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Recently I've come across two different channels that seemingly popped outta nowhere and started putting out fairly specific and very high effort content at a pretty decent rate, which then went on to get hundreds of thousands of views. It's weird, so I wanted to share it:

Dogehammer Fortykay makes WarHam animations in the style of Madness Combat with the peculiarity that all humanoids are portrayed as a variation of doge, and they seem to have a pretty good grasp on the lore. Highly likely to have read at least some of the novels.
Mr. also makes animations, mainly centered around Zundamon but also featuring other synthesizers, consisting of absurd situations loaded with Jap memes. Their last video (>>112412) is a song that they wrote, drew, and edited by themselves. Their watermark is a black square, further adding to its oddity.

What motivates someone to straight up drop what they were doing, start from scratch with something so damn specific, and somehow still succeed in an environment where 99.99% of people are stuck with views well below 10k? The whole thing seems crazy to me.
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File:C-1692046334433.png (8.84 KB,573x47)

He wasn't getting that many when he started.


The flute meme is a terrible look for Japan


>What motivates someone to straight up drop what they were doing, start from scratch with something so damn specific, and somehow still succeed in an environment where 99.99% of people are stuck with views well below 10k? The whole thing seems crazy to me.
To see if they could still do it.
A webfic author I follow, Alexander Wales, did this with a story called Worth the Candle and succeeded.


Yeah, honestly, that's probably it. Straightforward stuff.


Youtube doesn't look that hard, it's full of idiots.
That said music production and animation would be harder I think as you are not really competing with youtubers at that point.

Music tends to get more views as it's short and people will replay it.

File:aids.JPG.jpg (38.93 KB,714x383)


Is there an alternative to YouTube yet?
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if you mean the youtube webpage frontend, yes there are many
if you mean youtube the platform, there is no alternative because it has the widest ranges of contents of any media website currently exist. other platforms can only serve a certain niche, like twitch, tiktok, or any videos containing licensed musics, but youtube has almost everything, there is no incentive to use any other website with the same format


>Ad blockers violate YouTube's Terms of Service
Well I didn't agree to abide by those terms in the first place, so that's got nothing to do with me. Ads BLOCKED~!


Dont ERP with youtube


TikTok, if you count that.

There will never and can never be a Youtube alternative that offers a similar service to Youtube and succeeds, because Youtube's biggest strength is the enormous existing userbase.


>>112622 cont.
That's not to say I can see Youtube existing forever, but whatever replaces it will have to be a much bigger leap forward that "Youtube with blackjack and hookers".

File:ed3a4a66e8c4aa4efd7448bedc….jpg (400.72 KB,2000x1400)

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it's come and it won't leave
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i like how 柔らかい is soft and 揉む is to fondle (breasts) and if you look at the kanji it's kinda like touching soft things so it's like touching brasts


That's why etymology helps. 矛 is itself a halberd, which manages to cut through a tree because it's soft. So, 柔 is soft, weak, but also gentle and flexible.


File:e1ee647d3e8e14abd2e7adc921….jpg (131.83 KB,1160x1324)


got my ingrowns on my second foot perma-fixed today and it just is constant throbbing pain
was alleviating the thoughts with heavy argumentation with vermin but now it's back and i'm dying here
i need the acid to leak out or something it feels awful


sat down naked and noticed for the first time that i have saddlebags

File:erururururu.jpg (376.32 KB,640x480)

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Do you read them? I started reading .jpg related because of that one anon who loves it so much. I find it very soothing so far.
However this is not a thread for only this one, but for visual novels in general. I thought the board was kind of missing one.
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File:Screenshot Ne No Kami The ….png (1005.56 KB,1280x720)

Yuri, Yōkai – What's there not to love?


File:Brushel_Normal_1.webp (14.2 KB,256x192)

My semi-annual Ace Attorney DS/3DS re-read is now at 4 out of 6 as I've finished Apollo Justice. There's just something really satisfying about these games/VNs that I go back every few years and re-read them in bed, but only the 2D sprite-based ones. I've read through the 3D ones, but I've just never felt the same connection to them. Apart from visuals I assume there are new writers or something else changed behind the scenes. I do like them, but I've never gone back to them after one read through.
Anyway, the great characters, the fantastic localization (although people do joke about the location thing) and the perhaps most of all the charming portraits really make it an enjoyable experience. Presenting every single character your badge and having the humorous reactions never gets old somehow. "You show this to me every time, pal."

