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How am I supposed to enjoy, or at least tolerate cooking? It takes so long, and you need to give it lots of attention. It's pretty obvious cooking was invented before recreation, so how are people doing it today when you can have fun instead?
Maybe it wouldn't be as bad if I didn't have to clean up tools afterwards, but I do. The only thing that makes sense to cook is huge portions that will last for days, but that seems to limit what you can cook reliably.


You just pretend you're cooking for your gf/bf/anime frens/kissu frens and you'll have more fun and stuff and it's best to stick to simpler dishes that you can cook in one saucepan or something to limit wash up. These are sometimes called "one pot wonders" if you want to find some recipes like that. Of course having a dishwasher really helps, but that's not always possible. Then you realize it's all fucking shit anyway and you have no frens and you'll never see your frens or cook for them coz they never fucking existed, certainly not in the physical fucking world, and you can just throw all the fucking food into the fucking trash coz you cooked for two but it's only really you and looking at the second portion makes you fucking breakdown coz nothing fucking mattress anymore and you'll just cook and clean and cook and clean for the rest of your life alone in the dull light of a monitor.

Do your best okay? I believe in you!!


Cooking takes time I will never do it and I will never understand people that bother with it.


i guess you need to really enjoy eating food or have a lot of pride in doing something yourself as in: “wow i baked a cake”


>>65290 is right, it's pretty cool when you cook with/for someone
it's just that cooking alone is a drag. You could still cook something large twice in the week and learn to repurpose what's left of it, it's way faster that way


what takes long is making a dish, cooking whatever barely takes up time
you boil the water, throw some veggies in there, put some meat in the oven
that'll take like thirty forty mins and the only things you have to do are flip the meat once or twice and toss in the vegs once water boils
you don't even have to eat them at the same time, just when each part is ready


Try out some new recipes


File:16105766304090.jpg (75.39 KB,888x1033)

It's even more pathetic when your physiological center can't distinguish pain from hunger(due to lack of timetable). And the first bite intensifies all thoughts of hunger... It's the best to cook simple food which doesn't take much more than five to fifteen minutes, can food is great too and leek slices are both healthy and add flavor.


is there a difference between pain and hunger?
I was told they were the same


File:[Erai-raws] Love Live! Nij….jpg (122.71 KB,774x983)

I like cooking because it allows me to spend alot of time focusing on one simple thing, and if I do a good job I get rewarded with good tasting food
maybe try going out of your way to make something that requires more effort than you find worth it, the food will taste better and you might find that cooking is more than just a necessary act to stay alive


Kanata-chan erai yo Kanata-chan!


Hmm, one pot wonders, that sounds like exactly what I need. Something like stew is perfect as it only takes one pot, is easy to store, and is easy to microwave (if needed) throughout the week.


yea the issue with that is that soups and stuff like that are never filling and end up running out quickly due to how often you get hungry compared to if you just cooked some pork chops and ate those. i stuck to slow cooker recipes for a while and it gets tiresome. man i hate having to eat food.


you should start eating butter
fat is high in calorie concentration so you need less of them to get daily energy need


What’s wrong with being alone?


File:1611112828285.gif (133.57 KB,290x290)

