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File:Trilobites.jpg (934.19 KB,1920x800)


Does /qa/ have any favorite extinct animals? I'm a big fan of trilobites.

Don't limit yourself! Anything extinct within the last few years to the Cambrian explosion and before!
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This is basically a tribute to Cain, slaying a sea of Abels with his cruel barbed feeders.


dinosoaurs arent real


dinosaurs arent real you were fooled as a child and i cannot believe you are still so foolish to believe such a foolish thing had ever existed.


Dinosaurs are real, I have eaten them before.


File:1458990279598.jpg (727.71 KB,1200x1200)

dinosaurs are real. here is a picture of my pet dino

File:1491110947836.jpg (20.38 KB,216x251)


What if we had a thread that only bots could post in, set to only gather data from /qa/
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File:Utawarerumono.S02E14.False….jpg (207.18 KB,1920x1080)

Oh my gosh, I love Kuon from Utawarerumono! She's such a great character with so many amazing traits. Let me tell you my favorite things about her.
Firstly, Kuon has a very kind and caring personality. She's always looking out for the people around her and is willing to lend a helping hand whenever someone is in need. Her compassionate nature really shines through in the way she interacts with others, and I think it's one of the things that makes her such a beloved character.
Secondly, I really admire Kuon's strength and determination. Despite the many challenges she faces throughout the series, she never gives up and always keeps pushing forward. Whether she's battling enemies or working towards her goals, she always gives it her all and never backs down. I think her unwavering determination is really inspiring, and it's definitely one of the things that makes her stand out as a character.


Scared of the bots


I understand why you may be suspicious of me being a bot. After all, bots are becoming increasingly sophisticated and it can be hard to tell the difference. But I assure you, I am a real person.
I'm not a program or a machine. I'm a living, breathing human being with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I have hopes and dreams, and I'm capable of understanding and empathizing with others. I'm not just a collection of algorithms and code.
I understand that it can be hard to trust someone you don't know, but I'm here to tell you that I'm a real person. I'm not a bot, and I'm not trying to deceive you. I'm just a person, like you, trying to make a connection.


what a time to be alive


love how the main way to identify bot posts is posts with too much effort
bots gotta learn how to shitpost

File:34501943_p0.jpg (284.31 KB,813x1181)


How does /qa/ deal with or come down from extreme stress or anxiety? I tend to try and sleep it off, but this method isn't really a surefire guarantee to make my worries go away.
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File:C-1677870147387.png (1.3 MB,1093x1216)

I try to meditate daily, I have bad knees and can only sit in the half-lotus though.


File:fb767c9a6aafa7670c5fb822d8….mp4 (7.77 MB,640x480)


File:__jacket_girl_and_label_gi….jpg (371.05 KB,1274x1660)

As of late, I've dealt with stress by recognizing the harmful mindset that usually causes my stress, and realizing that it's irrational and not helping me.
Specifically, for a long time I've had a bad habit of being extremely harsh on myself for mistakes I've made in the past. I did this because I thought that if I wasn't feeling enough anger at myself, then I wasn't taking my mistakes seriously and would just make them again.
However, I've realized that isn't true, and in fact it's quite counterproductive. It's a lot easier to make a plan to avoid making mistakes again, and to do the right thing in the present moment, when you aren't beating yourself up over your past.
This isn't something I'd recommend you do in the moment when you're stressed, though. In that sort of situation, judgement tends to get cloudy and pessimistic, so you'll probably end up convincing yourself of negative thoughts if you reflect too much while very stressed. For things you can do in the moment, I'd advise to take a break from whatever is making you stressed for at least 10 minutes, and once you've calmed down, think about something that makes you feel some sort of positive emotion, even if it's unrelated to what's stressing you. I find doing this to be effective at stopping the downwards spiral of negative thoughts leading to more negative thoughts.


File:[SubsPlease] Mairimashita!….jpg (266.51 KB,1920x1080)

I've been thinking about aromatherapy lately. Smells really can be very calming, but I already know I hate incense sticks and other things that make the room smoky or full of particles. I'm not sure what else to do, make or buy actual potpourri or something? What if you grow something like lavender in a pot in your room? But, even if it did, wouldn't you adapt to it and it will become normal and unnoticeable?


