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blogging rn


ate banana ysterday


need a new distro because my laptop is getting too shitty for gentoo. dunno what to pick, maybe arch or fedora


heated up some leftover rice in the microwave and even though i added a lot of salt it didn't taste that salty maybe i should've waited until it was out to salt it


went for a walk under the rain
umbrella got wrecked but it was great


day wasted


Woke up at like 6AM today to go to the bathroom, but my head has been hurting pretty bad since then. Feels my forehead is throbbing and being squeezed. Closing my eyes and being in the dark helps a bit, but it still hurts. I had some chills too, but I don't have a thermometer so I don't know if I've got a fever or what. I really hope this is gone by tomorrow and that it was just a migraine. I really don't want to be ill with something. Gah. My head hurts so bad.


been laying in bed for hours and I can't fall asleep


Have you tried closing your eyes?


just noticed that every major porn tube have neutered their search function. im glad i never use them


ate too much
gonna nap




fat friend


turns out that onahole was great. got two more to see if it was a fluke, but they were even better


File:KF Serval 033 t.jpg (52.29 KB,800x1000)

I found out that my local zoo has a serval!! Also Tigers and Pandas(the local safari park has lions but we don't talk about them in polite conversation). I'm going to have to go there one day.


File:a62cc44c287d83a1f116c02a41….jpg (264.8 KB,1000x965)

napping is best


luv me naps


thought i was eating a tasty muffin but then i woke up and it was just air


snowed a lot so i shoveled around and get cold so now i made some hot cocoa


I brought a new car, I got a Suzuki Swift.


like new new, 0 mileage? or just a new one for you?

i remember someone showing off pictures of their new car and someone asked her how much it was and exclaimed how good of a deal she got and she said in reply "good deal?? i'm only gonna be paying it off for the next 7 years!!!"

made me a bit sad thinking of that. i like the swift a lot though, I think I'll buy one once I finally get my license.


No. It's from 2008...

I would never take out a loan for a car. A house I can understand because you are paying it off with what you would have spent on rent but doing it for a car is just dumb.


In order to take out one of the many things that hunt my mind every day. I will be spending the next 5 hours defeating the ender dragon.


Updated my webpage.


I have packed up all of my most OP things. I was still killed by the blaze, I lose all of my progress on the world, gapples, diamond gear, the enchantment table... I am simply not good enough yet to beat minecraft


File:dub thang.mp3 (1.64 MB)

made a tune


File:fukken saved.jpg (2.17 KB,127x119)


I finally got around to sorting out my papers.
It feels like a weight off of my chest. I feel like I will be able to go back to animating with a new wind in my sails once I am done.


so tired feel like i need to nap


I hope you have a nice sleep!


I hope you have a terrible sleep! I hope you wake up every ten minutes and feel even more tired!


Zoned out for a bit while browsing and forgot any post I did on an imageboard within the last three months.


I'm cursed.


File:4e39d92b29e863600d0ad368d7….jpg (264.65 KB,566x1357)

weather was nice, so I went to the forest for a walk.


Hypochondria sucks. Too scared to live. Too scared to die.


I'm so glad I switched to MSVC from Mingw. It kept giving me a headache, and its standard library implementation was bad. It's only good for building those unholy autotools projects, but I guess I don't want to bother with those again.


mingw gives no problem for me because it lets me to keep the same workflow on all platforms
also mingw doesn't have standard library implementation, it uses the one from windows


Yeah, but it links to an ancient (and buggy) c runtime. It does have a c++ standard library implementation, and the threading support has some issues.
I didn't have to change my workflow that much. You can use the command line. It just requires a bit of setup.


Please do not misuse the quoting feature.


God I hate stuck up elitists


Why do cows get there own blog thread now?


File:7f29c9fc1825881203112cd7cc….jpg (343.58 KB,641x800)

why wouldnt they? afraid you cant handle it?


I want to die because I'm too lazy to keep living.


ah yes feeling empty after binging 400 chapters of a shitty webnovel


I kinda want to draw my own shitty isekai manga.


broke linux again, thinkin i'm too dumb for computers


what's broken?


firefox kept segfaulting for weeks but it stopped happening this morning like magic,,.


As long as it is not too ironic feeling go for it. If you are already going out of your way to make a manga may as well make it something you yourself would have fun reading, whether that means embracing the cliche or breaking them.


File:cascsa.jpg (39.3 KB,327x236)


was wondering why i was hungry and then realized i haven't eaten anything today
sigh maybe ill remember tomorrow


Cpu is even more dead than before. Pc no longer bluescreen, it just gets stuck really badly. It seems to happen when YT is on. I may have to only watch yt on my phone.
>blue hair, thin brows
That's not casca!


unsure if related but i woke up during my rest to a stomache ache that lead to me feeling as though i was going to shit my guts out
think im gonna eat today


Does turning hardware acceleration on/off make a difference?
Is there any problem if you watch youtube videos in mpv?


I don't have acceleration. I merely guessed the YT thing, could have been coincidental. The components are old and unpredictable. I can only hope it keeps kicking until I have enough for a new pc.


Went to Walmart. Customer service was really bad, and the people I talked to for help were extremely unhelpful. The Uber I got afterwards made me feel sick. The driver kept braking really harshly every time they would creep up behind the car in front of them at stops, each time moving barely a foot closer shaking the car each and every time. We kept hitting stoplights so I started getting motion sickness from all the jerkyness. They were also talking on the phone the whole time too. They created a barrier between me and them by screwing and zip-tying a shower curtain into the walls, with only a tiny 1-2 inch tube to pump AC from the front. So, it started getting really hot too.

Jeez... Today hasn't gone very well so far...


I hope you have a nice rest of your day. Don't let it weight you down!


I had a really good attempt at starting my pc. I think chrome is what I suspect keeps crashing it. I just tried to open chrome and it blue screened.
I am gonna keep trying until I can finally use it again.


File:6d3cf61022d2595689af22f5fa….jpg (195.31 KB,601x1000)

Thank you, Anonymous. It means a lot to me. I hope you have a nice day too.


Is there not a safe-mode you can boot your OS into? As far as programs go, I dunno if Chrome has it, but Firefox has a safe-mode option that disables all extensions if you need to. I found out recently that one of my extensions was causing eBay in particular to break before I disabled it. Maybe you have an extension that's causing BSODs?


Could maybe also be addons? I'm pretty sure Firefox and chrome install H264 addon, so if YouTube is the real culprit, it could be that the H264 addon causing problems? I think that would only be a problem if your computer was really, really old, but it's worth a shot if the extensions aren't a problem.


Thank you!


It just crashed without chrome.
I may have to do the unthinkable and uninstall... konata dancer.


No....... What about the thousands of images it creates every time it starts?...


More and more software keep dropping support for windows 7. Man, I don't want to upgrade


It'd be cool if someone made a forwards-compatible OS. Sorta like how NTSC added color without disrupting older black and white sets from receiving TV. I wonder how something like that would work.


want to post but my tiredness and laziness is getting the better of me sigh


been feeling the same the past few days


you should try getting more sleep, it helps with motivation


Updated my webpage.


every time i start watching something i get turned off in 20sec because it's always the same dude voicing the mc
think i might have ptsd


want to get tapes for data storage


i'm lonely


File:1612862305511.jpg (99.73 KB,568x690)

I hate living in New York


eating banana chex


File:raymoo.png (6.61 KB,243x208)



File:Untitled9.png (1.4 MB,1270x710)

It's still better than living in Australia.


