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File:th18_01.jpg (225.89 KB,512x384)



Time to do some 1cc reps again


Tell me when the newhus are revealed.


I like how zun's art improved but still stayed dodgy and soulful. Sort of reminds me of how go nagai significantly improved over the years but never really left some of the awkwardness and the charm of the older stuff he did.
I only ever played 1&8, and I still need to beat them both. I'll need to check out the rest one day


File:th18_05.jpg (166.98 KB,512x384)

March 21st for trial release


File:Yurlungur.jpg (681.61 KB,1217x1621)

A game about rainbow and marketing
Anyone have an idea what kind of japanese youkai/gods we might be getting?


File:EvPTdR5UcAEh9DA.jpeg (428.25 KB,2048x1671)

Fanart is fast as usual


wow look at those boobs


File:EvPWFYiU4Ago29y.jpeg (993.87 KB,885x2246)



File:__izayoi_sakuya_touhou_dra….jpg (153.62 KB,1000x1041)

Hey stop it
It's not that big, okay?


File:th18_06.jpg (162.16 KB,512x384)


Nice, love Sakuya she's easy to play


File:1601513176095.jpg (1.19 MB,2508x3541)

First Sakuya's boobs and now Sanny's see-through skirt. This is going to be a very lewd game. Can't wait for the Marsia and newhus.




File:1614424729021.png (212.3 KB,633x394)

>Lately, mysterious cards have been getting passed around among everyone. These cards have the secrets of various humans and youkai on them. Who is responsible, how are they doing it, and why… with all these questions shrouded in mystery, the miko begins her investigation.

>The characters used are Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Sakuya Jurokuya, and Sanae Kochiya, who are four human beings, but they gradually possess the abilities of various characters to challenge this incident. Please look forward to the unique atmosphere where the system, story and barrage are combined.

>It is a relatively challenging system for STG, such as equipping it with your favorite abilities or purchasing it on the way to increase it, but it is a content that you can play without discomfort

Card games on danmaku


unconnected marketeens


But it was Rin's turn...


File:chireikiden2_0008~2.png (1.97 MB,1200x1114)

Rin had her turn to be relevant but she got fukkin cancelled


ZUN's art are really good this time around.
Ryukishi need to catch up.


maybe i will play 2hu again


They will pay.


Did anyone compare Reimu's stick length to the prior games yet? I can't tell from a glance if it's bigger or not.


Reimu's stick is huge, it's like the size of a man's forearm. Yet, it's smooth and ridged right where it counts


File:Punished_Cakewalking_-_it….webm (6.15 MB,900x600)

It actually shrunk


She's just a grower and not a shower!


sanny is lookin pretty cute there


glad he's stuck with keeping bombs the normal way again


sanny ALWAYS look cute


Didn't ZUN release a game just a couple of months ago? Did he already run out of money for beer?


File:83406985_p0.jpg (1.53 MB,970x1400)

That was 17.5 trial, which full version will also come along with 18 demo. We'll be getting two games this year.


File:yokai info cards.jpg (133.66 KB,1053x628)



File:1614486771439.gif (440 KB,420x560)


File:Ew0bJjxUUAcJEFQ.jpeg (37.84 KB,259x406)

Another cathu!


Wow, the original ZUN work is cute. This... this is the dawn of a new age


File:nekomimi tsukuyomi moon ph….jpg (453.28 KB,1280x960)

Moon Phase reference? Nice one, Zun.


Wow, that's much better than it used to be. His faces are still rather... unique though.


File:Ew09kCqU8AAwBn7.jpeg (334.73 KB,1537x1780)

I love this tomboy cat


Can't believe we're finally getting another boyhu.


File:Ew0oaJOUUAIe83v.jpeg (559.92 KB,800x1119)

I've heard about maneki neko being mostly male or this new girl has male features. Can any mythology expert explain?
That won't change the fact that she's a girl, though.


Really hate it when people say a boy is a girl just because they're attracted to him...


File:Th12Unzan.png (423.47 KB,282x384)

but ZUN won't put male as bosses, unless he's part of a gimmick


Secondary who never played PCB or IN detected...


I don't recall any boys in those games. What do you mean?


calico cats are always female


have you tried not being gay


I think Zun's art really improved sometime around TH13 and onwards.
LoLK really left a particular impression on me as well.


File:Th14Kagerou.png (109.55 KB,360x450)

DDC is when the art is close to being perfect. TD still has Miko's two right arms and Mamizou's clay limbs.


File:1616191409929.jpg (449.13 KB,1536x2048)

Reitaisai has just started. The newhus are upon us.


Is that a cookie?


File:Ew6qjPRVoAQPcLY.png (167.5 KB,433x252)

Earliest game stream for the trial



wow there are a lot of people watching


I've never actually looked at bilibili before. They copied nico pretty well, but actually updated and improved things since 2008 it would seem.


File:waterfox_DNktgyzbCg.png (133.33 KB,192x281)

Cute kitty bank, but that's all I'm going to watch


the cat is named Mike lol


bilibili acts as the replacement for youtube nowadays and can continue growth because international competitors are blocked


Here's the youtube run


that cat is oddly s*xual


File:1616179270343.jpg (60.18 KB,500x590)


I'll say that while the art is more stylistic and gameplay still innovative, the music is nothing spectacular


File:1616304648751.png (19.24 KB,750x500)

Sannyo's theme is pretty good


Stage 2 is okay.
Stage 3 really makes my heart go doki-doki.
Sennyo's theme is awesome, too awesome for the character in fact.
The rest I can agree.


File:TH18_demo.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.94 MB,4096x2048)

What do you think of the newhus?


1 is my concubine, 3 is my wife


None of them are your wives or concubines, stop ruining the work of other people and go back to whatever institution you were previously a resident of!!!!!!


that cat though......


File:__komakusa_sannyo_touhou_d….jpg (891.35 KB,750x1106)


Cute boyhu, koishi nitori fusion, moonbitch


File:1616341311875.png (3.64 MB,2554x3500)

I like the kappa


File:Ew-kIVnXMAMNlLA.jpeg (10.54 KB,201x185)

An anal 2hu?


That’s not a boy


File:1616347300325.png (107.8 KB,309x558)

Well, kappas are known for stealing their victim's soul through their anus. So I guess you can call her an anal 2hu.


File:ExQbl4pVkAEa_pd.jpeg (208.13 KB,1600x1200)

Yamawaro are land kappa but I don't think they have all of kappa's traits or can be called a kappa anymore. After all, they are known as separate beings.


File:EzKbOQ7UUAAG5DZ.jpeg (186.26 KB,900x889)

Released date of full game is confirmed to be on May 4th


How does ZUN even come up with these game titles?


>for Windows 8/10
oh noes!!


It's a good score, no?


File:1616208713091.jpg (522.11 KB,3000x3000)


File:Th18Tsukasa.png (Spoiler Image,93.57 KB,212x500)

Now this is a body of a boy, right?


Hips too wide. Definitely female.


File:1620231461627.jpg (1.02 MB,1897x2750)

no way


File:m_merged (2).png (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB,1516x1710)

Rate the newhous


Bottom left is definitely my favorite, I hope she gets lots of good art because it could be really pretty


File:E0yoe17VkAUNm_9.jpeg (110.78 KB,800x1067)

Her fashion sense shocked everyone but they will warm up to her eventually


File:1498925699670.png (1.37 MB,1200x675)

It's not THAT bad. It could've been much worse.


File:E09jdA6VgAMpSGu.jpeg (424.52 KB,2480x3508)


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