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File:d9835800d8e9f5e2532ee09dcc….jpg (184.57 KB,595x900)

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Drinking to ring in the new month! It's still early enough for that probably I think


File:1325280009653608449.webm (869.7 KB,720x720)

just drank three glass beer while playib games all night and now im gonna sleep
see you in the afteenon qa


I think I'm drunk. I dunno. Would bump if I was sure.

Haven't had whiskey in a while and I already downed half a bottle of it.


File:56377224_p0.jpg (654.09 KB,700x941)

drank a glass of peach tree schnaps now that's a good al/qa/hol that anyone can drink, tastes amazing and doesn't burn at all on the way down


File:Wakako-zake - 04 [BD][1080….jpg (289.29 KB,1920x1080)

Eatin some chicken and Biiru


File:64863245_p0.jpg (1.6 MB,1075x1518)

>Necromancy is unbecoming.


i have drank nearly $200 worth of hard liquor in the past month

time to dry out


hopefully you were drinking fancy whisky or something and not bottom shelf vodka


it's usually mid grade stuff; frankly other than the absolute worst dogshit stuff the rest is just branding and placebo


File:toguro straight edge.png (279.71 KB,500x371)


so hear me out
some spiked grape juice and saltine crackers
best combination


File:madoka cric.png (505 KB,560x917)

on the bevvies watching the cricket


Going to drink some Ginger beer while I play Genshin Impact.


File:1469726583355.jpg (40 KB,500x500)

I swear I didnt make a thread last light


File:[Erai-raws] Gochuumon wa U….jpg (196.56 KB,1280x720)

My angels of inebriety, here to carry me off into heaven!


File:57393471_p0.png (1.42 MB,1200x1235)

Time to finish catching up on seasonals with some beer and kamuy!


Drinking to bring in the new month!
Drinking to ring out the old month!
Drinking to toast and proclaim our hopes for the future!
Drinking to reflect on the days past!
Drinking because a friend is drinking!
Drinking because I haven't drank anything!
Drinking because I've been drinking!


Why does that cup have bumps?


they're usually to help with gripping a glass, but that one has a handle and those seem too big anyways.


They're the exact diameter of her nipples so you can press it against them and make her nipples all hard and lickable.


a-are soft nipples not as lickable then?


drinking wine


Never got drunk ONCE IN MY LIFE but I'm bumping this thread anyways AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME


dont worry, ill drink for you. merry christmas


File:hairmetal.jpg (2.51 MB,4608x3456)

vodka and beer!


that doll is kinda hot...


File:bald!.jpg (2.34 MB,4608x3456)

I ordered the wrong sized wig so now I need to wait until the new one comes to give her proper hair...ordered her a new dress too


File:1609612125865.jpg (14.58 KB,191x177)

drinking some beer heh


Still very cute even when bald. Wow!
How much was she?


I wanted to order some Bernkastel wine for New Year's Eve, but alas I forgot..


That is not the kind of question you ask about a lady.


I like her boots, though it makes me wonder why she's wearing boots at all with an outfit like that.


the body 4,800 yen. the maid dress was 3,200 yen and her boots where 1,600 yen.
I thought the boots kinda fit the dress.


File:1609970873434.jpg (675.92 KB,2632x2736)

time to kick back, drink, and watch some gundam


she should have a pair of mary janes though!
combat boots are for when she being punk. www


Wow, that's surprisingly reasonable. I'm used to people posting pictures of the ones that are in the thousands


nice think I might get some beers and rewatch 0083 this arvo


parabox is pretty reasonably priced. plus shes 1/6 scale so shes a lot smaller than the expensive ones people get


File:20210107_193703.jpg (349.82 KB,1000x1433)

now with proper sized hair!




File:1426336727314.jpg (248.88 KB,600x600)

I can finally drink again! Time to get shitfaced.


not really a fan of short hair but this is really good


she seems quite satisfied with it!


