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File:00400-1girl,_sitting,_read….png (669.71 KB,648x864)


Oh? What brings you to the abode of furry Patchy?

[This thread is a prototype of one I have planned for /qa/. This is a 'choose your own adventure' scenario using AI image prompts. While it would be ideal if you can give me specific booru tags, you can also tell me using "human language" and I can plug it in or try to adapt it into my own knowledge of booru tags.
For now, it's going to be reliant on looking at a text file to see what artist style LORAs I have available ( >>>/f/407 ) if you wish to choose one. I should probably try to find a better naming scheme if other people are going to look through it, but this will suffice for now.


Also, I'm going to bed soon so feel free to queue stuff up and I'll do it all when I wake up


Bleh, and now I notice for some reason the list is not all truly alphabetical. I guess "lexicographically" is different from alphabetical.


Can I feel your tail?


File:00402-1girl,_angry,_v-shap….png (647.11 KB,648x864)

[I need more to work with, like what tail would she have?]
Also I'm going to bed now!


Furry Patche, I am a collector. I seek the Touhou Costume Play Catalogue that can show me all of the girls of Gensokyo from parallel timelines in which everyday fashions had developed in different ways. But I only have the first page of the catalogue, which depicts tanned Cirno in a sukumizu, with glasses.


fat zankuro furry patchy surfing a big wave with a large wizard hat on


File:[MiG_MuX] Pripara NCED - 1….png (2.56 MB,1920x1080)

Hmmm... Something I've always wanted to do but keep giving up on because I can't figure it out is putting things into a sequence of sorts, and keeping a somewhat consistent basis for an image. Is it possible to do a loli patchy -> fatchy -> furry patchy -> adult patchy all in similar poses? Or inbetweens as well?


File:00403-1girl,_open_mouth,_(….png (704.69 KB,648x864)

What, you want to see me in a school swimsuit?
Oh, I misheard you. Okay, let's see...


File:00404-1girl,_pout,_school_….png (657.81 KB,648x864)

Furry Patchy has defrosted the 'tanned Cirno in a sukumizu with glasses' from her collection chamber and now her books are ruined. I hope you're happy.
(this one took a while because 'tanned Cirno' isn't recognized)


File:grid-0058.png (6.98 MB,2592x2592)

I keep generating them, but there's really not one I'm happy with. Surfing as an AI concept seems difficult, or maybe it's all the other tags I have going on.
Zanuko's tendency for red eyes is pretty strong. I could have put it in the negatives, but ehh too late.


Oh and 'wizard hat' doesn't seem to work with Patchy because her regular hat is such a vital part of the character's data


Sorry for getting your books all wet, let's go for something warm and dry. How about Marisa with a thick head of hair and her hair down, in a thick sweater and fluffy socks.
(And if you could swing it, drinking a cup of hot choco with a marshmallow, with Aoki Ume's art style so she looks like Miyako)


File:xyz_grid-0011-1girl,_(patc….png (2.89 MB,2592x864)

Well, consistency is the enemy of this AI stuff in general, but yes.
You can use the X/Y/Z plot under 'Script' and use Prompt S/R (search and replace) in the X axis and designate the part of the prompt to replace. If you use quotation marks you can use multiple prompts at once, which is necessary for this one since "fat" doesn't give the belly, and kemono requires loading a hypernetwork in addition to the furry tag.
(No matter what, fat Aquaplus Patchy never seems to generate with enough clothing. I guess it's the "belly")

My regular prompt in the box was:
1girl, (patchouli knowledge:1.35), (loli:1.3), sitting, looking at viewer, waterfall, rainbow, mountain, tree, picnic basket

and then the Prompt S/R is:
"(loli:1.3)","(plump, curvy, belly:1.1)","(furry:1.3), <hypernet:furry_kemono:1>","(mature female)"

The (loli:1.3) gets replaced. Make sure not to put a space between the separate groups of stuff that gets replaced.
I.E "ThingA","ThingB","ThingC"
and not
"ThingA", "ThingB", "ThingC"

You can use something like "()" for a "blank" replacement, though I wanted to see if "Mature Female" did anything. I'm not it did for this one since I don't think I tagged (m)any Aquaplus characters with it when training


Do you use that technique where you write a prompt that includes a term like "[loli : milf : 0.01]" and use search/replace to turn the 0.01 into higher numbers while keeping the seed fixed?


