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Gone from Ubuntu to Debian, but Debian kind of sucks as a desktop environment (constant freezes, poor drivers and performance issues. Also issues with Steam's client)

Where do I go next?
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As a linux discussion on the internet increases in length, the odds that it will devolve into political/paranoid stuff unrelated to "pure" tech talk approaches 1.

This thread is for talking about linux and nothing else. This is outside my own personal purview as an linux-agnostic idiot, but it's easy to understand how the thread was supposed to function in its first 170 or so posts. Linux is an operating system and it has programs and code and stuff, so focus on that and not political groups or nations and the other stuff like that.
I'm making some deletions in the thread to get things back on track and allow people to talk about linux again.


File:stallman.jpg (72.64 KB,640x426)

>Linux is an operating system


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (225.53 KB,1920x1080)

Oh wait, now I remember that copypasta thing. Well, you know what I mean.


I saw the deleted posts.


Pasta aside, Linux is emblematic of free software and its associated movement, which is innately political. Stallman himself tends to frustrate people by preferring to talk about the politics of free software than his technical contributions to it.


Hey thanks for deleting the post no one cared about anyway. I'm sure you've shielded the 2 or 3 people that bothered to read it from having to re-read it again. As if it was anything harmful in the first place. Thanks for proving my point I guess. Which was you aren't allowed to discuss the problems anywhere.

Now for something productive;

In the last week I figured out that a change to the kernel around version 5.4 solved the issue that systemd-logind claims to "fix". So I was able to eliminate millions of lines of buggy code on every machine I manage running Xorg while also disabling the suid bit. So now I have Xorg running as user level process and it can access the video card and input devices without hacks/workarounds like elogind. When I pointed this out on several mailing lists I was shouted down and banned of course. Because their is a political push within the community everyone to ensure no one is allowed to have a system without all this spyware installed. Most hilarious part? None of that crap ever mattered on single user systems. AKA nearly everyone using a computer outside of a large business with multiple people logging into one machine at the same time. Even there most companies give each employee their own machine so I'm not sure why they ever considered it a "bug" and "security issue" in the first place. Guess we're back to the old NSA needs access to everything argument.

Of course I don't expect people that don't understand the difference between a kernel and an OS to ever get it of understand why it's important in the first place. You want linux discussion? Fine. UNIX always sucked and the UNIX hater handbook was right.

We could have been running BTRON systems for four decades now but the old US Government managed to bully the Japanese into shutting down that project. So I guess we're stuck with this crap until the day I die.

Stay tuned for my Moe themed yet another *nix system without systemd. I plan to release it soon. I'm sure it'll be banned from the internet within a week of release and the shill bots will be deployed all over the WWW to claim it's insecure and not "modern". Happened the last time I released something to the Linux community. Couldn't even post about it on reddit. Got shut down for being "off topic" and a "systemd hater". God forbid you point out that Pottering and company couldn't program their way out of a paper bag.

Can't have fun and do it for free anymore. It must be serious bzn 24/7.

Seriously though, if you produce music or video you might have an interest in what I've been working on since it's a real-time kernel by default and I've gone through the trouble of unfucking the mess that is pipewire+JACK2+pulseaudio for you. You can even run wayland crap if you want. But I'm not sure why anyone would want to since it's pretty crappy display server.

We even have anime girl mascot!


If you want to run Xorg without *logind or the various workarounds (patched video card drivers, seatd, elogind, adding your user to input+video groups) here is how you can do it on any kernel newer than about 5.4;

When compiling your own kernel set the following option to "0"
now compile Xorg server with suid, systemd, elogind and related compile time options disabled. You're probably best off using Gentoo if you don't understand how to do it using make only.

Finally, remove your user account from the video/input/tty groups and delete the "seat" group if you were using it before.

Now you can run startx/xinit from any tty as a user level process. The kernel will allow it to open input/video devices without needing to run as root or have the suid bit set. You now have a "secure" Xorg server with the benefit of not having millions of lines of unaudited crappy code running as root at all times.