File:20210111_043952.jpg (468.74 KB,1000x1333)

the new season of non non biyori does not disappoint


nice, picked up a six pack of the 500ml asahi cans gonno get stuck into the first episode tonight


very nice poster you have there


very nice poster you are there




some big shoelaces for a big girl


if they where any smaller I might of gone crazy trying to tie them


File:niggy.png (174.56 KB,295x366)

drinking cheap beer. why am i drinking on a tuesday night? heh...i wonder


File:Legend.of.the.Galactic.Her….jpg (90.45 KB,960x720)

Trying my hand at spiked black tea again after an earlier failure in which I tried mixing it with whiskey to create the most bitter taster imaginable. This time I'm using half a shot of rum and brewed my tea for half the normal length I normally do, on top of that I waited for the tea to be brewed before adding in the alcohol this time. Hopefully the result is more in line with something satisfying to drink.


Yang Wenli doesn't make his own tea, he leaves that to Julian and Frederica. He always asks for "plenty" of alcohol in it but they only put "a little", inadvertently giving it just enough a taste Yang thinks he's consuming a large quantity of alcohol with his tea.


the thought of drinking and getting drunk makes me feel nauseous
i know im gonna do it this week


File:1401260487903.jpg (228.37 KB,850x1138)

Drinking some ZUN approved Hitachino white ale


Their red rice ale is the best flavor imo
I went to their brewery in Tokyo twice.


File:20210116_072438.jpg (350.48 KB,1000x1282)



That really is a cute doll, especially for its price


I should doublebump this because I'm fucking slammed and will continue to be.


File:1594266161808.jpg (30.48 KB,640x480)

alright here's the other bump


File:[SubsPlease] Non Non Biyor….jpg (133.04 KB,1280x720)

Had some rum and watched the latest episode of Non Non Boson.

Seems like you had a fun night


File:86201292_p0.png (1.29 MB,1440x1800)

made myself some beermosas


File:[SubsPlease] Gekidol - 06 ….jpg (98.68 KB,1280x720)

Decided to take a break from sobriety with some Ginger Rum


That's a hella rad bird


I've been drinking stoli again aaaaaaa.


Just have a fun drunk tiem


File:what-9.jpg (422.1 KB,700x800)



File:1939b35c4c185e26438dcec40f….png (462.2 KB,1155x749)

My toaster toasted (my old computer overheated) so I finally replaced it. Now that I have most stuff working again on the new system, I'm celebrating with some super girly vodka + dry ice + crystal light sorbet.


What's girly vodka?


it becomes girly after being diluted to 10% alcohol, mixed with crystal light (raspberry flavor best, fruit punch also works well) at 4 times the normal concentration, then frozen by addition of ground dry ice
and by girly I mean delicious


as for what girly vodka is, it would have to be those bottles of vodka sold with fruity flavors added, so this stuff could be called girly vodka, frozen


Oh, I figured something silly that that. I don't understand how a drink can be girly. Girly drinks are the ones that don't taste like fire so those are the ones I'd like


They're called "girly" because you're supposed to burn your throat with them


"them" being in reference to drinks, because being able to tolerate the burn is "manly"


Yeah, it's so stupid..


File:__ibuki_suika_touhou_drawn….png (2.63 MB,1378x2039)

I wrestled with this too until I discovered non-faggy drinks that DON'T taste like shit. Gin & Tonics, White/Black Russians, and Moscow Mules. All of them taste pretty good, try em today!


Ever had Cyprus Brandy?
Comparatively little alcohol and it tastes sweet.


Finished all my goals for the week, and finally got to finishing most of the small creative projects I had in mind, now I'm indulging myself on Rum and Jo'ing.


File:2f03c30518360795cda0ad6463….jpg (126.8 KB,768x1170)

woke up at 6am and cracked a guinness
it's a good breakfast beer, lower alcohol, low carbonation, drunk at room temperature and the flavour is similar to coffee



File:1440480301635.jpg (98.81 KB,1280x720)



File:67100556_p0.jpg (436.17 KB,750x600)

Japanese are geniuses, fish and beer go pretty fuckin' well with each other


For all these years I've been dismissing beer as something that just tastes bitter and has little flavor to it. However just today I discovered Cider beers and they were absolutely delicious. Maybe all this time I was just drinking the wrong beers.


drank 2 glasses of Californian 15% wine


File:[SubsPlease] Hige wo Soru.….jpg (149.2 KB,1280x720)

Wow spiced rum and Dr. Pepper go great together, who would've known.


