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File:playstation-project-q-rele….jpg (11.74 KB,480x240)


Well this is extremely lame. Instead of making a new Vita, allegedly for the last 8 years Sony had been making this stupid Wii U style in-home streaming thing. Epic.


Ah, yeah. I remember seeing this. I'd seen rumors that there'd be a handheld, but with the caveat it'd be an extremely disappointing to vita/psp users. I guess this does fit that bill pretty well. Not even sure what the purpose of this is, and didn't know the Wii-u's either, I thought that was a massive flop as well that nintendo perfected with the switch... In comparison this feels like a massive regression that I don't know who it will appeal to.


The WiiU's failure was more about colossally poor marketing that made it look like an add-on to the Wii and a lack of big name titles to push sales early on than the innate stupidity of the premise. The in-home streaming was more of a bonus feature, the main intent was to use the second screen in tandem with the TV (WarioWare and Pikmin 3 both offer unique experiences by doing this), which is not what this or the Switch do. They're either/or affairs that seem to exist for the sole purpose of killing the handheld gaming console off for good.


File:PSP-3000-VPN1-3167327560.jpeg (122.31 KB,1280x784)

I just wish some company would remake the PSP3000 with a more powerful well known chip so that you could emulate N64 and PS2/GC/Wii without any lag and have lots of software supported by porting open source linux emulators, tools, and games. Most Linux supported games would be playable with some keypad mapping so they could be released through a proprietary online store by the console developer that gives access to both handhelds and desktops and charges a fairly small fee from the publisher for the privilege of being in the preinstalled store and encouraging people to buy instead of pirating by making it easy. Preferably DRM free for longevity.

I've seen some things like the odroid which almost does it, but they're always so much bigger than they need to be and lower build quality than what one could hope to find in a PSP or GBA. Usually just a tad too weak too whereas if they cost a couple hundred dollars more they could be incredibly powerful and popular. Nobody wants a device that just barely can't do the thing you want it to do so even if it's more affordable it won't be popular as it leaves a sour taste in everyones mouth when it doesn't perform to people's expectation.

A high quality built device with PSP3000 formfactor would no doubt to me be a smashing success if it was powerful enough to play modern games as well, but instead we just get these cheap looking touch tablets with controllers one the side that feel like a bad joke. Too big to be portable. A child should be able to put their favorite handheld in their pockets and it should be square and durable enough to be dropped on the ground without immediately being destroyed.
The PS Vita is almost there being a mostly okay form factor and more powerful, but unfortunately wastes money and build quality on the front and back touch when it could have been just as durable and with much more performance. The gimick set it behind more than the lack of games imo as the gimick caused the lack of games, there was just no reason to develop for it when it compromised on the things that mattered at the time, performance to run good graphics. N64 emulation has gotten pretty good on the Vita at least, but PS2 and GC games are a pipedream unfortunately whereas a modern recreation by Sony of the PSP should be more than possible to make powerful enough to blow every other small handheld out of the water.

I would gladly pay $1000+ for a proper powerful PSP3000. Only minor change I could see needing to be done to be a success other than performance is to switch the analog stick and dpad and add additional triggers to the shoulder buttons to satisfy modern games as that is the standard now and most old games that only use a dpad or have few buttons can be played perfectly on a PSP anyways.

Will never ever buy these handheld (not portable) modern devices. They just look cheap and boring to the point where I may as well just use a laptop and a controller. I cannot for the life of me imagine that they have anywhere near the popularity of old handhelds. Feels like they're just trying to copy the success of the Switch by copying a bunch of Aliexpress tablet handhelds. They're soulless and care more about fancy design than form and function.

The technology is finally here, why aren't they making the powerful portable people can actually easily travel with? You know, the whole purpose of a portable?
Sincerely, A grumpy loser who apparently will never ever get the toy he wants that he's been waiting almost two decades for.


File:ds.jpg (218.45 KB,1024x1152)

>the things that mattered at the time, performance to run good graphics

Anyway, I'm almost certain every major game company thinks portables are dead because of smart phones, and they're probably right to a degree. Nobody was ever going to dump $1000 on a toy to keep their kid busy on road trips and they're sure as hell not going to do it when the kid already has a bunch of F2P phone games and access to social media right in their pocket. You get these retarded tablets because they're being designed as a way to play console/PC games away from a TV/PC, not as a platform to make portable games for.


File:vidya.jpg (284.76 KB,1659x1035)

>>the things that mattered at the time, performance to run good graphics
>Suuure. [pic related]
To be clear I am talking about why people bought Sony devices.
Nintendo had the gimmicks and fun party games, but that's not why people bought the playstation devices. If PSP buyers wanted a Nintendo DS they would have bought the Nintendo DS. By copying Nintendo the end result is that they lose their main fanbase's support and don't really gain any Nintendo buyers because they care more about first party games.
Nintendo's popularity with the Nintendo DS, Wii, and the Switch has never been copied by any other company and everyone who has tried has given up because they misunderstood their own customer base. Remember Playstation Move trying to copy Nintendo Wii? A collosal failure. If the Playstation Vita did not spend money on the touch screen and the back touch they would be able to deliver a stronger machine that didn't alienate PSP fans and more games with impressive graphics would be built for it. No PSP fan would buy a DS imitation. If you wanted to make a kid friendly game with touch for the Playstation Vita you would be better off just releasing it on the Nintendo DS instead as it already had the userbase of people with consoles ready to buy. Sony messed up big time, it happens.
>Anyway, I'm almost certain every major game company thinks portables are dead because of smart phones, and they're probably right to a degree
Nintendo continues to produce portables that sell. It's definitely true smart phones have almost killed the market though.
>Nobody was ever going to dump $1000 on a toy to keep their kid busy on road trips
You're right that people wouldn't dump $1000 on a toy for their kid, that was only a personal wish and not really related to the fact that they wasted way too much money on R&D and production for gimmicks nobody wanted when it could have simply just been a much more powerful PSP that could've played more impressive games which would also mean much more incentive for developers to release a Vita port. If the device isn't anywhere near powerful enough to handle it, what's the point in releasing a let down? Developers knew the Vita was a flop before it flopped.

Anyways in 2030 these chip manufacturers will surely be able to build small low power single board computers capable of running games from the 2010s and I'll simply just have to put it inside a PSP shell and write my own drivers and GUI to get what I want...

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