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File:__rice_shower_umamusume_dr….jpg (1.78 MB,1417x2000)


I was just going to keep my thread as 'hi' as I looked under the 'waving arm' tag, but it made me wonder:
Is pretty derby still absurdly popular and do you follow it at all and also how the HECK did it become so popular?
How is the monetization scheme? H
as the company bought a small nation yet?
Will it ever be translated (probably not)?
How are people so intimidated in drawing ero of them?

As an aside, this girl, Rice Shower, seems to have a great sort of quasi Kentucky Derby/gothic hybrid that's pretty cool.
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I watched the first season of the anime, it was pretty good. Will watch S2 eventually.

>How are people so intimidated in drawing ero of them?

Same as Eva, the IP holder asked fans not to make R18 content.


i wanna copulate with that horse


File:88661675_p0.jpg (804.1 KB,1021x1433)

You probably can! If you've got strong enough genes, that is. Gotta be top class yourself to breed with a top class Uma Musume.


>How are people so intimidated in drawing ero of them?
The horse yakuza


Are you telling me that they've even got ties in fictional horse racing...

File:SP9u5uF.png (416.49 KB,893x506)


anyone know the symbolism of these two items? The bone from a balloon dog and the necklace of the priest.

Shinsekai Yori ep 5

Idaten ep 1
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I don't think it's a reference to shinsekai yori
i can't find it right now but i'm pretty sure that shape has shown up in other anime specifically as a weapon like it is in Shinsekai Yori. It's definitely some generic shape that just has some cultural meaning with certain cultures.


Well, some people do see the DMV as hell on Earth


File:0005096_victor-lee-cyclon….jpeg (122.38 KB,600x600)


was going to say I remembered some kind of ninja star from naruto that looked like this


Nice OBS logo in the center. Also, I have no idea how someone would throw that without slicing their hand open.


Playstation is doing a showcase thing and are currently on a Korean Automata ripoff.


showcase sucks so far


The game about Japanese folklore stuff looks pretty nice


I didn't see anything great, but it was on second screen when I was doing stuff. Some game about some little brown girl on a tropical island exploring stuff seemed kinda cool?


It was alright overall, nothing about the game I wanted there to be something about but >>77747 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWpsAKYa7NQ) looked neat and the new God of War will probably be fun but I already new of it before now so it's nothing special.

File:Touhou Remilia 013 E.png (1.27 MB,1080x1500)


I was thinking, if I was a magical being it is actually far more in my interests to hide that than to announce it. If I was a non threatening little magical girl I could appear before the king in medieval times and demand an income and house from him and refuse to live the castle until he accepts, even if he thought I was a demon he would eventually have to accept and maybe living with a non threatening little girl would convince him that I was not a demon. But there are bound to be people that would see me as a demon and the Pope might even call a crusade on me, I would never be able to live in peace. It is even worse these days, if I tried the same approach at parliament they might not even think I was a demon and they might accept or be made to accept but I would instantly become the most talked about person on earth and my entire life would be under the most attention that any life ever was, added to that you still have religious nut jobs and all it takes is one of them with a rifle to finish me off, or the government of a foreign nation may decide to send agents to kill me for fear hat I may be used against them, the government of the nation I live in may even do that. I would not get any peace in modern times either.

And what for? There is not actually much benefit to using my powers in public, sure the king may benefit from it but I will not so much. So approaching the king or Prime minister in private would be the better option, that way I could force them to give men an income but keep that hidden from the public. Or I could use clandestine actions to make money, like stealing, shorting companies and then sabotaging them, corporate espionage, using my powers of flight to fly around Papua new Guneia to look for Thylacines etc. So we would never know about these magic people, they would make sure to never be known about.


Maybe. It's a shame humans are so... mean.