File:chinese electric hobo batm….gif (1008.65 KB,500x280)



File:1529407524512.png (88.13 KB,390x377)

Lots of negative thoughts swirling around my head lately. Need to purge them with some alcohol.


File:20210603_072658.jpg (603.1 KB,1600x1200)

almost done unpacking and its time to relax and drink some beer!


What's /qa/'s favorite rum? I'm a big fan of Captain Morgan's spiced rum. It's a nice cinnamon-y flavor to go down with the burning alcohol that makes it somewhat pleasant


It's her again, the cute BJD! But her eyes look less glossy... hmmmm, maybe not?


File:ecda266bf69d2c5c452a2e1adb….jpg (248.88 KB,600x600)



hey when my /qa/ tab goes to (-1) or (-2) etc. does this mean someone is deleting their post or something?

I had a cocktail of some sort earlier so this is definitely on topic.


implies deleted, but the actual way the numbers work depends on which ui.


File:20210603_225036.jpg (561.27 KB,1600x1200)

she has a big sister now


gunslinger girl right next to jashin... really nice collection there




she' HUGE dude!!!


File:1438024729775.jpg (53.24 KB,1280x720)

Hear me out, HEAR ME OUT!

Peach Iced Tea
Peach Tree Schnaps

Genius, right?


That's not a big sister, that's a huge sister!


File:1515771085028.jpg (100.59 KB,1000x1000)

mite b drunk


what should I drink to celebrate the passing of the month?


File:1530319903481.png (1.61 MB,1330x1017)

Some nice sake



i've recently been drinknig bad apple juice aka hard cider


File:[Sae-nce]_Hidamari_Sketch_….jpg (99.6 KB,1280x720)

What are some good anime to watch while drunk so I can activate the secret drunk super energy?


File:IMG_20210701_011447769.jpg (3.9 MB,5344x3006)

Making frozen goodness again!


For me, being drunk makes things funnier so anything that's a comedy works well.


File:[Doki] Kono Subarashii Sek….jpg (31.2 KB,366x258)

I quit drinking... and I'll have to quit again tomorrow.


File:1216381747526.gif (48.05 KB,1185x770)

I need to drink more


File:[Commie] Teekyuu - 74 [5E9….jpg (123.46 KB,1280x720)

Finished today's Captain Morgan and the rest of Teekyuu I hadn't watched. When is Millipese graduating from shoving humans into my face when I want to see spiders to making more of this?


File:1600189292951.gif (216.61 KB,229x360)

Had a few cups of fruit punch from 4th of July but didn't realize how spiked it was so I ended up drinking around 1/2 a (large) red solo cup worth of vodka.


did it feel good?


File:2czYe.png (449.06 KB,685x665)

Actually, no. It felt awful and I had to take a nap because my head was killing me. Make sure you know how much alcohol is in your drinks before drinking them...


File:1541810398402.jpg (141.62 KB,1280x720)

Kill me Baby or Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei if you're in the mood for comedy. Hakumei to Mikochi if you want to take it easy. And speaking of taking it easy, HakuMiko reminds me a bit of Touhou.


>HakuMiko reminds me a bit of Touhou.
He did Toho doujinshi under 'Musya Prune'.


What's /qa/'s recommended cider beer? Was thinking about going to get some but don't know which brand I'd go for, looking for something that'd remind me a bit more of a fruity soft drink than beer.


File:1445963141336.jpg (297.4 KB,1550x1550)

You sure alcohol is the preferred substance for that first one?


File:kom2.png (992.53 KB,800x600)

To Heart 2, a couple of pilsners and some overly sweet coffee liqueur since I ran out of beer. Easy days~ Relaxing days~

On different note, Komaki is so moe I think my heart might explode.


my head hurts and i had too much


File:ezgif-3-9871ab5af2dc.gif (715.81 KB,609x511)

i'm so hecking drunk
drinking brandy
tfw no kissu gf (male) to watch anime and shitpost on kissu with


oi mate I'll fecking knock flat on yer arse if yew try shitpostin on me beloved kisser, ya haer BOY?!


