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File:mosaicd102bc4dc6c2a45e2dad….jpg (261.93 KB,900x900)


What is your opinion on the kuudere archetype? I'm personally attracted to them because they're similar to myself. Kuuderes are a big 'gap moe' thing. The smile of someone who doesn't smile much means a lot more than the smile of someone who smiles all the time.

Many people don't seem to realize the last two ones are kuuderes too. I don't see many people discussing archetypes these days.
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File:1365432989597.jpg (60.04 KB,419x208)


I have a feeling this is a joke or reference but I don't get it...


NTA but the show does have a green tint.


File:497.jpg (379.05 KB,1280x720)

Probably looks different on a CRT. While it's not as important for retro anime as it is for retro games, CRT alter the color a bit in comparison. Otherwise you will see most retro shows appearing 'washed out' on a LCD without the CRT's stronger vibrant colors.


You mean, it will look even greener?

File:94d48c8143b7012803f0885617….jpg (436.38 KB,2121x3000)


When you don't go outside it's easy to forget the basic hygiene you practice since much of the motivation for taking care of yourself can be perceived as a social thing. However some things are important to do even if you're not going outside for the sake of your long term health! Like brushing your teeth and flossing to keep them clean of plaque leads to healthier gums and reduced risk of brain disease! If you haven't brushed yet go do it!

What other health tips does /qa/ know to keep their body in peak condition?
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File:Kindle_2023-10-08_19-15-08.png (1.71 MB,1263x1876)

gotta start small anon. you can't hide from your self. it'll start to know the small improvements too.


File:[Chihiro] Watashi no Yuri ….jpg (221.67 KB,1920x1080)

Terrifying consideration... but is it a good idea to 'go outside' to get regular doctor's appointments so that you counter and avoid whatever nasty disease or debilitating health issues you may have before they become serious?


Also how are you even supposed to find a doctor if you haven't been to one in years..


File:[Piyoko] Himitsu no AiPri ….jpg (224.28 KB,1920x1080)

Definitely. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and is if the cure exists. Take action as soon as you can.

Unless you changed locations the same office is probably still there and you'll have records. If not... I'm not sure. I've always lived in the same location.


Do you not have access to the internet?

Depends on your age and symptoms.

File:1263527087108.jpg (52.71 KB,750x600)


According to the happenings thread >>101080 , Ash's journey in Pokémon is finally ending. It's pretty impressive. He was doing it back when I was a kid, but here we are in 2022 and it's finally over.
It brings lots of thoughts to mind apart from nostalgia.

- I wish I was into Pokémon more. It's like the /mlp/ people on 4chan, there's a bunch of dorks involved, even around my age, that still keep the magic alive. Sure, there's a bunch of kids as there should be, but it's interesting to see older people around making references that only people of a certain age would get. It's hard to find good internet losers.

-Names. People on the English internet generally refer to him as Ash (like this thread) and the localization names for each Pokemon as well. Some names are the same, but many of them aren't. One of my favorite Pokémon is Bulbausaur and not Fushigidane. With the internet full of arguments over everything regards translations, it's strange how this never seems to crop up.

-Great games. I haven't played the most recent ones, but I've never played one I didn't love. I think the newer games allow you to see the Types so you didn't need to throw moves around randomly, which was really getting to be a problem when there are 1000 of them instead of 150.

-The games get a LOT of various ROMhacks. There's even that one Touhou one that's not a hack but a standalone game. Not just simple hacks, either, but very involved stuff and you could spend thousands of hours playing them all. I should look into them more and try some out.

-Pokégirls. I think everyone knows this, but this series has some of the best character designs around and has been consistent about it since its inception. The Asuka vs. Rei thing never seemed that interesting to me in comparison to the girls in Pokémon. Even the 'girl of the week' in the anime had more interesting people in them. Duplica the girl with the Ditto that couldn't transform its face sticks out to me. Brock getting a crush on every girl really made sense.

