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Is /qa/ going to watch the new Monogatari?
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File:1714640428178.jpg (250.38 KB,1210x1361)

There was also a 24 hour countdown leading to this I think, but the announcement ended up being a bit disappointing. It was just a collab with Yoasobi. You know, that artist which is in every damn popular anime now.


File:[mudabone] Hidamari Sketch….jpg (24.52 KB,122x102)

Wouldn't it be funny if they announced a Hidamari collab instead haha.


just like second season did once upon a time


Really hoping this is just the ED, was even looking at the comments and most of the people were saying they hope that the charasongs are still in.

File:mahjong souls.jpg (137.19 KB,1500x500)


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File:fujitakana-1.png (85.16 KB,240x240)

Another heads up - Anniversary rewards are out. We get TWO (2) more summoning tickets in the mail! Don't forget to claim them!


File:roll.PNG (965.05 KB,1640x896)

Cheers. I haven't played recently so would have missed it, but thanks to your comment I got myself a free Archivist!


Congrats she has some nice emotes. Also very cute.


when's the nikke crossover


File:atarashiako-2.png (87.01 KB,240x240)

There's another ticket in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

File:erururururu.jpg (376.32 KB,640x480)

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Do you read them? I started reading .jpg related because of that one anon who loves it so much. I find it very soothing so far.
However this is not a thread for only this one, but for visual novels in general. I thought the board was kind of missing one.
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catpicture just took max adorable memory


File:KONOSUBA_LFD_kwLmCQ0dU2.jpg (710.01 KB,2560x1440)

I have kind of finished the Konosuba VN! I say "kind of" because it was 1 ending out of something like 10. The ending I got was the Aqua 'regular' ending because her affection meter was the highest, but I don't think it was high enough for the good ending. I assume the good ending is just a minor alteration to the regular ending. I'm impressed with how long the Aqua "ending" was, since it felt like a whole chapter, just without any choices or gameplay elements.
I call it a VN, but there's some shallow gameplay resource/time management and you also pick which characters to hang out with to see their story and increase aforementioned affection meter. You use the resources to craft outfits and some are tied to story progression while others are side stuff just done to see scenes or increase character affinity. I wasn't able to see all the scenes in one playthrough so I'll play again and maybe try to save at points where I can increase affection to choose routes. The resource stuff is honestly tedious, but it's worth dealing with to enjoy the fun VN elements. You already need to play through it multiple times to see everything so the pressure to maximize resource gathering efficiency really isn't there. I guess I should mention that it's extremely easy and simple so if you feel stressed out at time management like Atelier games then you shouldn't be for this.
Being Konosuba, it's very funny and occasionally a little serious and ecchi. If you know Konosuba you know what this will be like.

I liked it a lot!


File:20240428_122909.jpg (150.55 KB,1200x1051)

Today's the 20th anniversary of Clannad!


I think that if people count things like Dating Sims as VNs then this should count as much as any as one. How long was it? Might give it a shot if I can spare some time.


When I learned that my father liked Clannad, I was really shocked, until I learned that he was referring to the Irish folk band.

File:[SubsPlease] Seiyuu Radio ….jpg (89.66 KB,1280x720)


Do you have anything you could show your daughter and say "I made that"?
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File:C-1714101054165.png (7.65 MB,3072x1728)

i made that


I'll show her the over a thousand blades I have created.


Unknown to dad,
nor known to father


a pile of rocks?


so cool that we have a star entity that posts here

File:pretty.png (6.87 MB,3840x2160)

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You're watching the four gorgeous shows currently airing, right? It's amazing to see these every week. Dungeon Meshi and Urusei Yatsura extend into Spring, but I'm definitely going to miss Undead and Frieren. I feel like the "anime is terrible since ####" people really need to actually pay attention.
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File:5f6183be4417cbbde44a1c3a53….jpg (531.87 KB,1572x1194)

I remember that riiight when it came out and I posted >>118166 I was feeling rather ehhh combined with how I do think a majority of tabletop-based fantasy either doesn't manage to be as interesting as or doesn't elicit as strong a response as a good gaming experience, or just /tg/ stories really. It's much more impactful when I'm the one without spell slots trying to run the fuck away. I wouldn't have paid any attention to DM if its reputation didn't precede it, and I still think that's a bad sign, but I have a fairly more positive view of it now.

