalobox. Best I can do is find something that follows tropes I enjoy or haven't been done to oblivion.


have you not watched thunderbolt fantasy, would put that up there with megalo box it's really good


it better not have idols in it


you better watch it RIGHT now canNOT believe this


but don't start with the airing third season that's a bad idea


great op image nice job


got a new laptop but the monitor is flickering
blub blub blub....


awful op image terrible job


you too bud


shirobako movie was translated and it's a poor movie. It misses the point that the series is about character growth and instead focuses on a tight deadline movie production and corporate politics


ate a banana


Went to bathroom, checked the clock, went to bathroom later, it was the same time on the clock.


deeply disappointed


File:[crossover][enoshima junko….jpg (498.88 KB,1000x1412)

Watching the trial.
It's fun.


To hell with the sun!


got buffalo wings


Been fretting over feeling faint every now and again, worrying I might have some scary ailment like a pulmonary embolism. But... then I looked in my trash and noticed some rotting food...


Listening to some p*p music, or fast food music, the lyrics are rubbish but the beat and vocals are pleasing and remind me of MJ.


found some cool music again
i like listening to music
its the only thing besides anime i can still really enjoy


The CG shields in Dune are funny. I'm surprised the fight scene in the beginning with them hasn't become some teen meme yet.


File:Taiga_IBrFx4kaQG.png (52.48 KB,655x626)

this'll probably work for the season


im surprised you find all of those worth watching


File:1583617616889.gif (449.37 KB,410x198)

getting sick of all jrock/pop openings sounding the same


might swap out childhood friend with cute boy detectives, but aside from that the rest aren't offensively bad


at least there's a lot of variation this season


File:hate this.jpg (8.69 KB,302x225)

¥see a (1)
¥press update
¥nothing new


eatin' carrots n mashed potatos


love trains. wish the us still had widespread good passenger service.


would like to think that something will come of the hyperloop idea, but with the us being barely able to maintain its roads i still have doubts about the future of passenger service here


need to understand how to better explain mathematics. feeling like i've hit a brick wall in my learning where i have to become a whole lot better at proofs and communicating ideas in order to move forwards


need to make tea before i pass out...


got a stress ball (it's actually an egg but whatever) because i have a bad habit of grabbing at my chest when i get anxious. i like it. it's helping quell my urge to squeeze something but the resistance feels too high so my arm gets kinda tired after using it.


there exist a cow
there exists a cow
there exist cows
there exists cows
english is weird


my sanity points have dipped




why would anyone use compressor on quiet music
its just sounds so artificially bad



File:88584357_p0.png (1023.88 KB,1000x744)

jeez. that kagamine rin song is so hauntingly beautiful and intensely sad. i can't help but cry every time i listen to it, and yet i can't stop myself from wanting to hear it more. what a mysterious feeling. wanting to cry more. aaaaaa~ my nose is all runny and my eyes sting. i think i want to listen to it again.


huh what song



File:Touhou Hong Meiling 145 E.png (5.11 MB,3840x2160)

I had Fried duck with Szechuan sauce. The duck was nice but the sauce was a bit strong.


I waited for nearly 5 hours to get onto 2b2t, managing to get down to ~50 in the waiting queue only for the server to restart, but my auto reconnect instead of securing a low queue position or even getting me in on the server restart, caused my minecraft client to crash...

How exhausting. Now I'm back up 500 something in the queue, which means it'll be another 5 hours until I get on...


File:squarelupini.png (199.76 KB,750x750)

Lupini beans are disgusting and you are a terrible person if you like them


File:84700466_p0.jpg (67.39 KB,900x900)

It's impossible to Save those who damn themselves, yet I still try. For all my Wisdom, I have failed to learn Discipline.

My Refinement must proceed undisturbed.


Stop capitalizing random words


dog's playing new capcom horror game


made bread but it was stuck to the bottom of the pan and I tried to get it out and now I have half a loaf of bread


I hate stackexchange
Posted a question just to get it locked right away


wish there was an imageboard with tex like stackexhange has


feelin tired. wish i could just sleep in the shower.

also 16:10 is a nice aspect ratio. i get why people say they wish it got more attention now


was looking through my question face folder but then came across a sad picture i accidentally put there and now i'm sad sigh...


File:5.jpg (290.38 KB,1200x863)

How much coffee do I have to drink so that I horseshoe around to being calm?


File:1611445107053.jpg (35.96 KB,518x564)

Chilling and watching music visualizations. Today's been really good so far. Happiest day in a while.


File:2018-09-16 11-19-55.mp4_sn….jpg (168.02 KB,1920x1200)

16:10 is great, I've been using it for like 8 years now. I really like the extra height when watching mobies and stuff, i can usually fit the subs neat and tidy in the letterbox area, just lots of extra little QOL things like that.

It's a bit of a pain with some things though, it's weird AR to share screenshots in and stuff when I'm playing fullscreen, and it's really weird AR for video if I'm recording, so it's harder to share, I usually feel compelled to scale and crop or pillarbox it.


File:fb07935180d8fc6c57d90088de….jpg (1.62 MB,4093x2894)

it's beautiful here with all the flowers
i recall there is a house nearby with a very nice front lawn that reminds me of european countryside
maybe it's a good time to take a look at it


not sure why but my neck's been killing me all day, maybe i slept on it funny or something


found out there's a gacha character that's named after my family name. at least they're really cute, but is liking them incestuous?


spent 5 hours preparing to go out to get groceries, getting groceries, preparing dinner, eating dinner, and then cleaning it up
end result was i had some tasty onion rings with a nice sauce that'll probably last me 2 days and materials for dinner the rest of the week
think it may have been worth it


ne ne kissu, do you think one day I'll get to see my bf again?


blog thread is about your day, not questions about your boyfriends


But it's the blog thread in the questions and answers board!!!


qa doesnt stand for questions and answers wtf. It stand for quality anime, as shown in the board's header.


room was getting hot so i opened my windows, but now my room is both hot and humid. i do not understand how humans existed prior to the advent of air conditioning. this is hell.



looks like a lot of sega stuff. gosh darn stingy vn devs and publishers.


gonna order chinese food


just looked and it's 58 percent humidity and close to 27C. I'm gonna die.


chinese food was good


the vtuber thing is going too far
it needs to stop before disney or walmart announces one


It was too far to begin with. Some sort of purge is required.


Met an interesting person from Estonia while playin some Minecraft.


Estonians are cool!


File:Zetsubou_Yume.jpg (64.42 KB,1280x720)

I'm starting to feel depressed every time I watch an (short) anime. Most if not all of them I can watch in a day, within 7-14 hours. And then it just gets thrown into the abyss of my memories where many more anime have faced the same fate; I forget most of the plot, sometimes I even forget the anime existed. This hits especially hard with good anime or the ones I really enjoyed watching. Life past finishing an anime is nothing but pain and suffering.
Just finished Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin. Liked the show and its characters but if I just forget about them within days, is that all that my love for a show amounts to? Each time I finish such an anime I'm left in utter dejection knowing I will sooner than later forget a large portion of the show. Sometimes I do remember the plot, but I forget all the characters and how they were. That's the thing that scares me the most. For all the time I spent attracted to the characters were nothing but mere hours. Eventually forgetting the fun memories and emotions I shared with the characters. But this feeling of dejection too, along with the show, fades away from my memories a few days/weeks/months later. Everything feels pointless. And each time I finish a show I'm left pondering whether anything is real if I will just forget about everything with the passage of time.


never really have had that happen to me, at least not with anything good. have you considered trying to keep some ratings and then occasionally rewatch that which you've rated fairly high


>if I just forget about them within days, is that all that my love for a show amounts to?
I suppose you're not living up to the standards you set of appreciating an anime.
What I did years ago was catalog my ratings on MAL. If your thoughts are catalogued somewhere then they're as long lasting as the server. But written text does get remembered better.

Short of that it might be better to change the viewpoint from memorable to entertaining.


This person was especially cool! We talked a lot about all sorts of things, but mostly related to data archiving.


If you want to remember an anime better, stop marathoning them. If you take breaks, you'll naturally spend some time thinking about it between episodes, and it'll impact you more.


I genuinely hate people and I wish I could become a hermit.


I've always been weirded out by people with highly specific tastes. I could never imagine only enjoying one type of media and hating everything else. It seems like it'd be torture.


after a couple of days of going out to get groceries for food i now have enough stocked up to last me for a while before i need to go out again, also made fried rice and it's pretty good


accidentally left the lights on and had been drained of motivation for the past hour


I used to update MAL, but I I just stopped doing it after I missed a few. I'll try to get back on it.
True. But rarely do I have the patience to stop an anime I like when the next episode is just a click away. But if it is to better enhance my experience/memory of an anime, it shall be done.
Thanks for the advice Anons.


It's an unspoken rule, but if you aren't saging 100% of the time then you aren't actually posting but going through the motions of posting without thinking about anything.


Please stop. I browse /all/ and I hate when it shows there are new posts there but then when I refresh I can't see them because the fucker sage'd it. There are obviously situations in which it is appropriate but if you are doing it 100% of the time then you're the problem.


it's not a problem if you use new ui like a smart person



i don't even know how to switch back to new ui anymore


What do you mean. It's always been the "[fr]" button on the board row.


ought to call it new instead


or just "[Toggle Layout]" to keep it consistent


got a heckin' bluescreen


not sure what to do
dont feel like anime or games
just staring at the wall thinkin bout being bored


that means it's time to sleep


i woke up from a nap 2 hours ago


got any games you like that require other people?


i like solo play
think ill drink alcohol, maybe watch 300 slime


could just make pancakes


the dishes...


eat it out of the scorching hot pan,
-1 dish


i'm going to make pancakes.
F you


haven't had pancakes in a while
maybe tommorow morning
gonna drink till i feel like doing something right now


In fact, if you post without saging it shows that you aren't actually posting but going through the motions of posting without thinking about anything because you didn't bother to remove the sage from your previous post.


File:1497777455756.jpg (102.8 KB,500x500)

in my opinion breaking sage on a thread like this means you want to bump it because its low in the catalog
bringing it to top gives the thread a bit of more activity and can lead to interesting posts
if the blog thread had nobody sage it would always be in first page of index at all times
it hurts the smaller threads that usually have more interesting content


hard sage


File:[SCP-2223] Ryuuou no Oshig….jpg (108.54 KB,1920x1080)



¥not sageru
¥not even sageing

sighhhh, just leave the e on at least...


this is english we are speaking its ge not げ
下げru and 下げing makes you sound like a dork


No, this is a weebzone, we speak weeb.
sageing is perfectly cromulent weeb.


sageing is a word but if you pronounce it saw-gay-ing then you're a dork




WTF kinda weeb are you if you can't pronounce the kana? It's just sage with "ing" at the end.


it sure as shit doesn't sound like saw-gay


pronounce that without sounding retarded


This. Just say "saging" like a normal human. Don't need to hint to people that you know Japanese, weeb.




Why does it matter how it is pronounced? Who the fuck here is saying it out loud?


File:1377461749094.png (98.73 KB,500x500)

pronounce all the funny words when muttering posts to myself including the option ones!


File:(clipboard)1619932910111.png (1.51 MB,800x1200)


good if the 'e' is silent
>Who the fuck here is saying it out loud?
i did several times in the last 15 minuts


File:banner.jpg (12.33 KB,300x100)


it's a japanese word, you'll always sound like a retard if you think it's "sayj".


>it's a japanese word
only half of that is japanese
it will always sound awkward when used in english if you pronounce さげ instead of sage(like the plant)


Don't really have a problem with it sounding silly, it's kind of meant to be silly I think, like how most weebs throw around japanese words. It's certainly a more playful way of modulating the word rather than simply brute-forcing a pronunciation from english homographs. You take all the fun out of it that way.








my favorite silly word is "doge", pronounced "doggy."


reading the /b/ math thread it finally makes sense to me how people can write so much for a math journal


no wtf its do-gay.






only oldfags remember this meme: doggy boycock


I pardon your french?


ate some ice cream


my lazyness managed to figure out how to make my instant ramen better. normally, i heat my ramen in two sessions because my bowl isn't quite big enough, so some of the noodles stick out, so half way, i try flipping them over so they don't get crunchy from the microwave drying the exposed parts out. anyways, i got preoccupied and left the noodles in the microwave for like 5-10 minutes, and then heated them up the rest of the way. Lo and behold, doing this caused the noodles to take on more water and have a better consistency than the gummy consistency they normally have. the only downside is that the powder isn't quite as effective because the noodles are bigger so it can't really move around as much? normally i add the powder at the end, so maybe if i combine this new technique with adding the powder at the beginning i'll have perfected my instant ramen making skill.

thank you for reading my instant ramen blog.


microwave is why culinary is now a lost art


I've thrown out mine 3 years ago and haven't regretted it yet and it has saved me money microwaveable foods are expensive.


how do you reheat leftovers?

almost everything is sold in portions that no one could really eat in solitude before it spoils or just get sick of it. freezing and refrigerating are the best options, but then you need to warm it up again.


frying pan and oven
microwave never heats evenly and anything crispy becomes soggy mess


i literally don't have a kitchen to make food...


What does the new UI change?


i'll make a drawing for you since it might be nice to put on the FAQ


File:Watching.png (48.75 KB,794x266)

Watched threads


File:TabsAndNotif.png (47.42 KB,680x232)

Tabs and Notifications


File:Sorting.png (789.79 KB,1843x945)



File:Recent.png (53.81 KB,797x200)

Recent Feed


File:Backlinks.png (42.62 KB,567x297)



File:Similar.png (382.32 KB,1457x405)

Similar Threads


All of these rework or ignore the existence of the catalog/index to make sage not a problem for imageboard function.


used some of the leftover foods from my stir fry to fry up some onions broccoli and asparagus and it was actually really good, only used butter and kosher salt


"kosher salt" is a scam
normal salt already has that little kosher certification icon on package so it's already kosher
and almost all processed food are also kosher if they don't contain meat


well you don't buy it for the kosher part you buy it for the large salt flakes


why do i buy that when i can just get himalayan pink salt instead


The idea of kosher salt wasn't that the salt itself was kosher, but that it'd draw blood out of meat when used to prepare raw meats and apparently it does that better than table salt.