The secret is to make multipule things at once, and preheat ovens, pans, and pots.
Cooking things for days is how I roll too, but even those don't take too long.
There are certain practices that reduce your time in the kitchen to sub 30 minutes.
Firstly, you should use less dishes, and clean them immediately after use. Having less mess to deal with is important.
I am not good enough to detail step by step on how to save time, so I will give you an example of how I make pancakes
>put a pan on the flame
>use a stick of butter to push hard and coat the bottom, or even use your hand since it is cold enough, this should take sub 10 seconds
>While the pan is heating up, pull out two eggs
>break them into a glass cup, add a pinch of salt and add a quarter to a third cup sugar by eye, better to add less and to taste
>beat hard and fast 16 rotations
>taste and tweak to liking
>pour your favorite flower , a about till 4/5th of the cup, I use fine corn flower and ground coconut
>beat it until it is consistent
>add a drizzle of water and beat slowly for another 10-20 seconds until consistent
This should have taken you about 2 minutes, meanwhile the pan is hot
>pour it into the now hot pan and then put the heat to low
>put the cup under the tap right away and wash it with your hands only
My pan is an iron circle with no handle so I use a no flip recipe.
>While it is cooking, take out an apple, honey, and sugar, and lemon juice
>cut the apple any way you want, put it on a plate any way you want put some lemon juice, water, and sugar to your liking in the cup and mix
>by the time you are done with those the pancakes should be ready, I sometimes cut them in quarters, flip them just to let the other side get a tan. As long as none of it is liquid you are good to go
>put the pancake on the apple plate, put some butter on top, pour honey above it, and eat it alongside your lemonade
>wash the dishes right away
The whole cooking process should take you no more than 15 minutes, probably closer to 10 minutes. only a pan, a plate, a spoon, a cup, and a knife to wash.


Cooking only takes a short time really(unless you are making some complicated dish) and it is easy to do. I don't mind it, it gives me a break from the computer for a bit.


i haet this image pls no


File:80375205_p1.jpg (1.44 MB,2180x2124)

It's fun to make something and eat it and know that you made something tasty. Clean up isn't really all that bad if you're not that messy of a cook in the first place and barely takes over half an hour, which isn't really much time that wouldn't have been spent doing much else anyways, and if you only eat like 1 big meal a day it's not much time out of your schedule. Another thing with cooking is you can adjust different flavors/spices to change up a dish to be maybe more towards your taste preference.

Also it can sometimes be cheaper to make something from scratch rather than buying a finished product. Like pancake mix is usually more expensive than pancakes from scratch, and pancakes from scratch are easy to make and usually taste really good. In fact, I may just go make some pancakes right now...


Made them, ate, and cleaned up ~45 minutes after this post. Not too long at all.


File:87907182_p0.png (1.48 MB,850x1187)

I got a little skillet thingie that you plug into the wall. I've made pancakes on it, but I think it's too small to make scrambled eggs efficiently. I don't know what else to make except pancakes, though, as pancakes can be made with good ingredients to be nutritious and very filling so what else competes with that that isn't strange foreign food with weird textures?


Also pancakes are great because you can easily make 20 of them at once and eat them for a week. It seems like a nice lazy loser food


Doesn't japan have something that's kind of like pancakes but different ingredients? Can't remember the name, though I think it's the thing they flip in anime.

Also there's crepes, but how much those differ from pancakes is probably debatable.


I thought about mentioning crepes because I was thinking about them, but they're way too thin and they're really made to hold things rather than be the center of a meal.
No idea about the Japanese thing, but I think I've seen that before too


File:r_00960_mv.jpg (150.13 KB,774x516)



Yeah, that's what I was thinking


If you people LOVE making pancakes so much then what's a good pancake recipe, huh?


Get some flour, sugar, and some salt. Sift into bowl. Then pour in some eggs, milk, and butter, and mix until smooth. Butter your pan, and then plop in some of your batter. Then pour in some chocolate chips, or blueberries. Brown on both sides, or however you like your pancakes. Plop onto plate. Eat.


File:[HorribleSubs] Murenase! S….jpg (140.42 KB,1280x720)

It took like 2 hours, but I made a big thing of rice, carrots, peas and chicken. It must weigh at least 5 pounds


File:0004100002266_4_A1C1_1200.png (933.45 KB,1200x1200)

Oh, and the taste is okay. I used two bags of this and then 2 cups of brown rice from a bag. I need to figure out spices and stuff so I can make my own, but I have no idea how you learn about this stuff.


