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File:mewkle ringy.png (1.98 MB,1920x1080)


Hello, friends. Would you believe me if I told you that the attached image is an edit? It does not exist! It's crazy, isn't it? You assumed there was a Mewkledreamy/Elden Ring crossover, but it's not actually real. This is the power of photo editing.
Photoshop is expensive, though, and these days you have to subscribe. I heard there's a way to bypass that, but this isn't the thread for it. I heard someone might have uploaded it somewhere, I think a bird was talking about it.
Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes. I think we should talk about photo editing to encourage more kissu creations since people might want to participate in the random nonsense people throw together here now and then.
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File:R-1671922544594.jpg (314.18 KB,1920x1080)

picture 1


File:R-1671923031796.png (1.1 MB,1920x1080)

picture 2
I used Krita and the E V keys. What are masks? Is it like the eyeball visibility option I see on each layer?


File:Photoshop_rfGXkLFv69.png (527.98 KB,1118x767)

Masks are a non-destructive way to remove parts of an image. I use them in the posts starting at: >>93775.
It's a grayscale attachment to a layer that dictates which parts are active and visible and which are hidden. 100% black is 100% hidden while 100% white is 100% visible. If you were to look at that image's mask it would be 100% black on the statue with some grey in the transition area, which you can see where it's feathered a bit on its right side (our left). In this example image I have a Kuon layer on top of a solid green layer, and I used a black brush to mask where I drew.
The eye icon is usually to indicate whether a whole layer is active and visible or not, not its mask. But, maybe Krita does it differently.


File:R-1672009200801.png (24.97 KB,836x734)

This is my attempt using masks in Krita.

1. Layer -> New -> Add Paint Layer.
2. On the right window, set the original image to 80% opacity.
3. On the right window, drag Paint Layer 1 to the bottom.
4. Select Fill tool (F). Set color to white. Fill the Paint Layer with white.
5. Select Brush tool (B). Set color to black. Set the brush size to 15 or so. Brush over the items with black.
6. Filter -> Adjust -> Invert.
7. Right click Paint Layer 1. Convert -> Convert to Transparency Mask.
8. Set the original image to 100% opacity.
9. Export -> PNG -> Store Alpha Channel -> OK.


Found this on autoplay, and thought it'd be a nice thing to share here

File:Untitled.png (21.91 KB,492x314)

 No.67182[Reply][Last50 Posts]

/qa/! It's time to show off your MS paint skills! Try drawing a character and seeing if others can guess at who it is. Starting off with an iconic one so that the first picture isn't impossible...
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File:R-1664054187621.png (19.65 KB,1280x1080)


File:OG nippa.png (14.56 KB,633x505)

drew the nipper


Everyone has to start somewhere, and for me personally, I wouldn't say I have any skill at all, so I probably need a good bit of practice before I can consider myself even "decent"


File:ddd.png (10.02 KB,597x624)


I like this one.

File:example.png (757.03 KB,1768x1780)


Do you think thread creators on imageboards are playing a meta game against others in order to get attention?
Or are people just making threads for fun because they want to get input on opinions?
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>actively try to not compete with each other beyond being the first one to make it
That is the meta-game, the same game played by the "first!" commenters on video sites, blogs, etc.. On imageboards they impose artificial restrictions on themselves ("one thread per series") so that they can compete for the honor of being the thread creator and winning this edition for their waifu or whatever, then others compete for being the first post in that thread. Whether it's for back-to-back threads or recurring event threads, the game is about making the thread as early as possible without it dying before the migration/influx occurs so that your thread will be the prime target for gathering posters.

It's a game that works when the majority of posters reject the idea that a thread needs to hook people and instead aim for maximizing visibility, not just of the thread but of every post within it. Bigger threads mean more people seeing what's in them, so if you want to be heard or get a response, you're forced to use the winning thread. The result is that those threads become amalgamations of all the other related threads that would have been made and competed on the quality and appeal of the OP instead of on raw numbers.


>compete for being the first
That's actually a good point. I had thought of it as a continuous thing, rather than this single point where you either make it or you don't. They do race to be the first, and that's a competition. True.

>competed on the quality and appeal of the OP
This is the part where I don't agree. To borrow from biology, "fitness" is not the same as competition. I don't think it's right to use the latter term to describe people who aren't trying to compete at all. Look at the threads >>96625, >>88567, >>102927, >>92605, >>78784, they're not competing against anything, they're not making any effort to do so.

>artificial restrictions
Tangential, but I definitely do not agree with this. The practice of a monolithic general thread is older than imageboards and developed naturally from the observation that when a single topic becomes too popular, it can suffocate everything else. It has arisen many times in many places, many times without needing a mod to impose it. Generals are a necessary evil.