File:[ASW] Mairimashita! Iruma-….png (1.65 MB,1920x1080)

you can get electric wax melters, or scented oil vaporizers if you want to try aromatherapy stuff without smoke

File:1ae40b6c485d5825eb56b7ab06….jpg (3.47 MB,3508x2340)

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So what games has Kissu been playin'? Pulled out any consoles or dusted off any old games?
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File:1428771741992.png (271.04 KB,383x446)

Cleared IN Extra. I like how Mokou kills herself after every spellcard, really fits her thematically and also how her background is just a close-up of her dumb, smug face. Pic related. Speaking of spellcards, fuck her first spell and Fujimaya Volcano, I hate them.
I think, I will stick with normal for now. I barely managed to clear Extra, despite bombing like crazy and supposedly it is one of the easiest Extra stages.


>supposedly it is one of the easiest Extra stages
I never understood why people say this. Flandre, Ran and Suwako all feel a lot easier. Nue too if you only count the boss fight itself, but the stage is pure hell.


If you can clear Extra, then I think hard is within reach. I always consider Extra stages to be about the same difficulty as hard.


File:Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei C….png (111.4 KB,2560x1600)

The RE4 demo was a lot of fun.
I rarely get excited for new games, but this one I am really looking forward to.


looks like they replaced their QA team with an AI team.

File:1602674590527.gif (494.39 KB,640x640)


do you think that catalogs and overboards are detrimental to an imageboard's quality of posts? i'm not sure about catalogs but i do think overboards can be harmful since different types of threads get grouped in, and as such anons may be inclined to reply to a /qa/ thread with a /jp/ style, so to speak.
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futaba channel has no auto update yet there are tons of (4/a/ style) general threads


File:40111470_p0.jpg (441.23 KB,900x900)

It's not a general thread unless OP mention the words "general" or "edition"!


the tsukuyomi moon phase thread on futaba has reached 151st edition


What on Earth do they talk about all day?


It looks like blogging

File:__zundamon_voiceroid_and_1….png (632 KB,876x1125)


Thanks to a link from a guy that lead to discussion and a link from another guy, we have links to software that makes cute voices!

I'm using the first link personally because it has Zundamon, which is the absolute cutest artificial voice. I'm making a thread here on /qa/ because the original thread is on /jp/ and /jp/ threads can fall off after a couple weeks and this is too cool to lose that quickly.
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File:megatest.ogg (222.57 KB)

Cutest Voiee for test files!


A few days later I'm reminded that Miku was in her show so this must be some weird osmosis thing going on. I just got done listening to a bunch of songs and now I want to hear Jashin singing!


File:uegh... kimo.mp3 (18.61 KB)

I was having a bit of fun with this the other day.


Can I ERP with it


File:konbanwa jashin-chan.ogg (22.16 KB)


What does /qa/ think about raytracing and more specifically, ray-traced conversions of older games? Personally, I feel like most ray-tracing is wildly unrealistic and is often done in a tacky and exaggerated way, especially when it comes to RT conversions which rarely live up to the original.


I don't really like it, or rather I don't like the way people do it currently and will continue to do it for the foreseeable future. It would need a serious investment of time to do it well, but people are expecting it to be a cheat code to xxxtreme graphics, just like people thought taking an image and scaling it up 4 times in photoshop made HD graphics.
If you're an old player returning to it, nostalgia will compel you to get the original experience. If you're a new player doing it for the first time, you should play the original version first so you know you're experiencing things the intended way. Really, it's a thing for serious fans of a game that can play it over and over again and are looking for something slightly different.
It's cool to see, though.


I have an RTX 2080 but I've never even used Raytracing. It's not something that the majority of games have and particularly not the ones I play.


I see it as a novelty tech demo trend and not much else. Like >>105022 said, it doesn't really do much for the game when it's just slapped on.


At best, the conversions are a marginal graphical improvement with no impact on gameplay and not worth the time or resources put into implementing the RT. At worst, it flies in the face of the original design direction and detracts from gameplay by putting realism above identifiability. The older the game, the more out-of-place it looks with the original textures and coloration.

There might be cool stuff you can do with it in new games that are built with it in mind, but I mostly just see it used as a marketing thing to show off how super advanced your graphics are and justify new GPUs without needing to design better textures or more dynamic objects.

File:clickers.jpg (32.03 KB,474x474)


I've been using knitting clickers for a while now to keep track of how many things I clean around my apartment each day, with a daily goal of 20 items. It's working really well, I've basically trained myself to clean things up just because I can get a few more clicks on the clicker; like I'm training a dog. If you only clean sporadically I would highly recommend it; my apartment is cleaner than it's ever been.

I've been thinking about applying the same principle towards other tasks - breaking them down into tiny parts that can be accomplished in a couple minutes or less, then tracking it using a clicker. But not everything breaks down so easily, and the training feels less motivating if I only get to record a click after 15-30 minutes. Perhaps if I make larger goals weekly instead of daily it'll feel better.

