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File:FnOWzQsaUAAnl2s.jpg (266.8 KB,1312x1609)


Did you know that making schedules for activities can be a good way of helping you to accomplish what you set out to do? Instead of letting NEET entropy guide you, you should try and put some order into the things you do.

Like for myself I've scheduled myself to adhere to the following:
-Get Space Elevators in Factorio
-Play all the Armored Core games
-Get to Deep Space Science in Factorio
-(re)Play all the Drakengard/Nier games
-Finish Factorio Space Exploration


That's not really a schedule, just a list of the things that you want to do.

I agree that schedules are important though.


you also need to add an estimated completion time to a schedule. In this case, you can give yourself about 20 years of time budget


File:103779217_p0.png (10.72 MB,4095x2520)

My timetable for all of this is around 6 months, or rather getting all this done before Summer starts and games start coming out.


I will sometimes make short term schedules to guide myself into actually doing things I want to do like play games or watch certain anime, I call it my pathing after something you do in my favorite kusoge. I need to do this more because recently I have found I never do the things I want to do and get distracted in nothingness spirals and loose all focus.


File:[SubsPlease] Hikari no Ou ….jpg (674.4 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, sounds like planning ahead or something. I don't really do that.
I don't keep a schedule, either. Remembering to be there for kissu streams is pretty stressful at times, but I no longer get so anxious the previous night that I fail to sleep at least five hours, so I've got that going for me.
This is something I should really try to get better at, but without a necessary impetus it's quite difficult


File:__shinsei_kamattechan_draw….jpg (73.68 KB,666x666)

A bit of a tangential question, but how do you get yourself to actually go through the schedule you've just set out to follow? I seem to be more than happy to sketch out what I'd want to do for the next week or two (or perhaps a day, or afternoon), then spend all my time actually doing something else completely unrelated. I've tried setting out deadlines, and involving other people, but I'm just as fine with endlessly procrastinating and disappointing everyone. It's as if my goal becomes to avoid my actual goals at all costs as soon as I reify them into something more than a bunch of cloudy thoughts and some sporadic activity whenever I remember they're things I want to do.

I think some of my nicest days were periods where I'd involuntarily get myself into a quite regular routine, usually a variation of working on one specific project for a few hours during the day, then reading a visual novel, with some lurking/reading/whatever interspersed in between. Those happen depressingly rarely and seem to form rather spontaneously - I can't ever seem to consciously get myself into that state of mind, but I'm not sure why.


I use schedules as a mechanism of motivation, but I tend to rewrite them a lot as my situation varies. 24 hour schedules are followed pretty rigidly, but weekly ones may vary a lot and month long plans can be discarded(they're more of a way to visualize the journey you have to take to reach an objective)


>>102955 >>102953
And basically, your schedules become more relevant when time pressure is constraining you to reach an objective within a limited time frame


File:kasen berserk.png (588.53 KB,661x850)

having a schedule will never be otaku culture


Having a schedule will always be Otaku culture.


Having a schedule might one day be otaku culture.


I love how cirno is just randomly naked


elves in berserk are all naked


uh or what is fairies...


Its a coincidence. Cirno just randomly gets naked in non-cold places


But there already is a schedule for otaku



File:[Okay-Subs] Onii-chan wa O….jpg (162.16 KB,1920x1080)

the /qa/ schedule


File:[SubsPlease] Skip to Loafe….jpg (412.07 KB,1920x1080)

Peak efficiency is having planned out EVERY SECOND of your day


at some point you spend so much time planning you never actually have time to do the things you plan!


I lived that schedule for a solid 12 years after high school until more recently shit got fucked in my life and everything isn't so comfy anymore.

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