File:ezgif-2-526e10a033be.gif (1.4 MB,800x840)

words words words
we gonna kiss or what?


File:Shion.(No.6).full.1173535.jpg (207.98 KB,583x757)

I had a single glass of a blueberry/lime mojito and was sick for two days, alcohol bad. It was also insanely bitter but I like it - reminds me that I still have senses.


File:[Mori] Wakako-zake - 04 [8….jpg (149.58 KB,1280x720)

I've decided the only way I'll be able to finally install linux on a separate drive is if I'm drunk enough to forget all my hesitations and worries over what could happen. Any recommended drinks for this?


File:EfCA125XoAUzGi3.jpg (81.79 KB,1200x554)

typically get trashed on a friday night
saturday's a write off, sunday is peaceful
monday after work rolls around "might have a couple quiet ones" end up getting trashed..
tuesday at work as expected is grim af
"why must i keep doing this"


I wish I could drink vodka like a madman again.


File:1517283844415.jpg (55.03 KB,640x480)

i can't recommend you any drinks, but if you do install linux, please let me know how it went, i'm also thinking about installing linux, so i'd want to know your impressions and observations


Not him but I moved myself a week ago or so.
Autoinstalled ethernet drivers on my first distro (pop os) were bugged, they fell off on restart but were fine on shutdown/power on, also had to toggle my soundcard to a different mode but other than that everything worked out of the box. I only used it for 2-3 days and moved on, felt too barebones for me.

Now I'm on manjaro and after fuckery with partitions (ntfs doesn't work for steamplay/proton) it works just fine.
Didn't have to install any drivers other than adding ethernet proprietary drivers to open source ones (gui toggle) just in case, and switching a thing for the soundcard again.
After that it's just messing around with system settings to configure it however you want.


File:(clipboard)1628410888596.png (1.09 MB,1366x768)

I have switched in my laptop for a while, I really like it.


File:EQyLsRjVUAEcCu9.jpg (93.11 KB,707x900)

I almost bought a cheap thinkpad a few days ago to play with linux on but I lost a bid. Linux is neat but pretty lame as your main desktop OS if you play any games or do anything really outside of internet browsing. Speaking of games, fighting games plus alcohol are a horrible mix.


File:1443595415364.png (1.23 MB,3840x1080)

I like to make my linux look like windows


File:1628575301526.jpg (221.04 KB,1280x720)

going to the supermarket just to buy two tins of high strength beer
among working mothers, kids, old people

the walk of shame

they dont stock it at the liquor store..


File:1602958121572.gif (1.23 MB,800x800)

I love your doll so much, her little vespa and beer just brought the biggest smile to my face!!


File:[HorribleSubs] Uzaki-chan….webm (306.62 KB,1280x720)

Have you considered ordering online?


File:time to get trashed.jpg (135.48 KB,1280x720)

not feasible
it doesnt bother me too much actually


File:20210811_051639.jpg (1.04 MB,2560x1440)