File:__perth_kantai_collection_….jpg (752.31 KB,2480x2480)

yes yes Australia is awful don't go there, and besides, we're full


they're not going that full anymore, they lost 1 haachama
that's gotta free up some space


it's super expensive
can't you get by with blurays?


dozed off a bit while playing action game maybe i need more sleep


ate three bagels


ordered a pizza


i really wanted to order a pizza but i was too embarassed that the pizza delivery company would notice that i ordered pizza 2 times a week


currenly watching mahouka koukou no rettousei, can't tell whether it's genius or pure folly yet


it's shit


File:[SallySubs] Mahouka Koukou….png (1.39 MB,1920x1080)

your're shit


it's fun shit


It's pure genius.


Pc crashed again.
It is now dead on avarage more time than it is up and running, the deaths are longer and the active time is shorter. I may have to just cut my losses and buy a new pc.


Updated my webpage.


link it


My wooden table is decomposing at an alarming level.


if the wood is rotted you should probably throw it away


watched the latest jujutsu was pretty good


File:[SubsPlease] Gekidol - 06 ….jpg (143.59 KB,1280x720)

Alice in Theatre got better by being more schizo than I thought it'd be, and Idoly Pride got better by being more fun supernatural and introducing good characters. Was about to drop both of them but glad I didn't.


I am Surenaga. My webpage is in neocities dot org under the same name (no capital letters).


What do neo cities web pages do?


in theory really want to study with anki but always stop after 6 months, forget what little i learned, and repeat for years
now, the cycle shall begin anew


Heh, I've been at it for a year now, still going.


Simply watch anime.


really like eggs
should eat them more often


sorted my doujins




Today I know over 1700 kanji


why not write them down then?


that's what i've been doing.


I have completely run out of energy.


made cinnamon baked granny smith apples


I think my stalker has found me here.


no I didnt


Wanna make a videogame about a cute girl with messy long hair going on sneaking missions wearing skintight suits designed solely for maximum sneaking capability.


found my e-crushes online accounts and im reading all their posts for the past 2 years


Money earned in missions can go into buying more equipment and cute outfits like schoolgirl sailorfuku sneak suit or gothic lolita sneak suit.


Technological innovations such as fully realistic anime pleated skirt physics and ergonomic dance choreography.


my stalkers will never find me here, makes me happy


Antagonists are two attractive mature twin sisters, one is mentally immature and fun and the other is cold OL megane-wearing responsible dependable with a domineering streak and she lashes out at her sister but deep down she loves her.


what are the goons like?


even if they will never love me it still makes me feel so warm and happy inside just to interact with them and to e-stalk them so in the end ill do alone but i dont mind


You go on sneaking missions but in one of the missions you go in too deep and discover the evil secret of an evil tech conglomerate and become involved with the liberation movement but only because your goals overlap.

Like thief but with cute girls.


File:EuMzIFlUYAA4qx8-orig.jpg (732.44 KB,2331x3388)

it would be nice for once to have someone that i like to stalk me instead of just some creepy jerk who was mean to me but is still attached for some reason


Big tall guys with wide muscular frames wearing suits, slick combed back hair and sunglasses even indoors.


They attack slowly and predictably and know a couple of wrestling holds and they are more dangerous in groups but are hard to knock out in singular combat unless you sneak on them.


I don't know anyone.


Then there's faster frailer girls they are dressed like OLs and carry sound alarms and can throw small electroshock spheres at you for damage, they're as tall as the goons but they have a lighter more graceful frame.


Aaaahhh I need to learn how to draw anime girls and 3D model and program in unity and compose music aaaaah


Sorry I'll stop writing now and forgot to sage too so embarrassing


it's nice


You sound like my stalker


Broken headphones are making fun effects.


music is making me feel things
feel like a real person!


feels like blood is pumping through my knee alot wonder why


I got really fed up with the translation of Eiyuu Senki Gold today. The translation is incredibly westernised, they use phrases like you do you, flex on and diversity as well as the customary nah, yeah sup, y'all and swearing that these Westernisations do(though there are two characters that actually do swear). That was bad enough but then they added drug references so I had had enough and I was so angry that I had to complain about this egregious assault on the noble work of these hard-working Japanese. I could not find an email but I found a twitter and discord but I don't have twitter but I rememberer that I had a discord I never used so I yelled at them on that.

Surprisingly the mod or whatever just told me to list the issues, where they occurred, what the actual Japanese was and to DM him. He said he will send it to the localisation team. I didn't think anybody would take me seriously particularly on discord.


Hm. I played the 'original' Eiyuu Senki on vita with an adult mod to restore the PC content and I don't remember that. Did this gold translation come out recently? Now that I think about it I don't think the Gold version was translated a couple years ago.
Seimei was my favorite (the blonde in pink kemono)


Yes, it's fairly recent. I played the original too but a long time ago and on PC. This actually has a steam release which I really don't understand considering, well, you know.


got my first yakuman


might buy a new onahole


odd seconds and i give up
even seconds and i keep trying


finally finished reading it all, left me hungry for more


will have a hearty meal before getting into diet


my gpu is broken, showing artifacts during booting and then driver fails to load
fortunately i have a low end oem card scraped from a business pc as a backup so at least i can continue my work
gonna replace it since it's still under warranty


I went to the dentist today... I need 8 fillings even though I brush my teeth and use mouthwash, I need to floss as well they say. Plus he says I have teeth grinding issues, I think mewing is supposed to do something about that but mewing is weird and I don't want to do it.


mouthwash pointless. It's marketted to norms and might be why you have issues in the first place... it kills a lot of the good/neutral bacteria in the mouth. You tend to either have cavity issues(your mouth has an acidic tendancy to it) or plaque issues(your mouth has a basic tendancy to it).


I did some quick research on google scholar.

Regarding mouthwash, I could find no evidence of mouthwash caused decay or plague but there was a study done on rats that showed that mouth wash reduced the level of dietary nitrate in the rats system by killing the nitrite build up in the mouth. So maybe I will stop using it anyway.

Regarding Bruxism there is no evidence for mewing that I found but there were some correlations between Bruxism and Anxiety and Bruxism and poor sleep.


What the heck, I put sage in the wrong field and it scared me half to death.


No it just does that now anyway...




Hearing the yeey makes me want to post tons to hear it again but sometimes it doesn't play...


it makes me if the grunt headshot mode in Halo


works on my machine


do what?


never thought I'd make use of the fitgirl stuff, but I'm reminded that my ISP complies with DMCA or whatever and I need a VPN to download mainstream stuff


local lake was covered with fluffy snow just a few days ago
now that was gone
hate rain


I saw a Tesla today, I was quite disappointed in it. It looks awfully bland particually for what it costs, it almost looks like a cheap Chinese knock off sports car.


fucking normalfag couple constantly flirt during my breaks JUST LEAVE ME ALONE AAAAAAAAA


your blogs suck and i hate them.


I hate all blogs.


for some reason new re zero has the highest ratinhs of any season but its just getting more boring the longer it drags out these flashbacks


it's 4th place in the ratings here, with yuru camp and non non at the top 2
whatever ratings you use must be trash


knew from the start that this season was going to be flashbacks all day


Updated my webpage.


It got boring in the first season.


Would you be interested in a pc building thread?
I am getting new parts over the weekend, I am going to be building it.
Cpu - intel i5 10400
Motherboard - msi h410m pro
Psu - seasonic 500w
Case - not sure yet, I would likely have to ask at the storefront what works
Everything else from my old build


it's really the worst time to build a pc right now with amd shortage and high crypto price
better to just wait until both are resolved


Sadly, I can no longer wait. I can only make my pc work for several hours a week, it is dead for all intended purposes. I knew there is a price problem, I made sure to consult the local shops and /g/. The options I found are both budget friendly and more than I need to comfortably go overboard.