Anyway, most cooks just use it coz it has big flakes of visible chunky salt. It's easier to see and feel how much salt you have in your fingers when it's in large flakes like that and also it looks pretty if you use it as a finishing salt (though that's what the pink salt also does).

I'm sure kosher salt is cheaper than pink salt as well, but I didn't actually check.



File:2aabe04ec0.png (10.18 KB,887x138)

is the fruits basket remake really that good why does it have such high ratings


File:harmanposteq.png (64.34 KB,994x682)

tried different broad high shelf filter after harman eq for my headphones
by letting my ear adapt a setting and then gradually increase gain in 1db step, i found out that -1db is the upper threshold that i don't find its fatiguing or "bright"
it's a very subtle change but helps a lot for long term listening


ate some peas


made a really embarassing mistake and then repeated it oh god im tard someone do something help


wintergatan seriously annoys me. he constantly eschews sticking with any number of functional designs in the name of making minimal design changes that take weeks to implement for unstated reasons. beyond that, he has the GALL to then use footage showing the machine in a functional state, actually capable of being more than just a design piece sculpted in cad, that he never showed before becoming obsessed with minimal design changes.


ordered a burger and shake today and picked up the burger and left but forgot the shake and i was too embarassed to go back in and get it so i just left sigh now im thirsty


know its unbecoming of me but i get extremely aggravated when people sincerely act like dumb norms


middle of the night and i noticed i couldn't find cat searched all over the house for her and turned out she found her way outside and was stuck




raining outside
makes nice sound


forgot to eat today
need food to live


food eaten may help survival
unless that piece of metal failling from the sky kills me


Decided that I'm tired of trying to be objective when it comes to media. My opinions are now based entirely on what I think and feel, not what others say.


opinions are based on what others say can't be further from being objective


File:twq6skxu8vx21.jpg (54.52 KB,600x338)

text your mother today


You literally objectively cannot ever be objective - no one can - i don't know why you'd even try to begin with.


>"Kosher salt"
¥ not going (((kosher salt))) for maximum griftage
Are you even trying to convince me this is a scam?

Anyways I watched bleach with a girl (female) yesterday. It was really neat!


What I mean is that I'm not going to account for biases anymore. If something is in a style I like, I'm going to give it more leeway than something else in a style that I don't. I used to try and counteract that for the sake of fairness, but now I see that it's not even possible: I think what I think, and I can't avoid that. From here on out everything I like is good and everything I don't sucks.


that is *literally* subjective


hate it when i can't find the image i need


kill me baby
baby kill me


speaking of
now is a good time to rewatch it


i seem to have accumulated 4 tea mugs on my desk over the course of today, think i may have had enough...


gosh. i feel like such a tard whenever i look back over what i write. somehow i always manage to forget to conjugate something, or miss plural endings.


at least i can delete my posts and fix those mistakes when i see them. used to feel so embarrassed i could die when i made a serious post on 4/qa/ full of errors


I know. I'm just saying I'm aware of it now.

It's easier to notice issues in something that you yourself made, because you know exactly how it deviates from what you intended.


thought i'd use wine vinegar instead of wine and now my soup tastes like vinegar


Kept diluting it down with water. Mission failed.

Remember that wine vinegar is not wine.


vinegar and wine don't even taste remotely similar, so i don't know why'd you'd even consider substituting it for anything wine...


Old wine turns into vinegar so my thought was the by doing this I would be using a really old wine and therefore still following the recipe


eyes have been feeling really dry recently. hurts pretty bad.


I finally did it frens. I got the autism money, that's it. I've won I never have to work.


congrats, you no longer a life failure
you are now life winner


File:image.jpeg (76.19 KB,491x600)

Now you can stick around kissu anytime without ever worrying or stressing about the evils of work.


wish my country had autism bux


put this thread into zombie mode meaning it has no bump limit and it can't die.


made brownies to use up some molases. They're pretty good and I only used half the sugar it called for. Could even use no sugar.


File:flashplayer_32_sa_Jh7BW6ah….png (169.44 KB,875x505)

won at rumba but the thread disappeared...


it didn't run on Ruffle so I thought no one would bother


I just use a standalone player myself


Isn't it weird to think that ruffle uses relatively new technologies (rust and webasm) to preserve a relatively old one (flash)? I think it's kind of neat.


having one of those tired asocial days where everything to me is boring


we all have those days
also cat is attacking pants strap heh


sleep spermed twice last night. soiled my sheets and two pairs of pajamas. didnt even recall the dreams that made it happen...


I guess you could call it ironic, but it's not very weird. Emulators have been a staple of computers throughout their existence, especially early on when code wasn't portable.


youtube recommendations are really bad right now. can't find anything to watch but i still refresh the page hoping for something to catch my interest that never comes


they always suck. You watch one cat video that's popular and it assumes you want to watch every single cat video on youtube from 2010.

Works well for games because that's entertainment, but not everything is a binge topic.


only eaten oven baked fries, brownies and coffee today


File:firefox_CpaTDrbdcW-1.jpg (108.15 KB,1536x864)



14 hour drive today. Wooo~


File:SmartSelect_20210514-15053….jpg (42.38 KB,683x178)

Nice biohazard symbol. Anyways, I always manage to make eye contact with passing trucks and it always makes me uncomfortable.


but trucks don't have eyes!


Car is now stalling so we're stuck at a rest stop D:


Car started :D

Tech dude thinks we got bad gas, especially what with that Southeast oil pipeline going down, maybe a gas station thinned their oil with something who knows.


The whole "set your expectations low and you'll never be disappointed" thing doesn't actually work. You end up spending all your time waiting for things to go wrong and stop appreciating things in the moment.


i think there needs to be a better font-awesome symbol for a perma-thread(probably stop calling it zombie too)


Saw an official highway sign that said "LEAVE Salem" lol


File:new car.jpg (48.49 KB,600x328)

i recently got my first new car and car loan
it's a 2021 kia k5 gt-line


>car loan
oh no...


it's one of those fancy 0.0% car loans and assuming over the next 5 years (the term of the loan) there is inflation, the car payments get cheaper and cheaper each month i make a payment.


loan sharks offer you more


starting to pass out in my chair again


memory seems weaker lately
took me 10 mins to realize i already watched an episode


watching vtubers fail at nioh


what do you do to relax?


what do i do other than relaxing


i hate it, i always hurt my friends accidentally. of course i never mean to hurt them.
idk why i get so heated about things either, sometimes my emotions flare up and I lose my composure, it's bad.

I wish I was as cool and composed as my friend. He barely even laughs, which was a little unsettling at first, but I grew fond of his strength and disconnected nature.


go see shrink
they get relax pills
dont take too many they are addictive


feeling extremely bleh today for some reason


really want to build a new pc because its very fun but parts are too expensive


File:foobar2000_qCXCW2RkEJ.png (806.26 KB,1052x524)

caught between two tempting covers


just sighed by mistake


File:image.png (150.48 KB,500x375)

>cool and composed as my friend. He barely even laughs
Is your friend's name Ryosuke Takahashi by any chance?


never pick idols


Cat remembered to jump on my desk after 4 months of not having done so, meanwhile dog forgot how to play catch after being away for a week...


It was a blessing in disguise! My cat now wants to sleep on my mouse cord!


watching osananajimi rabucome and it makes me wonder why dogakobo even bothered dumping the bare minimum amount of resources into this instead of something better


going to get into Rust by writing a webscraper


trouble joeing
might be be getting old




these sorts of tutorials are nice


File:kawaii.png (198.43 KB,281x299)



File:roomsi.png (15.53 KB,537x236)

moving my speakers to the center of the room completely killed off the bass
room simulator showed that all of the first order room modes were low intensity because speakers were at center of length and listening position was at center of width
so much for symmetry positioning


What kind of speakers?


Rustlang is really strange and complicated, but it feels like the best programming language


typical 2-way bookshelf


only two sections of Rust documentation left!


File:umarutide.png (4.09 MB,1920x1080)

wish i could 3D model
vermintide 2 modding is now where weapon and hat models can be easily replaced
no known way for custom animations yet, so can't replace enemy models or implement custom enemies or make custom weapons that aren't based off of existing weapon animaitons


joeing again
must have been a bad day


ginger is epic


you WHAT again?


File:absolutely meh.png (887.29 KB,1907x1077)

i havent done much of anything lately, an extended break i guess. one thing i am getting back into is redrawing stuff, mostly manga panels on my own. ive accepted the fact that i cant draw so plagiarizing work it is. i mostly do it because its very relaxing and takes all my focus. ive also tried doing a few recolorings of stuff, its going alright i suppose


>In general, for two-way speakers you absolutely want to prevent nulls in the 40-80 Hz range, and try your best to avoid them between 80-200 Hz. For your typical studio monitor, that means the recommended speaker-to-wall distances are:
>Good: Flush-mounted or as close to wall as possible (see manufacturer recommendations)
>Okay: Up to 1 m (3′-3″)
>Avoid: 1-2.2 m (3′-3″ to 7′-3″)
>Good: Over 2.2 m (7′-3″)
well i went for the worst possible path...


mom is in hospital
very worried


Stallman returned to the FSF and this was the least politiical article I could find on the topic.


by politics do you mean his resignation from mit for the epstein comments?


maybe, i haven't bothered to read them. but all i see are "backlash" and other such words that tell me it's an article I don't want to read


that's awful
hope she gets better


Westerners like to characterize east-Asian nations like Japan, China, Korea, etc as highly traditional, but it's actually the other way around.


"traditional" as in "don't break things that work", yes
"traditional" as in "clinging on old ways of life", no


an example is japanese web page design
webpages created in the past are rarely updated to use the most up-to-date style, yet recently created webpages all adopt modern styles, often times even without a desktop version


I think a lot of it comes down to differences in how easterners and westerners view culture itself. Westerners have this weird obsession with purity: to most of us, adopting a new or foreign thing means replacing an old or domestic one. Easterners take the much more sensible stance that new things are merely additions to culture, and can coexist with what's already there.


this is why I don't entertain stereotypes


>can coexist with what's already there
Haha. Too bad they don't apply the same thinking to people, because wow do they not like each other.


cat got startled while i was lying down and scratched me running away


i am the blog


brother worked out so hard his muscles started leaching toxins into his kidneys and has to have tests run on him


what the heck kowai
thought working out was supposed to be good for you



File:1622438367435_97519961409….jpeg (1.84 MB,2976x3968)

made grilled cheese


very nice cat. i miss mine


been playing a bunch of games lately wow i'm having fun again


gonna stop exercising
might kill me


don't stop, just take it slowly
people going hard from the beginning and quitting because of it is pretty common


but what if i overdo it and my muscles break down and knock out my kidneys


just do like 30 push-ups and situps a day that's easy


what happened was my brother was working out with a doctor and he egged him onto do something extreme. checked up with the doctor later and his blood test was 500x above normal in some level


i thought situps were very bad for your spine


if your form is correct and you dont overdo it it should be alright
i don't remember where i read that but i think crunches are pretty inefficient though


i always heard planks were better if you're working the abs
targetted weight loss doesn't work


cats got into a fight so one of them decided to literally take a shit in the corner of the room -- not spray marking, no hissing or being territorial, literally just decided to take a fucking shit in the corner. what the hell.


sometimes feel like i watch too much anime to discuss with others
not in regards to i have no time, but i pick up so much that nobody else seems to be watching




why make a compilation movie so soon after the tv aired


vrchat sucks what the heck. why are there so many norms. literally everyone has anime-style avatars but not a single solitary one watches any anime at all. also they're also strung up as hell, but I guess I'd be miserable to be around if I was a wageslave too.

anyways, my head really hurts.


File:20210601_164555_capture.jpg (1.09 MB,1920x1080)

Made cat a box house. They seem to like it.


work eat sleep
work eat sleep
work eat sleep
work eat sleep
work eat sleep
work eat sleep
work eat sleep
work eat sleep
work eat sleep
all no work and no play makes jack a dull boy


for some reason whenever i open up a board on 4chan i feel really stressed looking at it


cats love their boxes


it used to be better before they added quest support, but quest 1 support brought in a fuckton of little kids and quest 2 support brought in a bunch of normies on top of EVEN MORE little kids. there are other games you can look at like chilloutVR or NEOS that have different, much less frustrating problems. don't go to recroom though, that place has even more normies and kids than VRchat does. also everyone uses anime avatars because the actual creators just steal crap from MMD for the most part instead of making their own stuff, and this spreads out into the people just grabbing whatever they can find in avatar worlds.


It's because 4chan is stressful. I stopped using it a few years ago and my mental health improved tenfold.


The "anime" style isn't isn't exclusive to or even actually from anime. It originated and was primarily developed in manga, and is used as a general illustration style in other Japanese media. Seeing someone with an "anime" style avatar indicates that they like that artstyle or a work that uses it, not necessarily anime in specific


Facebook Oculus stuff pisses me off. Realistically, it would be the most viable option for me to get into VR, but because the Zucc has decided I'm not a real person and have violated the TOS, I'm not allowed to make a Faceberg account, and thus locked out of getting and using Oculus stuff.


I'm aware... What bothers me is the hypocrisy of it; in the same instant that someone is using an avatar of some "anime-style" eboy, if you so much as dare to bring up anything related to any Japanese media, or play it on a video player in the room, they'll ridicule you for being a weeb. It's stupid and I hate it. I hate the hypocrisy and I hate that no one is capable of taking it easy. Or, hey, you're using an avatar of some character that happens to be an animal, and they ridicule you for being a furry. Same thing.


