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File:38f085a58c83761a0ad988a172….png (574.25 KB,520x640)


Are you a believer in adding alcohol to coffee?
I got a bottle of this
https://baristacoffee.ca/en/ and it's kind of gross alone, but added to coffee and milk it tastes like mocha.
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File:1673973634677077.jpg (167.9 KB,523x630)

Amarula and coffee is good.


File:FidNg07XEAAaZTB.png (51.83 KB,482x649)


File:20230130_144128.jpg (114.89 KB,1000x1221)

Not true! One of the best drinks I've had was an espresso martini!


But Irish coffee is good.


File:C-1676350279589.png (558.56 KB,894x692)

he was right
even instant coffee tastes alright with this

File:Honeyview_inside-a-stanfor….png (1.37 MB,1072x675)


Do you like science fiction? Of course you do, everyone loves science fiction.
What are some concepts or ideas that you like in it? One of the coolest things to me are the created planets like "ring worlds" or "O'Neil cylinders". The most famous example of a ring world is probably in the Halo games and O'Neil cylinders are in Gundam a lot. Looking up and seeing the ground wrap around the sky seems so cool, but it probably can't actually happen for various reasons. Still, what a cool idea.
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Scifi is such a broad genre, I'd hardly call it confined to "dead serious" material. Certainly classic scifi tends to be more serious (though there may be survivorship bias in what we remember from the older eras), but there's been plenty of less serious scifi material since at least the 80's.


That's a very specific type of sci-fi that's very rare post-Star Wars.


Maybe it's just the stuff I've read then. Bad luck I guess.


I always thought futuristic armor like Fallout's power armor or even full augmentation was really cool, but the philosophy around combat, defense and hazardous areas has changed to be based around automated or remotely controlled machinery


I think the main purpose of a Dyson sphere is to show how grand and powerful the species has become. It's often in those "level of civilization" charts near the top, perhaps only below interdimensional travel or reality-warping technology. You can see aliens with a Dyson sphere and immediately know that they're on a whole other level, without learning about their culture or appearance or anything like that.

File:c6280b170a56be8486fc0a29b4….jpg (650.41 KB,1683x1190)


/qa/ is far overdue for an AI writing thread!

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File:f12ec3b4bc38705970894508c0….jpg (6.98 MB,2971x3966)

About Us

Kissu is
an imageboard on the web, that began in 1999. It was created by a group of NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) to provide a platform for users to discuss anime, manga and related things. The site originally focused on Japanese anime culture, but it has since expanded to include many other kinds of media as well.

The site was started by Takashi Nagaoka, a young man with little money or experience, who wanted a place where he could discuss anime, manga and related topics with his friends. The site was based on his own experiences as a NEET, as he had nothing better to do during his spare time than read and watch anime.

When Takashi first launched Kissu, it was a small community of just over 100 members. In the early years, Kissu was largely used by NEETs. However, it has now become popular among people from all walks of life, including non-NEETs and those with jobs.

In addition to its main boards, Kissu also has several other forums, including "News", "Webtoons", "General Discussion" and more. Each board is for a specific topic or interest, such as "News" and "Webtoons". The boards are also organized into "Themes", such as "VN", "Cute" and "Uncute".

Kissu has had several different owners over the years, including Takashi, who took over the site in 2004. He sold the site to another company in 2006, which then merged it with a more mainstream imageboard called Makaia. The merge caused the site to lose a large part of its original community, and it has been described as having become "a dead imageboard".

Takashi returned to Kissu in 2013, after Makaia had ceased operations, and made changes to the site that have brought it back to life. One of these changes was to add a dedicated anime section to Kissu, which has grown considerably since Takashi's return.


>The boards are also organized into "Themes", such as "VN", "Cute" and "Uncute".
I lol'd


Is Uncute /secret/ or /megu/

File:das-boot?width=1200.jpg (112.82 KB,1200x675)


By show of hands.
How many people want to watch the 293 minute, uncut version of Das Boot.

A story of 48 seamen on a boat for months at a time.

We'll be setting sail at 6PM today if you choose to get on board
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they lived
just to die


Now, this thread set sails to the depths


File:1486630276239.jpg (126.33 KB,960x720)

Thanks for the stream!


File:40502504_p0.jpg (295.88 KB,1000x1278)

after watching this the first time subs were in testing (again) in World of Warships; I spent an entire week just diving and stalking ships with magnetic homing torps, while evading enemy hydro and plane recons dropping mines.