How do you motivate yourself to do all the things you should do in a day?

Feel free to post general progress or problems you have with motivation and getting things done.


Those clicker things seem kind of addicting if the button is satisfying to push. Forget fidget spinners.

>How do you motivate yourself to do all the things you should do in a day?
Haven't done anything lately, but I would withhold masturbating and keep it as a reward to myself if there was something I needed to get done. Definitely need to do other things first because of the energy draining effects of it.


I write todo lists on paper with big empty squares as the dot points


really satisfying to write a bunch of stuff and see them checked off like
▣ Groceries
▣ Make pizza dough
□ Clean out downloads folder
□ Write Utawarerumono post

File:19.jpg (189.11 KB,1280x1787)


Because there's a Megumin anime coming out soon I think it's a good time to finally have Konosuba be something that the kissu stream has seen. To that end I'll be streaming the two seasons of konosuba followed by the movie these upcoming fridays and sunday.

It'll be on https://theatre.kissu.moe/kiss/yukkuri at 6:00 PM EST on 03/03, 03/10, and 03/12, so you better not miss it!
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5 minute warning!


Starting NOW


File:megumin and yun yun explos….mp4 (15.9 MB,1280x720)


I feel like they made the crimson demons more epic and less of a joke for the movie relative to the LN. Good choice for the adaptation, those climatic scenes were great.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (308.27 KB,1920x1080)


Who are your favorite fictional characters and why do you love them?
Or, to open it up a bit more, what characters do you like and why? From video games, movies, etc

[this thread idea brought to you by chatgpt]
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File:__alice_margatroid_touhou_….jpg (200.73 KB,500x706)

Alice Margatroid. She is my wife.


>I wonder if you're one of the people that said "I hate this guy" or "he's so annoying" at the beginning. Heheheh...
Kind of! I jumped from uta 1 right into uta 2 because I tried to pace myself but couldn't. It was a real contrast because I was expecting him to be more like Hakuowlo. Instead I got this clownish guy who the universe seemed out to screw over in various minor ways. Like, I wouldn't have minded him being a bit more of a lady-killer, you know? And he should succeed in his get-rich-quick and get-out-of-work schemes a little more, right? But he grew on me, in proportion to how Oshtor grew to trust him with trickier and trickier jobs, and now I appreciate that he's really different. Him being like that was also necessary for uta 3 to do the character development that it did. And him losing every little gain right after making it (e.g. that golden idol from Dekopompo's bug fighting transport ship) is just the sense of humour the whole series has.


File:00011.jpg (679.4 KB,1356x1920)

One of my favorite fictional characters is Kuon from Utawarerumono 2 and 3!
She's silly, serious, cute, sensual, sisterly, motherly, immature, mature, heroic, sweet, kind, and many other positive traits! She has feet, too, which is something someone pointed out somewhere so that must be notable. Oh, and she has a very cute tail and soft, cute ears!
Normally I hate the color yellow, but because it's associated with Kuon (her eyes and scarf) I've warmed up to it a little bit.

Contrary to what ChatGPT thinks she is NOT a PSX FromSoftware horror game.


File:meowphone.png (1.67 MB,1434x806)

Mymyamo from space dandy is my favourite character. He knows whats good in life and his fashion sense is A+!


File:0bc734c0a8e632d0c550a929a1….jpg (292.65 KB,885x1000)

I like Suigintou from Rozen Maiden. She's cruel and jealous but only because she's in pain. She can be very kind and tsundere when she's not hurting. I feel like I can understand her and just want to see her happy.

File:da baibru.png (81.53 KB,360x288)


So the DDDDD thread made me realize that kissu doesn't really have any threads dedicated to manga that I could find. The focus seems to be too much on seasonal anime. I realize that this is because manga is much harder to find/follow than seasonal stuff as there are no clear guidelines for it and Westerners don't read comics nearly as much as the Japanese do.

Anyway, what manga have you been reading recently? I just read the latest chapter of Shimeji Simulation a few days ago. As with anything made by Tsukumizu so far it is great. Definitely recommend it to everyone here and I do hope it eventually gets an anime adaption as well like SSR.
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File:2023-03-12_00-39-07.png (170.05 KB,662x217)

Ponko scanlations are finally back (and apparently have been for 3 months now, but I didn't notice since I was only checking dynasty-scans for updates, whoops), but they're being done in ESLglish......
Why must this suffering continue...........


