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File:54481621_p0.jpg (661.49 KB,1087x800)


Would /qa/ be interested in watching some old OVAs together? We had a few of these streams years ago where we watched things like YKK, Mamono Hunter Youko and Dragon Half, and they were pretty fun. Unlike a TV series stream, you can join or leave in the middle and not feel lost, so you don't have to commit to watching a full 5+ hour stream. Plus, it's a nice way to check out some lesser known anime you may have missed otherwise.

Making this thread to gauge interest, and for suggestions on what to watch.


I'd definitely be up for some old OVA streams. Was thinking about hosting some myself even a bit ago, just never got to actually hosting them.


Sounds like a good idea. I wish we had done the pre 2000s stream for a bit longer


>pre 2000s stream
Dang, when did I miss that?


I'd be up, yeh.


Yeah, I'm definitely up for it. I'd love to see more people hosting streams and stuff. Hmm, what to suggest...


no one does anything, they just say they want to do it but never put in more effort than the simple thought.


this post has only been up for 15 hours. besides, people typically like fore-warning of what's going to be streamed or at least an idea thereof rather than being told in an instant. people have tried doing streams with no warning before and they usually only attract zero (read: 0, none, nothing) to three people compared to the numbers the seasonal stream gets for comparison.

if you'd like to give that a try, no one is stopping you.


File:[SubsPlease] Ochikobore Fr….jpg (112.44 KB,1280x720)

That's being overly pessimistic and self-defeating. People do things here, but if posts like this become regular then they'll certainly not bother trying in the future.


not true, i put a lot of thought into what i want to do or things i suggest, the usual reason they fall through is due to irl factors making it hard to schedule or follow through


File:MB34SG3.jpg (14.91 KB,512x384)

What about Mad Bull? It's about a dirty NYC cop in the 90s. It's really violent, though, so if people don't like that it's probably not a good choice


Mad Bull is hilarious, I really would want to watch that with /qa/


I to would partake in this but sub or dubbed because the dub is pretty wild in terms of the acting and well done but sub is the traditional choice.


This is a bit longer than what I had in mind (total runtime under 2 hours), but it's a great pick.


We've got the idea guys down, now we just need an execution guy.


File:Riding Bean.mkv_snapshot_0….jpg (121 KB,752x874)

Also, how about the predecessor to Gunsmith Cats, Riding Bean?


I've decided, streaming this on Wednesday at 7:00 pm EST.


File:1476197036115.gif (1.86 MB,320x240)

Cool, I will be there if I'm awake.

OP here, I'd still be willing to set up the stream, just need one of the guys who do streams to teach me how to encode softsubbed .mkv into whatever you need for a stream. And also more suggestions.


I use Handbrake. It's a GUI for ffmpeg and it's pretty easy to understand.
also me too I should be there


Yeah, but what output settings?


File:HandBrake_sFvCHIv1gX.png (15.36 KB,464x322)

First go to preferences and change the MP4 File Extension thing here in the Output Files tab to "Always use MP4"


File:HandBrake_uXW7jM1T2p.png (203.22 KB,1002x611)

on right panel select 720 Fast (or lower resolution if it's old stuff that's lower)
then in Summary tab check the "Web Optimized" box.


File:HandBrake_PbPn8S3Ht1.png (13.54 KB,560x290)

I don't touch the Dimensions or Filters tab.
In Video tab I do something like this. The only things I touch is that I move the quality bar to something like 24 and then at the Optimize Video's Encoder Preset I change it to VerySlow


File:HandBrake_D0VbSq92zq.png (10.68 KB,677x247)

in Audio tab if it's a multi audio release then you click this dropdown menu thing and select the desired language


File:HandBrake_ijLpNBC6ad.png (8.38 KB,591x198)

in subtitles I need to change it from "Foreign Audio Scan" to the proper subs and that's it.


oh and you need to check "Burn In" if it's not already active so the subs are, uh, burned into the video stream or whatever


beanie baddie beanie baddie


File:Ecfoly2UMAAnXDm.jpg (132.71 KB,1700x1700)

Will be streaming at 7:00 pm EST today! So in just around 4 hours.


File:[Doki] Yama no Susume - 06….jpg (224.05 KB,1920x1080)



The stream starts in half an hour!



Starting now!


bean baddie bean baddie


File:waterfox_u7j3nGKGDM.png (154.77 KB,293x301)

his head kind of looks like a bean


now that was a short stream


Nice stream. Gave me an idea for a suggestion: Bari Bari Densetsu. It's the Initial D author's first series, and it's about motorcycle racing. There's a 2 episode OVA and a movie that combines them.


sounds pretty good, love initial d


File:explorer_mfcxfsinvz.png (24.72 KB,320x327)

Had a look through my unwatched folder and these are the OVAs with a total runtime under 2 hours that I have in there. Let me know if you are particularly interested in any of these.

The aforementioned Bari Bari Densetsu is unfortunately a shitty, tiny rip (352x288), but you can't really afford to be picky with these things, I suppose.

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