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File:b5aaea88e051fca1a41ff0c5ad….jpg (443.26 KB,620x877)


all of my hard drives are full
how much anime do you archive, kissu?
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you get it directly off the international internet pipeline, of course


Kek I didn't mean it like that but they don't care of what I do with my internet.


I only archive series that I like so my anime folder is only at 751 GB, which I also have a backup of on an external drive.



free internet....
what a noble dream


File:85648926_p0.jpg (512 KB,648x906)

I've complained about it before here, yeah. It's the US and the major ISPs have non-compete agreements with each other, so large swathes of the country are in effect territories with vassals.
I get 500g of transfer per month, which really adds up when you share an account with people that watch streaming TV all day. I don't think many people realize how how much data that stuff is, although I'm sure netflix and amazon compress it to hell. Basically my splurge times are when it's a couple days from "refreshing" since I can check my data usage on their site.
Yeah, the future kind of sucks. At least I don't pay hourly like my family did in the 90s.

File:EYyDAAmVAAAUXTD.jpg (1.38 MB,2700x2900)


Are there any specific character design tropes that you really like? I personally love plain black medium length hair combined with glasses; the type of look that is often used for fujos and student council members.
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File:(clipboard)1639794639921.png (309.51 KB,742x887)

I'd say girls like Ikaruga are my type. I've noticed I feel attracted to them more than I do to any other. The most dominant physical trait would be long black hair (and, this is not racism, white skin).


File:34e011e3c0758e8161b2e0f211….png (1.02 MB,224x224)


File:6c6d91ac09d94f5c619f8e1020….jpg (236.89 KB,480x774)

Twintails, specifically this kind of high twintail where it really changes the silhouette of the girl's head.


File:5a9d3f71e369a382ac97698203….jpg (157.95 KB,516x738)

High pigtails are very cute too.


that anime was very underrated

File:KF Kaban and Tiger 001 Gia….jpg (1.59 MB,1319x1267)


Isn't it bizarre that people call Lions kings of the Jungle? They don't actually live in Jungles but some Tigers do and Tigers are bigger than they are. It makes no sense.
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Talking about gorillas, today I dreamed about a family of gorillas living in a park near my house. I moved there with them leaving my house and returning to monke.


File:KF Golden Snub-Nosed Monke….jpg (1010.56 KB,1250x1750)

But they are apes not Moneys.


If we're already discussing monkeys here, where can I find news about some bizarre monkey happenings? Listening to Joe Rogan kind of got me into monkey stories and I want to find more. Also if you like stories about wildlife I recommend his podcast.


No, he's dumb and I hate him.


File:__serval_kaban_and_lucky_b….png (3.91 MB,2000x1711)

Yeah, uh, I gotta agree with the other poster. That guy is... well I don't have anything good to say.
I'd suggest you instead read nature journals, science news aggregates or maybe some nature-oriented youtube channels.

File:e7939fbcd60ef194841310d624….png (2.24 MB,1600x1212)


I read some stories about mafias and gangs around the world and I think that the formation of them can point to the formation of human society.
They are usually born into poverty where the only way to survive is to by acting together to be powerful enough to make ends meet, relying on strength and violence. Those who are the strongest and cruelest are the key to this, so the weak rely on the strong to survive and are willing to obey the orders of them.
This results in a pyramid social structure with different levels of leaders and a culture of obeying the order of those who are higher up. The strongest aggregates the most wealth and become the king.
Maybe autocracy is part of the human nature.
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Lack of resources is inherently tied to a large population compared to the available resources which is the result of more resources in an earlier time period.
Tropical and arctic circle both have near constant environment over time compared to the regions with four seasons. For agricultural communities the lack of resources can be easily caused by a year with less rain.


