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File:Untitled.png (21.91 KB,492x314)

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/qa/! It's time to show off your MS paint skills! Try drawing a character and seeing if others can guess at who it is. Starting off with an iconic one so that the first picture isn't impossible...
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that is very obviously hellsing


File:Untitled-1.png (257.06 KB,500x500)

oh yeah? well... figure out this one! bet you'll never guess it.


Rei Langley!



File:Untitled-2.png (148.62 KB,500x500)

I was too careless... This one has been shown in clinical trials to be completely unguessable! Do your worst.


File:illyasviel.png (383.47 KB,1024x972)

is that illyasviel von einzbern, from the hit visual novel fate stay night?


the resemblance is uncanny


Drats! The simulations were a lie!!


File:Untitled-1.png (8.97 KB,700x700)

the pose that saved a generation


I actually completely forgot what her name was.




File:1640836904668.png (6.11 KB,400x400)

i copied a picture


File:1640841098253.png (7.96 KB,400x400)

i didn't even use a reference for this one because copying helped me remember the details


File:rm.png (18.1 KB,700x700)




not poppo no


File:rm2.png (80.56 KB,400x454)


ah maynie


The meanie



(rm = raging madness)


File:iou.png (13.71 KB,742x774)


File:msp1.png (24.32 KB,567x714)

how do i draw


File:Untitled-1.png (38.35 KB,512x512)

Can I draw an identifiable cat with a thick brush and no talent?
No, no I cannot.


File:miyako.png (43.31 KB,902x780)

I did my best. Hats off to Ume for creating such a beautiful character.


You got the hexagon face shape right.


Thank you.


File:Untitled.png (45.46 KB,648x522)

Behold the extra smug


really like the slight smile of smugs like these


File:jfhjfh.png (42.88 KB,648x522)


File:character.png (13.3 KB,1080x720)

Don't ask which character. I don't even know myself.


File:cola.png (191.34 KB,1402x799)


File:paint draw.png (9.9 KB,247x317)

Drew this in Win2000 mspaint when I was bored


File:kuon cat.png (6.11 KB,600x386)

it's Kuon cat


File:turtle patchy.png (7.15 KB,789x594)

Let's all draw Patchy as an animal.
This is turtle Patchy. She's physically slow, but quite fast mentally.


File:Untitled.png (117.14 KB,1956x2176)



Woah that looks really nice!


Is this an anthropomorphic (furry) image?


It's a felipomorphic ("furry") image.


File:Untitled-1.png (16.08 KB,900x900)

jellyfish patchy
studying hard without a nervous system


the hat makes it look like a jellyfish sion


File:png1.png (4.3 KB,499x582)



File:R-1664054187621.png (19.65 KB,1280x1080)


File:OG nippa.png (14.56 KB,633x505)

drew the nipper


Everyone has to start somewhere, and for me personally, I wouldn't say I have any skill at all, so I probably need a good bit of practice before I can consider myself even "decent"


File:ddd.png (10.02 KB,597x624)


I like this one.


File:C-1690281295882.png (8.31 KB,400x300)



File:average precure fan cookin….png (32.16 KB,1200x900)


making some tsew

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