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File:68170101_p0.png (691.88 KB,1023x723)

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it's what all the girls are talking about


feeling sleep


feeling bored


feeling feels


feeling hungry


all i have is rice, spaghetti, eggs and raw tuna slices.


I absolutely cannot


literally got nothing to do


watch everything from the new season and see if its good


ate banana


they're mostly all just the same shows with some archetypes switched around. Only thing unique is megalobox. Best I can do is find something that follows tropes I enjoy or haven't been done to oblivion.


have you not watched thunderbolt fantasy, would put that up there with megalo box it's really good


it better not have idols in it


you better watch it RIGHT now canNOT believe this


but don't start with the airing third season that's a bad idea


great op image nice job


got a new laptop but the monitor is flickering
blub blub blub....


awful op image terrible job


you too bud


shirobako movie was translated and it's a poor movie. It misses the point that the series is about character growth and instead focuses on a tight deadline movie production and corporate politics


ate a banana


Went to bathroom, checked the clock, went to bathroom later, it was the same time on the clock.


deeply disappointed


File:[crossover][enoshima junko….jpg (498.88 KB,1000x1412)

Watching the trial.
It's fun.


To hell with the sun!


got buffalo wings


Been fretting over feeling faint every now and again, worrying I might have some scary ailment like a pulmonary embolism. But... then I looked in my trash and noticed some rotting food...


Listening to some p*p music, or fast food music, the lyrics are rubbish but the beat and vocals are pleasing and remind me of MJ.


found some cool music again
i like listening to music
its the only thing besides anime i can still really enjoy


The CG shields in Dune are funny. I'm surprised the fight scene in the beginning with them hasn't become some teen meme yet.


File:Taiga_IBrFx4kaQG.png (52.48 KB,655x626)

this'll probably work for the season


im surprised you find all of those worth watching


File:1583617616889.gif (449.37 KB,410x198)

getting sick of all jrock/pop openings sounding the same


might swap out childhood friend with cute boy detectives, but aside from that the rest aren't offensively bad


at least there's a lot of variation this season


File:hate this.jpg (8.69 KB,302x225)

¥see a (1)
¥press update
¥nothing new


eatin' carrots n mashed potatos


love trains. wish the us still had widespread good passenger service.


would like to think that something will come of the hyperloop idea, but with the us being barely able to maintain its roads i still have doubts about the future of passenger service here


need to understand how to better explain mathematics. feeling like i've hit a brick wall in my learning where i have to become a whole lot better at proofs and communicating ideas in order to move forwards


need to make tea before i pass out...


got a stress ball (it's actually an egg but whatever) because i have a bad habit of grabbing at my chest when i get anxious. i like it. it's helping quell my urge to squeeze something but the resistance feels too high so my arm gets kinda tired after using it.


there exist a cow
there exists a cow
there exist cows
there exists cows
english is weird


my sanity points have dipped




why would anyone use compressor on quiet music
its just sounds so artificially bad



File:88584357_p0.png (1023.88 KB,1000x744)

jeez. that kagamine rin song is so hauntingly beautiful and intensely sad. i can't help but cry every time i listen to it, and yet i can't stop myself from wanting to hear it more. what a mysterious feeling. wanting to cry more. aaaaaa~ my nose is all runny and my eyes sting. i think i want to listen to it again.


huh what song



File:Touhou Hong Meiling 145 E.png (5.11 MB,3840x2160)

I had Fried duck with Szechuan sauce. The duck was nice but the sauce was a bit strong.


I waited for nearly 5 hours to get onto 2b2t, managing to get down to ~50 in the waiting queue only for the server to restart, but my auto reconnect instead of securing a low queue position or even getting me in on the server restart, caused my minecraft client to crash...

How exhausting. Now I'm back up 500 something in the queue, which means it'll be another 5 hours until I get on...


