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File:[ANE] Denpa Onna to Seishu….png (2.51 MB,1920x1080)


Which recent non-SoL anime have a nice, consistent, tone?
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As a specific example of something with a more consistent tone I'd say Boogiepop Phantom fits. It's not that the plot doesn't have twists or anything, but the anime is more consistent in how it presents itself.


The original or the remake?


Phantom's the first one


Ugh, this is the worst. I really hate when a silly/comedy/ridiculous premise anime suddenly turns super serious, the worst offender of this in recent memory was shinchou yuusha


You could give Sonny Boy a try. First ep is kind of silly, then it settles into a more somber tone from ep 2 forward. Personally, I didn't enjoy it much, but it did at least maintain a consistent tone.

File:68426998_p0.png (340.38 KB,854x916)


Can /qa/ recommend me a vpn? I keep losing access to more and more sites and it's getting annoying, now I'm at a point when I need a proper vpn and not a random browser plugin.
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I do this too. A while ago, I set up an AWS OpenVPN server. Thus far, it has cost me 43 cents USD to run. The way I have it set up is that I'm on a free-tier EC2 instance, meaning I can only use 15GB per month, and if I go beyond that I get chared at 9 cents per gigabyte over that limit. If I used it extensively, it could be kind of expensive, but I only really use it for watching the seasonal stream because my ISP doesn't causes the stream to break for some reason.

Either way, free or next to free sure beats paying tons of money for a monthly service I may only need to use a handful of times.


File:425e2e128512fe49dadeaf7b55….jpg (454.87 KB,1450x2048)

Where do you live though? If you can't bypass site blocking with a simple DNS change then you're living in a country that will probably ban all VPN connections altogether since they are easy to detect.
Better to use some several other proxy protocols that are harder to detect and easier to find free resources. Most of the users are from China or SEA so the European servers are pretty empty. I was able to get 200Mbps on a free server.


psiphon. easiest.


I used Mullvad. They default to using the wireguard protocol, but you can build an openvpn config on their site. It's also the only VPN I've seen where you can pay in cash.


I also use Mullvad with the Wireguard protocol.
I really like that they don't require any information not even a username or email.
I usually pay with Monero to Bitcoin using a gateway service.

File:2afc3e4edfdc5b56bb5c532b60….jpg (68.52 KB,540x736)


The seventy billion people of earth, where are they hiding?
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classic 8chan flavored schizo drivel


yeah it really is an underrated and ever rarer form of storycrafting


Very cool story of it wasn't for the fact that someone probably believes all this entirely. I would love to read a book about this sort of stuff.


I wonder what board it is. Reminds me of the kind of shit you would stumble upon on /x/ or /b/ over a decade ago.


It is /x/ one of the very rare gems that gets mined there.

File:c6280b170a56be8486fc0a29b4….jpg (650.41 KB,1683x1190)


/qa/ is far overdue for an AI writing thread!

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File:[SubsPlease] Waccha PriMag….png (1.02 MB,1280x720)

There I was on kissu, looking at cute things when suddenly a large-bellied catgirl began to eat a doughnut in front of me. I was confused at first, but then I remembered she was not from the world I was in and my confusion increased. She was eating her doughnut just as I was, and even thought she was a girl, she was still eating a doughnut, the classic food of boys.

I stared at the girl for a moment, my jaw hanging in disbelief. I was still in my catgirl form; her eyes and ears and tail, however, were all that was visible of the human in her. This human had no need to hide her female features and looked like a very normal catgirl with glasses. She was probably


File:1630976320752.png (344.47 KB,422x596)

She was reluctant to drag her tongue across her tender little soles, but the pain was excruciating and she did it, even though she didn't want to. The water felt so cold, and it was so clear she could see everything down there. Her breasts, and her pussy, and her ass, which were already so sore after her ride on the bike, were throbbing with every lick of her tongue.

