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File:1649816902391.png (410.06 KB,1289x1773)


Elden Ring thread hit the bump limit, here's a new one in case anyone is still playing. Maybe post a cute Ranni if you feel like it.

New patch is being released today.

>Multiplayer servers for #ELDENRING will undergo maintenance today, April 19, 2022. It is expected to last about 1 hour for all platforms and will include an update to version 1.04.
>Maintenance will begin at 1:00 AM PDT | 10:00 CEST | 17:00 JST. Thank you for your patience.

I'm expecting bleed to get nerfed hard.
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Elden Ring not being a PC port released years later has really gave it a big modding boost. I'm really looking forward to the stuff people make. I wouldn't expect new areas or bosses necessarily, but other gameplay changes seem possible.
Well, or maybe there will be new bosses? It's still very early.


Had a feeling Sekiro combat stuff would look good on ER.



This guy has a bunch of cute girl sliders you can borrow.


Some of these look pretty good. I'll use this channel for my next character. Thank you for sharing.


File:20220502025334_1.jpg (363.05 KB,1920x1080)

I can't believe I'm still not the Elden king already...

File:coffee.webm (143.26 KB,398x400)


Could the desire to have media delivered to oneself rather than being sought, like flipping through TV channels hoping for something to catch your attention, be linked to the success of the new wave of social media stuff like TikTok? Now I'm no expert in how it works, at all, but every time I've seen my imouto browsing through it she's flipping through different things on it and pestered about it she doesn't really have an answer for what most of the stuff she's watching is or is about. It seems to me kind of like telesurfing on steroids, since I don't think there's any long videos on that platform.
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I remember watching so many infomercials late at night when I was a kid because there was nothing on. Personally, I got sick of changing channels and would settle with something mediocre instead of searching for something that probably wasn't there. But, we also had like 50 channels and not 500 million tiktok accounts to go through so maybe I was just being rational.
Yeah, the "related video" and "autoplay" thing of modern sites is definitely geared towards keeping people satisfied, but I wonder why. I don't think the site itself suffers from people searching themselves, does it? Or maybe attention spans mean they go to a different site?


In the mainstream, music finds you
In the underground, you have to dig for the music
>t. zappa or some shit, probably


Been noticing a lot of TV simulators out there complete with annoying ads that people like for some reason, wonder if this is why.


I would guess because they break up the shows and give transitions from one thing to the next, people like getting small breaks where they can zone out. I wouldn't use something with the feature but I get it because it gives you this break without stopping anything, you don't stop for a quick break and then get sidetracked by something else and get back to what you were doing in an hour or two.


Who are you quoting?

File:Untitled2.png (18.47 KB,516x493)


Your daily learning: the Diesel Cycle.

File:c97a5dbb01ace238dcdbf169ec….jpg (88.3 KB,854x480)


Has /qa/ ever cummed handsfree? Or at least ever achieved weensperm through some unconventional means?
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If you have good sheets, think about your options some night.


My first orgasm was from a self-hypnosis experiment. I wanted to see if I relaxed enough if I could just zone out and keep doing whatever I was doing automatically. And for this experiment what I was doing was just holding my body in a position that required some effort to maintain: hands together in front of and touching my face, covering my nose and with thumbs on my cheeks, elbows touching knees, legs spread, feet raised with soles together, back tensed in a way to raise both butt and neck, trying to balance on my upper back near my shoulder blades. I would just go through a typical progressive relaxation script in my head, then get into the position and try to maintain it for a long time. I found myself aborting the experiment because of a perceived need to urinate, after which there was nothing to let out, and so I decided to just let it out in my pants, since there was clearly nothing in my bladder, with the obvious results.

I'm not sure how much of the position was relevant except maybe the feet in the air, back tensing, and balancing, since I reached similar results from just trying to raise my feet up as high in the air as possible with only my shoulders and head on the ground. And eventually I was able to pull it off with just the thought process and not any deliberate physical actions at all (although it's hard to completely eliminate potential physical stimuli). As an adult I rarely do any of the weird position stuff that this was born out of, but I often fantasize about mind control and experiment with self-hypnosis.


Meditation and (lucid) dreaming have a lot of potential for that kind of stuff. I did it once while being half asleep laying on my stomach but that was a complete coincidence.


does putting an onahole inside a pillow count


I had a wet dream once, I suppose.

File:8bfd919b432bd04eeeddc32ced….mp4 (1.11 MB,1280x720)


This article made me miss physical media


Lucchini is NOT stacked.


gonna shoot a paizuri porno with lucchi

File:1607247963925.png (154.19 KB,423x289)


What is your opinion on 'old guard' vtubers such as Eilene, Azumalim, PokoPea, Omega Sisters, etc? I know some people have a visceral reaction to hololive and their copycats, but I'm interested to hear the opinions on those. I guess Tsukino Mito, most of Nijisanji and 774 also fall into that category since they didn't really benefit from the explosion in popularity that hololive had.
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I enjoyed Eilene's content when it was novel but when I checked out some of her more "recent" content from like 2 years ago even I couldn't handle that shtick she does where she makes her voice all high pitched on certain words.
I still enjoy Nekomiya Hinata but I just can't wake up early enough to catch her most times.