Now, it's not exactly MiA as I compared it to then but from early on the details it put into its food autism gave the hints of a worldbuilding that, although it may seem generic, is far more thought out than most fantasyland fiction and constantly relevant to the plot. The one that's really stuck with me is the rainbow ice cream made from impromptu holy water and the chills of dispelled specters. Or its thoroughness in rebuilding the bone structure of everything the dragon had digested before carrying out a resurrection using its entrails. That's special, that's unique, a great mix of what it has going for it. But the episode when it's Chilchuck getting trapped in a room figuring out how to get out, not so much. What I hope it'll do now that it's getting super serious is continue to rely on this worldbuilding, like it happened in today's episode with its twist on a practice that's been well established and the goodwill you'd typically expect from it. They're introducing a lot more characters too, but I haven't seen anyone voice displeasure over it so I expect it to work out. Pretty nice stuff. (I also did just heavily spoil myself by looking at fanart and I gotta say it looks cool.)


File:[Subsplease] Astro Note - ….mp4 (9.98 MB,1280x720)

How do you feel about 3D cars?
It's kind of weird to think how it's become noteworthy to have 2D cars; it's something I actively noticed in Astro Note. Although the "car" is 2D here you can tell that they kind of resisted moving the camera around much since it's extra work.
As a whole I don't really care that much about vehicles being 3D. Of course I'd prefer them to be 2D since they look far better, but I guess if corners are going to be cut somewhere then I think cars are possibly the least offensive things to skimp on. It's a bunch of straight lines and they're not particularly expressive if the story isn't centered on them. It kind of extends to mechanical stuff, too, like the weapon here. In 3D modeling there's two main branching paths that people specialize in and hard surfaces for man-made stuff is separate from natural things. Organic material is far more nuanced for reasons that are probably obvious.

I think it's also worth mentioning that Astro Note has a nice style to it. An anime original with a great retro-ish cartoony look. The dog in particular is very fun.


God, that looks terrible. Even the animated parts feel static. Nothing interacts with anything else.
The wheels turn into rockets, while the car's motion is perfectly monotonous.
Girl is sitting perfectly still while her cube turns into a massive gun.

this is cheap as shit.


File:[SubsPlease] Astro Note - ….jpg (289.27 KB,1920x1080)

Do you have an opinion on what I said in the post itself? I even mentioned that the camera is static because they didn't want to "animate" a car. It's very much not an action show so it's kind of surprising they tried at all, and without a 3D car as well, but they did.
Dealing with "this is shit, that is shit, the thing you like is shit, everything is shit" people is exhausting when people actually want to discuss things.


>Do you have an opinion on what I said in the post itself?
Sorry, I just skipped past that initially.
I don't really feel very purist about the 2D/3D thing. I prefer when the final product looks like a single thing, rather than a bad mesh of handdrawn animation and CGI. But other than that preference, I think that animators should use CGI wherever they think it is appropriate.
>It's very much not an action show so it's kind of surprising they tried at all,
I would argue that they did not.
Ignoring the short lane-change maneuvering thing, I am not complaining about bad animation. The clip's defining feature is the lack of animation.

I am not demanding explosions here, or high-speed action. I am asking for the animated objects to visibly respond to stimuli.

File:1436585487102.jpg (84.55 KB,1280x720)


Are emotes a good form of casual engagement for streams that can quickly convey an emotion like a 'heh' or similar while also being visually witty and somewhat encompassing the history of the stream as well in what content it shows? I think they probably are more a benefit than a drain like people commonly think them to be on a stream's atmosphere but that's assuming a culture where they're used in conjunction with regular posts and not just the entirety of all posts. Do you agree and what kind of emotes could we potentially add to the kissu stream if so? I think that probably a good way to start would be maybe a site like banners, where the emote size has to fit within a certain limit because all the cytube streams I've seen where you have stuff taking up over half the screen is pretty annoying.
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I feel like we've had nearly this exact thread before.


