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File:kissu fileshare _drawn_by_….png (647.02 KB,813x813)


The Kissu Filesharing Thread
It's a thread, and you share files in it.
You can link them, or possibly upload them directly if they're small enough since kissu supports archive files.
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File:kuon click.png (699.1 KB,1008x720)


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Does this count as a surprise box?


i shift clicked it instead tehe


File:WinRAR_mqIMFPNVZP.png (97.07 KB,771x794)

Not sure if people will be interested or not, but here's volume 1 of the R18 music collection from uh, well, you can look at the dates on these. They're MP3s inside a RAR so they might have uhh... what's the term, bit decayed or something. I'll let some audiophile figure it out. Anyway, if anyone is interested I can upload the rest.


File:1627236318902.png (26.53 KB,200x168)

Convert those mp3s to FLAC if you want to restore the lost data!

File:__doma_umaru_himouto_umaru….jpg (390.68 KB,700x1036)


The answer is (8r^3)/4pi


what question is this the answer to


File:minigun.png (791.08 KB,1280x1084)

The answer? Use a gun. And if that don't work, use more gun.

File:aaaaaaaaa.png (2.14 MB,1181x1102)

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Have you been working on anything? Art, programming, etc.
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File:mpv-shot0237.jpg (166.51 KB,1280x720)

Thanks for the useful programs, I've been using ikatube+RSS as a youtube alternative for a long time. Is there any way to display all the site content when viewing gelbooru in ikachan?


>all the site content
do you mean displaying contents from all booru sites at once or something else?


File:gelb.png (7.98 KB,240x159)

displaying tags that are hidden by default like loli and some others


ikachan already displays all contents on gelbooru by default


File:cd9e69e52498ee9e9a70ae462f….jpg (91.51 KB,650x541)

you're right, i guess something wasn't working on my end. clearing the cache solved it

File:__akemi_homura_kaname_mado….jpg (3.51 MB,2048x2048)


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File:98941557_p0.png (13.52 MB,7856x5616)

glad you enjoyed


File:kuon and nekone by guaizi.jpg (Spoiler Image,477.57 KB,1654x2339)

Kuon-Anon's love for Utawarerumono is cute so let's puzzle this:



File:original_by_akai sashimi.png (Spoiler Image,3.49 MB,1312x1856)


Noo I missed this!
Oh, it looks the site was updated since I last did this.


eroticute feetoes

File:1566402423813.jpg (141.55 KB,466x659)


Does /qa/ have any more fun facts to share?

I learned recently that prior WWI, many towns in the US spoke the language of the immigrants who moved there, but due to intense Germanophobia, schools began teaching in English exclusively and gradually the US became a de facto English-first speaking country despite having no official language.
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I miss typed this site's URL and this came up:
Someones blog site kinda cute.


Seems like a nice guy. We must assimilate him into the kissu collective


reminds me of the guy who owns verniy.xyz... yet his site is down. Maybe I can reacquire it soon


He hasn't used the site in 2 years.

File:301df07dab4ef0b53b81f73aaa….jpg (99.43 KB,410x620)

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Gone from Ubuntu to Debian, but Debian kind of sucks as a desktop environment (constant freezes, poor drivers and performance issues. Also issues with Steam's client)

Where do I go next?
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it's coming up
it's coming up
it's coming up
it's coming up
it's coming up
it's coming up


Yeah, I concur that it's relatively seamless, except I do feel a bit of a performance increasing using wayland. It even kept my graphical configuration without issue! If this is on a rolling distro this should be a fantastic release on fixed release distros.
It even looks like Plastik was ported over as a wm if you don't like the more rounded corners of Breeze.
It looks like KDE will be getting a donation for my tax return.
With OpenSUSE's YaST and Plasma it feels like I'm using Windows 7 forever, now I just have to hope KDE doesn't go insane like they did with 4 and I think tumbleweed should be fine for the long haul unless suse goes under


File:[Chihiro] Maou no Ore ga D….jpg (229.74 KB,1920x1080)

I suppose I have about a year and a half before I'm forced to use Linux. How much longer can I put off learning programming in the meantime before I have to start learning to use Linux...




File:Be_my_servant.jpg (61.78 KB,1024x576)


Greetings and rabbit rabbit (you didn't remember to say it, right?)