File:11-af7bb936ebdeaf51e8a24fa….png (1.79 MB,1156x1618)



Yuri princess...


opened my door to see how the snow was because it was really pretty and kitten bolted outside to jump about in and attack the snow


I hate the bathroom at my job. People fucking BOMB it every single day. What the FUCK are they eating to make their shit smell so bad holy fuck.


Another SHITTY blog.


File:x33.png (272.38 KB,753x1080)

it's not yuri. she's got the credentials though


Don't care she's yuri princess


FUCK the stupid couple are here again!!!! LEAVE ME ALONE AAAAAAAAA


They’re talking so fucking loud, as if they’re the only ones in the room! I have earplugs but they’re not enough. Fuck. I HATE THEM SO MUCH.


File:L.W.A Akko 040.png (161.98 KB,661x570)

I hope that swearers get genocided one day.


I would take my break in another room but it’s too crowded and I fear the corona. okay, that’s it; this is the last fucking time I take a break in this room. it’s just not worth BEING NEAR THIS STUPID IDIOT COUPLE.


FUCK. I switched locations to get away with them but my break just ended. This is the worst. I HATE THEM SO GODDAMN MUCH.


am a misophoner so can sympathize with that, '45


i love anime girls


File:[SubsPlease] Jujutsu Kais….webm (Spoiler Image,524.24 KB,1280x720)

blobby animation is nice but ill always prefer stuff where the models are more intact


been gaming hard and forgot about seasonals time to catch up


Ran into takkyuu musume while browsing my folder and watched a bit and tears started welling up in my eyes because it's such an injustice that something so wonderful well-thought and with a lot of effort put into won't get a second season and the manga was cancelled, there is no justice in this world.


i can tolerate it when they translate リア充 as normies but why insert it into where nothing exists


Updated my webpage.


what's your webpage again remember seeing it on sushi but forgot the link


wish i could notice typing errors before i posted something


I finally won, lads. I bought noise-canceling wireless earphones. with this, I can finally drown out that stupid idiot couple, mainly the girl who talks with no regard towards other people in the room.


gorgonzola is best cheese


i want friends


Don't call me a lad, you dumb norm pretender.


norm pretender? so I’m pretending to be a normalfag? I’m alright with that. after all I don’t care what you think of me. the fact of the matter is that I finally won against the idiot couple but now they aren’t hanging out at the break room at the same time as me lol


We don't care about you.


take it easy, guys


File:doshio.jpg (62.88 KB,415x560)

Two threads about daft punk and I don't know which one to reply to...


wow, mean!
thank you for being the voice of reason, anon. I won’t be posting here anymore.


keep having dreams about never finishing school and wake up anxious


File:don't worry.mp4 (921.3 KB,1280x720)

No no, don't let one rude post stop you from visiting the whole site please.


going to slep


It is just a computer. Hell, I kept calling it a hunk of junk at every turn, I am not even tossing it all, I am just changing the case, mobo, and cpu... so why do I feel so heavy about this? It would basically be a new look for my old trusty pc... a wave of santimentality os rushing over me, nostalgia, mekories, times it helped me get by and break through.
I'm gonna think of it as a makeover to my pc, I think I am okay with thinking that. Yeah. I changed a lot with it by my side. It is no different. It would be a long awaited well deserved update.
To junk. For many years to come.


/qa/! I had a /x/ moment last night, so when I was walking by my garbage can last night, the lid was closed, but when I came back the garbage-can made a large fucking bang! Like the garbage can lid was being slammed back down, but it was already slammed down at the start! Fucking scared the shit out me.
tl;dr: garbage can lid made loud bang and might be haunted, will report more soon


Maybe temperature changes made it warp and it unwarped suddenly?


No, that wouldn't make sense, the house is at a comfy 70F




No, the garbage can is inside the house, away from any place that a dirty coon could get inside.
Besides there would have been a smell or something.


You stepped on the foot lever that opens the garbage can and didn't notice. Or it was a cockroach.


Could something have fallen on the garbage can lid?


its a garbage ghost


wrote down the Kanji I know, took me a bit more than 1,5h


ate a banana




no a minute ago


i can't even remember all the kanji i know unless im thinking of or looking at a word, it's too much


I am getting my computer in a few hours, I am thinking of streaming some japan animatior exhibition shirt, minecraft, animation and 100%oj.


File:flustered-010.jpg (134.27 KB,524x511)

> * Last emerge --sync was 218d 9h 24m 30s ago.


File:4d85baee852bbaa2a6d3fe7aff….jpg (519.87 KB,777x1091)

wasted cooking water before realizing it was my goal to eat my cooked food with the cooked water. Food eaten in its cooked water represents a certain ideal.


Wasted hours because I forgot the sizeof. Fuck this verbose crap.



not sure what to do nowadays...


Learn italian, move to japan and seduce anime girls!


If you have got free time you can help the kissu translation group with clean up or help me color& clean up frames for my current project.


C++, but yeah.


Hey, kissu, could you help me write a twitter bio? I realized while participating in a hashtag that my account is probably ghost tier, and that nothing reaches any production asistants.
1) how do I know if I am shadow banned?
2) what kind of things does a good professional bio has?


for 1) try shadowban.eu


Thank you!
It says I am good.
Meaning I am just using twitter like a caveman. The upside of it is thar almost all of my real follows are artists, friends, and people I respect a lot, but I have realized the possibility that my activity is so little that it simply either gets drowned out or not even suggested in the first place.
I'm thinking about writing a short description of myself in my bio, and I have tried taking part in the new animation hashtag #indie-anime, Is there anything else you would recommend doing?


So you're an artist? Yeah, it's very likely your followers don't even see your posts, particularly when they follow a couple thousand other people. You'll have to play the game of the algorithm. The more people interact with you, the more visibility you'll get. I guess the same goes for hashtags.


Keep it concise. Say what you do and add links if applicable. Just saying you draw is enough.


1) Twitter is comfy if you avoid the main team and the drama (and in general the west but there are the good ones out there).
2) PAs are on twitter nowdays. That's just where they scout from. This is especially so with anything that has to do with overseas work.
Are you 12?


4chan tier post


spineless spastic cunts


bitter joyless cunt


fuck off idiot have some integrity, are we really going to get on board with fucking twitter of all things? it's not good and it never has been


I want to say a little more than
Hi, I draw here link, but I did want to have something concise and to the point from the start, I was just wondering what is worthwhile to say it it. I also was planning to post my email and such.
I'm the animator who did the nichijou work. I am planning to one day work in anime. I the attention of 2 PAs, both following me after I followed them, but I am worried that my stuff don't get to them, or to any of my followers for that matter.
>gotta play the game
I am trying to be just able to post my art, maybe some hashtags and some contests, and a few words here and there, but I don't want to play the game the western artists do. I love Kay Yu, but I don't have the patience for that kind of e-fame. I would like to go for something more laid back like hidenoriyoshi's approach.
Sometimes I wonder if I am crazy wondering why my approach won't work, even when I research, plan out, and try to aim for something to catch my followers or pro attention it gets no eyes


instead of arguing with the anons you can read what I damn said. I need PA attention. EVEr since the web gen explosion PAs browse twitter for talent, that is just how it is nowdays.
The only other way is to actually be in japan, speaking japanese, and applying to studios directly.


hate twitter but hate drama as well


File:9e632a1b846dcbc997f7ef9fe3….png (4.21 KB,573x128)

Does this sound good? I am worried it sound stiff or awkward.
Should I leave up that I am aspiring to one day direct? I like being honest, and shooting far is part of me, but I am worried it sounds too arrogant.