One of the few cases where the long cut is better than the theatrical one.

File:C-1660013907695.png (4.15 MB,2894x3929)


Are you still in-touch with your inner-chuuni? Or have you moved far past those days, or maybe even never had them.
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File:14-127-387-07.jpg (99.25 KB,1280x960)

I hope we eventually get out of this rut of everything looking the same with rainbow RGB and we can go back to stuff like silly box art and printed designs on the coolers.


my pc has white stuff everywhere


That's called dust.


File:[SubsPlease] Kage no Jitsu….jpg (285.2 KB,1920x1080)

Almost nothing compares to the feeling of excitement I get from an anime that really hits those perfect chuuni fantasy elements.


Please don't sperm on your persocom.


There is nothing more sinister is programming than time zones and date times.
Even after 6 years of programming I still dread whenever a situation comes up where I have to deal with timestamps in UTC and CST which I have to put into EST.
Truely dreadful.


File:A13usaonutL._AC_CLa 2140,2….jpg (22.32 KB,1000x935)

Official thread t-shirt (maybe the video mentioned it)


Just put a note somewhere saying what timezone the stamps are from and make the users work it out for themselves.


/secret/ thread


just use utc

File:2x2grid.png (544.88 KB,1000x800)


As a tsundere lover I was thinking about tsundere when I started to think about the differences that exist between tsuns, the start of all of this was months ago when I was trying to decide whether I wanted to use Hammann or Arethusa in Azur Lane. Both are fine tsuns, but I had difficulty thinking of them as the same. This is when I created the first set of variables, stable and unstable.

A stable tsundere acts the way they do due to their personality or to hide their true feelings. It is common for a stable tsundere to get mad and throw around insults as an intentional way to avoid showing what they really think, this goes along with the teasing the one you like dynamic with tsuns who get all mad at their person of interest as an excuse to talk to them. Stable tsundere are the type that are all "It's not like I want to do this with you or something, don't misunderstand!" yet still showed up and will happily go along with whatever is happening. For them the tsun side is an intentional choice to cover up awkwardness/self doubt and/or a result of their confrontational/abrasive personality. Arethusa is a stable tsundere. "Don't get carried away! I came here because of a tasty cake! It's still too early for me to acknowledge you!"

An unstable tsundere acts the way they do because they don't understand their feelings, their personality makes it difficult for them to control their feelings, or because they don't want to accept their feelings. It is common for an unstable tsundere to be prone to outbursts or have some reason to legitimately dislike the person of interest, violent tsundere are almost always the unstable kind unless its a femdom type of thing (think early Nagatoro and her original version from the doujin; while she can lose control, she still acts the way she does as an intentional way to show affection thereby making her a stable tsundere). An unstable tsundere is unable to control when the tsun comes out and when the dere comes out, and often can't to explain why they act the way they do. Unstable tsundere are the type that are all "I hate you! Go Die! You are human trash, never speak to me again!" yet get sad/frustrated when they get what they want and might end up going right to the person of interest. For them the tsun side is actual anger/dislike (actual or perceived) put at odds with the dere side, hence making them unstable.
Hammann is a unstable tsundere. "Why am I always so angry? Because a certain commander just wonPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That makes it s 2x2x2, not a 3x3.


Or not accepting it at all and instead responding with ryona, as it happens with fanart.
A full chart would be interesting to see, wonder which is the rarest combination.


File:97807726_p0.jpg (244.81 KB,768x872)

My all time favourite tsundere has got to be Xiaolang Li from Card Captor Sakura - he managed the best balance of being bratty while still being very likable and the way he ends up warming up to others is so very satisfying he also had a an underlining dandereness to his personality giving him extra depth, I was an instant fan of him from day one.
I might be wrong about this but I think he might be the first male tsunderes.