She could feel herself coming again, and knew that the boy was looking at her now. He smiled, but didn't say anything. She didn't like it when men stared at her ass, but she wasn't going to let him see her pussy. She would save that for


There I was playing Yume 22ki, but then I looked over my shoulder and Madotsuki from the hit RPGMaker game Yume Nikki was there judging me. I didn't know what to do, but I had this overwhelming feeling that I was going to fail miserably and I wanted to save myself. I ran away before it was too late and I decided to use my new life to save myself, because I'm no good with things like responsibility and stuff. But I have a dream. A dream of hope. A dream of what could be. It's so beautiful and I hope someday it will come true.

That was kind of poetic. It seems to know that Yume means dream.


File:bonk_moerock.jpg (26.48 KB,600x600)

Having just arrived above the surface after defeating Makuta Teridax, the Toa Mata are surprised to find the opposite of peace. A massive Matoran army is heading their way and is quickly advancing on the ruins of Mata Nui. The Toa arrive too late to stop the army and are quickly surrounded by the Matoran forces.

Borzak and Rau are quickly separated from the Toa, who begin fighting against the overwhelming odds, but the Matoran reinforcements arrive and the Toa are eventually overwhelmed and captured. The Toa are taken to a Matoran prison on Mata Nui, where they are given a trial by combat. A mysterious masked figure called the Makuta watches the proceedings with great interest.


I went onto 4chan with an open mind, just to see what I would find. The first thing I saw was this thread where a member of the forum was complaining that a guy had left 4chan and that he didn't understand why someone would leave. He's now looking for answers on why the guy left. So I replied and started asking myself why would I ever leave 4chan? How could I?

But then I started thinking about it and thought to myself... well why didn't I leave 4chan? Because I would have never known about this thread. I guess my real question is, who really is leaving 4chan? Is it just the baddies that

File:[Yellow-Flash]_Gungrave_-_….jpg (135.21 KB,1280x720)


How often does an anime make your emotions budge?
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File:[Doki] Magia Record - Maho….jpg (356.95 KB,1280x720)

I'm trying to think of the last anime I teared up over. I think it was a certain Magia Record episode. I tend to get more emotional in video games/VNs because music contributes so much to an emotional scene and it's not as prominent in anime in general, plus you spend more time with the characters in those.


Almost shed a tear at the OP of a romcom where the MC is such a stupid ugly fag I would have loved to switch places with.


File:hug.jpg (86.37 KB,1280x720)

>I was on the verge of crying during the ending of Princess Kaguya.
I watched it the other day with a friend and couldn't hold it in. When the ending came, something just snapped and I don't know what it was, but I just wept the whole time.


I get pretty emotional when I watch the ending of the Madoka TV series. And 'certain' parts of Rebellion.


I finished to your eternity tonight and it caused some tiers


crying while cumming

File:aikawarazu mircopage tanab….jpg (2.98 MB,4749x1353)


Post an image that you have saved but can't remember why you saved it
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File:image0-104.gif (1.81 MB,370x428)


File:1605970434248.png (379.67 KB,466x592)

This was in my reaction image folder


File:1611593439538.png (814.32 KB,720x1024)


>can't remember why you saved it
I think we all know why you saved that.


File:1631104858269.gif (2.09 MB,200x262)

Some people dislike these because I guess they come from ifunny, but I find some of them rather amusing. Just modern day filename threads.

File:1fbeef3aa8d88f18f87195c9d1….jpg (171.33 KB,650x694)


How do you like to spend your free time /qa/?
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>torrenting is just too much of a hassle
How so? It's fairly easy for me to just horde a large collection of shows and pick one to watch whenever I want to.


I've done that with a large number of shows already, but all of my stuff is stored on external drives, and due to matters outside of my control, I've been moving a lot, so getting them out and setting them up, or taking them with me from place to place is sort of out of the question. Currently I have them set up, but the hassle of dealing with them is another factor that makes doing anything annoying. That said, I simply don't have the available storage currently to permit downloading new shows either. Eventually I will need to upgrade to a dedicated NAS, but that'll have to wait a long while due to just how expensive they are - also my drives are getting a little old and they feel semi-unreliable so once I do get a NAS, I need to transfer over all of the data on my current drives to new ones.