I was referring to threads about a similar topic rather than completely unrelated ones like that, as the "competition" there is about the appeal of the topic rather than between OPs. If there are three thoughtful OPs about elements of Star Twinkle Precure's story and characters up, it is much less likely that people will go into a thread with "thoughts on Star Twinkle Precure?" as the OP.

Having reasons for restrictions doesn't have anything to do with their artificiality. Outside of a few specific places, there aren't official rules or technical constraints that enforce the general structure and people can ignore it if they want, it only exists because users impose it upon themselves. It's like how Pokemon players agreed not to make teams of six Mewtwo in order to keep battling against each other fun. It's necessary to keep the game going, but it's not inherently the only way to go about things.


>Or are people just making threads for fun because they want to get input on opinions?
On here it's always for fun. I don't really post in places where you have to compete really hard to get replies or anything. And I don't post many serious threads either, mostly it's to share an image or some OC on /jp/.


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (335.45 KB,1920x1080)

I think it's true on 4chan, or its biggest boards, because the population is so large and there really isn't the camaraderie that a community is supposed to have. People will routinely create an incendiary OP even if they want a happy enjoyable thread because outrage gives a competitive edge over regular threads. This has been the case for quite a long time so people can even recognize when it happens.
It's really an unfortunate state of affairs, but people make due with what they have a massive userbase is certainly full of many benefits as well.

File:erururururu.jpg (376.32 KB,640x480)

 No.95318[Reply][Last50 Posts]

Do you read them? I started reading .jpg related because of that one anon who loves it so much. I find it very soothing so far.
However this is not a thread for only this one, but for visual novels in general. I thought the board was kind of missing one.
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Yes I am. The usual suspects have gotten me. (Welcome to the NHK suicide episodes, last volume of punpun, clannad)
But Nakige is another topic entirely, and is mostly avoided these days I think, both because it loses its effect if constantly engaged with and that bitter acceptance/despair is more popular these days


was listening to that album yesterday too


File:f4896236f16b6ebacff74ca209….png (1.29 MB,1280x937)

Epic VN crossover


In fanslation news, Lucky Star Ryouou Gakuen Outousai got a partial English patch a couple of weeks ago.


File:__kusunoki_yua_chaos_head_….jpg (2.25 MB,2560x3840)

It's funny when Takumi tard giggles over figurines or whatever because I do the exact same thing when Yua appears on screen.

File:FnOWzQsaUAAnl2s.jpg (266.8 KB,1312x1609)


Did you know that making schedules for activities can be a good way of helping you to accomplish what you set out to do? Instead of letting NEET entropy guide you, you should try and put some order into the things you do.

Like for myself I've scheduled myself to adhere to the following:
-Get Space Elevators in Factorio
-Play all the Armored Core games
-Get to Deep Space Science in Factorio
-(re)Play all the Drakengard/Nier games
-Finish Factorio Space Exploration
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elves in berserk are all naked


uh or what is fairies...


Its a coincidence. Cirno just randomly gets naked in non-cold places


But there already is a schedule for otaku



File:[Okay-Subs] Onii-chan wa O….jpg (162.16 KB,1920x1080)

the /qa/ schedule

File:sYRXvwl.png (369.71 KB,1026x638)


Found a neat youtube player
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File:waterfox_BKgFk3fpDL.png (1.68 MB,1685x1045)

I was trying to track down the full version of an ED song and I want to point out how nice it is that a seasonal anime has such a good website.
Look at those little 8-bit sprites moving around in addition to all the great visuals. People put a lot of work into this.


File:Screenshot_2023-02-20 Play….png (385.29 KB,810x725)

Site for downloading models from video games:


File:waterfox_ri6OFB3T1k.png (1.75 MB,1084x1099)

I was going to post a pic in the 'cool pics' thread on /win/, but I was taken to this old(?) site when looking for a vacuum tube image and I like it:
This site has a bunch of nice images from a museum and even has some PDFs of catalogs. Once upon a time people made websites like this and the page itself can be a part of the "museum of history".
Steampunk is cool and all, but this early 20th century tech is more interesting to me personally.


Oh, if you're unable to find the main page:
(it seems to have a script where it sits on the main page for a few seconds and then loads that one, but it might not work in all modern browsers)


People say social media killed small-scale sites like this, but honestly, I blame wikis. Like, why seek out a self-hosted site about bugs when you could just look them up on Wikipedia? Or why visit a Simpsons fansite when the Simpsons wiki has all the Simpsons info you'll ever need?

