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File:41e0d876d8e20421c1eb62b357….jpg (166.85 KB,900x900)


Do you prefer your 2D girls with sharp or round jaws? It seems most of them have very sharp angular features, but when you want to make them cuter than usual they'll usually be round instead, sometimes to the point of being a potato.
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Round ones.


File:[SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no….jpg (142.18 KB,1280x720)

I guess I'd say I have a preference for round, but it's not like I dislike sharp jaws either.
Akebi is sharp, right?


I don't mind sharp chins what I don't like are pointy chins.


File:fede03fef4ab085ad33db2ccbb….png (2.22 MB,2560x1800)

all shapes, all sizes are good and have their own charm to them.


love the to-love-ru cast

File:77277380_p0.jpg (1.96 MB,1150x1300)

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With Elden Ring coming up it dawned on me that compared to most everything else coming out, nothing really excites me as it does. This is despite the gameplay revealing that it's just Dark Souls again with added verticality/sneak/exploration from Sekiro. All stuff I've played before, but the formula isn't at all tired out, and they just keep tweaking it in ways to make it more enjoyable. I think I can go back to any Souls game and still enjoy it (except DS2's DLC with magic) despite knowing all their is to know about the games because the experience it offers allows you to play the games again and again trying out new things along the way, like increasing the challenge for yourself by limiting what you do or approaching the progression from a different path. Also despite the many who tout the games as heralds of difficulty they're actually not too hard if you play them right, since sufficient grinding/preparation can allow characters to achieve most anything in the main game. To me DS1 and BB are still the crowns of the series because of how nicely interconnected their respective worlds were alongside being the nicest design/directionwise, with the sequels to DS being a bit linear and DeS being nice, but not naturally interconnected. So what's /qa/'s take on the series and which of the games do you think is the best?
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Its mostly for an autistic reason, but because I went to volcano manner before talking to the prawn guy, I screwed myself out of the ability to buy prawns. These prawns are really good for pvp because it negates damage and makes 3v1s a lot more managable. Sadly there's no way to fix his questline now, so I have to start over.


And here I am still piddling around Limgrave


File:MySFformat_UOo96wValw.png (49.67 KB,802x512)

What are your favorite and/or most used armor sets in Elden Ring?




New patch today. Wonder what will change.

File:9d6ebee45231b7352c154cc45f….jpg (1.48 MB,1600x1935)


Do you prefer instrumental or lyrical music? I listen to instrumental 90% of the time. The human voice is just not as pleasing to hear as actual music instruments most of the time.
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What's a "preference"? If we go by what I listen to most it's no doubt vocal stuff. However, whenever I really want to isolate myself or escape I'll seek out instrumental tracks I love. Does that mean I prefer instrumental or vocal?


File:1601360278060.jpg (769.15 KB,1000x1000)

I guess I prefer lyrical music but it feels weird saying that because the instrumental part of the song is what actually determines if I will like it or not, in addition I listen to a lot of music that has lyrics but also very long instrumental sections. I like to think of the voice as an instrument that has the unique ability to add to a song through rhyme and clever delivery of lyrics, in addition vocals do a good job of tying together instrumental sections or even adding emphasis to certain parts by their omission in the rest of the song.


I don't really have a preference as I view the voice as an instrument itself. But even if there are lyrics I don't listen to songs for the lyrics themselves and most the time I barely pick up or remember most of what is said.


Probably has something to do with classical music as well, as it is wholly instrumental outside of opera (I listen to classical but don't like opera by the way, it sounds too exaggerated). Classical music listeners no doubt have higher IQs than average.


I love jazz.

File:akariel.jpg (3.92 MB,2508x3341)


If there's a collection of works(e.g. an album) you like but some parts of it seem uncommonly bad, do you blame your own senses before blaming the author?


File:[Alexvgz] Azumanga Daioh 2….jpg (69.15 KB,745x734)

No, I am a genius and the author is a fool for disappointing me.


I mean it's all a matter of personal taste, so I guess the former? There's really no "blame" though; either I like it or I don't.


Yes it is blame if it cost you even few minutes of your life which could change your view on a great author or movement.

