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File:t_e71cdbdfc4154729eb28020b….jpg (10.81 KB,255x166)


Each thing personally affects reality.Example-eating salt and then being assalted.Find which thing and pick the categories,words,letters and symbols and get the answer to any question or not pick the words and the words that are remaining or farthest away are the answer.Find which thing and do magic.Thinking thoughts or snapping your fingers and a book with the information appears or the thing you were thinking of appears.The elements.Vitamins,metals and minerals.Eating or drinking the same food again and again or a combination of things or not eating or drinking much.Write a paragraph of information about subjects.Get the answer by connecting the words and other things,specifying,adding words to the words,correcting the errors,synonyms.


>Write a paragraph of information about subjects.Get the answer by connecting the words and other things,specifying,adding words to the words,correcting the errors,synonyms.
Yep, that's /qa/ for you.


File:__ushiromiya_maria_umineko….png (25.45 KB,301x300)

Magic? /qa/ is using magic! Uu uu uu!


Uhhhhh... yeah... magic.

File:[SubsPlease] AI no Idenshi….jpg (344.34 KB,1920x1080)


If you were soon to be killed by a virus, but a perfect backup of yourself made a week earlier existed, would you be willing to restore yourself from that backup? Or would you wait out the remainder of your current life before restoring from it. Or a simpler way of asking this question, do you think that a perfect copy of a person can actually be the person it replaces or? Or is it just a perfect fake.
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Nobody here is saying that everything is subjective. That'd be absurd. But the way we classify most things, when we say "this is what makes X a Y which is part of Z" is very much a product of the way human beings perceive the world, rather than anything intrinsic to reality itself.


Well it sounds absurd, but that's what you just did.
Truth requires correct classification beyond human perception, otherwise it's subjective by definition. You're saying it's a product of the subject, and not the object.


The issue you're having is that you're laying down two options for yourself. The point of the thought experiment is to show that the way we perceive entities and assign identities is much fuzzier than everyday life would have us think. These questions are about the abstractions of our minds and how they differ when faced with hypothetical or fringe situations. We understand that everything is always changing, but we intuitively establish thresholds of sameness in order to function.

"Earth's gravity" is an artificial idea because "what is Earth" is only defined by humans. It's just a way of describing a bunch of matter located relatively close together. When it gets swallowed up by the sun, "Earth's gravity" will cease to exist, but the gravity from all of the particles that formed it will continue on exactly as they always have because they don't care what we think they belong to.

For the botes, here's a video explaining the practice and giving some examples (as part of a broader overview of the era): https://youtu.be/z3JGnhe7L-Q?t=578
It is essentially legal fiction, but that's the whole point.

You're talking about successor states as different countries that take on the role of older ones, but there are also cases like France having five different republics, a couple dictatorships, and some monarchies and they're all just considered a continuous France or how there were so many Roman Empires historians have to make up different names for them to differentiate. Though the idea of successors does raise the question of how clones/copies/backups differ from children in regards to taking responsibility.

I think you put too much emphasis on whether one enters a "death state." A hard drive isn't lost if you can still recover and restore all the data. A teleporter doesn't kill you if it manages to rebuild you.


Notice that I said 'most' things, not 'all'. I'm not saying that everything exists according to human perspective. Maybe it does, but I somehow doubt it.

What I am saying, is that the universe consists of a small handful of fundamental things that actually exist and have well-defined (if poorly understood) properties, like matter, energy, and time, and that everything else is a man-made abstraction atop these things.


Sigh, I know, I know it's fuzzy, but it's worth arguing against that. Natural language is geared towards contrasts and generalizations, and so it often breaks down when things become indistinguishable. Like in the sorites paradox, which tries to find a quantitative threshold for a "heap" even though, in my opinion, the word refers to a form that inherently lacks discrete boundaries. But something like Earth is a rock, not a cloud. It does have clear boundaries, like solid planets do.
Inversely, today's Russia is definitely not the same as yesterday's USSR even if it took its place in the international stage, not unlike how the Qin weren't a continuation of the Zhou in spite of traditional Chinese historians seeing it as such, and no thinker would defend the remade ships as continuations just because they transferred a few pieces of wood from one to the other. Literal biological death too is a concept I'll continue to defend as total rupture, a completely irreversible process, while a hard drive's death is metaphorical.