That's all to say that I've basically just switched to streaming, but again the annoyance of the site I currently use greatly diminishes my want to watch anything either. Simply clicking to pause, to seek, or go fullscreen or minimize causes the site to open a pop-up. It's killing me.


File:streaming pro.png (820.73 KB,777x860)

You could always consult a professional streamer for tips on what sites to use, wherever he's hiding...


File:1632335751369.png (759.13 KB,2668x1500)

im not really sure
ill watch anime though its usually a couple episodes ill play a game with long game times but usually ill only play one or two, i spend a decent amount of time playing guitar
but sometimes ill just zone out for hours and im not sure what i even did and more often ill be doing something then just zone out and im not doing it anymore


>ill just zone out for hours and im not sure what i even did and more often ill be doing something then just zone out and im not doing it anymore
Might not be the right word, but that sounds like derealization.

File:c5481972a97ca32e54d09119ba….jpg (379.27 KB,1280x1600)


In the far future where advanced programming is part of the common core of education will the fate of all online communities be death by botspam from AI which the latest generation of bored teens create?


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (393 KB,1920x1080)

What makes you think it will be commonly taught? I think the world's already experiencing a surplus of programming drones, isn't it? Or do you mean taught the basics just like we learn about bacteria or algebra as something taught but never really used?


This presumes that students actually care enough to learn, which therein presumes some sort of utopian society. I applaud your optimism, but reality is the domain of the cynic.


Probably for the best that society is that way. Can you imagine if all the loose teens running around were as skillful as someone like bui...

File:fighting.png (364.23 KB,640x480)


All the Gundam pilots are magically transported into space with their best mechs.

Who comes out on top and who dies first?
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I doubt he'll be quick enough to die before Heero blows himself up.


File:1422038984742.png (13.16 KB,500x500)

You didn't say they were inside them, so which ones have the best lung capacity?
also was looking at images and I really do love this old ms paint drawing guy. I think he was from a /sp/ comic and somehow he's really funny to me even after looking at him repeatedly


One way it could be figured out and possibly canonically is to put on Gundam Extreme VS. Maxi Boost and have AI vs AI until one is left standing down side is that it would need to be 1 vs 1 in a tournament style.


File:1470605385625.webm (513.57 KB,984x720)

WHY hasn't anyone done this yet?


File:image.jpeg (80.48 KB,995x720)

I really would have done it by now and do mean the whole tournament style and recorded it as well but I only own the untranslated dusty-ass PS3 version with missing content and no means of recording. Damn this chip shortage and my PC dying on March 2020 just another conspiracy by Zeon.

File:5b56d4f12d5424837d981e8c32….jpg (777.83 KB,2690x4096)


I often wonder how people in the far future will look back on the internet of the past. So much of the culture is a "you had to be there" type of thing. References and jokes that only make sense to the small group of people it was directed to. Will they even understand all the all the in-jokes and references that we talk about today? Or will it just seem foreign and alien to them? Maybe it will just be chalked up to some type of "lol so RandUMb" humor. Even today, if you showed any of it to someone who wasn't well versed in internet humor, they probably wouldn't get any of it. When you look at it from an even further outside lens, it probably wouldn't make any sense at all.

I wonder if we'll start to see internet history become a popular field that's studied in universities eventually. There's a lot that can be gleaned I think from studying the trends of the internet and how they were impacted by, or impacted current events of the time. Of course, maybe they'll get it all completely wrong, because of how esoteric and insular much of it is. Can you really get any of it if you weren't there at the time it happened? The explanations people try to make today for internet culture is often grossly incorrect.