File:[anon] Star☆Twinkle Precur….jpg (177.78 KB,1280x720)


Lala Lala Lala!! Her voice so sweet!! It's been over a year since we've had the pleasure of seeing Lala here on Earth.
Well, the Starscape alliance is always working tirelessly to protect the universe.
In the name of all the magical girls around the world, our top secret ally Lala has returned from her mission on earth.
On top of that, our beloved friend Lala has been taking pictures of the magical girls for the Starscape alliance. (She's on the left side)
I hope to see many more pictures soon!!

And there's that magical girl friends are so awesome. I wish I could make magical friends like them!
And so there you go, the reason why I love Lala and why I'm so happy to see her around every time.
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File:Screenshot_2023-02-20 hsul….png (Spoiler Image,720.64 KB,720x687)



You forgot the third part.


you can't die someone else, it's intransitive


then add a comma


then, add a comma

File:💔.png (1.59 MB,850x1198)


do u hab geims in ur fone?


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (355.2 KB,1920x1080)

Tenshi, didn't you just ask me this the other day??


I put the page for Wordle on my homescreen. If that counts.


File:iku shock.png (597.13 KB,846x853)


File:25326796_p0.png (408.59 KB,800x800)

no bully


A few. I should probably uninstall a bunch since I never really play them.

File:[Pompous] Eiga Daisuki Pom….jpg (202.91 KB,1920x1038)


How did Pompo have so much influence and control over production as a producer? I always thought that was just a figurehead job?
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File:[MLU-S] Onii-chan wa Oshim….jpg (240.25 KB,1920x1080)

Really? Huh, are there any examples of producers that have made a major impact on production?


Well, on paper producers are supposed to oversee the entire production, from concept to script-writing to the hires.
Mervin LeRoy for example basically put together the concept and staff of Wizard of Oz.

"LeRoy had long desired to adapt the Frank Baum books to film and reminisced that "the dream remained merely a dream until I found myself at M-G-M and Louis B. Mayer asked me what I wanted to make." "The Wizard of Oz," I said.
He didn't look pained or upset or anything. "Okay," he said. "Do it.""

"The preparations were enormous. Nothing like it had ever been done before…[art directors] Cedric Gibbons [and] William A. Horning built a model of the set that was one-fourth life size...it took months to finish that alone, and some of the statistics boggle the mind...when the full set was built it covered 25 acres of the studio backlot...we had 65 different sets in the picture, and each of them was concocted out of whole cloth and hard work."

I think the figurehead you're thinking of is the "executive producer".


File:yasuyuki-ueda.webp (17.42 KB,225x315)


I think producer and director have different meanings when it comes to anime vs western cinema. Since the producer is putting together a team to act out a production that the producer sees, he's effectively the boss.
But in anime or TV it's more around the head director who is overseeing animation directors and other sub-directors. Sometimes the episode director has say over others.


File:Keep_Your_Hands_Off_Eizoou….png (589.52 KB,1024x576)

also when it comes to series, I think of the producer as being more oriented with the financial and buisness sides of things. They don't want to worry about how it all is going, but they want deadlines to be met so the show can go on another week.

Eizonken being the characterizations of these distinctions... left to right.. the actor, the producer, the director

File:1622622058691.jpg (107.55 KB,1000x703)

 No.87740[Reply][Last50 Posts]

What do you do when you want something good for dinner but your motivation is almost rock bottom?
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File:05d0193fa9e2958ae510a2e352….jpg (1.2 MB,2000x1260)

it's the same as the fast food industry spending billions to make their burgers as tasty as possible
it's the result of decades of research and development


I heard the Canadians literally call their mac'n'cheese "Kraft dinner" regardless of the actual brand.


well, I can't say because my mother never made it. It's got so much cheese and no greens. So yeah, I only know it as Kraft Dinner


When I was a kid I remember going to Macaroni Grill and their shell mac n cheese was easily the best I've ever had. Kraft is pretty good for convenience and tasting nice, but when it comes to being the best it just can't recapture that taste my mind has burned into its memory.