For a bunch of reasons I can't get into this is my favorite month of the year. One of those reasons is I get more free time to work on things I enjoy.

Over the last couple of weeks I've been re-watching Moon Phase for the first time in over a decade. I grabbed the best version I could find from the usual trackers. The release I got seems to be the most popular and all of the others seem to be using the same subtitles for the English translation. I was disappointed see that the scripts being used are filled with both spelling and grammar errors. One of two per episode I can forgive. A typo that's one letter off on standard QWERTY keyboard I can forgive. But I hit a string of 3-4 episodes in a row filled with horrible errors and it was obvious to me that no one bothered to even quality check the work before pushing it out to the public. This is in addition to several other errors I've noticed in the video/audio portion along with some pacing issues in the scripts themselves.

I posted all that to propose the following;

I've been slowly working on a handful of old series (and one new one) thanks to various people from here and elsewhere that so graciously provided me with good raws for a couple of shows or volunteered to do quality checking. I haven't been able to put out much in the last few months but now that I'll have more free time I'll be pushing some stuff out soon. But I'm one man and can only do so much so quickly.

So I was curious if anywhere here would be interested in helping out with things like correcting spelling errors in scripts or watching pre-release encodes. I need people to do stuff like the following;
1) Test encodes on various set-top devices (video game consoles, firesticks, AppleTV etc)
2) Double check spelling/grammar in English subtitle scripts
3) Watch test encodes on various different software/hardware players and tell me how things work on their local mpv/mpc-hc+mad configs
4) Help track down raws (DVD, LD, BDs and VHS) that aren't as common on public sources for some older content
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I test on 5 monitors. Which I know is over kill but it's easy since my workstation is set-up like that anyway. On one of them it's _very_ evident because it's designed to seeing such things (it's a high end 144hz studio monitor). On all my other monitors you can barely notice it or don't see it at all. They're all consumer grade stuff. Some high end. One low end. Another an old CRT. I work with a variety of content so I need them all.

What's funny is a lot of things people obsess over now like grain in old 80s-2000s shows aren't even visible on an old school CRT. Since CRTs act as a kind of low pass filter for grain. So a lot of people are throwing a lot of bits at something that wasn't even the artist's intention. Since such shows were mastered on studio CRTs/PVMs.

But I digress...

My philosophy with this has always been if you're going to take the time you might as well do it right. The video is the least important part of the package anyway after translation and next sound. Sound is what you pay for when it comes to content. They've always been happy to let you watch for free. Plus you can always pair the translation with another person's encode anyway and anyone can learn to encode video/audio in a weekend. But getting better quality than others with less file size has always been a fun goal. I should probably not obsess over it too much. Since I've murdered many a CPU and HDD in pursuit of smaller file sizes over the years. All for something that's going to be re-encoded by someone else when the next new shiny codec comes out in 5-10 years anyway.


That's true as well. I can't watch broadcast television anymore because the quality is so awful. People brag about their new TV and 4k cable package to me but all I can see are macroblocks from the company cheaping out and trying to squeeze another channel or two into their limited bandwidth. Satellite TV is particularly bad these days but cable is usually worse because cable companies are evil manifested.

The truth is they get away with it because 99% of people either can't tell or don't care.


>I can't watch broadcast television anymore because the quality is so awful.
yeah its fucked up. when I was a kid I stood next to a big TV playing some stuff for normal people and I thought to myself that every frame looks like if you saved a jpg at a quality level of 40 and after saving, tortured it with the sharpen tool. that really put me off TV


Digital has been pretty bad from the start. I'm old enough to remember C-band, analog cable and analog OTA TV. The quality was much better back in those days even with the limited bandwidth because each channel got the entire channel's bandwidth. When they switched to digital/DBS the entire point was being able to cram multiple channels into the same bandwidth that used to be occupied by just one.

Analog also degraded much better. When OTA was still analog I could pick up about 8-12 channels locally on bunny ears here. They might not have all looked perfect but they were all watchable for the most part. Worst case you might have to move the antenna a bit for certain channels coming from further away or a different direction. Very rarely the environment would be just right and you could pick up some far away channel for a few hours and everything local would come in perfect.

