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File:kage_no_piano.webm (8.5 MB,640x360)


Kage no Jitsuryokusha is just too good of a show. I want more but ending the show now would be the perfect time. I feel like telling anymore of the story would just ruin the main theme of an OP MC directing events in the shadows while hiding in plain sight from the other major characters. Maybe if the story shifted it's main character to someone other than Cid it could work out but as of now this is the perfect place to end.


funny that a show is ending mid season


File:[SubsPlease] Kage no Jitsu….jpg (382.05 KB,1920x1080)

In some ways, I agree. The anime has reached a perfect climax for achieving all the initial goals of Shadow and his organization. From here on out the quality would hinge on if the author can figure out where to go from here, how to keep events interesting. Shifting focus to another character now that so many others have been set up and have established motivations like Alicia, Iris, Sherry, or others could be a possibility, and there's certainly a lot to work with given how well built up the world has been over the course of the anime. Although potentially there is a way to keep things going from Cid's focus, if you were to escalate the scale of Shadow Garden's operation to make it worldwide and have them wipe out the entirety of the cult. Diabolos herself still stands as probably the only existing threat to Shadow.

Aside from all of that though, I'm really glad that I picked this up after ignoring it a bit at Fall's onset. This anime is easily one of the most pleasing things for my chuuni desires I've seen in years. It beautifully blended comic relief with serious action without either taking away from the other. Even if this is potentially the peak that can't be topped my soul still yearns for more as there's little out there that can replace it. Although maybe this becomes a huge success and spawns more anime imitating it over other irony-filled isekai.


File:1676482956902988.webm (3.36 MB,450x764)

need more shadow garden spinoffs


I just don't really 'get' the series. Like the comedy is good, and the MC works well, but then there's this convoluted plot going on in the background that we only get to see glimpses of and a huge side-cast (most of whom are 'serious' characters with little humor value) that I struggle to keep up with, and I just struggle to care about any of the serious parts when Cid can just show up and immediately fix everything at any point. It reminds me a lot of the criticisms many people have with the direction OPM takes, but I feel it is handled much worse here, since with OPM the side-cast is still full of comedic characters, so it is less reliant on the MC for keeping the gags going, and the overarching story is simplistic enough to not detract from the comedic aspects even in the more plot-heavy segments. On the whole, it was decent enough to keep my interest throughout, but I agree that I don't feel any desire for a continuation.


There isn't really supposed to be 'stakes' for the MC, it's more a chuuni power fantasy that the MC is acting out that's the premise for everything occuring.


File:[SubsPlease] Maou Gakuin n….jpg (454.27 KB,1920x1080)

It needs a Maou crossover for maximum chuuni. Kage's elaborate setups are really good, but I think Maou has better lines.


What an excellent ending.

I don't think the story can have a linear progression from here onwards, it'll need to have some sort of twist. Shadow has bulldozed through all of the legendary-tier obstacles he's encountered and he doesn't care about collateral (if anything, he enjoys it), so there isn't much to put in his way other than a stronger foe, but that's not gonna happen. I don't think the writer would go down the road of unveiling a Forreal-Totes-Legendary+ level of power than can equal him, seeing how well things have been written so far.
Went down to 4/a/ to see the opinions of people who've read the volumes past 2 and I can't make heads or tails of it, they don't go into much detail but at least I could gather that the LN is full straight chuuni while the manga is more comedic. Maybe.

The whole thing is Cid's chuuni fantasy that he desperately tried to make real back on Earth, bashing his head with a rock to obtain magical powers. I don't care about the seriousness either, but it's not something that matters. It's like the scene in the chamber with the hero's sword in the altar and all those locks blocking the door, which Cid simply nukes to high heaven. The world is rather average, but the setting, overall plot, and even secondary characters are only relevant insofar as they help us see Cid doing cool shit. (That's the case in the anime, the novel could have way more stuff going on.)
That's why a perspective shift would be nice, it'd change up the story's dynamic from it being Cid's chuuni fantasy to, say, some scrub trying to make sense of it through the bits and pieces they've found out about, maybe starting to suspect of that weird store complex with that "choco" thing that was perhaps not coincidentally invented very recently. Though I think the only good candidates for that would be either Iris, pink girl, or an entirely new person. I really doubt Rose is going to be independent from the alphabet girls, but I could be wrong. It could definitely work since that's what Overlord spends half of its time doing. I told you guys the two had a lot in common. They definitely confuse people in the same ways.


as time goes on it becomes more clear that ainz just uses his friends as an excuse to kill people,
cid is kid. still he doesn't want to kill people, just live his idea life and be a cool dude


F to all the birds that exploded just to accompany Cid's soliloquy song


File:[Asw] Kage No Jitsuryokush….mp4 (Spoiler Image,23.39 MB,1920x1080)

The audio editing is like nothing I've heard in any other anime.


File:9478239495a1759b17666cc1b8….jpg (331.07 KB,2014x1185)

A core part of him is that effort triumphs skill. That where he got to was simply because he put everything else before it. He's not OP super villain/dark knight. He puts everything into his character. Nothing about him is fake. The Eminence in Shadow is who the character is, Cid and even his pre-isekai self are just masks of his identity.

And it's very true. If you want to become something and really want to become it, then this has to be who you are. Everything in your life and your very person has to become devoted to that goal. Shunning every strength, removing every weakness... you become a vessel to the goal


>Though I think the only good candidates for that would be either Iris, pink girl, or an entirely new person
Iris or some new person would be the best one to do. I don't think the pink girl would work, she seems like to much a villian/unstable to have more than a couple episodes or cameos here and there dedicated to without getting stale. I think if the show does shift perspective and interesting direction would be developing some sort of dual story between Rose and Iris as they appear to be on apposing sides now. I haven't read anything about how the source material actually handles the upcoming events so I may just spoil myself but according to rumours a second season is already in the works/planned for the fall season this year so I may just wait and see.


Cid may be a kid but he's even less empathetic than Ainz, skeleman can form some sort of emotional connection with other people and often worries about them beyond their utility. Comparatively, Cid hasn't been shown to care about anything other than fulfilling his fantasy. He sure didn't mind wrecking the city several times, flooding it and pulverizing a good number of blocks (and people, presumably). He's a self-admitted nuclear bomb.

A chuunified Rose facing off against Punished Iris would be something to behold for sure. Sherry would work if she turned around and started using a mixture of Shadow's and Diabolos' magic, without going off the deep end. The potential is certainly there.



File:waterfox_iF60SMGJav.png (1.19 MB,1279x716)

Pretty great, yeah. I was never really able to follow the deep story parts, but I never really tried to since I was there for the chuuni fun. Really fantastic production values for something so silly, which is really great to see. And corm.


I don't want a sequel

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