thanks dude


             ヽ                ,r..、                      ,..ィ'' /
           ヽ\              f::::::::\,,            /.Y"l.,,,   ,ィ'"  /
              ヽ__\                l::::::::::::::::"ヽ、   _,,.... -ト"/  /ーy'"  /
             ヽ.\       ,.,.....-''''"""""''ー---...,,_:::::::::::::\l  ///   /
               ヽ-''''''\   ,.ィ'":::::::::::::::::"""::::::::::::::::::::::::\:::::::::::::X イ     /
                    ヽ   y.''":::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ヽ ,.ィ' ヽヽ ,,ィ"
                   ヽ:/::::::::::::::::::::::::::/:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,..ィ'''"      /":|
                    / ::::/:::::::::::::::::::::/l:::::::::::l:::::::::::::ヽ:ヽ´      ,..ィ':::::::::::|
                / ::::/ ::/::: ::::/|::/ l ::、::::::|l:ヽ::::::::::ヽ:ヽ  ,,...ィ":::l::::::::::::::::|
                  ‖ :/:: :/ :::,,.ィ1/ |:l: :ヽ.,,_l::lヽ :: ::::ヽ:ヽ"::::::::l:::::ト、::::::::::/
                 /l:::l::|::: :| ::l´/ |/  l‖::::/`l''ト、 ::::::::lヾ::l::::::::::::l:::::| `ヽ、/
                 /::|::l::|ハ:::|:::|‖ァミ,,  ヽハ /,,,,,,,,,,, ヾ ::::|::|::|::::::::::::|::::|
               |ハ::|:ヽ:|:ハf |:'::::|`   ' O::::ヽ"'i|:/::::l:|::|:::::::::::|::::|
               l|ヾ|:::ヽハ::|ヾ::::ノ      |::::::::l  "ハ::ノl:::||::::::::::l::::|
                 ! ヽ::___,,.l/// 、     `''''"‐´ l::::レ::::::l::::::::::::|:::|
                      / r‐'::\     ////// l::::::::|::::l:::::::::::::::::|
                c ./ l、,.-i:::::`. 、 ヽ    ,,.'ィ''"l::::::::|::/|::::::::::::::::ヘ
                  f 、`ヽ |::::::::ヽ `.ー "´ ,.-.'rl::::::::|:::::|:,::::::l::::::::ヾ
                 ,/. 、.ミy人、:::::::ヽヽミミ〉〈-ィ1:::::::::|:::イl..,::::|::::::::::ヾ
              〈´ l ー‐y´/、ヽヽ:::::::l  /::∧::\|::::::::::::::::|.r"\::::::::::lヽ
                ヽy.,  ィ1ィィr" |:::::::::l〈::::::∧::::::〉l::::::::::::::l r   ヽ:::::::::l ヽ
                   〉、'''''''__/   y|l:::::::l:|;〉y::| lヽ〈 ヽ__/ L   ヽ::::::ヽ ヾ
              //〈〉"""\ ヽ/|::::::l.ノ l-、l ヽ'-! /`ー'ヽ /     ヽ::::ヽ .ヾ
               ト/(y)   .r.!/ .l::::/./  | 0|   |::::::::::::|y\    ヽ::ヽ ヾ
                 l } {―-´ ∧ |y ノ   | .|   l::::::::::::l.|::::::ヽ    ヽ:ヽ l:ヽ
              l  } {  | / .| `      .| 0|    ヽ::::::/l:::::::::::ヽ    ヽ:l | ::l
                  | { }  .!/  l       | |     ノ::/ l::::::::::::::::〉r    〉l .|::::|
              ヽ }{ ./   ヽ      |0.| / ´  ノ:::::::::::::::/    /::| .|:::|
                  ヽ|y|r'    |      | |      〉::::::::::r´"`ーr-、/:::::| .l::/
                  ]|       |hr''ミ.....,,,⊥,入...---‐'0ト、::::::::y,,,,,,/   ヽ_::/.//
                  | ]   ,,..ィ'入!ュ O_旦_)|__O.-‐'''^`ゝく" ̄`",, ..ィ::/:/
                〉l /    /      ヾllヽ、,,,,  人π, 〈ー、,.|o::::://
                /:|:\〉入 /     -‐´ Hト-.!-Yタ/ 、 `´ 〈、|ヾヽ´
             /::::::::|:::::ヽ/ー―-,, o ,..ィヘ..,ヾヽ ,ィヘー´ヽ   ヽnヾヽ
            く::::::::::::::l::::::::::ヽ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ヾl:::::::::::::::::::::ヽ、  `' 〉.ヾヽ
             X:::::::l:::::::/::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::}、:::::::::::::::::::::::ヽ‐‐^\ヾ }、_
            /ヘ\ ./:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ヾヽ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::r―ゝト:::::ヽ.


File:167614-pretty-blond-hd-cg-….jpg (202.1 KB,1920x1080)



File:[SubsPlease] Tantei wa Mo….webm (514.67 KB,1280x720)

drunk youmu drunk boku


File:1522015202086.png (998.69 KB,1280x720)

What constitutes as being drunk anyways. I've drank enough moscow mules to post in this thread then pass out but not enough to just type incoherent garbage. Or maybe I've just become that much of an alcoholic that I'm sane enough after all that alcohol.


