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File:R-1669849932549.jpg (157.88 KB,1217x1193)


People may say 'She's coming out of her shell too fast!' or 'Unrealistic she should stay hikki forever', but I think that having a hopeful message for hikkis is nice every once in a while. I want to see Bocchi happy.


I don't think she was ever really in her shell and she definitely never was a hikki. She has the type of social anxiety that stops being a significant barrier once you've established a relationship with someone. I just don't want to see anyone happy.


File:[SubsPlease] Bocchi the R….webm (2.42 MB,1920x1080)

To be unable to appreciate Bocchi's happiness for no reason other than spite just makes your whole life outlook a lot more negative. You should really try and be positive about things, at the very least with fiction. Otherwise you're just keeping yourself from being happy!


File:FiLJvCYVsAEJ8KO.jpg (187.67 KB,1909x2211)

more like bocchi za bokkusu


where she belongs


File:Fie52ZRagAEF_dv.jpg (671.47 KB,2894x4093)

Once she finishes evolving inside of it, you and the rest of the bullies are TOAST


File:somebody more pathetic tha….jpg (54.38 KB,848x480)


File:[SubsPlease] Bocchi the Ro….jpg (155.74 KB,1280x720)

I want to see Bocchi happy, too, but she does seem to be advancing extremely rapidly. At times it feels like she's a different character.
I suppose it's a question or not you can accept it as an acceptable part of fantasy to see a character change so fast. It's easy for some people, including myself, to see themselves in her, so maybe people put too much weight on it when it seemed like it was going to be a cute girl show and not a dark one.
I think it's not so much that people want to see her fail as much as they wanted to spend more time with a character they felt a shared bond with as an awkward, asocial recluse. I guess a bad comparison I could make is when the first episode of an isekai is awesome and you want to see more of that world, but then the isekai part happens and it's a let down.


File:a4f7a9b4e2144524656932520c….jpg (1.21 MB,2150x1900)

Boochi has the determination that hikki will never have.
Bocchi practiced guitar for several hours every single day and became very good at it as a result, all just because she thought that it would bring the attention she wanted deep in her mind.
It's this determination which Bocchi always has that allows her to take the initiative and overcome her social anxiety at key moments.
However, at other situations, Bocchi still reverts to her normal mode of passiveness and anxiety which I'm not seeing much change for now. This is the whole point of Bocchi related gags after all.


>hikki will never have.
Speak for yourself, I'd been devoting my whole days to learning Japanese and programming throughout my hikki life in hopes of something better....


File:[SubsPlease] Bocchi the Ro….jpg (294.59 KB,1920x1080)

You know I've heard that this is adapted from a 4koma manga, so I wonder how much of the greatness and success can be attribute to the author and how much can be attributed to the director? Like maybe it's a K-ON situation.


Worst face


File:[SubsPlease] Bocchi the Ro….jpg (167.22 KB,1280x720)




File:[SubsPlease] Bocchi the Ro….jpg (160.65 KB,1280x720)

WHAT?!?! Why?

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