Although, I've been very hesitant to start Investigations 2 as my old DS firmware was missing so I had to get a new one and I can't get the cheats to work. The cheat I use is "unlock all chapters" which, for some strange reason, is tied to fast text speed. You can't hit a button to make the text immediately load unless you've seen it already. Otherwise y... o... u...
s... e... e... t... e... x... t... m... o... v... e... a... s.... i.... f.... t.... h.... e.... y.... w... e.... r.... e.... *animation plays* s... p... e... a... k... i.... n... g...
It's a bit mind-boggling that they do it like that, but I guess in theory they don't want people to skip past valuable information.

Although he's kind of ugly, I think the reporter Brushel has the best overall set of animations of the mainline series. Even his normal/default portrait is full of personality



Apparently there's a VN sale going on today.


File:gk2sprite-tsukasa.png (17.7 KB,176x200)

>Investigations 2
>I can't get the cheats to work. The cheat I use is "unlock all chapters"
Couldn't you just use an existing save file with all the episodes unlocked? I found this, but I haven't tested it myself.


File:Brushel_Making_Notes.webp (55.27 KB,256x192)

Thank you, but...
I actually did try those, too. There were save converter programs I used to make it compatible with mine (M3 Sakura) but nothing seemed to work. The option left to me was to try new firmwares, but it's such an annoying thing and it would invalidate saves for other games I have on my cart- saves I have from 15 years ago (but are backed up on computer of course). I guess I could try it, though, and then switch back.
It's really such an annoying process to switch micro SD cards around- and I worry I'm going to break it since it's so thin

File:37cc179310ebe10f1f3e89bbee….jpg (529.89 KB,1920x1080)


Can you describe a circle without referencing its circumference?
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It's that big round thing up there.


I know it when I see it.


it's a shape that's pudgy and plump


File:R-1687400251597.png (1.13 MB,683x1000)



File:__zundamon_voiceroid_and_1….png (632 KB,876x1125)


Thanks to a link from a guy that lead to discussion and a link from another guy, we have links to software that makes cute voices!

I'm using the first link personally because it has Zundamon, which is the absolute cutest artificial voice. I'm making a thread here on /qa/ because the original thread is on /jp/ and /jp/ threads can fall off after a couple weeks and this is too cool to lose that quickly.
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zundamon is so cute


File:110737332_p0.png (12.46 KB,1064x952)

Good artist


Wow this is the first time I've seen a Japanese program natively support Linux


probably happened by accident from him choosing electron


insanely cute

File:RC5JHcSguB.jpg (465.32 KB,2005x1246)


Do you use any software that other people may not know about that you like?
I started using (and eventually even bought!) this thing called Wallpaper Slideshow after trying a bunch of free ones and getting frustrated. https://www.gphotoshow.com/wallpaper-slideshow-pro.php
Basically, you give it folder(s) of your choice and it will assemble a collage image of them and make it your background. You can configure it with a timer that changes it and I have it set to 15 minutes. I had originally used John's Background Switcher that someone thankfully linked to me a few months ago: >>91800 https://johnsad.ventures/software/backgroundswitcher/
I liked this one more because there's less wasted space, more options, and it just generally seems to assemble the image better. I turn it off before I go to bed each night though because I'm worried that it's keeping my hard drive active all day, which probably isn't good. I should maybe research that sometime...

This pairs well with something like Grabber ( https://github.com/Bionus/imgbrd-grabber ) that can bulk download tags from booru sites.
Of course, this stuff is kind of wasteful if you don't have an extra monitor with a wallpaper that's largely visible, but I find myself like that sometimes so it's pretty nice.
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File:firefox_42oyXrhMYG.png (738.75 KB,1728x1181)

I wasn't sure whether to put this in an AI thread or this thread, but I went with this one since it's a tool that isn't exactly related to generating new images.
I have installed the RemBG (or Remove Background) extension for Stable Diffusion. It can remove backgrounds using some sort of AI stuff and it works REALLY well. This is going to help my editing so much and I wish I had used it a few days ago when making the seasonal stream background. There's been online stuff out there, but I've never really been satisfied with those being online (no privacy) and you have more control here as there's different methods and settings and as you can see in the pic it took 6.4 seconds. (Precure screenshots were only taking 2 seconds)

It works flawlessly with Precure screenshots and other images with good solid lines, but understandably it has issues on hazy visuals like the overly post-processed Mushoku Tensei and Dark Gathering. Adjusting the settings does help a lot, though. I'm not going to tinker a bunch for this specific image, but it wasn't capturing Rudeus the Blur originally.