I think "drunk" is just the state of mind you reach once you're impaired enough to freely act yourself without constantly thinking about what you're posting or fretting over other trivial matters.


i regret dropping this show everytime I see some media related to Siesta.......


You really shouldn't.


File:image.gif (488.43 KB,500x284)

Ah bugger, me thought it would be a lovely time to stop at the local winery since it be pouring with rain today be wetter than a chavs face after his favourite Burberry was stolen. So I arrive and I see a lass doing the stocking "right o perfect timing" so I ask the miss what wine here be not tasting like a mouthful o' the river Thames? She answered saying "this here be local, real sweet I tell ya" here be me now unable to be untrusting of a soft spoken bird I buys it like ay gonna get right tossed! Bring it home and....it taste like piss! How am I to enjoy me teleprograms when I gots to down a drink that taste like what prince Henry the 5th breathe smells like!? Also what kinda local? This what east London enjoys!?


Done with gaming, time to get on with posting. Now how much should I drink...


Makes sense. Whenever I've been drinking lately I never really get there and it's been bugging me. Might need to increase the pace.


File:1534636968069.jpg (39.05 KB,600x338)

I've got Peach Schnapps but I don't know what to mix it with AAAAA!

Maybe lemon-lime soda, they're both fruits so maybe that'd work out?


drunk, crying


File:14717926_p0.jpg (1.77 MB,2200x2832)

Who needs to mix drinks when you can just down them from the bottle...

Happy friday nite /qa/!


File:1575340254210.jpg (58.47 KB,284x284)

Tea with a splash of limoncello is really nice. Coffee and Advocaat is good too.


File:5d1e262947044a98772482c4fe….png (1.44 MB,1830x2441)

ne kissus, what's your favorite beer?




File:7fe7a99797fa27d11a35a78a36….jpg (133.61 KB,800x1129)

Got beer and wings, yep it's stream time


File:1461896368788.png (168.69 KB,575x446)



File:20210906_054847.jpg (4 MB,4608x2592)

cut back my drinking quite a bit but tonight is a night off so its time to drink!


pilsner urquell


That theme just there to listen to, or were you playing some drunken GG too?


I was playing a bit but I try to avoid playing when drinking since dropping floors feels bad.


File:81883059_p0.png (1.59 MB,1080x1080)

It feels bad, but then pummeling your way back up feels good, so it evens itself out.


been too sick to drink all week; hate it.


true, who do you main?


There are a few people who own this game. If you want then could easily make a lobby.


I feel like shit so I'm going to drink the night away.


File:cute-animals-kissing-valen….jpg (83.27 KB,880x560)



File:[SubsPlease] Jahy-sama wa ….jpg (188.34 KB,1280x720)

me 'an kway drinkin to happy days!

(Also stockpiled myself some summer shandy's for the winter)


File:[SubsPlease] Isekai Shokud….jpg (130.21 KB,1280x720)

Me pouring a big 'ol glass of Blue Moon, man I love citrus


File:1510272481074.jpg (80.9 KB,803x505)

Are vodka + X drinks for people who don't like the taste of alcohol? My monster just tastes watered down now, and I did put in a good amount of vodka. Still good though. Might make another one.


File:1519744436101.gif (176.72 KB,360x240)

How many calories are there in vodka? I feel a little bad for feeling so good.


File:firefox_Iboc2GgNJb.png (7.54 KB,725x236)

Fairly low actually. At least for how much you'd be drinking probably, since nobodies going to drink 10 Oz of vodka in a day unless they're trying to get blackout drunk...


File:1605848948261.png (112.72 KB,221x304)

I have a fairly high alcohol tolerance, so if understand google's Oz to cl conversion correctly, I might have drunk close to 10 Oz by now.

Oh well, I guess I'll do some curls tomorrow. It won't burn off all of the cals, but at the very least I will mentally mentally feel a little better about chugging down those monster and ice tea-infused cals.


That's about 10 shots anonymous... You wouldn't happen to be Russian would you...?


