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previous one on limit bumper


Beach Yamame



I dunno how others feel, but you should really wait until the thread falls off the board before making a new one in my opinion.


hey alright


but how am i gonna show people what i'm listening to otherwise? nobody uses the catalog.




this show has a pretty good ost for something that doesn't exist










File:07. 紅楼にて.mp3 (11.07 MB)

Today is my birthday.


happy basuday



File:magnolia eclair.mp4 (23.48 MB,640x360)

You could've bumped the thread and I would've wished you a happy birthday, now its too late, baka...! nice song btw


It was also mine yesterday those are some slim odds...




File:02. oblivious.flac (32.29 MB)




Very good album.



Damn, just realized that video isn't working. Let's try again.






File:1390271764330.jpg (546.96 KB,1180x840)




File:Screenshot_2020-11-03 qa ….png (402.17 KB,1506x2526)


File:06. Sagitta luminis.flac (30.14 MB)


Think I'm gonna download some city pop albums, any recommendations /qa/?





Kissu needs some 'oldies'. I really love it when songs have great lyrics, which is unfortunately quite rare. These songs always remind me being in the car with my mom and/or dad


I unironically prefer this version


Shima shima shimashimashimapan (hentai! hentai!)


When I first watched Kara no Kyokai, this really left an impact on me. Such a rare feeling that anime hasn't given me really since.








i know it's a norm song but it's extremely catchy, can't stop listening to it




Pretty soon your dead
You can't pretend, you can't deny..
Forget the times
Weeks and days from long time ago
That is what the pictures are for
So that you can clear your mind from the past




All my life I thought the lyrics went "he moves in space with minimum wage", but apparently it's "waste".




love micker


Lufia! Did you ever play the DS "remake"? It's a completely different genre, which is really bizarre, but I still liked it. Not as good as the originals, but it was an interesting take on things at least


No, I didn't. Just the fact that they shitted up the character designs was enough to turn me off from it. That track doesn't sound bad though.






File:BGC Tokyo 2040 OST 2 12 In….mp4 (20.1 MB,1280x720)


Ponkichi is underrated









File:21. Decretum.mp3 (4.23 MB)


this cover is actually better than the original


One of my favorite songs. Please give it a listen. Great lyrics, great instruments, great everything.
I'm not sure why this was uploaded last month, maybe the rights changed hands (stupid suits profiting off talented people)





The original already sounds like an 80s song, when I first heard it I actually thought it was from the 80s




have seen deafheaven a couple of times and they're so incredibly good live that this recording should be proof that the upcoming live album is going to be good if the audiotree recordings weren't enough



The guitar is a magical instrument



Matta ashita yahoo









Oh damn I missed my chance to post this in Oct oh well, Hail Satan regardless.






don't usually listen to videogame music but this is good.




I Drive.


fuwa fuwa



just discovered this through the get on /mu/ nobody cared about


always liked traumend's op best



No other band has managed to reinvent krautrock as successfully before or since.


I'm glad I got to hear this.


File:03. もふ.mp3 (5.62 MB)

mofu mofu




that anime was good, I might rewatch it. oh and embed the vid the next time or i rage.



Dumb song can't stop listening to it


Holy shit I forgot about this guy.



this video makes me happy every time i watch it i love anime happy lucky smile yay






help me, i can't stop flooding this thread with CH tracks


File:yankee doodle has a baito.webm (3.8 MB,1280x720)

kept listening to this trying to figure out where i herd the melody before and finally realized it's Yankee Doodle




squirrel can really sing


With my feet upon the ground
I lose myself between the sounds
And open wide to suck it in
I feel it move across my skin
I'm reaching up and reaching out
I'm reaching for the random or
Whatever will bewilder me
Whatever will bewilder me
And following our will and wind
We may just go where no one's been



Sounds like the Kemono Friends OP at the end




stolen from the big g


sigh i miss tatsuki











10 years....





youtube suddenly recommending this to me again













glad someone enjoyed my request



This was in a radio stream in gikopoi. I thought it was from a When They Cry, but nope. Sounds like a hybrid of 'You' and a few other tracks, doesn't it?


huh, it really does. 1:10 sounds very similar to "You"


Who are your favorite music uploaders /qa/?



