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File:aaaaaaaaa.png (2.14 MB,1181x1102)


Have you been working on anything? Art, programming, etc.
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File:3dsmax_lKlbsIgE0Z.png (19.51 KB,770x490)

The past few months off and on (and more intensely the past couple weeks) I've been working on making an edit and conversion to add a penis to the female body mod I like in Skyrim. I've done the hardest (heh) geometry stuff already, but with skin weighting I couldn't find a way to copy specific weights from one vertex to another, so I relied on manually typing it in which was very annoying.
Unfortunately, I found that the weights aren't exact. You can see the purple line diverging from the dark one as I bend the spine...


File:blender_mHXrVIwmNw.png (6.97 KB,171x77)

So I open it up in Blender on a hunch and this old 3DS Max version wasn't displaying the weight fully accurately. Again, I can't see a method or script to copy specific vert weights between meshes so I have to copy and paste these. 3DS Max was rounding these up, but did have the full proper weight stored somewhere...


File:SerraTheBenevolent__32652.….jpg (160.46 KB,473x659)

on a bunch of EDH decks, if that counts. I doubt most people on kissu plays but I'll list them anyway:
>Derevi (azorius fliers w/stax)
>Phenax (wall mill)
>Zaxara (timmy + craw)
>Breya (artificial burn)
>Greven (aggro + burn aristocrat)


File:afge.webm (2.26 MB,960x540)

Yeah, I'm still working on this. Ignore the crazy health bars.


i thought you quit programming altogether

File:mm1630205925181.jpg (2.13 MB,1500x1488)


How are these things supposed to work on kissu now
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File:244edba630.png (553.89 KB,1104x759)

or maybe the representation of existing data... this isn't something I've looked into very much.


File:d138971ae0.png (75.79 KB,562x261)

The thumbnailing GN uses produces this


File:faa7c0f003.png (195.84 KB,468x334)

Finally, on 4taba it does this.

Both 4taba and Kissu(Likely Nen and Ota) use ImageMagick convert.
 (let ((port (open-pipe* OPEN_READ "convert" (string-append infile "[0]")
                          "-resize" (string-append max-dimensions "x" max-dimensions ">")

$config['convert_args'] = '-size %dx%d %s -thumbnail %dx%d -auto-orient +profile "*" %s';
(($error = shell_exec_error(($this->gm ? 'gm ' : '') . 'convert ' .
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Perhaps it's the -thumbnail %dx%d that causes it to no longer become an alternate image, but I'm not willing to test this much more


File:a-1630710383359.jpg (1.16 MB,1500x1488)

what else is quite interesting is that if I resave it from >>77408 it loses the ability to have multiple images.

File:[SubsPlease] Meikyuu Black….jpg (178.2 KB,1280x720)


While thinking on why I enjoy this anime so much I couldn't help but draw parallels to Ninomiya and Roku-gou. In Sentouin the premise was a high-ranking agent from an "evil" company trying to colonize another world. Yet for all the talk about evil and how bad the agents were, you never really got a feel for how he could be considered that bad in the first place, with how pure-hearted and selfless Reoku-gou seemed to be outside of pranking others. Ninomiya, on the other hand, doesn't come from a designated evil organization however he encapsulates "evil" much better than Roku-gou ever came close to doing. All of his ambitions lie in self-interest, he isn't hesitant to take advantage of others or abuse their courtesy, and he's willing to switch sides as it suits him. This is to say, Ninomiya is a complete asshole and most certainly not a good person even if his heroics at times can make him seem better. Roku-gou on the other hand was always doing something for others' sake instead of his own, would never allow harm to come to those he knew, and was always shouldering the blame for others, ready to sacrifice himself for the interests of the world around him. He was so good that I'd argue even Kazuma from the author's previous work was more of an asshole than Roku-gou was. Not to say being an asshole is something all characters should be, but given the premises one character type certainly shines brighter and garners more interest from the viewer.

In short: Meikyuu Black Company good, Sentouin Roku-gou bad.



I also felt that Roku-go seemed like he was trying to be more bad than he actually was.

As far as these two series go, what stuck out to me more was the 'sudden loli appearance' similarity in the plot. I mean, I understand keeping a winning formula, but at least try a little harder to introduce the character in a way that isn't "the loli was thought up before the plot so let's figure out the quickest way to throw her in the story" kind of thing. Dunno if I'm alone in that thinking or not...


Roku-go's personality is told to the audience and the viewer goes along.
Ninomiya's personality is defined by his action and the viewer has to understand him.
One's more of a comedy and the other is more commentary so it's somewhat expected that the audience will go along with Sentouin being less of a well developed story if the gags are funny.

I don't think Sentouin was trying to do anything more than generate some laughs while doing simple commentary on what good and evil are. Ninomya is the opposite where the laughs are secondary to the commentary.

While the two touch on similar themes the usage of the themes and the hook are different. I wouldn't really compare them against one another.


I guess that's fine, or would have been fine if Sentouin performed better as a comedy. As it was, there weren't many times I ever found myself laughing at Sentouin, so instead my mind wandered off more into thinking about the characters and setting. Which given that they weren't really planned to be thought about gave rise to my frustrations with the series.


yeah, the reason I don't like Sentouin was because it didn't do anything very well. More of a simple crowd pleaser.