File:squarelupini.png (199.76 KB,750x750)

Lupini beans are disgusting and you are a terrible person if you like them


File:84700466_p0.jpg (67.39 KB,900x900)

It's impossible to Save those who damn themselves, yet I still try. For all my Wisdom, I have failed to learn Discipline.

My Refinement must proceed undisturbed.


Stop capitalizing random words


dog's playing new capcom horror game


made bread but it was stuck to the bottom of the pan and I tried to get it out and now I have half a loaf of bread


I hate stackexchange
Posted a question just to get it locked right away


wish there was an imageboard with tex like stackexhange has


feelin tired. wish i could just sleep in the shower.

also 16:10 is a nice aspect ratio. i get why people say they wish it got more attention now


was looking through my question face folder but then came across a sad picture i accidentally put there and now i'm sad sigh...


File:5.jpg (290.38 KB,1200x863)

How much coffee do I have to drink so that I horseshoe around to being calm?


File:1611445107053.jpg (35.96 KB,518x564)

Chilling and watching music visualizations. Today's been really good so far. Happiest day in a while.


File:2018-09-16 11-19-55.mp4_sn….jpg (168.02 KB,1920x1200)

16:10 is great, I've been using it for like 8 years now. I really like the extra height when watching mobies and stuff, i can usually fit the subs neat and tidy in the letterbox area, just lots of extra little QOL things like that.

It's a bit of a pain with some things though, it's weird AR to share screenshots in and stuff when I'm playing fullscreen, and it's really weird AR for video if I'm recording, so it's harder to share, I usually feel compelled to scale and crop or pillarbox it.


File:fb07935180d8fc6c57d90088de….jpg (1.62 MB,4093x2894)

it's beautiful here with all the flowers
i recall there is a house nearby with a very nice front lawn that reminds me of european countryside
maybe it's a good time to take a look at it


not sure why but my neck's been killing me all day, maybe i slept on it funny or something


found out there's a gacha character that's named after my family name. at least they're really cute, but is liking them incestuous?


spent 5 hours preparing to go out to get groceries, getting groceries, preparing dinner, eating dinner, and then cleaning it up
end result was i had some tasty onion rings with a nice sauce that'll probably last me 2 days and materials for dinner the rest of the week
think it may have been worth it


ne ne kissu, do you think one day I'll get to see my bf again?


blog thread is about your day, not questions about your boyfriends


But it's the blog thread in the questions and answers board!!!


qa doesnt stand for questions and answers wtf. It stand for quality anime, as shown in the board's header.


room was getting hot so i opened my windows, but now my room is both hot and humid. i do not understand how humans existed prior to the advent of air conditioning. this is hell.



looks like a lot of sega stuff. gosh darn stingy vn devs and publishers.


gonna order chinese food


just looked and it's 58 percent humidity and close to 27C. I'm gonna die.


chinese food was good


the vtuber thing is going too far
it needs to stop before disney or walmart announces one


It was too far to begin with. Some sort of purge is required.


Met an interesting person from Estonia while playin some Minecraft.


Estonians are cool!


File:Zetsubou_Yume.jpg (64.42 KB,1280x720)

I'm starting to feel depressed every time I watch an (short) anime. Most if not all of them I can watch in a day, within 7-14 hours. And then it just gets thrown into the abyss of my memories where many more anime have faced the same fate; I forget most of the plot, sometimes I even forget the anime existed. This hits especially hard with good anime or the ones I really enjoyed watching. Life past finishing an anime is nothing but pain and suffering.
Just finished Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin. Liked the show and its characters but if I just forget about them within days, is that all that my love for a show amounts to? Each time I finish such an anime I'm left in utter dejection knowing I will sooner than later forget a large portion of the show. Sometimes I do remember the plot, but I forget all the characters and how they were. That's the thing that scares me the most. For all the time I spent attracted to the characters were nothing but mere hours. Eventually forgetting the fun memories and emotions I shared with the characters. But this feeling of dejection too, along with the show, fades away from my memories a few days/weeks/months later. Everything feels pointless. And each time I finish a show I'm left pondering whether anything is real if I will just forget about everything with the passage of time.


never really have had that happen to me, at least not with anything good. have you considered trying to keep some ratings and then occasionally rewatch that which you've rated fairly high


>if I just forget about them within days, is that all that my love for a show amounts to?
I suppose you're not living up to the standards you set of appreciating an anime.
What I did years ago was catalog my ratings on MAL. If your thoughts are catalogued somewhere then they're as long lasting as the server. But written text does get remembered better.

