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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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File:947652047cf0270168fd7f7cf9….jpg (81.13 KB,704x1052)


Is the 'Golden Age' of visual novels over? What was the last notable VN released in the last 5 years? I can't think of anything. I can name a lot of stuff from the early 00s though.
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I hope not but there are lots of VNs I haven't read yet so I'm not desperate for new ones.


File:[SubsPlease] Aharen-san wa….jpg (139.5 KB,1280x720)

And now that I think about it, who here would be open to trying to set a VN scheduled reading thing where we try to get people to read some VN in a timeframe and then we can talk about it?
It needs to be on the shorter side of things if we want any chance of success, though, and it's still not guaranteed.


File:[Commie] Bishounen Tanteid….jpg (200.84 KB,1920x1080)

You know I always thought that a good way for kissu to both gain users and increase quality/activity is to try and draw that VN reading audience here. The only problem standing in the way being that it feels like only a few people play them and I'm not sure that's enough to lure people away from generals...


File:96029859_p0.png (944.83 KB,1413x1060)

Yeah, that'd be nice. The generals themselves don't have the discussion either, of course.
You've got hundreds of VNs shoved into a chat room environment just to survive. It is certainly not conductive to something like VNs that would favor taking things slow.
This is something to think about, though I don't know how to go about it.


File:youmu.png (311.82 KB,369x496)

Assuming you're talking about the VN generals on /vg/ and 4/jp/, I don't think the good kind of VN posters end up in those threads. Both /vn/ and the /jp/ generals are full of that typical crap you find on the rest of 4chan. I haven't looked much at the untranslated VN general, but they seem to like complaining about "ESLs" and their favourite VNs getting translated.

File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (274.15 KB,1920x1080)


Are you nearsighted? I am. It means you can see stuff fine when it's close, but it's blurry as it gets distant.
Were you nearsighted before you started spending so much time looking at a screen near you? I wonder if there's a "cause and effect" thing going on.
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File:1564734573690.webm (2.22 MB,1280x720)

I am glad that I ordered new glasses, even if they cost me a fortune. It really feels like my vision has gotten substantially worse over the last few months.


File:7f1694e07a8db20ead3e9ec8cd….png (2.32 MB,1872x2476)

I'm girlsighted, meaning my eyes only focus on cute girls.


but that looks like a mare to me?


File:38c45ab8d0c54c80100501ab45….jpg (2.55 MB,1920x3293)

My eyes focus clearly on her, so empirically she's a cute girl.


horsfuckers raus

File:R-1655606916330.png (116.62 KB,2700x2160)


Lets make some D&D alignment charts of our favorite stories!
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mii syrup maple
kasumi misery mai+yui
frederica sally kanade



File:koruri alignment.png (1023.64 KB,2700x778)


File:[HorribleSubs] Itai no wa ….jpg (557.68 KB,1280x720)

Sally isn't evil...


File:R-1655611694915.png (712.88 KB,1600x1280)

okay here's the picture


File:fin.png (1.21 MB,1280x720)


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How is that possibly the most likely direction given all of the prior plot. The story is about Myne's first person perspective so even if she goes into a different setting it's still Myne in unfamiliar situations.


Great story. Super happy this anime exists.


Yeah, last episode, while completely bereft of invention and books and everything else, was still pretty good


File:R-1655608920845.png (407.88 KB,1405x784)

It had TUULI


That's true. Maybe Myne can go to college and It can just be The Tuuli Show.

File:question baka.png (115.93 KB,430x477)


How I stop Furryfox from saving images as .webp?
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File:1603815087082.jpg (76.53 KB,768x1024)

Photos of licensed ero figures tend to be over-censored, so I wasn't really sure on what was hiding under those giant censor bars. But I can tell that one is definitely uncensored, which is quite weird as the other poster pointed out.
I wonder if the censorship laws only apply to media, and that is how they can get away with making uncensored figurines (and sex toys).


They use bandaids.


Hiring good audio technicians.
Coughing is not nearly as bad as your pianist audibly humming as he plays, like Gould. They couldn't even completely remove it from the recording.


could have answered that question if I saw it a month ago


File:Utawarerumono.S02E10.False….jpg (242.11 KB,1920x1080)

YES! That's it! Thanks a ton!
None of the others I saw did such simple, but great collages.

File:__furude_rika_ryuuguu_rena….png (1.84 MB,1600x1200)


In this thread you can submit your reviews of video games or other media so that we can keep our pulse on what's hip and cool in the kissusphere. That sounds kind of restrictive, but I just mean it's going to be a place where I (and hopefully others) post about games I've been playing instead of making a thread each time that tends to die off pretty quickly.
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still haven't watched utena


You don't like a show if you haven't rewatched it, goofus.