Anyway, doing this specific image by hand would have taken me a few minutes to manually cut them out of the frame because all the different colors means smart select wouldn't work too well. But it's not the time spent that bothers me about doing these edits- it's the tedium. You follow their outline and cut them out. It's awful.
Anyway, hopefully most of those days are behind me now!


aMule has an ability to set a SOCKS proxy server, which means you can download files over TOR! But you probably wont be able to get a High ID.


https://nicotine-plus.org/ There's also this, but I'm sure everyone knows about it already


There's not much of interest on it to be honest, but it's a cool tool to keep in mind should the clearnet get locked down.

There's a lot of sketchy files on it and most typically pirate-y things are not in English, but it may be of interest to find historical files?


microEmacs aka mg - a lightweight Emacs (and dired) clone. It's one of the default editors that come with OpenBSD. If you can run full GNU Emacs, then run it because it's better: https://github.com/hboetes/mg
CrystalDisk info - View SMART info (Windows-only): https://crystalmark.info/en/software/crystaldiskinfo/
Nirsoft ProduKey & Product Key Scanner - get windows cd keys etc. from your PC: https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/product_key_scanner.html
xfe (aka X File Explorer), a clone of old MS Windows file explorer for Linux: http://roland65.free.fr/xfe/
Midnight Commander - a traditional file manager, a clone of Norton Commander: https://midnight-commander.org (also read: https://linuxcommand.org/lc3_adv_mc.php)
Shattered Pixel Dungeon - roguelike for Android and Linux (get it from F-droid or Play Store or Flatpak/Flathub)
xpdf - a PDF reader for Linux: https://www.xpdfreader.com (also try mupdf)
CWM (also, see Hikari) - a lightweight and interesting old school WM for Linux and *BSD: https://github.com/leahneukirchen/cwm
Window Maker - ditto, also very stylish!: https://www.windowmaker.org
Quod Libet (and ex falso) - music player and/or tag editor: https://github.com/quodlibet/quodlibet/ (ex falso is just the tag editor while Quod Libet is a music player with ex falso integrated)
Bleachbit - cross-platform junk cleaner (similar to CCleaner but FLOSS and not a botnet): https://www.bleachbit.orgPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File:[gg]_Joshiraku_-_04v2_[EA….webm (860.62 KB,1280x720)


Day two of C101 is coming up. Is there anything that strike your fancy?
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not Cket but I ordered Kessoku Band's album.


File:1691891854929038.png (1.85 MB,2392x1630)

It's been so long since then it's 102 now, and it's been confirmed that we're going to Orinrin land.


C101 felt like a big disappointment for my tags, so I wont get my hopes up.
I always feel pangs of guilt about not being able to buy anymore, too


Also the trend of the way NTR is written now... is getting old.
Same thing every time


Hmm, isn't that the tanuki girl in the middle? It's weird to see her in an active role, although I never really played the fighting games so maybe this doesn't mean anything.

File:3c7607d24f5f8f874c8af803cc….png (283.59 KB,1006x1423)

 No.111830[Reply][Last50 Posts]

Recently, it seems that the slow death of web2.0 is being accelerated rapidly. Here I define "web2.0" as openly accessible websites with primarily user-generated and linkable contents.

Other than the well-known examples of mainstream social media and niche communities moving to post-web platforms (where contents aren't openly accessible or linkable, like discord), what's more concerning is that for the remaining holdouts of niche platforms that keep the web2.0 format, more and more of them have switched to invite-only, or have disabled new user registrations altogether. The rationale of these decisions often being that they already have an established userbase and new users often bring more troubles than they worth.

This leaves imageboards and textboards as the only types of web2.0 sites that haven't gone through a significant format or accessibility change. That's a lot less than even the amount of web1.0 (websites with contents primarily provided by their site administrators) sites in existence today.

What do you think would be the implication of this on the future of the imagebaord format? Will it survive, or will it die eventually like all other forms of web2.0 sites did?
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'ossip and 'archiving


File:[SubsPlease] TenPuru - 05 ….jpg (243.83 KB,1920x1080)

Surely there is something more interesting to talk about than illegal content and gossipers.

Sometimes I wonder if it's the software holding imageboards back. The way stuff works now is aimed at preventing people from searching or thinking about things actively. Instead, the content is brought to them. A text/imageboard equivalent would be something like a random/related thread opening in your browser after you scroll to the bottom of a thread. You don't think of entering it, it's automatically displayed on your screen or at best there's a button in the middle that says "LOOK AT THIS". A system designed to keep you engaged for as long as possible.
It sounds really terrible, but that's what you have to compete against.


