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What have you been dreaming recently?
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I was wandering through the halls of a victorian-style building, and as I was walking, the air became denser and denser. It was like trying to walk through water. I tried walking out of that dense air place, but it followed me, steadily rising until I was completely surrounded by it. It felt like I was underwater and about to drown. After holding my breath and feeling desperate, I took a deep breath and the air returned to normal.


Had a somewhat recurrent dream recently. It's an odd one since it's a somewhat narrative dream reminiscent of zombie movies and the ending to Blood-C (Saya was in it). The premise was zombies had taken over the earth and a group of some of the last humans were living in an underground society without knowledge of what the surface was like. *Something* happens, they find out, and the zombies invade. This starts off the motions of the dream where the group it follows is running away to seek separate shelter and find it in the form of a basement of sorts. After this is where the dream changed from the past. Where at first Saya was trying to keep everyone alive and when they got into the safe space some people had turned and everyone died. Now every potentially infected person was killed and the remaining rode some kind of underground conveyor belt to what was supposedly the last holdout of humanity on a desert cliff base. Which is odd since the dream takes place on what resembles my property and there's no desert near me.

It's probably not that interesting of a dream in and of itself, but what interested me was the aside from the end it was the exact same as a dream I'd had in the past. Wonder what causes that to happen.


never dream unless I'm not stressed


avoid stress by posting it all out


File:1440971611645.png (664.42 KB,3300x2550)

it happens a couple of weak ago.
¥ be me single 28 yo
¥ live with a parent
¥ want pic related gf so much
¥ dream about girl
¥ meet her, talk about what we interest
¥ talk about her to mom
¥ my mom contact her to go somewhere nice
¥ she agrees
¥ big smile, happy, cant wait for the day
¥ she comes with her bf
¥ wakeup
¥ go to work
¥ brows misaki image


File:1440127234583.jpg (51.48 KB,419x208)


Don't even remember the last time I actually read a greentext story.




File:[Erai-raws] Uchi no Musume….jpg (27.5 KB,347x352)

Took a nap dreamed I was being chased by a dog had to stop and defend myself used a bit of wood to fight back the details were skipped over but I won and the dog didn't hurt me as such but from the plank or elsewhere I managed to get a nail lodged in my wrist had to drag myself to the emergency room took out my phone to call an ambulance before realizing that I didn't want to get hit by that bill luckily it was just across the railroad tracks well after some awkwardness since I've never been to an emergency room they proceeded to pull the nail out without any anesthetics the details changed a bit here and there were a total of four nails the strange thing is I could vividly feel the blood dripping on my other arm as they were pulling the nail out when I basically never experience any senses as such in my dreams woke up as they were pulling out the second nail altogether not a bad dream beats having nothing which is over 95% of the time.


Dreamed I was moving into an apartment it was supposed to be unfurnished but it was already covered in trash and old scratched up furniture.


Couldn't get much sleep last night because I slept for a long time during the daytime yesterday, so I kept falling asleep and waking back up. Consequently, however, that meant I had a bunch of different dreams.

The first one kind of strange. I was in my old high school during class, when someone knocked on the door, but didn't stand behind the glass so they could be seen. I creeped up to glance out the door, and there was some humongously fat person clad in black tactical gear carrying a katana and AR-15. They came through the door, and instead of lighting the place up, they tried coming after me, but I abused their fatty weakness and jumped out of the window. I then taunted them from outside because they were too fat to get out of the window, but then they threw their weight into it and tumbled out of the window, I then promptly open another window, and climbed back inside and taunted them from inside. At that point, I decided to run to the front office of the school to inform them someone was armed and intent on hurting people. While I was talking to them, I saw the fat person walk through the front door, while using some sort of cloaking device that made them sort of fade in and out of sight as they moved. In a Scott Pilgrim-esque turn of events, they then told me I would have to fight their "daddies", who all looked like sin sacks, but instead had a bunch of pencils wrapped around their heads. At first they pummeled me pretty hard, but I managed to knock one down, and then the rest disappeared. After that, I grabbed the fatty's gun, and started hitting them with the butt-stock.