>I hate that no one is capable of taking it easy
I think it's the other way around. Kids make jokes about anime fans and furries all the time, but save for kiwifarms freaks, it's almost always meant in jest.


found a nyaa that works on verizon https://nyaa.unblockit.onl/


Still... it's a mean-spirited thing to do, which in my opinion is the opposite of taking it easy.


advanced video editing looks very time consuming


the facebook stuff pisses me off more than most, cause I refuse to make a facebook account and now I can't use my CV1 that I bought before facebook even owned oculus!

that stuff is difficult and time consuming enough to be an entire career unto itself, and a well paying one too from what last I saw.


tried 'Homerun' frozen pizza, apparently a famous pizza place in Chicago. It's okay, but really needs more tomato sauce. Lots of these fancier frozen pizza from places that have restaurants don't seem to use much tomato sauce and I wonder if that's what people find appealing.
I don't. tomato sauce is nice


mmmm chocolate milkshake


i thought about using vrchat for fun but then i realized i want to talk to anime people not real people
how lame


I don;t think telling ZUN about the Touhou Gacha game will help now... It's made by Good Smile Company and they already have made Touhou Merchandise for a long time so they probably already have the rights to do that and so to make a game too...


went grocery shopping
forgot how many fat people there are at wal-mart and other low price stores, it's such a sad sight and I don't see it changing


problem is that the human metabolism just requires calories and the occasional nutrient to live short term. Adaptive mechanism to survive in the wild turned against us


actually prefer the local "low price store" over whole foods market here because i can self checkout and it has far less people than whole foods
its still more expensive than walmart though


washed bedsheets and put them on bed
put sheet down, cat jumped on it and had to throw him off
put sheer down, cat jumped on it and had to throw him off
repeat x5 without exaggeration
he never stopped but I finished doing it
then he jumped off and walked out of the room



File:ade1c20d3fbff35135c399af43….jpg (377.6 KB,1890x1810)

typical cats...


bleh, filled with spite today, ought to just sleep it off


cat jumped on the bed


pet my cat and got a faceful of fur, summer sucks


knee hurt a bit now it's making popping noises hope i didn't tear anything...


had a brief power surge and one of my externals was giving me I/O errors and nearly had a heart attack but then i restarted and all my data was fine


got sunburned and it hurts but yesterday was really nice so it was worth it


NEVER go outside for too long without caking yourself in sunscreen burns aren't worth it


I think VNs are truly the best form of escapism. Yes, they're lacking in the visual feast that anime can present, and usually only have a few CGs and some character sprites, but that's all you really need to make the text come to life. It has the advantage of giving you a first person perspective, so it's easier to self-insert. The ones that use music correctly are the best, and I think the sound and music that plays is what truly ties together a good visual novel.

this happened to me recently it sucked luckily I have some sunscreen for the next time I have to leave the cave


saw a post but someone deleted it
must have been scared


what's it like to have friends irl?
can someone tell me?


like ones over the internet?


ones over the internet are exactly the ones I'm not talking about!!


can't believe the redo of healer bds are 72 gb dang that's big


internet friends aren't like real life friends at all.

you can't hug your internet friends, you can't cuddle with them, or kiss them on the cheek or hold their hand, no matter how many asterisks you wrap your text in. you can't always play games with them too, not when you have >300ms ping. you can't just do it all with text and pictures - it's simply not the same.


>you can't hug your internet friends, you can't cuddle with them, or kiss them on the cheek or hold their hand
im not sure thats something friends do...


oh, I would!!

I don't have a single internet friend that I wouldn't hug or kiss or cuddle with, or potentially more lewd++ things if we really got along...


People who say rude things shouldn't be surprised when others respond in kind.


there's a spider on my ceiling
it has been there for the past few hours doing nothing, but it's fairly medium sized and black
not sure whether to be threatened by it or accept it as a fly killer in these harsh times


can't believe that twitch has still bested ublock


did ublock put out an official statement, or did they change it?


VR, haptic feedback and teledildonics are all working to fill in what gaps they can. and it's only gonna get crazier as time goes on. I've "cuddled" with online friends plenty in the past, although obviously without stuff like body heat or being able to feel their skin on mine. it's not as good as the real thing (yet) but it's vastly superior to the text method you've been talking about.


File:e5a1e6dce12629d3408b6c81ef….jpg (147.71 KB,763x763)

love her so much........


woke up at the hottest point of the day


i used to have hobbies
where did they go?


if it's only those specific hobbies, I guess you just got tired of them and moved on. if it's everything you're suddenly tired of, well, I'm no psychologist but that might be depression


i think it's both, thinking bout staring at the wall for a while until bed time


bought some polish bacon and sausage
hope they taste good otherwise kurwa


Majsoul Friends Room 61654(4-Player South): https://mahjongsoul.game.yo-star.com/?room=61654


we got a game off, now it's 2/4 again




found a heads side up penny and had good luck.

anyways, i am heavily considering selling myself into serfdom to Lord Bezos for a couple months. it'll probably suck, but i can't really find anything that pays as well and is full-time that's not "1+ year(s) experience" or "degree" in whatever. service jobs suck. they're constantly cutting hours and basically forcing you out the minute you're hired. at least amazon'd put me to work.


The penny lied. it wasn't good luck at all.


File:cantina_overview.jpg (2.16 MB,4032x3024)

got the lego mos eisley cantina a couple days ago
the venue is coming together


want to masturbate but I'm too tired
my body is betraying me


i made a post somewhere, but now i can't find it. i don't even remember which imageboard anymore since i usually set everything to yotsuba b if it lets me so they all look the same in my memory.
ughh this is just a tiny bit frustrating for me since it makes me feel old and forgetful.


nice lego set. it looks like there's an attachment point on there. is there another side that has the cantina band?


latest slime episode was great


File:cantina band side.jpg (1.7 MB,4032x3024)

yeah, finished the rest of the set a few hours ago
it's a cool set, definitely wish i had it as a kid but also it defiantly wouldn't have lasted more than a few months


File:full_cantina.jpg (2.56 MB,4032x3024)

it has a whole bunch of things included


File:cantina jawa junk shop 1.jpg (1.45 MB,4032x3024)

there's a junk shop ran by a jawa


File:cantina no droids.jpg (1.19 MB,4032x3024)

one of the entrances has a no droids sign


File:cantina han v greedo.jpg (1.63 MB,4032x3024)

and there is even special seating for han and greedo that lets you pop one or both of them out of their seat to recreate their scene


dang that's actually pretty intricate. more than i thought it'd be going off just the first pic


while not to scale this cantina seems to be actually made to look like the Mos Eisley cantina unlike previous iterations
i think it's due to it being more of a collectors' lego set, so instead of a toy it's a display piece


Reminds me of how it looked in the Lego Star Wars games. Really cool set.


after a long streak of having one normal rest every day i broke it by passing out in my chair


been to the dentist
I was super worried about a brown spot I had noticed but he says its just discoloration so I'm relieved.


Moving tomorrow. I hate this so much.


it's not that bad


Aaaaaaa this sucks. The movers got the wrong message and didn't start coming over until recently, I have no idea how we're going to get all of our animals over to our new apartment, to storage units to pick stuff up and drop it off, and the Comcast guy is coming at like 2-3 but who knows if the movers and the rest of us will even be ready by then. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


eating some boson cinnamon toast crunch


this encapsulates my thoughts on joran


File:89464a5e1538f6a3c322298e28….jpg (351.22 KB,912x611)

bought a fan


Played a VR game where I flew around in a plane and alsp a helicopter. I am now very dizzy.


I had a flight simulator I played a lot as a kid. It was good fun but I never did work out how to fly a helicopter for more than a few seconds without it spiraling out of control.


I dunno if I could manage an actual simulator either. The physics in the thing I was playing with were more arcade~y with slight realism.


been feeling troubled lately to get enough breath in for a yawn wonder if this is bad


I'm out of vegitables, what should i get?




got carrots and tomatoes


tomatos are fruits


went to mexican restaurant with family since brother is in town
free nachos and tortillas meant I ate way too much


I hate to break it to you, but America says otherwise


File:81535261_p0.jpg (505.74 KB,666x926)



Huh, cucumbers and peas are considered fruit "botanically" too


and vegetable is not a botanical term


foot hurts really bad wonder what happened to it


almost missed train but the driver waited for me


megalobox 2 probably aots


sis went to the movies and brought back popcorn


they scooped up the floor popcorn...


Car won't start. Phone is gonna die. State farm is "45-75" minutes away. It's really hot outside. I'm not gonna make it /qa/...


is there anyplace nearby you can get some water


Sounds absolutely terrible, hope you make it Anonymous


forgot to blog about how i wanted to make ice cream in the blog thread


umm... uhh... stay in shade? uhhh... I don't think I can give any advice... I guess if you sweat a lot wrap a shirt drenched in sweat around your head to cool it off?


I made it back home alive, but the car needed to be towed... Sigh...


got a haircut and barber didn't talk to me at all was nice
now my head doesn't feel like it's overheating anymore


thought up a funny:


Gave cat a bath because they were getting a little smelly. They seem alright.


did absolutely nothing today


got my new fan


haven't pooped in 2 days


my eggs are really pale
are they defective?


hand hurts been playing too many fight games


i can see the moon outside my window
moon moon moon


Go and take a shit right now.


went to restaurant yesterday
ate ramen, karaage, and takoyaki there, but they were mediocre
won't visit that place again


osananajimi romcom anime so shit i don't even want to post about it anymore
think i'm developing bad habits again and not dropping the crap i should be... forcing myself through kusome isn't good for my enjoyment


finally pooped, was worried for a while


File:MSIAfterburner_bgglwuC2mS.png (2.78 KB,183x112)

wallpaper engine using 30% of my gpu when nothing is loaded in it? this can't be right...


Noticed my bluetooth headphones cut out a lot whenever I'd use the microwave at my old apartment, but the same thing happens at my new one without using the microwave. I wonder if induction stoves might be a source of interference too? I suppose it could also be WiFi interference as well...


keep wanting to make a post but keep forgetting what i want to post


just noticed the steam summer sale has started


Just try Touhou demo game on steam, it fun. but sadly it not into the summer sale and Touhou luna night seems fun.


Made tuna melt pizza.


Bedroom flooded from all the rain we got. Hate water.


cat was stuck in the dryer for half a minute thankfully she's really fat and made a bunch of noise so i was able to get her out quick


That is very funny.


passed out in my chair again


Got 10 free dollary-doos from Venmo because of a promotion to try and get people to use their app. It would seem I've gotten similar emails in the past saying I could get $5. I wonder if they'll send me another email in the future for more free money since I finally clicked through.


Setup Raspberry Pi 4 desktop.


Youtube removed the refresh ability from the app. I am angry.


youtube has never made a good change to the site since google bought it


very hot today


I really dont like this new Mangadex. It's so much more inconvenient to navigate than the previous version.


family was over today and i stuffed myself with black rasberry pie and cake was delicious


does your family only eat desesrts?


uh no but they made them so i ate them...


I admire how fast kissu's mods are.


ate too much gonna barf....


scarlet nexus is cracked already
gonna try playing it soon


Caught a millipede since I didn't want to kill it but let it go outside. These guys are smarter and tougher than they seem.


gonno build a himabot


Went to this pizza place that has these enormous pizzas. Normally I only order a half but last time I ate it all whereas I like to have a piece or two left over for the next day's lunch, so I decided to get a whole half-n-half pizza today. Unfortunately I also got a coke and that bloated me up so much I only managed to get through two and a half slices. It was a bit awkward walking out of a restaurant having eaten less than a third of my meal, and now I have three days worth of pizza in my fridge. Oh well.


Made tuna melt pizza on Sunday. Still have a bit of leftover dough. I'll use it to make sausage pizza.


converting all my music to opus.


cat played with laser today until it started painting like a dog hehe


hope you did abx tests before doing that


Moving states in a month... haven't even started packing.


It's just to have my music library on my phone. I wouldn't just toss all the source files.


well, have you considered xhe-aac which is tested better in listening tests with free encoder available?


This is the first time I'm hearing about it. Seems interesting, but I think Opus is fine for now. I was able to compress my library down to 45% of its original size. Maybe if an xHE-AAC encoder is added to FFMPEG I'll consider using it in the future.


if your source is loseless then 45% seems excessive and opus won't have advantage over other codecs
that's how you can use abx to test what is the smallest bitrate for you
unless you're encoding from 320k mp3s, which is something i never do due to generational loss concerns


I have a 2:3 ratio of lossy to lossless music files, in terms of total file size. Personally, I'm not too picky. I generally can't tell the difference between 128kbps and 320kbps when it comes to MP3s. That said, when encoding my files to Opus, I leave it at 96kbps which to my ears is also indistinguishable from 320kbps MP3s. As far as generational loss is concerned, I'm not too worried either. The lossy portion of my library is generally first-order and without glaring compression artifacts.


File:[Airota&VCB-Studio] Watash….png (2.09 MB,1920x1080)

ah yes a protag who neither touches his harem nor kills his enemies


a true knight


Cat jumped off balcony and got lost.

Went down to deck level to great her and then I walked towards her and she ran off into random people's back yards. Had to wait until night to sneak around and find her. When I got 3.5 houses away after calling out and rattling some treats around I heard her get startled and jump. Couldn't get close to her but I crawled on my stomach and when she got near me and sniffed my hand I grabbed her by the scruff and carried her back.

It wasn't even my cat, but an indoor one I've been looking after for a year so I was really afraid I might not find it. Cats don't really go very far


yeah thankfully they're like that, mostly
once one of my older cats got lost outside and returned the next day like nothing happened and recently my kitten got locked out of the house and just stayed near the door the entire time until i heard her


>It wasn't even my cat, but an indoor one
Hehe. I thought this was a sudden twist until I read the rest of the sentence


love when a manga in which i invested two days to read 100 volumes turns to shit right in the middle


>100 volumes
which one?




tornado warning just scared me


Cat jumped up onto my desk to sleep, but upstairs neighbors are moving in and making a lot of noise stomping around. She tried putting up with in, just rolling over and hoping it would stop, but now she's standing up and keeps looking at the ceiling like "what the heck is that noise?" I don't think she's very happy...


Okay, this is seriously getting annoying...