>I despise unstable/violent ones
Complete opposite for me but I still didn't like Asuka that much, weird how that works


Asuka's just a prototype Rin

File:105105416_p0_master1200.jpg (318.64 KB,856x600)


What did /qa/ think of the first episode of hirogaru sky?
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File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (487.68 KB,1920x1080)

I take back what I said about the outfits. Seeing them now in 1080P in the OP they look quite amazing.
(I do wish they wouldn't spoil everything in the OP as to who becomes a Precure, but I guess it's tradition)


They don't spoil everybody, the secret cure is a secret.


very bright


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (262.15 KB,1920x1080)

Featuring the voice of Rulutieh! Can't mistake that voice


File:b296117-Ks5boWeNmwYe.png (87.91 KB,230x345)

and this one will be voiced by Kiwru! (he has other roles like Iruma, but Utawarerumono is more important)

File:71CdOTYk2gL._AC_SL1200_ co….jpg (398.6 KB,1107x825)


There's some bad news in Japan about the yen being quite weak lately, but it's selfishly good news for people that want to buy Japanese things, so have you thought about it or have bought anything lately?
I'm not talking about resellers based in the West that will keep the beneficial exchange rate as extra profit for themselves, but rather buying from Japanese sellers directly that will ship internationally.
I'm not someone with extra money laying around, but it's getting kind of hard to resist...
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I think it is specifically for the anime audience, yeah


File:[SubsPlease] Utawarerumono….jpg (200.59 KB,1280x720)

It is, yeah, but not all frames are created equal and it's like they used one of the fast, low quality ones instead of a proper focused one. If you've got a limited budget then it makes sense (although it's sad) to use a bunch of lower quality frames, but if you're making one "frame" to hang on a wall? Why...


File:[SubsPlease] Utawarerumono….jpg (113.31 KB,1280x720)

Hmm, I'm sounding really harsh on it, aren't I?
There seems to be so little Utawarerumono memorabilia if you're not in Japan attending specific events for them so it's kind of depressing


the girls in the middle look familiar


The popular girls


I'm thinking of streaming Josee the Tigerfish.
A romance movie that isn't depressing based on a short story by Seiko Tanabe. (There were also some live actions that we won't mention)
She died in 2019 and the adaptation was completed in 2020.

Should I do it on Friday or this Sunday?
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Well I'm waiting...


I dropped it because nobody cared and I wasn't sure I really liked it or not after a rewatch.

If I do something like this again it has to get decent discussion from people otherwise I'll just suggest it and then do nothing. No point wasting my time for mo interest.
I don't even have many things to watch anymore anyways.


Im sorry


Don't be, if you felt it wasn't worth streaming then it's probably for the best you didn't since being enthusiastic about it is a big part of advertising the stream.


he should feel sorry for being a passive consumer

File:01 Hyper Police [480p Hi10….jpg (108.59 KB,702x536)

 No.97077[Reply][Last50 Posts]

warming you up
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Thanks for you advice


think cat noticed im sick she's just been coming to sit on my lap and be nice and warm
love cat


People know dogs for being empathetic like that, but I've read articles that say that cats can sense it as well
pretty smart


pls post pic of cat drinking from cup
pls post cat


eating pistachios

File:FUFkj43UEAElLGX.jpg (1.05 MB,1800x2404)


Which side does /qa/ take? Obviously pixiv would probably be better for searching (although boorus are even more preferable for that) and viewing a long list of art at once. However, in recent days I've been using twitter's feed more and I think that in terms of discovering new artists and likewise finding interesting stuff from people you haven't already followed it's a lot more convenient. Also the previews are a lot easier to see. So in terms of finding content, which do you think makes for the better go-to feed?
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opposite to what he's saying, I find the mobile UIs discovery feature is basically non existent and hidden behind multiple levels of interface


File:1607351485626.jpg (254.93 KB,1925x1769)


Well here's just another reason for people to move away from twitter. Maybe eventually it'll get bad enough that artists do up and move to pixiv or somewhere else. Or maybe they'll just all move to 'Pawoo' or whatever the name of that japanese twitter spinoff thing is.


Oh yeah, this also entails that places like Pixiv will need to pay twitter to connect themselves to its api. Which is a big point of contention for a lot of artists since it could potentially cut off artists connected to it via twitter from the site.


File:[SubsPlease] Buddy Daddies….jpg (231.91 KB,1920x1080)

I somehow completely forgot about the twitter thing. I guess I've been too "busy" with other stuff.
I never managed to get Grabber (an image scraper) to work with twitter so now I guess I never will. Does this mean people doing scrapes with scripts like gallery-dl should be doing it now?


yeah. it either means people will scrape webpages with bots or Twitter will put in a strong anti-bot system like Google forcing only humans to use the site(lol)

File:arc-pro-group-with-portal.….png (175.89 KB,480x270)


Do you think Intel will commit to their GPU line or chicken out when the sales get bad(as Microsoft did against Apple and Samsung), which they inevitably will be against AMD and NVIDIA market dominance, or will they commit to it and try to make a market where one doesn't exist(has anyone done this)?
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Thought AMD was found in laptops more often.. guess not


Maybe in the XP era, grampa.