-Just a fantastic style in general. There are places like https://hirespokemon.tumblr.com/ where you can see the old concept art and it's truly beautiful. Sugimori is a true genius. Also apparently his name is used by people as a keyword to improve the qualityPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File:R-1713578956550.png (109.58 KB,475x475)

you might be talking about a pokemon (gardevoir)


File:gardevoir googled herself.png (186.06 KB,480x347)

Oh, I may have heard of Gardevoir. Hmm, yes, I've seen some things.
But seriously the Gardevoir is one of my favorite lines. Gallade is one of my favorite Pokemon to play, although it kind of feels like cheating to have Fighting and Psychic moves at the same time. Also they look like plant types and I really like plant creatures in these games, although Grass seems kind of underwhelming when compared to some others. Really fun status stuff at least.



File:gardevoir.png (164.46 KB,1167x988)

The part starting at 2:10 was pretty good (and the art itself of course)


File:1354571000486.jpg (316.15 KB,1464x1664)

May is the one with big tits.
Dawn is the one who goes nopan.

File:20230501_002647.jpg (1.56 MB,3994x4096)


I kinda wonder, how do people discover new music today? There's such a vast expanse of stuff out there and most all of it is hidden in its own corner of the internet. If you know what you're searching for maybe it's easier, but finding completely new stuff that appeals to you seems like an extremely tough endeavor. Are there any good methods /qa/ knows of or is word of mouth the best way still?
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Links posted by anonymous on #qa.
Found my top favorite ones in #qa, love my #qa friends!


File:1713374020102529.png (1.71 MB,1920x1080)

They should post it on the music thread instead.


#qa culture is not-being-assed-to-post-on-/qa/ culture heh


File:Fuura.Kafuka.full.437756..jpg (118.82 KB,1920x1200)

You have read the entirety of Scaruffi's website already, right anon?


Who cares what some dweeb said about music?

File:trip among anons.jpg (297.92 KB,1920x1080)

 No.102706[Reply][Last50 Posts]

What are /qa/'s opinions on avatarfags, namefags, and tripfags? Are they helpful or harmful towards an imageboard, and to what degree for each?
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the friki anon


If it makes you feel any better jim2ch users thought I was korean dog because of my middling japanese


i don't find it to be much of a problem honestly


Saying you're from the USA barely counts as saying where you're from. Even giving your timezone means a bigger region than most countries. The equivalent to your country is probably something like saying you're from South Dakota.

Either way, as long as you only mention it when it's relevant it won't stick to you when you're anon. Just don't narrow it down so much that it counts as personally identifiable information.


File:R-1713558986571.png (93.87 KB,310x310)

I like figuring out who posters are so that I can make better targeted funposts at them when the necessary time comes.

File:3a3542d67d54546a71fa2cbaed….jpg (652.5 KB,1000x968)

 No.113785[Reply][Last50 Posts]

General video games thread since the other one hit the bump limit. What are you playing? What are you looking forward to?
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Palworld updates seem quite good. I think I'm going to aim for a replay of it sometime in the summer which is the planned released of a new island with new Pals on it and other stuff. Since we played together they've added various fixes, but also some new stuff like a raid boss and it looks like there's a PvP arena in the work as well.
Who's up for playing it together again whenever that big patch hits sometime in summer? (Northern hemisphere summer)


I completely lost interest when I learned it was just arena style pvp. I wanted actual pvp like storming someone's base and capturing their pals.


I've been looking to play Elder Ring
Missed the hype


elden ring is still really good the multiplayer is just less active nowadays


If you want to get in on all the excitement there's still going to be time soon when the DLC comes out and everyone's playing that. Also I'm pretty sure they confirmed there'll be nothing for ER after this so in effect people won't be holding off playing because they're waiting for DLC after this.