File:Jeanne d'Arc Alter 015 E.png (1.02 MB,1200x1648)

I guess, if I was a magic girl I could pretend that I was a peasant hearing the voice of god and that he was telling me that I was to drive the English out of the country and I could use minor magic tricks to make them believe me, have them train and equip me as a knight, have them give me command of the army and then go forth and defeat the English, once they are gone for good I could come home and I would be able to live in luxury as a saint and a war hero.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (218.89 KB,1920x1080)

This sounds like a confession! We have little magical girls on kissu! Wow!
I'd definitely hide any powers I had, but I think most people wouldn't be capable of this just due to ego. It's like how the greatest conspiracy theories are unbelievable if for nothing else that requiring thousands of people to keep a secret is nearly impossible.


File:Touhou Youmu 026 E.png (4.04 MB,3840x1912)

But what if it was required for a magician to not have a large ego to be able to use magick in the first place. Maybe they have to reach enlightenment or if they have an ego it would interfere with their training and make it impossible to use magick, or maybe the mages know this could be an issue and only pass knowledge on to those with no ego or it might be that it requires a certain personality type or upbringing to use magick and that personality or upbringing is less egotistical in nature.


damn Belkans
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File:Typhoon_-THE_IDOLMASTER_M….webp (104.17 KB,1280x720)


Sukhoi are very nice


File:__prez_project_wingman_dra….png (715.5 KB,1503x1960)

I can't fly Mig31 without screaming Prez on the backseat anymore



Ace Combat day coming up soon can't wait


Games like DDR are pretty cool. It's a shame arcades don't exist in anywhere near the numbers they used to. Not to mention going to one isn't particularly easy given the current global situation, of course.
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Never seen a cool arcade like they have in Japan over here in the states. Maybe it's because we don't really have that big of an arcade culture here, think bowling took off more.


File:sf2_cuties.jpg (349.32 KB,2048x1448)

assuming you can find one near enough to you, round one is the absolute best way of getting a taste. I went to one during one of the few times I've been to an anime con and it was staggering how much cool stuff they have. fighting games and ryhthm games eeeeverywhere. they even had the table flipping game, as well as that game where you make actual hand signs over a sensor bar to cast spells, and a few other formerly japan-only oddities. they're technically a bowling alley as well, but the arcade portion dwarfs that massively.


>table flipping game
What's this?


File:maxresdefault.jpg (126.28 KB,1280x720)

If I remember rightly, you basically play as an overworked salary man and you have to flip your table as hard as possible, causing as much mayhem as possible by having your desk knock into things as it goes flying.


Hah, a simulator to relieve stress so that it doesn't occur in a real work environment. How genious.


Apparently Games Workshop updated their fan-made content policy to a "zero tolerance policy", so the massively popular fan fiction series, If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device, is now going on "indefinite hiatus" up to and beyond a change in policy until it becomes apparent that Games Workshop genuinely means that fan-made content is acceptable, and is not merely making an exception for a largely popular series.
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File:waterfox_7slzDLtr7R.png (3.65 KB,182x92)

>their Patreon or demonetize their channel
I'm going to preface this by saying I have no idea what this TTS thing is. Anyway...
This is different territory than what I thought it was going to be. Once you're making money off someone else's IP it's whole new ballgame. This isn't some doujin thing about a guy at a booth making a couple hundred if he's lucky, this is a commercial enterprise.
I think it's a grey area in this example and not something like Nintendo going after some guy's SNES rom hack.


It should be stated that not all of that money goes directly to the creator. Lots of it goes to paying voice actors, and editors.

>I think it's a grey area in this example and not something like Nintendo going after some guy's SNES rom hack.

Honestly, I think a more apt comparison is the case of Macross v. Robotech. At it's core, the only things directly being taken from Games Workshop themselves are the characters; the MAJORITY of the references and story lines expounded upon are in regards to other fan-made novels and such. The only difference is that those novels are licensed, but that's sort of the thing... Games Workshop literally benefits from work that other people do, without lifting a finger, so an action like this completely spits in the face of fans of Warhammer in general.