Ah, yeah, it's those CPUs with the mini GPU thing inside it, right? Those things are pretty cool. Not nearly as good for gaming, of course, but compared to what it'd be like with a "regular" CPU it's pretty impressive


my laptop msi laptop is AMD...
(it also doesn't have a monitor because the hinges broke)


Personally I've rooted for intel to enter the market for a long time because AMD are price fixing poopheads content to protect their margins at the expense of ever dwindling marketshare. I am not one of those people hoping for AMD or Intel to force Nvidia to lower prices so I can buy Nvidia yet again.
But they fumbled too many years. Imagine if arc actually got released in 2020/2021 in the height of the cryptoboom 2.0
It would've sold out regardless of how unfinished it was. It would've afforded Intel a lot of cashflow and a large installbase to essentially betatest the drives and early hardware revisions. It would've been a lot of fuel in the tank and lessons learned for the next hardware generation. They could've built a lot of momentum.

Instead they delayed and delayed and delayed and still put out what was always going to be an unfinished product. Only now it's a much different market and whether or not battlemage will be aborted along with the entire business unit is anyone's guess as inventory piles up and prices get slashed.

It's a damn shame.

File:Screenshot from 2023-01-25….png (143.52 KB,792x442)


Oh no!
3D as a cost cutting tool!
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maybe they made the entire fight scene in 3D so people wouldn't see it as a solely cost cutting measure


that was the first thing I was thinking, but then the reality slapped me in the face


File:[Subsplease] Hikari No Ou ….mp4 (942.59 KB,1280x720)

As I mentioned in the winter season thread, Hikari No Ou's 3D isn't nearing as bad. You can compare Maple's perfectly flat equipment >>103105 to this video here and see how much it helps to have some detail, just a little, to make it look so much better. The metal has scratches and the little hatches for the guns are rounded. The guns themselves aren't perfectly shiny tubes, either.
Yeah, Maple is in a video game so things could be perfect and shiny, but you have to do something to break up the detail when it's a solid object moving across the screen instead of a series of drawings.


Well actually, Maple's mostly drawn in 2D even in her machine god form. I don't know why they used 3D in this scene for this episode in particular, but I guess someone wanted to experiment and the producer/director said "Go for it"


new episode is SUPER COOL and TOTALLY makes up for this one

File:b749517fd394a29ac490ad34ec….jpg (7.19 MB,4390x5651)


Has anyone of Kissu heard about this? Apparently the new version 1.1 of the OGL was leaked recently and it's much more restrictive than 1.0.


It seems WotC/Hasbro is attempting to lock down on DnD and DnD related content with this and get more money out of derivative and fan works. But the real interesting point as that this new license de-authorizes 1.0, which is pretty bold of them to attempt. It claims that after 1.1 is released no new work can use the 1.0 license, and it's caused a lot of controversy.

Personally I'm not a fan, it clearly looks like Hasbro's attempt to wring money out of the popularity of DnD. And I'm highly suspect of the legality of de-authorizing 1.0 at all. But I guess they're confidant their lawyers can defend it.

For those who don't know, the OGL is basically to TTRPGs what the GPL is to software, and it was created to mimic software licensing. It allows anyone to make, modify, or redistribute content for TTRPGs licensed under it. Most notably game mechanics and game systems.
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That sounds like wow


kinda? I was thinking more like those generic isekai or sol adventure series. Konosuba, Endro, Bookworm, ect..


I don't remember there being shopping malls or an oddly large middle to upper class(whatever that means) in Endro.
Anime fantasy cloths are usually weird, I would not say they are modern but instead a type of their own.


Endro doesn't have it but something like Kage no Jitsuryokusha from this season is more archetypal to what I am thinking of. With other shows merely branching off this formula either being more or less "modern/industrialized". The clothes are usually a type of their own but I often see stuff like modern business suits often used and to me seems out of place in a lot of contexts. As do the extremely revealing clothing most well-off women and girls wear, when the setting is considered.


What would the gods and religions look like? Could I play a cleric from the cult of /megu/?

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