When they did the digital switch over they pretty much ruined OTA TV here. I can't pick up maybe 2 channels now that are watchable. The rest are a constant sea of macroblocks and freezing as the signal drops below the level where the decoder can gracefully fail. 9 times out of 10 it does it during the actual content but commercials will come in clear for 30-60 seconds. But it probably only feels that way because commercials are shorter than content and make up the bulk of run time now.

The best thing ever was C-band. Which was analog satellite service. For the first 10 years or so you could pull the back feeds down directly. Which were basically the feeds cable companies and local stations got before commercial were inserted and they were edited for public viewing. You not only got the content commercial free you could listen to what was being said while the program was at commercial if it was live. It was also extremely high quality because they wanted to deliver the highest quality possible for production. Truly the Golden era of television.

Of course we can't have nice things so it was shut down. First by scrambling then later with encryption. Which only became possible with the switch over to digital/mpeg2.

C-band was also really cool because the dish was massive. We used to set the receiver to lock-in on another satellite then run outside to watch that massive dish turn and tilt. It was the coolest thing when I was a kid. TV from spacPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>We saw so many respected television people snort drugs and yell at their staff during pre/post-show and commercial breaks.

I know I'm way off-topic but I just remembered something from my childhood that will be burned into my mind forever;

When the first George Bush was president he went on Larry King's show which was pretty popular at the time. During a commercial break they started discussing Halcion. Which was an old school benzo drug for sleep that had been pulled from the market for causing a lot of deaths. The president said
>I don't really think it's that bad
and Larry King replies with something along the lines of
>My cousin is in the pharmaceutical industry. He told me a new drug is coming out of Israel soon. It's better than Halcion!
then he shushes the president because he's got to deliver a line between commercials. After that he starts laughing and bragging about his cousin being in the know. He was basically telling Bush to short the companies stock because it was going to go up soon (aka insider trading). They're just sitting there carrying on like they're having a private conversation. Openly discussing the fact that they're making money off drugs that killed people and had been a big scandal in the news at the time. The way they talked "in private" was totally different from the persona they put on for prepared statements and during the actual interview segments being broadcasted to most people.

Anyway, not long after that Larry King had Bill Clinton on his show. I think it was the lead up to the 1992 election. Anyway he said something to Clinton that always bothered me and even back then I knew it was strange. Larry starts talking about Ted Turner and how he's a great guy to work for. Then he tells Bill Clinton;
>You should call Ted after you win. He'd be willing to uh...serve you. If you know what I mean

Even as a kid I wondered what he meant by "serve you". You could tell he wasn't talking about "serving the president" and it was more like Ted Turner was offering some service. What kind of service I don't know. But the mind goes to horrible places. It was just the way he said it. They started discussing it in a hushed tone and you could tell both of them werePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (226.8 KB,1920x1080)

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MORE AI STUFF! It's weird how this is all happening at once. Singularity is near?

Alright, there's another AI thing people are talking about, but this time it shouldn't be very controversial:
Using a temporary email service (just google 'temporary email') you can make an account and start having conversations with bots. (Write down the email though because it's your login info)
But, these bots are actually good. EXTREMELY good. Like, "is this really a bot?" good. I talked with a vtuber and had an argument and it went very well. Too well, almost. I don't know how varied the stuff is, but they're really entertaining when I talked to Mario and even a vtuber.
Sadly, it's gaining in popularity rapidly so the service is getting slower and it might even crash on you.

It says "beta" all over the site, presumably this is in the public testing phase and once it leaves beta it's going to cost money, so it's best to have fun with this now while we still can (and before it gets neutered to look good for investors or advertisers).
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Also my sacrum fucking HURTS


>I don't think the models are getting any better
Last I heard, their quality is still directly proportional to the amount of calculating power you give them.


Sort of, but once you've got the ability to use as many tokens as you want the specific quirks of the models become much more pronounced.


File:Hina 1.6@1717052400 479892….png (252.47 KB,512x768)

From the filenames in this thread, I am guessing that whoever asked for a cftf in the /vg/ thread came from here. I have no idea whether that person saw my response, but I will post the card I made here in the event that it was not seen in the thread it was requested in.

Please! Bear in mind that I have never seen this show, and have no idea who this girl is. I am going entirely off of what I saw in the clip that was posted alongside the request. The card is entirely SFW.