File:[SubsPlease] Kobayashi-san….jpg (259.49 KB,1280x720)

watched mini-dora maid dragon special it was pretty nice and lasted as long as a teekyuu season


was that person who was involved in the funi maid dragon translation also doing it this time?
just hope a fansub group is picking up this if this is true, otherwise going to watch it raw


pretty sure the subs for maid dragon were fine last time it was just the dub that sucked


killed the fruit fly pestering me and then ANOTHER one showed up but i just killed it too while typing this swear to god if i see another...


you need to take out your trash


second this motion. had a really warm day and flies were all over my trash in disgusting ways


all of my pets seem sick... one cat has weird yellow-green poops that sometimes have blood in them, the other cat has weird discharges from her cat hole, and my dog seems to constantly have an upset stomach (but he literally eats the cat's poop, so... I guess that makes sense).




maybe. i'm pretty sure yellow-green poop tends to indicate not fully digested food. but, they've been like this for maybe a month or more which makes me worried that either they somehow caught a stomach bug, or that they might have some intestinal problems. stomach bug worries me more because stupid dog eating cat poop could be catching whatever the heck is wrong with the one cat. not sure about the other cat, but they seem fine aside from leaving brown spots on stuff and being a little smelly.


monitor was absolutely filthy so i cleaned it and most of the dirt went away almost immediately when using glass cleaner that's nice


Got scammed by a company ripping store listings from ebay, aliexpress and etc. Was trying to find wedding gift item which wouldn't ship to my location and didn't check the Contact Us page which was fishy. Looked at more info and the site was only made 1 month ago and had multiple similar copies running with fake logos and same contact info.



didn't make any huge transactions, but had to cancel card. will have to see if the bank can do any reversing of it.


File:[ReDone] Wind ~ A Breath o….jpg (16.68 KB,196x275)

Washed my car for the first time in 5 years. Need to take it to the mechanic for a leak too, been putting that off for a few years. Only ever been to the mechanic once before; still don't really get how it works, too afraid to go there. I'd like to just keep putting it off forever, I don't drive much, but I need to make a trip soon and don't want to die on the road. Maybe my fear of death will outweigh my fear of people, guess it's my chance to grow.


File:d39ea0d34d31b4b3d3cac358ab….jpg (2.86 MB,1617x1388)



want to know what paizuri feels like between shokuhou's massive knockers


shigoto daikirai


need to fix my environment and get a good space


File:1587823937761.gif (106.79 KB,320x239)

corona money came in the mail im rich


Wish I wasn't NEET so I could've gotten coronabux (´・ω・`)


a few days ago I fixed my left mouse button double clicking when I only clicked once, but now middle button is doing it


Reading my old coronavirus thread is weird. I feel like I have 10% of the mental capacity that I had when I wrote all that stuff. Ah, well. At least I was accurate in most of my predictions.


probably the difference between having invested yourself in research vs having a waning interest in the topic


Really hate getting given the runaround by phone operators like "Oh, it can't be us, try contacting 'them'", "but, I've already contacted them and they said it was a problem with you" "yeah, it's gotta be a problem with them, try calling them."

I guess.


been tired and asocial past week
happens once in a while and it's such a drag, don't post much when it happens


christ on a candlestick thunder just shook the whole house


looked outside and the entire sky is white even though it's half past 10...


stay safe, Anonymous!


just realized my middle mouse clicking is no longer creating multiple new tabs whenever I click a link. nice.


Hate when I update and perfectly good features are taken away for exactly zero reasons.


read all of chainsaw man, it was great


I want to learn riding horses and be good at it. But I usually don't really go to do stuff.


happy mood turned itself off again


head's been hurting. I ate a bunch of chex mix which is full of sodium, so maybe I'll try avoiding it from now on. I feel like I might be salt sensitive, but... it could just be stress and lack of sleep too...


Lately, I've been trying to shorten my posts. Short posts where every word is meaningful are better than long posts full of bullshit.


if you eat a lot of salt make sure you drink a lot of water to compensate


you're not alone
everything i've tried from general mills are garbage, snacks are too salty, cereals are too sweet


bought a tablet support to read on my ereader lying down in bed. now i just need a long flexible straw


was wondering why i couldn't play any of my vns but then i found out the beta "worldwide language support" ticbox in the win10 locale selection actually breaks vns gotta switch back to english and then japanese without that box ticked now


ran out of clean briefs to decided i won't wear any


They don't have to be clean just alternate between a few and you can wear a pair a dozen times.




Nothing gross washing your clothes every day is a modern invention it's bad for your wallet it's bad for the environment.


neighbors are stomping again... sigh...


stomp on the neighbors
that'll show them


need to exercise... i think i have a-cups......


Made tuna salad and baked pizza for yesterday's lunch.
Made buttermilk biscuits for today's breakfast, but I don't have sausage.


going on a road trip again, but not for happy fun time reasons :< funeral


Ate noodles with spinachi, latter ingredient reminded me of pizza and other good food I liked to eat.


opened my door and cat bursted outside at light speed straight into the bushes took forever to get them out but eventually chicken did the trick


Moving away from Comcast, figured I would use up my yearly allowed month of going over the data cap. But no, apparently it's already been used up, even though I haven't gone over the cap this year. Someone needs to fucking


particleboard desk is starting to fall apart


Been tired and sleepy all day, haven't had a good night's sleep for the longest. Do people ever even wake up and not feel sleepy? Or is it just human nature to want to sleep more even after say 10 hours of sleep?


just realized gdq still exists https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick


Did a long bike ride and now my ass hurts
I managed to keep a good pace though


Made it to the place I was going. Time to shower and then sleep.


even though i got a lot of sleep yesterday im extremely tired sigh


just remembered someone i forgot about is dead, hate when this happens. last time it was some musician and today it's stephen hawking


carbon monoxide detector went off...


Someone's having a party on my street and they're playing horrible autotuned country.


just remove the batteries


watched a bunny eat grass in the backyard for a few minutes
man, its mouth was constantly moving and chewing
sure is cute


finally back home.


you should just become a girl instead


thuncdering really loud outside hope i don't lose power


>Sorry, you've hit the daily limit.
more like, please open tor


feeling dead tired and want to sleep but too tired to get out of chair doushio


Jay Leno is in Gran Turismo?!


I went through my book marks, all those anime and manga fansubbers that I used to follow and discover anime from them are now gone with dead sites. It's depressing.


Feeling really horny, so I'm writing out my fantasies.




woke up and already feel like covering myself in sperm


they say sperm is good for your skin


got horny so i started fapping but lost my horniness halfway through. feel very unsatisfied now.


gonna go to an interview thing tomorrow. here's hoping I get hired, I suppose.


was taking pants off near computer and accidentally hit computer fan with a strap and it made a really loud noise and i thought i broke something


cat was eyeing my chicken sandwhich so i gave her a bit of the chicken and she was satisfied and went back to rest
sandwhich saved


ate a bunch of ice cream today but now i'm cursed with a thirst that won't go away what the heck i thought ice cream was frozen liquid shouldn't that work


did things work out?


File:[HorribleSubs] Kemono Frie….jpg (893.38 KB,1920x1080)

I've been looking for a house for 3 months now, 3 months. I just want a house that does not share a wall with anybody that is in a nice quite area and not near railway tracks or anything... I think I am going to have to accept that this is not in my price range and I am going to have to move to the city suburbs and get a unit or move to a beach town with the retired people....


beaches are pretty expensive places
though they're really nice


Expensive? How so?


like cost a lot to buy property in, at least in all the nice beaches i know of


Oh right, I thought you meant to visit. Lots of other reasons to not want to live by the beach anyway.


I worry that if I lived near the beach the salt in the air would damage my computer.



although it would somewhat defeat the purpose of living near the beach, you could have your computer in the basement, with an airlock and controlled HVAC system to filter the air


For now it would seem so. I'm just waiting to hear back in some emails with further details. Unless anything comes up, my start date is supposed to be the 29 of this month.


I don't think that'd defeat the purpose of living near a beach. Beach towns are usually small and you can easily get to anywhere by walking. That's always a plus to living in a location.


went out to cook some burgers they were good
time to shower


I want to kill myself and end this life.


Don't do that!


I have nothing to live for.


there's some pretty horrifying medical conditions out there. I've been having headaches and against my better judgement decided to look up some causes, one of which was aortic dissection, which is when blood flows past the walls of the aorta, and begins filling the space between that major artery and organs with blood.

I'm sure glad to live in an area of modern science, but wow. The abject horrors of living sure are uncountable, huh?


chair has a pivot for leaning back, and I always forget it does, so whenever I stretch backwards, I always start falling backwards and get scared that I'm going to fall over.


tried to try nyxt but it crashed as soon as i tried to open an image sigh


really like to sleep on my back arms and legs spread open like a starfish these days


cat threw up on one of the wheels of my chair... sigh...


I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back


was looking up why i had such terrible armpit pain and was getting really scary results like cancer and terrible viral infections and settled on it probably being a swollen lymph node due to my constant pushing myself through push ups


Family things happening today. Crazy how little I like my relatives for having known them for almost 3 decades, wish I lived far away and could ignore them.


File:EfncP4xXkAEjb5c.jpg (Spoiler Image,130.76 KB,1024x682)

I saw this cool animal in our garden while playing with a starycat.
don't know what it called.


ah neverminded it's called White-tailed mongoose.


cat somehow disappeared...


I wish you luck in finding your feline friend.


found cat
somehow she crawled into a drawer and then crawled into a closed drawer from there


classic cat


watching videos on roguelikes, they're really fun and make for interesting videos but i know if i pick one up i won't be able to do anything else for like a month


mowed half the lawn and it sucked
the grass is a foot long in some places and wet
stupid rain kept happening so I couldn't do it before now
lawncare is like the dumbest thing ever, I should just buy a bunch of rocks and paint them green


Mowing lawn kind of sucks in general.


it's been a while since ive gotten high
might order some exotic rcs on internet


It feels like Kissu's been slower lately.


Do you think so? I've tried making more threads recently so I haven't noticed.


post more garbage threads and replies to compensate


it's been faster than usual, actually


File:1604448027729.gif (678.4 KB,988x1062)

got my second kung flu shot
cant wait to be sick tomorrow!


It's funny. When I got mine I didn't feel anything at all.


Gonna wait 30 years when it comes out that the RNA one turns second generation offspring into deformed mutants and the only people left able to conceive are third worlders, lunatics and the amish.


Maybe "inconsistent" is the better word. Posts are usually fairly evenly distributed throughout the day, but things have been shifting towards small bursts of activity punctuated by nothing.

Or maybe I'm just crazy. Who knows?


No you're definitely right that that was a trend lately, accentuated by extremely long dead hours. Although I haven't noticed them being as dead lately.


felt fatigued last night yesterday and now tonight too. normally such feeling doesn't hit me until staying up way later. i wonder if this is from chronic sleep deprivation...


am exhausted too. going to sleep and watch Wed's trash anime


The woman at the shop gave me a mask to wear so this is the first time I have ever had to wear a mask this entire pandemic, apparently we are in lockdown even though it's been more than a year since this all started, clearly if I had to wear a mask this is not getting better... And I refuse to get a vaccine!

It's dangerous, more people are killed by lawnmowers than Sharks. I only use the pusher ones with no engines because they are safer.


How do you die from a gas powered push mower?


Because they have sharp blades spinning around really fast right underneath them that could hit a rock and fly off and cut somebodies head off or maybe they would fly of due to metal fatigue or the engine could explode. Running them on gas would be even worse because the gas would be kept under pressure and the gas tank could explode and I think gas tanks are larger than petrol tanks so there is more of it to fall victim to issues.


fatality sounds exagerated... i think you got thst statistic from people who use ridable mowers


I try not to think about the fact that my lawnmower could horribly disfigure and mame me while making nice cut grass stripey paths.

>I think gas tanks are larger than petrol tanks



>more people are killed by lawnmowers than sharks
that's not really saying much


tried reading kengan asura for the second time but it's too boring


sounds like an anagram of senran kagura


actually didnt like that one either, i couldnt care about the characters for some reason


feeling reaally stressed and like I need to go to the doctor. maybe tomorrow I'll go. hopefully.


nothing to underplay. anxiety gets in the way of everything


hate being stupid, wish i could learn to be smart


saw part of olympics opening ceremony
dragon quest and final fantasy orchestral music was playing, which was very surreal
sure, 99.99% of people won't be recognizing its source, but it's still crazy to me and my burned VGM CDs from the early 00s


ate strawberry crepe with ice cream
was really delicious


haven't been sleeping well lately and I'm so tired
even when I'm so tired I still can't get more than six hours of sleep at most, which is definitely not enough for me


family member insists on setting the temperature low, but then only wears heavy clothing so they don't get cold. evil bastard.


bought some spicy yakisoba
thought it was "american" spicy
in the end had to throw some away because it was too spicy


I've had the same thing happen to me before. A big part of sleep is the psychological component and your state of mind before going to sleep. When you continually have poor sleep, the anticipation that you'll only sleep for a few hours or wake up at a certain time ends up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy because you're priming yourself to wake up when you expect to, even if it's unwanted. Ultimately, you need to either cast that feeling of uncertainty away, or you need to practice mindfulness and simply accept that you have such thoughts without letting them influence you.


I thought the Japanese had weak spice tollerance based on how simple their curry paste is


i can't even remember i've eaten any japanese food that is spicy like that, no matter from restaurant or store
maybe maruchan adjusted the taste of that to "mexican" spicy to capture that market


There is plenty of spicy food in Japan, it's just not everyone likes it.


I know of spicy Chinese food, but I wasn't familiar if their climate has those kinds of chillis


cant stop farting lol


File:IMG_20210725_201707812~2.jpg (319.8 KB,1835x1921)



Sometimes I wish I could find mint ice cream without the chocolate.
It's sort of rare.


been with family on anual vacation for the past week and while aving to be more sociable than not at all is a bit tough the food makes up for it in full
wish every place could have good food next to it...


i forget, why did moot delete /i/ again


I think I'm done. I'm not cut out for all this stuff. I just feel so awful.


don't say that, there's always something that lies ahead


all that lies ahead is misery.


only if you force misery to lie ahead
there's always the option to give up and do nothing for a while to recover your mind


maybe it's not this simple, but maybe you just need a nice sleep
i know i feel like dying right now and it's being caused by the exhaustion lack of sleep has set upon me, yet i continue to ignore it


feel tire but i have to force some knowledge down my head


File:image.png (102.81 KB,500x281)

Shaved my butt but I did it too aggressively and now it's itchy and I need to apply moisturizer to it every 45 minutes my life can truly be a comedy sometimes.
Butthurt? No but itchy though..........