The gags of 6 vs Ninomya is sex gags vs black comedy so I'm hesitant to compare comedy genre's against one another.
If I were to take Kazuma and compare him to 6 then it's more fair. His character design is built to look like a brat and his backstory is one that explains why he would behave in certain ways. 6 is like a kid in an adult's body for no reason.


File:[SubsPlease] Meikyuu Black….jpg (121.96 KB,1280x720)

I have to admit, this anime does a really good job at keeping me on edge because I've got no idea what'll happen next. Expected that Ninomiya would have at least some potential for magical growth, but I guess he's screwed in that department.

File:bd8ae0dc91f6d13a2732c84af5….png (1.71 MB,969x1500)


How does /qa/ quench their thirst and refuel their electrolytes?
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I prefer Powerthirst


Based on what?


based on Brawndo


nice, always wanted to drink meth


Did the humor get old or did I just get old? I wonder if the new generation laughs out loud to this.

File:48312160_p0.jpg (427.64 KB,1200x650)


What would you do if you found a way to get rid of the need to sleep?
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I recall that one other important function is that the brain detoxifies itself during sleep.


File:urin_ 657892136298266625.png (802.74 KB,600x857)

dunno. what's it like to be awake?


i would not sleep


I'd jerk off a whole lot


id hide it because I love to sleep and I love being awake when everyone else is asleep

File:d39ffd22610aa5fbdd180ab2a6….jpg (150.13 KB,1000x1500)


I stumbled upon someone's scraping of several public ftp servers into music playlists, so I downloaded it and now I can listen to high quality music just like opening a local file but being streamed.
But the ftp servers have much more stuffs to offer! Other then music, a large number of anime, movie, TV shows, game ROMs, and lots of other stuffs are on them.

Have you visited some cool file servers like that?


I remember seeing something like that with saved threads from ~2006-2008, thought it was neat how it was just laying around the internet like that and someone on #qa found it.

Although I don't think it's up anymore since what I think it was in my bookmarks doesn't lead anywhere anymore.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (376.47 KB,1920x1080)

Man, I haven't browsed an FTP in like 20 years. It was once the premiere way to get video game music and I still have those downloads on a drive and burnt CDs, although said drive needs a dongle thing fixed.
Creating an FTP was also the way vita piracy worked until some Chinese company figured out how to create an adapter for its propriety ($$$) memory card format.
I remember a couple years ago I thought that it'd be cool to have a /qa/ (now kissu) public FTP, but it'd probably be a real headache to manage.


The only FTP I ever perused was just the FreeBSD freshports repo. There was some neat stuff in there, but obviously nothing more than what you would expect from a software repository so not all that exciting I suppose

File:87897374.gif (439.32 KB,1000x943)


Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver
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The Roman denarius was 3.9 grams at the time and silver is worth $1.06 Australian dollars now so that is $124.02 but the coins were slightly debased(about 98% silver at the time according to Wikipedia) however Roman currency was also worth more than solely it's metallic value but the degree to which that was true changes over time but usually from 1.6 to 2.85 times the metallic value(again from Wikipedia) so $194 to $356 AUD or 120 to 218 Euros.

But using direct comparisons is problematic for various reasons. For a better comparison, a Roman legionary would make 225 Denarii a year so you are looking at over a months pay for a Legionary.


Judas did nothing wrong


Depending on the way you look at it, Judas was just acting out god's will by selling out Jesus. Since how else would he have ended up on the cross.


I get that Jesus dying for our sins needed to happen to shoulder the sins of humanity but that says nothing for our sins after that
we need Jesus 2 to come around so we can kill him again


If I play as Judas will I get a million bucks?

File:1589837780603.webm (126.3 KB,336x450)


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For some reason "can" seems wrong... like it should be cann or something


was thinking about that webm ysterday


File:1550320896660.png (121.54 KB,358x370)


File:1554658171977.png (129.23 KB,320x620)


File:1543335434829.png (993.01 KB,1836x712)

File:84252539.gif (331.04 KB,320x320)


Tenshi (corndogless)


File:1627435939554.jpg (267.26 KB,661x633)

ate it

File:1625593498558.jpg (494.44 KB,826x1000)


> /qa/
quality anger


File:_1 (3).jpg (59.43 KB,640x480)

I do not like this image.


File:hikage.png (551.63 KB,912x976)

Then why are you posting it?


File:4464a5739da59bbc1f62b1e8cf….png (101.9 KB,398x305)

I guess I should have said "I don't like that image," huh?

File:__hatsune_miku_vocaloid_dr….png (3.81 MB,2500x3438)


Do you listen to music in the background while simultaneously doing other things which are less mind-occupying yet diminuish your attention to the music and are deprived of your attention due to the music? And BGM isn't so easy to choose to make sure you still can do things and don't get worn out, it can't be too sad, too fast... So what are your criteria for background music you listen to?
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File:f3d24f8e3bc581466d977e1656….png (327.84 KB,800x800)

it has little to do with the content and much more if i have listened the song 100+ times or not, and among these more energetic music boosts my work morale more and doesn't distract me
meanwhile any new music will grab 100% of my attention, no matter how relax it is


cute miku


I attached her image because I thought she looked a bit like Yuno.


