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Making this thread as an experiment, inspired by >>67362. Feel free to talk about older anime you are watching, finished recently, or plan to watch.

I'm currently about 40% through Lupin III: Part II (1977-80). I started watching Lupin about 7 or 8 months ago, starting from the first TV series, and have been slowly going through it one episode every few days. My only previous experience with the franchise was the Cagliostro movie. I ended up enjoying Part I a lot more than I was expecting based on its age, but I preferred the darker tone of the first half. Part II keeps the more lighthearted tone from after the Ghibli guys took over, but it's still a very enjoyable watch, mostly because it sounds great - the soundtrack is prime 70s funkiness, and the main cast's VAs are always a joy to listen to, although I do wish they hadn't changed Goemon's voice.

No screenshot because I'm watching it on a different device, plus the video quality is terrible anyways, so have a track from the OST instead.


File:mpv-shot0003.jpg (234.96 KB,1920x1036)

I watched Neo Tokyo some time ago. Very early Madhouse, it seems. Surprised me to see it was from '87, turns out Akira is from '88. It's made up of three shorts.

First one's about high risk racing and the suspicious circumstances surrounding its greatest racer. Looks dark, has some damn cool animation.
Second one's about a kid a cat going down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, not all that fun but trippy, liked the change of colors and I think there was some neat perspective stuff.


I finished all the animated Patlabor stuff recently. Aside from the movies which are a (forgotten) classic in the medium with the second being the best political thriller the medium has to offer (there's barely any competition to begin with), Patlabor is also rich with SoL and comedy in the OVAs and especially the TV show. Mecha shows where the mecha take a backseat to the characters is a shitposting meme at this point but Patlabor happens to be this kind of anime - mind you, not in quality buy in role, Yutaka Izubuchi's mecha designs are a slick as ever and there's plenty of mecha action (and corporate mecha action) to behold. The characters are memorable and likable (even the annoying gun nut is a grower) and the shifts between comedic hijinks and serious drama are fun to say the least. The movies are more serious in tone than the OVAs and TV show, especially the second, but the signature character tidbits are still there. It still feels like Patlabor. Though, the third one is somewhat of an exception since it's more of a story set in the Patlabor world than a Patlabor film, with the Patlabor cast having a support role this time around.

There are two continuities: one for the first OVA and the movies and another for the TV show and second OVA. It's cosmetic at best, perhaps so that people don't have to bother with over 60 episodes to watch the movies. There are no disparities between setting and characterization to warrant severe continuity splitting. I definitely recommend people watch all Patlabor anime in production order (but saving the third one for a few weeks after they've watched everything else). If not then at the very least the first OVA and first two movies.


>no disparities
Well, aside from different beginnings.


File:thread police.jpg (224.75 KB,902x902)

>(forgotten) classic
Is it really? Always thought it (or, specifically, the second movie) was Oshii's second most popular work. But yeah, Patlabor owns.


File:patlabor640.jpg (737.82 KB,640x988)

It's my personal impression since I don't see it as mentioned as GiTS or even Jin-Roh outside of dedicated circles.


File:OP.webm (11.79 MB,640x480)

I am watching moeru onii-san. It's a silly gag anime. Unfortunately the video quality is VHS tier which is a shame but it's still watchable. I like the OP.

Speaking of patlabor, I've watched everything except the second and third movie, and I've been putting off watching the second movie because I've read that the remastered 5.1 audio with its music and sound additions supposedly affect the mood of the film in a bad way and that the original stereo audio is superior, does anyone know more about this?

Anyway, I've gotten the original stereo track in the meantime, so I should probably get around to finally watching it, for anyone else interested the bludragon torrent on AB seems to have the original stereo audio.


First time hearing about this. I've watched it a few times over the years with different rips, not sure which audio track it was, but the audio never felt "off", nor did I notice any big differences compared to the previous watch. Is this like Gunbuster where they actually remade the audio track, or is it just minor music/SFX changes?


It was a complete remaster as the VAs apparently had to re-record their lines as well, but the contentious thing seems to be the additional music and sound effects which apparently change the mood of a lot of scenes.

>I've watched it a few times over the years with different rips, not sure which audio track it was

Most likely the remastered audio, I know that I couldn't find any torrents with the original theatrical release stereo audio when I was looking for them 2-3 years ago.


Interesting. I did some research and it seems most Blu-Ray encodes only have the 5.1 audio track, so I assume I've never seen it with the original mix. Looks like it's due another watch.


File:Great Teacher Onizuka Ep.1….jpg (175.82 KB,640x480)

Re-watching Great Teacher Onizuka and I have to say this anime is still one of the best at depicting young delinquents and themes of bullying in a realistic manner; it's quite dark and heavy but still manages to have good comedy bits. Kanzaki Urumi and Uehara Anko were some of the most nasty antagonists iv'e ever seen and it was more than satisfying watch them get their dues from Onizuka.
The running gag of the principle getting his car wreaked is never boring.
Also Noboru Yoshikawa is a good boy who never did any wrong, you genuinely feel bad for the guy.


Onizuka was so good... Need to rewatch it sometime as well. Although, it's so hard to rewatch such a long series.


Should I force myself to watch Code Geass from the start again? I dropped it after like, 6 episodes but I really want to watch it for like, research purposes.


File:1528063714278.png (63.71 KB,261x265)

It's a fun anime. Why would you watch it if you're not having fun


Because there's like, plot elements that I want to magpie into my collection of shitty writing, and it's research essentially.


Just watch the recap movies then. Why subject yourself to something that's not fun, even if for research purposes? Doesn't that just lead to you becoming more jaded and bitter while watching other stuff?


Code Geass is epic as hell no matter what anyone says.


code geass may be epic, but rolo fucking SUCKS


>Why subject yourself to something that's not fun
Are you implying that trying to get a better understanding of how the story works isn't fun?
I love research and trying to do studying fren!
I just happen to have a really short attention span when it comes to anime and I end up dropping it when something else catches my fancy...


Not at all, but I think if you're suffering through an anime to get through it like you would with something like Death March, then it's not fun and wasteful. However like >>70533 said Code Geass is epic as hell so I doubt it can be that tough to watch (also noticed you never said you hate it so misinterpreted there).


When I say force myself it's more in a "I won't do jack shit unless I light a match under my ass"


set up ten alarms and shut off even the possibility of doing other stuff

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