File:R-1714229827884.png (115.68 KB,271x348)

Recycling is good for the environment!


Nothing came out of the last one IIRC


File:[SubsPlease] Yuru Camp S3 ….jpg (293.33 KB,1920x1080)

Generally speaking, anything that requires effort from people is going to fail. This emote thing would work best with people submitting images and icons and "sharing the burden" as it were. Unfortunately the reality of it is that it will be kissu staff doing all of it and I don't think I have the motivation for it. And it's less fun if it's not a shared experience.


Well yeah that's why I'm proposing to vermin maybe a way of doing a banners-type thing.

File:53079130_p0.jpg (231.26 KB,480x889)

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Whenever you see this thread go and get some exercise! You can't just laze around all day as a NEET!
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Oh, I don't ignore form at all when doing pushups, but even with perfect form I can still do about 1 every second or two, though it goes down the more I do to where some of the last ones on an endurance push will take me about 10 seconds each.


File:1710915477405929.png (349.53 KB,1118x650)

It's a terrible feeling to train for endurance. It feels like you're about to pass out while doing it. I'd rather just place a massive cement block on my back than do more than 20 pushups.


eating under 1000cal a day makes the motivation go away bleh


You shouldn't go under 1200cal or you start risking malnutrition...


god I wish I was a NEET. maybe then I would put effort into not being a fat fuck.

File:65069cabd10f41040c6025e6b2….png (3.19 MB,2049x1153)

 No.98115[Reply][Last50 Posts]

Right now it seems to be a good time to build a PC:
CPUs and GPUs are coming back in stock.
GPU price dropped to MSRP, thanks to the end of GPU crypto mining.
New generation, low availability technologies are cropping up like PCIe 4, DDR5, RTX 4090, AM5 socket, diverting consumer attention away from previous gen.
M.2 SSDs are cheaper than ever, and will be even cheaper in the near future because of flash memory chip oversupply.

What does /qa/ think about building a PC now?
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File:b286728185.png (22.93 KB,388x515)

test with furmark 1 since all my others have been on that


hm, there's AA on the win11 test for some reason


File:C-1713769709431.png (6.14 MB,2560x1440)

I'm not sure why windows 11's benchmark is on AA4x but Win10's isn't. That accounts for the framerate weirdness.

I apparently missed that because it's in my older screenshots too >>118626 >>119842


File:104b77f303.png (63.46 KB,886x693)

passmark ratings are nominally better in 2D rendering but roughly equal in 3D. Win11's layout system might be messing with it for being too much bloat

File:[SubsPlus ] Gushing Over M….jpg (288.47 KB,1920x1080)


They say be the change you want to see, and that if you like something you should support it. So I preordered the MahoAko BD boxes including the limited edition one with the Baiser fig. Here's hoping we get more series that similarly strive for greatness and ecchi in the future.


Kinda wish I had money 10 years ago like I do now to freely spend on BDs... Could've started amassing a collection a whole lot earlier and I'm sure there's a bunch of limited edition ones that I'll never be able to get my hands on. The effect buying them would have towards the old production would probably be minimal as well. Though, if I were to venture forth and try to make up for lost time while NEETing around does /qa/ know of any good place to find older stuff, or is it just eBay and Amazon? On that topic too, how much into merch or BD buying is /qa/?
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File:4580590192584_POPUPPARADE….webp (76.9 KB,670x1018)


Wow, I had to do a double take and check if GSC is actually the manufacturer. They seem to have stepped up their game in however many years since I last bought something from them. This Holo looks pretty darn nice! The Pop Ups never held my attention before.

The closeup in >>122666 still carries the look of a prize-tier figure, but imo it's the top end of that grouping. The sculpting and paint are great. For the longest time I considered FuRyu to be the best when it comes to quality on a budget in prize territory, but it seems GSC has caught up.

Been using Solaris Japan and Ninoma as my go-to sources for figures for years. The way JP sellers take care of their stuff, when Solaris and Ninoma say "Pre-Owned" you might as well call it complete like-new-in-box, immaculate. Wide variety, huge discounts on Pre-Owned figures, and every time I buy from those 2 stores it's a stellar experience.