> without lifting a finger
except creating/managing the IP.
Without that IP no one would give a crap about what any of these randoms are doing, much less throw money at them.

yes I'm being cynical, the world of IP is a haunted place.


I don't think it's just a case of being cynical. if you think about it, people are most likely finding that series because of searching specifically for warhammer related stuff and finding that as part of their search, not searching directly for that series itself. games workshop has access to money and professional marketing and all kinds of resources the average person doesn't have, so it only makes sense their "brand" would be more well known.

the smart thing for that guy to do now would be to start a new series with original characters, so he can piggyback off his past success while also branching off from using a copyright he has no control over. he has enough eyeballs on him already now to potentially go independent. I doubt he'd have as many viewers as he does doing warhammer stuff, but that's still better than being unable to make videos at all!


>Once you're making money off someone else's IP it's whole new ballgame. This isn't some doujin thing about a guy at a booth making a couple hundred if he's lucky, this is a commercial enterprise.
Every now and then I think about this post. All I want to say is this: you can't have it be one or the other. You either support fan creations or you don't. That's pretty much entirely their reasoning behind their own withdrawal from creating anything more. Suppose GW greenlights TTS to continue making stuff. That leaves smaller creators out to dry. Suppose GW greenlights small creators, but not big ones. Fundamentally, that's intentionally stifling any fan works from gathering any more than a small audience before dropping the cease and desist ban hammer. Either way, it's a shitty situation for creators.

File:1444285542031.gif (872.63 KB,346x360)


So since nobody wants to use Win11, what are some good OS's that /qa/ would recommend before there's no choice but to switch? I've always been thinking about installing linux but there's probably no better time than now, right?
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I tend to stick with the older version of windows until the newer one is like 3-5 years old. I don't think this will change for 11. So uhh... I can't help you




why would anyone care about OS?


It's a similar question as asking why anyone cares about their CPU or GPU. The OS controls how you interact with software. If the OS is bad(UI or the complicated stuff) then you will have a worse experience with your overpriced 3000 dollar GPU.


because it'll make you feel so powerful it'll blow your mind right in front of your face

File:66677353.gif (422.65 KB,384x384)


friendless, jobless, vaccinated, gay
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I used to be all four until I got a cleaning service job.


the new metroid actually looks pretty good and nintendo has put out really nice games lately might get it



Loos neat. How's that one switch emulator coming along? I ended up selling mine because I just never used it, and Nintendo bumping up their anti-piracy measures made me not want to hack mine compared to the 3DS.


From what I remember the switch emulator is doing pretty well and is able to mostly play smash online with some network issues. Although I don't know if it was just optimized for smash or not, but if not then it should be able to play the new metroid whenever it comes out.


the ultimate metroid game already exists, it's called AM2R


Since when has Japan been able to do proper 3DCG stories? Eva 4.0 and this show both are doing a good job with the techniques. 5 years back we had https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyeBAJwdpW4 Kado and Kemono Friends which was full of jank, but NightHead seems far beyond that past and into an era of actual artists using the technique for what it does best.
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very nice animation, very boring song


The camera panning parts that look kinda bad, but apart from that it's pretty good. I still can't understand why CG tends to look so choppy in TV shows when it should be the smoothest since it's all pre-rendered. There must be some weird rule about FPS on broadcast TV or something.


maybe holding it back for the blurays


Does a good full-2D idol song bit like this even exist? Or have they all contained 3D or been with cuts. Was thinking Perfect Blue at first, but even that wasn't fully focused on Mima.


>There must be some weird rule about FPS on broadcast TV or something.
Nope. Other than the 50/60Hz divide, stuff has always been broadcast at either 24FPS (3:2 pulldown to 29.97FPS), or 29.97FPS. But with the conversion to digital, I think everything is 50/60Hz outside of some special broadcasts, typically on cable.


How do you like your Ojou-samas? Japanese? European? Or do you prefer the extraterrestrial kind?