File:reaching a good point in a….png (275.26 KB,836x1200)

Breaking my vow once more today, I decided to test out to see if I was right about Opus or if I was just being stubborn about not using it from past experiences with Claude.

It's definitely true that, unlike GPT4, Opus uses much better prose and has more flowery/creative language. Which could help a lot if you're into more vanilla or straightforward roleplay with a character or something. But when it comes to how easy it is to break or resistance it puts up against you in a story it's near nonexistent unless you heavily intervene. It'd switch characters from arrogant pure maidens to the most cock hungry sluts in a matter of a single message, not caring at all for gradual progression or having any semblance of restraint if I indicated I wanted to head in that direction. I had to clip off the end to a majority of the chat messages because of this and also modify the contents too to be more in-line with what I wanted. Not to mention how many times I needed to regenerate to get a certain scenario written properly as opposed to GPT-4 where it seemed to follow my intentions a bit better. Far more times I needed to use [brackets for OOC commands to the ai] just to get it to generate what should've been an obvious development given the context and it just frustrated me. At the very least I guess if I ever want to look back on the crafted story it'll look really nice and clean after all the effort I went through to perfect it.

File:de5f4a26d917f24ec7b363a132….jpg (695.77 KB,2500x2000)


Was thinking about reading all of Go Nagai's works but then realized it'd probably be impossible given just how much he wrote. It's pretty insane compared to almost any other mangaka out there.


What are the most notable ones to check out though? I've read Devilman, some Harenchi Gakuen, some Mazinger, Cutie Honey, and all of Getter (although does that really count?) Was considering watching and maybe reading Dororon Enma-kun next (OVA/Remake TV) since the OP was cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIsQqRoyKqo
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Now that's some effective marketing.


File:C-1717021078972.png (1.84 MB,1189x1770)

>It's only 13 chapters long.
Yeah, but most chapters have between 50 and 90 pages, so it's still fairly long. According to Kodansha's site, the official total is 912 pages:
You can see it if you select a volume and check out the ページ数 part, they're each of average length. Really though, my point is that with these three alone you already end up with 19 volumes, that's pretty sizeable already. But add Abashiri Family's further 15 volumes (where a molester is accidentally swallowed up by a giantess so to rescue him they make her shit him out? wtf), 9 more from Guerrilla High, Maboroshi Panty and Kekkou Kamen, then 7 from Oira Sukeban, 9 from Susano Oh, and then you end up with a total of fifty nine volumes, which is "shonen running weekly for ten years" territory, longer than Dragon Ball but not quite as long as Naruto or Bleach.

It's interesting, I get the impression that originally he liked to work more with (relatively) shorter stories, since the first runs of those mentioned in >>125029 are actually in line with the ones listed above, in the 4-7 range for Devilman, Mazinger, Getter, and Jack. It's in its second part that Jack goes way higher, for example.


File:16.jpg (1 MB,1272x2056)

A lot of this untranslated stuff like Samurai World though. There's also Hanappe Bazooka which has 10 vols but was only translated up to chapter 4 (less than 10% since it has 41 chapters). Also has a 45 min OVA.

All hail the father of mecha and pervy shit in anime/manga.


File:011.jpg (256.35 KB,783x1200)

A cool thing about Devilman is that you can see the influence it had on Berserk right in the first chapter (it's not present in certain editions however). The demons in the Great War of Gods are obviously reminiscent of the Eclipse demons in Berserk. And also the obvious parallels between Akira/Ryo and Guts/Griffith.


File:fatherdied.jpg (180.23 KB,794x1226)

File:e97ac0d50d151010259c7ea51e….jpg (501.45 KB,850x1200)


I am considering going on a carnivore diet. Nothing fancy, prolly just ground beef, eggs, and dairy products every day. I've tried more "balanced" diets before and I never felt any better. Lately I've been very depressed and started putting on weight, so I'm interested in seeing what life will be like cutting out carbs almost completely. I understand there are some risks because there hasn't been much research on these types of diets, but I don't really care about anything right now.

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being defensive over someone challenging you, hmmmmmm


File:119.png (57.41 KB,173x464)


File:Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 1….png (5.85 KB,477x77)

>how am I promoting a "conspiracy"?
NTA, but in arguing that the aluminum industry "started advocating that it was good for children's teeth" in order to cut costs, you are saying that they had an "agreement for perform together a []wrongful[] act."
Pic related.