Perhaps it's time to pick up another scale fig since it's been quite a while. Window shopping is free though


Thanks for sharing this, definitely gonna order tomorrow. I really love the Pop Up Parade series since it typically has a great balance of quality and relatively low prices.


I bought the first MahoAko BD only to realize that I don't actually have any way to play it. I thought my old laptop (the only optical disc reader I currently own) could, but it turns out to only be able to do CDs and DVDs.
And thus both starts and ends my foray into collecting blu-rays.


I don't have one but just to let you know, PS3/4/5 are capable of playing Blu-Rays. If someone more knowledgeable could chime in

File:Deep Thought in process - ….png (232.87 KB,961x635)


Are advertisements inherently evil?
They are deceptive and manipulative, and arguably dehumanizing.
Is there an ethical justification for advertising beyond "but everybody else is doing it too"?

Note, I am not talking about notifying people of your product. But perhaps the distinction between these two things will have to be drawn (and redrawn) for the purpose of this discussion. We'll see.
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>But perhaps the distinction between these two things will have to be drawn
yeah I'd love to see that. Because I'm not convinced that this can be done in a manner that is at all useful.
Anyway, I think advertising is awesome :D


File:1709755415983.jpg (331.75 KB,1169x789)

¥unethically collecting user data with no regards for their privacy to better targets ads to them
Das evil
¥ads by themselves
Not evil unless they're really kuso deceptive ones or malware (like in the case of 4chan, not sure what they're like these days though).


To me, if you are unobtrusive and descriptive of your product, that's information.
Aggressively seeking the attention of people and organizing your argument around what your customers are looking for rather than what you're selling, that's advertising.
The first one of these two things can probably be objectively measured. For the latter, in edge cases, it may come down to an accusation of a predatory mindset. "What do you mean, you're selling tasty pizza? Clearly you are trying to manipulate me!"
But then, evil is malicious intent, as far as I understand the term. So you can't not have this level of uncertainty.
>I wonder if that's true actually.
Even if a person's actions are completely ineffectual, the fact that they have taken steps toward that goal, makes them guilty of the attempt.


File:[Okay-Subs] Jellyfish Can'….jpg (196.58 KB,1920x1080)

No, not at all unless they're doing things that are unrelated to advertising itself which are evil, such as lying or manipulation. Ads are how a lot of free stuff I like operate, and since I block ads I think it's a win-win.


But don't you know, not watching the ads is the same as piracy.

File:[MATSU] Maria Holic Alive ….jpg (147.82 KB,1920x1080)


What do you look for when downloading an anime release? This seems to be a surprisingly divisive topic in some circles, with some wanting only the highest quality encodes regardless of size while others just want mini-encodes that save space while looking somewhat decent, like ASW or EMBER. I think there's a certain appeal to aiming to only get the highest quality, but at the same time I sometimes struggle to see the difference between that & a significantly smaller version. Maybe my eyes are bad, or it's because I'm just watching on a 1080p monitor?

Personally, I usually reserve those massive encodes for series I really enjoy and download "average" ones for anything else. I only have so much space after all, and I enjoy having a sizeable anime collection...
For example with pic related, I store the MATSU release rather than the Kagura release, which is supposed to be better but also around 13GB or so larger.
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File:[SubsPlease] Shokei Shoujo….jpg (168.97 KB,1280x720)

I know it's ripped directly from CR (that's why it always comes first).
>The only reason to download the SubsPlease release over ASW is that SubsPlease comes out first
I sometimes download the SubsPlease release based on this if I want to watch something as soon as it comes out.

CR however, was made to be streamed, not downloaded. Otherwise you're killing your poor SSD/HDD with those huge ass file size (specially SSD, don't complain if it stops working after a few years of doing that).


The point being that it's pointless to complain about people normalizing it.


File:bloat.jpg (76.91 KB,1403x400)

I feel like this will cause everyone to abandon torrents and just watch streams instead (already happened to some extent, nyaa used to be more popular).

Random comments I found there about this.