File:1626700765452.jpg (826.95 KB,1550x1050)

Be careful next time! Also as a recomendation, go to a professional for waxing. Sure it will hurt a bit but it's totally worth it.


opened the window widely so I get better air but I'm afraid my neighbors are watching my activities


thinking about anon's smooth freshly shaven butt....


why did you shave your butt, anyway? did you just get a spontaneous feeling or is someone going to be looking at it soon? also I hope you didn't shave off the hairs inbetween your cheeks, those things serve a purpose and life is much more uncomfortable without them. imagine farts that don't come out, your buttsweat sticking your buns together, and stubble growing inbetween your cheeks making it feel like a walking brillow pad.


takes me like an hour to watch an episode of kobayashi because i keep repeating the op over and over


File:illust_90944447_20210701_0….jpg (240.27 KB,600x839)

Yes I should I have zero aversion to pain but I do have pride and need to get over my shyness as well I try not to talk in real life about this kinda thing.

It was both spontaneous and for comfort reasons.
>I hope you didn't shave off the hairs inbetween your cheeks.
No comment but yes.


always skip the openings


too lazy to skip them




choosing my first distro


what did you pick


have taken tens of thousands of screenshots and yet my reaction image folder has barely grown
need to do some combing of my screenshots someday...


>stubble growing inbetween your cheeks making it feel like a walking brillow pad.
this is true, but having long hairs down there isn't pleasant either. but for those few days before any hair grows it's really nice. I've said it before, but I really wish there was some way to just turn off body hair from growing. it's so unpleasant.


pop os
will need to change desktop enviroment but it should be pretty good for regular use and games specifically
other ones i was looking at were linux mint (looks great but it's not as tailored for games) and manjaro (it updates often and that might break nvidia drivers)


We really should have evolved past body hair at this point.




laser hair removal does that with enough treatments, although I don't know if anyone has ever tried doing it on their butt.

I tried POP_OS! briefly, I forget why I stopped using it though. mint was my first linux OS and I used it for a loooong time. to be honest, I couldn't find any real difference between a "gaming" linux and a normal one besides pre-installing drivers for graphics cards.


body hair is gross wish people didnt have it




no u


My potted plant that's 20 years old and has gone through 5 moves, evening managing to make it on a cross-state move is finally dying. I really hope the extra soil I added filters some nutrients down so they make it, but I think they're too far gone...

You had a good run, Fred ;_;7


Snip part of it off and plant it and you can continue the legacy! That's what I did when an old plant died.


File:20210729_185212.jpg (581.28 KB,1472x828)

The soil is nearly completely depleted of nutrients. It's as fine as sand. The roots have seemingly mostly died, and shriveled up, and now it's leaves and the base of it's stalk is wilting beneath the soil I added... I don't really know much about plants but in it's current state it would seem like snipping it and re-potting it would cause a lot of shock to the already dying plant and finally kill it...


File:[Endro!][09][BDRIP][1080P]….jpg (248.6 KB,1920x1080)

I'm no botanist, but I don't think that's how soil and nutrients work in a potted plant. I guess you probably could have added fertilizer or something, but I really don't think soil gets barren from one single plant. Maybe you should poop on it?


File:pa96mzsxkaq41.jpg (1.65 MB,3024x4032)

For reference, they used to look similar to this, and now they only have 5 or 6 leaves left... I think it's safe to say their soil is depleted...


Well... I did what >>75844 suggested anyways. I did a little reading and found out two things: 1. That wilting at the base of the stem was "root rot", which needed to be cut away. And 2. Those yellowing leaves are caused by overwatering. Lately it's been raining a lot, so maybe it hasn't liked that. I also snipped some of the smaller, wilting leaves because, "Leaves and roots take energy to create. If your plant is taking too much energy to maintain the leaves, it takes energy away from root formation." Hopefully these emergency measures will save it, but I'm not sure.


File:c82b41689656a8af16d6bc233e….png (5.37 MB,2838x2838)

Hate how gutted Sankaku has become over the years. Features have been disapearing/paywalling for years now. What was once the best site with a useful app is now getting close to unusable. Gelbooru and Danbooru UI both don't work as well and neither have an app... sigh...


Yeah there's no good boorus out there anymore. I think Danbooru is probably the "best" now but I still don't like how it paywalls 3 or more tag searches and the loli tag. Also it's moderators are very subjective and reject a lot of good art for poor reasons while still leaving a bunch of bad stuff. It's tagging is pretty good though. Gel is so much more unorganized I don't like it as much. Yande.re is nice for magazines and the like.

I just save everything I like in Hydrus, but that doesn't help when I'm looking for new art. And Pixiv and Twitter are both terrible websites to navigate. It all sucks.


pixiv's just fine, and it has the best recommended feed of any of them


Pixiv takes forever to load for me so I don't like using it.


there's also the fact that you have to pay just to search by popularity instead of new. I guess that's not a problem if you've got money, but if you don't it makes finding the good new stuff a lot harder.


Yeah. What really killed it for me is that they allowed that retard with a bot to flood the site with doujin pages instead of putting them on a separate site. As a result, there's literally "19,236,085 uploads" by them that completely drown out results for certain artists. At the same time, NONE of their uploads are ever tagged other than "doujinshi", "tagme" and the artist and series.


File:eimSqNb.png (77.13 KB,703x833)

Is it 10USD a month...

Biggest problem with sankaku is not so much they've paywalled their app and personal things-you-might-like feed,
but they put it on a per month subscription plan(10$/mo when danbooru is a 20/40$ up front fee or pixiv is 458¥ )
have a shitty news feed which regularly posts things that would go on a pol spinoff meaing I'm vissibly supporting their political aspirations,
fully removed their api, similar items, users-similar-to-you feed, obnoxious ads and auto popups requesting to disable ad block.

And I guess some things that might be nice don't exist such as a reward for me submitting ~1000 translations, tag changes and being a member since 2015.


woah, not sankaku. don't pay for that. I meant pixiv! and while $5 usd-ish in yen is certainly cheap by my standards, that's not true for everyone.


>Gelbooru and Danbooru UI both don't work as well and neither have an app...
there are several booru viewer apps like flexbooru and loli snacher that support multiple boorus


File:493a166b75e0fc573971b0b807….png (665.34 KB,1000x1400)

It's only 1:40 and I'm already exhaustedly tired wonder why. Anyways, oyasumi /qa/


If you only use Pixiv then you will miss all official art, Twitter/etc exclusive art and anything that was deleted. The search and tagging systems are also utterly horrendous which makes it really hard to find anything, especially given how much shit-tier art is hosted on there. Pixiv is good for following artists you like and sometimes for finding art for particular series but is damn near useless for anything else.


All the towns in my area keep getting bigger at an alarming rate, sometimes you look at google maps and the size of the town almost doubles when you go from the far image to the zoomed image even though there is only a few years between the two shots if even that. AND IT DOESN'T EVEN SHOW ALL THE NEW HOUSES OR EVEN THE NEW CONSTRUCTION SITES!! It would more than double if it did, and just in a few years. This was not a small town either, it had 16,000 people 5 years ago. All the Dairy Moo Cow land and the Horsey land is being eaten by developers...


People always talk up urbanization and rural decline yet my city at least has pretty much stagnated whereas basically all the surrounding rural districts are growing quite rapidly.


Yes, because nobody wants to live in the city. So if they make a free way that brings a country town within 30 minutes then people all move there and then that becomes a city so they build new infrastructure and run away to the next town and then before you know it you are in Shanghai...


But wouldn’t the NIMBY town committee stop it from becoming a city? They wouldn’t allow any land zoned denser than large lot single family house.


I don't know what that is. The Town Council actually held a vote on weather land should be rezoned as residential land, the Town voted no so the State Government stepped in and forced it to go through anyway, that is democracy for you. These new Houses are fairly dense too, many are town houses and even those that aren't still almost share walls.


NIMBY (or nimbyism) = Not In My BackYard. Essentially, people that want things to develop or change but not if it affects them personally. I.E something like "this town needs a new ____, but you better not place it near my house"


Spent 2 days cleaning and re-arranging my room.


woke up after ~4 hours of sleep and accidentally made the fatal mistake of letting cat notice
got yelled at until i got out to pet her


Genshin Impact is just a Chinese copy of the Water Margin(Sometimes known as All Men are Brothers or Outlaws of the Marsh).

They both have heroes that are aligned to stars and they both have similar Titles, for example Klee is Fleeing Sunlight and Song Jiang is Welcome Rain. Water Margin is basically a series of interconnected stories that are often actually almost the same story but with different characters, in Genshin Impact you do the same tasks over and over but as different Characters. Even the setting is the same, Liyue, Mount Liang. Both clearly ripped off from the same source. They both even frequently mention cannibalism.


>just a Chinese copy of the Water Margin
Is it really fair to call it a "Chinese copy" if the source is also... you know... Chinese?... Seems sort of like lambasting Sleeping Beauty as being a "American copy" of one of the Grimm's Fairy Tales.


Grimm brothers were German, anon.......


>Disney was born on December 5, 1901... an American of German and English descent
Checkmate atheists!


farts are quite vile today


got trips




downloading at a lightning fast 30 kbps right now, that's the kind of quality you can expect with your private torrents


wondering if it'd be a good idea to throw a peach into a milkshake


fixed my 3DS (somehow the SD got wiped but the firmware is thankfully still hacked) and went to download the 'harvest moon: friends of mineral town' remake and learned that it's on switch and not 3DS
not sure what I'll play now since I was really looking forward to some farming and already played every related game on 3DS


you should be able to emulate switch at this point, right?


yeah, on computer, but nothing beats playing a handheld in bed
farming while sitting up feels wrong


feeling bad.


like to wrap myself in blankets and put on something nice to pass out to when that happens like a good sol


File:08fb71537db0dc95a0cf4f6f2c….jpg (56.6 KB,1457x959)

red-orange waning crescent where I am


poisoned myself with my own fart




got a new chair and it's nice but it sucks that i need to spend time getting it to lean back the way i want it now


somehow manages to bite my tongue, but on one of the little ball shaped taste buds, and now it's gotten bigger and has been hurting since yesterday or so.


How did I do friends backthen? Now I just can not tolerate them or any new one.


never did, I was just placed into the same area and forced to interact.


by having the same interests and the same sense of humour


grand majority of people on earth don't have "friends" so much as they have "alliances made of convenience". of course they don't even think about that, they just hang around people they can tolerate that happen to be nearby, because for them simply interacting with another person is in itself a reward, as long as that person doesn't fall outside their accepted range of actions. their brains are wired so differently I can't even comprehend it, myself.


helped brother move
fucking hate moving


spent hours edging... that was kind of unproductive


was wondering why my room was feeling so cold lately. looked at the thermostat and it was set to the temperature I like, and then I looked up... the fan had been on the whole time...


drinking hank's root beer, it's the best freakin root beer out there holy crap


went grocery shopping
late teens/early 20s cashier girl had an attack on titan shirt which was pretty surreal for me since I live in bumfark nowhere, but I don't know anything about it and I'd never mention my own anime interests so decided against saying anything.
still, though, very surreal experience


My Hybristophilia is acting up again I hate my libido sometimes.


snacking on some veggie sticks man these things are boson


when did people start using boson as an adjective?
I've done that before, it feels like such a waste of time when you don't even get to finish
everyone like that I've come across here (which admittedly isn't many) either had danger hair or some other obvious red flag that made me steer clear. though to be quite honest I probably wouldn't bother a random stranger over that even in an ideal situation.


>when did people start using boson as an adjective?
Some time in July of 2018 back on 4/qa/.


File:892a4c48a08bbc3ba552e81662….jpg (170.7 KB,740x1035)

rally like sorting my music library it makes me feel safe


used to really like sorting my library but after like the dozenth time of all my playlists crashing and becoming irreparable i just stopped


Twitter account got restricted. Maybe I'll go spend more time on Pixiv / Pawoo.


nsfw or banned? don't understand their terminology


I'm glad the major social media sites are getting stricter and implementing weird impossible to follow rules, because it's getting more people off of them. unless you were one of those people with the willpower and foresight to only follow accounts that never actually talked, you'll be happier this way.


no one is going to escape from social media anymore now that every kids get a smartphone at or before primary school, there is no way to resist the peer pressure to join
my parents didn't give me a smartphone until i was 18, now i think that's the only reason i don't use social media today at all


>no one is going to escape from social media
certainly not since it's living in your head rent free.


I haven't escaped social media entirely, but I haven't touched facebook or twitter in several years now, and I've barely touched reddit or youtube at all in the last few months, barring the occasional search where it's literally the only place with the information I need. even if you can't escape entirely, every time you manage to walk away is a win for your own mental health


File:663519bc7172be10c726ca4abd….jpg (22.1 KB,400x400)

Aren't we socializing on a multimedia platform right now?


well yeah, but smaller platforms don't have the same problems as the larger monolithian ones do. this place doesn't have the constant social jockeying and clout chasing of twitter or the ability to make you hate your own family more than you ever thought you could like facebook does.


The problem isn't the medium then, it's the people on it.


Epic twitter meme, bro. You sure showed him.


>Aren't we socializing on a multimedia platform right now?


you're going to have to make a large leap of faith to justify this


it kinda comes back to the platform when they keep actively promoting those kinds of people with manipulated algorithms and such similar things. facebook already admitted on more than one occasion they keep people as scared as possible because it keeps them on the site more.


The design of a site can create an environment, but then the groups that form out of this environment are going to be the result of the people who buy into it. Like anonymity does not create a toxic space like /pol/, it's the result of people promoting it to be used like that.

I don't understand what they would or could scare people with to keep them around when a site like reddit is the same concept except you're promoting an alias and not your blog. By comparison an imageboard does the same scare tactics.


general doom and gloom blackpill stuff mostly. if you're on the left it gives you articles and posts that say the right is winning, and vice versa. if you're an animal lover it gives you stuff about animal rights abuses. if you love kids you get news articles about kidnappings or nearby sex offenders. as for why they do that, longer they're on the site more bucks they can get from advertising firms. that's literally the whole reason.


feel like remembering a guy in my dream caused it to turn into a nightmare


just realized i spent an hour and a half messing around with a gif in resolve and photoshop and some converting in the middle when i probably could've just used Photoshop and been done in like 10 minutes


genuinely forgot to answer to that post a week ago and if i did now it would look weird sorry anonymous


opened my blinds so my plant can get light in the morning and noticed there's police outside. what the heck


is it for you


no. they're just nearby. I saw a police officer walk around the apartment building nearby, but I can't see them anymore. their car is just left parked in the middle of the street. some random guy came to park but because the police officer isn't in the car anymore, they're just waiting for them to move lol


I wasted the night time but I want to nightwalk..