File:dca2fc3d51a5926ab866231bfe….jpg (233.66 KB,1374x2100)

made london broil today
it was supposed to be medium rare but the steak was too thick
i would avoid anything with 'flavor' labeled on it, it's a great sign telling the words shown in larger sizes beside it are big lies
just mix the spices randomly until you find the one you like


Is there any way to bring bread back to a state of freshness after it's sat out for like a day? This has always bugged me.


no, the French just dip it in egg and other sweet things and then call it French Toast


Yeah, but what do you do with bread that's not stale enough to be French Toast, but stale enough to not have the same great taste as fresh...


stale it until it's french toast

I saw a video that you soak the bread and then stick it in th oven for a few minutes, but this was very stale.


Ate some macadamia nuts and right after had a Gingerbread cookie, and the combined taste was really delicious. Now I'm trying to think of ways to mix the two and make a really delicious cookie...


File:8ee2786f2d6492ebb9549c3514….png (10.27 MB,2128x3000)

Cooking alone isn't fun but cooking with someone is. I always enjoy helping my Mom or Grandma cook, but I don't like when I have to do it by myself.


Cooking is fun. Also it doesn't take THAT much time. If you know how all the ingredients interact in your body, you can make yourself feel really good as well.


File:[HorribleSubs] Ramen Daisu….jpg (77.1 KB,512x625)

Want to make a small batch of pancakes to go with some bacon and eggs, but each recipe for them makes a whole bunch with 1 egg in the recipe. How do I halve an egg?


use knife and cut in the middle


You don't have to make all the pancakes at once, you know. You can always only make a few and then save the rest of the batter in the fridge for use later.


Got a loaf of white bread a couple days ago which I left a bit to stale, and today made French Toast with it. It tasted real nice and was definitely worth the time investment.


File:[HorribleSubs] Murenase! S….jpg (190.3 KB,1280x720)

How do I go searching for rice spices or whatever it is you call the stuff to add to rice so it's not just plain rice flavor (I.E nothingness).
Like, how do they make that Mexican rice that's orange? Any time I search for anything like this I just end up with full meals and that's not what I'm looking for, especially since those meals have a bunch of stuff I don't like in them. Like, how do I figure out how to make the rice that they serve with refried beans and tacos? That stuff is nice and filling


mix the spices with the flavor you want
buy a whole spice set so you know the taste of each one


I guess what I'm asking is how the heck do people find it, or are there common combinations normal people know that I'm assumed to already know? I don't have a garden or spice rack or anything so uhhhh.....
Dang it it's just dried pieces of plants or something right, why is this so hard


File:51d2845250565d978e48b6bd6b….jpg (134.47 KB,1000x1000)

people find good combinations by improvising
i often do that since i'm too lazy to go out and buy stuffs i don't have
sometimes there are patterns you can find in recipes online, like for roasting meat a very common combination includes rosemary, black pepper, garlic powder, and lemon extract


>sometimes there are patterns you can find in recipes online, like for roasting meat a very common combination includes rosemary, black pepper, garlic powder, and lemon extract
Hmmmmm.... Yes, yes, this is a good example. Hmmm.....


File:__victorica_de_blois_gosic….jpg (395.99 KB,580x820)

You are supposed to let yourself fall down on the kitchen couch while waiting for the food to cook, watching for the end of the minute hand to get to the right position. Advanced amateur cooks clean the dishes in the meantime but that's dangerous.


File:af6bb24d1b3fa72592b6252a87….jpg (186.56 KB,1036x1500)

just cooked a big juicy burg with premium american cheese
yes there is good american cheese that doesn't melt into watery mess when being heated, kind of like cheddar


File:2fafaf0d64769ee31513cc04c5….jpg (521.28 KB,789x901)

just oven roasted a BIG lamb rack!
the rareness was perfect at medium rare and i ate more than i normally do, but there was too much of it so i had to gave some away
much better than my previous attempts, often overcooked because the amount was too small


looking forward to my tin of mackerel fillet tomorrow


File:prod001008.jpg (88.49 KB,570x673)

I think I'm going to try growing some plants this year. My dad grew up on a farm and our house, while not a farm, had a good backyard and we grew stuff in it. Tomatoes grew really well so I think I'm going to try growing some "sauce" tomatoes that were bred for, well, sauce.


