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File:moth.jpg (58.25 KB,640x480)


Is there a psychological explanation why things with big eyes and minimal facial features seem cute to us?


>relatively large head
>big eyes
>chubby cheeks
All elements that tend to either indicate juveniles or creatures with no intent to cause harm.
Facial feature size can be a little more complicated, some anime characters are really cute because they have above average sizes noses, and usually humans with micronoses tend to look really ugly.


yes; it's more commonly known as "moe"


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (329.05 KB,1920x1080)

IT'S EVOLUTION, BABY! Animals seem to find their young irresistible, too. Well, the ones that don't kill or eat them at least.


Is that true? Don't think my kitten's eye's are all that much bigger than my cat's. In fact, I think my cat's got larger eyes even


I'd say the facial features are more about relatability than neoteny.

Big eyes are expressive. Compare an American comic book to a Japanese manga. In the latter, you always know exactly what a character feels, even when they're making a very subtle expression, while in the former, you can only tell in close-ups, and even then it's never as vivid as it would be in a manga.

Simplistic facial features make something easier to relate to. Anyone of any age and any race can project themselves onto something with very general or abstract traits.


>Compare an American comic book to a Japanese manga

There are manga with realistic artstyles. Stop generalizing. American comics just have less variety in both art and content because it's all capeshit.


File:Bestia v01 c01-06.zip-0006….png (447.35 KB,518x827)

>Compare an American comic book to a Japanese manga


You just told someone to not generalized while also generalizing sugoi anon-chan.


It's fair to say that's true in the case of American comics. Manga has an immense amount of variety in comparison.


Imagine shitting on someone for praising something because they didn't praise it enough.

Also, even in more realistic manga, they eyes are still usually drawn bigger and more detailed than their American counterparts. Lots of American comic books barely even draw the eyes.


I wasn't shitting on you, I just thought to point out manga that look more along the lines of how realistic comics look. Although I guess even with those the eyes in American comics are still barely drawn.


It depends on what part of the industry you're talking about. The big companies put out mostly dogshit, but the smaller publishers and indies are about on par with french comics.

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