Then I don't like anything... Unless you also count partial rewatches, which I have done.


File:shinoa of disapproval.jpg (169.99 KB,763x1045)

Utena is still in my backlog. The manga left a bad taste in my mouth. It's garbage. Shoujo manga is never good, including stuff like Sailor Moon and Sakura Card Captors; their anime is way better.


Utena's anime is mostly dissimilar to the manga. They were both created around the same time and thus the creators of each had different ideas in mind as to how to present and go about the story.

File:89624374_p0 asd.png (763.6 KB,848x837)

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Have you played any "ero" (a Japanese word meaning 'erotic') games lately?
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I have to rip myself away from this game and return to reality


File:C-1655385161229.png (650.67 KB,403x600)

like my third day straight playing it and not done yet...
The gameplay is very fun like any other AliceSoft game.
The H is pretty standard VN stuff, but the art is good and the bad ends are entertaining enough. Standard romance H is pretty bland in comparision


Nice story, solid B+
Obligatory netizen hacker loli is best character of course


Funny, the game's NG is a cheat mode has a flag for importing custom characters


one of my top NTR game makers released a trial of their newest thing

File:FUFkj43UEAElLGX.jpg (1.05 MB,1800x2404)


Which side does /qa/ take? Obviously pixiv would probably be better for searching (although boorus are even more preferable for that) and viewing a long list of art at once. However, in recent days I've been using twitter's feed more and I think that in terms of discovering new artists and likewise finding interesting stuff from people you haven't already followed it's a lot more convenient. Also the previews are a lot easier to see. So in terms of finding content, which do you think makes for the better go-to feed?
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Is it just me or has the Twitter algorithm been really good lately? My entire home page has been full of nice art. It's like it knows exactly what I like.


they're both terrible in their own ways


Only rarely do I care about artists' personal lives, and when I do, it's usually complicated by how Twitter locks translation behind opening the Tweet in a new link. What the fuck do I do when someone posts their life story? I'm not going to click through all that.
Pixiv is perfect for just getting art.


When you just find a character who's had a decadelong backlog of content this is a problem, yes, but even then it's a gift.

File:48c4c82dbd3c05f23c59dfdb23….jpg (395.72 KB,513x900)

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I want to nakadashi *girl* has become a popular phrase on imageboards (mostly 4chan). But it's a mix of Japanese and English. If I was going to say "I want to cum inside Holo" fully in Japanese, how would I go about doing that? In the English sentence, nakadashi is a loan word and it is the action being done, but in Japanese I don't think 中出し is a verb. Can it be verbified by adding する to it? And then you conjugate it to say you "want" to do it. So the end result would be 私はホロで中出ししたい which would translate to I want to cum inside Holo. Am I correct?

Japanese is fun to learn.
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isn't it odd that the kanji for god is so simple 神 but the kanji for hair 髪 is so complex?


>the kanji for hair 髪 is so complex
Can't you see through it? 長 is the comb, 彡 the hair, 友 the hair tie.


上 can also be read as kami, as in お上
might be related to the god one in some old way


could also be related to hair, as in 上の毛


File:new kanji.jpg (466.61 KB,697x2048)


File:1622622058691.jpg (107.55 KB,1000x703)


What do you do when you want something good for dinner but your motivation is almost rock bottom?
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File:51262922_p0.png (846.89 KB,800x1000)

Made oven roasted potatoes with frozen "fish & chips" fish.
Not exactly like that Vietnamese noodle soup I had yesterday but it was decent enough as a 2-lazy-2-cook meal.


Today I came to an important conclusion in food theory: if the food is made spicy enough, the eating organism won't realize that the food would have been boring, undersalted etc. otherwise.


I think that's how spices work in general?


Thats the point, I used to make this really low effort fried rice with chicken that was completely tasteless, so I would dump sriracha in it until it tasted like something


File:ba47c6409012260d4f0c4ab644….png (589.11 KB,1128x1015)

made choco moose
fuwa fuwa

File:__hieda_no_akyuu_touhou_dr….png (343.14 KB,636x567)


Let's play a game.
Someone picks a word and we post images on our hard drive with that word in its filename, assuming they're not horrible or anything. If you're like me and you've forgotten at least half of the images you saved, so you can find some cool things that you forgot about. You can also just find loose game files or other things you've never actually seen. It would be cool if you have any story or description to go along with the images, but that might be too much effort.
If you're on Windows I highly recommend using 'everything' to search for stuff on your drive as it's 500000x faster than windows default search: https://www.voidtools.com/

Anyway, the first word is turtle
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File:MonorailCat.jpg (13.29 KB,400x300)

don't really have any stories for these


File:monorail.png (379.87 KB,1279x668)

queue the simpsons song!