Of course, it's quite possible that the only thing people will ever document or study is surface level social media like facebook and twitter. Which mostly consists of bastardized versions of older culture from deeper in the proverbial internet sea. To get to the root of a lot of it you need to go past that top layer, which most people aren't aware even exists.

I think it's an interesting topic to ponder. There's a ton of different ways I think it could go, and I have to wonder how accurate any of it will be when it eventually comes, as someone who experienced it first hand for most of my life.

Have a cute Miyu.


that's a real cute miyu


File:1457758710544.png (679.88 KB,612x457)

>Of course, it's quite possible that the only thing people will ever document or study is surface level social media like facebook and twitter
I think knowyourmeme and urbandictionary are about as deep as people will get for stuff outside social media. There's also archive.org for people to submit various internet media, but I'm not aware of any way to browse it like you would a library. You already need to know exactly what you're looking for and people won't know it, so uhh....
The exception is the terrible imageboard stuff that creeps into real life via activism or shootings and such. That will ultimately be the 4chan legacy, similar to the netouyo on 2ch/5ch. Sadly, it'll probably be the imageboard legacy, too.


I think Internet culture pre-social media will probably be lumped together with nerd culture, since the two of them overlapped heavily, especially in terms of all the programmers that purveyed image/textboards.

In terms of imageboards they're probably too niche to have their legacy carried on by anyone unless the next wave of celebrities (streamers) somehow have a large amount of oldfags that reminisce about the old times or something like that, and I doubt many of the people that have been with Anonymous imageboards that long would be interested in that, much less easily successful when the trends of cool in modern times aren't so much aligned with that old fun mindset.

Probably it'll end up living on like that one 4chan comic of being a nice memory of the old imageboard posters. Unless by some miracle /pol/ dies and the dynamic of 4chan completely shifts towards something fun.


The answer to your question will all depend on what kinds of communities exist in the future and to which community you're asking the question. The European view of Chinese History is different than the Chinese view of Chinese History and both are different than the Persian view of Chinese History.
If there are still imageboard communities around in the future they will likely have a more nuanced view of their history than the general social media user has of imageboard history. An imageboard community will most likely view their community in how it's descended from "old 4chan" in a similar way that many European states tell their histories starting from Rome or Greece. While the general social media user would view imageboards and 4chan has the same thing and just lump them into the same category as is usually done by Westerners to the middle east/muslims. And their view of them will be viewed in a similar light to whole Christian vs Muslim conflict. With raids or other organized "shitposting" events being seen like the wars or crusades (though on a smaller scale given the size of the imageboard community to the typical social media one) and the exchange of memes will be like the exchange of science/knowledge between the two civilizations.

File:6b7219366c7f4c1b4cc77ce2e4….jpg (1.15 MB,1881x1313)


No idea if this key works.
It's only usable on the Microsoft store.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition
Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (PC) - Microsoft Key - GLOBAL
Items: 1
Bought on: Jun 28/20 - 1:42 AM

If you want to play against me, just say whenever.
I have AoE2 HD as well, though I'd rather not.
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Which do you like?


gaming sure has gotten better over the years...


Played a pretty fun game of this earlier today if anyone wants to see


I guess that is what the multiplayer crowd wants, they want simplicity. I guess there are parallels between that and sport, football is simple and has remained the same for ages and will stay the same for ages more but it's wildly popular and the people that like it presumably do not want change. All AOE IV is is an AOE2 reskin.


I thought AoE IV was trying to seperate itself a bit from 2 so that it isn't immediately discarded as you can't beat 2. Feel like with the nice wall destruction animations this is just a bit of laziness.

File:thumb-1920-976741.png (2.01 MB,1920x1422)


I wonder how many others started their "imageboard journey" somewhere besides 4chan.