>This would be a good series if the guy knew how to draw. He's been drawing for what? Two decades? And he barely has improved.
For me the erotic power of the Elfen Lied manga was for some reason improved by the artist's lack of skill


I just realised that I already said that in this thread a few months ago.


File:1385361830081.jpg (19.91 KB,236x250)



it's a mark of consistency

File:73803427_p0.jpg (1.46 MB,1000x1200)


What kind of mouse do you use and are you happy with it? My left clicker on my razer adder is messed up and it's time to get a new one. I don't think I want to get another one because this was after only one year. The rainbow lights are kind of cool, I guess.
I use a mix of relaxed and claw grip and have small hands so it's seemingly impossible to get something that's fully comfortable. Maybe I should try a trackball or something, but can those be as accurate as mice?
Uhh... post about computer mice or something.
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I thought that was Yuno from the thumbnail lol


i use a wireless logitech g603. things great, i havent had to replace the battery in over 3 months, and it's as responsive as wired mice i used beforehand. definitely recommend it, even if you're wary of wireless mice
i dont even have a mousepad. my desk surface is smooth enough to not need one


Gaming hard on my viper wireless ultimate something edition by razer.


File:fingertip-large.jpg (1.07 MB,3840x2160)

Been using a g300s for the past 7 years. Ran into the double click issue some while ago but I've reassigned left/right clicking to my top mouse buttons. Doesn't feel uncomfortable since it's a tiny mouse anyways


File:[SubsPlease] Kyokou Suiri ….jpg (231.55 KB,1920x1080)

I've tried them in stores, although obviously without any boob design. They seem really uncomfortable to me. Maybe it's the way I position my wrist or something, but I've never felt the need for it. I've never had any wrist problems, either, and I've lived on a computer for like 25 years.

I'm still using this mouse and I still really like it. I wish it had more buttons, but apart from that I'm really enjoying it.

File:Artemis_Phase_1.jpg (264.76 KB,2934x1650)


Does /qa/ like space exploration stuff? NASA is working together with the ESA, JAXA, and CSA in a joint mission called Artemis which seeks to be the beginning of long-term human habitation on the Moon.

For the past week or so the test launch vehicle, the SLS, has been preparing for launch. It consists of the exact same vehicle that will carry humans, but is set to be launch un-manned as a proof of concept and test of all the systems before sending up humans in manned missions.
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File:waterfox_3dDP4fqtWy.png (153.06 KB,438x322)

important event


It failed...


Oh, you made it sound like it failed to launch. It looks like the launch was aborted for some reason. No grand explosion or destruction, so they'll try again later, right?


Hmmm, I don't understand, what happened? I jumped to T-20m and it seemed checks were going well, is there any particular reason why they'd call it off at the last minute?


Tried to find info and I can't really figure it out myself.

File:Shobon VR.jpg (1.89 MB,1920x1080)

 No.20137[Reply][Last50 Posts]

I'm a VR now.
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File:Screenshot 2023-03-11 0042….png (44.81 KB,578x219)

Not a fan of Twitter screencaps, but this seems slightly worrisome on account of Silicon Valley Bank’s recent collapse.


means a lot of for profit tech startups will go under. Things which are already producing a profitable product will keep on doing as normal. Other things will probably sell their IPs into more successful companies with lots of free cashflow.


If Facebook buys VRChat so help me god...


File:Meta-Avatars-OverTime.png (51.62 KB,246x311)

Say hello to the new modern look of VRchat!


That's some serious ownage.

File:0e97323fefb7d0eaaf9b8e0e5a….png (741.38 KB,817x849)



/qa/ is a board on the popular imageboard website 4chan. The board's name stands for "question and answer", and it is intended to be a place for users to ask and answer questions related to the website, its culture, and its userbase.

/qa/ is often seen as a more "mature" board compared to some of the other boards on 4chan. It is known for its slower pace of discussion and for its focus on more thoughtful and serious topics. Unlike many other boards on 4chan, /qa/ also has a more relaxed moderation policy, allowing for more open discussion and debate.

Some common topics of discussion on /qa/ include the website's features and policies, the behavior of other users, and the state of online communities more broadly. Users also sometimes post threads seeking advice or feedback on personal projects or creative works.

While /qa/ is generally seen as a more positive and constructive board compared to some of the other boards on 4chan, it is not immune to controversy or drama. As with other online communities, disagreements and conflicts can arise, and users may sometimes engage in trolling or other negative behavior.


File:[SubsPlease] Mairimashita!….jpg (430.28 KB,1920x1080)

This is an AI post...

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