But yeah, I know, it's never that simple.

The problem with saying that elementary things are the basis for man-made abstractions is that the elementary was discovered by using abstraction. Abstractions must map onto reality, because otherwise we wouldn't have been able to find a well-defined anything. We can't retroactively derive logic from things we didn't know existed until decades ago, especially if our concepts are fanfic. Every language is going to tell you that a rock is hard, not because it's human nature to think of rocks that way, but because they really are hard. It reflects reality.

File:seth macfarlane anime.png (1.01 MB,1280x720)


Impressive! You can barely tell it's Seth doing the voice.


I'm surprised they got him to voice a girl, but I guess that's what they've gotta do to attract viewers now.


nyee hee hee


File:[SubsPlease] AI no Idenshi….jpg (436.09 KB,1920x1080)

This is the season where 3D lays claim to much territory, even our food. What a dark summer we inhabit


are those tomatoes really 3d? they could just be lazily drawn as a circle with gradients that stick out


Hmm, not sure. I was more referring to the other stuff, like the sausage and bread and cheese and I guess most of the other stuff. Spheres/circles would be easy to do in 2D or 3D I guess, true

File:658550e5142e1dd1969994e44e….jpg (166.09 KB,1133x1600)


How much data storage does /qa/ think we'd need to create a perfect replica of a human and store it onto a computer? My initial guess was about 10^27 bytes just going based off the estimated amount of atoms in the human body but with a bit more thought I realized that's probably an underestimate given you need to account for the neutrons/positrons/electrons of each atom, and even then maybe accounting for the subatomic atoms matter too.

My curiosity over this comes from the thought that maybe in the future once we're able to store a human inside of a machine we'll be finally able to open up a wide range of possibilities for research into the body. Consider if we did this, maybe we could actually conduct human experimentation without any actual physical humans being harmed in the process. You could copy yourself into the net to have your presence never die. Potentially through this you'd be able to have the most immersive sims around too. Although maybe for some of these the actual requirements of what we'd need mapped in the human body is far less than something like every atom.

In any case though, I wonder if this could even be possible given the massive amounts of storage one would need to pull it off probably makes this infeasible. Do you think we'll keep rapidly growing in terms of tech evolution so that the amount of data we can hold will be enough to store a person on? Or are we at/nearing the limits of what we can do?
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File:1517546979260.jpg (14.02 KB,184x184)

Now that I think about it, do we even know how our neurons work? Wonder if you could reconstruct a brain if you knew how it was composed with molecules and such if you don't understand how neurons work.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (346.67 KB,1920x1080)

Isn't an individuals set of chromosomes alone a few terabytes or something? Or maybe it's lower, I remember something like that. I'm too dumb for this conversation, but I'm sure something like 99% efficiency would take a lot less power than 100% and that's what will happen


Billions of terabytes. Although the researchis old as hell now and nothing has come of it so maybe we'll never be able to store data on biological material. Which probably means that we'll be stuck with our hard limits.



In what way


chromosomes are so huge that even the human body utilizes multiple levels of compression on them.

File:133785l.jpg (575.28 KB,1272x1197)


help kissu which of the romances this season are worth picking up?
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Jijou and Insomnia are nice, but only because the romance has been in the back seat. Hate love.


File:[SubsPlease] Jijou wo Shir….jpg (206.17 KB,1920x1080)

In what way has the romance part of jijou taken a back seat?


He's not doing it with the intention of wooing her, he's just a friendly kid.


jijou, insomnia, and maybe yamada if you really like shoujo romance


File:[SubsPlease] Jijou wo Shir….jpg (276.84 KB,1920x1080)

Having finished it, I don't really consider Jijou to be that romantic. I mean, they're kids and it's hard to call it "romance". It's like the first crush thing you had when you didn't know what it meant, that's basically what it is. But, there's definitely value in that and I really liked the show a lot.
It's more of an "aaawww that's cute" kind of show, with some nice emotional moments

File:HD-wallpaper-firefox-world….jpg (104.7 KB,800x667)


I wanna get into writing browsers by forking something that already exists then adding modifications.
Should I start with Chromium(Blink) or Firefox(Gecko)?