That's one way to put it...


Randomly selected infinite scroll?


most content is objectively bad though.

File:[SubsPlease] Kono Subarash….jpg (279.5 KB,1920x1080)


I don't really know much about what's going on, but there's some brouhaha with reddit about API access now costing money and people are talking about it a lot in the happenings thread, which is off-topic to the thread, so here's a thread for it.
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>...they also silently censor their users?
So? It's not like they're pretending otherwise. Reddit isn't supposed to be a "platform" for "free speech", it's the place where people go to look at (un)funny memes about video games that make them think "wow, so true". Every single aspect of the site, from subreddits to the voting system, is designed to give the average user the most comfortable, curated experience possible. To expect it to be something it's not is your problem, not theirs.

I would imagine running any community over a certain size would cost a fortune. Even ignoring the technical side of things, you'd have to hire a giant team of moderators to keep up with the deluge of content getting posted every day. It's why sites like Youtube make extensive use of automated systems to take care of anything that could theoretically be a problem.


in terms of expenses, the issue is likely being too general in what you allow. A focused site can exist easily with high capacity.
You can look at a few of those hacker forums for example. Very focused and collapse from the idiocy of the owners.


>it's the place where people go to look at (un)funny memes about video games that make them think "wow, so true".

Its also a place where people get a very warped view of reality because of the way things are curated and that many redditors only social interaction is reddit. Its worse than Twitter in that way


>many redditors only social interaction is reddit
Really? 4chan has plenty of them, sure, but most of the redditors I've met are just the "kind of nerdy" people who integrate a basic understanding of low-level internet culture into their riajuu lives. None of what I've seen there has enough of a sense of community to substitute for IRL friends.


File:3cc4686d902abe278052d9d07a….jpg (151.54 KB,624x784)

There was a moderator strike around the same time on stack exchange that recently concluded:
The negotiation mostly focuses on AI policy, but they also made stack exchange to announce commitment to API and datadump access, as they suspended datadumps earlier but reverted it due to heavy backlash.
They achieved a lot more than the reddit strike did which I think there wasn't any.

File:301df07dab4ef0b53b81f73aaa….jpg (99.43 KB,410x620)

 No.100351[Reply][Last50 Posts]

Gone from Ubuntu to Debian, but Debian kind of sucks as a desktop environment (constant freezes, poor drivers and performance issues. Also issues with Steam's client)

Where do I go next?
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File:102127_iclk5cwjp6olrxd.png (41.28 KB,1350x836)


File:1691607682388643.jpg (131.97 KB,1039x1372)

Uh... I don't get it.


Linux Foundation spends only 3.2% on the kernel itself


>conspiracy theories about red hat and IBM trying to fully control Linux
not a conspiracy. it's already happening and you have to be blind to not see it
>societal collapse
sysdfree guys are commies so they are correct about societal collapse

File:kagamiku-itasha-crash-002.jpg (138.39 KB,800x533)


Is "cringemobile" a good translation of itasha?

I feel that itasha is one of those things that are so unique to Japan that it's better to leave the word untranslated.
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Hate tubers


File:1543876896574.png (147.08 KB,405x327)


File:Salmon_sushi_cut.jpg (111.9 KB,800x600)

You guys want some sour-y? Or as they call it today, longevitydirector.
Itasha is a loanword, not a calque.


File:waterfox_VeNqj9cpvz.png (112.44 KB,237x218)



Bit shusshy there.

File:[xPearse] Magic Knight Ray….png (645.71 KB,960x720)

 No.68627[Reply][Last50 Posts]

><Anonymous> like say someone starts a thread about mecha it's gonna take two years to reach 200 posts

Let's prove him wrong.
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Go Nagai knows the male fantasy


nice new chanel


it's quite something that the franchise predicted the idea of AI assisted controls in complex systems to better the abilities of the pilot


Grendizer is getting a reboot.


Interesting teaser trailer that didn't really show anything. Can't tell if it will be loaded with 3D or not

File:1612026768044.jpg (1.5 MB,3446x2290)


You know, I've often wondered about the (western) anime vs manga debate, do non-originals stand on their own and are separate works or at least different interpretations?

Are they just commercials?

Does this debate mostly exist in the west because of how hard tls of manga can be to come by, especially of unpopular series or very new series?