15th anniversary today






this guy is based, his recent stuff is pretty good too


best fighting game

the ones who fought the good fight posting restricted music and got their channels banned


based on a true story?


based on english. using past participles as adjectives is pretty common


Iczer-3 may not be worth watching, but it's worth listening to its soundtrack.


File:based on gay manga.jpg (21.42 KB,322x181)




listened to this all night for some reason


that's the nanahira spell for ya


day in the life of a NEET, meant to upload this banger




new nanao


really like this channel






File:2 - Riot Orgel.mp3 (8.51 MB)


that's intense man




hit bump limit faster


There's still a while until then.






Struck again by a familiar feel of melancholia and nostalgia






Out of nowhere I wanted to hear this again so I've been listening to it for an hour on loop. I'm so glad handhelds had self-illumination since then







Posted this in /jp/ in a thread, but I want to officially post it here too. Shinmyoumaru is probably my favorite 2hu and her theme is really fantastic. Starting about five years ago I would search for a good vocal doujin track of it, but never had much luck since I find those doujin release sites and their often temporary uploads too stressful.
Well, a couple years ago I found this one. I should maybe try to get into doujin music seriously, but there seems like so much work involved these days...


more for the video as a whole than just the music


I like this one



Can you compress it? You know, lossily.


But then it'll be affected by rotational velocidensity...



File:07 Ultimate Terror.mp3 (7.59 MB)

Favorite boss theme. Pretty underrated among the game's ost.


Truly a work of pure masculine beauty.



The only song I have a perfect score on




odd that a pretty good nanahira song has such a low viewcount


Thumbnails are important.



Caught an uber and this was softly playing on the radio. Was nice.






This happened to be recommended to me, and it's really quite a nice cover, but I'm once again reminded why I dislike both the fans of vtubers and Jojo too. Ah well.


I can't tell if that is a vocaliod or just auto tune...


Huh?... Anonymous, it's neither. A vocaloid has nowhere near the vocal range or dynamic control of pitch. The only thing even close to auto-tune is just that she has an echo effect on. Y-you don't think that artists like Nanawo Akari are vocaloids, do you?



in my head all day








File:coconana OP.mp4 (10.37 MB,800x480)

just found this in one of the album folders







I'm not crying. I'm just allergic to dust. ;_;


classic otaku jam



im boppin


now here's an hour long video i'll listen to in full


File:eui26w.mp3 (9.09 MB)


File:s8x5pc.mp3 (1.63 MB)


File:09 - Katyusha.flac (10.24 MB)


File:o1et2v.flac (35.99 MB)

Audio Thumbnail update complete


nice album







Nanahira has a new album!


File:06 Rainbow Snow.flac (26.68 MB)

probably an unpopular opinion, but i think tsukagoshi has the most character here
the way he handles syncopation is very nice










Good old Weird Al, wonder if he's still making music





That's probably my favorite track on that album.


feeling the bass


File:32dlf0.mp3 (9.01 MB)


the people behind pinball machines were really good with music


love rice



So huh apparently MTV did GMV's.
I feel like a teenager again watching this..









new pinocchiop











no matter how many covers i hear nobody seems able to properly replicate the ヲヲヲヲヲヲヲ part



This is the song I was waiting to hear in the TWEWY anime. Sadly, they never used it. It's got such a nice 00s pop punk feel.



Really love this song. Reminds of being in the arcade I used to go to as a kid.



Jesus, what a tune. Gotta watch this now, there's no way something with this OP could be bad.



File:Marble.mp3 (14.94 MB)

it came with a keygen, but disappointing to see that the XM was dated back 1997...






olympic opening ceremony was all vidya music, no migu sadly



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