'ate twatter
'ate drama
luv banana
simple as


"I am an aspiring animator" That's all you need to say. It gets to the point. Anything else is secondary. Nobody bothers reading beyond the first line anyway.
Yeah, I found your twitter by browsing the tag by latest. Fortunately it's not too hogged up.
I'm going to be honest. It's not the worst (at least by latest standards), but your art is still pretty awful, and that's a good way to get ignored fast. I'd say stepping up your game is more important than getting visibility at this point.
Most people giving you follows/likes do it because they want you to check out their stuff. They're playing the game too. Anyway, try leaving comments. It's the best way to get noticed.


Do it in japanese.


File:71c592b219cc345b0e8d1d940c….png (4.54 KB,471x107)

one moment I'm writing my thoughts down on this
I'm not sure this is a good ideas. Bilingual PAs approach english speaking animators, but if a PA approaches me in Japanese I am screwed
Also, professional japanese is written and differently from casual, manga, or internet japanese, so the jig would be up before he'll even read the first line.
I could do this, however. It shows that I am at least trying to learn the language, which they want in the long term.


I wish I was 21 and full of naive hope again


FUCK sorry anon I shouldn't be dragging you down just because my life is shit right now
at least you're making an effort


File:5c60348fd89591aecac248d844….png (2.68 KB,591x59)

>I am an aspiring animator is all I need. I want to at least have some contact, and I want to have it feel human too. it feels like my greatest pitfall was being too cavemen with my twitter, maybe. I am not sure myself.
>your art is pretty awful
It isn't in the slightest, And I am not crazy or snobby to say this. I am the first to admit the flaws in my own art, I am constantly hard on myself about it. I get PAs, a director, and some of my favorite artists following me, without saying a word to them, through my own art.
It is never finished polished paintings, so the whole booru crowd skips right over me, this I am fully aware of, but the kind of things I do have eyes, especially the animation. I am not asking you to like it, but the problem isn't a get good thing. people in my field, even ones that are significantly newer and less polished, get much more eyes on their work, and I can't pin why.
The reason why I wonder if my work even gets to people at all is the fact that my impressions have gone down drastically over time.
Looking at my stats in 2019 my tweets would get 500 impressions on average, 2020 400, and most of my 2021 tweets that aren't tagged get sub 200, some even sub 50. I have clearly significantly improved since then, and it is not like I have stopped using the platform or talking to people on there, it almost feels like I have been turning into a ghost there.


File:9e632a1b846dcbc997f7ef9fe3….png (4.21 KB,573x128)

This has nothing to do with hope
I will become an anime director or die trying
even if you are in your 40 or your life is trash you have so many decades ahead of you that this is not the time to put your head down in defeat. You will get up, just keep trying.


You're either blind or in denial. I don't think I'll be able to convince you otherwise, so that's it from me. I hope you realize it eventually. Good luck.


I am neither. I work hard for my dreams. I take criticism if you have specifics, but if you just want to say my work sucks you are not only not giving me anything to work off of, but you are going against the word of real pros that I trust the word of and trust to be blunt with me that have no obligation to give me handouts.
Whatever. If you genuinely tried thanks for trying to help, if you are just that guy who calls my art jaaring and my girls boys here and realized that half way through that it is me please just ignore me going forward. I don't want drama. this place is meant to be comfy.


Don't think it's only one person.


Doesn't really matter how many, I can't do anything with "you suck" comments, and I won't give them the time of day if they very clearly don't even try to point out the stuff I can improve on.
Besides, I can only hope it is not a lot of people, because if I have 5 people who despise me on a 20 people imageboard then that would mean I am no longer welcome here.


File:104ff00505115f309776717fb8….jpg (1.16 MB,4193x2776)

Some people say that a good artist is about 1% talent and 99% effort.
I think it's not the case. A good artist is clearly made of 90% good taste and 10% talent * effort.


It is unbecoming of a grown man to act in such pitiful obsession.
Reflect on your actions and use your time better and do everyone a favor by paying me no mind.


Settle down. That wasn't even directed at you. No, I'm not that anon.


I couldn't agree more.


I am none of the people involved with this exchange about your work. I, for one, like it. If I had to say something, it's that, while your animation technique is up to par, your art might need a little work. There is personality and uniqueness to it, but at some points it doesn't look "anime'y" enough and there's a general feeling to me of the anatomy being "barely" on model. Style can work with and against you and I wonder if that might be one of the reasons your engagement has stagnated (never say it dropped). I've seen some bog-standard shaky cam sakuga getting praised in the recent past and I'd say the only difference between you and those guys is the blatant tracing of 3D models that allows the animator to focus on the animation, as well as over-reliance on special effects and computer-generated backgrounds.

Personally, I'd like to see your take at the baseball throw profile animation cliché. I'm not a big time animation director but I assume that was probably one way to assess an animator's ability in the good old days. I don't think this would get you anywhere these days, though. Mastery of whatever computer programs are used to make animation is probably the best course of action. I ran into an interview by a western animtor who worked on a (netflix) anime and I remember him saying something like that is what opened him doors. I'll try to look for it.


I'm unofficially saying that you shouldn't use the blog thread to write your bio. It's like someone saying "hey can you draw me something cute". This isn't the write-thread, it's blog thread.


my chair broke


I just farted


i came


i saw


File:636310904097597505-Tristan….jpg (273.76 KB,3200x1680)

i saw


my merge request is block, gonna drink until I can't open my eyes anymore


left ear(pinna) stings from headphones, but my speakers are bad


Why the fuck does some random member of a class that is instantiated in some dll always an invalid pointer with value 7? I know it's 100% not my fault and I don't care about debugging a 10k line file to see what's happening.


File:Nekodachi Process.png (1001.92 KB,1169x4203)

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to start drama. I didn't want to make another thread just to talk about twitter and myself, I'm sorry for clogging up your blog too. This will be over shortly, I'll be more mindful in the future.
>can you draw me something cute
forgot I meant to draw that cute headphone mascot
First and for most I am glad you like it. At the end of the day I have much to learn, and if I can, even with how little I know, make something that is fun to look at, that means I am on the right track.
I'm glad to hear you think that about my animation as well
I will address anime-y later I'd like to get out of the way the other topics.
>anatomy being barely on model
While I do try and push my anatomy a lot, I am not gonna pretend like I am a mastermind and it is all intentional. I have glaring weaknesses in anatomy, in my opinion particularly the extremities, such as lower arm, lower leg, hands and feet. It would be wise for something like a portfolio or for likes to just try and hide them, but that is exactly how you end up in comfort zones and stagnate. But yeah, definitely something I need to work on.
I never had much engagement, I am talking about impressions. this means the times twitter offered my work on people's timeline or on a page
50 impressions means my work didn't even make it onto my followers timelines, it likely just ended up on some random pages here and there if even.
>trash 3d traced sakuga blowing up
Here is the thing, turning that one drawing of the girl hugging a cat into a finished animation was calculated. The fact it didn't receive many eyes made me doubt if I am doing something really wrong or maybe even shadowbanned. Don't get me wrong, I am the type of person who gets exited when I get one like or a compliment from one person, I don't care about the numbers, but I need my work to reach PAs.
I know that many people judge based on levels of polish, so I tried to make it as polished as I could and add some glow to sell it to that type of crowd, I knew it wasn't over the top, I was aiming for cute and comfy points. I made sure it is something that both someone who knows what they are looking at and someone who doesn't thinks it is nice, and I don't get where I fell short.
part of KICKBACK! was to demonstrate some really animation techniques that would really bring eyes to the work...
Since I am currently at a loss as to what to do besides trying to switch up my twitter and maybe asking yoshi, I'd gladly do your baseball throw. Do you have a specific type of throw in mind you would like? or would you want me to just go wild and to see what I come up with? It might be fun so I am considering it.
>mastery of the programs
Most of the anime industry still draws traditional, and will for the foreseeable future, figuring out the digital ink and paint method used in anime was a huge part of my journey. I know I already sound like I am complimenting myself too much, but I do think I've reached a point where I can confidently draw clean frames at a pro quality (however inbetweening right in douga with a clean pencil has been really hard and clunky for me)