File:[DMkII]_Black Jack_-_07_[B….jpg (62.53 KB,1232x720)


Was thinking recently and a thought came to me that it'd probably be a good idea to have a recommendations thread for people to simply recommend others things they've been watching and/or enjoyed.

The idea came to me when I was thinking about wanting more people to watch the Black Jack OVA, since it's got a nice variety of stories and some great emotional pull in episodes.


File:[V-A_&_O-A]_Risky_Safety_-….png (245.46 KB,640x480)

Risky Safety
It's a bunch of 10 minute shorts. It's about a schoolgirl who's got a shinigami trying to tempt her to despair and an angel (pictured) trying to keep her heart on the right path. The shinigami and angel are 10 centimetres tall and they swap bodies. Very moe, a bit melodramatic but hey it's a shoujo.


Oh god, I haven't seen this mentioned in fucking eons. Good show, indeed.


File:The.Girl.from.the.Other.Si….jpg (399.95 KB,1920x1080)

I just finished up Totsukuni no Shoujo, and despite feeling more like the introductory act to a larger story (which it is), the presentation and completely unique style make me feel compelled to recommend this one. Sometimes my mind tends to wander and I wonder if I've run out of surprises when it comes to what others can show me, but then anime like this come around to prove me wrong.

File:duality of jaguar.jpg (709.62 KB,1200x915)


One day kissu is predominantly /jp/ when it comes to activity and the in the next one it's predominantly /qa/. It's a strange duality don't you think. It's like there's an on/off switch for serious discussion and fun posting.
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Sometimes you get tired of being epic so you need to tone it down and be a little serious or engage in your hobbies every once and a while.


File:88465953842637692469486579….jpg (67.02 KB,500x642)

I don"t understand how to use these boards I just lurk \all\


File:yoshiro mori.png (6.89 KB,400x300)

/qa/ = fun
/jp/ = fun

It's as simple as that.


Why the heck would you browse >>>/all/


Hmmm. So the activity each day is determined what posts people who don't browse /all/ use.

File:Save.jpg (106.33 KB,596x1000)


Is otaku buying merch of their favorite shows consumerist or a modern form of patronage? I think that this is a difficult question to answer as it relates to the variety of different reasons for buying it, but still there is the question of if this is a system in which figures and character song CDs are an outlet for fans to show support and encourage studios to make more of something they appreciate or if buying merch is an act of self satisfaction which studios just provide the means for. This question is further confused in that buying merch can be done out of love for a specific character/person, an example I can think of is how a fan bought over a hundred copies of a solo single by a love live seiyuu out of his love and support for her. Another alternative is that some simply could just like how it looks but I would think that this would lead back into the system of patronage.
Why do people buy merch and what purpose does this merch fulfill?


At least with BDs, you can usually find them second-hand for a small fraction of the original price. There's really no good reason to buy them new except to support the industry.


For figurines and stuff I think it's genuine appreciation, but for BDs it could be a mix of both. There's not really a "reason" to buy those ridiculously expensive BDs if you're not doing it to support the studio. Even PC-phobic Japan's piracy is pretty strong, but I guess that'd be obvious since outsiders get their hands on the stuff.


File:GuP Erika 019.jpg (627.97 KB,756x1058)


I really like the Merchandise itself and I like collecting things and having nice things but the fact that buying it supports the shows I like is an added benefit.


File:1650028900133.jpg (293.74 KB,1024x1195)

Both, probably

File:5b56d4f12d5424837d981e8c32….jpg (777.83 KB,2690x4096)


I often wonder how people in the far future will look back on the internet of the past. So much of the culture is a "you had to be there" type of thing. References and jokes that only make sense to the small group of people it was directed to. Will they even understand all the all the in-jokes and references that we talk about today? Or will it just seem foreign and alien to them? Maybe it will just be chalked up to some type of "lol so RandUMb" humor. Even today, if you showed any of it to someone who wasn't well versed in internet humor, they probably wouldn't get any of it. When you look at it from an even further outside lens, it probably wouldn't make any sense at all.

