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File:746883c84ca29cae834e9e4806….jpg (395.15 KB,2048x1644)


How do you keep yourself from coming to dislike something as a result of its fans?


I don't care about the fanbase because I usually don't interact with them.


File:FhXh0frUYAAOrQZ.jpg (387.74 KB,900x1000)

As a professional when it comes to this, I block out all potential influences on my opinions from others that I don't consider friends. After doing that I assert my own thoughts above those others and continue to enjoy what I enjoy. If need be I reject the negativity/ugliness when I see it.


File:[SubsPlease] Utawarerumono….jpg (125.7 KB,1280x720)

Sounds like a nice problem to have, there being a large amount of fans...
I don't have this issue, but I only post here on kissu and visit 4chan for video game news. I'm not on social media. It's pretty easy to avoid people if you don't actively go searching for them.


I simply don't engage in online communities or discussion outside of imageboards and even within chans I never comfront people with different opinions or give 2 cents about what some random think about my interests.


File:1444290588096.gif (407.19 KB,535x480)

I disagree with the part about not giving any rebuke to differing opinions if you disagree with them. This should be the way in which you get others to adopt your own view and create a nicer environment for yourself. Given everyone is acting sincere, that is. At least, I like to do this on places I care about. If it's some place I don't even use then yeah I agree.


File:1.png (1.3 MB,1440x1080)

These days, I've all but withdrawn from the places that house the types of kuso retards fans that would piss me off. I'm semi-aware of their existence, but it doesn't really register with me that much at this point.


File:[HT]_Hidamari_Sketch_10_(7….jpg (24.19 KB,357x485)

I do my best to avoid interacting with them. But sadly that's not always possible, especially if they overlap with the things I like.


I don't deal with its fans


Nekone has funny eyebrows

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