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File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (293.48 KB,1920x1080)


Do you have a favorite type of candy?

I think my favorite is probably hard butterscotch candies.
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Candy = Sweets


There's this vitamin candy brand you can only get in pharmacies that comes in unimpressive blister packaging and pretty much looks like ordinary tablets but it tastes so good I finish an entire box immediately whenever I get it.


File:Guido-Gobino-cioccolatini-….jpg (321.17 KB,1536x1536)

These ones


vitamin candy tastes too good


Surely chocolates are cheating. There's no way any candy can compete with a good gourmet choco.

File:qanime.png (3.63 MB,1500x3132)


I was reminded that another year has passed since the last time the /qa/ anime chart was updated, so I thought it was as good a time as ever to bring it back, update it, and improve on it a bit in the process.

The format for deciding on picks this year will be the same as the last with the addition of maybe singling out a specific anime of each year to be the most /qa/ anime of the year. For the current candidates that should be easy since there's only 4 of them, but for this year we'll have to conclude all the seasonal polls first and then afterwards decide.

The polls will be made separately and then linked in the thread with at least 3 days allotted for people to decide on winners, and I'll make a new poll for each season every day, starting with Winter 2021 today. To not make cheating so easy I'll make it so an IP needs at least 3 posts to vote, which shouldn't really be hard for anyone I hope. Also the AOTY polls will probably all be at the end or sometime in-between since they shouldn't be as hard of a decision.
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Doesn't Mieruko-chan count as a cute girl anime? There was that mug club anime too.


So, do we have a tie?


I don't feel qualified to vote as I haven't seen every anime in 2021. Why is there an option to vote for something that's not even out yet?


the wat now
I mean the poll's closed and there's a tie between Mieruko and Gyakuten. Fall 2019 was both Bookworm and Iruma.


The future (past) of cute girl anime has been good.

File:1459625799346.gif (104.09 KB,320x471)


What kind of anime did you watch as a teenager? What I remember watching: Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Panic, Death Note, Hellsing, Devil May Cry, Elfen Lied, Chobits, Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, Desert Punk, To Love-Ru, Rosario + Vampire, School Days, Fate/stay night, Higurashi, Spice and Wolf, Darker than Black, Bakemonogatari, etc.

The only one I'm ashamed of is Naruto, but it wasn't that bad until the chunin exams in my opinion. I dropped the manga when the gay dude with the paint jutsu showed up.

This is an age revealing question, so be careful with that. I think it's easy to tell I'm in my late twenties from this post.
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you're so mature for your age


I know, I know. Thanks.


File:yukarin17.png (121.39 KB,653x857)


Well, you may have gone a little bit overboard, but I think the chuuni thing is normal and great. I definitely had some of it, although for me it was centered at Neo from the Matrix and Alucard from Castlevania. Still have my SotN wall scroll!
Imagination is what makes life bearable and if we didn't still have it we couldn't play video games!

Death Note was definitely cool and L especially. You've got a guy going up against god powers merely with his own intelligence, and of course Light himself doing the justice/vengeance thing that everyone fantasizes about. L also had strange quirks in his personality and habits that showed teenagers that you could still do great things even if you were a bit weird. Really, it was a perfect recipe for people in that awkward age.

Anyway, I just remembered that I saw parts of Ninja Scroll somewhere around age 13-15. It was on some movie channel that wasn't HBO or Cinemax. I liked the boobies, but the violence was a bit much and then I changed channel after I saw some golem monster rape a girl. I didn't and still don't like that stuff.


I never did anything anime related but I sang german ww2 era songs and medieval chants while in class which i don't know if it could be really considered chuuni but it's definitely cringe inducing when I think back on it

File:kissu fileshare _drawn_by_….png (647.02 KB,813x813)


It's a thread, and you share files in it.
You can link them, or possibly upload them directly if they're small enough since kissu supports archive files.
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File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (376.47 KB,1920x1080)

I used to be a lot more conservative with taking screenshots, but hard drives keep getting bigger. I also don't organize them at all so that saves me effort. But, it also means I can't usually find the absolute perfect image to go with a post.
Oh well.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (287.31 KB,1920x1080)

Your charity is admirable! Albeit maybe a bit excessive...