File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (302.07 KB,1920x1080)


What is your opinion of private trackers and the like? AB recently came back (yay) but people have mixed feelings about such things. It's easy to dismiss criticism as jealous resentment if someone isn't in them, but it's also easy to see that it's not an ideal situation for people that love certain media and want to also share that love with others.
Maybe if AB did die the nyaa admin would get off his butt and actually allow new account creation since they've been temporarily closed for like half a decade now. It's not unusual to see releases and uploads that don't actually belong to the uploader since the person has no account. How much stuff is nyaa missing because it doesn't allow people to actually share them? You can only get post-MoyaiSubs Mewkledreamy Mix subs on twitter right now and I only know that because it was mentioned in one of the 2 uploads on nyaa uploaded by a third party, with the remaining 25 episodes on twitter. Is nyaa considered semi-closed or something?

I think the problem with Japanese media in general is that there's really no middle ground. It's nyaa or nothing. There isn't a "oh, this isn't as great as AB but it has 70% of the content" place, it's either you're in the anime tracker or you're not. I'm not in BBT, but I hear it's closer to the nyaa side of the scale due to certain rules it has among other reasons. I worry that as Japanese media continues to overtake the Western world (even if the mainstream people watch the same 5 shows) the tendrils of corporate rights holders will be as zealous as Disney or Nintendo is, and that will further increase the reliance of private trackers. Not to imply that it doesn't already cause issues on stuff like youtube and the like. Youtube once had lots of full episodes and albums you could watch but they were stricken down by various companies doing the copyright strike thing to wipe out accounts hosting entire libraries. It also has algorithms and AIs to detect and delete stuff that gets uploaded, within minutes. But hey, if you subscribe to one of 15 services you might be able to watch it if it's currently on the service.

Oh yeah, I forgot that I wanted this thread was more about general private tracker stuff. I think they're unfortunately a necessity for most things due to how corporate the internet has become, but I don't think it's necessary for Japanese stuff yet in regards to user safety from lawyers. I think it's kind of sad how people under age 25 or Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Why do you need a VPN for nyaa?


I don't want loli hentai associated with my family's static home IP address, also you never know what company is going to suddenly start sending copyright letters


have you considered shelling out $5 a month for a good VPN?


File:a95cd95b7a0e8b29b09765ce5e….jpg (Spoiler Image,111.76 KB,512x768)


I'd rather torrent through Whonix

File:[xPearse] Magic Knight Ray….png (645.71 KB,960x720)

 No.68627[Reply][Last50 Posts]

><Anonymous> like say someone starts a thread about mecha it's gonna take two years to reach 200 posts

Let's prove him wrong.
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it's quite something that the franchise predicted the idea of AI assisted controls in complex systems to better the abilities of the pilot


Grendizer is getting a reboot.


Interesting teaser trailer that didn't really show anything. Can't tell if it will be loaded with 3D or not



Wish I was a billionaire so I could spend one one of these easily. It looks so cool.


Will 3D mecha ever be able to look as good as 2D?

File:qanime.png (3.63 MB,1500x3132)

 No.82349[Reply][Last50 Posts]

I was reminded that another year has passed since the last time the /qa/ anime chart was updated, so I thought it was as good a time as ever to bring it back, update it, and improve on it a bit in the process.

The format for deciding on picks this year will be the same as the last with the addition of maybe singling out a specific anime of each year to be the most /qa/ anime of the year. For the current candidates that should be easy since there's only 4 of them, but for this year we'll have to conclude all the seasonal polls first and then afterwards decide.

The polls will be made separately and then linked in the thread with at least 3 days allotted for people to decide on winners, and I'll make a new poll for each season every day, starting with Winter 2021 today. To not make cheating so easy I'll make it so an IP needs at least 3 posts to vote, which shouldn't really be hard for anyone I hope. Also the AOTY polls will probably all be at the end or sometime in-between since they shouldn't be as hard of a decision.
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File:qanime-2023.png (3.81 MB,1218x2392)

And with that we're finished with 2023! Now it's time to move on with a season more fresh in people's memory, this one! Everything's ending in about a week or less, so I'll give it about 2 weeks for decision making.



