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I notice more details when I'm not sober. I think it helps for everyone to have a slight amount of alcohol in their system?


More, or just different details? Anyways, I'm not sure how well everyone having a bit of alcohol would go down. It seems to work for the Italians, but I'm not sure the rest of the world could restrain itself.


It's a psychoactive so it's bound to change your focus in some way.
I've been told that dude weeeed lmao makes you see a lot more connections between things.


I notice the opposite it's part of the reason that I don't drink much and if I do I don't watch anime or play any games that I have not already finished.


That's a good point to make. I know I miss a bit when I'm drunk as I can't play RTS well, but at the same time I'm also usually capable of making quality posts that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to think up sober. Also it can help me to enjoy an SoL much more than I would while sober.


This is true, but the problem is you have problems relating those connections to others. Hence the "dude lol you'll get it when you're high" trope.


File:ballmer_peak.png (91.33 KB,652x592)

Well it works for ZUN but I could rarely ever achieve the equilibrium needed.



Hmm, I feel like it would have been more informative if they determined whether or not the people were buzzed/tipsy/etc or not since people have different alcohol tolerances. Two drinks may have no effect, or it may have a lot.


I should probably try and achieve maximum efficiency by always maintaining this state... I think it's probably the funposting peak as well which I hit when I made the pissssssspasta


Alcoholics and other substance addicts don't want to talk about their addictions in films and serials for a good reason.


it helps perform stuff you're used to do and "getting in the zone", it's not limited to programming

with that said performance takes a complete nose dive once you're drunker. worse than that the right state never lasted more than half an hour for me because I can't into moderation, more so when I'm entirely focused on something. I don't even notice I drink until it's too late

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