File:California crisis.png (15.93 MB,7015x5100)

Pardon if my responses are rambly, I am very passionate about anime and art. I sometimes get carried away talking about it.
>Not looking anime-y Enough at some points
This is gonna sound like I am a huge asshole, but I have no idea how to make my work look western, I don't even know how to do something like optional typo, which is a shame, because he combines elements from western and eastern works really well. I never liked cartoons or the western methods so I just don't have much of a hand in that. looking back to really old newground entries, so old that I don't remember drawing em I see pieces here and there that look western, but as far as it seems I just doodled, then studied from life, then picked up drawing anime by studying haruhi on july 19th 2018. The sort of method of thinking about art you see in the west is not something I really get, which is not something to be proud of. Among many others, I look up to artists like miura, murata, tekeshi koike, hiroyuki imaishi, yoshitaka amano, frank frazetta, and davinci, so I do try many times to add more details than in mainstream moe styles like more indication of the nose and lips. Every once in a while I draw something in the more traditionally moe aesthetic, maybe that is what you were talking about?
I think recently is pic related. I was trying to draw Marsha from california crisis. I am still very stiff from drawing other styles, part of the reason I picked up nichijou to animate, and that style on top had a lot of realism elements which ended up in something that looks very cartooony. I have considered deleting it before and trying again but never found the time.


File:speech.png (102.5 KB,301x358)


I'm sorry. I really try to be concise. It is very hard for me when talking about art.


I think what you posted looks pretty western already. I don't think you have issues with that.
I agree with the other anon, but I'd say you don't really draw like an animator. I follow many animators ,both old and young ones, and they all tend to share certain aesthetics. I don't know how to explain it but I'll give an example. twitter.com/miyaso2004 this person is not very good, as not to detract from the point, but he nails the aesthetic perfectly.


I downgraded the library I was using and it still happens. I don't know anymore.


File:YOTSUBA&!.png (2.51 MB,3508x2550)

>I think what you posted looks pretty western already
I was saying it came out on accident and I have no way of replicating it, but I'm not gonna complain that you didn't read a literal damn scroll.
>That aesthetic
Can't achieve it traditionally.
Yeah. this type of look is very popular in web gen, but if you work trad you won't get it.
I also don't think this is an interest problem, because I have been doing the same thing, but better, yet losing impressions. If I had the impressions and no likes that would mean people saw but didn't give a damn, 40 impressions means twitter just doesn't show my work to anyone.
Thanks for trying but at this point this is kind of tiring. I'll try to play with my bio, get into a few hashtags, and if nothing works I'll start a new twitter.






Talking to people who refuse to listen is frustrating.


cleaning today
feel better when things are clean


I solved it but I have no idea what caused it because I changed everything I could think of at once.


Cute Yotsuba! Fuuka would approve.


Updated my webpage.


2AM côte de boeuf


File:Untitled.png (54.68 KB,1030x772)

Finally. I wrote a character converter that can read data directly from melty because I'm too lazy to code the characters for my engine manually. It took longer than I expected but I bet it's still quicker than doing manually. I think I'll rewrite the editor now. It's a mess.


My mouth is getting very dry during sleep.


trying to sleep but kitten keeps flipping out on bed






woke up


My piece of shit tablet pen makes an ugly scraping sound when i draw. It's worse than nails on chalkboard.


are they supposed to work that way? didn't know that tablet pens even made sound


The tip is flat


You mentioned participating in some hashtag. Did you happen to talk about crappy subjects on your art account, like politics and such? Because usually that's your cue to abandon the account, wait a month, change IP and whatever other identifier you have and make a new account. Stick to vague microblogging about yourself and posting your work.

But your animation probably didn't get many eyes because it's an original character. Had you changed the girl's outfit to make her look like Kagamine Rin and plastered the post with extra vocaloid hashtags, you'd probably do a little better. I am far, far, VERY FAR from being an expert and you've already made it far enough to get some follows from people in the industry but my perception of how things work is that new artists have to ride the trend surfing waves for a while until they amass a following big enough that your original work will bruteforce its way into a lot of people's timelines.

Getting engagement (don't bother telling me what the right word in this context is, I don't care) from common people seems almost as important as engagement from experts. If something is getting the attention of a lot of people, an expert is bound to check what the fuss is about.

Having said that, I suggest having a personal website as an "archive"/"web portfolio" of your works and linking your social media to it and it to your social media. It probably won't be a huge source of engagement but it might help. I've seen lots of artists with websites on neocities, you might want to check that out.


I'm learning qt5


i need to work on my gui toolkit


too many series im reading are boring and aimless but not bad enough to drop them


Let me use your toolkit when you're done


gotta build something
not sure what but feel the need to build
go to hardware store tommorow


File:src.png (455.56 KB,1920x1080)

learning from karoti sama


found this cutie think im gonna watch her 'nime


Haven't been on kissu for a week and then some. It's genuinely nice that not much has changed during this time.


K is alright. The soundtrack was nice.


I hate programming nerds, especially the elitist ones that think they're smart when they're stumped by the most basic shit.


how do i motivate myself to do something less fun than video games


Focus on the reason you want to do something less fun than video games.


im deprecated


there should be a law against having more than one best girl per manga


going to make fish and broccoli soup


File:brocolli.mp4 (1.01 MB,1280x720)

Did someone say broccoli?!



Ancient kissu meme, gotta respect


only oldfags will remember


It's interesting to look back at something like broko because it really shows how far kissu has come. In this day and age it comes off as something so mediocre and yawny, but back in the day it was all the rage and it's the foundation that built this website. It's fascinating to think that something so old and busted was once the new hotness.


Good evening Titor and company.


I got some Lindt strawberries and cream chocolate. I heard the other day that apparently American chocolate tastes like vomit because they use some powdered milk form to make chocolate and that has a chemical in it that makes it taste like vomit. America is a weird place.


been extremely tired lately just feel like sleeping


I wanted to make a fighting game, but after looking at how mugen works I'm not sure anymore.




File:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….png (95.38 KB,1909x827)

was trying to prune long dead threads from my thread watcher, but inadvertently hit the open all thread button instead, causing an explosion of kissu and 4chan threads of at least 200 tabs


Find it hard to post here when it feels like most traffic stems from people that've known each other for a while, with their own insider knowledge and stuff.


I know nobody from here. I rarely get that feeling from kissu but I've felt the same way in other places. All I do is keep posting until it becomes evident I'm not welcome and the place is just a glorified extension of said group's circlejerk.


thanks Anonymous


File:0nJR3BZ.png (8.39 KB,266x123)

please do not...


To be fair it may feel that way because there are not that many regular posters.
The only people I know are the obnoxious ones because they stick out like a sore thumb.


read so many shitty MTLd webnovels that my english regressed
all me


that's because a lot of posters come from 4/qa/ or /jp/'s spinoffs which both have an autistic lore


that feeling's probably mostly a combination of >>68115 and >>68125 not really so much an insider thing as it is notorious namefags/avatarfags that stick out and get called out occassionally when they act out
it's not something you need to worry about


Updated my webpage.