I guess Kizuna AI was okay in that it was a pre-recorded character or something. I don't know any of the others enough to comment on them.


I dont keep up with hololive but people used the Ai model in really heinous porn


I didn't know it had a model people were using. MMD stuff?


Ai really did change the meta in so many ways huh

File:[SubsPlease] Honzuki no Ge….jpg (150.65 KB,1280x720)


From simply desiring some books she could read to wanting to kickstart the printing revolution, Myne's ambitions sure have come a long way.


>wanting to kickstart the printing revolution
She may want that but by mass producing religious texts all she is going to do is plant the seeds for religious reformation and war similar to the European wars of religion. And who knows she may even serve as a figure head for one many wars.


File:[SubsPlease] Honzuki no Ge….jpg (424.75 KB,1920x1080)

the hell is this nerd talking about


Steve Gutenberg, star of the Police Academy movies!


she was saying some excommunication tier stuff there

File:22794ad35c3fc731a24020306a….jpg (228.01 KB,1200x1200)


Why does hitting buttons on a keyboard sound so beautiful, with Enter, Space, Backspace and the arrow keys being the highlights, while the sound of a mouse click only reminds me of the thought of having wasted another moment of my life?
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The hurdy-gurdy sounds cool. Shame they're a rare instrument.


I only know it from one musical piece where it's used in a monotone manner symbolizing the unspectacular ending of a failed adventure.


the right and middle mouse buttons are beautiful


File:using the interwebs.webm (1.11 MB,1008x720)

It depends on the mouse/keyboard for me. I hate the ones that are too loud. I bought a new mouse recently and it sounds so much louder than my shitty older one. I don't think I could withstand using a mechanical keyboard either.


I like the nice sound mechanical keyboards give off something about is satisfying I haven't really used mechanical keyboards much unfortunately since I've either been stuck with with cheaper keyboards or laptop keyboards

File:stuck here.png (2.95 MB,1920x1080)


trying to figure out how to get over the cliff here in Getting Over It
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File:1627145568794.png (1.96 MB,1920x1080)

Your thread is GARBAGE. Delete it now.



File:020632.jpg (260.49 KB,1280x905)



File:o5Ea.mp4 (925.29 KB,1290x720)

Ah~ I'm so hungry... won't someone feed me?


I got a bit higher on this cliff and even hooked myself onto a bit of terrain that you have to fling yourself to reach but then I managed to push myself down the cliff again.

File:1436405631291.jpg (253.27 KB,622x536)


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File:holo seal of approval.jpg (10.17 KB,224x224)

We should definitely stream the first two seasons in preparation whenever it comes out. And quit with the spoilers while you're at it. There are probably some people who haven't watched it yet.


File:1562209096357.webm (2.86 MB,1280x720)

You know, there was that one Spice and Wolf VR game which came out recently. Wonder if that being popular had any effect on the decision to make a S3 for it.


Thought this was just a first-person story experience, is there actually more to it than that?


Well, the game was successful enough that they made a second one, so perhaps? Although, I'm pretty sure the game came out after the release of the new manga.


New manga? Damn I really haven't kept up

File:osaka thinks many thoughts.jpg (26.84 KB,500x375)


Why do native English speakers make the confusion between "your" and "you're" so often even though their meanings are different? Is it because they sound the same since English pronunciation is retarded? Ironically this isn't a problem for me as a non-native speaker. I learned the difference as soon as I started learning English and never made that mistake.
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Only time I accidentally use "your" instead of "you're" or vice versa is because of this. I use swipe typing so oftentimes I just miss that it chose the wrong one.


because we don't care about proofreading our grammar
we have nothing to prove if it isn't a paper being submitted for an exam


File:tibetan sand snake.jpg (131.95 KB,1280x720)

Another mistake that I noticed people make: saying "payed" instead of "paid" (but I have also made this mistake myself before). Both also have similar pronunciation.

And this is the post that caused me to make this thread: >>>/jp/33079

Yeah, I'm noticing you make mistakes and linking it here, so you better not make them next time.


I take it you spelled it "grammer" on purpose and have been waiting for someone to point it out. Here you go.


I am the king of the Romans and above grammar.

