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File:jugon.png (3.44 KB,250x250)


make up a kanji, draw it and write fanfic about it

this one is 海 + 牛 and it means dugong (turns out the term for sirenian was exactly that)
it's typically used standalone, its kun is じゅごん but it also has カイ as on


File:jugon2.png (3.27 KB,250x250)

actually, better composition


File:Untitled.png (1.9 KB,400x400)

this one is ど+る, romanized as duru, it means `door'. typically used in a house, but sometimes also suitable for a shed, a cellar, an apartment, a bedroom, or even a small garden where rhododendrons grow enclosed by a fence or a parapet.

looking at its versatility and its solemn lines devious of curves, one can deeply feel the love for precision and minimalism inhabiting the traditional Japanese spirit birthed by centuries of isolation on a shaky island


File:Illustration2.png (17.52 KB,297x287)

This means march of skeletons. It's read as れつ and has no kun. It's only used in a single word.


File:pbet.png (4.62 KB,250x250)

this one means painful betrayal
its kun is く, its on are ハイ and ホウ
it's used with 切 to mean painful betrayal (ハイサイ), with 雇 to mean being fired unexpectedly (ハイコ)
as a verb it means to feel or inflict emotional pain and its intransitive/transitive pair is る and れる
ah a shinjitai, i believe it used to refer to tomb entrances
this one appears a lot in jrpgs
very succinct


File:Unnamed.png (22.2 KB,750x750)

One for piano, in its use many contrasts find their perfect communion, such as it being both a keyboard and a stringinstrument. The On is Don.


does “boson” have a kanji?


i was trying to think up a good one before anybody said it...


File:boson.png (4.92 KB,250x250)

how about this
gimme an on and some words


kun: ボ、ボウ、ボソン

on: くう、きゅう、きゅうえい


I’m too ignorant to recognize or know those radicals or whatever. What’s the meaning behind your choice?


it looks like original + good mashed together if i remember my kanji, is that right?


nice, versatile
it is indeed original + good, original because 原子 means atom, pun on boson


File:キュウエイ.png (5.22 KB,310x295)

The /qa/ kanji


i love it


File:Screenshot_2021-03-21 Japa….png (35.18 KB,1040x374)



File:spinspinspinspin.gif (10.75 MB,600x338)



btw if anyone doesnt know runes but would like to make one check these out
feel free to skim it


>taught in grade 1
kids must know what's boson or not early in life


File:Untitled-1.png (5.36 KB,600x600)

this is the kissugana for 'dickgirl'


i guess it's appropriate that your post has 69 twice in it
also it's taken me 2 days to realize how what your picture is and i feel dumb
kinda clever though


File:Untitled.png (275.85 KB,1020x615)

Didn't feel like this needed it's own thread so I'll just post here.
I registered for Bilibili the other day and it had it's own captcha system where you match characters in order. It's really neat.


Maybe I'm thinking of WeChat or Weibo, but I thought for stuff like BiliBili, you needed a Chinese phone number?


File:あのん.png (7.94 KB,194x192)


1. (specific) A person from /qa/ whose identity is unknown.
2. (generic) A person online whose identity is unknown.

おん:あのん, あのにます


nope, when selecting a region you can choose from plenty of countries, including America; makes sense considering how many overseas Chinese there are.
I used a burner number however, since I regularly have to buy burners anyways.


>I regularly have to buy burners


my local bitcoin machine requires a phone number to trade cash for coin, and that number is tied to a pathetic $100 deposit exchange limit. even if I wait up to 2 weeks a number still can't deposit more on it; so it's easier just to eat the loss as a cost of business and buy a burner subscription.
one transaction=>new number


oh and I also use them as my craigslist contact number occasionally; I don't want people I intend to do one off deals with having my number.


Very interesting composition.


File:shaaden.png (2.98 KB,250x250)


kun: しゃーでん, しゃーでんふろいで, めしうま
on: ボウ

composition: 艹+禾+亡+心

standalone: しゃーでん, しゃーでんふろいで, めしうま

〇+劇 = slapstick (ぼうげき)
拳法+〇劇 = martial arts comedy (けんぽうぼうげき)


File:stupide.png (6.16 KB,295x242)


is that for “loves dickgirls”?


File:Untitled-1.png (4.96 KB,500x500)

the pleasure of being cummed inside
I don't actually know what the smiley face thing means in Japanese, but it looks like a smiley face so...

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