File:EsbbEMnVoAEjvlR.jpg (321.17 KB,2048x1152)

Was in the mood for something earlier and there was a half of onion lying around and had a few bites of it. It was nice but not something that I'd want to eat a full meal's worth of raw. So I chopped up the onion, put some butter and vegetable oil in a pan, and fried up the rest of the onion. Turned out great, but I think I could probably improve on it by adding something else, maybe some mushrooms, to the mix.

Also its been hours since then and my mouth still tastes of onions...


My dad used to grow tomatoes every year too before his health failed him.
I have some nice memories of helping in the garden.


File:bdcbf3205daea162ec73b66266….png (287.18 KB,800x800)

not sure if it's cooking but i made some chia pudding
turned out to be almost tasteless, maybe almond milk and maple syrup aren't good alternatives at all


File:6147791d461a92973e4a6c29f0….jpg (120.31 KB,595x700)

/qa/! /qa/! What works well in a stir fry?


Pork, cabbage, onions, garlic...


Not even once


They are an acquired taste, admittedly.


File:c096c8cfb043326ce797e9bc74….jpg (858.78 KB,2000x2621)

Time to make some stir fry with the suggested foods and... BUROKKO BUROKKO BUROKKORI


File:mexican-rice-social.jpg (148.11 KB,1200x1200)

I've decided that I'm going to try making simple Tex-Mex stuff. The Instant Pot thing is really good at what it does. I'm going to try making healthy refried beans and some "Mexican rice" which is basically rice with some tomato sauce and some spices like cumin, garlic, onion and such. The spices I got in some "Mexican spice" powder and I hope it's good because I don't want to be someone holding a cupboard of spices since it's too complicated and I'd never use them all before they expire. Throwing a couple basic ingredients in a pot is easy enough for me and it can do it in bulk which is exactly what I need


I've started to find them alright, but still not in large pieces. I think it's a sign of aging and losing tastebuds unfortunately


is that how it works with taste? always believed it was your taste developing like people used to always say when i was younger didn't realize you were slowly just losing your taste as you become old


Sadly, yes. I suppose there's also the idea of seeking out novelty in a life that's gone on longer, but there's no getting around biology.


Laughing at the idea that someone would try an onion for the first time as a novelty.

Just take one small onion, peel, rinse, and slice it up finely, fry it until it browns, usually you put them in at the start since they often take the longest - there you now have a delicious, slightly sweet side dish to go with whatever else you were making.

Even raw they're fine, but you need to pick a milder onion variety and have more stuff to go with them to balance. Red onions are nice raw in salad for example.

Sincerely someone who has been eating onions 0 problems for as long as I can remember.


File:1484167224566.jpg (151.05 KB,1920x1080)

want to make onions more but every time i go to cut them i end up crying over them how can i make the onion guilt go away


File:(clipboard)1620199904253.png (77.46 KB,1346x938)

If you don't chop the steam, you won't get teary. Red line is cut line.


oh i'd always cut that off super close to the stem (or i guess on the stem now that i look at it) that explains why it hurts to cut


>Laughing at the idea that someone would try an onion for the first time as a novelty.
Well, I mean as an ingredient and not by itself, like putting more onion in chili or something


File:ffc2043a57adca69ca47dab1e0….jpg (193 KB,800x588)

made my biggest maki to date
maki was good
hate cleaning maki sheet


Ok cool searching one pot wonders gave me some good ideas. I don't like cooking but I also don't like soft foods that you typically get in the simmer pots so maybe this is a good combo of lazy and tasty


Bored and hungry, think I'll try and make some chocolate chip cookies.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (290.05 KB,1920x1080)

Just now finished making a big bowl of mashed potatoes to eat for a few days. This Instant Pot thing is pretty amazing


Had some leftover pancake batter after I ate today so I made some fried oreos and dang were they tasty


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (179.21 KB,1920x1080)

I made mashed potatoes again with the same bag, but they're definitely not as good. I shouldn't wait a month before doing this..


