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What have you been dreaming recently?
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I had a dream where I was at my parents house and my neighbor was someone I used to live across the hall from, he was having a big party at his house and when I left my house he and a couple other people are on the street freaking out because there was a girl in the house who was so depressed that she said she killed herself, she didnt actually but she was in a state where she wasn’t moving or showing any signs of life aside from breathing. Everyone was panicking trying to figure out what to do and it was decided to take her to the beach and let her lay in the sun. Me and a couple other people including the guy I knew were using those small floatation boards to ride waves when we noticed her rise and seem to wake up, we were really happy about that but when she joined us in the water she started to drown so me as the guy I knew grabbed her and brought her to shore. I remember that I was underwater holding her and in one ear I could hear a song I like and in the other I could hear the girl singing a beautiful song unlike anything Ive heard. We brought her to shore and that was the end of that dream. I wish I could remember the melody.


Had my first lucid dream in a long time. It was somewhat terrifying. I desperately wanted to wake up, but my surroundings were constantly changing after "waking up" many times in a row where I would "wake up", but only while still dreaming. It left me with a very claustrophobic feeling of being utterly trapped. The dream felt like it was several hours long, and yet I was only asleep for around 45 minutes.


Had an odd dream that woke me up during my allrready restless night that began with some old vn looking brown robed anime girl with flat eyes looked down on me while some odd noise kept on repeating itself that sounded a bit like a train maybe? I saw her and she kept looking at me and my view of her kept getting closer until I looked away and her face was still omnipresent staring down at me from a weird angle and then her robe began to fall down but not in a derobing sense. Instead it became larger and it felt like it was extending as it began to envelope everything and my mind thought up an odd pleasent unpleasant tune to come with it that I probably couldn't recreate before I forget. However as it continued on people, or their structures would rapidly crawl across as the robe touched down on land, and then she moved with the figures as everything disappeared into darkness as she took it all with her. On e everything left my view I woke up.


Had a short lived nightmare that gave me sleep paralysis. In it I was in a treehouse or something, maybe a building without a roof on a tree? I don't know it was odd, but I do know I pulled up a tarp and then I was covered in spiders. It woke me up into a half-asleep state where I still felt like there were spiders all over and I couldn't move as my body simulated them all crawling across me.


I had a dream where I was in the elevator in the apartment block where I used to live. It was pitch black, the electricity was cut off. When I opened the elevator door, water started flooding in - turned out my elevator was at the bottom of the ocean. I woke up as I drowned in the dream.


I should add that whenever I woke up, feeling like I was choking, I'd quickly fall asleep and enter the same nightmare


Had a bad dream. Was at some random shop with my mom and then got into an argument over nothing. Then something else happened that sucked, but I can't remember it anymore, and then absolutely awful part happened. It was like I was watching a video and there was some fat dude at a doctor's office who says he needed blood work done and it kept getting progressively works with this guy getting stabbed with needles and bleeding everywhere until he literally got stabbed through the chest and into the heart shooting blood everywhere and seemingly barely conscious from blood loss until the doctor plugged the whole. What the fuck kind of dream is that? Stupid brain. I don't want to watch hemophiliac fetish snuff.


I had a freaky dream that ive spent the day intentionally not thinking of so I forget it so I dont remember the specifics but it was me as a child and some other person the same age as dream me and we were playing in this company building and there was this older guy who we would talk to and who would sometimes play with us and there was a whole plot to the dream but as I said I dont remember the specifics, anyway this older guy kept hearing this dripping sound that no one else could hear but he just ignored it. The point of view shifted to a sort of 3rd person focusing on the older guy as me and the other child were running back with our gameboys when suddenly it seemed like the walls of reality fell around him (like literal walls of the world falling away into black) light came back and he was in a facility and was a gorilla all along, he looked to the left and I saw this machine that was making the same dripping noise as he kept hearing. Then the dream dissolved into some scary monkey madness and I woke up. What freaked me out was the level of foreshadowing of the dream where he kept hearing the dripping from reality while being convinced the simulation was what was real, it played out like a horror story. I spent a good part of the morning having anxiety that my reality was false and I would wake up in some miserable world.


I was on a bus. It was some sort of express bus (but not the fastest express bus which got on the freeway according to the dream). The bus moved so fast passing other vehicles that it looked like it was driving into oncoming traffic. I saw Mark Zuckerberg on the bus. I didn't try to talk to him. At some point the bus stopped somewhere and everyone went inside some house or apartment building. Zuckerberg and someone else were performing magic rituals. I don't remember what Zuckerberg's ritual was for, but I imitated it myself to recreate some item I had lost. The other guy's ritual was about making him not gay. After all this I was told that I had an important letter for me back in the office mailbox (I was going home). At the end of the dream I went into some building and recovered my cell phone, a non-"smart" model in the dream, which I had left there.


what an ominous dream


Dreamed I was back in school in a library. It wasn't a good dream.