I go for more instrumental jam type stuff when im playing games or doing work or something, lots and lots of Grateful Dead. the music works really well for going in and out of paying attention as a lot of times the great moments take some time to build to. also a lot of jams that meander around without really grabbing you at any one time, its music that flows and feels like it could go on forever which is why I think it’s perfect for these types of situations


I don't know when it happened exactly, but I mostly stopped listening to music when I'm doing things that require thought. When I did, though, I remember that lyrics were definitely way too distracting. Instruments are good. Calming, soothing instrumentals are the best.
Actually, I'm going to turn on some Atelier music right now and see how it affects my posting..

File:b42c4875bc42bb050f4c8ad720….jpg (306.4 KB,933x800)


Today I was at the store and feeling a bit nostalgic I bought and ate a Mr Goodbar. However, contrary to my memories it was absolutely tasteless, complete rubbish candy. It made me think of a greater question about these products, including stuff like Dunkin Donuts' donuts and most other big name candies/snacks as well. How do these products stay on shelves while they're so trash? Are there really people that go out and buy them because they like it, it just doesn't seem possible with their abysmal quality and usually superior foods/candies stocked right next to them on shelves.


I think the degradation of quality in certain brands is like a frog boiling; it's been going on for years, steadily being watered down so that from month to month or year to year, there isn't much difference, but over the course of a few years the total difference becomes quite large. Another possibility is just that they're slowly adding more preservatives or something that subtly alters the taste profile because they expect for their candies and things to stay on shelves longer, or something like that? Either way, the change is so gradual most people probably don't really recognize them changing at all. Their existence, like with most things, is almost certainly down to name recognition. Another thing to think about is that most candy and food brands are owned by mega conglomerates that own a bunch of other brands too, for instance Pespi Co. indirectly owns Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut through another company that they spun off called "Yum! Brands" So even if they have one product that is underselling, they can still maintain shelf presence through the sale of other things.


Narcotics, sugary products, caffeine products, anything which isn't water and bread are targeted at a group of addicts who buy a dozen times of the amount a stasticially normal person would get.


Other than US entertainment, I don't think so. I don't live in the US though. The quality of food has been going up in many countries since people are realizing(beyond the moral beliefs of the past and with scientific reasoning) that sugar, alcohol and meat are dangerous to have constantly.

I think as a kid we liked sugar much more than as adults. Junk food isn't as nice and our bodies are saying that eating this a lot will end up giving you gout.


I tried Cheetos for the first time recently after they were released where I live. They were absolutely disgusting. I have no clue how Americans eat those things.


A new PV for the Tsukihime remake just came out, it doesn't look as bad as first impressions led me to believe it'd be.
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File:1361805346138.jpg (21.32 KB,460x564)

Was reading some news articles about it, and it seems Nasu has made comments to the effect that "playing this game will help you gain a deeper understanding of the F/GO world". I want to be optimistic and brush it off as him simply alluding to the fact that it takes place in the Nasuverse, but I wouldn't be surprised if he shoehorned some F/GO tie-in bullshit into the game. Ah well.

Anyway, about two weeks left.


Well the characters are in F/GO, so maybe he means understanding those characters better?


Are we going to be having a /qa/ melty lobby when it comes out?


of course


Not very far in, but I have to say they did a great job, it looks and sounds fantastic. Too bad I only own a Switch Lite, because it's a bit of a pain in the ass to play on a small screen. I am seriously considering buying a TV and a new console.

File:D_cMDnmUwAEQ5VW.jpg (196.83 KB,935x1248)


Is /qa/ going to watch Gamescom in the hopes that it makes up for this year's abysmal E3?

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Agreed. I remember playing through Saints Row 2 during my first playthrough and becoming genuinely distraught after Carlos' Death and then proceeded to somberly drive around the city as it rained.


Didn't recognize the name but instantly knew who you were talking about. Always thought the transition from gritty to goofy was an odd choice (though SR2 was fairly goofy it stayed pretty grounded). Hope one day they remaster it so that it can have proper cutscenes without all the jank.


there is no world where I watch any form of glammified entertainment advertisement television


I was kinda hoping they'd show gameplay from Elden Ring so I could get a feel for how the open world's going to work in a souls game, but then there wasn't any


If it ever does get a remake, I really, really hope they keep the cheat codes in. I had a lot of fun messing around with stuff like low gravity.

File:Sayaka_negates_pain.webp (1.54 MB,500x281)


Do you like Madoka Magica?
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Yes, it's my favourite anime.


File:853.gif (Spoiler Image,4.16 MB,500x281)

Sayaka's abject disregard for her life is CUTE


Sayaka's cutting up the waves


What's the difference between a webm and a webp?
Anyway, yes I love it. The style is truly magical and the soundtrack is absolutely beautiful and gives me that tingly feeling.
Also Homu's VA is Hazuki


the OP image is like a .apng or .gif

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