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What music has /qa/ been listening to lately?
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A shame we didn't get to hear this awesome ending song yesterday since it was cut.



Yukkuri shiteitte ne






Nise has a great ost. It makes the Bake ost sound a bit bland in comparison.




This year's TOHO BOSSA NOVA is pretty nice. I especially like this song by うこぼね that combines chiptune instrumentation with a vocal synthesizer. Desire Drive is listed as the original, but you can also hear some Old Yuanxian in there.



File:[Boomi]SugardanSen.mp4 (37.5 MB,848x480)

Sometimes, when these old songs come up in my random play, I get unreasonably sentimental.

Other times, I feel nothing.



This is pretty catchy. Great song to have in a rhythm game for sure.




Got recommended a song about touching pies.


The Lufia 2 remake on DS was quite strange. A complete genre change from typical turn-based RPG into a weird action game. Not that great in hindsight, but playable.
The soundtrack did a good job of capturing the same feel as the original but with the DS's improved audio. I like some of the songs more on the DS one, including this one.


I'm not an expert on Lufia but I read somewhere that Neverland wanted Lufia 2 (SFC) to be an action game but didn't have the technical knowhow to make one.


Since we were talking about Blasphemous allow me to demonstrate its ost. You know the composer is good when he has "Viola" in his name.



What the HELL. Can't believe no one ever mentioned that Daft Punk released a new song (last year).


The sound of spookiness


A more serious sounding spook



Radio wave song.


listening to some deer on gary rn


File:23 Beyond the Mirage - Mo….flac (20.73 MB,175x175)

Tales of Vesperia remains one of my favorite soundtracks ever.
Exciting battle themes, relaxing town themes, and emotional melodies that enhance the story.
The attached song is my favorite, it's the theme of an oasis town with a sad story behind it. Motoi Sakuraba is amazing! The youtube one is a bit noisy and I only have the flac locally, so uhh. it's 20mb.

I'm going to shove these all under a dropdown header thing so click the arrow!

[I LOVE THIS MUSIC!]Battle themes!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dDpJwQdS4Y (OPTIONAL BOSS FIGHT YEAH!)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0rXil97sv0 (emotional battle theme, when 0:33 hits...)

Amazing dungeon themes!

Town themes that heal the soul!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Esv6U2dCqc0 (okay this one is more imposing)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOLvOgzZF6E ;_;

There's more songs I like, but I already linked too many I think. I need to play ToV again.


notRenai Circulation



Never played Tales of Vesperia but enjoy listening to these, thanks!


meant diru



The final and spookiest sounding spook



File:aAcZE4s.gif (1.56 MB,500x282)



been listening to a lot of shuumatsu train songs recently (highly recommended!) but one of my favorites isn't even in the show


This is probably their least known album, this song is great however





Best theme for the best girl


File:01_ろりろりかんぱにー.mp3 (6.72 MB,175x175)

The /qa/ w*rkplace.


/maho/ theme song


Who would've thought the Dangaioh and Iczer One battle themes were part of a much larger thing.




Zoku has a great ost. This sounds like something out of a PS1 RPG.


Hmm, true it does. Anime music is kind of a bummer because you can't hear most of it due to all the talking and stuff. It's definitely the case with most of Monogatari.


File:[SubsPlease] Monogatari Se….jpg (400.85 KB,1920x1080)

>you can't hear most of it due to all the talking and stuff
Really? I'm usually able to single out the ost quite easily even through the talking and judge its quality. Monogatari especially since I love the OST is easy to listen to.

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