I voted for all the ones I watched and liked


look at how much the format of the image has improved over the years good job


File:qanime-winter-2024.png (3.88 MB,1218x2628)


Yeah, going with the format change was a tough pill to swallow at first and took a while but I really ended up liking this new format. It's super easy to make additions to as well, I already have entries cropped out for years all the way up to 2030.


So, who's going to win next year?

File:broom.gif (6.8 MB,750x1000)


Time for some spring cleaning!
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File:[CMS] Higurashi no Naku Ko….jpg (497.56 KB,1280x720)

cute as HELL stop motion


File:teeny tiny warmonger.jpg (855.46 KB,1294x1000)

Sehet! Es ist alles verrückt!
Ich sage euch, der Stuhl ist besessen!
Zweifellos das Werk des Wesens X, dem alten Puppenspieler.


People keep saying my dolls are haunted but it turns out it was the chair all along.


File:1707070264640887.jpg (9.74 KB,221x198)

Thats a good stop-motion animation anon!


File:104983228_p10.jpg (1.32 MB,2000x2000)

I can relate.

File:88627497_p0.jpg (958.11 KB,1200x1697)



What does /qa/ think about the idea of hardcore MMOs? Having seen a bit about this in my Youtube recommends, it looks kinda fun and engaing. Classic wow is by no means the hardest, or even that challenging an MMO, but I think that just lends itself very nicely to a hardcore mode. It encourages a bit more social interaction during questing to not die trying to solo along with encouraging better communication during dungeons/raids since nobody wants to lose their character. Also I'm a bit of a fan of hardcore modes myself, so I was wondering if kissu might be interested in giving it a shot once the servers come out?
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also he NEVER said it was ds2 tier


Phase 3 of WoW SoD launched with Nightmare Incursions, a new mechanic that just so happened to turn into the most profitable gold and xp source in the game. Blizz noticed and changes are already planned like a gold reward hotfix that came 8 hours after the patch launched, and an exp nerf to the incursion quests that'll come later today. Figuring this out, I decided to use it as an opportunity to easily level 2 of my chars to 50, and I spent all day today just running incursions over and over. Now my warrior is 50 alongside my rogue.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (461.52 KB,1920x1080)

>Nightmare Incursion
What is that exactly?


Sort of like an instance thing that everyone takes part in, they're inside of the portals that the world boss dragons come out of. Inside you do quests and get mission letters from them that you then use to get another quest and an item that lets you share the quest with other party members. There's kill quests, pick up quests, boss quests, and profession-based quests. It's pretty fun to do as a one off event and feels very MMO-y with how many people are doing it at the same time and killing bosses and such. However, the issue is that it's much easier to just do bosses and pick up quests than it is to do any kill quests or profession ones, so people run them in loops of 5-man groups and refresh all the quests after turning them in by sharing with each other then do it again and again and again because it's the most efficient way to get both gold and xp. You do this from 40 to 50 unless you want to be left behind, and right now there's a rush to do them since it's getting nerfed hard in the next patch so it's super easy to get groups.


File:2024_04_15_02-36__911.png (1.54 MB,1132x952)

No group for Blood Moon? No problem! Just play a rogue.

Heavy metal may/may not improve performance

File:og-image.webp (233.45 KB,1280x720)


There's going to be a spontaneous GuPz stream in 1 hour!!!(or maybe two if people want it at 8EST)!!

This the 4th movie in the final GuPz series and lasts for 60minute

@ https://theatre.kissu.moe/kiss/yukkuri !!!!
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oh wait that's probably "alcohol free"


Definitely the most exciting tank action of the series so far on the mountain. What an intense and fast-paced scene, so much going on at once spread across a variety of different shots. I loved it.