File:lit-top-100.jpg (955.07 KB,1456x3482)

damn i have absolutely no interest in literature. i downloaded a chart from /lit/ just in case but just looking at the covers makes me sick


in the depth of night, just before dawn, i am at my most zen


after getting used to re:zero was surpsrised to see mushoku just talk about the superd backstory and not stop everything to transition into an entire mini-arc flashback centered around it


mom wants "utilitarian" salt and pepper shakers so i was trying to find some for her birthday but everything is all arty modern stuff or cheap chinese amazon junk im going crazy looking at all these shakers aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


I wish I could make friends with myself.


I want to read Don Qioxte and the Illiad one day. I read meditations and was not impressed, I didn't read the Nietzsche book listed but I read Beyond Good and Evil and again, I was not impressed. I'm not all that interested in it either, I just read what takes my fancy. I would not bother with their opinions too much, most books that people refer hold to such a high esteem are pretentious garbage anyway.


There's a flock of about 150 birds in a tree and they're so loud
that if it were any other type of animal it could be annoying, but birds sound so happy and nice.
I really love the temperature and insect-free nature of winter, but as spring comes around I remember what was missing


I tried joining a discord for artists. Big mistake. It was a teenfest with people being ironic for the sake of it.


File:1481939263466.png (27.36 KB,500x500)

4 AM... time to wake up...


File:images.jpg (8.12 KB,224x225)

Wake up and drink your coffee


Thinking it's time to start having OJ threads again


been awake almost a day and i think it made me forget like 3 good thread ideas i had


can smell myself think it's time for a shower


trying to sort the 6619 doujins i downloaded last week to see which ones i already had


libpng must have one of the worst documentations I've seen so far.


had a hard time with libzip. They're all written by 40 year old programmers who's common sense far exceeds most others


File:IMG_20210317_015342903~2.jpg (1.48 MB,2844x3000)

good cat


tried to make a lengthy post from bed while tired and it was really annoying and pissed me off near the end not sure why but the feeling that i was lacking really dug into me and got on my nerves now it's happening with this post too FUCK



i just realized that an ambulance is basically just an rv with a hospital interior instead of a... comfy interior.


in a really bad mood right now just suddenly hit a wall in my anki learning and i cant learn any new vocab for multiple days now i hate this stupid squiggle lines language why am i even learning it i want to throw my phone out the window


just read manga if you've got sufficient kanji under your belt, ez


woke up hungry at 5am


ow shit was laying in chair and all of a sudden felt a pang of pain around my lower abdomen that got better when i sat up what was that


scalp psoriasis


Watched a movie in bed on Tuesday, but I guess my neck was at a weird angle, because my neck hurt kinda bad after I got up from that, and it still feels a little so I'mre.

I've felt the same thing before. I'm not really sure what it is, but it's definitely related to posture, and happens particularly when I've been slouching. At the very least, it's not life threatening since I last felt a pain like that nearly half a year ago. WebMD and the like tend to point to the most extreme causes: heart attack! Blood clotting! Hernia! Cancer~! The reality is often fairly mundane so there's less to point to as a definitive cause. In other words, most sudden pains that resolve themselves without any complications tend to just be pulled muscles and the like.


geh. i must've been too hot under my bedsheets or something, because now i've got that terrible itchy feeling that happens when you sweat during sleep and it dries on your skin


Bumping this thread because I am EVIL


Eternal blog thread, here we fucking go


but I don't like the op pic nooooooo
vermin delete this shit


I guess that's a reason. The blog thread is my only issue with this idea since it's the closest to being a general...

Some notes to prevent generals under this "experimental" system:
I think after a certain period of time(not posts and not by any software algorithm) a thread like this might be locked and another one will have to be made.
If someone has a thread discussing bridges and this thread is talking a lot about bridges then, the thread discussing bridges will be preferred over the blog.


This might require a bit of judgement to be made and feedback through reports or something. But I think we'll just feel out the rules as it happens


Did older imageboards with "marked as old" pruning have bump limits too?


File:2ea6ad930011d03bbf6911d635….jpg (1.72 MB,5861x4145)

you dont like miku? is something wrong with you?


not him but i don't like it either
and of course it's not about the character, it almost never is


w-well... it's more to do with the pose. it's just a bit... you know...


chest too big


Hate pervs.


Love pervs.


Don't care about pervs.


name option swap trolled


No problem I'm sure verm will remove the name option to avoid future misunderstandings like he did with the title option because he's a stupid pice of shit I mean brilliant enterprise coder.


Anonymous really is a sour grapes kind of person, huh. Does the ability to have a useless title attached in front of your name really matter so much when you don't even use names in the first place?


To be honest, do we really need a name ?
No one uses anonymous anyways


No names! And less color....


it really does make it look more bland


That's not even the right analogy you stupid fuck. Sour grapes is the petty bitch of an admin that does away with an entire option that's always existed just because he never used it and so believes it detrimental.


My response to above


hold on... there might be a bug


Wow that sure is clever, having to choose between a reply title or penning your post. Makes complete sense to apply asinine limits to user freedom. Truly a never-before-seen design philosophy in image boards. Change for its own sake is such a successful strategy. By the way, I'm being sarcastic.


Maybe you should just try taking it easy anon




I will live beautifully even among hideous people.


You're not getting away with this. You have no right to be an obtuse unintelligent talker and then retreat to old memes that have been voided of all meaning when you feel the heat.


readin kissu rn


blogs really do bring out the worst in people


but what about the bananas


wait a sec


Always existed, huh. I wonder why it doesn't exist on Futaba or 2ch? It did always exist, right? I'm sure everybody used it too? And really, what a pissant of an admin to remove something so old and revered, something that got used so much, with a storied past of trial and tribulation that would bring merry to anyone's soul upon retelling. Truly, what a loss it has been. Listen? Don't you hear the clamoring masses, vermin, give us back our features we don't use, and have never used! Do it this instant, you insignificant, no-good-programmer-who-only-enrages-his-userbase-further-with-every-change-he-makes! Do it now, or face Anonymouses ever-lasting hatred and spite!

Truly, how pitiful you must be.


Anonymouses' or Anonymous'


Oh no, my mistake. It certainly does exist on Futaba, where once more no one uses it. What a glaring oversight of me to make.


Whoopsies. I missed the tick at the end because Anonymous' complaints are supposedly universal, and hence Anonymouses all hate this utterly senseless change that really should be rolled back any day know.

I'm exerting too much effort. I'm going back to watching DanMachi.


went to the asian market with imouto so she could do some shopping
now im drained for the rest of the day


Owner of empty image board acting smug when there's no-one to complain about his shitty decisions. Priceless.


File:7e3c647cbf8d33caf6d04b5cf0….jpg (1.5 MB,1089x2000)

yeah i knew that i just wanted to post miku because shes so cute


there's a banana general on /jp/


7 is sort of in the shape of a banana when you think about it.


File:e93c2daa48c5b52c2ed9d6c7cf….png (1.69 MB,1500x1803)



File:71882833_p0.jpg (5.34 MB,1800x2000)

>because shes so cute
how about glasses miku? I think she's cute.


tired time to sleep


back hurts and its making it tough to breathe


i hope your back and breathing gets better soon, anonymous


Back got better after sleeping, breathing didn't though since my body is a piece of shit that wakes up hours before I'd ever want it to when I'm feeling sick


just ate a pan fried medium rare burger with a glass of chardonnay.