>In general, uncooked potatoes can last anywhere from 1 week to a few months. ... Once cooked, potatoes last up to 4 days in the refrigerator and 1 year in the freezer, though the quality of cooked mashed potatoes suffers with freezing (4, 5).

Stay safe Anonymous!


I meant that it's the same group of potatoes I bought a month ago. They weren't cooked until today. Salt helped a lot in making it taste better, but they definitely don't taste rancid or anything. They were just softer and I guess some of the flavor disappeared somewhere.
I wonder how old they are by the time they hit the grocery store


Tried making some risotto and it turned out OK. I think I must have messed up a bit in one of the steps since the centers of the rice tasted a bit too firm and not creamy enough like it should. Oh well, it was a good first attempt, maybe next time will turn out better.


gonna make some boson cinnamon toast it's gonna be so good


Toast + cinnamon? I can handle that recipe


File:[a-s]_inuyasha_-_038__rs2_….jpg (68.69 KB,640x480)

I used my instant pot pressure cooker thing again
I made some steamed(?) carrots and brown rice with it
then I used the Knorr stuff I mentioned upthread (I think?) as a base for the spice stuff and added chicken broth and peas I microwaved.
Then I added some shredded rotisserie chicken and it was nice.

With leftover rice I added some tomato sauce and 'mexican spices' which is uhh.. cumin and onion and pepper and stuff. I don't think it's very good on its own, but maybe it'll be good in a tortilla with cheese or something

cooking takes too much effort


also that's me on the right, my little brother liked it
think I'm going to go back to the feudal era still though


File:bc8a00a56b2b2ab68ead55e728….jpg (1.47 MB,1056x1056)

My dumb fatass just made a whole stack of pancakes that I can't possibly eat all of but have to since I followed a recipe and didn't realize the yield would be for multiple people. Oh well, itadakimasu


File:image.jpeg (131.2 KB,400x302)

Bought and made some Uncle Benis rice that wanted me to only use a microwave but I'm a rebel that won't be tied down by such trivial matters like "recommended cooking instructions" so I used a pot and stove and guess what? It came out perfectly.
Never surrender; don't give in!


Not really cooking related, but I got some Kraft cheese slices recently because people mentioned it's not technically cheese. And... Wow. What the heck is this stuff? It doesn't taste like cheese at all. Do people actually like it or do they just buy it out of convenience?


I find their instant mac & cheese a nice light and cheap meal (not their fancy or deluxe version or whatever it tastes like garbage). But aside from that it's all really bad cheese that I'd never recommend as an ingredient in anything. My guess is people that have been exposed to it all their life probably buy it out of habit and because it's something they recognize. Bet they've never branched out into other cheeses either.


these things are used in cheap burgers, so they offer the same texture and taste for people that want them
really? their cheap mac & cheese doesn't have cheese at all (the fancy version does), at least in the usa, but it seems that the uk version of the same thing does have real cheese
seems like they can't get away labeling it "cheese" with the regulation there


The difference is probably that their fake mac and cheese can simulate a nice taste while their actual cheese tastes like bottom of the bin garbage.


Maybe some basic salad with some salad premix, some cut up carrots, pieces of chicken, croutons, and a dallop of ranch dressing. The ranch really complemented the chicken. Normally, I don't like salad, but this tasted pretty good. Might start making this more often.


File:442f522d1817c0b65e73a8e9b1….jpg (249.61 KB,900x814)

made some curry rice today as usual, but i used fresh heirloom tomato instead of water when diluting the curry block
it tasted so good and added a flavor that is missing in curry, will never go back to water again


File:66ed938629ada0a07d356876b2….jpg (606.59 KB,766x1073)

using this one because my rice thread died
got some hokkaido yumepirika recently, will cook it later to see if it stands up to its "special a" grade


File:[Doki] Magia Record - Maho….jpg (215.46 KB,1280x720)

I made pancakes from a flour mix thing where you add milk and eggs. Pretty decent. I also tried the 'beyond meat' plant-based sausages and they were awful. I love breakfast sausages but don't like how greasy and unhealthy they are so I was attempting to bypass that part. They were actually more greasy and the taste wasn't good. The texture was tolerable, though, and I thought that would be the hard part.