File:C-1712966515716.png (1.14 MB,1660x1752)


Kugel Bier
Bullet Beer
Alkoholfreies Bier
Non-alcoholic Beer

I can't read the pink script.


if only that wasn't alcohol free i'd buy the HELL out of this beer with that logo

File:834e1ec945eb3ac268cd3c6bb3….png (5.42 MB,2000x2667)


Played DD2. Some fps issues in the main city, and at infrequent moments out in the world, but aside from that was at a frequent 60+ with RTX on. From what I can see the whole "Mostly Negative" thing on steam is from people getting outraged over mtx that are basically the same thing that Capcom's done in all their other games and people that have more major performance issues. Aside from that I've been having a lot of fun, the game's good. Opening isn't as bombastic as the first though so some people may take issue with that, and there's a bit of minor nitpicks that people may have, but on the whole it's still the same good DD gameplay that people know and love. Supposedly with a much longer story and bigger map if leaks are to be believed.

I made a Fern pawn as you can't make loli ones anymore so Schierke wasn't possible. She got a fair bit of usage so far.
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Wearing armor is not cute.


That warfarer vocation looks so cool... Think I might have to max out everything to achieve the most of it


I see, you are the one my pawns spoke of, the arisen who sprints through the woods in naught but their undergarments


File:R-1712339516062.png (125.37 KB,364x364)

They are not undergarments, if I am not wearing anything over them.


File:20240409212216_1.jpg (Spoiler Image,288.84 KB,2560x1440)

Finally, some good apocalypse! (Ending Screenshot)

File:mosaic7f3dfc6a1b4d1f41ccc7….jpg (291.26 KB,900x900)


Does /qa/ have any favorite cartoons? I've never really stopped to think about this since I always despised /co/ as a board and they never discussed any of the cool European comics I was into. So, as usual, I thought of some stuff off the top of my head and made a 3x3 based on it. I think it's pretty obvious that I was an MTV/Cartoon Network kid if you look at my picks. MTV used to be a pretty cool channel and had a lot of cartoons that were aimed at the teen demographic that is so common in anime/manga. I also watched a lot of dubbed anime on CN back then. Avatar would probably be in this since everyone sucks it off so much and lauds it as the best cartoon ever, but I've never finished. I thought it was kinda boring back then and it did not help that Nickelodeon was already declining in quality during the time it aired.

By the way, did you know that there were two new seasons of Beavis and Butthead released in 2022-2023? I had no idea about this until recently. I might check it out sometime.
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yeah, that's a nostalgic one




I think I've forgotten most of this stuff. Old Simpsons of course, uhh... children's stuff from the 90s I guess? Stuff like Rupert, David the Gnome, uhh, what else was there?
I really liked the old cartoons that wrote about magic and imagination and good things happening if you just believed in yourself. Good ol' sappy stuff is inspiring and really what kids need to hear if you ask me. Maybe the David the Gnome theme itself is emblematic of this kind of feeling. (video related)
Maybe I need to think more about this, because this is really deep in my memory somewhere...


I loved this show so much I became a bit obsessed with it. I'd daydream all the time about being part of the group and how things would play out if I were there. Being stuck at a boarding school but having the freedom to go wherever you wanted outside and actually doing things that mattered was so enticing to the imagination. Especially the whole conflict and interaction between the virtual world and real world, whatever happened in the virtual world had visible effects on the real world. And a lot of times they had to use guile and deception to keep a secret.

I really liked Kids Next Door too. The whole premise of kids leading double lives as spies/commandos was really fun.

There's just something so alluring about alteregos/personas. The ability to put on a mask and slip through the chains that bind. Deception, lies, trickery. Not knowing who you really are yet knowing all the same. Mutability, vague, indescript, undefined, outside the box.


Same, my friends and I had a field day with CL. Rewatching some episodes recently reminded me how dark it could get for a kid's show.
Shame about the reboot.

File:R-1712466170583.jpg (Spoiler Image,164.37 KB,1920x1080)



How the fuck is SSY so highly rated????? It's built on nothing but endless retardation.

What other setting have you heard of where randos suddenly getting powers led to humanity's near extinction simply because they felt like it? The entire backstory is built on first-wave rando retardation on top of a thousand years of emperor retardation on top of scientist retardation all to deal with the absolutely irredeemable walking nukes that are cantus users. Sheer stupidity from everyone involved over a near geological timeframe but what's even stupider is its incredibly abysmal take on totalitarianism.