Short of that it might be better to change the viewpoint from memorable to entertaining.


This person was especially cool! We talked a lot about all sorts of things, but mostly related to data archiving.


If you want to remember an anime better, stop marathoning them. If you take breaks, you'll naturally spend some time thinking about it between episodes, and it'll impact you more.


I genuinely hate people and I wish I could become a hermit.


I've always been weirded out by people with highly specific tastes. I could never imagine only enjoying one type of media and hating everything else. It seems like it'd be torture.


after a couple of days of going out to get groceries for food i now have enough stocked up to last me for a while before i need to go out again, also made fried rice and it's pretty good


accidentally left the lights on and had been drained of motivation for the past hour


I used to update MAL, but I I just stopped doing it after I missed a few. I'll try to get back on it.
True. But rarely do I have the patience to stop an anime I like when the next episode is just a click away. But if it is to better enhance my experience/memory of an anime, it shall be done.
Thanks for the advice Anons.


It's an unspoken rule, but if you aren't saging 100% of the time then you aren't actually posting but going through the motions of posting without thinking about anything.


Please stop. I browse /all/ and I hate when it shows there are new posts there but then when I refresh I can't see them because the fucker sage'd it. There are obviously situations in which it is appropriate but if you are doing it 100% of the time then you're the problem.


it's not a problem if you use new ui like a smart person



i don't even know how to switch back to new ui anymore


What do you mean. It's always been the "[fr]" button on the board row.


ought to call it new instead


or just "[Toggle Layout]" to keep it consistent


got a heckin' bluescreen


not sure what to do
dont feel like anime or games
just staring at the wall thinkin bout being bored


that means it's time to sleep


i woke up from a nap 2 hours ago


got any games you like that require other people?


i like solo play
think ill drink alcohol, maybe watch 300 slime


could just make pancakes


the dishes...


eat it out of the scorching hot pan,
-1 dish


i'm going to make pancakes.
F you


haven't had pancakes in a while
maybe tommorow morning
gonna drink till i feel like doing something right now


In fact, if you post without saging it shows that you aren't actually posting but going through the motions of posting without thinking about anything because you didn't bother to remove the sage from your previous post.


File:1497777455756.jpg (102.8 KB,500x500)

in my opinion breaking sage on a thread like this means you want to bump it because its low in the catalog
bringing it to top gives the thread a bit of more activity and can lead to interesting posts
if the blog thread had nobody sage it would always be in first page of index at all times
it hurts the smaller threads that usually have more interesting content


hard sage


File:[SCP-2223] Ryuuou no Oshig….jpg (108.54 KB,1920x1080)



¥not sageru
¥not even sageing

sighhhh, just leave the e on at least...


this is english we are speaking its ge not げ
下げru and 下げing makes you sound like a dork


No, this is a weebzone, we speak weeb.
sageing is perfectly cromulent weeb.


sageing is a word but if you pronounce it saw-gay-ing then you're a dork




WTF kinda weeb are you if you can't pronounce the kana? It's just sage with "ing" at the end.


it sure as shit doesn't sound like saw-gay


pronounce that without sounding retarded


This. Just say "saging" like a normal human. Don't need to hint to people that you know Japanese, weeb.




Why does it matter how it is pronounced? Who the fuck here is saying it out loud?


File:1377461749094.png (98.73 KB,500x500)

pronounce all the funny words when muttering posts to myself including the option ones!