>abandon torrents and just watch streams instead (already happened to some extent
I believe that future to be inevitable to some degree. Anime being one of the few holdouts with a lot of people still downloading properly and using real players, contrasting western television that is almost exclusively watched on stream. I don't think that newcomers to anime will ever see a single reason to acquaint themselves with the tools that we use.


echoing what was already said releases literally do not matter anymore since they're all just streaming site rips and fansubs have been dead for ages

the only thing i watch out is for hidive rips, as already mentioned in this thread they're bit starved garbage and they're immediately noticeable especially if you take screenshots, and what i usually try to get then is amazon rips, i dunno how licensing works but for some reason things tend to be available there when they're not on CR
>Otherwise you're killing your poor SSD/HDD
modern ssds have vastly better endurance than when the first drives started hitting the market
i don't really think that was even an issue for those, but for the average 1 TB ssd drive nowadays you'd have to overwrite the entire drive every day for more than a year... on that account it's really a non issue

File:mosaicd102bc4dc6c2a45e2dad….jpg (261.93 KB,900x900)


What is your opinion on the kuudere archetype? I'm personally attracted to them because they're similar to myself. Kuuderes are a big 'gap moe' thing. The smile of someone who doesn't smile much means a lot more than the smile of someone who smiles all the time.

Many people don't seem to realize the last two ones are kuuderes too. I don't see many people discussing archetypes these days.
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File:1365432989597.jpg (60.04 KB,419x208)


I have a feeling this is a joke or reference but I don't get it...


NTA but the show does have a green tint.


File:497.jpg (379.05 KB,1280x720)

Probably looks different on a CRT. While it's not as important for retro anime as it is for retro games, CRT alter the color a bit in comparison. Otherwise you will see most retro shows appearing 'washed out' on a LCD without the CRT's stronger vibrant colors.


You mean, it will look even greener?

File:94d48c8143b7012803f0885617….jpg (436.38 KB,2121x3000)


When you don't go outside it's easy to forget the basic hygiene you practice since much of the motivation for taking care of yourself can be perceived as a social thing. However some things are important to do even if you're not going outside for the sake of your long term health! Like brushing your teeth and flossing to keep them clean of plaque leads to healthier gums and reduced risk of brain disease! If you haven't brushed yet go do it!

What other health tips does /qa/ know to keep their body in peak condition?
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File:Kindle_2023-10-08_19-15-08.png (1.71 MB,1263x1876)

gotta start small anon. you can't hide from your self. it'll start to know the small improvements too.


File:[Chihiro] Watashi no Yuri ….jpg (221.67 KB,1920x1080)

Terrifying consideration... but is it a good idea to 'go outside' to get regular doctor's appointments so that you counter and avoid whatever nasty disease or debilitating health issues you may have before they become serious?


Also how are you even supposed to find a doctor if you haven't been to one in years..


File:[Piyoko] Himitsu no AiPri ….jpg (224.28 KB,1920x1080)

Definitely. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and is if the cure exists. Take action as soon as you can.

Unless you changed locations the same office is probably still there and you'll have records. If not... I'm not sure. I've always lived in the same location.


Do you not have access to the internet?

Depends on your age and symptoms.

File:[SubsPlus ] Gushing Over M….jpg (217.35 KB,1920x1080)

 No.120896[Reply][Last50 Posts]

There's been many a time where I've stumbled upon a character and ironically stated, "Yup, that's me". Pretending or even lying to myself that I'm that character. But that's not the case here, this is me. I am literally Magia Baiser, Baiser is me. The mangaka wrote the story and I was who it was based on. You could not possibly craft a character that was more me than this. That's because if you were to change anything it would not be me, since it's me.
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i'll live with my headcannon


File:[SubsPlus ] Gushing Over M….jpg (186.04 KB,1991x1360)

There's a lot of series that lose their roots after going through their first more serious arc. I'm very grateful this isn't one of them though, understanding how to relax and cool off giving some breath between arcs by giving us some more akogare'ing.

Also Baiser is getting more and more brazen with her horniness...