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (159.38 KB,1280x720)

Yeah, that makes sense. Those things were using whole ingredients while this stuff is operating on the chemical level. I guess you can't really compete with the food scientists or whatever you call those people

File:kage_no_piano.webm (8.5 MB,640x360)


Kage no Jitsuryokusha is just too good of a show. I want more but ending the show now would be the perfect time. I feel like telling anymore of the story would just ruin the main theme of an OP MC directing events in the shadows while hiding in plain sight from the other major characters. Maybe if the story shifted it's main character to someone other than Cid it could work out but as of now this is the perfect place to end.
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>Though I think the only good candidates for that would be either Iris, pink girl, or an entirely new person
Iris or some new person would be the best one to do. I don't think the pink girl would work, she seems like to much a villian/unstable to have more than a couple episodes or cameos here and there dedicated to without getting stale. I think if the show does shift perspective and interesting direction would be developing some sort of dual story between Rose and Iris as they appear to be on apposing sides now. I haven't read anything about how the source material actually handles the upcoming events so I may just spoil myself but according to rumours a second season is already in the works/planned for the fall season this year so I may just wait and see.


Cid may be a kid but he's even less empathetic than Ainz, skeleman can form some sort of emotional connection with other people and often worries about them beyond their utility. Comparatively, Cid hasn't been shown to care about anything other than fulfilling his fantasy. He sure didn't mind wrecking the city several times, flooding it and pulverizing a good number of blocks (and people, presumably). He's a self-admitted nuclear bomb.

A chuunified Rose facing off against Punished Iris would be something to behold for sure. Sherry would work if she turned around and started using a mixture of Shadow's and Diabolos' magic, without going off the deep end. The potential is certainly there.



File:waterfox_iF60SMGJav.png (1.19 MB,1279x716)

Pretty great, yeah. I was never really able to follow the deep story parts, but I never really tried to since I was there for the chuuni fun. Really fantastic production values for something so silly, which is really great to see. And corm.


I don't want a sequel

File:AI art.png (370.42 KB,512x512)


There's two threads on /qa/ for different AI generation content and help. A thread on the morality and ethics of AI. One about the future potential AI holds. One on >>>/megu/ for more in-depth help with specifics. Then scattered about across all the boards some threads using AI generation for image openers and such. However, none of these actually encompass kissu's opinion on AI!

So, what do you /qa/eers think of AI currently? Do you like it, dislike it, find it useful in any meaningful way at all? Or are you simply not interested in the output of algorithms?

I myself find AI to be a useful tool in generating the kind of content I've either exhausted the available stock of or are gated off by some hurdle I need to spend more time overcoming. When it comes to text/story generation, it's like a CYOA playground where I play the role of DM and set up all the lore/situations/characters, and then the AI acts out events as I lay out the flow of the story. This creates a more interactive experience for me than just writing out a story myself for some reason, and I find it highly addictive. Then for AI art generation, I find that AI works wonders for filling a specific niche taste I have, or specific scenario I want to create an image for. It really is quite amazing in my eyes, and I have hopes for it getting even better in the future.
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File:00652-174585855.png (370.21 KB,512x512)

AI only gets to the current stage thanks to the large amounts of data available.
Imagine if the internet didn't exist, the AI would have very little data to train on and could never achieve the capability they have today.
Not all kinds of data are widely and freely available like artworks, articles, and open source programs. There are still lots of fields where the necessary data are kept secret by companies that won't ever release them to avoid giving the competitors advantages. Consumers also don't want these internal data that are useless to them, so no one will demand any change in this situation.


you have to approach it the same way as aimbotting in an FPS. Unfortunately the anonomousness of imageboards means that they'd likely just looking like a CS:GO server


File:[SubsPlease] Kyokou Suiri ….jpg (289.05 KB,1920x1080)

Stephen Wolfram has a write-up about ChatGPT:
There's probably some youtubers out there trying to explain it, but I'd rather read about it


Holy crap, just skimmed this a bit but it looks like reading this alongside the additional materials is an entire course worth of material. Yeah, the only thing that'd probably compare to this would maybe be a lecture series.


File:b543bc77c583e1fcab85bb644a….png (147.04 KB,500x463)

I read this yesterday, the article is very through and detailed, including explanation of the whole background of machine learning itself, while also being written in layperson language, so even someone without any technical background can easily understand it.
I highly recommended everyone interested in this topic to read it.

File:9d2fb09c6d0a0a297cdeeaea1d….png (1.64 MB,750x1060)


What are your thoughts on this anime so far?


File:Revenger-trailer.png (1.33 MB,1920x1080)

I think the worldbuilding and the historical accuracy are entertaining. The characterization of Nagasaki and it's interactions with the European/Mainland powers is neat.
Though, I think the characters are kind of boring.

Overall I'm not sure what to think about it. It's OK.