threw cocoa powder into some bread I'm making. I hope it tastes good


you should've already learned that there is no demand for plant-based meat when even at the peak of corona no one was buying them
it's pure marketing to artificially create demand from the producer side


File:IMG_20210624_213220.jpg (2.11 MB,3968x2976)

turns out it just makes bread that's brown and has no chocolate/dessert flavor


I disagree. While away at college, I ate a lot of vegan stuff, not because I care about veganism, but because low quality meat is infinitely worse. A lot of it was pretty decent, and would generally get again if given the chance to have it.


File:[SubsPlease] Ochikobore Fr….jpg (141.12 KB,1280x720)

I just wanted to see if it was less greasy and unhealthy as regular breakfast sausage. I know some of the fake meat stuff is actually worse health-wise than red meat, but I don't think this one would have been.
Sauaage with peas as the main ingredient seemed pretty novel (or is it chickpeas?) but alas this one was not good.


vegan doesn't mean plant-based imitation meat
i don't think these imitation meat are targeted to vegans who mostly concern about their health, considering they all imitate the appearance of "unhealthy" meat like sausages, meatballs, and burger patties
they are clearly targeted to meat eaters, like their marketing into fast food restaurants such as burger king, trying to provoke their curiosity (for example, >>73802) and conditioning them to convert to eating these imitation meat instead


File:20210625_162656.jpg (1017.98 KB,4032x2268)

Made a basic salad. While I was cutting carrots, and mixing the salad, I spilled some stuff and learned my dog is ungrateful. He refuses to eat lettuce or carrots, but when I spilled some lettuce that had dressing on it, he ate it right up...



I've tried wheat-gluten-based field roast sausages and I'd say they're pretty good and not greasy. But yeah, vegetarian meat products are really hit and miss.



all the brownies I've made turn out not very tasty


File:40b9f66c4c25a959dbb0768c11….jpg (71.77 KB,600x599)

What's /qa/ making for breakfast today? I'm gonna cook myself some blueberry waffles.


Made mini-waffles and I think they may be even more dangerous than regular waffles since they were so good I just kept cooking more.


Thought I would be making taters and salad today. Had a nap and definitely won't take any hardships more this late already.


File:9e105661a57066054c6ea3808c….jpg (266.96 KB,1000x1412)

tonight's quick dinner...
microwaved rice with microwaved fried chicken strip and cooked whole slice bacon topped with mayo and ketchup
yes, it looked as bad as i described


Cooking people of Kissu! Is there really something to getting a pepper grinder versus using typical pre-ground pepper? In my own experience, I have noticed that I can't really taste pepper when I add to things, and I do typically use pre-ground pepper. But does that then simply come down to quality of ingredients, rather than one or the other actually being more flavorful?


i mean why wouldn't you
just go to the spice section and buy one with the peppercorns already in it for a couple bucks


Donuts unstale very nicely in the microwave, if they're not too old, and you put them in for ~15 seconds.

Always use a pepper grinder and salt grinder over their pre-ground variants. Much more flavorful.


I made some scrambled eggs off of my memory from the ramsay guide to soft scrambled eggs and then put them on a sandwhich with chicken and cheese. It was actually pretty good, buttered the bread like I would with grilled cheese and put it on a George Foreman.


File:sadalice.png (236.73 KB,349x290)

Does kissu have any experience with Thai cooking? The red curry dishes I make are just "meh" and nowhere near as divine as the one I get at the local Thai restaurant.


It will never be authentic I guess


File:instant-pot-baked-potatoes….jpg (99.73 KB,1199x1199)

I've started making baked potatoes with the instant pot pressure cooker thing. I just use water, but there are some recipes with using garlic and stuff and I guess the pressure does a good job of infusing it into the pores. That sounds good so I'll have to try it.
For now, though, I'm fine with just salt or ketchup.
How is it that ketchup goes so well with potatoes? It's crazy.

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