Feeling bad.


don't want to make a thread for it, but there's a Japanese speedrunning event going on


wow i've never seen a race of a game this long


>unless you were one of those people with the willpower and foresight to only follow accounts that never actually talked, you'll be happier this way
I am. I was on Twitter because some artists only post on Twitter. Previously I had a bunch of nitter RSS links, but the last nitter instance I used got shut down, and I don't feel like setting it up all over again.


The world is simply frustrating and full of stupidity, nowadays you can't go outside without annoyances and any person you speak to will probably trigger it. I wouldn't put it down to a website pointing it out, but the atmosphere of the current decade.


File:yes.jpg (23.63 KB,828x39)

the wait is finally over


Had the once-in-a-lifetime experience of eating more than three eggs at a meal, it was good enough but I overestimated my eating abilities.


seriously? i rarely eat less than 4


I can eat fifty eggs


File:firefox_Yktz0QJK5V.jpg (262.53 KB,1481x783)

cute boy!




thats my thread
a very good thread if i say so myself


surprises me when it shouldn't with how dead 8kun is


People still go to 8kun?


nowhere else will shelter your conspiracy discussion on the defunct maga movement


File:cb025ec6ce.png (98.01 KB,1198x920)

It's simply surprising that what used to be a relevant imageboard now has less activity outside of their Q board than an active spinoff.

Watkins really made an incorrect gamble that social media would become super regulated after the US political parties switched. Perhaps he himself bought too strongly into the "/pol/ wisdom" of apocalyptic events. Or maybe he's more successful now than ever before...


it had an lg board back then from what I have seen, wonder what they thought of each other.




Large Girls


little greeks


I thought they removed the jailbait stuff long before then. The tipping point was over todlercon.


cats were attacking each other again sigh


pee on them to assert a clear hierarchy


The tower construction of rectangular chocolate cakebars of which only the center kept the upper bars from falling dissolved one by one until there was none, no trace left on the blank tissue.


File:78209522_p0.jpg (809.65 KB,2048x1448)

life is more than i can handle


File:29291098_p0.jpg (161.98 KB,1033x798)

why tho


File:91FnnNUmEgL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (232.23 KB,1500x1043)

but it has instant setup and easy play


Gatcha elements ruin it.


File:55408906_p0.jpg (203.49 KB,600x711)

i still suck at it


Me too, but I'm not trying to win or get anywhere near it


File:74852088_p0.png (543.2 KB,1600x1200)

are you saying i should be taking it easy?


File:86361288_p0.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB,2067x1447)

The answer you seek lies within this image. Dare you seek its wisdom? Not everyone can handle the truth...


you've opened my eyes


ear got a cut in it and now it's sore


no longer feeling bad. now just feeling sad... so very sad


feel as though i've got a massive headache coming on, hopefully sleeping fixes this or tomorrow is going to suck


File:KF Ezo Red Fox 001.jpg (755.76 KB,1052x744)

My government is genociding foxes again... Well I guess they never stopped it but now they are offering a $10 reward for each fox killed. Sad. I've actually shot foxes before though, but I would not ever do that now.


which now? I guess it's not a native species right?


I don't care that they are not native, they are cute.


yea, I guess. It's not easy to say...
my suburban area has foxes you can sometimes see at night and they eat rodents and probably baby rabbits. They might be too good at hunting native wildlife


even in areas where they're native they're usually hunted for population control, they don't have any predator aside from cars and they spread illnesses


In some parts of the Canada and the US, I'm pretty sure they're predated upon by large canines like wolves and coyotes.


finished Dino Crisis 1, not a bad game


Sometimes I go for midnight walks in my country town and you can often see them at that time, they go pretty far into the town as well.

Well they should introduce one then... It would take care of many other animals that they genocide like horses, camels, goats, pigs and dogs.


with the pink-haired girl? yeah those games were neat, although I only played it VERY briefly


Looks sort of like a Resident Evil but with dinosaurs.


File:1538160382073.jpg (333.78 KB,720x720)

i'd say her hair is more on the red side
dc1 is a bit tedious, but exploration is still fun
gonna play dc2 next, hope it's better

yeah, a kissu anon recommended it to me when i mentioned re2
they are similar, but there are neat differences
not a fan of respawning enemies though


installed a new font type


thinking about playing d2r with/qa/ when it comes out
supports 8 players


what's the price tag?


I'm going to play it but I have not really ever played with online people and I don't think I would be very good to play with and I will be getting a pirate version.


hope it's piratable, they ditched the direct IP connect and you never know what they'll stick in. Hoping that direct IP is an easy mod.


$40, cheaper than a usual AAA game but a bit more than a typical indie game. don't get why they're ditching ip connect either since ladder should still exist and i'd buy for that, but i guess it guarantees more sales


I dunno anything about this remake, but it wouldn't surprise me if the reason they pulled direct IP connections is so that you're forced to use servers so you can't spawn items, necessitating purchasing them through some dumb microtransaction store.

I'm probably completely completely off base, but that's typically the playbook for these sorts of things unfortunately.


laptop's screw socket is floating around inside of a plate


Disassembled it. Plastic on the case which was holding a plate shattered somehow making one of the screws eternally loose, which is kind of annoying but just a cosmetic issue.



i sleep


spent all day playing terraria again and forgot the outside world existed
love that feeling


same, nice to get really immersed in games


revived an old pc it's so slow


File:nazrin.png (770.28 KB,983x456)

'Good day!
Thank you very much for your time and efforts. We appreciate your interest in the ___ position. Unfortunately at the moment we cannot offer you this position.
Best regards,

figured as much


Going to adopt a cat


Good luck with your cat adopting endeavors. Hopefully you get a friendly cat. Somehow my cat turned out to be an utter saint; they refuse to ever scratch or bite unless in pain or uncomfortable themselves. very much unlike my other cats who'll scratch if you try petting them when they don't want to be petted...


Female cats are nice I think. Looking after my brother's cat who's hesitant around people was fun. Recommend indoors and if you're a single person then the cat should be fine.


sigh headphones are going out
needed to tape them while i wait for new ones to arrive


Realizations and judgements are temporary illusions, and questions regarding productivity are doomed in their premises, yet I ask myself: did I really spend hundreds of hours on Japanese writing so I would read eromanga and shitposts on Futaba?



no refunds.


wish i were so old that everyone i know were dead


finished dino crisis 2
really different from the first game, don't like how action heavy it is, still had fun though


cat is fluffy and nice. allows me to touch it paws


Bros cat would get angry if you weren't fully familiar and touched her sides


I want to get fresh air by opening the windows but I fear the neighbors are watching me so I can't watch anime or browse boorus.


haven't eaten today...


File:41180845_p0.jpg (263.94 KB,800x800)

Good morning, it's currently... 22:30 here.


Ah, the morning of night.


at the doctor for GI stuff. hopefully I'm ok.


Audiobooks are strange creations. It's always such a fun awkwardness for the first five seconds to try listening when there's an old wise narrator but a young-shy voice to speak the old-wise phrases. And apparently there are many audiobooks on YT, so I have to wonder, should I really dl from them on 320kbps, is it really the best option I have.


went to doctor. doc said, "this looks like a textbook case of food intolerance." i think i probably have celiac disease or something.


as long as it's not severe it's hopefully fine


Yeah. They prescribed me something to help with the symptoms I have, and said I should see a nutritionist or GI specialist, but that I should otherwise be fine so long as I avoid whatever food I happen to be intolerant to (probably gluten).


wheat is pretty common in a western food, you might have to eat like an asian person


there was a gluten-free diet craze a while back and now there's gluten free everything across america, shouldn't be that hard to find something without it. unless anonymous isn't american and it wasn't a trend anywhere else


it may have been a fad for some, but if it truly helps with what's wrong with me, then I am grateful for it all the same.


Departing soonly
to nightwalking
in non illuminated places


thought "gluten-free" is a money making scheme for gluten-free certification authorities just like kosher certification
the target audience is too small to justify sticking them on EVERYTHING including stuffs that shouldn't remotely contain them


File:free.png (28.67 KB,401x238)

Gluten is just one of those things like MSG and GMOs that the general public has for one reason or another come to think of as unhealthy even if they aren't actually affected by it or even really know what it is, and so anything that markets itself as gluten-free seems healthier whether or not it is at all relevant to the person or product involved.


and who is pushing the gluten is unhealthy narrative to the public? of course it's the gluten-free certification authorities
if you compare the situations where all products are certified vs no product is certified, then the only ones that profit out of this are the certification authorities


I like gluten. I have some sausages made out of it.


My memory came in handy and I remembered where the piano melody in my head came from.


File:47144720_p0.jpg (797.93 KB,2149x3035)

I just played STALKER: Call of Quicksave for 7-ish hours. It has been a while since I've played a game for that long.


mom made delicious peach cake


Was thinking about thinkin bout while at the store and remembered their advice that sunkist is pretty good orange soda so I got that


Last time when I was nightwalking I was packed by fear and didn't go out of the lighted places. But this time won't be different, probably.


My sister just came back from the gym, collapsed on her bed and started crying because she was feeling light headed, dizzy and shaking and felt like she was going to faint. This is what a vegan diet does it's probably iron deficiency(even though she does actually take Iron supplements).


Sounds like low blood sugar


That's cold, Anonymous... So cold...


bought food, bought cola
gonna play Parasite Eve and watch twitch until i pass out


I'm taking it easy at work.


Watched the first episode of Realist Hero, or whatever it's title exactly is, and there was a Yu-Gi-Oh reference. I think I'm gonna enjoy this show.


Looks like I can't take it easy at work today.


watched some of the aquarium show it's nice


I sneezed and something hurt in the back of my head by that motion.


made 'n ated some cinnamon toast


just ate half a pizza


finally got a haircut at a hair salon after covid started
felt kind of woozy from the weight of my head changing and had to lay down for a little while


You must have grown a lot of hair!!


might have just been dehydration


should have sold that hair


ポエマー is a gross word


File:firefox_wpx9d1Fesv.png (27.47 KB,481x251)

best post option


people should talk about their problems, but people also need to ask what's wrong


what browser should I use on my Android?


Decided I won't view ota anymore since I don't want my IP showing up in it's Apache logs.


been having the worst sleep today, waking up every hour or so and just can't get a good rest...


I am using Bromite


never know what to say during family gatherings


me neither sometimes try to talk thinking that i should but then i only really know how to say hi


I like Opera's features. Good customization on UI, data saver and an Adblock pre-installed


Also a VPN for private mode. Whether you should trust it or not is another concern, but it might be nice for some things.


my biggest issue with it is performance is a bit weak


why would that be an issue


bored and not gay


sigh, can feel myself getting sick and weak


'rona or general sick


we all have rona


could actually be 'rona but i won't get tested today


File:main-qimg-406afbebbb281a59….png (33.4 KB,602x405)

Randomly remembered a moment in middle school when my science class was going over specific heat and there was a quiz on it. I remember writing that there was a inverse relationship between density and specific heat, noting that denser materials will absorb more heat than less dense materials. Pretty sure my teacher marked my answer as being wrong. Stupid bitch.


cold weather today. my brain is foggy


hot weather today. my brain melted


Unfortunately her denseness was all that mattered.


Been feeling sick for about a week now, I think. I've been coughing up mucus for a while, but I think I managed to catch bronchitis and now I've had a cough and runny nose for the past few days. this sucks. I haven't been sick in probably over a year now.

Being sick always makes me wonder about the usefulness of medicine like tylenol. sure it alleviates symptoms, but does it really help you fight off a disease? probably not. maybe it's because i'm a masochist but i think its maybe better to feel kind of bad to be able to monitor your symptoms than swing back and forth between feeling crappy and better for a few hours. antibiotics and stuff like that are obviously different, because they actually fight off disease, but I still think stuff like fever reducers and stuff are just to feel more comfortable, but it does make me wonder if they slightly make things worse since things like fever are the body's way of attempting to flush out an illness.

are these sort of thoughts what pinocchioP was talking about in Slow Motion?


was supposed to get up at 7, but I couldn't sleep because I wake up at 14:00... so now i gotta pull a pseudo "all nighter"


Maybe it's like your body telling you to take it easy


family have all left on vacation while i get to be truly alone for a bit feels nice


File:4d35491ab19ae7f7dfdbdff09b….png (1.05 MB,1920x1080)



At least the third time this year it's raining while the sun is out. Such a bizarre and pretty sight, although I would have preferred a nice grey day


it's the best feeling when you get a place to yourself for free


I just learnt that Kemono Friends has a V tuber presence... Very sad and troubling but at least they only are Penguins and a Fox I never heard of, I hate PPP and all Id*ls so this is not so bad.


hands are freezing which makes it harder to write
and my favorite type of pen got used up, all other pens are bad for not having the wished viscosity and lightness


my IP range is still blocked from uploading files on old /qa/
havent even used the board in years now


First day of my last year of uni. It's hell already. They thought one whole building for my major was too much so they added 2 more majors with 1000s of students.. goodbye comfy empty building


They did something like that in my university after I graduated. A prof told the class that he didn't have the resources to teach a class that big.


finished parasite eve 2, satisfied
time to move on to the clock tower series




did it work?


not really because I couldn't make the post I wanted to
shine on forever, shine on benevolent sun


need to find out a good way to reheat wings since i have a bunch left and i like them


Toaster oven, or I guess just using the oven would probably yield the best results. Mircowaved stuff always gets weird.


gonna yawn


you made me yawn too


File:[SubsPlease] Seirei Gensou….jpg (110.9 KB,1280x720)

i think the wolfie girl has grown a bit...


I'm on the slow but steady path to a panic attack, probably in a few days.


had one a couple days ago and it wasn't nice at all hope you make it through ok


if it's possible, try avoiding what's stressing you out, and try consuming your mind so you don't think about whatever's bothering you. If nothing at all, I hope you get better.


who knew trying to attach a specific cover to a video file would be such a hassle


after careful consideration determined this to be impossible


Gained some weight.