File:[SubsPlease] Revenger - 04….jpg (275.66 KB,1920x1080)

I like it quite a lot. Sometimes the character interactions are a bit boring, but the missions are really cool and the episode with the circus guy was wonderfully done. It's a shame its English name and, uhh, poster or whatever you call stuff like the OP image look so generic because I'm sure people like me passed it over without someone on kissu telling them that it was good.
Still don't know the deal with the archer guy, though. I hope that part is explained because it kind of sticks out a lot compared to the other relatively grounded parts of the show


File:[SubsPlease] Revenger - 07….jpg (191.38 KB,1920x1080)

It's probably one of my favorites this season. The world building has been thoughtfully put together so that things slowly begin to form a wider picture of the overall conflict going on with the opium trade. With bits of the Revenger business itself sprinkled here and there, and the morality/questionable aspects of it are highlighted in a way that I think will lead to more interesting developments come later in the series, possibly next episode even.

Some of the characters seem better developed than others, but they're all sufficiently established. As of writing my favorite little murderous psychopath seems to have gotten the most development so I'm satisfied. One thing I find regrettable though is that this is only 12 episodes when at the end I'm sure it would benefit from having been longer.


Better than the Tokyo variety.


The main thing for me so far is the setting, other stuff I'm holding off from writing my opinions about since I'm hoping for Gen to further spice things up.

File:RC5JHcSguB.jpg (465.32 KB,2005x1246)


Do you use any software that other people may not know about that you like?
I started using (and eventually even bought!) this thing called Wallpaper Slideshow after trying a bunch of free ones and getting frustrated. https://www.gphotoshow.com/wallpaper-slideshow-pro.php
Basically, you give it folder(s) of your choice and it will assemble a collage image of them and make it your background. You can configure it with a timer that changes it and I have it set to 15 minutes. I had originally used John's Background Switcher that someone thankfully linked to me a few months ago: >>91800 https://johnsad.ventures/software/backgroundswitcher/
I liked this one more because there's less wasted space, more options, and it just generally seems to assemble the image better. I turn it off before I go to bed each night though because I'm worried that it's keeping my hard drive active all day, which probably isn't good. I should maybe research that sometime...

This pairs well with something like Grabber ( https://github.com/Bionus/imgbrd-grabber ) that can bulk download tags from booru sites.
Of course, this stuff is kind of wasteful if you don't have an extra monitor with a wallpaper that's largely visible, but I find myself like that sometimes so it's pretty nice.
46 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I like the kot


File:Bulk_Rename_Utility_mjYxcR….png (104.97 KB,1562x982)

This is pretty cool, but probably of niche use. I googled "windows bulk file rename" and this was mentioned in an article:
Bulk Rename Utility

It, uhh.. renames files in bulk. The UI is a bit intimidating at first, but once you find what you need it's pretty simple.
In this example I want to remove the first 41 digits of files generated by Stable Diffusion and it did it without incident and even gave me a little preview there at the top for the 4 test files.


Ah, I actually use that program a lot. I agree, it's very useful. The replace feature, remove, and numbering are all very good.


File:d92e40bedef2411f5054decdf….jpeg (391.68 KB,1929x1378)

Ultimate Vocal Remover has been updated with even more models...
It's difficult to know which model is the best to use, I found this webpage with the models ranked with best vocal-instrumental separation quality:

For single model, the "kim vocal model" currently has the best quality. On my PC it takes only 40 seconds to process a 4-minute song with GPU acceleration and the result sounds very good for me.


File:1350410515906.jpg (98.59 KB,600x600)

So I'm setting up my PC after upgrading, and I was wondering what /qa/'s favorite IRC clients are. Most of the time I just use Hexchat, but I've noticed that it can oddly crash for weird reasons like trying to ctrl+f or feels less lightweight than it's advertised. On the whole though it's got most of the features one could want out of an IRC client like Autoconnecting, shortcuts for post formatting, and filtering/themes all from the menu.


File:258a75e89dd86ed8b2fc171c5e….png (390.22 KB,1050x1163)


why do I forget to eat when I live alone?
10 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I'm not him though, that's just what I think of it.


I don't so much forget as I ignore it, often when I'm doing stuff like writing or reading through a couple dozen pages I'll feel that I'm hungry and it'll even hurt sometimes, but completing the task at hand is more important. So a few times I've gone through the whole day barely eating anything more than a handful of peanuts and a soft boiled egg.

Somewhat unrelated, but the Romans didn't have a three-meal day like we do today, most of what they ate during a given day came from a single large meal:
The word is still used in several modern languages:

The practice of eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner is more of a recent industrial invention. Starving yourself and then binging isn't good for you, but still, you don't need to follow the standard either.


Disappointingly, eating twice or once per day can still make you fat.


just how big are your dinner plates fattso


bet he has eyes the size of dinner plates whenever he sees his meal

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