Center-right and top-right look good enough. Hat part makes sense, too.
Fatchy cannot be contained.


I gotta say that's pretty dang consistent for what I was thinking. Also those prompts seem extremely simple for the output in those pics. What additionally do you need to do so that you get that kind of quality on average? Kinda interested in testing it out myself if you can get that kinda output without paragraphs upon paragraphs of text


File:00416-1girl,_kirisame_mari….png (666.51 KB,648x864)

I know of it, but my experience with it is limited and never had much luck. The main thing I've done is start with tentacles and have it into vines for plant girls, but it could have just been a placebo. I've never really made progression image sets before due to the randomness of AI kind of breaking the magic to me.


I think this was my favorite result


File:00427-1girl,_kirisame_mari….png (747.91 KB,648x864)

Oh wait, forgot the cup of cocoa. I think the marshmallow inside correctly is probably too much to hope for, so here's a giant one.

>Also those prompts seem extremely simple for the output in those pics
Yeah, the "AI" does the work and just adds a bunch of stuff randomly if you don't define things.

>What additionally do you need to do so that you get that kind of quality on average
A good checkpoint model (mine is a custom merge of like 5 of them that are themselves merges that other people made) and to use the "hires fix" thing so that the image is processed twice. I've been generating these at 432x576 and then upscaling them to 648x864 (150%) which really boosts the quality immensely.
Hmm, maybe I should have made this on /qa/ to begin with if I'm going to be explaining a bunch of stuff...

Anyway, I'm going to try to take a nap now since I got about 4 hours of sleep.


File:1530282498579.jpg (516.5 KB,1000x850)



How about Danganronpa Tenshi with the Milky Way behind her? Can be floating or on the ground, whatever works is fine.
galaxy/nebula/shooting_star/meteor_shower/sky/night_sky/starry_sky/star_(sky)/milky_way, "scenery"?
Cute, looks kinda timid.
Sleep tite.

>Last Origin (Korean gacha)(lastorigin and gachashit keywords)


This except Cure Milky


File:67184573_p0.jpg (698.39 KB,700x794)

>Hmm, maybe I should have made this on /qa/ to begin with if I'm going to be explaining a bunch of stuff...
There's always the move option


When does the CYOA part come into it?


moved trips


File:00428-1girl,_(hinanawi_ten….png (4.55 MB,1944x1728)

Yeah, the guy that trained that one used those keywords and that was the only way I was going to remember.

Very tempting! Lala is unfortunately too uncommon to be recognized. But, I have a bunch of images of her already and could download more to do some training later I guess.

We can get to it eventually. I think right now people are just more interested in seeing what this can do, which is understandable.
People are free to do it right now if they want. Patchy is still sitting there in the OP image since nothing has changed with her. We can get a reply chain to do an adventure while people do random stuff.


Did you enjoy your nap?


>could download more to do some training later I guess
You know what that means, >>105798? It means you got some screenshots to take! I believe in you!


File:00436-1girl,_(patchouli_kn….png (521.88 KB,648x864)

Couldn't fall asleep, as expected


Gonna poke that fat furry patchy in the tum while she tries to fall asleep.


very nice heart there


POV rubbing furry patchy's cheek while I think of what to do next.


File:00437-1girl,_(patchouli_kn….png (594.85 KB,648x864)

Sadly, hand-to-head interaction doesn't seem to work by default. However, I did download a LORA for 'pov headpat' which is a decent consolation prize.


Oh wait, I forget that we're going to try and do a CYOA thing of this.
You try to rub Furry Patchy's cheek, but your aim is off and you pat her on the head instead. She is happy, but somewhat confused.


Ұlook room


File:00489-(library_1.1),_magic….png (649.85 KB,1080x728)

You look around.