My cat is a cute dork. She likes looking outside, but she can't stop herself from rubbing her face on things. So, naturally, the blinds at her eye level always end up at an angle and almost closed, but because she's persistent, she'll still sit there staring out through the tiny slit left. Every now and then I walk over and fix the blinds for her. I wonder if she'll pick up on the fact that she's the one making it harder to look outside any time soon and stop doing it.


wanted to make some baked potatoes but they're too old and soft and sprouting and stuff


feel so bored lately


Having no water in my house for today makes me think that modern habits/routines/common sense aren't designed very well for an infrastructure collapse.


I've been thinking about things like this too. My area does not have a sewer instead each house has a septic tank and a truck comes along and takes it away, so if society collapsed and I strong armed my way to being tribal chief I would have to stop people using all the toilets but they are too soft so I bet they would secretly use them so I would have to go through all the houses in my town and remove every toilet... That's if I stay in this town, I probably would not, I found a spot where I am going to start a village of my own if society collapses but then I would need to make my own infrastructure and that is what I have been thinking about for the last few days.


File:Touhou Cirno 062.jpg (1.01 MB,1155x1126)

And another things I want to do if society collapses(though this will require achieving immorality first) is to start a human breeding program in my village. Humans have not been bred for milk but cows have and there is much difference in cow milk and also udder size because of this, beef cows have watery milk and smaller udders but Frisians have big udders and lots of good milk and Guernsey cattle have rich milk. It's important that humans be breed for this same purpose but I think the only way we can do this is if society collapses and I become immortal. Dogs have also seen much breeding in other traits of course and I feel that should be applied to humans as well but I also want to breed back some other more unique quirks into certain human species that I create, such as finding women that have conditions that cause them to lactate without children and then breeding them to create permanently lactating girls(this could also be done through mind control chips as the reason mammals lactate is due to the body producing prolactin and the brain could be tricked into doing this through mind control) also if I find humans with hat weird residual tail I could back breed to create fully tailed humans or if could breed people that have extra nipples to create 4 breasted girls or even 6 breasted if I keep going long enough and I could find hermaphrodites and breed them into girls with pen*ses. Any interesting condition I find I could exploit and there are even conditions that I may be able to create myself as well. The possibilities are endless I really hope to become immortal one day...


Ganbare, anonymous.


wish I could become an immortal ethereal being. I don't want to live this way anymore.


Septic tanks are actually one of the best sewage situations in a societal collapse. You just need to clean out the solids from time to time, but someone could do that with a bucket if they really had to. After decades the field lines might start to get full of roots or otherwise clogged so that it backs up into the tank, but you'd probably be dead first.

The bigger issue in most places would be hauling the water you'd need to flush the toilets.


accidentally tore a hole in my shirt while trying to adjust how it was irritating my armpits...


where's the gets at?


File:1583082214365.jpg (180.51 KB,640x426)

Sometimes I feel that I should refrain from making longer posts because I feel that my English isn't good enough to convey my thoughts properly.


you probably make some of the best posts I read


eating two bowls of instant ramen in the morning


File:-cKS9ozuCN8.jpg (48.54 KB,516x604)

Every now and then I think about a field trip I went on as a little kid. I got taken to a hospital-type place that served to educate people on public health issues. They had the typical things on display: an alcohol-damaged liver, and a healthy liver, and smoker's lung, and a healthy lung. But, after that there was a room with a projector showing some videos. The first was of a surgery. Despite, ostensibly having seen organs just previously on display, I immediately felt queasy upon seeing medical instruments being shoved inside a living, breathing person. The next video was of an MRI or CT scan, wherein the patient was suffering from a stroke. Having highlighted flow of blood, the narrator noted the proper direction of flow in a typical subject, and then showed that blood would flow in, but then flow out in the opposite direction due a blockage, or narrowing of an artery in the brain. Not missing a beat, I laughed out loud, at what seemed to me to be incredibly absurd, while the rest of the class turned, stone-faced towards me, and then back to the screen.

Sometimes I wonder if God damned me for laughing.


That's weird my class did the same thing but instead of laughing I ran out of the room because all seeing all that blood was making me dizzy.

Honestly I wouldn't be bent out from it or try not be there is always someone who has done worse like me and I'm not talking about what I just mentioned.

One time when gym class was over we all had to help put away the equipment and at one point a girl went to pick up a dodgeball that was right behind me touching my ankle, that spooked me and I let out a massive fart right in her face as she stood up and it was very obvious but no one said a word not even her.


I'm quite squeamish so I am like that too. I did a first aid course and they did not even show anything like he described but the instructer just talked about blood loss and what that does to the body, I felt quite unwell, went to get some fresh air but fainted just as I reached the door and they called an ambulance for me. Then I had to go back the next day to finish the course so I just pretended to sleep at that part so I could keep my head down.


It would be disgusting though... I don't think anybody would want to do that. This is the problem with the village I create as well, I think one solution might be to make a sewer system that leads to the sea, it could be made with bricks if I find a nearby source of clay. But other than that I would make toilets that have wooden boxes under them with lids and when they are filled the lid gets closed and the box taken away by the septic people so it won't be that disgusting, or I would put the toilets above a stream or reservoir. I'm not going to be dead in decades, I'm going to be immortal...

My area makes it mandatory to install rain water tanks for use in flushing toilets in every new house so every house could actually flush their own toilet in the event that society collapsed anyway. But in a village that would not be practical unless you made a huge rainwater barrel for each house and a gutter system otherwise you would need to build a water tower and then a pump to fill that water tower.


finally finishing up the sopranos and for how infamous the final half of season 6 is supposed to be it's actually filled with a lot of great scenes


local square is full of people tonight
there was also an outdoor cinema


Biceps and thighs are achy. I think I must be very out of shape, since all I did was play some Beat Saber last night... I guess I should probably do some actual exercise, especially in consideration for my health if I get achy just from throwing my arms around and crouching.


feel like i'm gonna take a break from watching so much next season always leads to me getting burnt out in some way
think ill only pick up whats really good


gonna eat some honey nut cheerios


Got some cheap chairs from a thrift store. Mother is happy with them, but imouto is extremely angry because, "they don't match our kitchen!! I hate them!! They're ugly!!"


Cat really likes the chairs. Acted like they were coated in cat nip or something. Rolling around in the seat, swatting at the dog passing by, and purring loudly.


I shaved a part of my body on Friday morning and got a blood stain on that spot, said blood stain hasn't gone away.


have you tried showering or is it under the skin in which case maybe see a doctor


>is it under the skin
Had this happen to me after getting a cut from my razor while shaving. After a few weeks it healed up but darkened considerably. Fortunately, it's in a stupid spot no one will probably ever notice wizardum awaits! ;_;.


I tried showering but it didn't vanish. And I don't like doctors, it's an hour of waiting time for five minutes of treatment. My limited options are to wait until enough new hair has grown to hide the spot.


wearing a hat rn to not feel my brains exploding



File:726eb2ecc7.jpg (255.06 KB,1343x758)


i love trains


watching redbull-aoe on no sleep


my corona is finally over and now i'm dreading the return to work


konbini being constructed within walking distance of my house feels nice


wanted to use an older monitor for watching old stuff but I can't find the damn right cable


File:[HorribleSubs] Kemono Frie….jpg (893.38 KB,1920x1080)

They are going to build and operate nuclear submarines an hour drive away from where I live... I'm going to be a mutant soon and also now if we get into a war with China they will nuke my house...


pirated tales of arise and installed it
going to give it a try tomorrow and either post in game thread or make a new one about it
feeling excited


betting through Twitch on who will win matches


isn't it just another jrpg
play one of them and you played all of them


Plant has been steadily growing more, although it's leaves keep yellowing. I think I'm watering it too much, but I'm not really sure how much is too much, and much is too little. Oh well. At least it's not dying like it was anymore.


File:fcbfe7ae72871c1818afb00e51….png (10.97 MB,2508x3541)

just saw a family having a feast in the front yard
it is very important to have a large meal after two days of food and drink prohibition



File:ff-fs8.png (3.77 MB,2508x3541)

saw some fatties growing their fats
I don't think they're familiar with moderation


I wonder what it is about colds that makes them so much harder for the body to defeat despite causing relatively milder symptoms than something like a flu which tends to pass quicker but have worse symptoms.


I bought two snacks, a salty and a sweet one, I was going to treat myself with those unhealthy foods in a distant place it would take me hours to drive to, a remote place in lonesome nature where I would acquire fun experience and get hungry in a physiologically-benefitting way. Today I checked the traffic predictions and realized my plans wouldn't be possible for today, though for yesterday they would perfectly be possible. So now I'm eating snacks out of spite that my plan didn't succeed.


rts games are so infuriating i can't even properly feel mad


Only RTS game I've really played is Halo Wars 1, many, many years ago. I've heard people say it's not a real RTS, but whatever. All the strategy games people play and talk about nowadays seem so complex, but I haven't really played any to know firsthand.


watching this


They are not that complex at all. Well I don;t know what games they are talking about, they talk about AOE allot and that is fairly simple(but not that good).


Oh. Well, I guess I was thinking more about grand strategy games than RTS ones. Still, I haven't really played RTS games and when I do, I usually just do stupid things like make a huge army and attack at once rather than implying any strategy or using specific units.


File:[Commie] Bishounen Tanteid….jpg (330.24 KB,1920x1080)

Have you ever felt that feeling where you're craving something but you can't figure out what and nothing you eat really satisfies you, yeah I'm feeling that right now and it sucks.


finals for this starting, both players 3-0'd their semi-final opponents


Sounds like uh a different kind of craving.


File:kar2.png (358.31 KB,614x480)

I hate that. It's just as bad as craving certain types of food at 3am when everything is closed. In fact it's actually worse because you don't even know what you're craving so you can't dish up some substitute pizza or whatever.


cut my thumb with the tater peeler


I just found that one of my drawings was uploaded to danbooru a couple of months ago, but the odd part is I only uploaded it to imgur over a year ago. How did that happen? I couldn't even find it myself without reverse image search.


feeling relaxed


you'd be surprised what people will dig up out of boredom. The same thing happened to me actually, but with a different booru and my only post was on /qa/ of all places.


File:6fbca52d805a7b85c961dc45ac….jpg (87.5 KB,1019x574)

my co-workers slack off at work everyday


had/having a very tired and asocial and tired day




thinking it's time to remake the blog, have a new picture and OP


yeah this thread is pretty big


no it hasn't hit 1k yet we can't just give up now


sometimes I think about my degree of luck. Usually, I have rather neutral luck, but sometimes at sheer random it seems that my luck will perk up, but only for things that seem utterly inconsequential. and maybe my brain is failing, but every now and then I very vaguely dream about something that eventually comes to pass, but again it's never anything significant. usually it's just scenes from my everyday life: making or reading a certain post, noticing something at the store, or maybe seeing my cat do something.

if only I knew how to direct these things towards helping me win the lottery...


really want to eat a potato in some form (baked or fried) but don't have any


growing frustrated with a skyrim modding thing
hate looking at a bunch of lists and text for hours and my attention wanders and blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


mom made raisin meatballs meccha umai


A close family member of mine is very unpleasant. They're the type that must stew endlessly thinking of insults to lob at others in arguments, ones to achieve maximal pain or anger. They then trial balloon them in petty arguments and stick with the ones that are the most damaging. They're also exceedingly lazy in the cliche "I'm tired", "it's too hot", "I'm sick", sort of way. Not to mention, their passive-aggressiveness is off the charts; when done talking with someone instead of simply saying "nice talking" or some other pleasantry, they jump to say "goodbye" or "leave" -- mid-sentence -- and will then promptly close and lock their door behind them.

I abhor violence, but their behavior frankly strikes me as the kind which would incur spousal abuse if they ever get married.


hate feeling forced to end talks with pleasantries even with people i can't stand talking to because of how unpleasant they are
but maybe that's a different thing since the first part kinda reminds me of an asshole in my immediate family that i know...


It's not even necessarily that you need to end conversations like that. You can simply stop talking and walk off. It's the fact that they feel compelled to say it ever single time, and mid-sentence, like so: "So, did you see that one thing--" "No, goodbye" *shoos you away, closes and locks door*


File:puffyvamp.webm (471.78 KB,852x480)

Chipped my tooth. Sigh.


on what


File:1599920262801.png (588.61 KB,733x733)

On my fingernail apparently. I nibbled a little on my thumb and then a tiny, tiny piece suddenly broke off (which I accidentally swallowed). I have an appointment for a regular check up soon, but I think I'll give her a call tomorrow to hear if I need to get it fixed right away or if it can wait until the check up.


nice one. I actually chipped the corner of my tooth recently too. not sure what I did, but it was part that was bonded onto my tooth. I'm not really sure what the bonding stuff is anyways. some sort of UV resin? either way, I had messed up that tooth and chipped it before too, and I guess some of that bonded material chipped off now.


The doctor said I shouldn't do sports for a week because there's a low risk of some heart disease(I don't do sports anyways) so I wonder if I will affect that hypothetical condition by my hearty boasts of caffeine drinks.


Sounds worrisome. I would hold off on the caffeine, yeah.


File:1552160018243.png (171.94 KB,531x370)

I know I said that I was going to give the dentist a call but due to various reasons I just couldn't get out of bed before they closed.


feelio get some cereal and barely any marshmallows in it


final episode of uramichi oniisan really sucked


getting cold again...


finally time to wear the neet blankets without passing out


pissed in my bed last night what the hell


don't drink and sleep


don't sleep on your belly too



I began to watch the time when I'm cleaning teeth or washing my hands, prolonging said activities. As an effect of this, the outter sides of my hands have gotten dry at the day's ending so I applied a skin care cream on them, but I don't see a possibility in repeating this cycle of sensible damage and cure everyday.


Randomly found a perfectly working Dyson vacuum at my apartment's dump area. One man's trash is another man's treasure I guess.


Dang. I really hate these stupid supply chain issues. Stuff sent through the postal service, or even Fedex and UPS, used to come in like 3 days, and now come in about 2 weeks.


was able to call the uncallable pizza place near me gonna have a boson dinner


I had a really fun bluescreen when the anime character forced herself through the doorway.


Had panic attack over likely minor issues and went to ER thinking something much worse was wrong with me only to find nothing seems wrong at all... I wish I wasn't like this...


I'm glad you're well! Do you think you're a hypochondriac?


The doctor implied I was more than often enough to ER in this year.