File:[IrizaRaws] Adachi to Shim….png (11.45 MB,1920x1996)


Has /qa/ watched Adachi to Shimamura? If not, /qa/ should! It has the purest and the cutest form of (one-sided) yuri love. Adachi is as autistic as they come and I loved it; the first friend she makes and she realizes she's (probably) gay! All the antics that follow of her trying to get flirty with Shimamura without coming off as a weirdo, it was the cutest, the purest!
Adachi's development from looking and acting like a rebel, indifferent to other people, to the cute maiden in love that she always was within was fun to watch! So was Shimamura's from being truly indifferent of others and the relations surrounding her to actually caring about being with Adachi. Looking at them make each other happy made me the happiest I've been in a while. Watched through the whole show with a dumb smile on my face, typed this post with one as well!
While Adachi and Shimamura were very lovable, the one-off side characters weren't plain/boring either (except for when they were expected to be plain), a lot of them had some type of charm to them, even if they were just there for one episode or one part of one episode. The longer lasting side characters were of course all lovable.
While the art had a lot of room for improvement, the story was great. There was no drama, just pure love and CGDCT. Though, they did hint at possible drama from time to time, keeping me at the edge of my seat. The slight (yuri) fan service scenes were great as well.
All in all, it was great. Can't believe I waited this long to watch it, but at least I did, at least it didn't stay in the black hole of my "anime to watch" list forever, and binge watching it wasn't a bad idea either. Being the autist that I am, I probably missed a lot of the underlying non-verbal story telling going on in the show, but I loved what I watched.


File:[SubsPlease] Adachi to Shi….jpg (98.75 KB,1280x720)

Yeah, I watched it. Liked it too, had a similar feet off the ground floaty feeling to it, akin to the author's prior anime Denpa Onna.


i watched it but found it kind of difficult


Oh! So the author was the author of Denpa Onna, that kind of explains the existence of that uchuujin.


I liked it a lot, but I believe some people didn't because of its slow burn nature (even though they do some pretty romantic stuff), the side characters (although they barely manage to keep them from being annoying), and Adachi acting unrealistically possessive (which I didn't notice).


Yes, it was probably my favorite yuri anime of recent years. Desperately needs a second season though, as a single cour wasn't enough to really give much pay-off.

File:de72e7e726259f21e0b573d042….jpg (855.01 KB,1000x1000)


Can you pass the sub challenge? If you choose any Commie translation you lose!
You must choose 1 out of the 4 which you think is the best, so no N/A this time.

My scores:
Commie: 0 times
Doki-Chihiro: 4 times
Funimation: 1 time
Mori: 9 times
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For question 2 you chose Doki-Chihiro
For question 3 you chose Funimation
For question 4 you chose Mori
For question 5 you chose Mori
For question 6 you chose Funimation
For question 7 you chose Mori
For question 8 you chose Mori
For question 9 you chose Mori
For question 10 you chose Mori

Overall scores...
Commie: 0 times
Doki-Chihiro: 1 time
Funimation: 2 times
Mori: 6 times
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Someone must have linked it on a reddit or facebook group somewhere based on all the comments from actual kids and teenagers. It's kind of refreshing to see their honest comments and not just the ironic memer pages that get referenced from outraged people. It warms my heart.

Stuff like:
>Who ever that fuck said that deku is stronger than goku then how the fuck did deku fucking struggle with 6 villains with a mind of a cell
It's so pure. I'm glad there's still kids having these arguments.


In Twintail sub, the blue girl said "literally worse than Hitler" - Commie
Does this place have >>>/u/ >>>/jp/


What are you talking about?


Overall scores...
Commie: 1 time
Doki-Chihiro: 4 times
Funimation: 5 times
Mori: 4 times

Actually surprised at how literal the funi subs were on this, sometimes they're localized to hell. Guess it depends on their TL.

File:cocky_lads.jpg (75.6 KB,800x600)


Do you like tracked music? What are some of your favorite songs?
Preferably post song link followed by a few words describing song.
I'll start below.
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unreeeal superhero 3, it's still stuck in my head thanks to all those YTPMVs and otoMAD.


Ohh.... This was Tracker music all along.


I already posted Genshin last time actually.


Glad there's trackers for so many systems it really helps for making music on old platforms unless you want to learn MML and go insane.


I'll post one recent example of my favourite tracker music: this entire demo.
Sanity - Arte

I'll also put this one because I watched the Install Gentoo video again.
Lizardking - A piece of magicmix

File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (261.82 KB,1920x1080)


Is it wrong to give a fight to those who ask for it?


File:1605176083125.jpg (92.45 KB,1920x1080)

I don't know, ask that to my FIST


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (435.04 KB,1920x1080)

Do not fight; instead seek understanding. How many people truly want a fight instead of being temporarily influenced by negative emotions?


File:E1k49vOUYAE3dNr.jpg (93.57 KB,857x988)

Only if you're not prepared to deal with the aftermath of the fighting.

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