I'll won't write back if the ground beef killed me


burgers are better medium


i just followed the instructions and it came out that way. If I die I'm gonna sue


stomach starting to ache a bit...


it's all in the mind
will the pain away


head hurts and the area below my ribs is sore from slouching


cooked some shitake mushrooms hope i cooked them long enough


allergies finally starting to feel alleviated after sleeping for 12 hours


https://kissu.moe/ec/thread/3460 wasn't reopened last saturday and I have nowhere else to say this but I can't get >>3535 >>3532 >>3536 out of my mind. They stir up something inside me in a very rare way.


got second vaccine dose two days ago
got the rare bad reaction to it, my body basically went into flu fighting mode and I felt horrible
feeling a lot better today, but yesterday was bad


anonymous, i pass on to you the secret of crosslinking


I don't think it's too rare to feel ill after the second dose. This article seems to show that it's actually pretty common:


According to that article my reaction is classified as 'severe', as severe indicates normal daily activity is not possible. I was in bed all day with strong nausea and that's considered rare (or it wouldn't have been approved apparently).


Oh wow. I suppose I'm lucky but I've never gotten the flu before so I'm not very familiar with it's severity.


I think I'm not gonna browse kissu today


*, a:link{font-family:arial; }


neck HURTS


can sprinted past me and I walked into her


It's pretty bad, I had it once as a child and was bedridden for over a week. Not sure if it supposedly gets worse with age or not though, but I'm pretty sure it's always shitty


I remember having severe nausea once before in my life and I still remember it since it left such an impression on me. Any time my head wasn't motionless against a pillow I would feel nausea intensifying until I was forced to return to that position. It didn't feel like a conscious choice to stop moving, it almost seemed like something automatic like fainting


I wish I knew where to start reading Rumi's work


kinda enjoying kemono jihen


Updated my webpage.


does the new UI still crash for the person with the cookie issues?


I don't know if you're talking about me but now even the old ui hangs.


yeah, there's an issue with vichan's UI javascript in the happenings thread. Working again.


Yeah, I noticed it was fixed. The new UI won't load /qa/'s index page for some reason. /jp/ and other boards work though.


there's an error somewhere.


Shit, there are too many posts to put into the history API so it rejects it on palemoon and similar.


I'm going to have to put the infinite /qa/ idea on hold for now until I work out how to make the UI more forum like because it doesn't just werk.


Don't forget to archive the happenings thread before turning it cyclical again. Won't it lose like 50 posts?


There's always some idiot on an old browser ruining it for everyone.


I have like a week before this will be considered.

Arguably it probably wasn't a good idea in the first place


hungry but no food
need to eat


find food
eat it


File:IMG_0751_proc.jpg (1.14 MB,1123x1274)

saw this today
wonder why this hasn't been sold out yet


holy fuck you better buy that quick


File:e5fa00f99564ec666f70ee5ec3….jpg (239.3 KB,1000x1200)

love waking up sweaty and horny


Don't be sweaty.


Anyone want to play a game of gambling or strategy?


Only if it involves the greatest handgun ever made. The Colt Single Action Army. With a single bullet... More than enough to kill anything that moves.


would that be a game of strategy?


Well it could be for instance it could be like a game of Yu-Gi-Oh were the two contestants do 6 rounds and at the end of each one the loser (from lossing all life points) plays a bonus game of Russian roulette.
The game could last one round or all six.


File:341cbd08908d3781fd58457741….png (907.44 KB,1250x1250)

gambling and strategy, huh


Does anyone do anything that isn't talking about bananas? Seems like no one likes to have fun.


if i did something interesting id make a better post about it


just got back from a voyage
got scurvy for a few days but we pillaged a small town for fruit and we ate bananas for days


i find the best strategy is to roll only 6s


cards and picking directions the main strategy that sets it apart from being only about chance.


drawing is hard as balls. there's nothing to tell you what to do.


you should get your balls looked at, they should be soft


Soft? You're the one that should get that checked.


i refuse to believe someone can be this tard, this has to be an act put on for entertainment


starting to understand why people get annoyed by threads that are mostly just "i watched X"


You don't say? If I recall, I brought that up nearly 3 months to the day. I can't say I find the meta threads much better, though.

Anyways, I really hate having the illusion of others on the internet being better than they are broken. Hearing people's voice especially does that for me, particularly their pronunciation of certain words. Seeing people is even worse. Knowing their tastes, personality, and beliefs is irrevocably damaging.

There really ought to be a word for this feeling of disillusionment that's specific to anonymity being broken.


Funny, I hate that scum think they can decide what others think without even coming close to matching their contributions

I'd like to know what it takes for people to actually want to have fun.


Man, I really hate the internet. It's a wonderful thing for information and media of all kinds, but that's no fix for people themselves. I want to get away from everywhere and everything. I don't want to read anything anymore. I don't want to post. But... I don't want to search for anywhere else and leave what I have behind. Regardless, I am unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and upset with where I am. Is it better to stay with Virgil in purgatory, or to venture out through the depths of hell in search of paradise, which you may never find - finding only suffering as the hell you wander entails?

You're exactly the reason why I haven't been posting, and want to post even less. You talk of contributions and yet I've made 10 or so threads in the last few weeks, and for all your talking of OC and activity, what do you have to show for it other than annoying me enough to consider leaving.

No, I've made up my mind. I am leaving. And, to spite you, I think I'll delete my banners too. Surely if you can inspire enough activity, my leaving shouldn't even be noticed, much less my threads missed.


Meta threads are a mixed bag of fun or annoying, but I can't say I've found them that unpleasant. Think if they start to become too prevalent it's going to get annoying, but for now it's fine. Would enjoy less aggressive ones in the mix too though. For the anime threads I think things have really gotten better on kissu [str]because I've largely stopped polluting kissu with it unless I've got something of value to say.[/str] But by god #qa has been annoying me with it recently.

As for what you're describing I've wondered if it's some kind of misanthropy or similar where you associate Anonymous with some pure voice detached from a person, but as you peel back the veil you see more person behind it and are disgusted.


Aw come on, don't let vermin bring you down.


File:342ddf82265607c2ece405b7a0….gif (1.13 MB,380x372)

I recommend you guys focus on things you like instead of things or people you hate. This isn't even blogging as much as it's spieling. Take a deep breath, masturbate, and then come post again among friends!


Dang, he really for real took down the banners he made. I think that’s a bit too far, I hope he comes back


Love it when image boards become the dumping grounds of off-site drama.


You're going to love posting on here then. At least 1 offsite drama scandal per year, guaranteed



i wasn't replying to you, but my point still stands that there are too many people who who don't do anything to have fun with a group. Or discuss things very seriously.

I would rather someone leave than just stick around because they feel obliged to. Drama because someone says something you don't like isn't healthy.


I seriously can't tell what's missing.


There have to have been like 5-6 different threads asking if /qa/ wants to play any games and the only ones that take off have the same people they did for the past 1-2 years... is /qa/ anhedonic? Are you only posting here to occupy your mind with a depression? Are games just boring?


On 4/qa/ I would make a random thread for video games and it would have 4-6 people on it, but nowadays everyone just seems like a lifeless zombie.
Curse of the spinoff, doomed to die in obscurity while the same few people age away and get less interested in subject matter.

Hopefully you can understand why I am getting pissed off at my own site.


I'm a singleplayer only person. Same goes for anime.


I play games just not with other people. And the people here are always asking to play games that I am not that interested in playing anyway, I did actually think about playing Factorio in that thread but I looked into the game and it wasn't really to my liking.


yeah, it sucks. I don't like it much either. Takes way too much time.

Single players... Well I guess that helps me understand the problem.


I pretty much only play a select few games over and over. Those being; paradox gsg, skyrim, and vermintide. I’ll sometimes play other games but I need to be in the mood for that. This isn’t even considering my sleep schedule or other timing issues that would hinder playing. Not everyone likes to play those games or is able to play when you play, this will also sound bad but you might need to be more aggressive with outreach too as your presence may be unknown to those on kissu that weren’t with us on 4/qa/.