[I used my wildcards for this one that adds random prompts and somehow this is 'water']


inspect table


Patchy, is that a boob growth potion?


File:00504-1girl,_(table_1.6),_….png (814.11 KB,864x864)

>Yep, it's a table


Let's get a taste of that funny-looking liquid.


File:00505-1girl,_holding_(poti….png (677.61 KB,744x864)

Against her better judgement, Furry Patchy drank the liquid. She is now properly hydrated!

[alternate image posted on /megu/ that was a bit too much to post here]


well uhhh how about the door is it possible to leave


File:00529-1girl,_pov_doorway,,….png (508.54 KB,720x864)

>Is it?


surely patchy can roam the mansion freely let's go take a walk down the corridor


File:00535-(no_humans_1.3),_hal….png (4.63 MB,2592x1536)

There are many corridors ahead of Furry Patchy, but which one is she interested in?

[getting some good wildcard results in this one]


Obviously the snowy corridor, why is there even snow inside...


File:00555-1girl,__(patchouli_k….png (802.47 KB,864x912)

>Why wouldn't it be snowing inside? Anything is possible in the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
Maybe it's an incident with Letty or something...

Furry Patchy has dressed up and is in the snowy hallway


let's climb a treeee


File:__original_drawn_by_yuuji_….jpg (1.31 MB,2400x2400)

demonstrate how foxes furry patchies hunt in the snow


File:00563-1girl,__(patchouli_k….png (941.51 KB,864x912)

Furry Patchy has climbed a tree to survey her kingdom...

This sounds like a really difficult thing to prompt. I'll try something new, but don't hold your breath...


¥look kingdom


File:00568-(jackopose_1.6),_1gi….png (725.26 KB,768x768)

A Furry Patchy laws motionless in the snow because, uhh...she's magically camoflauged or something?

[Yep, just not going to be able to generate that. Upside-down faces/bodies are horrendously disfigured]


File:00573-(Alexander_Jansson_1….png (1.01 MB,1136x656)

Furry Patchy looks at her kingdom

[just threw in some random artists that I notice have an effect on scenery and did 'kingdom']


¥read bulletin board for news about the Touhou Costume Play Catalogue


File:00631-multiple_girls,_pict….png (1.9 MB,2048x1024)

Furry Patchy looks at the bulletin board and is now caught up in the latest Touhou Costume Play news. What will she do with this information?

(forgot to put 'breasts' in negative prompt again...)


Furry Patchouli should definitely try out for the Reimu cosplay challenge.


File:00673-_(furry_1.3),_hand,_….png (1017.65 KB,768x1152)

Furry Patchy has expertly completed the Reimu cosplay challenge

(Wow, this 'zone' thing works really well) at blending characters


10/10 cosplay from furry patchy, she better win the competition...


File:105932101_p0.png (1011.43 KB,1289x1267)

She's up against some tough opponents.


File:00935-1girl,_hand_on_own_f….png (884.54 KB,1152x768)

Patchy has decided that it's time to try something new and will try gardening. What should she plant?

(Plants don't seem to be very coherent, but it can be interesting if you give me a bunch of random properties or objects. Multiple people can/should give me suggestions because it can be pretty interesting)


File:FfraGxnVsAAxwk0.jpg (651.58 KB,1000x1533)

She should plant tomatoes!


File:00936-1girl,_(patchouli_kn….png (1.35 MB,1152x864)

Behold! Tomatoes bigger than your head, and inside are more tomatoes!


now that furry patchy has tomatoes she can make some great tomato sauce for spaghetti


Patchy eats the pasgetti

(Eating really does not work very well and I couldn't get any tomato sauce to show up. I wanted it to be a huge mess of sauce everywhere. Oh well.)


File:1677986819747.png (433.02 KB,664x670)


Patchy's still hungry. Let's bake a big cake with her for dessert.


Patchy baked Kuon into a big cake and split it with Koruri.


File:01096-1girl,_standing,_loo….png (1.03 MB,864x1152)


That's waaaaay too complex (and HOW DARE YOU)

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