File:(clipboard)1619932910111.png (1.51 MB,800x1200)


good if the 'e' is silent
>Who the fuck here is saying it out loud?
i did several times in the last 15 minuts


File:banner.jpg (12.33 KB,300x100)


it's a japanese word, you'll always sound like a retard if you think it's "sayj".


>it's a japanese word
only half of that is japanese
it will always sound awkward when used in english if you pronounce さげ instead of sage(like the plant)


Don't really have a problem with it sounding silly, it's kind of meant to be silly I think, like how most weebs throw around japanese words. It's certainly a more playful way of modulating the word rather than simply brute-forcing a pronunciation from english homographs. You take all the fun out of it that way.








my favorite silly word is "doge", pronounced "doggy."


reading the /b/ math thread it finally makes sense to me how people can write so much for a math journal


no wtf its do-gay.






only oldfags remember this meme: doggy boycock


I pardon your french?


ate some ice cream


my lazyness managed to figure out how to make my instant ramen better. normally, i heat my ramen in two sessions because my bowl isn't quite big enough, so some of the noodles stick out, so half way, i try flipping them over so they don't get crunchy from the microwave drying the exposed parts out. anyways, i got preoccupied and left the noodles in the microwave for like 5-10 minutes, and then heated them up the rest of the way. Lo and behold, doing this caused the noodles to take on more water and have a better consistency than the gummy consistency they normally have. the only downside is that the powder isn't quite as effective because the noodles are bigger so it can't really move around as much? normally i add the powder at the end, so maybe if i combine this new technique with adding the powder at the beginning i'll have perfected my instant ramen making skill.

thank you for reading my instant ramen blog.


microwave is why culinary is now a lost art


I've thrown out mine 3 years ago and haven't regretted it yet and it has saved me money microwaveable foods are expensive.


how do you reheat leftovers?

almost everything is sold in portions that no one could really eat in solitude before it spoils or just get sick of it. freezing and refrigerating are the best options, but then you need to warm it up again.


frying pan and oven
microwave never heats evenly and anything crispy becomes soggy mess


i literally don't have a kitchen to make food...


What does the new UI change?


i'll make a drawing for you since it might be nice to put on the FAQ


File:Watching.png (48.75 KB,794x266)

Watched threads


File:TabsAndNotif.png (47.42 KB,680x232)

Tabs and Notifications


File:Sorting.png (789.79 KB,1843x945)



File:Recent.png (53.81 KB,797x200)

Recent Feed


File:Backlinks.png (42.62 KB,567x297)



File:Similar.png (382.32 KB,1457x405)

Similar Threads


All of these rework or ignore the existence of the catalog/index to make sage not a problem for imageboard function.


used some of the leftover foods from my stir fry to fry up some onions broccoli and asparagus and it was actually really good, only used butter and kosher salt


"kosher salt" is a scam
normal salt already has that little kosher certification icon on package so it's already kosher
and almost all processed food are also kosher if they don't contain meat


well you don't buy it for the kosher part you buy it for the large salt flakes


why do i buy that when i can just get himalayan pink salt instead


The idea of kosher salt wasn't that the salt itself was kosher, but that it'd draw blood out of meat when used to prepare raw meats and apparently it does that better than table salt.

Anyway, most cooks just use it coz it has big flakes of visible chunky salt. It's easier to see and feel how much salt you have in your fingers when it's in large flakes like that and also it looks pretty if you use it as a finishing salt (though that's what the pink salt also does).

I'm sure kosher salt is cheaper than pink salt as well, but I didn't actually check.