I'm so ambivalent towards my life. Maybe we can combine and have a well adjustes sense of danger


Thank you. Unfortunately, I believe so. Although my visit to the ER calmed my nerves, I had some bloodwork done, which ended up being extremely discomforting. For some reason, the nurse couldn't get blood to come out of my vein, so to coax out more blood into each vial she repeatedly shifted the needle in and out of my vein, while keeping the needle in my arm. It was quite the awful experience, and I do not wish such a thing happen to anyone.


you ever watch an episode of anime and realized instantly that you're gonna like the whole thing


yes I've done that with the first five seconds of a song


File:1262344478536.jpg (50 KB,400x400)

i hate this shitty world. i want it all to burn and crumble like the unstable house of cards it all is. humanity is a piece of shit species so nothing good will come from the ashes unlike what an optimist might try to tell you. i want to join a partisan militia and overthrow the world.


This is why I usually go for the old nurses. They are pretty experienced and know what they are doing.


cat was rubbing up against my legs while playing VR yesterday. that was nice.


File:kate13.jpg (55.94 KB,1280x720)

Fish sandwiches for dinner. I wish I enjoyed cooking so that I could dish up exciting meals every day instead of this depressing shit. I also wish I had a dishwasher. Manually washing the dishes is the boringest thing ever.


File:1628570827576.jpg (242.73 KB,1600x1200)

im flippin sick


youre hella sick bro


Saw a schizo post where they included their email and I considered emailing them, but before that I looked them up a little bit more only to find out they were some discord psycho with a shady past. Needless to say I decided against emailing them. Oh well, maybe I'll get to email some random person one day, but that day is unfortunately not today.


File:[Endro!][07][BDRIP][1080P]….jpg (456.21 KB,1920x1080)

oh no...
Are you going on active duty somewhere? Take care of yourself! I don't know what it's like in the service, but if you ever have some internet access and free time stop in for a visit!


File:__tanya_degurechaff_youjo_….jpg (234.03 KB,1378x2000)

Be Strong,
/qa/ Strong!


I lost power in my room for the night, a foot massager device tripped the breaker thing or whatever it's called. I can't sleep in silence so had to use a couple extension cords so a fan could be active in my room.
All the electrician did to fix it was flip a switch in the garage, but electricity is just something you need to be careful about so the $150 charge was disappointing but worth it


playing with cats outside


hope you win, or else


Been putting on weight recently. Supposedly my BMI is now within the "healthy" range, as opposed to "underweight" but having belly fat and some chest fat now certainly doesn't feel healthier.


my shoulder hurts
have to attend a family reunion, scary stuff


File:c4eqjRLD_400x400.jpg (20.13 KB,386x386)

no motivationyan



im flippin healed


That's because it's just a basic measure of height and weight. It does not take into a account muscle(or lack thereof) or anything else.


Yeah, I know... It's quite an absurd metric, but there's not much way to quantify muscle from fat without some sort of water displacement thing. There's allegedly handheld things which will say body fat % and muscle %, but I have a very strong suspicion that they're complete scams.


File:caps-underwater-weighing-t….jpg (952.32 KB,1278x4993)

>not much way to quantify muscle from fat without some sort of water displacement thing
should have done the underwater weighing test


it's early morning and the sun still hasn't reared its ugly face so i can go to bed in peace, love this season


It took several days of patience but I got the reply on an anonymous messageboard I was waiting for.


Finally got an awesome 1600 x 1200 LCD. Surprisingly, though, the backlight uniformity is pretty bad compared to my lower end 5:4 LCD. Maybe the panel got messed up from sliding around and hitting into the walls while I was driving around with it... At any rate, it is very cool, and I love it. On the not so cool side, I really hate my Asus monitor. God know's why, but the designers said, "Ah, yes, let's make the edges non-straight and have the corners ever so slightly flair out." It's really infuriating because it never sit flush against the monitors I sit next to it because it doesn't have flat edges.


was mowing the lawn while listening to bay city and noticed that the lawnmower was somehow blocking out the low tones or bass or something so i couldn't hear the deep parts of the song and it sounded kinda like a loli version of junko was neat


I think I have to give up on living on my own for now... Even when I find houses that I like and can afford they won't let me get them because I don't have a job or personal references. I am going to have to live with other people instead... Living with a middle aged woman would probably be the best option, I don't want to live with young people.


bought a new onahole


is sageru down?





Commenting on YouTube videos was randomly broken for me for months due to uBlock Origin for some reason, but just recently it fixed itself and I've been able to make comments again.

I kind of miss making comments that instantly disappear into the void where no one will ever see them, because seeing people make stupid replies to me or being complete political ideologues is really annoying me.


It would be nice if Youtube had no comment section at all, often I watch something and habitually check comments but I know that they are all going to be completely asinine and not worth reading.


You can get browser add-ons that specifically remove the Youtube comment section if you really never want to see them.


new konbini opened just a couple minutes away from me and it even has self checkout holy FLIP


File:c382b127c6.png (908.45 KB,1124x907)

They told me I could be anything so I became an alchoholic


Got cat their scratch post mini tower out, and also their wheel thing. They seem content.


saw a fake mini NES at a thrift store today. I was surprised to see that it had actual NES controller ports on it. I guess it was probably cheaper to buy clone controllers than make new ones with USB ports or something.


File:1500219718066.jpg (170.39 KB,664x1024)

Not /blog/ but I didn't know where to ask. Is there a drawfag thread anywhere on kissu and if not which board should I post one, /qa/ or /jp/?


There were some threads on /qa/, but people posting to it don't like that threads on this board are geared towards permanence and things they upload could be around for a year.


/qa/ would probably be best, I think.

Probably worth it to just make a new thread at any rate.


reply number 1000? or is 1000 the cyclical amount or something?
I've been trying a new way to control heartburn, but found out afterwards this liquid thing I tried has laxative properties
really need to read the full label ahead of time

My view is /qa/, but in the past some draw guy got really upset and left kissu over the idea of the thread not dying within a couple months...
Just be aware that your art will be stored for quite a while as someone else said


let's see if it goes above


I'm still here, but I just don't post too much. The actual reason is that some stalker that harasses me outside this site found out I post on kissu. I had been wanting the thread to expire for a while because I feared that would happen, and it happened around the time extra pages were added.


I think I messed up my hearing. I used to be able to listen to things just fine at 10%, but I like to eat things while also having my headphones on, so I've been turning my headphones to 30%. Now 30% sounds normal and 10% sounds too quiet... I guess I'll have to show restraint and see if I can train my ears to hear 10% as normal again or if I actually did lasting damage...

Sorry you have to deal with that, Anonymous.


If it's just 30% it's very likely just a problem with adjusting to the new level. Would be hard to damage your hearing with such a low %


I wonder if 10% would ever cause hearing issues. Always possible that the speaker have worn down, or that it's just unfortunate genetics.


File:72485148_p0.jpg (241.75 KB,1334x998)

I've already pulled an all-nighter, so now I am going to try pulling an all-dayer as well to fix my sleep schedule for the nth time.


I'm reaching the point where I need to do that, too. I was on a pretty good streak for a few months, too.


Hey me too
I'm staying up through tonight until afternoon tomorrow


File:43866B20-BC3B-4AA6-B91D-F….jpeg (494.88 KB,1280x720)

please take your sleep and keeping a good routine more seriously!


feeling irritated annoyed and tired and i don't want to sleep either just wanna sit in my blanket and stare at the computer


haven't showered in a while and i think it's getting to me mentally


have had a cup of iced tea next to me all day i forgot to drink last night and i haven't had the will to pour it out because it feels wasteful but now it's just been sitting out a whole day...


File:1628281895547.jpg (93.03 KB,596x652)

My 30 minute nap turned into a 3 hour nap.


brain all messy from waking up funny


wanna die


get some sleep




File:Screenshot 2021-10-20 0208….png (5.97 KB,452x26)

Hehe. Funny documentation.


Looking for a house still isn't going well... I don't think middle aged women want to live with me so I have to live with other people. They all seem to want people with jobs and people that are normal and do all the normal things like watch TV and drink and have trivia nights, if people had jobs why would they need a share house? And half of them seem to be vegetarian too, they are all just weird. There is a studio near the beach that I might look at though. Or else maybe I will have to buy a yurt and live on the 200 acres of land that my uncle has and use satellite internet.


shower door somehow just exploded while nobody was there...


Paranormal activity~~ 'tis the season


assuming you're talking about glass that happened to me too
probably something to do with heating and cooling all the time


when I become emperor of earth, I'm gonna ban crypto currencies.


i'd vote for you


waterfox decided to do another "we're updating our look!" update and now tabs are randomly broken and my cookies/cache were cleared. Gee, thanks Waterfox.


can you wait until i make it first? thanks


They very well may be banned or dead by then anyway.


been trying to sleeo for the past hour or so but it's so hot i'm having trouble why the HELL is it so hot in October


Can they even be banned? I thought the whole point of the blockchain was that there was no central point of failure.


If you can't convert it into legal tender how are you going to be able to use it?


The blockchain is a stupid idea in the first place. People love to go on and on about "wouldn't it be awful if the FEDs could see each and every transaction you make?" and at the same time completely disregard the fact that the blockchain is literally a ledger containing every single transaction ever with a certain cryptocurrency. It's like saying "Why don't we just publish credit card transaction data for everyone, but the only source of anonymization be the card number." Anyone with more than two braincells should be able to recognize that the blockchain by its very nature is de-anonymizing if you were to actually use it as a currency.



File:a8850d0d2b6405cca62ca7d8ce….png (1000.64 KB,682x876)

WEF called for a whole internet shutdown for "combating cybercrime". It's in the plan.
It's called bartering if it's not a legal tender, and it has been done since the beginning of human civilization.
Actually, there are far more regulations on the use of legal tender compared to bartering, so it's not a bad thing.
It's possible to be anonymous, like Monero. That's why it's the first to be targeted by central banks, while promoting transparent digital currency to replace paper money.


File:1587524638412.jpg (112.2 KB,530x530)

listening to a Sami radio station. this stuff's actually pretty good.


almost forgot to add to my decree that NFTs will be banned too.


fuck me this stupid waterfox update broke so much shit. how the fuck are they so incompetent.


reeeee. this update is making me extremely angry. to add fuel to the fire of my rage, I just noticed they stripped flash entirely. uninstalling and never updating ever again. fuck you waterfox.


Have ear wax build up in my right ear that's affecting my hearing and these dumb ear drops don't help they just irritate my ear aaaaaa it's driving me crazy everything sounds so muffled


File:1204497411096.jpg (94.02 KB,350x350)

Uninstalled Waterfox and downgraded to G3.2.6 and installed the latest version of Clean Flash. Everything works. Nothing is broken. All is right in the world. I am happy again.


Most Crypto purchases are made through Brokers so that is one easy target also this >>79411

If it's not legal tender it can only be bartered on the black market which severely effects the value it would have and it's utility as all it could really be traded with is other crypto and other black market goods, it could therefore not get back into a usable state. You may as well actually go back to bartering at that point, even blood diamonds would have more use.


It gets worse when you have a blocked nose due to poor air circulation so if you prevent that it often prevents severe wax build up. But anyway you have to be mindful of that, ear wax build ups actually gave me tinnitus.


Have you tried just taking a warm shower and prodding at your ear during the shower? For myself whenever I take a nice warm shower the earwax just sort of melts, and afterwards if there's still some left over because of the moisture it's sort of mushy and easy to clean out. But, hmmm. Now that I'm thinking about I think that Asians have different types of earwax than Europeans. I wonder how they deal with Earwax?


hydrogen peroxide always works for me. pour it in, lie down for a couple minutes or so, then pour it out and the wax comes with it. feels kind of neat, too. just have to make sure not to spill any on clothes/sheets/etc (best to start and end over a sink with paper towels/tissues ready).


File:Dice Wars.mp4 (10.66 MB,800x600)

played some dice wars. still as fun as I remembered.


jo'd and nearly passed out right after joing that was close


that's how you know it was a good jo


Without ado my brain confused the names and contents of the two airing shows which are set both in Japan but not in the contemporary time.




I thought I got "ado" from the most famous English writer.


deer jumped in front of my car
remembered a fun fact, in the US the person who hit the deer cant take it but the next person who comes along is free to skin it and take the meet on the spot if they want to


I should add that they can also take it home or really do whatever they want with it


Is hydrogen peroxide safe to put in your ear? Seems kind of harsh for a sensitive area like that.


assuming your ear doesn't have any problem in the first place it might irritate and dry your skin if you use it too often but once in a while it should be fine


I wouldn't use 100%. They make diluted hydrogen peroxide solutions specifically for cleaning out earwax. I had a really bad buildup last year that started causing pain so I went to the doctor and they had a squirt bottle with a hydrogen peroxide solution they sprayed in my ear repeatedly to get the wax out. Made my ears somewhat sore after, but they got almost all of it out. I still had to use otc drops for about a week after that to get the last of it out and be back to hearing normal though.


why are windows sounds like 50% louder than the loudest audio you can play? it's so annoying turning up some music and then hearing fucking 120% volume "biiing" noises.


bleh. I only have 1TB of free space of 27TB total, but it's spread across a bunch of drives I don't trust long-term. God. I wish Synology NASs were actually reasonably priced. Also wtf why don't they support RAID 50 or 60 on higher bay count NASs. stupid.


because when you make audio you calibre your stuff according to the worst common usecase possible. so the sound themes are designed to cut through a movie bgm playing on a shitty laptop speaker in the next room


Feels good having your skills recognized by various strong artists.


anonymous told me i was based once


I'm bored of the notion of celebrative days, I'm reminded of my boring liveliness, of unfamiliar joy.


mostly repeating what others have said, but it was recommended by a doc. i use a generic otc bottle (current one is 3% solution), nothing specifically designed for in-ear use, and rinse afterward with water. never noticed any issues, just sometimes have to do two sessions if an ear is really clogged.


managed to free up about 120GB from my main drive. I really need more drives. and a NAS. and backups. and organization.


same but they never tell me exactly "what" I'm based on.


think i might have accidentally turned my mom into a conspiracy theorist


File:EHTamp3WkAExQDz.jpg (239.33 KB,2048x1448)

am quite pleased to have found a nekomiya hinata thread on futaba!


File:1cb46b0dedc665ca8f04c3bf69….jpg (2.11 MB,2277x3000)


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