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File:ExVY0wbWUAYuqtm.jpeg (146.3 KB,684x956)


They announced new Melty Blood


File:ExVY38jXEAsm5rp.jpeg (120.51 KB,682x951)


File:ExVY8aLWEAA0BLQ.jpeg (261.56 KB,1359x957)


File:ExVY-JxXAAYhuBC.jpeg (116.68 KB,736x948)


I guess there's no red akiha?


Dang, the new style is sticking I guess


File:hqdefault (2).jpg (31.59 KB,480x360)

What should I expect from nu-Tsukihime


A lot of cut content apparently.


Seriously? She was even in UNIST, why don't they include her?


File:1474061487313.jpg (13.86 KB,300x300)

they also said that the remake will only have near side routes, far side routes will be released later. Also no Melty on PC, because French Bread got butthurt about people modding their games.


Weird to hear them say that when they were originally a doujin circle


It'll come to PC eventually, they always do.


File:youmu cry.jpg (252.76 KB,842x595)

I assume it will have a completely differet story.
No TATARI, no uncle Wally, no Roastbeef, no White Len, etc.


>no backstreet alliance
0/10 not even gonna pirate


I feel like even Tsukihime will be rushed as hell. That and this game might be just Nasu churning out more content for nostalgia purposes as he already focus pouring all his ideas on FGO.
I doubt he bothers expanding the main universe anymore when he can write anything for different AUs and Singularities or whatever. Admittedly, expanding and maintaining existing universe can be tiring and severely limiting.
Tl;dr Tsukihime could be a butchered retelling and this game's story will sucks. If it's for the gameplay alone I wonder if they'd do something to make people play this over UNIEL.


Paid DLC.
>far side routes will be released later
Paid DLC.

Both instances will be painted over with a big jarring layer of "we listened to the fans."


> I wonder if they'd do something to make people play this over UNIEL
There's no conflict there and no people to "win over". Uni is as dead as any other delay-based fighting game, and either way melty and uni are completely different games.
Personally I never cared for story or offline content in fighting games so I'm excited to see how it pans out.


Will anyone(except the two people I know who will always buy a fighting game) be playing it?


Me, when it comes to pc.


Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't Hisui and Kohaku's movesets are taken from gags in Kagetsu Tohya?
How would they explain them if the storyline is retconned, and it's unlikely there'd be TATARI storyline to explain all the off-the-wall stuff?


Maybe the Tsukihime remake won't have a bunch of retcons in it? Also is there any confirmation about what netcode it'll have. Sure, arcsys is now using rollback, but I don't know if that translates to the rest of the fighting game studios.


I'm 95% sure Melty was confirmed have rollback. All one could hope for at this point is that it's implemented well unlike early SFV rollback. Kamone said Uni was supposed to get rollback too a few years ago yet here we are, modders adding rollback to DFCI before that ever became a thing.


File:5895750_p0.png (670.82 KB,917x746)

>no White Len
They wouldn't dare, would they?


No Sion?
This is unacceptable.


You need Len from Kagetsu Tohya, sugoi sugoi lady and TATARI to create White Len.
When at least two of them aren't present, I can't see how they could even bring White Len into existence.


Well sugoi sugoi lady has to be a given, and Len will probably be in because Kagetsu Tohya....


completely unrelated on the topic of ren it took me forever to dig through my liked videos and find this earlier since I could NOT find it by searching (though now I figured out I had to specify renchan and couldn't just say ren) no matter what terms related to it I knew were in. why is youtube like this?




Now that's a good character trailer, wonder if the devs are having fun with this.


kouma was the best one so far



How odd, for some reason I had it in my head August 27th was the release date for this. Wonder why since this clearly says September 30th...


Because Aug 26 (27 in the Western hemisphere) was the release date for Tsukihime.


Oh... Has anyone played them yet? It's on console only right, not sure if I'll get it or not.


Pretty interesting timeline starting next week. First Diablo 2 then Melty Blood.




It's out RIGHT NOW
and it's got seiba


anyone want to play some games assuming we dont get online issues?


probably too late but i can play now


probably better not to sage these kinds of posts....


Either way it's better to join steam chat if you want games, makes it a lot easier.


File:20211004_034409.jpg (4 MB,4608x2592)

she fights...


Is she winnin


File:fucked him up Sion!!!!.jpg (94.27 KB,1200x675)

I am frustrated about things.


Time to watch Berun get 2-0'd repeatadly until he quits the game...


whoa cool!!


shiki killed a servant...


Twitch streams autoplay on here? Well that's fucking annoying...


well, it's more of a test I think


miyako a qt!!!!!


This game is very tard friendly


File:ded maid.png (217.34 KB,528x297)

phew killing maids sure is hard work!


kohaku's animations are so great


yeah the way she walks is amusing


great game i hate vlov


Seems like in-game is much more in the style of Melty than Tsukihime remake is in the style of Tsukihime

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