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File:eae4e2c363560e34d79a60deb2….jpg (1.68 MB,2340x1539)


It seems pretty common for posters here to have no problem pirating anime, manga, and production software. But for video games, everyone seems to just use Steam and pay for the games.
I don't understand this because I think the belief that one choosing to not pay for digital media should extend to all forms, including games. What's your rationale behind this?


File:70077003_p0.jpg (251.76 KB,703x1000)

If there were an extremely convenient digital storefront for me to buy specific anime BDs, I'd probably use it. Also I don't like subscription services because it pays for everything including what I don't like. Which is why I don't pay for netflix either.


File:shion shrug2.png (215.48 KB,670x444)

>What's your rationale behind this?


I don't like the English rights holders nor the way they often translate things so I don't want to contribute to them.
In a way I think I do end up paying my share towards a lot of the anime I watch through purchases of merchandise and I try to buy manga in physical copies as it is often better translated than anime is and it's often better translated than what you find online as well.

Also, I do pirate games. Not all the time though, it depends on the game.


convenience, ease of use, payment model, quality of product
Steam just offers a a superior service. CR provides anime like google stadia provided games, minus the hardware investment. People will choose steam over stadia everytime. The piratical roots of western anime communities don't help either.
Also isn't steam trying to sell anime?


Because getting pirated games on GNU/Linux to run is a royal PITA


But I'm trying to wean myself off of (non-free)gaming anyway, I think Valve's another company out to ruin GNU/Linux


I buy music too, sometimes.


I only buy stuff from small vocaloid producers. Gotta keep the scene alive..


I only buy sperm from small ween boys. Gotta keep kissu alive.


because kissu is a steam group


I also pay for production software and really good music, if they let me buy it from a store I like. Rationale? I buy what I think is really important to me.


It's quite easy most of the time if you have everything set up properly and use wine-ge


File:[SubsPlease] Isekai One Tu….jpg (344.66 KB,1920x1080)

It'd be a lot different if you could selectively buy a season of an anime for like $5 or something, but instead you need to subscribe to a service of questionable quality like old cable TV. For instance, Crunchyroll is known for paying and treating their translators poorly and instead using the money to buy fancy offices for their useless office staff or their own terrible original content, neither of which is beneficial to the industry. Of course none of this money makes its way to the original Japanese creators, either. Merchandise and other stuff is a little bit better for that.
I think Steam sales are too psychologically exploitative and people end up playing only 10% of their game library, but it shows how good it is to be able to quickly choose and purchase a specific thing with minimal effort. It's faster to buy the game than to pirate it, so if it's cheap enough...


I do pirate the occasional game, if I feel they're too expensive to justify purchasing (especially those with several hundred dollars of DLC). And, on the converse, the form of media I spend the most money on by far is manga, although that's for physical copies so I suppose might not count.
Anyway, the big difference between paying for games and paying for anime is the quality of service.
With a Steam game I just need to pay a few dollars now and I get permanent access to the game, being able both to play it offline and to redownload it freely, as well as being able to easily update it, play online with friends, and get achievements - in other words, cost aside, a paid copy of the game is on par or better in every way than a pirated copy.
With anime, however, if I pay for it then I can only watch it online, without any ability to have a personal downloaded copy (which, as something of a data hoarder, is an automatic 'yeah nah' for me), with the possibility that the license will be pulled and I will lose access at any time, and without options to freely customizing my media player, easily making screencaps/clips, use fansubs, and so forth, all of which is basic functionality for a pirated copy. So the question becomes "Why would I ever pay for something when I can get a clearly superior version for free?" - not to mention the numerous series which aren't even available for streaming.
BDs are, of course, a different story, but in that case they are too prohibitively expensive for me to realistically be able to justify buying as anything other than collector's items for my absolute favourites.
If I could instead pay a few dollars to get a permanent copy of an anime that I was able to readily both download and stream, with no major downsides over pirating, then I probably would buy a lot of what I watch, but that simply isn't an option at present.


File:1410481178144.png (1.38 MB,3442x1833)

I apply the same standards to my decision to pirate regardless of the format. Steam are just the best at meeting those criteria, though I still pirate lots of games from bad publishers to avoid promoting more of their cancerous practices. Piracy is a service problem and Steam beats pirates on everything but pricing.

Anime needs to get away from the horrible subscription streaming model and offer high-quality downloads attached to RSS or similar so I can fetch them automatically in order to compete with the convenience and ownership value pirates offer me. And that's not even mentioning the inferior translations and typesetting compared to what fans do. Manga comes closer (for the 1% that even get officially translated), but the standard there is free online viewing anyway, at least for recent chapters, so I don't have to pirate those except maybe to catch up. Production software often has FOSS alternatives that work well enough and are more deserving of support or try to push SaaS instead of actually selling you the program.

They did a little push for it years back, but it never took off. I thought it had potential, but the quality and pricing were wack. If you want to grab the archival market, you need to have BD quality, and if you want the seasonal market, you need to be cheap enough that people can snatch up a dozen episodes a week without breaking the bank. Games do the former, music does the latter, videos decided we don't need to own them.


File:Screenshot_2023-05-30_10-5….png (66.94 KB,842x601)

you can run any .exe through steam using their proton stuff
it's probably one of the more convenient ways if anything


I thought the point of GOG (for the consumser) was to buy a game and share the installer around


Steam's privacy policy isnt great, thats a point for GOG/piracy


Although on Windows systems I'm sure many cracks have spyware

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