No idea if any Display Managers will work with this set-up out of the box since I do not use one. I log-in from console and run startx manually when I need a GUI. For my own distro I plan to eventually make a graphic log-in manager but it's way down the list of things to do. We prefer pretty ASCII console message at boot instead.

Be mindful to remove things like elogind from your services if you uninstall them. My distro uses s6 and I'm porting a lot of init/services to it at the moment. Whenever I finish porting more widely used stuff over I'll come back and tell you where to get it if you're interested in helping test it. It should just work if you're using an x86-64 platform. Eventually we plan to support everything back to i386 on x86 platforms. Once we've gotten it stable on x86-64 we're going to compile and release for RISC-V and PowerPC/Power9/10. In time it should support everything Gentoo currently does.

We plan to offer binhost with the option to compile software. It's based on Gentoo so ebuilds and overlays should just work provided they play nice with s6 and the rest of our defaults.


Please contribute to Slackware, Puppy or Void if you do not want systemd rather than making another distro!


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (359.35 KB,1920x1080)

You guys need to be adults about this. Talk about linux. It's not difficult.
The rude guy(s) telling people to use other websites to talk about linux does NOT speak for kissu. Cleaning the thread up AGAIN.


I use arch btw


# pissmin > /dev/null


File:RUDE SAGE.gif (23.77 KB,93x66)


>You guys need to be adults about this.
but i'm baby


just install an antivirus and use windows


File:tegaki-1706347344121.png (22.36 KB,720x380)


I didn't even know Windows users still used those


I stopped when I realized that using umatrix and ublock was much more efficient.


when will you learn... there's more money pumped into maintaining windows infrastructure than there is being put into promoting computer literacy...


File:9116de6749.png (359.98 KB,386x412)

Trackball user detected


Holy two tone hair


Considering if I want to put arch or BSD on one of my computers over the weekend. Someone dump me some youtube videos or turorials to decide


boson image


File:17081932294892250649413082….jpg (1.23 MB,4000x1848)

Where the hell is my installation helper




What desktop environment should I use


If you need that and want to use Arch just use OpenSUSE tumbleweed


Prefer a windows like interface?
Need Wayland?


File:17082023086526835944045720….jpg (995.78 KB,4000x1848)

It's fine. Was being sarcastic. I just have to put Firefox on it before the stream.



Gnome or KDE then. Or sway if you want to be a 1337 hacker


Only used gnome so not going to use gnome.
Might as well try sway for the style points.

I will eventually switch to zen or another more gpu optimized kernel and I think that's a reinstall. Can kde if too hard later


Actually I want animated background wall paper sigh... I think best to pick off of that rather than experience


Everyone in gnome trying to figure out how to do it while kde has it built in...


File:17082059235655921903237993….jpg (722.81 KB,4000x1848)



File:C-1708206912311.png (902.13 KB,3840x2160)

GNOME kinda sucks huh... the artistry and UX feel behind KDE is really nice


GNOME is good for public workstations or hybrid laptops, where you will not be customizing it much


Issue i'm having is that KDE doesn't seem to want to let my monitor go up to 60hz. I click 60, screen goes black then reappears, says 60.. close screen and reopen settings and it says 30fps


also the fonts on kissu are not correct, but I guess I have to find what I'm missing there


Can go up to 50hz, but 60hz doesn't even give me a confirmation dialogue. Maybe the monitor is actually 59hz or something and it doesn't feed that information properly into devices


On another topic it might feed into this realization I had >>>/chat/95348


we have a sigher
we have a sigher


an alerter has been spotted on the premises
everyone stay calm


a calmer has been spotted on the premises
everyone stay alert


keep your eyes sharp, there's an inverter up and about


Is there any place other than this thread to follow this project?


KDE behaves very inconsistently... there's a lot of visual bugs and stuff


6 is coming out in 1 or 2 months which will help with a lot of Wayland issues apparently


yeah, it's wayland so we'll see what happens then. It's just a recreation computer so it's not a matter of productivity or death


File:C-1708398644033.png (356.88 KB,3452x1716)

Nice out of the box system monitor in KDE


File:C-1708399334620.png (437.47 KB,3452x1716)


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