File:1636650210202.png (720.63 KB,1280x720)

Had a lucid dream back in my old home. Tried doing the ole light switch or push hand through a wall things people claim, but they didn't work... I tried thinking up how to change my surroundings but I couldn't figure out how to do it. I basically just sat around trying to figure out how to do anything until my dream ended...


I dreamed about a staircase in a university building where if you went down into the basement levels, you could exit the building there and end up in an alternate version of the city.


Had a cool dream.


I had a dream that it was almost my birthday so I went to dinner with my parents but when we got there we realized that my birthday was a week later. I’m the way out I found that I was walking down the street with my siblings drinking wine from the bottle. Then we suddenly fell into the backrooms and we’re going through rooms without end taking directional chooses randomly, I remember thru said to go one was but I insisted on this room with a pool of water and a bunch of mats you had to step on, I fell in and was giving up on ever getting out while putting the last of my energy in making it to the other. I see them excitedly point in the direction they were going to go and when I go back to them I see an exit, though the exit is in Antarctica. They put some sort of spell on me so I stay the same temperature and the water on me does freeze me to death and we go out. It seemed for like Alaska than Antarctica as we were going through a rough looking town when we find a hotel, we check in and I lay down just wanting to sleep, I check the date and its been 6 months since when I fell into the backrooms.


File:18756d770e2f76c184013fa685….png (1.82 MB,1400x887)

Had a really pretty dream. It was about dusk with the sun setting as I was standing in a built up downtown area. Marvelling at the nice colored sky, UlI looked up and saw hundreds of gleaming stars twinkling above me. It was so nice I took my phone out and started taking pictures. Although, after about 10-20 minutes of dream time, I looked up and became worried with the thought, "that seems like a lot more stars than there should be. I hope those aren't actually nukes flying down." Ah well, a bittersweet dream.


wow, worst almost birthday party ever


I had a dream where I was driving at night in a windy forest road in the rain, I got to my destination and for some reason when I was leaving I fanned the air to push my car forward instead of putting in the keys, suddenly my car started going incredibly fast but the breaks would no longer slow it down. The road seemed to go in forever and it kept going up and down like I was driving over hills but I couldn’t see anything through the trees, the dark, and the rain. Somehow I managed to steer through the sharp turns and keep control of the car going too fast to control when I slammed the break and out the keys in which this time actually started the car so I could control the speed. I still feel a bit of the panic.


File:t4x.png (2.47 MB,1600x1368)

I was in a class playing a game where the setting was time travelling to some time in the past, and learned that there was something called "Ochakai" that was a small wooden "house" built on the side of roads.
The building had some width and height of a few meters, but depth was only about 1 meter so a human can barely fit inside it. The purpose of "Ochakai" was a teahouse where two persons can enter and have some tea, but some of them also had built in bathroom where they can take showers. I went into one which basically was a very thin bathroom.

After the class one of the girl classmate which didn't like me much told me that "did you know you can time travel in real life?" while we walked into a secret room. Then she realized she leaked the secret and regretted too late. She started the time travelling spell nonetheless and I mimicked.
The time travelling spell involved some kind of chocolate put on a table. She opened the chocolate wrap while kneeing and said the spell word "skip to justice" to the chocolate. A circle on the chocolate will light up with magic pattern, then she licked the circle with tip of her tongue. After that, the chocolate would start melting and cracking, a spread of bright light took her away.
I followed all of these and successfully time travelled myself but couldn't remember where and when I travelled to.


I had a dream I was cooking with Gordon Ramsay and he made fun of me because I couldn't tell the difference between chives and scallions. Regrettably I don't remember what we were cooking because it would be fun to try a recipe I dreamt up.


File:FLP0-glaUAAr-pz.jpg (258 KB,2148x1640)

important message for all the dreamers out there


File:idiot sandwich.png (585.27 KB,718x802)


I use it sometimes in dreams without peeing the bed irl. Slightly unrelated but also every night I need to get up to use the bathroom once in the middle of the night since like 10 years and was wondering if this is somewhat normal.



never an issue for me
peeing in dream just doesn't relieve at all so i just spend lots of time afterwards peeing more and wanting to pee


File:1413470458591.jpg (143.21 KB,1024x1441)

I've read of this, but it also says more than once which isn't usually the case.

>It can be common for most people to wake up once during the night to urinate, but urinating more frequently may be a sign of something else going on.

I was just wondering kissu's experience since it's hard to get a general view.