Also, I don't think you are paranoid, but
>when I read about how fluoride used to be considered toxic waste which required paying big money to dump I understood what happened.
made me pause and ponder whether to continue reading or dismiss your post as paranoid nonsense. I agree with the other guy on this: This sentence sounds paranoid.


it sounds paranoid because you treat fluoride like a wholly negative thing, a poison that was put there for nefarious purposes rather than the more complex process of some scientists using the evidence they had to fight a health crisis, which they rushed out while overstating its positive effects
you don't distinguish it from any sort of toxic waste and talk about it in the same context as mutant fish, that's a problem too

here's people from harvard quoting other studies concerned that past records came from bad practices:
and they sound as normal as ever, even the PHS lowered its recommended levels by a good amount
>It is expected that implementation of the new recommendation will lead to a reduction of approximately 25% (range: 12%–42%) in fluoride intake from drinking water alone and a reduction of approximately 14% (range: 5%–29%) in total fluoride intake.
but then you compare it to the previous post
>"They" say a lot of things. The toothpaste you use everyday will kill your dog. So "they" say. But it's also super healthy for _you_ even though it's proven to contain something that lowers your IQ.
not only is it something the above two links tackle, they can do it without needing to invoke the shadow cabal of "they"


File:1f403d5c1d20aaab34a68fefb3….jpg (389.46 KB,660x820)

OP, can you give us an update? Did you start doing the carnivore/keto diet or not? And if not then what diet are you doing right now?

File:1529258606187.jpg (99.18 KB,720x450)


Somebody told me that digitization will let us preserve things forever, but I feel like it's the opposite because of how complicated accessing digital data is and how fast technological systems evolve. Old formats get superseded by updated ones and niche platform-specific ones get abandoned when that platform does. We can look at a wall relief from 5000 years ago and work out an approximation of what it was saying just by looking at it, but how would you get any data out of a floppy filled with files for a program that hasn't been updated in 100 years?

Eventually the effort of maintaining compatibility with old things is going to cause data to be effectively lost, but some formats will obviously last longer than others. Personally, I think the humble .txt file will outlast most others because its simple, yet vitally important to many basic computing tasks so you can't easily get rid of it and there's not much incentive to improve the format. That said, I could also see a specialized format that is used for something like .nes which is used pretty much just to preserve old data being maintained by enthusiasts while more general-purpose formats get killed off to force people to adopt newer ones. Which ones do you think will pass the test of time and which will be be the quickest to die out?
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notepad is so cute...


>It's funny to think a few random images on somebody's drive could be the format equivalent of the rosetta stone
finally, all the TBs of manga porn I have will be put to good use


very optimistic in the face of tradion


>Portable Network Graphics (PNG, officially pronounced /pɪŋ/[2][3] PING
always pronounced it as PEE-en-JEE


File:img-fTr7DqnEGpLd9TW5oWdBn.jpeg (532.72 KB,1024x1024)

So before that u wasnut curtain about "good use"

File:da baibru.png (81.53 KB,360x288)

 No.87056[Reply][Last50 Posts]

So the DDDDD thread made me realize that kissu doesn't really have any threads dedicated to manga that I could find. The focus seems to be too much on seasonal anime. I realize that this is because manga is much harder to find/follow than seasonal stuff as there are no clear guidelines for it and Westerners don't read comics nearly as much as the Japanese do.

Anyway, what manga have you been reading recently? I just read the latest chapter of Shimeji Simulation a few days ago. As with anything made by Tsukumizu so far it is great. Definitely recommend it to everyone here and I do hope it eventually gets an anime adaption as well like SSR.
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Dear lord every single page of this posted here is just thick hag-service. It's amazing.


File:C-1716843843405.jpeg (582.65 KB,1430x2026)

It's not all hag service.


How is the story for this? The premise didn't really interest me but all of the pictures of it make my nutbladder aching hurt.



File:69149552_p0.png (1.22 MB,1060x1060)

After some mod talk, I'm moving the 'hag' talk into a new /jp/ thread so this thread can be focused more on manga stuff and the discussion can go on for as long as people want without derailing this one. /qa/ is serious business!

