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File:1683364894673060.jpg (261.59 KB,2048x1140)


do you have any habits or quirks about how you use your computer that other people could consider unusual?
when i was younger me and my brother used to burn funny images and videos onto CDs for some reason. i also hoarded HTML pages for offline reading, but my internet is more reliable now so there's no need. i also still use RSS feeds, i guess that's unusual for some people.


I dont use taskbars


Well isnt that just GNOME 3?


I save hundreds upons hundreds of images that I will not once think about again or repost.


i use geany


I use kate


File:[EMBER] Heavenly Delusion ….jpg (240.77 KB,1920x1080)

> for some reason
Storage was expensive back then and CDs were pretty great for that. I ended up burning CDs just to make more room on the hard drive. CDs could store like 700MB and hard drives were 5-20GB.
Hmm... weird habits... uhh.. I don't organize "general" images. I have a folder for /jp/ that became /qa/ that became kissu and then there's everything else. I should probably get around to organizing them sometime.
I have a lot of 'temporary' folders that I shove stuff into, and it becomes just another unorganized 'general' folder that gets lot with 500 other 'general' folders, so I end up doing windows search to find stuff sometimes. (The program 'everything' is really good at this)
Uhh... hmmm...
I have a backup of every "all-purpose" older hard drive on every new hard drive I get. I.E Drive A is on Drive B, and Drive A and Drive B is on Drive C and so on. I don't do this for large media stuff, but for images and other stuff I accumulate over time.


File:R-1685061224782.jpg (106 KB,1300x878)

'Member these?


I use GNOME 3


I don't know if this counts as one, but Ratpoison is the only tiling WM that I like. It's basically GNU Screen or Tmux but for Xorg. By default, there is only 1 window visible and it's maximized. You can manually split the screen or just keep everything maximized and change windows by using keybindings. It's also very easy to configure Ratpoison.

Here is my ~/.ratpoisonrc:
bind c exec alacritty
bind t exec alacritty
bind e exec thunar
bind r exec rofi -show run
exec xset -b
exec setxkbmap eo
exec feh --bg-fill ~/.config/My_BG.png

Ratpoison also supports workspaces with rpws. Ratpoison can show all (including custom) keybindings with ctrl+t ? (first press ctrl+t and then release the keys, then type ?). StumpWM is like Ratpoison++ and it's written (and configured) in Common Lisp (SBCL). It has a lot of nice features but it's not as lightweight or as stable (I never encountered any issues with StumpWM, however). Currently, I'm using IceWM because I never used the tiling features. IceWM is similar to OpenBox but it has better syntax for config files (not XML) and IceWM is nowadays getting more actively developed than OpenBox. Still, it's a shame that Ratpoison is kind of unfashionable nowadays. It's very simple to use.


File:[SubsPlease] Yuusha ga Shi….jpg (243.55 KB,1920x1080)

Yep. Until a few years ago I still kept a couple stacks around for nostalgia's sake, but ironically it was just taking up too much space. I do still keep around the burned disks, though, especially the old PSX and PS2 games. I've got one of those old cases meant for music CDs that served its purpose well.
Now you could fit the entire library of these older consoles on something the size of your thumb tip, it's really amazing

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