Riding a banana preferably. Few people can understand this.


File:ruriko.jpg (18.4 KB,360x360)

Submissive to their maids preferably.


so rich they have no idea about what bills are and half-japanese on their father's side


god, that laugh is atrocious. nothing like the “oooOOOOOHOHOHOHO” a real ojou-sama would have. what a low-effort imitation.


Gotta be rich to laugh rich.

File:62317466_p0.jpg (334.24 KB,700x779)


Were you ever (are you) a fanboy that took part in flamewars over things? Like video game systems or computer brands and stuff. I think the origin of this thing were families that had to choose a system since parents would often only buy one of a generation's consoles. It kind of inspired a strong brand loyalty because a kid didn't want to accept that there were great things on other systems.
I never really did, but there was a period of time when my family just had a Genesis and I didn't really pay attention to any Nintendo stuff because I was focused on Sega Channel. Damn, that thing was so cool.
For computer stuff? Well, I can't say I've ever felt loyalty to anyone. EVGA has good customer support for Nvidia graphics cards so I try to get those if possible, but nothing else really matters.
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File:1490948783190.png (129.56 KB,359x448)

i'm a kissu fanboy and have defended its honor multiple times amongst the jaypeesphere


it was a good game


Oh, I completely forgot about that. I was never a big /a/ user for a few seasons and that was one of them. So... much... anger.

Nice! I'd do the same, but I don't post anywhere else


File:shigatake 9193992435000279….jpg (77.57 KB,600x800)

puyo >> tetris

what do you have to say to that, friend?


File:00929038-4B69-495F-810F-7….jpeg (77.62 KB,750x727)

I’m a /qa/ vet that’s I’ve defended the board from the 2016 raiders. I defended it during the “frog-weeb mafia” war too but after that the shitposting got too intense. the board’s soul is long dead, forever lost to the /pol/ rejects that made /qa/ their home after 2016. they’re still spamming the board with schizophrenic bait to this day.

File:1622882229266.gif (626.29 KB,498x498)


What is the question to answer never given?




File:A488FA2A-1B93-4BFC-8C87-2A….png (503.13 KB,1429x1080)

…man, Pokémon got really weird after Gen 4

File:[RESubs] Higurashi no Naku….jpg (132.31 KB,1920x1080)


People love spouting "soul" this and "soul", but all it really comes down to is nostalgia and not some great special ingredient that anime somehow lost. I bet for the majority of anime that are hailed today as flawed but "soulful" were to air today, people wouldn't look on them nearly as fondly as they do now because they're decades old. For example, DEEN's Higurashi is good for its OST, voices, and art that complements well the SoL moments. However, it definitely was lacking when it came to the more serious moments in the series, and being an adaptation of an extremely long VN (along with 2 chapters of it's counterpart) it had pacing issues at times and left out some important details in bits (like the Rena/Rika car scene in Tsumihoroboshi-hen). Although I will agree that Kai did a pretty good job since they allotted more time to those final arcs.
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File:E64B5E34-7586-4615-ACFE-A5….png (38.76 KB,279x216)

>he doesn’t understand what soul is
consider this: soulless is “lazy and uninspired”. it’s true that people spam trending words to the point where they become buzzwords and eventually memes but soul is still very much real. when you see the product of someone who put their heart and soul into their work, unswayed by monetary success: you’ll know.


File:_0 (2).png (155.82 KB,420x420)

¥he template greenposts


File:screen1673.png (556.23 KB,3036x1062)

Soul vs Soulless


What are you talking about?

The old UI is the definition of soulless. It's more or less the default vichan interface used on thousands of other imageboards. And said interface isn't exactly original itself. Vichan inherited from tinyboard, which was itself a clone of 4chan's yotusba software. The new UI, meanwhile, was built from the ground up for kissu. From where I stand, that seems a lot more soulful.


You fail to put yourself in the place of someone who would dare resort to rating things with buzzword terms.