File:1541365458110.jpg (149.61 KB,600x803)

I'm not Russian... Nor am I Finnish. In fact, the people here are known in the Nordic-sphere for being terrible drinkers, but I am apparently the exception. Cheers.


unless you're drinking them back to back thats not a lot of vodka. a shot is 1.5 oz, so its like 6-7 shots worth. you drink all that within an hour you might be fucked but over a night of drinking I'd drink 2 to 3 times that.


File:159841372553.jpg (193.49 KB,1920x1080)

>nobodies going to drink 10 Oz of vodka in a day

glances around nervously..
drunk 350ml friday evening in bed after a 4 unit tin of beer on the way home..


File:20211004_032214.jpg (899.09 KB,2560x1440)

drank a bottle of wine, time for the beeru. going to be getting shrooms soon.


don't abuse substances, enjoy them


File:1420992606943.gif (576.74 KB,500x500)

dont tell me what to do


File:85ea0427b132f4374ffae78473….png (5.42 KB,384x384)

just drank my first bottle of beer after no alcohol for the last 3-4 years!


What kind and how was it?


File:ba414032416ce06afc0cd00eff….png (17.3 KB,416x448)

citrus wheat ale
it tasted pretty good


File:57720633_p0.png (495.53 KB,800x800)

Great choice for a return, citrus beer's my favorite. In fact, I'm having some right now!


File:[SubsPlease] Isekai Shokud….jpg (264.52 KB,1920x1080)

new ep of shokudou new beer


File:935a48d18d68cb54a246b054e3….png (157.03 KB,717x1000)

drinking some cheap beer tonight


File:71964775_p0.png (720.06 KB,1418x1695)

beer and diablo 2


Nice, I'll probably be doing the same after finishing up some anime and deciding whether cracklin' oat bran would make a good dinner while drunk




File:59255207_p0.jpg (221.02 KB,600x714)

instant noodles, beer, diablo 2


File:[SubsPlease] Senpai ga Uz….webm (708.51 KB,1280x720)

It's time... to sift through new anime and find the good ones!


heafhshfh u fucksssssssss i cant contrsoll my sefl loll usually i get angry when im drsunks mbut not todauy


File:64442820_p0.jpg (713.09 KB,1269x1791)

Are you okay? Maybe you should lay down or something.


File:D8xuuk1UcAEvlgH.jpg (111.34 KB,801x1200)

drinking jim beam


File:34256128_p0.png (286.27 KB,615x763)

birthday beer, birthday diablo 2


File:ecda266bf69d2c5c452a2e1adb….jpg (248.88 KB,600x600)

sloggin' my way though the acts of poe


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (184.8 KB,1280x720)



File:06113999B7174C67895C45804C….gif (1.75 MB,500x500)

happy birthday.


birthday fun
birthday frens
i'll open a drink too to celebrate!


File:1589042992513.png (339 KB,1101x508)


Actually speeding and drinking through PoE with a new character that'll hopefull not disappoint me as much as the last one did.


File:beer.jpg (215.72 KB,496x622)

puuahhh! biiru umai


File:1523556744665.webm (2.91 MB,960x540)

Kissu is awfully slow tonight. Is everyone watcahing the stream?

About to finish my 5th can.


yeah, weekends are a usual catchup time for me since i've been gaming a whole lot lately and got behind on seasonals...


Everyone is out hitting the club.


File:1634985961589.jpg (235.55 KB,800x894)

Drinking the night away. I wish I was a kid again... There's nothing good about being an adult, except maybe alcohol.


File:61659140_p0.png (923.44 KB,640x853)

4/qa/ finally dead, gonna drink and celebrate


File:49217886_p0.jpg (587.67 KB,1000x750)

Had some chicken wings and tropical IPA today. I think it was a bit too bitter to be one of my favorites, but it wasn't really bad per say. The wings on the other hand were great got some hot ones left that are in the fridge so I can eat them later. I think I'll finish off the last of my Summer Shandy's with them.