File:waterfox_wH6FiV8An3.png (936.14 KB,1247x595)

Looking back there are some images that are REALLY close to being identical, so people could probably clean up a hundred images or so without losing much.
I don't know what I was thinking here, for example.


File:Case 01CROP.jpg (783.31 KB,1423x1423)

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei soundtrack + radio show and some "/a/ sings" stuff if you're into that.

All credit goes to the exceptionally rare good /a/non for putting this together.


File:keep the change.jpg (1.45 MB,1447x2039)

very nice

File:lucky.png (972.41 KB,1920x1080)


It's so much easier to remember things when you have someone else to quickly suggest mnemonic ideas, but only chat/instant messaging is fast and casual enough. Struggling by myself was such a waste of time, don't believe all those websites that say you should only rely on your own mnemonics.


File:1504210464170.png (304.4 KB,532x630)

Not sure I quite get what you mean OP


You have a pile of new flashcards and whenever you find one particularly hard to memorize, you just ask for help.
"How do you memorize Bonjour means Hello?"
"Bungee-jumping parkour is a good way to pick up chicks?"




I hate mnemonics, they are stupid.

File:1598070923452.jpg (277.95 KB,918x884)


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.


File:1550438626311.jpg (74.78 KB,408x274)

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


File:smug fox.png (415.69 KB,620x618)

I am educated enough to tell you that sentence doesn't make sense.




The pain itself is the love of the pain, the main ecological problems, but I give this kind of time to fall down, so that some great pain and pain. For the purpose of coming to a minimum, who of ours should exercise any employment except to take advantage of the consequences from it. But the pain in the film is irure to condemn, in the pleasure it wants to escape from the pain of being clum in pain, none result. They are the exceptions the blinds yearn for, they do not see, they are the ones who abandon their responsibilities to the fault that is soothing the soul's hardships.


File:__jackdaw_herowarz_drawn_b….png (554.76 KB,542x1169)

Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz

File:Screenshot_20220420-025319….jpg (120.5 KB,653x396)


Do you read manga often? How do you know what to look for? There seems a far greater variety than with anime, and a big dissuader for me is seeing unfinished translations.
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File:1623111252010.png (29.46 KB,464x1183)

I used to read alot more manga/doujinshi (mostly touhou stuff) but now I just keep up with a couple that ive been reading for awhile like Oniichan ha Oshimai! or Boys Abyss, every once and awhile I'll stumble across something that I pick up like Kami eshi JK to OL fujoshi. (though in the case of that one I read it when it was a oneshot and ended up realizing awhile later that it got fully serialized) I still read manga that has already finished publishing like Girls Last Tour but its rather infrequent, I should be spending the time for manga (though now I mostly spend it watching anime) translating tenshi no drop past one chapter but I've gotten busy, lazy, and the next chapter has a kanji I cant figure out which is important to translating a lot of it.
If we are talking about physical collections I have the first 13 volumes of Zestubou Sensei, I feel like you engage much more with something when you are holding it in your hand. I decided that I would start the Zestubou Sensei and I was felt like I was reading chapter after chapter, then when I transitioned to reading online I would skip around a lot and spend less time appreciating the art despite the fact that its my favorite manga. I still have only read about 1/3rd of it because at some point in the middle I lost track of which chapters I have read and havent read.


File:1538941858222.png (331.35 KB,860x546)

>when I transitioned to reading online I would skip around a lot and spend less time appreciating the art
Have you tried reading on a tablet? That's what I do and it feels very similar to reading physical copies.


I would if I owned one


also I meant that I have only read 2/3rds of it, I read the first 140 or so then i skipped to the last 20 then I skipped to a bunch in the middle. Its confusing because I try to just click a random one to read and I've either already read it or within a couple chapters is a cluster of ones I've read
thats why you always read from start to end


I used to read it on MangaDex but the big leak and relaunch put me off using the site. Now I'm 2 years behind all the manga I was following. But I also don't like reading so many incomplete manga.