File:e719feaee8ee9dd793f63592a9….jpg (83.88 KB,600x600)


How do you deal with the light from the monitor? Do you keep the three metres of distance to the screen in a well-lit room like the anime tell you at the episodes' beginnings?
A factor that has to be considered: color schemes, font types. Apparently reading white text on a dark background isn't as beneficial as it may sound promising at first; you may want to assure that the monitor isn't the only light source in the room when you look at it for many hours per day but the light of the letters' edges flowing into its dark surrounding cause more trouble than reading black text on a white background like when reading a book(is what the sources say). After much hesitation I saw for myself that I had to reconsider my values so I got a serif font while staying at prefering the dark mode, for about every site and program. (And later I wanted to print some pages with my favorite font in bright letters on dark paper but soonly found out about the impossibility of this undertaking.)
I even lowered down the light settings of the monitor but soonly had to recognize that shows and photos and perhaps most of the flashing blisses of experiences, lose their initial stimulating power without enough light.
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I often keep the lights totally off and use my monitor to light up my room


I keep my monitor on as low of a setting as I can manage. I used my colorimeter while adjusting the color levels as well, so I could further reduce the brightness of my monitor while keeping the color accuracy. But, when playing darker games it can be rather difficult to see what's going on, so I'll usually switch to a different mode to see better. As far as preserving my vision is concerned, a major concern I have is glare. Having glare on a screen can apparently increase eye strain by a lot, which somewhat troublesome for me. I sit directly next to a window and have overhead lights that I have no realistic way of preventing glare from, because they're at such a sharp angle from me.

I think for really optimal viewing, it would be great to have OLED monitors, but for some reason they still don't exist... The closest thing you could probably do is maybe find a small 24 inch TV and use that, but the lowest I've seen in the US is 32 inch, so you'd probably have to import one from Korea or Japan where people don't mind smaller TVs. In the meantime I have a really nice CRT monitor from the tail-end of their existence, and it's really nice for watching stuff, but as a nearly 15 year old monitor, it is fairly finicky to use at time, and there is of course the concern that using a CRT monitor could speed up the rate of eye damage beyond typical aging.

>Do you keep the three metres of distance to the screen in a well-lit room like the anime tell you at the episodes' beginnings?

I'm pretty sure the the old saying "you shouldn't sit too close to the TV" is because of CRTs. Although having leaded glass greatly reduces the amount of x-ray emissions, there is still a non-negligible amount of exposure if you sit within a few feet of them. Simply sitting farther back greatly reduces the amount of x-rays you can be exposed to, so that's why it's suggested you sit farther back. Relatedly, if I'm remembering right, I believe larger CRTs required higher voltages to drive the display, and likewise higher brightnesses directly correlates with higher plate current and greater electron emissions, so in the case of really huge TVs from back in the day, it probably was true that for all intents and purposes you might have wanted to be seated 3 meters back. Of course, the amount of x-rays being emitted is still fairly low, but the cumulative exposure is the concern since people would regularly use TVs or computer monitors. I'Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (179.46 KB,1280x720)

I think my setup is pretty good since I have a window. There's probably no safe way to stare at a screen for 15 hours every day, though.
I tend to have monitors and handhelds at the lower brightness settings, often the lowest it will go since it will strain my eyes otherwise so I think that's a good thing I've been doing. I use a program called f.lux which lowers the amount of blue light, which also reduces eye strain and is supposed to be good for helping you sleep at proper human times, but I don't think it works on me. There's other programs out there, but I haven't gone searching since it seems like a pretty basic thing.


File:flux_62HqrbloqI.png (20.26 KB,646x289)

This is what f.lux looks like. You schedule the color dimming. I really can't go back to having the bright screen at night.


File:d6f7a8a2aeed2a92bdc0a46741….jpg (1.24 MB,1649x1900)

We had this thread before.
My room lamp is behind the monitor and the monitor is as bright as background which is well lit. This prevents glare and reduces contrast.

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