I get really tired if I play for more than 20 minutes.


>to those on kissu that weren’t with us on 4/qa/
There are any?


i would imagine so it would be kind of strange if there werent


I wasn't, I found out about here from a spinoff.


i wouldn't feel down if i were you
/qa/ has played a lot of games together and will play still but you can't expect activity all the time, not with this amount of people
i feel like most people here tend to change games all the time unlike that poster above, there's just no new hot thing yet
i wonder if making steam chat more open would alleviate the same people issue, sageru is open to anyone and you can see how many more people are on there these days. i really don't know


only able to really commit myself to games at certain times because of work so if a game is a massive timesink i can't really play it
do have time to play shorter round-based games though


I apologize, I let my emotions post for me. I don't like to think things out, but let my emotions lead and logic follow. Leads to moments when I'm unclear about intentions or say something that seems irrational.

I don't mean anything negative to anyone in posting, just using frustration as a catalyst to post.


Ugh am I really gonna have to be the one telling you how to make kissu dot moe grow? Don't you have plenty of academic discussions on the subject over at irshit dot sageru dot org?


I have this same problem, some games require a lot of time invested that I don’t have to offer. When I do get a break, I’m usually stuck playing catch up since everybody has been grinding while I’ve been away. By the time catch-up is done, my free time is gone until I get to play catch up the next week. That’s not to knock anybody else or get mad at people playing without me, I just don’t have the time


Theories are one thing, but actually implementing a theory takes a lot of skill that few have


not to try and sound rude but that kind of frustration that you regret and think feels irrational is usually a frustration you have with yourself first, and being an imperfect you you expect others to be better, yet they aren't. maybe that's what he was frustrated about, it's a really terrible feeling


Yes, I am frustrated in my inability to come to an effective solution to the problems I see.

It's a good point to see this as negative. I've found something similar in myself when playing certain other high skill ceiling games.


The only skill needed is coordination.


no... another options field is not going to make kissu take off like a bullet


Happy Easter everyone and remember Christ has risen.


Has any imageboard grown big recently?



Holy shit please see >>70043
I want to beat you up


big is good
not reading that wall of text


gonna shove a markovian stick of dynamite up my ass wish me luck that it's not represented with a 1


Big is ugly. Small and feminine is sexy. Would you rather be the ugly bastard or the cute girl??


That thread has nothing to do with my post. No idea what you're trying to read between the lines.


Happy easter to you too. I hope everyone has happy days.


The entire thread is saying that anyone who strives to be big for the sake of big is a terrible human being. You are a horrible person


File:grizzly.jpg (78.92 KB,800x521)

Of course I'd want to be the ugly bastard. Preferably looking like this, or similiar


I was asking because I was under the impression no alternative imageboard is big, and it's ok to have few users under this format.


The ugly bastard of course.
But how is he a terrible person? Under whose metric are we using? Yours? Mine? Who the fuck made you king of people, you aren't God and I know for a fact that people want to expand (not like that) and get bigger (not like that). It's human nature.


Big does not matter. It only matters to advertisers. Look at a different metric


If big doesn't matter how are you supposed to get more people to play a game together?


I'm on a phone so I can't write it out , but it's missguided thinking


There's a lot of luck, yeah, but my win rate with kissu friends is like 60% which is well above the expected 25% with 4 players.

Well, it's an imageboard and not a multiplayer game lobby or something. I prefer slower paced games and not fighting stuff or anything hyper competitive.

We've definitely picked up some people since then and it's really nice!


barely got any sleep and now today ear hurts and feels clogged after picking at it


No need to overreact or swear about it


enjoy watching mod videos i will never use


brother bought and made some japanese wagyu steak was oishii as h*ck


actually fuck programming. I'm going to dedicate myself to drawing from now on.



game programming?


in general, but especially fuck gui programming.


there's a reason we use C# for panel based applications and Game Engines for multi-scene applications


It's not that it's annoying. It's because it feels like a waste of time. It's not like anyone would play my game anyway. It feels pointless.


File:227b4f2e430202e8a0fcb71347….png (1.01 MB,1035x1454)

only make something that you can appreciate yourself, whether programming or art
i wrote my own gui toolkit and it took me some time, but i feel satisfying that i used that to make some programs that i use myself daily to this day
and it's especially so when you realize you can do better than the alternatives


got a new mouse because my old one was breaking and i dont like it as much. hopefully i get used to it


I unironically hate anime fans and people who pretend they have higher taste because they watch chinamen cartoons.


really like after easter where there's just a bunch of boiled eggs laying around


You should find a new place to hang out then


was sperming 3-4 times a day for the past few months, decided to try taking a break and havent touched it in about 8 days. i feel incredibly backed up especially in my prostate but also feel great, physically and mentally


Please do not misuse spoilers.


I don't think I like what Youtube is trying to say here...


Don't you hate it when you notice typos hours after making a post?


yea but then i just delete it and do it again


the owner of a youtube channel i followed was doxxed now he stopped uploading


was it something like cooking videos?


i think cooking video channels are immune to this kind of drama


was it a vlogger channel?


spent the last few days reading battle shonen manga, edens zero and kemono jihen were alright



>By performing a reverse image search through SauceNAO, you necessarily upload the image you are reverse-searching to the service. After all, the service needs to somehow know what the data is you are looking for. You are uploading CSAM to SauceNAO against their wishes and the law

I see, strange.


should have posted that in the happenings thread


lets post it everywhere


yeah getting some traction wont hurt


that sounds awful, can't believe that not even during the pandemic were you allowed at-home time
don't think you should think of yourself an outsider though there's plenty of people i think that also get swamped with work and fall behind at times, even has happened to me when i've gotten really busy. whenever it gets really bad i like to remember that even if anonymous is talking about different things, it's still the same anonymous i've talked to for years so i can never truly be an outsider
just hopefully someday you're able to go home, if you're working so hard surely something must come out of it at some point, right?


File:709e13ded54cee12452d144344….png (211.95 KB,1120x720)

All you've missed this time is me getting increasingly angry that people have too large of a burden to post on imageboards.


ate banana


if anonymous was who i thought they were i hope they're able to go back to doing alright again


got a hiccup


Please update on the hiccup situation asap.


File:image.jpeg (37.95 KB,430x430)

A very strange occurrence happened today I was going to the store to get ice tea when some old bald fat guy standing outside his house shouted "Hey young boy I've been waiting for you! I have a bike in the back you can have c'mon!" I said no thanks and walked away but now I'm paranoid some creepy prev is watching me because of the "I've been waiting for you part" I'm shocked someone thought I was some underage boy just what the heck?


post pic of the bastard


surely if they'd been watching you they wouldn't have mistaken you for a young boy right


Following the recommended artists on Pixiv after following an artist has been making me feel a little crazy. I keep feeling like I've already followed the artists I find and I can't tell if that's really the case and I'm just stumbling upon artists who've had their account deleted or if they're similar to other artists, or if I know them from boorus (but I don't really use boorus, so?...)


But then I would become a creep.
That's a good point because I don't pass off as underage the youngest I can look on a good day is around 19-22 years old. So it's me being paranoid or he's slightly blind or maybe he's some kind of gay ephebophilic? Or maybe he really just wanted to give me a bike...so many possibilities to this..



think my mom is becoming a weeabo and its weird


File:Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai ….jpg (113.95 KB,1280x720)

watch the mom anime together and bond.


took out the trash and when coming back in guess i didn't realize how slippery my shoes would be and fell shin & toe first into a wooden staircase now they both really hurt hope its just bruises

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