File:starship_troopers_anime.webm (18.73 MB,640x360)


I didn't see anything about a starship troopers anime this season! How did this fly under the radar?


That is very unfitting music


I hate you....


On the contrary, it is quite fitting for a Starship Troopers reference.


will YOU sign up to save SHABs?


File:vlcsnap✝[SubsPlease] Kaguy….png (866.74 KB,1280x720)

Are they still SHABs if they're balding?

File:Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede….png (3.39 MB,1725x1725)

 No.86699[Reply][Last50 Posts]

Guess what manga is getting an anime adaptation? The annoying-to-type Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction! To celebrate this I think I'm going to dump some of it now and then.
I've talked about it before and posted a chapter. It's pretty cool. I don't really read manga, but I was drawn into it after tracking down the source for a crop a few years ago.
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File:Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede….jpg (2.11 MB,1725x2475)


File:Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede….jpg (182.25 KB,1725x2475)


File:Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede….jpg (968.45 KB,1725x2475)


File:Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede….jpg (708.05 KB,1725x2475)


File:Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede….jpg (448.7 KB,1725x2475)

Chapter 16 and Volume 1 end

I will delete this thread in a few weeks to free up kissu server space!!
You have until then to read it in this thread

File:Averageuser.png (98.44 KB,1365x604)


I had no idea this existed until now. It seems to have been based on that 'enby' meme which a mod forced on 4/qa/ and [s4s] back then. It's already dead and it was made on 2021, so it only lasted a few months. This late era of 4/qa/ (that I didn't browse to know anything about) was pretty strange.
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File:[SubsPlease] Kunoichi Tsub….jpg (172.16 KB,1280x720)

From what I understand from using the 4can happenings thread back then, that enbie thing was forced on [s4s] with assistance (or by) a mod and after enough people got mad at it on [s4s] it was moved to another board. It certainly wasn't the first and won't be last time a 4chan staff member majorly misreads a board and its community. This is why it's so important that mods are a part of the community.
I had no idea ED still existed in some form. I remember it dying and needing a new URL seemingly once a year. It's always good to see new imageboards, although the article says it died shortly after being made. I guess that's pretty common, sadly.


That's too bad, it sounds like it was a really cool board.


Before that it was "lolifox club" for a short time iirc.
After it died, the original 64chan came back for like a day and then died again.


File:1570070378201.png (9.76 KB,420x637)

>it died shortly after being made. I guess that's pretty common, sadly.
Survival of the fittest!


I sincerely doubt this. Knowing who made it it was most likely one of the "new" chans that would start up and then post everywhere with a link to their board with no context and hope something comes out of it.

File:1299081264118.jpg (270.42 KB,700x506)


Every now and then do you look over your image collection?

Every so often while scrolling through, I'll see a nice image that I'll pass through SauceNAO and see if I'm not following the artist who made it and stuff like that.
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she's reclining


might have lost most of it a few days ago in a hard drive crash


File:Gomenasorry2.mp4 (648.26 KB,1280x720)

My condolences.


post Gomenasorry1!


File:gomenasorry1.mp4 (202.21 KB,1280x720)

File:034706af9d4b1b82cf8455d291….jpg (1.61 MB,1000x1412)


Who wants piss eggs?
>Virgin boy eggs are a traditional dish of Dongyang, Zhejiang, China in which eggs are boiled in the urine of young boys who were presumably peasants, preferably under the age of ten.


No, I don't want the pissu egg thank you. Strange how Mao pretty much destroyed Chinese culture yet some of these weird traditions survived.


File:__reiuji_utsuho_touhou_dra….jpg (740.52 KB,1600x1600)

only 2D girls piss eggs please, thank you


they go well with the pork form the pig toilet


File:8aa5281963.png (26.38 KB,1453x195)

File:NZGd.jpg (133.43 KB,1338x959)


Do you have any special abilities?

