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File:258a75e89dd86ed8b2fc171c5e….png (390.22 KB,1050x1163)


why do I forget to eat when I live alone?


File:R-1676240839108.png (478.45 KB,832x576)

They used to have extra dessert delights gum and it really tasted like banana cream pie. I'm so mad they got rid of it now I have to eat real banana cream pie and be fat




Because you're having so much fun alone on your computer.


It's almost scary how I saw Koruri before anything else.
The brain works in mysterious ways~


File:[SubsPlease] Kyokou Suiri ….jpg (267.36 KB,1920x1080)

I only forget to eat when I'm really having fun or really stressed out, so hopefully it's the former in your case. Maybe you forget because eating is often a social thing?


That's your body's way of telling you you're too fat and need to skip a meal.


This, I'm too fat now, so I stop eating.


When I used to live alone I was the same way. I'd go days without eating then I'd do a really unhealthy binge.


that sounds miserable
as annoying eating is being hungry is even worse


That's how some tribal people still live today.
Your body develops a rhythm to this kind of thing, kind of like how if you don't eat breakfast you won't be hungry at breakfast because it's not a time your body expects food.


I'm not him though, that's just what I think of it.


I don't so much forget as I ignore it, often when I'm doing stuff like writing or reading through a couple dozen pages I'll feel that I'm hungry and it'll even hurt sometimes, but completing the task at hand is more important. So a few times I've gone through the whole day barely eating anything more than a handful of peanuts and a soft boiled egg.

Somewhat unrelated, but the Romans didn't have a three-meal day like we do today, most of what they ate during a given day came from a single large meal:
The word is still used in several modern languages:

The practice of eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner is more of a recent industrial invention. Starving yourself and then binging isn't good for you, but still, you don't need to follow the standard either.


Disappointingly, eating twice or once per day can still make you fat.


just how big are your dinner plates fattso


bet he has eyes the size of dinner plates whenever he sees his meal

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