I like Mozilla, but this is a field I have only superficial knowledge of.
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it's neat that VSCode is written in Electron though. I never knew that.


NO! it's not neat at all! electron is chromium garbage and it sucks. you want a good text editor? use sam.


vs code as an editor is alright
it fills the niche between notepad++ and a full blown Visual Studio/Eclipse type IDE


Upon further reading it seems that since it runs a chromium frame executed through NodeJS that it can manage to do 1:1 compatibility with webstorage functionality. But You're having NodeJS manage the chrome frames and browser calls which is surely going to be a mess.

So yeah, I agree that you could get the functionality I want out extending the browser script to conditionally use the Electron API, but it wouldn't be as intellectually stimulating and... well... it's NodeJS. Browser functionality is useful and reinventing that in NodeJS with the Electron API is just not going to be more productive than spending the time to understand Firefox's implementations and stuff


just use ed. seriously. just use ed.

File:[tlacatlc6] Gin no Saji 07….jpg (391.47 KB,1920x1080)


I've been wanting to do a kissu stream of this for a while now but I kept procrastinating. The filename for this image tells me that I took a screenshot for this thread in December of 2021.
So without further ado, I am announcing the Gin no Saji stream that will take place this Friday in two days. Same standard stream starting time of 6PM EST/11PM UTC.
It will be in https://theatre.kissu.moe/kiss/yukkuri when the time comes.

Gin no Saji is a SoL-ish show about a city boy that goes to an agricultural school to learn about farming. If the style looks familiar to you, it should, because it's from the creator of Fullmetal Alchemist. Nothing supernatural here, though, just the somewhat realistic farming life. If you don't like thinking about where meat comes from then you may want to avoid this.
It's 11 episodes, so I think we can do some OP/ED skipping and do all of it at once. There's a season two, so maybe we can do that next week or maybe we should put some time between it.
Either way, let's give it a watch!
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stream starting!


File:[tlacatlc6] Gin no Saji S2….jpg (335.02 KB,1920x1080)

Steam complete! It was pretty great. I think I like season one a lot more because it dealt with animals and farming while season 2 was a lot more focused on people and work.
It wasn't bad, but it's different from what I was expecting. Mikage is very cute


I like that it showed struggle, that some things aren't as realistic as others, and that sometimes it just doesn't pan out, without really exaggerating it much. The dad was also a more muted kind of asshole you don't see very often.


File:[tlacatlc6] Gin no Saji S2….jpg (401.27 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, that's true. Lots of struggle and life not being what you want it to be. It shows the trap of poverty that people might not think of when they think of farmers. The foundation of civilization, but they don't live very well apart from the simple pleasures that Gin no Saji does a great job of showing.


good anime

File:Ft6wCd6aMAAxXms.jpg (280.07 KB,1000x1475)


I wonder sometimes if the casual conversations I have outside of kissu with others I don't bring to the site because I feel them of low worth would actually be beneficial to talk about on here because I know for sure that it'd probably make things feel more personable.

Like for example, what do you guys think about what we should include in the stream for the next season? Or should we just throw in everything and see how it goes. I usually would expect that to garner only one response from another but maybe going through things here instead of beforehand would be nice.
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File:e2515a87197bb49e44b6207bd5….jpg (1.54 MB,3840x2160)

Man, this issue is old as dust. I think it's mainly two things: worthiness, and retreading.

Like, it's not rare for people to complain about posts that consist of just a reaction pic, how a poster supports/opposes something, or a bump. I think we can all agree those are "empty" because they don't contribute any information (2/3 are a gesture more than anything). BUT ACTUALLY, if you look up <"empty post*" -postur*> on desu, you'll see people applying the term to way more than that: questions, short comments, even full replies! Quoting some dude from /mlp/:
>Nigger what empty posts? There was actual, ongoing discussion in them.
Or this other possible retard elsewhere:
>literally the only thing you wrote in long ass empty post is what happend in movie and saying its bad
So we have a situation where A) people are annoyed by substanceless posts, and B) the definition of "substance" isn't agreed upon. For whatever reason, the threshold for what is worth posting is generally lower on chatrooms than it is on messageboards too, which facilitates some of those cases taking place outside of kissu first.