File:[SubsPlus ] Gushing Over M….jpg (249.22 KB,1920x1080)

The manga does very much have inbetween chapters of lower stakes or sillier stuff, like Korisu's playground encounter with Magenta that was moved to way earlier, or yesterday's episode whose first half is chapter 21 while the second is from 42. A concern with this is that the future pacing for S2 is kinda screwed, but it's self-evident that they did a good job. Also, Utena's fundamental goal is to keep the back and forth going, that's the entire reason she came to be at odds with Enorme. Her akogare is eternal.
>Also Baiser is getting more and more brazen with her horniness...
An observation most pertinent to the events as they later unfold beyond the adaptation. Consequences await.


File:[SubsPlease] Mahou Shoujo ….jpg (354.18 KB,1920x1080)

Coming off the final episode, the inbetween chapters made for a perfect finale to the season that left open the chance of a continuation while also wrapping things up in a satisfying manner. Venarita's scheming and the wider world of Mahou Shoujo are still out there, but for now in Utena's hometown she's satisfied with having achieved an ideal balance. She can peacefully play out her role as the villain while toying with her idols. Glad they didn't try to go for an anime original end so the massive success can be capitalized for a second season.

Although here's hoping that they can upgrade to a better studio with a larger budget in S2, since that was probably my biggest gripe with the anime.


File:[Piyoko] Himitsu no AiPri ….jpg (282.34 KB,1920x1080)

Yep, that's me. I've been known to eat a hamburger now and then and people even say "hey, don't you eat hamburgers?"

File:1263527087108.jpg (52.71 KB,750x600)


According to the happenings thread >>101080 , Ash's journey in Pokémon is finally ending. It's pretty impressive. He was doing it back when I was a kid, but here we are in 2022 and it's finally over.
It brings lots of thoughts to mind apart from nostalgia.

- I wish I was into Pokémon more. It's like the /mlp/ people on 4chan, there's a bunch of dorks involved, even around my age, that still keep the magic alive. Sure, there's a bunch of kids as there should be, but it's interesting to see older people around making references that only people of a certain age would get. It's hard to find good internet losers.

-Names. People on the English internet generally refer to him as Ash (like this thread) and the localization names for each Pokemon as well. Some names are the same, but many of them aren't. One of my favorite Pokémon is Bulbausaur and not Fushigidane. With the internet full of arguments over everything regards translations, it's strange how this never seems to crop up.

-Great games. I haven't played the most recent ones, but I've never played one I didn't love. I think the newer games allow you to see the Types so you didn't need to throw moves around randomly, which was really getting to be a problem when there are 1000 of them instead of 150.

-The games get a LOT of various ROMhacks. There's even that one Touhou one that's not a hack but a standalone game. Not just simple hacks, either, but very involved stuff and you could spend thousands of hours playing them all. I should look into them more and try some out.

-Pokégirls. I think everyone knows this, but this series has some of the best character designs around and has been consistent about it since its inception. The Asuka vs. Rei thing never seemed that interesting to me in comparison to the girls in Pokémon. Even the 'girl of the week' in the anime had more interesting people in them. Duplica the girl with the Ditto that couldn't transform its face sticks out to me. Brock getting a crush on every girl really made sense.

-Just a fantastic style in general. There are places like https://hirespokemon.tumblr.com/ where you can see the old concept art and it's truly beautiful. Sugimori is a true genius. Also apparently his name is used by people as a keyword to improve the qualityPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
70 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File:R-1713578956550.png (109.58 KB,475x475)

you might be talking about a pokemon (gardevoir)


File:gardevoir googled herself.png (186.06 KB,480x347)

Oh, I may have heard of Gardevoir. Hmm, yes, I've seen some things.
But seriously the Gardevoir is one of my favorite lines. Gallade is one of my favorite Pokemon to play, although it kind of feels like cheating to have Fighting and Psychic moves at the same time. Also they look like plant types and I really like plant creatures in these games, although Grass seems kind of underwhelming when compared to some others. Really fun status stuff at least.



File:gardevoir.png (164.46 KB,1167x988)

The part starting at 2:10 was pretty good (and the art itself of course)


File:1354571000486.jpg (316.15 KB,1464x1664)

May is the one with big tits.
Dawn is the one who goes nopan.

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