I wonder if we'll start to see internet history become a popular field that's studied in universities eventually. There's a lot that can be gleaned I think from studying the trends of the internet and how they were impacted by, or impacted current events of the time. Of course, maybe they'll get it all completely wrong, because of how esoteric and insular much of it is. Can you really get any of it if you weren't there at the time it happened? The explanations people try to make today for internet culture is often grossly incorrect.

Of course, it's quite possible that the only thing people will ever document or study is surface level social media like facebook and twitter. Which mostly consists of bastardized versions of older culture from deeper in the proverbial internet sea. To get to the root of a lot of it you need to go past that top layer, which most people aren't aware even exists.

I think it's an interesting topic to ponder. There's a ton of different ways I think it could go, and I have to wonder how accurate any of it will be when it eventually comes, as someone who experienced it first hand for most of my life.

Have a cute Miyu.
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I can't tell what that's supposed to be. Star Wars?
You can just treat them as foreigners from a far away kingdom


It's Sword Art Online.


File:baby-behaviour-and-awarene….jpg (105.66 KB,1280x720)

goo goo gaga
oomer memer




File:1563168372743.png (10.25 KB,1038x660)

File:[SubsPlease] Shachiku-san….webm (3.44 MB,1920x1080)


The diagnosis is in /qa/, my nutbladder has officially burst and I've only days to live.
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are the deamons in the workplace spiritual or are they just my boss. Reality not as cute as it appears


I don't know your workplace, but demons are probably more likely to be your boss than spiritual entities.


The peanut girl




Yor Giving Anya the fishe

File:[Commie] Bishounen Tanteid….jpg (284.02 KB,1920x1080)


Been on a bit of streak of malaise for the past few days and I noticed that while I'm posting less often, the general density of words per post seems to have increased. Wonder how these two are correlated, if at all.
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File:FLwRFa8WUAg_bWD.jpg (39.06 KB,404x404)


What do you do when you are bored?
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Oh, so you trace over a frame? That seems fun. Seems like it could idea as an activity for people to do here, too.


File:copy.png (587.09 KB,826x750)

I'm not good enough for my copies to be mistaken for traces.


File:birdbrain.png (860.29 KB,2782x1012)

I'm more proud of this one even though it's not as accurate.




Oh, wow. Any time I try to do a side-by-side recreation the proportions are extremely wrong. That looks good to me.

File:1649883600354.png (836.21 KB,1115x1300)


What are the prerequisites for a good costume switch?


They must elicit separate feelings, like how with the OP pic one's cute and the other is bone inducing.


if it looks cool.

File:gween_tee_cawfee.png (590.67 KB,1349x654)


What would you do if you couldn't buy a dildo or whatever without your parents finding out? What if you were too innocent to even kiss? I have done research on this hypothetical scenario.

- braided hairjob
- clothespins
- cold or ice water
- doing it while asleep
- fingers inside mouth
- grinding
- holding your breath
- licking armpits
- olive oil lube
- paintbrushes or sharpies
- pee in hands
- tickling
- using a 9V battery
- writing on tape
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- sitting in stuffy closet
- laying outside on the ground


- dog


What kinds of non-gasoline lawnmowers would give off fumes?


the exhaust. gasoline itself is rather dangerous.



Skyrim is 10 years old without a sequel. Can you believe it?


They don't need a sequel when they can release the same game every year and say it's a new definitive version even thought it's the same as the last definitive version.


After the disaster that was Fallout 4 and 76 it's probably for the best.

File:96606400_p0.jpg (5.42 MB,3070x4096)


What does Kissu think of dakimakura? Do you have one?
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File:0ad8131e5e221d5073257d6b68….png (546.93 KB,563x598)

No wonder you don't sleep with it.


It takes up space on my bed and I bring it out as a novelty to piss off normalfags to be honest


I want to get one at some point since I think it would be comfy to sleep with something while hugging it


I used to have two body pillows but I was too small to fuck between them. Now I only have one and she's cool but I have to move her lower half to the side to give my penis breathing room.


I have a body pillow which is nice, but I could never get a cover for it, it's just too cringy.

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