But the second part has to do with how activity is exponential. So, obviously, if you've gone through a conversation a few hours or even a few days ago, you're not gonna be very interested in restating what you've already talked about. This is a serious problem, because the people who wanted to jump on that springboard are not likely to do so again, it's not gonna get traction the way it did before. Well, that's assuming they're on both platforms, but you know what I mean.

So yeah that's what I think. As for what to include in the season, I replied to the main thread with a couple things that stood out to me, and from the looks of last season's /poll/ it seems other people have also assumed doing so counted as a nomination. Pic unrelated.


All of those things can be useful at times. A reaction image can elevate a joke, a show of support can let an OC poster know his stuff is welcome, and a bump on a crazy fast board can buy time for OP to deliver.

What needs to be kept in mind is that chatrooms are for the people in them at that moment and there's no expectation of them being useful outside the seconds to minutes it takes for the next message to come. Forum posts are for anyone who might be interested in the topic and are expected to stick around forever, possibly even generating responses years down the line if it becomes relevant again. Messageboards are somewhere in the middle; you're talking to everyone who checks the board in a timeframe of usually a day to a week, though it could be hours or months depending on the board. So a chatroom-style post on an imageboard is not going to be relevant to much of its audience for much of its lifespan. It can be anything from "lol"s to template "what was her problem"s, any post made simply to have constant activity just gets in the way of other posts that could still appeal to and act as a springboard for people who weren't there when it was first made.

It would probably be beneficial if more people thought of digital communications formats in terms of their analog counterparts. A chatroom is a casual spoken conversation with a small group of friends. An email is a letter to someone. A messageboard is a bulletin board where you tack up stuff you want passersby to see and maybe scribble responses on. A forum is, well, a forum, people making open statements on-the-record. You wouldn't cover up part of a bulletin board to say "I saw a pretty bird today," but hanging a notice of "anime stream Saturday, nominate in the blanks below" is exactly what you'd put on one. Many posts can also serve their purpose even if they're not replied to.


>All of those things can be useful at times.
Oh, I don't disagree at all, and they don't bother me personally. But it's a recurrent source of frustration for others, which can dissuade posts from being made.
Really, I don't disagree in general, but you're actually making an argument against OP: that the conversation should remain elsewhere because it's not tailored to a board, and that it is indeed of low worth. That part I'm not so sure about. I agree with OP that it could be beneficial, and in my opinion people can underestimate the worth of their ideas, leading to them making it as a throwaway post rather than a new thread, if they post them at all.


The judgement of new thread vs reply is different than post vs. don't post, I don't think it's a sliding scale. Saying "oh, this idea isn't good enough for a new thread so I'll just slot it into an existing one" is harmful not just because it limits the impact of your own idea but because it gets in the way of that other thread's original point and the posts building on it. You're essentially making a smaller notice and pinning it on top of someone else's instead of sticking it on open cork.

I don't know what OP's ideas are or how worthy they are. I'm very much in favor of making silly threads with no expectation of them going anywhere. They keep things fresh and give a reason to keep checking the board. However, bad posts crowd out the good ones regardless of where they're posted and some things just don't belong in this format.


it takes more effort than i'm willing to expend to make a new thread.
If there's any sliding scale, it's the level of commitment I have to starting a discussion around an idea I have rather than just throwing it out there in a blog-format to see what happens.

File:72393419a7038fec92fa79004c….png (944.16 KB,1200x1200)


What do you think are the red flags of short-living websites?
For me it's the .tk (and other freenom domains) and .xyz TLDs. The former because they're free, and the latter is known to have very low initial cost but high renewal cost. I think anyone using these domains don't put any thought into planning the future of their websites.
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You're right that the subreddit-style board structure wasn't the main draw, but it arose out of 4chan's refusal to serve certain users. 8chan was meant to fill the role the cross-site refugees and right wing armchair activists imagined 4chan was before being told it was a weeaboo site and didn't give a fuck about free speech. The structure was a natural result of the types of people who formed it, as was the post quality. So I do think it served a purpose beyond "4chan but I'm in charge now so everything will be better."