It's known that they were better fed on average but they had fewer resources outside of food as well, after all you cant have bronze artefacts if you can't work bronze. A lack of such artefacts and the prehistoric nature in general does make it harder to tell just how egalitarian or not they were but once we reach the age where they have those resources we reach the age where burial sites of important people with lots of them are found, indicating that they were not so egalitarian. But even so, even in non-metal working societies, there is almost always a chief or something similar, we see that in the anthropological record all the time. And yes war existed and it was far worse and far more brutal with cannibalism being the norm.

There are plenty of civilizations that have gone beyond the tribal age in tropical areas and plenty that have stayed in the tribal stage outside of it. I don't think it has that much to do with it and could even be argued against, an abundance of food generally pushes society forwards not backwards as people find it easier to do things other than search for it. Tropical tribes tend to be less well fed than our own prehistoric ancestors as well.


I think autocracy is an emergent feature of “the societal marketplace”.
Just as an example, consider how a primitive person would have to get their own food and protect their food and themselves. At some point a person is able to produce so much food that these two roles could be separated and one person would be able to collect enough food for themselves and for another person who is able to protect both persons. This is just basic trading between persons that are specialized. “Ruling” is also a good that is produced, so at some point people began trading their food for some person’s “ruling”.
There exist some markets, like those for utilities, that naturally form monopolies or oligopolies. In some combinations of societal size, complexity, and level of technology, I believe “ruling” is one of those monopolizing markets. As such you have autocracies form, from a “ruling” producer monopolizing the “ruling” market.


chuuni as hell


Moved to >>>/aut/1195.

File:regret.png (2.51 MB,1617x1080)


Are you regret?
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We most definitely regret that the Cops just blew up our raggedy-ass fleet!


i am disappoint


File:Meenface.webp (43.78 KB,648x479)



You sure have changed, Michael.


File:thumb-1920-607391.jpg (221.42 KB,1920x1080)

I may be regret, but I never die.

File:seed.png (12.62 KB,258x373)


does /qa/ seed?
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File:stats.png (8.81 KB,268x416)

I like to move files after I download them (and my hard drive quickly fills up if I don't), so I often can't seed for long. However, I still try to seed at least some things long-term, especially stuff that took ages to download for me, and I'm lazy enough that plenty of random files sit around in my downloads folder for ages before I move them, so I still get good ratios and seed about 1-2MB/s most of the time.


I never used to, but started after realizing my ISP doesn't care.


Generally as much as I can, but if a big file gets too "popular" I tend to pause it for a time if I'm actively using my upload speed for something. I only have 1MB upload.
I freely share anime and 3D software stuff, but games is something I can't do because of my ISP doing its threatening thing where it turns off my connection until I call to acknowledge they did it because of copyright stuff.
I can't complain about download speed or uptime, but I really, really hate my ISP for the other things.


I dont think any ISP actually cares if you pirate, they only flag you when the copyright holder says to.


sure. seed, water, fertilize...

File:1625455946721.png (52.12 KB,895x464)


How do you learn to simply enjoy things and not treat life itself like a form of work?
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File:1636311638343.gif (48.98 KB,447x446)

Smoke spinach everyday


File:poss_jam.png (165.38 KB,660x775)

There are things that are just not enjoyable for anyone.
like doing the dishes.
But you can make it better by blasting some bangin tunes


wish Neiru would sleep next to me like this....


File:1585734097721 (1).jpg (615.63 KB,850x1400)



crisp me


Are you or do you suspect you may be a supertaster? Supertasers are people that, for whatever reason, have a stronger sense of taste than normal people. You can also be a supertaster for specific foods due to certain chemical sensitivities.

I made some carrot ginger soup a few days ago and my family likes it, but it's overpowering to me. Sometimes I wonder if I eat really plain food because it tastes "normal" to me. I like to eat baked potatoes with just salt, for example. Or maybe I'm just so boring it affects my actual taste.

Are you a supertaster, /qa/?
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this 'supertasting' might just be caused by not eating spicy foods much or eating them too much.