All across the story the kids have to deal with the blatantly sinister actions of their superiors in a way that almost seems to say "hey, maybe surveillance states are bad" (NO SHIT!) but then you learn that ACTUALLY, YOU KNOW, it was all justified and this is the only societal configuration that makes a shred of sense in this world, otherwise everyone would've died by now. The ending is supposed to be hopeful, but they haven't changed SHIT. FUCK ALL. It goes against everything it has built so far with how it's gone so out of its way to set up the world as stupidly grimdark and then ends with absolutely no answer to all the problems it poses. Espers still can't keep each other under full control so you need the queerrats to continue acting as an underclass of assassins, and you NEED them to be an underclass because if they're not they'll logically rise up again like they just did a few years ago, because cantus users are a cancer that'll destroy the earth itself if you don't keep them in check. So they should all commit suicide somehow, jump off a fucking cliff and let the world heal by itself.

It's all fucked up beyond repair, the rats can't undo their genetic modifications, they can't un-fuck-up their queens, the espers can't stop being nukes, but they can't kill each other either due to the feedback loop, and they can't kill the rats because they need them, nor can they undo humanity's annihilation, it's all set up to fail. It's either the status quo of an obligatory surveillance state or oblivion and this surveillance state is consistently portrayed as bad, so what is the anime trying to say? That in this extremely specific and very stupid setting it turns out totalitarianism is good? How does this apply to anything? If Saki genuinely means well, as she's consistently painted as up to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
13 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


But why does she kill him only after finding out definitively that queerrats are modified humans? If it was only because she was personally close to Squealer his death could have happened at a much earlier date or even during the trail. Notable it's Satoru's voice that says the rhetorical question about how they don't see queerrats as human. Saki's answer to Satoru's question is killing Squealer, she sees him as human. Why position the scene otherwise? The alternative you're proposing, is that Saki answers the question about seeing queerrats as human by mercy killing her non-human friend. It's an odd response to the question.


I thought I read somewhere that the mother's mean age at first birth in Japan was 29 but I could not find it again, however the mother's mean age at first birth for Australia is 28.7 for reference.


Ohh and the Australian statistic was from 2014, so it's 10 years old.


I'm fairly certain that was her first opportunity to do it. She's not in charge of the sentencing and the others wanted him to suffer. She had to wait until everybody was busy elsewhere and make it look like an accident. The point is that patiently going along with things gives you opportunities to make small changes that steer society towards something better.

And he's not her friend, just someone she knows well enough to have developed some level of sympathy for.


>I'm fairly certain that was her first opportunity to do it.
Even if that is true, it is true by the construct of the author. The author could have chosen any number of ways to have Saki kill Squealer. The mere fact that the author chose to tell the story in this specific way reveals authorial intent behind the meaning of Saki's actions. The key here is why does Saki kill Squealer after discovering queerrats are part human? Why did the author not have Saki kill Squealer then discover queerrats are part human? Why does the author have Saki discover queerrats are human? Why does the author have Saki kill Squealer at all?
The last question can be answered by your explanation of sympathy but the other questions are answered by mere coincidence and the author felt like it. Which could be true but seems unlikely given the importance the end of a story has in laying out the "meaning".

Further reinforcing this view is the way in which the scenes played out in the show. Satoru asks Saki a rhetorical quesiton about seeing queerrats as human. Saki of course gives no verbal answer but the following scene is Saki killing Squealer. This can quite easily be seen as Saki "answering" Satoru. Again this didn't have to be the next scene or even be included in the adaptation but including it and including it in the way it was included goes to show how the director thought what the authors intent was, and of course what the director's intent is with the show and it's meaning.

>The point is that patiently going along with things gives you opportunities to make small changes that steer society towards something better.
I have no disagreement with that, but with the moral reasoning leading to a need for change being strictly a miscalculation about managing the lower classes and not about recognizing genetically modified, sentient humans as humans.

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