File:1520492015456.jpg (115.69 KB,1024x760)

Maybe once or twice every few weeks or months, but not "every night... since like 10 years." I think literally having to go every night for 10 years kinda qualifies for what they're talking about...


If I wake up for other reasons, like due to overheating or my cat wanting to be fed, then I'll often have to go to the toilet before I can get back to sleep, but it is rare for me to wake up solely for that purpose.


Usually happens if I drink a lot of water before bed. Very rarely more than once though, unless waking for other things like >>86898


I had a dream that there was a big earthquake, the I was driving home and there was people with guns filling the streets protesting, the me and some friends got on something like the vehicle from girls last tour but it was really fast. We were leaving to get a haircut and ended up in Israel, we walked up this tall hill and it was this holy site where at the bottom people would swim. There were these leopard things and they walked up to me and bit my balls teicd. Then we entered this elaborate looking temple building and I woke up.


My dad gets up to piss at least once every night. Never happened to me, or at least not that I remember.
Always thought that it was just something that happens to older people, but now that I think about it, it probably never happens to me because I get very little sleep.


Had a dream where I played Minecraft, a game I haven't touched IRL since 2011. I was in a new world in some valley, there was a village with buildings made of glass, my first impulse was to go underground mining ores but I couldn't due to lack of equipment.


File:1646913364499.jpg (171.86 KB,746x889)

A few weeks ago I had a sleep paralysis during an afternoon nap. I had my back turned and was sleeping sideways facing the wall, and then Bernkastel started berating me from behind my back. I couldn't understand or remember anything she had said, but I was aware that she was talking to me. It was in a similar vein to how she conversed with Battler during the end of the Episode 2 tea party. The only thing proving her presence besides her voice was a sharp nail playfully rubbing against my back, sending a shiver throughout my body that seems to be due to my satisfaction. Try as I might, I couldn't move any parts of my body due to a feeling of fatigue. I never got to see Bernkastel during the experience. I've been trying to overwork myself to be fatigue since that seems to be a criteria for me to get a sleep paralysis, but I've only been dreaming of Rika recently. It does get interesting sometimes when I'm Satoko, but I can't seem to dream of Bernkastel again.


File:kafuka_despair.jpg (11.4 KB,283x302)

Is that really true? The last time I had sleep paralysis I saw a fucking shadow demon standing next to my door, not a cute witch.


File:1558659077783.png (417.39 KB,801x475)

I never dream of cute girls just weird things like not being able to stand still or being bound to a wheelchair, or extremely boring things like being back in school. Well, save for that one time where Reimu smothered my face with her right boob and armpit. But that was an exception!


File:[Erai-raws] Maoujou de Oya….jpg (156.98 KB,1280x720)

I have never dreamed of anything involving the two dimensional world ever. I envy you.


I would kill to dream of Bernkastel or Rika every night. For me it only happens rarely.

Spend more time thinking about 2D before bed, or looking at pictures of 2D. Maybe you have also had those kinds of dreams before, but simply don't remember them, in which case you should keep a dream journal.


Never? I often find when I become immersed in something I start dreaming of it. For instance, if I play a game for a few days in a row while playing all day long, I sometimes end up dreaming of playing that game too.


File:234aba6c469d332c9ee0b61076….jpg (248.89 KB,1280x1784)

I don't think I did. My mind simply can't make the connection between 2D and the real world. My dreams are all 3DPD.

I believe I've only ever had a single dream (nightmare) related to a videogame before; it was when I played Silent Hill 2 for the first time when I was a teenager. It left such a strong impression on me that I had a nightmare where I was James and I had to go through an abandoned apartment similar to the blue creek one in-game except everything had a red tinge to it like the save screen and the doors looked like they were made of metal instead of wood. It seemed to be sort of a blend between the prison and the apartments. The prison was fucking terrifying for me at the time I played. Anyway, I had to unlock a door near the end of the hallway that had a huge keyhole shaped in the form of a spiral of a dried intestinal track. The dream ended before I could do that. There were no monsters, but it gave me an intense feeling of dread and anxiety unlike anything I've experienced in the game itself.

I rarely dream of anything good. They are all nightmares.


