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File:foobar2000_HdXe2uhaCa.png (561.82 KB,1920x1080)


What's your media player look like /qa/? Found this nice skin for foobar online and been using it for the past year or so.


File:foobar2000_FyPuLz8lP9.png (66.44 KB,896x704)

Nothing special. I spend very little time looking at it


However it looks by default. I don't look at it when I'm playing music.


I'm incredibly retarded and I ended up picking up clementine on a whim, is foobar any better?


if you're on windows there's really no reason to use anything aside from foobar since it's the best, unless you want winamp for nostalgia purposes


File:momobako.png (469.58 KB,1024x768)

my usual music player and my own music player


File:Untitled.png (226.69 KB,813x892)

I still use ncmpcpp once in a while to browse my library by artist, I haven't found anything better yet.


I use groove music and clementine. Should I switch to foobar? Why?


that tea green coloration is really nice, anon.


I didn't expect to see a techno head here of all places.


File:Screenshot_20210303_150737.png (690.31 KB,1515x1086)

I've been using Elisa (also Spotify) for the past couple of months. I was pretty surprised to see how polished this is considering other media players I've tried so far. You can't really customize it as far as I'm concerned but honestly it's so great there is no need.


File:foobar.png (66.33 KB,1005x628)

I've had the same foobar layout for almost 10 years now


File:Screenshot from 2021-03-03….png (1.77 MB,1971x1054)

i use Lollypop


it's not the most common but you can meet some once in a while. I have more eclectic tastes these days but I used to listen to that 24/7 for a decade and some.


File:f2k.png (404.94 KB,1170x597)

He's not the only one.



Dang, that looks really nice, but it's linux, huh?


File:foobar2000_HvCeaOtE1M.png (68.06 KB,1033x659)

Oh, and I'm gonna bump the thread because I have a question. Does anyone have a suggestion on the way I can better classify these songs? I'm just using foobar and dumped them all in at once, but it doesn't work when it's Japanese which I don't understand. As I said >>68061 looks amazing but it's a linux thing...
I guess I can try this Elisa thing >>68059 although a google search didn't bring me anything


File:foobar2000_3p1wa4gYzJ.png (386.81 KB,1590x1076)

The style I use sorta orders by thumbnails, and you could probably sort it however you like if you dug deep enough. Don't remember where I found it but I know I googled foobar themes to find one I liked.


File:snapshot.png (380.23 KB,1111x1047)

I've been using audacious, a player that can use winamp skins, and it's worked pretty well for me. I don't think there's much else I need.
>my own music player
as in one that you created?


File:1357187709813.jpeg (39.21 KB,301x267)

>Music for Church Cleaners


File:200801-175255.png (349.8 KB,1024x768)

>as in one that you created?
yes i made the program




Hmm... that looks pretty good, yeah. I wonder how many of these albums I have include covers, though...
Downloading a theme sounds a lot better than creating one


File:1489890441164.jpg (121.79 KB,880x720)

That sounds really neat, making your own music player would probably be the best way of making sure everything is to your liking. By the way how do you get album art since I've noticed foobar seems to mess up on me at times and not display anything while there's clearly an existing cover.


if the music file doesn't have embedded album art you need to tell the player what are the file names of album art
typically it will be cover/folder/jacket/front.jpg/png
if the album art file has some other strange names you need to rename it


File:Untitled.jpg (29.32 KB,962x512)


File:2021-08-14 03_34_43-Greens….png (66.72 KB,1200x900)





File:OSF6nWixwg 2021 Clementine….png (284.89 KB,1559x805)

I probably should've just got foobar, but I'm in a permanent state of about to move to linux for at least a year now and I don't want to get used to a new media player after moving
That's really cool, I always wanted to make my own personalized programs for these little things but I can't for the life of me comprehend programming
What's that Aya gauge for?


File:foobar2000_2021-12-03_uBg4….jpg (294.51 KB,1920x1080)

I use CaTRoX for my f2k theme


This is really nice and inspires me to want to create my own as well. Well done.

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