Next dream was more cyberpunk. I was with someone I used to know, and we walked the streets taking in the honestly pretty amazing sights of urban decay, cyber decadence, and technology flowing through and across buildings like the strands of spider's silk as it cocoons it's prey. While we were walking, they showed me some high end glasses attachment they picked up that cast an AR thing into your field of view. I tried messing around with them, but I couldn't get them to focus and they didn't work with the glasses I already had. While we were doing that, we got attacked by some triad thugs, and my friend got shot up and died, while I got taken away. They brought me to some building, but then let me go mostly unsupervised telling me to go off in some direction. Then some guy took all my valuables, and I had to listen to some guy ramble on and on about something before he got distracted and left. I took that as sign I could leave, and wandered into some room and picked all my stuff back up. While I was there, some sort of EMP nuke thing went off downtown, casting a blinding blue light like the shockwave of a massive explosion, incinerating everyone and everything it touched. Somehow, I managed to survive. I decided to walk to the upstairs of the building I was still in to see if there was anyone in need of evacuating, and found a bunch of kids. I tried corralling the little devils, but they wouldn't listen to me. The building then went into that sort of emergency power mode where only red lights are on. After some shouting at someone near an elevator they told me a nuke was inbound and we need to GTFO as soon as possible. We didn't really make it. From a third person view, I saw the nuke explode in an extremely dense portion of the city a few miles from the skyscraper I was in. After that it got fuzzy. I think my body was recovered and I was incorporated into the city's AI. I then noticed that the moon was heading for the Earth and was going to smack into it. So, I somehow managed to push it back. Also there was a giant magnet surrounding the earth, as well as some giant stone disks, that I promptly grabbed and threw into the sun.

Next and final dream was a bit more down-to-earth. I was at the apartment complex of a relative of mine, and some lady was trying to break in or something. I followed them in, and saw a cute girl, only to get denied. We (a small group had amassed with us) flooded into the building and made for the building's pool. The cute girl came to me and said the person she turned me down for cast them aside, so they came crawling to me. I swam around with them for a while, teaching them to swim, but then something happened to them. They started going blue, so I took them to a lifeguard who took them to an infirmary. Some time later some guy shouted that I had to leave and get quarantined if I had whatever the girl had.

those were my dreams, I guess. I might have had more, but I've forgotten them now, I think.


Today I think I was lucid dreaming, but sadly forgot about what most of what my dream was. All I remember is feeling cognoscenti that I was in a dream and that I woke up extremely easily realizing it was time to wake up. I didn't really want to wake up though...


dreamed that I borrowed a tank from my gramps and destroyed half of their house when I was getting it out of the garage


Had a dream a cute girl I liked was over at my house for some reason. But I was too nervous to talk to her. Then some action thing happened or something, but then it went back to normal and they were leaving. As they were leaving I finally mustered the courage to talk to her, but she was already leaving, so I got in a car and followed them, and then we were underground and I overheard her talking with her sister about why she didn't talk with me, and then I met up with them, but I was invisible and only the older sister could see me. then the action thing happened again, and we had to run away, and then I got into their car with their family, and explained we needed to leave, and for some reason we had to just keep talking to ward off the evil spirit thing, so I talked about how we should go go-karting, and then I was no longer invisible and then I woke up.


I had a very hard time falling asleep, I should have gotten tired easily by being awake for more than 24h, and by a long stroll which took me many hours, but the rush of the long wake and caffeine had still not finished unveiling itself. For some unknown reason my door wasn't closed so I had to listen to the noise in the corridor. In my dream I saw and understood nothing but Chinese characters, even the most complex ones, even the obscure ones I saw only once in a lifetime like 膥.


Had a dream in the same vein as another I've had. There was a lot of backstory that's now forgotten, but I do remember the most notable scene where a bunch of swimming fishers boycotted their terrible working conditions to go out and live freely in the ocean and have gay sex woth allegorical sharks. Then there were some really cute girls with them that were working with the company to keep an eye on them and one really sexy soft megane girl who goes off into a shipwreck with two guys


In my dream I was climbing up mountains which had kanji radicals as stages and it was strangely erotic; the explanation I find for this dream is simple, on that evening my mind was still occupied with the thought that KissXSis is ending and that there was one scene which stood out to me where the MC studies for classes by writing down the notes on his step-sister's body.