My first imageboard was uboachan, which I found because I was really into yume nikki at the time (still am, but you know what I mean). I feel like I'm the minority here, because everyone else I've met started on 4chan and branched out from there.
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I'm sure a lot of the worst posters started on 8chan


File:EzCRZ35XIAcLbwF.png (14.14 KB,808x650)

I'm the same as you, anon.
Except I first discovered Yume Nikki and Uboachan from Encyclopedia Dramatica, so I was kinda exposed to 4chan first.
But I didn't even look for 4chan until years later and opted to post on Uboachan first. It's also where I first discovered Touhou.


>now it doesn't seem like that'd really matter now since you couldn't drag down quality more
That's why I'm posting less and less on imageboards (especially on 4chan) and forums. I'm even deleting some messages before sending them wondering why should I even reply to a thread that doesn't go anywhere.


>I'm even deleting some messages before sending them

I do this all the time.


At first, I did that to avoid wasting hours debating or replying to misinformed people. But I ended up being lazy and I only post from time to time now. I only want to have meaningful discussions and I feel like it's becoming harder and harder to avoid annoying people.

File:93527103_p0.png (2.98 MB,2400x3800)


Boo! It's candy season, the season of relishing in sweet! But what candies actually are there that don't suck balls?
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i think chocolate varieties are more closely related than candy varieties. In the end of the day chocolate is about mixtures of cocao with sugar and milk, but a candy can be really hard or soft, honeycomb or crystalline.


The good thing about chocolate and chocolate cookies is the short sequence when the sugar feels (exactly!) like the refreshing sugar from fresh apples.


was feeling slightly aroused, then i realized the OP is satoko.


Are you implying you won't suck balls like candy?
Hard to imagine, OP


gonna eat some of that tasty satoko this halloween

File:(clipboard)1633503860229.png (20.79 KB,522x418)


How fast is /qa/'s typing speed?
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This is the first typing speed test I've seen with punctuation, whole sentences and even numbers. It's probably 30-40 below what you'd get anywhere else.

dog cat the man woman girl
We rode the Number 5 electric train to New York.


File:firefox_r5rCFcasSb.png (26.25 KB,1529x649)

I get around 70-80 when I'm not messing up but then I do mess up and it all goes south and it's not like you can recover since there's nothing that really measures how slow you are to recover from a fuckup it's all really annoying and I hate this test. Not to mention if you ever accidentally space twice yo may as well just give up since there's no coming back from a few seconds lost.


File:Screenshot 2021-10-17 1352….png (19.46 KB,560x491)

Does anyone else struggle with these? I know I can type a lot faster than 60 if I'm not under pressure or having to copy words off of a screen. I also find myself getting stressed out after making one mistake which usually slows me down a lot...


I think this one is just somehow uniquely harder than others. I'm not really sure how or why, it just noticeably is. I can pretty easily get 70+ and occasionally even into the 80s on typeracer.com, but this one seems to put me in the 50s to 60s.


One difference between typeracer and humanbenchmark would be that typeracer does not always have paragraphs.


Somehow I managed to stumble upon this really beautiful piece of animation. Apparently, this was the intro and outro segments for a Russian TV show called "Goodnight, Kids", and was animated by Yuri Norstein. There are some still frames I can find that show the level of beauty and craftsmanship, but unfortunately I know zero Russian and so will likely never find a source higher quality than this one.

Does /qa/ have any animations they really like?
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I find Aleksandr Petrov's animations really neat for how they look so nice and fluid while being done with such an out there and really tough to master technique (paint-on-glass)


I really love the yellow submarine movie, probably my favorite piece of western animation. I think it really emphasizes drawing aspect of animation and as a result has many creative transitions and backgrounds.


Looking back on it there were a lot of good Western animation back in the day. It wasn't until relatively recently that it all died off.
David the Gnome was Spanish in origin, but I grew up watching it in the US.
I remember I always wanted to make some video edit with the line "Trolls, Wizards and Fairy Kings" for /qa/, but I was so lazy.
Man, such a sappy intro song and I still love it.


Now that I think about it, didn't someone post some North Korean animation here a few months ago? It looked pretty good.


Are you talking about the one where the American general was portrayed as a sexy fox lady?

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