File:33b56aa93de6528ad1a1a6d57b….gif (1.26 MB,352x198)

Had some bizarre semi-lucid dreams (where I knew it was a dream but was powerless in it and couldn't control anything that was happening). In the first segment I was in the trippy alternate reality version of my garage where it was like 5x bigger than normal and had huge windows in the floor (yes, in the floor). The walls were also much higher and had barbed wire on top of them, along with the security cameras being more numerous, more invasive and tracking your every move. Add this to the fact that there were no cars present in it which are usually there and it felt more like a maximum security prison than a garage. There was a ferret there whom I tried to pet. It looked normal at first but then it grew a huge set of saw-like teeth that looked like the teeth of a helicoprion: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helicoprion It bit my arm and wouldn't let go of it until I punched its head numerous times. I was left with what what it looked like porcupine spikes stuck in my arm. Afterwards, some people came out looking for me and started making hand gestures from afar instead of speaking. I didn't do anything in response and when I tried to go away they started shooting at me. An important detail is that they didn't look like cops despite the apparent maximum security prison theme, but casually dressed people. And something even weirder is that I don't remember if they had faces or not. Their faces looked 'blurry'. The first segment of the dream ended after that. In the second segment I was transported to what looked like a dining room which was somewhat familiar to me and had a nostalgic quality to it. The people there LOOKED like they were related to me but not really. I've never seen them before. I was eating together with them and everything was normal until I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. The bathroom was completely black and had a huge swarm of moths that started coming out of the window (this is obviously more Silent Hill shit, something to do with that room full of moths where James has to put his hand inside a hole to find a key to unlock the clock. I'm also the post above). I woke up when the moths swarmed me.

Very Kafkaesque to say the least.


File:15193c585a59aeba19c6e9348….jpeg (251.68 KB,800x800)

I dreamed I was playing something handheld game console that was some fusion of PSVITA and N64 controllers and could play games from both consoles.
The major layout was like PSVITA, but it was much thicker like N64 controller, and it contained a detachable part seemingly resemble a small Nunchuk but with clicky D-Pad. Some kind of infrared window functioned as the gyroscope so I could aim with it.
There were already 3000 or so titles in the console I got. I was playing an unknown platformer from the "N64" library and I started inside some shallow hole that I had trouble to get out. I couldn't play past the initial area.


Had a dream about some slug creatures, and it turned out they could actually talk. It was a sort of first contact situation, but with creatures from Earth.


Just remembered I had a second dream. I was with a few other people I sort of look up to, and I was on this sort of upper indoor balcony thing and some sort of ghost thing came out of nowhere and flew into me when I tried using a microwave, which caused the power to go out. Then I was with those people and they were slightly interrogating me as to what happen, and they were saying I was going to be on the hook for like $800K worth of damages, even though I tried saying the microwave probably just set off a breaker or something. Well, after that they started saying like "it's going to be alright", and we sat down to eat, but then that ghost thing came out of a wall and we all froze and then it flew into one of the others. I think the power came back on after that, but that's about when my dream ended.


File:84358765_p4.jpg (806.7 KB,1400x1979)

Dreamt that I was at an actual kissu meetup and we were watching one poster play Civ5 on a PS4. He was fat and there was this other guy who started threatening the Civ player with a bow and arrow.


This sounds nothing like what I would imagine a Kissu meetup to be like.


File:[ANE] Ore no Imouto ga Kon….jpg (270.24 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, no way anyone here would be caught dead playing a strategy game on console. Unless that's what the bow guy was there for.


Dreamed about posting on Kissu. I had to relive my experiences and emotions I felt while posting in order to separate the real memories from the fake.


I also often have dreams about mundane things I do anyway so that sometimes I'm left thinking "did that really happen or did I dream it?"


I had a dream that I returned to this complex sort of building, like those in big cities that are kind of like on building with other buildings inside like apartments and stores and stuff. I know for a fact that I have been here before in another dream as I distinctly remembered the entrance, the small aquarium sort of thing inside, and the stage outside. This time I was nearby after some other part of the dream and was with some people I used to know, I then tell them that we should go to this place because it’s nearby and I wanted to show it to them. I remember that as we were going around the aquarium sort of thing they were starting to really annoy me, we go to a small dark room that has cats in it and then one of them picks a cat up. I remember being mad because it was my cat or something, and then he drops it by accident into this big open room next to the one we were in. I get all mad and go to get the cat, which seemed to change color, and then remembered that that room exists. It’s this big space where there is something on the floor (don’t remember what but it was the same in both dreams) and this machine on the roof that you strap yourself into and it spins you around over it or something. We get on and I just don’t have a seatbelt because one of them took it or something, i then freak out until they bring it back to the start and I get a spare one. After we get off and walk around the lower area of the open room I feel like the people I was with changed into being love live seiyuu with me also changing into one. We then leave from the entrance and go to the right of it where there is this large open air stage with a roof over the stage and seats but the sides open. Then I watch a love live concert and hang out with two of the seiyuu.


I get sleep paralysis on a daily basis. Today I dreamed of having sleep paralysis and tried to wake up just to realize I wasn't having sleep paralysis. It was really fucking weird.

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