In the beginning 8chan also had /lgbt/ and furry refugees too


Should the director's vision be based on what the fans like?
History says no


People trying to revive dead websites where the original userbase has moved on already. Bonus points for them never having been a part of the original userbase.


>didn't give a fuck about free speech
The rules have always been a moving target. The one thing I really didn't like about moot is he'd do a 180 pivot on enforcement (or outright change longstanding rules like banning announced reports) and then tell you 'well there's always been rules so this isn't a change'.
When the rules de facto changed quite a bit post gamergate it was natural that a whole demographic of users previously served just fine by 4chan would look elsewhere. Like 8chan.
Also ties back into ancient history about 7chan. The issue du jour was different but the principal of what happened is exactly the same.

File:vlcsnap✝[SubsPlease] Isele….png (987.99 KB,1280x720)


I hope isleave is just going to be about the MC meeting new girls and effortless swooning them. All while being great at everything and stumbling across amazing opportunities.
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0:32 is epic


This is a show that's made me acutely aware of how much reading subs affects my experience of anime. I am able to excuse some of the in action on screen as I distract myself with reading.


I wasn't taking it too seriously when another anon said iseleve's core premise is that being pretty solves all problems. I just thought it was merely a coincidence of bad writing. But after watching this last episode, I can't deny it. All it takes for the prince to be forgiven of assassination attempts on the princess and to become repentant is to have his magically induced scars, magically healed by the MC.


Is this the inverse Magical Destroyers where a seemingly shallow kusoanime was actually deep this whole time?


I wouldn't call it "deeper" than Magical Destroyers, just that it doesn't try to be deeper or really try much at all. It's got about the same depth of subtext as Destroyers but less of it.

File:__gokou_ruri_ore_no_imouto….jpg (134.32 KB,600x600)


Im sick of finding a imageboard and then contributing lots of content only to have content deleted at random for no rulebreaking reason.
I've tried these
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The irony is they off-topic bump every time.


Kissu was already dead, you just hadn't realized it yet.


File:1362348359451.jpg (376.3 KB,525x600)

No... you were



File:1681189855715232.jpg (407.35 KB,1736x1764)

pulling the strings from the shadows...................................................................................................................................



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File:a76fba1deb3c42259194a52096….jpg (1.06 MB,3508x2480)


What do you think about AI games, where not only scripts and characters will be AI generated, but also the game route, game mechanics, and random events?
With various advances in AI, it's becoming inevitable that such AI games will appear. And I think they have the potential to be the ultimate "write your own adventure" games.

You can write a description about what you want the game to be like and AI will generate fitting story, characters, and mechanics for it. Games can be unpredictable since every action you make in the game can lead you to a completely different route afterwards.
Imagine you can freely chat with shop owners for pretty much anything, and even develop good relationships so that you can get a discount in price in the shop, or getting some interesting random events that the game developers have never thought of like the shop owner joining your squad...
Every player and every replay will have a completely different experience which means infinite replaybility. Players can even share seeds for good plays for others to enjoy.
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Wouldn't they prefer to oust the untalented people first


it's something like, talent grows in the heart of the machine... so when you replace the thing that's supposed to grow with an AI then you're saying that the people who could have been talented are now in the open uncontrolled by the mega-corpo. The only advantage the mega-corpo has is that it can spit out a ton of work created by legacy designers, while the indie scene grows with people who integrate AI into their design process but don't let it become them


File:informative.jpg (163.74 KB,579x591)

You know what game would benefit a hell of a lot from from a sequel using AI? Slave Maker.


