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I want to nakadashi *girl* has become a popular phrase on imageboards (mostly 4chan). But it's a mix of Japanese and English. If I was going to say "I want to cum inside Holo" fully in Japanese, how would I go about doing that? In the English sentence, nakadashi is a loan word and it is the action being done, but in Japanese I don't think 中出し is a verb. Can it be verbified by adding する to it? And then you conjugate it to say you "want" to do it. So the end result would be 私はホロで中出ししたい which would translate to I want to cum inside Holo. Am I correct?

Japanese is fun to learn.
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I did 100 new cards yesterday plus 20 new cards today, because they were "sugoi means amazing" difficulty. I am the best beginner


what deck of flashcards?


Some website I found on Google. I handpicked the super easy ones.


huhhhhh you know you have to use anki to learn Japanese, right?



Yeah, I'm using Anki. But as you can see, I'm taking retarded shortcuts. It's my fear of commitment.


taida na otoko


"review forgotten cards" is a great feature


learning vocabulary through pure audio is hard. The pure listening learner might have to resort to anime. Books seem like a way to learn vocabulary for listening until you realise booke aren't going to teach you how words sound.


File:shrug.png (62.25 KB,599x373)

Just slap the text on google translate instead? I usually don't have much trouble guessing how a word sounds based on its romaji text though.


Suppose it's probably just as hard either way
> 床 から 少し 浮かせた 上体 維持して
Had no idea what this was saying and it took me a while to transcribe this out for translation. Only understood sukoshi and kara.
now I have 2 nouns and 2 verbs somewhere in my memory.
床 (yuka) Floor
上体 (joutai) Upper body
浮かせた (ukaseta) Float/hover
維持して (ijishite) Maintain
So: Hold your upper body slightly above the floor.


stop it, romaji make my eyes bleed


reading is not important


File:kanji.png (1.28 MB,1280x720)

k*nji needs to be abolished


File:[SubsPlease] Yuusha, Yamem….jpg (253.5 KB,1920x1080)

First you get Screen OCR, text-hooking, and some browser translator like Yomichan set up. Then you load up an eroge you want to play, any one of them is fine as long as it's raw. After that you'll want to try your best to read as much as you can and if you can't read something OCR it and then look up the definition. Then proceed to write down the kanji many times until you can recite its reading from memory alongside the meaning, once this is done you should sufficiently be able to read it whenever you come across it again. Just repeat this process for each kanji you come across until you want to shoot yourself because it won't get better until you do this at least a few hundred or so times.


learning canji is stupid... why not learn vocabulary and use that to learn canji...


File:1504210464170.png (304.4 KB,532x630)

Because then you're doubling the time you spend learning. You're going to need to learn the kanji anyways so that you can read it, so why not just learn both the kanji and the vocabulary at the same time?


what..... i'm saying learn the words in kanji instead of trying to memorize 2000 characters which have no meaning


Also if you forget what a kanji you went over is you need to do this again.


Because if you just memorize the romaji you're fucked when it comes to reading it...


whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazassfcdat. I never mentioned romajopakjsdkj


getting to immersion ASAP doesn't like that bad of an idea


ASAP doesn't like that idea?


still studying english


My plan worked. I can understand one or two words from each line in anime. I'm caught up with your average sub watcher.


Time to drop this fucked up language for French.


an even more fucked up language?


French is easy...


File:91330268_p0.jpg (217.67 KB,1001x1129)

What do the French have?


that's why I kept putting it off


TinTin and not much else


Comprehensive input is the only way to acquire a language. Learning the kanji that's in vocabulary you encounter during immersing in native content is much more efficient than grinding kanji by onyomi and kunyomi and grade or jlpt level or whatever or dictionary mining shit


Can someone else who uses Windows IME give me some pointers please, I've just dealt with this for years and I'm sick of it.
I want to watch some Elden Ring related content on Nicodouga, so I type えるでん in the search bar, and then will hit shift but it will not turn all into katakana. It turns into エル電 which is fucking dumb. This is just the most recent example in a lifetime of frustration tying to type ANYTHING in katakana. I would actually argue that katakana and not Kanji is actually the hardest part of the language, but that's another topic.
How can I get my IME to type just in katakana or convert to just katakana from phonetic Hiragana conversion?


>How can I get my IME to type just in katakana
Change it to half/full-width katakana by right clicking the little JPN IME thingy, if I'm remembering right.


type えるでん then press f7 to convert. alt+capslock switches to katakana input
ctrl+capslock switches to hiragana input
alt+` turns off japanese input


try F7 after typing in hiragana


File:shamiko yayyy2.jpg (230.87 KB,1148x1080)

this is gonna be such a gamechanger thank youuuu


File:fc7890c17d.jpg (220.88 KB,1680x1050)

that feeling when you're listening to both audio and reading subs and pick up on a translation error


Hate that feeling.


you hate learning?



the feeling I got was a feeling of having learned things, so you're saying to me that you hate the feel of learning


The figures in the background do look like they are dressed for a funeral.


A nice and sunny 11:45PM funeral


File:[00_22_23.969] [SubsPlease….png (2.23 MB,1920x1080)

it's great, isn't it?


you should be using jp subs then


I don't think you need to know Japanese to pick up on that...


I ignored it until I heard gozen instead of gogo


The feeling I get is a jarring feeling of realising that what was just spoken does not correspond with the subtitles.


I think that it's neat that learning something has made you able to understand the story better


That part of it is neat.

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