File:1297462620974.jpg (422.1 KB,700x800)

Drunk and I don't know why


love this image


File:1542579956294.png (363.66 KB,1024x768)

I think you may have consumed some alcohol.
It happens sometimes.


it could even happen to you


File:92943814_p0.jpg (390.6 KB,869x1228)

gonna have some sake


File:[AOmundson] Aria - The Ani….png (2.07 MB,1424x1064)

aria hits hardest a few in


File:Side.jpeg (54.83 KB,462x461)

Bumping because OP said so. Even if I could do it for the past 4 days.


fake chinese mokou


File:1576208784747.gif (779.64 KB,400x400)

want ramen


Ramen is good, but I feel like it probably destroys your insides if you eat too much of it.


File:[Exiled-Destiny]_Negima_2_….png (327.71 KB,853x480)

want ramen


I think that's only if you eat shitty maruchan instant ramen. Other ramen is fine.


Hmm. I dunno. I remember looking a while ago and it seemed like even the more "premium" stuff still had a lot of sodium in it. I suppose the only "healthy" ramen is the ramen you make yourself from ingredients you have.


File:1548531273373.jpg (397.75 KB,896x716)

Yeah ramen is good but it's not 20-minute-train-ride-to-neighbouring-city good.


I don't know if my first ramen i tried was in a shitty restaurent but it wasn't that good.


File:[grimf] Muteki Kanban Musu….jpg (249.76 KB,1280x720)


I used to hate drinking but ive started having a few drinks at night to game and watch anime with a buzz and I actually like drinking now
got full on drunk with my family for christmas dinner and now im drunk again watching the last episode of that taisho loli wife show


File:[AOmundson] Aria - The Ani….png (2.23 MB,1424x1064)


File:[AOmundson] Aria - The Ani….png (2.21 MB,1424x1064)


File:[AOmundson] Aria - The Ani….png (2.31 MB,1424x1064)


File:[AOmundson] Aria - The Ani….png (2.07 MB,1424x1064)

merry christmas kissu


merry kissumasu


File:08 - My First Time Reminis….jpg (109.6 KB,1280x720)

I was grilling and drinking and I thought I wasnt that drunk so I chugged half a beer and then it all hit me at once and ive been trying to be less drunk
maybe after this oven pizza i will be


Unlike everyone I knew, I made it a point *not* to drink water when I got drunk. Ended up getting hangovers before I went to sleep, so yeah, not drinking water is the way to go.


File:44616592.gif (537.35 KB,846x516)


Did you guys know that Einstein was a cousin fucker?


did you know that your url is designed for mobile devices.
(and in a thread about drinking)


Didn't know.

Posted from my iPhone® using the NekoMimiPro® app.


File:1640989488378.gif (103.09 KB,500x500)

Drinking to ring in the new year


File:1591907465177.png (6.33 KB,181x215)

drinking to start the new year


File:__hakurei_reimu_touhou_dra….jpg (218.02 KB,1075x1518)

Not even noon but I'm already stronger than my soberness.




File:IMG_20220110_152021.jpg (887.94 KB,1440x2560)

drunk and got more beer


File:__hakurei_reimu_touhou_dra….jpg (492.37 KB,717x1012)

Drinking Sangria, all is good.


File:[CsS] ARIA The CREPUSCOLO ….png (4.51 MB,1920x1080)



wanna drink sum sake out of reimu's cleavage


File:2e38f7c46cc83ae3209f7b7f8d….jpg (105.17 KB,560x881)

Speakin' of Sake think I'm gonna have a few cups right now


File:1641957025058.jpg (41.68 KB,315x346)

multi-bump drinking dato?!


File:20220115_173824.jpg (2.25 MB,3125x1836)

Tiny little guinness.


File:1279893670039.png (346.9 KB,512x512)

drinking cheap beer


File:__ibuki_suika_touhou_drawn….jpg (170.29 KB,900x900)

Bought more Sangria. Initially I didn't expect it to be that great.


ok let's beer


File:f1191b94891ecebdc364521b24….mp4 (17.27 MB,512x384)

Oh intense! (^ω^)


I drank too much sugary alcoholic beverages over holiday yasumi and my belly fat potentially grew a little bit not 100% sure but I think it defiantly did and despite that it’s really not noticeable and I’m definitely still considered skinny I hate it so I bought beer instead
anyway im a bit drunk

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