File:3de684d24fcc6b406b578cc025….jpg (531.28 KB,2362x3189)

had a dream where I was going to exercise, but in the end I realized I didn't need to for me to be happy


dreamed that people respected me


File:082930eb5f5cbccbf7a68d160a….png (9.7 KB,500x500)

i flashed $2000 to a rival yakuza member while walking on the street, he was enraged and chased me until i was picked up by my yakuza and transported to the mayor building which is the yakuza headquarter
the mayor yakuza head then took me into a train which warps between space if the speed went high, he seemed to like to warp just before the train about to hit a wall
after several transportation i was transported into space, then i descended inside an house standing on a floating skateboard
seemed that i was on a mission, but the first thing i did was trying to cook with strange kitchenware


In a dream I was having there was a family of bats living under my computer desk, the biggest one(probably the daddy or mummy) was white and when I turned the light on and opened the door they all flew outside in a line but they came back in a line in the morning. I was very exited about this and I was going to post on Kissu about these bats I have but it was all a dream and when I checked under my desk they were not there...


just woke up from a dream where the world was ending because of global warming and I working at a park ive been to and everything was on fire and red and others were complaining about how much they had to work, then someone gave me a drug so id stop freaking out which made me stand in the changing room naked


had a dream where I thought knights weren't in the Lithuanian tech tree


I had weird “dreams” while half-asleep in bed. Rather than dreams, they feel more like movies playing in my head. Weird thing is that I’m conscious about being awake; like, I can make the conscious decision to move around if I wanted to, or wake up, if you will.


Had quite the storied dream. It started off with me in my home playing on my computer when I noticed outside there seemed to be "zombies" about, I put it in quotations because it didn't seem like the conventional type there was something off about them. So what I did for a bit was just wait inside while nothing happened until my brother arrived home with some friends and a dog. Everything went well until the dog started acting strange and then bit one of the others inside and they eventually were infected as well and came after the rest of us. I made a break for the basement, but my first floor had transformed into a large shopping mall which was now filled with infected people all over. Somehow I made it out safely and was back to enjoying myself in the basement, but then eventually I thought I had to check on my brother and immediately upon opening the door I was assaulted by an infected version of them and had to put him down to save myself.

This lead into figuring out there was a 'resistance' shelter against something so I made my way to it in an F-Zero style car, needing to outpace and dodge lasers and other such things flying at me and wrecking the county which had transformed into a mish-mash of wreckage. Eventually I dropped my vehicle for another to get them off my trail an d made it to the camp, which turned out to be an underground city of sorts.

Within the city I had some odd power, that I can't even remember the details of, and was important to some process that the ones in charge of the camp (Google) wanted to do. After wandering around a bit I ran through different situations in an SoL manner that I can't recall as well, but the town was like a festival with food stands and other such shops about, I bought a meat bun or two and didn't get ripped off because the strongman accompanying me did something in view of the store owner is about the most I can remember of something that happened. However eventually after finding out the authority behind the city was corrupt and using people for something, I used the power somehow to wreck a facility of the place, but also by this point the city had transformed into my house again and I ended up just throwing a ball and a chair onto the first floor's floor, crushing it and somehow stopping whatever had been proceeding. After this me and another person were taken to a board meeting of Google's to discuss the incident and they all talked like they were buddies and had been doing productive things and were having conversations above my level of understanding and I felt really anxious being there and couldn't really speak up and when I did they all looked at me funny like I was some kind of retard and why was I even talking and then that's where I woke up.


had a dream I was some kinda tentacle monster from outta space and I was attacking girls on a train



File:57be2ff99274d9a6122e85eb78….png (148.59 KB,500x500)

Rena and Mion came over to my place and if they returned they would confess to me. I was ready to pick Mion but neither of them returned. There were also lots of deflated balloons in the window sill.


Had a dream I was pissing out an absurd amount of kidney stones. Each one was like the size of a popcorn kernal or a bean or something, and I just kept shooting them out like 10 per second like a machine gun or something.

dreams are weird.


Had a dream where an old friend encouraged me to start lifting weights again. As soon as I woke up, I forgot who it was.


I had two really nice dreams.

In the first, I was back at my childhood home, and went down to the creek nearby. I ended up walking along the creek until I made it to doorway, and then walked inside. Inside were lots of things I vaguely remember seeing back when I was a little kid. I ended up calling my parents and asking them about it, and they all came to where I was. They told me that there was going to be a walkway along the creek, but because of a recession it never got build which is why there was just the doorway of the building there. Inside, my parents said that these were all the things from our old house, and this was where everything was being stored. Apparently, we would have moved into this house, but because the walkway never got built, we moved into the house we originally did. It was very nice walking along and looking at all sorts of things I had long forgotten about. I suppose in that way, it was almost a literal vault of memories.