File:steam_tray_mono.png (5.28 KB,48x48)


File:116_hentai_censored_doujin….jpg (Spoiler Image,297.87 KB,929x1316)



File:Senya Ichiya Monogatari (1….png (616.62 KB,1280x544)

>A Thousand and One Nights (Japanese: 千夜一夜物語, Hepburn: Senya Ichiya Monogatari) is a 1969 Japanese adult animated fantasy film directed by Eiichi Yamamoto, conceived by Osamu Tezuka. The film is the first part of Mushi Production's adult-oriented Animerama trilogy, and was followed by Cleopatra (1970) and Belladonna of Sadness (1973).

File:910b1482fe2a62ac93421bc1a3….jpg (702.46 KB,2070x1480)


I've read several articles about how the languages posted on the internet can be analyzed which words are categorized into different types and establish a link between these and the various info about the posters including gender, age, personality, income, etc. The results show huge difference of word choices between different class of persons.

For example, one paper analyzed this connection for Big Five personality traits using social media posts and visualized the results with word clouds so the significance is readily interpreted.
For Kissu posts, a casual examination reveals the following placement in the personality scale:
extraversion - introversion: huge introversion words bias
neuroticism - emotional stability: there are words from both
agreeableness: same as above
conscientiousness: high for /qa/ but low for /jp/
openness: very high

In other words, the user base of Kissu shares the following traits: introversion and openness (in MBTI words, INXX); /qa/ is more "serious" while /jp/ is less; medium in scale of negative emotional ranting and unfriendliness, which shows up in cases of heated arguments and vermin.

The word analysis seems to be consistent with the general impression of the boards mentioned. The question is, are imageboards expected to be a community of like-minded individuals, so the prevalence of specific word choices indicates the common personality trait of their posters, or are the variations of posters too large to be analyzed with this method?
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what would be different if all the big 5 traits were the same except for openness being very low







Male spotted.

File:__hatsune_miku_vocaloid_dr….png (212.77 KB,728x728)


Do you play any online games you'd like to play with kissu people?
Maybe this could be a thread to play some games together online? I think the stuff should ideally be free, cheap, or already have multiple players here.

Personally, I'd like to start playing Power Bomberman together again. It's a free fan game it's really fun, featuring a crapload of characters (including the new slutty ones) in beautiful pixel form and lots of cool maps. We had a thread for it about a year ago.
You can play it offline too, if you want to practice.

So, what multiplayer games do you want to play?
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If you want to, sure!


That is not an easy to read list at all, huh. I'll look through it tomorrow because I'm too tired to look at rows of text right now.

Sure, sounds good.



playing the worst moba in existence right now


which one

File:R-1655220900401.png (1.64 MB,1920x1080)


I figured out that being able to identify with a character and them being able to express an often overlooked perspective regarding their feelings, that makes a show feel full.


I connect with 2D characters more than I do with real people.


A perspective I don't usually think about, specifically.


Regarding Odd Taxi, which on the surface seems to satisfy this criteria but somehow manages to miss the mark every time. Walrus's backstory crammed in there at the end and he doesn't seem to exhibit much emotion about it. Puma (Tanaka) is insane over something trivial, making for unrealistic characterization. Llama, comedy duo, and idols are relatable, but are given fairly straightforward takes. Hippo, skunk, police, and monkey are dumbasses.

File:R-1655025112705.jpg (107.09 KB,800x500)


Does Kissu read any anime blogs or find nice posts to read?
I used to have a wordpress site something like this where I would write about what I felt about certain anime series but no one ever finds them unless you have God tier clickbait SEO skills and talk about it on anime forums.

They're kind of nice and make me nostalgic of when I was trying to become pro-blogger. I probably wouldn't even know that Vinland has a season in progress if I didn't stumble across it looking for some sort of image.
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>season in progress
Does that mean it's airing or that it's being made?


in progress of being created


That template fills me with so much wistful nostalgia I might buy it and blog about whatever backlog shit I'm watching.


and that's a good thing.


File:[SubsPlease] Aharen-san wa….jpg (162.75 KB,1280x720)

I can't say I do these days. I did back in the day when it was much more esoteric and obscure, I guess.
I think I linked one here after I looked at my old bookmarks that I had saved to a disk for some reason, but I'm having trouble finding it again.
I think reading stuff here is probably more interesting to me than some random person.

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