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Is the metaverse truly the future? Or will it be something far more mundane. Also if it is, how likely is it that Facebook gets a significant piece of the marketshare?


I think it's hard to say.
It has potential uses and VR is already being used by a lot of people but it may be that it's a niche product and all the people who are that way inclined are already using it and that no matter how much it improves the majority of the rest will not jump on board. Kind of like VR chat, it's popular but it seems to be popular amongst a niche. Most people(me included) don't seem to have an interest in it and given that I am NEET on a weird image board I would say I am a fairly niche kind of person, the kind that should be interested in this. I don't know if VR Chat is growing or not but even if it is that may be due to VR technology becoming cheaper and it will reach a plateau eventually.

I don't know how much of a market share Meta will get, their current efforts look like they come from Wii sports and they seem to be much derided for it. I think the people using META are only using it for business chats and even then a lot of that would be because a hip and trendy boss makes them. But this could change.


File:1667852954603.jpg (58.69 KB,750x375)

The metaverse is a place where all of your dreams can come true.


You might want to watch this.


Until we have properly immersive VR, I struggle to see it being much more than a gimmick, since there is very little that it offers that isn't far easier to do using a smartphone. How do you sell a VR headset to the average person, whose main use for it would be as a glorified chat room?
As far as Facebook goes, I could plausibly see them being successful among business and 'entry-level' users, since they're a well-known and mostly stable company, with financial backing and expertise in social media, and are getting their name out in the industry early, but lack the innovation to truly dominate the market. IMO the most likely fate of the metaverse, at least in the short term, will be similar to Google Glass - it will (1) initially attract a bunch of media attention and talk, (2) quickly turn out to be no more than unwarranted hype, (3) still manage to find some niche uses that are enough to keep it in development but largely out of the public eye.


>their current efforts look like they come from Wii sports and they seem to be much derided for it
I feel like this is intentional deception on Meta's part as they seem to be working on tech that will look extremely realistic with great motion tracking. Attempting to gain some good grace by releasing a major improvement after their initial "failure".


Hmm, interesting. Though I wonder how that would be received and who would use it as well. I would assume the point of the Metaverse was to be something else, not yourself. Unless you are only using it because your boss made you for work purposes in which case a wii avatar is probably fine anyway. Though if they can run that they should be able to create other kinds of avatar.


I think that the more realistic models would probably be preferred by a business that wants to get "working from home" employees into the "office" even if they're nowhere near an actual physical office.


You die in the metaverse, you die for real.


I'm not sure. The point of the metaverse isn't just to be social media with headsets, the idea is to integrate with everything out there. As things currently stand, that's gonna be extremely hard, as I see each "provider" having to compete with each other to get different platforms to sign up with them and not with the others, getting exclusivity deals, which may lead it to becoming a half-finished patchwork worse than what's happened to streaming services. I can't see them all make the internet from scratch either, I believe they'll need to collaborate somehow.

Hating on the metaverse is very trendy, though for good reasons, so this video was nice to watch.
However, there's some things that make me distrust it. Stuff like mentioning Fortnite as part of the metaverse, which it isn't, as much as Epic wishes it were. It's BR game full of crossover cosmetics with a side mode (Creative) that lets players create their own maps for customized deathmatches and minigames. That's like saying TF2 is part of the metaverse, yeah, no. Same for saying WFH will become even more entrenched, when things are already going in the opposite way.
The point about addiction is odd as well because that's already the case with the current internet, I personally don't believe making it into AR will make it go from hyper addictive to uber addictive. YouTube is, for the regular user, a barebones site, but it's got a billion people hooked on it.
The point on profitability is debatable since social networks can be the very opposite, and their biggest costs as far as I know come from just keeping their servers up. If they're also going to have to create a 3D world for it, that's going to make things a lot more complicated all around, even if they offload the work to someone else, though I doubt they're going to let the users do their own thing like in Second Life or Roblox. It's possible they will grant a decent degree of freedom to non-corporate folks, but I think it'll tend towards it being more constricted than those already existing platforms.
Plus, how do you even implement adverts in it, as street signs or what? I doubt people are going to like obligatory 3D video adverts consistently interrupting their chatting, or paying for licenses. We'll have to see how well microtransactions for cosmetics will work, but that's eh. He even mentions social media is currently bleeding money, but states the metaverse will fix it by becoming even more addictive. I'm not convinced.
The point on power is true though, that part I agree with.

The metaverse could just be a massive speculative money sink like the railway mania back in the day. It had notable long-lasting consequences, but wasn't nearly as profitable as expected.

How much processing power is this going to require? Running this kinda stuff for nothing but the faces of multiple people looks to me like it's going to require some good hardware, and I think Stadia's shown that you can't just let a distant server do that. Needing to connect the headset to a computer will restrict its usage. Otherwise, imagine having a full-face Switch mounted on your head all day, or needing to set up motion capture thingies all around you, that won't be pleasant.


Forgot to say I just came across this, which while predating the pandemic and the metaverse craze, I think it supports the idea that there will be practical scenarios for implementing AR.


File:1652522137622.png (380.44 KB,640x640)

I still dont understand what the metaverse is trying to sell me exactly, even though I am a technology pro.


A platform for platforms, integrated, that's why it's meta. Aimed at normal people and corporations.


If this guy is so sure Meta will succeed he should buy their tanking stock.


and if you do Mark Zuckerberg captures your soul and locks it in the metaverse to be his eternal virtual slave


No, but either Mark Zuckerberg or another giant megacorpo will own your personality and all of your traits through algorithms to create a AI version of yourself after you die that they control for eternity.


Eternal life, but at a great cost...


What's worse is what if computing becomes so powerful in the future it could trap our very essence into that AI program forever?


I guess it depends if it would have what we could refer to as emotions and such. An AI of me that follows what it interprets as my actions to things could be cool, like a living memory of my existence, as long as it wasn't suffering or something.


I wouldn't want my essential being to be a slave within the metaverse for all eternity. You've got a screw loose for thinking that would be "cool".

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