My second dream is a little more hazy. I think I was at school going through the motions and going to classes and all that. While walking around I remember thinking of a girl I liked from then. At any rate, I remember sitting down in a classroom and talking with another girl about all sorts of things, when all of a sudden she kissed me! After that, she said that there was a lot of overlap in our interests. After that we went on a date walking around modern China (minus the air pollution), while I went blabbering on about foreign policy stuff.


Don't remember much from my dream, but near the end some guy was walking me towards something and a crocodile was approaching us from behind and I kept telling him to stop and avoid it but he refused and it ate him. It wasn't fast at all and he was definitely struggling and it kind of freaked me out a little when I woke up.
I don't remember seeing a crocodile in anything recently and I definitely don't live anywhere near any so who knows where that come from.


I was riding a train towards north-east and was disoriented in the unknown location; it was planned that I should drive further (towards a lake, refreshing) but I was perplexed with the platforms and timetables at the connecting station. At some point there was a family meeting(I didn't recognize most faces there) in a dark room and in a circle we played "Who am I" with the only valid answers being anime characters. The questions were puzzling and it was always a trip into another location to see a character in motion.


File:399d0127012a11d7fcd2de86eb….jpg (2.41 MB,2508x2714)

i was watching a video seemingly to be a short from an anime
the show contained a right triangle as a quiz with azusa and yui appearing
it was asked: "what is the area of a triangle?"
azusa answered that it was by multiplying the length of all three edges then divide by 2
then yui said that azusa was wrong and told the right answer


had a dream that I went camping but only brought clothes and not a tent or anything and my parents yelled at me a lot in front of a lot of people which made me sad


I had a dream where I was with a friend I used to have a long time ago, but they had changed somewhat, or maybe I had. We were only going to be able to see each other for a short amount of time, but he did something that bothered me a lot, and I ended up walking out and leaving him early. Later, I felt guilty that perhaps my last time seeing them would be so sour, and so I tried finding them again. When I saw them again we both looked at each other and hugged, and he cried while hugging me and I forgave him.

It was a very bittersweet and fictional dream that I think I'll remember for a long time.


Last night I dreamt that I had a Dyson vacuum cleaner robot, but it was nothing like those cute bishoujo meidos. It was basically just this robot on top of a normal disc-shaped vacuum cleaner. Truly horrifying.


I had a dream where I got weird surgery on my hand where I stuck my hand in a machine and it left a strange spot of stretched looking skin
then had a dream my parents got divorced and my dad was giving me money and taking me to food places so I’d like him more then my mom came to my house asking for a credit card in my dads name I had and talking about stocks and I forgot they were divorced so I gave it to her then I told my dad and he got really mad and I kept trying to stop him as he walked over because I knew he’d be very aggressive, then when he got to where my mom was living lavishly at a restaurant or something everything just kind of reverted to normal
then I had another dream where I was stuck in a music store trying to form a band and it just wasn’t working


Had a few dreams. The first~ish was one where I was in a sort of fantasy land and running a gauntlet sort of dungeon, and then I was afraid of going to the bathroom because there was a rumor of some wizard who could become invisible and was stealing people's hearts. Eventually, I saw their shimmering outline and beat them up. But in doing that I was late to some battle preparation and got yelled at by some female knight. Then I had a Minecraft sort of one where I poured lava on some wooden stuff and explored. And finally, I had one where I was looking into a plant pot where I had once had a small cherry tree that one of my relatives killed through over watering, but as I was looking into it, the pot seemed to become much larger and a grotesque worm was writhing in the soil and then clambered out and wormed its way into my pant pocket, where I frantically squirmed trying to get this horrible fleshy worm out. I think the Minecraft one actually came first, but whatever. Interesting how my dreams went from fun -> semi bad -> nightmarish.