File:2aabe04ec0.png (10.18 KB,887x138)

is the fruits basket remake really that good why does it have such high ratings


File:harmanposteq.png (64.34 KB,994x682)

tried different broad high shelf filter after harman eq for my headphones
by letting my ear adapt a setting and then gradually increase gain in 1db step, i found out that -1db is the upper threshold that i don't find its fatiguing or "bright"
it's a very subtle change but helps a lot for long term listening


ate some peas


made a really embarassing mistake and then repeated it oh god im tard someone do something help


wintergatan seriously annoys me. he constantly eschews sticking with any number of functional designs in the name of making minimal design changes that take weeks to implement for unstated reasons. beyond that, he has the GALL to then use footage showing the machine in a functional state, actually capable of being more than just a design piece sculpted in cad, that he never showed before becoming obsessed with minimal design changes.


ordered a burger and shake today and picked up the burger and left but forgot the shake and i was too embarassed to go back in and get it so i just left sigh now im thirsty


know its unbecoming of me but i get extremely aggravated when people sincerely act like dumb norms


middle of the night and i noticed i couldn't find cat searched all over the house for her and turned out she found her way outside and was stuck




raining outside
makes nice sound


forgot to eat today
need food to live


food eaten may help survival
unless that piece of metal failling from the sky kills me


Decided that I'm tired of trying to be objective when it comes to media. My opinions are now based entirely on what I think and feel, not what others say.


opinions are based on what others say can't be further from being objective


File:twq6skxu8vx21.jpg (54.52 KB,600x338)

text your mother today


You literally objectively cannot ever be objective - no one can - i don't know why you'd even try to begin with.


>"Kosher salt"
¥ not going (((kosher salt))) for maximum griftage
Are you even trying to convince me this is a scam?

Anyways I watched bleach with a girl (female) yesterday. It was really neat!


What I mean is that I'm not going to account for biases anymore. If something is in a style I like, I'm going to give it more leeway than something else in a style that I don't. I used to try and counteract that for the sake of fairness, but now I see that it's not even possible: I think what I think, and I can't avoid that. From here on out everything I like is good and everything I don't sucks.


that is *literally* subjective


hate it when i can't find the image i need


kill me baby
baby kill me


speaking of
now is a good time to rewatch it


i seem to have accumulated 4 tea mugs on my desk over the course of today, think i may have had enough...


gosh. i feel like such a tard whenever i look back over what i write. somehow i always manage to forget to conjugate something, or miss plural endings.


at least i can delete my posts and fix those mistakes when i see them. used to feel so embarrassed i could die when i made a serious post on 4/qa/ full of errors


I know. I'm just saying I'm aware of it now.

It's easier to notice issues in something that you yourself made, because you know exactly how it deviates from what you intended.


thought i'd use wine vinegar instead of wine and now my soup tastes like vinegar


Kept diluting it down with water. Mission failed.

Remember that wine vinegar is not wine.


vinegar and wine don't even taste remotely similar, so i don't know why'd you'd even consider substituting it for anything wine...


Old wine turns into vinegar so my thought was the by doing this I would be using a really old wine and therefore still following the recipe


eyes have been feeling really dry recently. hurts pretty bad.


I finally did it frens. I got the autism money, that's it. I've won I never have to work.


congrats, you no longer a life failure
you are now life winner


File:image.jpeg (76.19 KB,491x600)

Now you can stick around kissu anytime without ever worrying or stressing about the evils of work.


wish my country had autism bux


put this thread into zombie mode meaning it has no bump limit and it can't die.


made brownies to use up some molases. They're pretty good and I only used half the sugar it called for. Could even use no sugar.


File:flashplayer_32_sa_Jh7BW6ah….png (169.44 KB,875x505)

won at rumba but the thread disappeared...


it didn't run on Ruffle so I thought no one would bother


I just use a standalone player myself


Isn't it weird to think that ruffle uses relatively new technologies (rust and webasm) to preserve a relatively old one (flash)? I think it's kind of neat.


having one of those tired asocial days where everything to me is boring


we all have those days
also cat is attacking pants strap heh


sleep spermed twice last night. soiled my sheets and two pairs of pajamas. didnt even recall the dreams that made it happen...


I guess you could call it ironic, but it's not very weird. Emulators have been a staple of computers throughout their existence, especially early on when code wasn't portable.

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