Is there even a debate in Japan? I know mangaonlys tend to be riaju and anime is the realm of otaku but is there any division there like there is in the west?
21 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


What you are doing is dividing franchise into individual portions of revenue and I can see that the way you see it is that as Manga is the largest individual portion(though that itself is arguable) that this means Manga is the most important part of the model and everything else is subject to it, everything is a commercial for it(though even if that were true I don't think x making less than y makes x a commercial for y, I would say that the LOTR film franchise and extended media have made more than the books did but that does not make the books commercials for the films).

But what this does is miss the way the franchise as a whole works and the way all of those topics interact with each other. So yes, merchandise, Pachinko and Live Services are not actually anime itself, however, they are still part of the anime ecosystem with people buying merchandise because of the anime and so it being a profit made by the anime existing even if it's not a purchase of the anime itself. It's about how something makes money.
And this effects manga too, manga itself will drive merchandise sales, manga itself could be seen in a way as a commercial for merchandise.
It would be very difficult to see what drives merchandise sales more however and one would also have to look at where the three pieces sit in the corporate structure and see who is making the merchandise, for what purpose, where the profits go and why. But what is telling is that it's listed in the market report under anime, not manga.

And it is quite important to remember what my source actually is, because it is a market report, it is something made with the intention of providing information to investors on potential investments for the future.

That relates to your point about the Japanese market being the focal point of the industry as well. Yes, it is, and yes over the years the overseas portion has been increasing in proportion of revenue. But as your source shows it always made up a large portion of the income.
The overseas growth of the industry shows what the industry is doing and putting effort towards and that can be seen in the movements Japanese companies put into selling to the overseas market now. Crunchyrole was made by a Japanese company with the intention of increasing western sales for example.
So yes, it revolves around Japan but no, it's not indPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The idea of anime "advertising" manga is fundamentally backwards.

It's more correct to look at the manga (and LN) markets as pilots for the anime and goods industry.

Manga and LNs take relatively little investment, usually the work of a small team or even a solo author. Whereas anime production requires hundreds of people. Some goods like high quality figures also require a substantial initial investment in the sculpting, building molds, painting, etc.

If a manga or LN is popular, it will get picked up for further monetization through anime and goods. A popular manga or LN guarantees a pre-existing fanbase, so there is less risk in the investment.

So basically mangas and LNs are used to "pitch" the idea of the story to the public, and if it's successful, it'll get picked up for an anime.


>and so it being a profit made by the anime existing even if it's not a purchase of the anime itself. It's about how something makes money.
Yeah, anime existing makes money, which mostly comes from merchandise and manga sales. That means anime indeed mainly serve as advertisements.

>manga itself could be seen in a way as a commercial for merchandise.
This is partly true. However, manga is a terrible form of advertisement, due to much less exposure compared to anime. Social media and fanart activity, which is an indicator of the exposure of a franchise, heavily correlates with anime airing activities, even if the corresponding manga is already well-received. This is why making anime, while costly, gains a lot more exposure for the franchise that it increases the revenue of it as a whole. This point also addresses >>112107.

>But as your source shows it always made up a large portion of the income.
Not always, only recently. In 2013, overseas revenues make less than 20% of the total revenue. It's important to know that the anime industry business model had already been developed and established long before that.
I have also explained that they have adjusted the business model of overseas markets, due to high demand of anime and low demand of merchandises.

>It's more correct to look at the manga (and LN) markets as pilots for the anime and goods industry.
Incorrect, the sale numbers of them indicates the profitability of the franchise as a whole. If the manga/LN is good and get decent sale numbers, they will make anime to advertise them to a broader audience, to achieve even larger sale numbers. If the source material is bad in the first place, the IP holder won't be able to recoup the cost of making anime afterwards, and it won't be adapted.


File:__aoi_toori_kyoukaisenjou_….jpg (195.67 KB,565x631)

bro I think we agree on this, you just said the exact same thing but in different words


It does not mean that anime serves as advertisement any more than it means Dune the books was an advertisement for Dune the movies.
It's just another way it makes money.

So what that says is that anime is very popular and gets lots of exposure, so it stands on it's own as a form of entertainment and not as an advertisement for something else.

20% is a lot.
The US market example posted before shows that there is a considerable demand for Merchandise overseas a s well, probably not as large as it is in Japan but still considerable.
Because of course merchandise does not just mean anime figs and dakis, Pokemon toys and Naruto shirts are also merchandise.

 No.86336[Reply][Last50 Posts]

Post something cool that youtube has recommended to you recently. Note: this is not meant to be a music thread, it can be any kind of video.
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Really beautiful result. Gave me a new appreciation for gemstone cutting.




can hardly believe it's been 3 years since he's collabed with ナナヲアカリ


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