I was going to the pharmacy in a distant town, it had entry gates which opened only by scanning an ID card, I wasn't prepared for that but still could enter. The pharmacist asked about my problems and I told her that I'm tired, I almost cried when I told her. She told me I shouldn't have come for such trifles to that place. I left the place and went to the central railway station, a train with my destination seemed to arrive so I had to run in order to get to the train; at the platform I saw that the train was much shorter than it looked before, and all doors were blocked. I screamed a curse word and woke up.


had a dream where I was giving some sort of presentation on love live but knew nothing about what exactly it was on so I had to speak on a slide not knowing its content and the other person got annoyed
then I had a moment of silence for kanako whos one of the voice actors whos taking a mental health break and for some reason there was an organ and drums live band that wouldnt stop playing for a bit


File:[Asenshi] Yuru Camp - 03 [….png (1022.64 KB,1280x720)

I had one of those rare great dreams that make you depressed when you wake up...
The first part is unrelated to that, but for some reason I was in a bar with a lot of money and I wanted to sample every alcoholic drink for flavor. I'd take a sip and then just hand them to someone else in the bar.
Anyway, in some location I can't remember (maybe it was the bar? although it makes no sense) I came upon a woman and she smelled strongly of "home". I don't know how to describe it, it wasn't a smell that had any logical basis on anything. It wasn't my home in real life, but like the concept of "home" as a place to belong. Some lovey dovey stuff happened (no not sex) and I think we were going to get married and live happily ever after.
Then I woke up.

This probably wasn't an interesting dream to read about, but, man, you think you've successfully buried your desires but dreams remind you that you're still human.


Had a peculiar dream. I was with my sister and she said she wanted to go to Vietnam, so we got in the car and I started driving towards the airport, but eventually I realized I was going the wrong way. So, we stopped at a place to turn around, and it was some sort of military-esque base. For some reason I had a lego thing and I threw it over the wall and then walked in under the pretense that I was coming to get my lego thing. Some military guy came and then put me in shackles and then into a cage with a big pile of straw. For some reason the military guy completely overlooked the fact that I was carrying bolt cutter with me. It was like an outdoor cage. Really just one of those tall chain link fences. But it was jutting out of a wall into a parking lot, and then some nurse lady came and was like "what the heck are you doing in there? give me a minute and I'll get you out." And then I cut the shackles off my legs while she wasn't looking and then I go out and into my car with my sister and for some reason now my mom was with us. She wanted to know what we were doing so I told her we were going to Vietnam. Surprisingly she was fine with this. So, then I started driving the correct direction to the airport, but then the sky turned a blazing orange and balls of fire started raining from the sky as I was rounding a turn on one of those bridges that link perpendicular highways.

After that, the dream did a jump-cut into us being in some lobby area (in Vietnam, now). There were tons of old CRT TVs stacked up into a giant wall of TVs in a sort of rectangular-based pillar. Apparently we had walked into some sort of movie theater and my sister wanted to see a movie so she walked up to the ticket counter that for some reason looked like the sort of stand area at the end of a court where a judge, and witness sits. After some waiting, they got up to the ticket counter and got a ticket. While they were waiting, I looked at the TVs and noticed there were tons of out-of-place images being displayed on all of them. Like one had a picture of Illyasviel on it, and it was of her showing her tummy (showing she was pregnant), and one had a picture of Rika's tummy (not pregnant), and then there were doujin panels. Others had images of food. Very strange. I took picture with my phone of the ones I thought were nice looking. Anyways, when the show that was previously playing was ending and people started coming out, my family walked up to go in, and the ticket checker person said that the ticket we got was only good for two people so only my mom and sister went in. While we were waiting for everyone to come out, though, we got some weird sort of candy dispenser thing. There was some hard white frosting sort of candy inside that you I think cranked a handle to get it to come out. The mechanism for the candy to come out looked like the same sort that you put dollar bills into at like an ATM or vending machine, but they were much more narrow (only an inch wide). The candy was okay. So, my mom and sister went into the theater and as people were coming out, the TV display area was being disassembled. There weren't actually any pillars in the center like I had thought. It was actually all magazines and books on carts, and then the TVs were leaned against them on the outside for support. As the area was cleared, suddenly a giant fighting ring appeared, but then I stopped thinking about it, and I went back to the ticket checker to see if I could get in, but the girl there wouldn't let me, so I walked out.



