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File:1.jpg (2.03 MB,2048x1536)

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I tend to nag people to post their cat pictures here so it's only fair that I post some of my own. Here is the (late) kitty I had when I lived with my parents. I had her since I was eight years old and she lived to around 15 years.
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Just because you can do that with little girls, does not mean that it's okay to do with cats.


File:C-1714436742618.png (294.01 KB,825x431)

literary fatard


File:20240514_175010.mp4 (23.17 MB,1440x1440)

Cat has brain problems


File:20240514_175123.mp4 (24.81 MB,1440x1440)


File:cat milk.mp4 (1.6 MB,640x492)

I love catards.


incredible self control to not pull that tail


maybe you have mice or something nesting back there/in the walls?


cute cat but god I hate that sound


spank that cat


File:R-1715896037500.jpg (2.3 MB,4080x3072)

this one escaped prison and got a white eye for it
was hard to take a pic of, a passerby had to help me and it still came out blurry


it's a girl highly possible judging by color


File:20210619_012959.jpg (1.31 MB,3264x1836)

Koko suki.


File:20230511_064354.jpg (1.04 MB,3264x1836)

Neighbour's cat seeing me through the window.


damn that's a great pic


File:20201022_042114.jpg (1.59 MB,3264x1836)


SUPER cutes!


File:IMG_20131203_222549.jpg (178.48 KB,768x768)


File:20180526_215526.jpg (1.69 MB,5312x2988)



Looks quite human


File:IMG_20140712_195734.jpg (252.26 KB,1024x1024)

whats the difference?


the cats have been SO GOOD lately



I think that's it.


File:1460468285654.jpg (28.81 KB,240x320)


File:IMG_20151006_161755.jpg (357.76 KB,1024x1024)


File:IMG_20200309_180313_871.jpg (108.3 KB,1080x810)


File:CAM04966.jpg (454.29 KB,1536x2048)

Cat connection protocol whiskers:




File:Untitled.jpg (361.43 KB,794x1215)

just adopted this cutie


File:kitty.jpg (165.35 KB,997x641)


big paws.


Is that an eye on her belly?


apparently they're good at catching mice (she already caught one!)
poor thing was pregnant when she was a stray, before she got rescued not too long ago. that's a little stitching from when she had her c-section, her belly fur still hasn't come back yet.


You opened your house to a non-virgin cat?


File:1452984796259.jpg (12.14 KB,320x240)


File:IMG_20210827_172346_HDR.jpg (345.18 KB,3264x2448)


cat renaissance


File:cat cat.png (237.71 KB,420x611)

How do a cat's 7 lives function, anyway?
Do they recover from lethal damage?
Are they reborn anew?
Does fate rewrite itself down a path that is harmless to them?
Do they receive memories from the future and then pursue safety on their own paws?

Has this ever been scientifically explored without putting them into airtight cages with radioactive materials whose radiation may or may not release poisons into the cages?


File:IMG_20200309_180313_933.jpg (91.76 KB,1080x810)


File:R-1716167279339.jpg (3.72 MB,4080x3072)

faraway yet particularly loud neko
you can baaarely see the brown one rearing its head from behind the bricks


they escaped from the window cage...


File:R-1716257001530.jpg (2.13 MB,4080x3072)

like this shadow ninja that sprinted away but thankfully stopped under a car long enough for me to take a pic


pic of cat stolen chair


File:R-1716681317192.jpg (3.52 MB,4080x3072)

did NOT take a good pic but rest assured that after spazzing around in circles and back and forth through the fence this one lost to the pat and was dropping to the ground for more


File:R-1716681365987.jpg (2.46 MB,4080x3072)



File:R-1716681391293.jpg (3.02 MB,4080x3072)

grump grump


File:R-1716681447667.jpg (3.55 MB,4080x3072)

and mom's rendition


squeeze it


sometimes but that makes her leave so it's not ideal


Didn't know where my cat wet. The first floor neighbour in the building over got a cat and was walking along the railing. Cat was staring at it somewhere unusual


Cat attack

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