I can defocus my pupils at will.
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File:84300105_p0.png (876.16 KB,1686x1404)

I can do that, too. Is it not normal?
The only thing I can do that might be notable for my demographic is I can do both types of splits. I do need to warm up a bit for the front/back one, though.


File:ed44064e585b9e8a72b40b8b9….jpeg (164.16 KB,1280x1315)

I have joint hypermobility on my elbow and shoulder areas. I can dislocate my shoulder at will and put it back in place like nothing happened. If I was ever arrested I could bring the handcuffs to the front instead of the back. Luckily, I don't think I have the SYNDROME as it's just in those two areas and nowhere else. The syndrome comes with some health complications. I also know someone in real life who has it on his hands. He can bend his hand/fingers in all sorts of crazy ways.


File:__remilia_scarlet_touhou_d….png (2.02 MB,2222x2222)

I can balance a plate filled to the brim with food in one hand while sneaking from the kitchen to my room.


File:4742519_p0.jpg (161.56 KB,400x400)

I am great at procrastinating.


when you only look at the word procrastinating seems like it would be some sort of precision undertaking where you'd have to start again from scratch if you deviated a tiny bit

File:1566528474102.jpg (464 KB,1099x1080)


Would it be possible to learn Japanese solely through romaji (while being illiterate on it in the process)? It's not really necessary for anime but you could play untranslated visual novels with voice acting that way.
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You'd have a point if you were talking about Latin America, but anime is really not very popular in Africa or India.


Nigerians and nepalese I think do migrant work there


If they are like the ones in Europe I really doubt they learn the language in the first generation.


Not necessarily richer, I'd say actually. Brazilians, usually the children of auto plant migrant workers struggle to learn the language and put their parents in a catch-22 of sending them to a Portuguese international school and being excluded from wider society or struggling at a Japanese-speaking school and being bullied but ultimately learning Japanese in a sink-or-swim environment.
A lot of them do become school refusal hikkis. It's sad.


It should be possible to OCR the kanji and convert it to hiragana/katakana, right?

File:1b40d934271abd1c25601a1bc0….jpg (690.93 KB,1024x1280)


Come to think of it, I think I might be responsible for the revitalization of machikado mazoku manga in the west.
Around the time the first season started airing, I found that anons said that only the raw of volume 1 was available and only the first few chapters were translated and there was a lack of interest because the rest of volumes weren't available.
However, I found that the Chinese fan translation was already into volume 3 at that time, and I found a download of 02-04 raw volumes on a Chinese forum. That download was already over a year old at that time so I wonder why none of them were available on the Western internet.
So I reuploaded them and posted it on 4/a/. Soon after I did that some other anons repacked them into cbz and uploaded them on nyaa where they were the first upload of the manga. The translation effort resumed, and the rest was history.

Do you have any experiences like this, where you found something on the regional internet and wondered why no one in the west seemed to know about it?


I've never really been that in front of the scene or anything to really have that experience myself in untranslated manga, nor do I really speak anything but EN/JP so other sites wouldn't really help either... Although, I do know that I've found a bunch of H-games in JP only that seemed too good to be left untranslated, but I can't tell if that's really an unfound thing or a it's popular but nobody wants to translate it thing. Hell, was going to post a nice eroge I knew of that didn't seem at all known when I first posted it, but looking now there's a MTL on f95zone with a bunch of pages that started a bit around when I first found the game so it was already popular when I found it.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (298.09 KB,1920x1080)

Huh, that's really cool.
No, I don't think so.


In one of those, "bring something back from Futaba!" threads, I found a few short 3D renders that I thought were funny. Seemingly, it got picked up and used in a few edits by [s4s] and /bant/ types for a little while.


I haven't contributed to anything since 2018 maybe. ;_;
OP I'm sure you did influence the board but Machikado Mazoku is so good that I'm sure that it would have obtained a good fanbase no matter what, even if it may not have been as early.

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