The dream then transitioned kind of, and as I walked out of the building, I noticed we were on the second story of building. There were thin metal railings on the outside, and the streets were stone cobbled. It was a sort of mash up between medieval European architecture and Renaissance architecture. Well, as I walked out, the girl came to follow me, and now she was wearing a full suit of plate armor. Somehow I tricked her into walking out of the street while I stayed on the second story balcony area. Then a bunch of medieval weapons appeared and a bunch of guys who were also wearing plate armor listened to what I was saying, and I was like "You know, it would be really horrifying if as a defensive measure, instead of arrows, siege defenders just threw maces down onto the street." And then like 30 maces flew down into the street and a few struck the girl, but she was fine. So, then I left the building and walked across the street to another that for some reason didn't have a street-facing wall, and I climbed up to the third or so floor. Some guy in armor was there and he was telling me about how to mimic lighting, they used these styrofoam pellets coated in some liquid that would make them glow a vibrant green, while they were encapsulated into a clear gel mold. So, I got the idea and said, "so what if you pour this stuff on some cotton or something? could you mimic a torch's glow?" and he was like "no, no, no. watch what'd happen." and he pour like 20 gallons of the stuff into the empty street and threw some big cotton balls down. For a few seconds nothing happened, but then one or two puffed up a caught fire. And he was like "and that's why we don't use that stuff." Then I noticed that area we were sitting on looked like it was coming apart and I said, "hey, does that stuff eat plaster?..." and he was like "No, I don't think so." Then, I looked up, and noticed the ceiling was wet, and coming apart, and then I realized that it was water. So, I looked up even more and realized this whole area I was in had a roof over it. I looked up and noticed there was a window and saw that it very much was indeed raining. So, anyways, me and this guy I was with decided to jump down onto the street and then this giant tracked thing that looked like hand vacuum came out of nowhere and started plowing through groups of people walking, and the guy was like "man that guy is a real asshole." and then the vacuum thing started chasing us. Eventually we were in sort weird warehouse-like place that was really well lit (every previously had either been dim, or dark (aside from the inside lobby place with the TVs)). There were these tons of aisles that was almost like a grocery store, but there were really wide, and had chip bags or something, so me and this guy ran around this place trying to avoid the giant vacuum thing from running into us. Then I looked at one of shelf things and saw a bunch of water bottles on the shelf. I thought about climbing into it to hide, but then my dream finally ended.



Had a dream some girl hacked a thing and was showing it off a little, and I stole it from them, and ran away. then the feds raided my house, but they didn't find anything.


At first I was in this lego-y game sort place that had destructible buildings and I was breaking into a skyscraper, and someone was saying something about the money already being gone, but no one had gotten to the big one yet, so I went anyways. Then, I was a really modern building and there was some event going on, but the camera someone was using was weird and had cow-themed buttons for some reason and I made people laugh by pointing that out. Then, I had to leave, went to some elevator and had a realization "some girl promised me she'd be with me for two hours" or something. but then I had to piss really bad, but the elevator was more like a levitating glass balcony, so I pissed off the edge. Then, when I got down there were a bunch of people and they were like "wow, you sure had to piss. now it smells all lemony down here." And then I was in a really cool futurist art deco city, and I was this rich dude, but I think I was getting scammed by some con artist, so I left in a taxi and my new butler complained about how I was shaving wrong. Then, I wandered into a building but my butler had suggested I get some "ta-te surgery" which was something rich people did where they got some sort of band wrapped around their eye so that their eyes would become more expressive. but I noped out of that, and walked into a different room and then talked with a dentist, but I was back to being my usual self. but then my arch nemesis business guy came and played a trick on me and said I had to beat some sort of arcade game thing or they'd do the eye thing to me. I played a little bit and I think I lost, but then I woke up.


I was with my parents and got into an argument with my father (he died a couple years ago). He tried to hit me with a left hook, I ducked under and gave him a right hook to his face. My mom tried to intervene. He took a butter knife and stabbed her in the foot with it, causing her to bleed profusely. She's screaming at me to call 911. Instead I grapple him, take his back, and choke him out until he passes out. Kind of a fucked up dream but I am proud that I was able to handle it well.


can't remember, but I think i've had dreams like that


File:__coa_and_ogiue_chika_gens….jpg (360.62 KB,500x750)

most recent dream was about work
don't even remember what i was trying to write but it was some code for work and if i didn't finish the task today I'd get fired


had a dream where I was at an amusement park and I kept doing the same ride that did this corkscrew at the peakish that was really slow, more importantly two of the seiyuu from love live sunshine were there and I talked with them about my favorite love live songs

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