AI for voice acting would be a good idea. The studio can generate the voices and tweak it until is sounds good and package it with the game. Then we can have lots of text—morrowind for example—and keep costs low for decent quality. Problem is now that the file size balloons in audio files because games companies cant into optimization and we get 500 GB games.
Generating dialogue wholesale would be a disaster as now the AI can talk about unrelated stuff in its training, and spoil the plot because what little they had written was overfitted in the finetune.


you can more or less already do that with Voicevox. With a few decent text-to-speech voices you could probably apply filters to get enough variety.


Do you think you'd be able to tell if an anime you were watching was adapted from a western source or not?
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File:kaminaki whiplash referenc….jpg (320.3 KB,1920x1080)

Speaking of western influences, was surprised to see Kaminaki have a reference to one of the best movies of the last decade...




if only I watched W*stoid stuff...



Whiplash is a very Asian parent movie

File:[anon] The Idolmaster Cind….jpg (278.49 KB,1920x1080)


Remember "Creamy's Curated List of Imageboards"? It was a list of imageboards with a guy's short description and opinion of them. Do you think there's any value in trying to bring something like that back? Opinions are probably something to avoid, though.
If if were to be brought back, I think it'd need permission from admins, and maybe the users, for their site to get added to the list. I remember someone on /qa/ had been working on one back in 2017 or maybe later, but due to jerks using it as a source of sites to attack he closed it, which was a sad thing to see. For this reason getting permission is probably something to pursue.
You see a lot of people make the "where do I go for ___ because 4chan sucks at this" threads pop up on 4chan so much that I feel it's something that can be used to help populate the alternatives (including kissu of course). Granted, a lot of people complain for the sake of complaining and wouldn't use other boards even if you shove the list in their face.

As it stands, the main thing people post is ccd0's exhaustive (but very difficult to navigate) plaintext list or occasion images with very few select boards on them. As lovers of meta and imageboards I think we'd be in a good position to create and maintain something superior to both of those.
What do you think?
8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


that site has more on it than just the tunes??


How about a wiki? I remember someone tried to do that at socialwiki.top once, but the site died for whatever reason.

On opt-in versus opt-out: Opt-in would probably be too troublesome, but a way to quietly opt-out would probably be a good idea. If you go the wiki route, maybe there could be a third option where you can look up the board's page by name, but the page isn't listed in any indexes. (Maybe this could be the only opt-out, because there are sites that clone previously existing sites and try to rewrite history as if they're the original, and we wouldn't want to accommodate them by deleting their or the original site's article.)


the kong!!!!


Well, by "curated" I meant more that it's not going to be 80% dead links or political activism stuff.

That thing you mentioned seems cool, but I think waiting for 4chan to be completely destroyed won't give it much use any time soon. How would you even spread it to people at that point?

>If the aim is to help posters stuck on 4chan find better imageboards for their interests, ccd0 could add an item to the 4chan X top bar that...
Although that does sound cool, it doesn't really have the same kind of reach and is difficult to spread. How would you tell people to find it? "First go download 4chanx, then do this" when we're trying to convince people to not just sit in a 4chan thread and complain all day. It's also thrusting more work onto ccd0 and turns it into a singular thing for one person to manage.

What doesn't matter?

Wiki, huh. Yeah, that could be a cool thing, although it requires people to expend more effort to find stuff than a list.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


You don't need to make a site, just host a list somewhere like ccd0 does. As long as you can link to it and update it, a plain text file is all you really need.

If it's just something to link to people trying to evacuate 4chan, I don't think you need to worry about spam. Unless you go full 8chan advertising campaign, it'll only be a trickle and any boards with broad enough topics to appeal to those people are going to welcome more users.

File:899ad9ee43086d0f9f82b921a8….jpg (245.56 KB,1450x2048)


If you cut a sandwich in half, do you have two halves of a sandwich or two sandwiches?


Is a sub a sandwich? A sandwich needs two pieces of bread and using a roll is only one


Before cutting it, you had put some ingredients in the middle of two pieces of bread and created The Sandwich, which is a sandwich.
After cutting it, you now have two halves of The Sandwich, each of which is a 'wich in its own right.


If you cut Endless Eight in half, do you have two halves of Endless Eight or two Endless Eights?


You would have two halves of Endless Eight, or perhaps two Endless Fours.

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