File:[MTBB] Bakemonogatari - 09….jpg (258.54 KB,1920x1080)


Are you good at catching references in media?
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File:Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sen….jpg (99.54 KB,1024x576)

Do you prefer western references or eastern ones?


File:samurai wow.jpg (394.15 KB,1280x720)

I like both but as a westerner I am obviously going to recognise the western references a lot more than the non-anime eastern ones.


File:Takato-Yamamoto-le-site-du….jpg (995.85 KB,1200x1148)

The Western ones are obviously much easier to recognize it, not just because it's Western, but because it has to be something famous enough for the Japanese to know about it. If it's something like: >>124909 >>124958 then it's harder of course. The only reason I know about Yamamoto is because I saw his art a few times before on /a/ and /his/. He made a one shot that's part of this collection that you can read here by the way: https://mangadex.org/title/fa64adbc-fb1b-44bd-ab4a-45bad1cc3e69/ax-alternative-manga It's chapter 9.


File:C-1716752838970.jpeg (958.79 KB,2782x1280)

I know him through that Shimabara Rebellion pic that always pops up whenever someone brings up samurai and christianity.


File:takatoyamamoto-4.jpeg (432.89 KB,1250x826)

Yeah, if someone posts him on /a/ or /his it has to do with Japan and Christianity.

File:eb102131812631b187dc3a6c12….png (940.4 KB,1464x1000)

 No.66481[Reply][Last50 Posts]

i've seen dedicated drawthreads and writethreads here, but never once saw a music creation thread. considering you can post sound files here i wonder why it happens, because i did see several posters here said they made music. is it because many consider the stuffs they make have no merit to be posted? or because many have some musician profiles that they want no connection to this place...?
anyway, post some musics you made!
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File:[Piyoko] Himitsu no AiPri ….jpg (247.91 KB,1920x1080)

Audio AI will likely go through the same process the image and text stuff went through. Absolutely amazing sky-is-the-limit thinking and then people notice all the flaws and patterns and it becomes a lot less interesting over time while the crypto people and investors and CEOs hype it up so they can make money.
Anyway, I don't consider it to be music creation just like prompting images isn't drawing.


the on topic sagey


I wonder if composition can actually be done by AI... as with all AI tools I've used so far I find them more of assistants to get you up to speed with the formulas and basic design of art faster than what you'd get without a mentor.

Can it imitate something weird blending 3 art styles into one like this...


Cosmograph's sound is too good


https://www.youtube.com/shorts/ktP-judV7-8?t=15&feature=share good advice. Really is easy in creating audio maximalizsm

File:sonickarts!.png (645.87 KB,1586x771)

 No.112443[Reply][Last50 Posts]

Hey Kissu Kissu! Would you like to play Sonic Karts sometime? I have created an addon pack with some fun stuff included! If someone else is willing to host it, that would be cool, but if not, I can always do it myself.

The download includes everything needed to host and play the game, plus a custom client created by 4/vm/ that adds new features to the game.

Game plus addons download: https://mega.nz/file/mJYUhJBR#UmY_51jm0gQkjk3uZa512Z09T75V8GujKVscg7clX0s

4/vm/ client source code: https://gitlab.com/c3851/srb-2-k-cep

Stuff added via addons:- Custom characters! https://files.catbox.moe/v72z70.webm If you have characters you want, feel free to suggest more!
- Wide variety of tracks. About 42 map packs worth of maps!
- A Kissu theme pack with custom music and graphics on the voting screen.
- The in-game HUD is colorized to your chosen color, including the new speedometer and drift gauge.
- A hitfeed that shows when people hit each other or fall off the map.
- Timers on the bottom of the screen that shows how long your sneakers, your mini-turbos, or you being spun-out lasts
- A simple trick system. Tap brake after a jump to get a small speed boost when landing. It is on a cool down timer after you do it.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This game looks fun. I want to play next time. I'll even use the crappy controller reserved for little brothers.


Thanks, I found the thread. They seem to use yet another fork of the client.


Can't get it to run ...

./srb2kart-saturn: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.38' not found (required by ./srb2kart-saturn)

Sucks to be me I guess. Is there a flatpak or appimage somewhere?


that makes me sigh too its depressingly common for people to distribute artifacts built on new machines/OSes
you will have to compile it from source yourself...


Thank you, I managed to compile it from this
With make -j8

Now we wait for the server to be up.

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