File:mousu.jpg (113.4 KB,1000x1503)

sounds like some fantasy medical condition someone would invent to look interesting at parties


want to feel that smooth looking skin
Amashiro Natsuki draws the best looking skin


pasted taster


I smoke so I have the complete opposite problem to this
made what I thought was a pretty bland stir fry I wasn't happy with for the family the other day but they all seemed to like it beyond just common courtesy

File:1602468665112.jpg (23.48 KB,758x404)


I was watching an episode of seinfeld and was thinking, wow this isnt all that funny, but then at the end of the episode alot of the unfunny jokes were building to an actually funny joke at the end.
Is it better for something to be already funny or to be made funny through later information?
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whats the deal with /qa/?


it's new yorker humor i never clicked with it
king of the hill was more my speed since it was from a culture I "get"


I've seen fewer episodes but I remember finding curb your enthusiasm being funnier


I like it's always sunny
I can entertain myself just quoting scenes from the show


File:unknown.png (268.45 KB,731x406)

All depends on delivery/context as an already good joke can be ruined if the timing is awful and a bad joke could be funny in the same aspect, very subjective.

File:Screenshot2014-12-13142729….png (1.01 MB,1024x576)


I'm currently using Potplayer as my primary media player for watching anime vids. I was wondering which apps you guys use and if you have any suggestions to alternative players and/or recent guides to set them up for ideal anime viewing. Thanks in advance for your input.
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File:Screenshot 2021-12-14 0123….png (15.11 KB,522x371)

MPV has a Christmas logo during December and that's good enough for me.


i know the christmas logo is what it defaults to at this time, but can you change the logo in general or is that only possible with mpc?


I'm not sure, but given the fact it changes at all leads me to believe there's probably some obscure setting you can put in your config file to set a custom logo.


File:1409908444238.png (78.54 KB,800x600)

of course


Itan desu ka?

File:skyrim again.png (663.2 KB,861x478)


Can't say it's all that surprising but Skyrim is coming out again with no time line for tes6
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Maybe they should do the same for Morrowind and Oblivion or at least update it to the graphics level of Skyrim and release that, I think that would actually be a good idea and actually make them more money.


Skyrim's been released so many times I didn't even realize this was marking 10 years of Skyrim...


Skyrim is by no means a perfect game but it's really good and very replayable. I like starting new characters with mods that enhance the type of gameplay I'm planning.
Some mods even enable types of gameplay you wouldn't think of playing vanilla like monk that punches with fire or elemental archer.


I'm not sure I agree with the point on replayability. Yes, it's replayable due to the scope of the game, but I don't think run-to-run there's much that's new. From what I've seen of other people playing Skyrim, everyone pretty much converges on the same sort of end-game build where you multi-class in archery, melee, and magic. I think the game would benefit a lot more in replayability if there was an actual class system that prevented players from deciding, "Oh, this spell does more damage than X that I was using, I'll use that," and so on. I'm sure that there's a mod out there for that, but -- contain your gasps -- I really don't care about modding Skyrim so that sort of classed replayability is lost on someone like me because I don't care to say "Oh, right, I'm not supposed to pick up swords because I want to be a mage."


File:1495122740001.png (81.76 KB,649x687)

I'm sure that there's a mod out there for that, but -- contain your gasps -- I really don't care about modding Skyrim
I could not contain

File:[SubsPlease] Mieruko-chan ….jpg (451.09 KB,1920x1080)


How come gods don't often see proper portrayals as the incomprehensible beings they're supposed to be?
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by definition it's hard to visually depict something as incomprehensible
not to mention gods or God being truly incomprehensible isn't a very reassuring thought
people are afraid of too much unknown


I don't think they actually are incomprehensible.


maybe they don't have very good agents.


True, I guess the best representation of that still goes to H.P Lovecraft or Indiana Jones


File:[SubsPlease] Mieruko-chan ….jpg (284.33 KB,1920x1080)

What happens when the gods don't protect you anymore?

File:46651549.gif (1.34 MB,810x455)


thinking about becoming a full time kissu poster
what should i take into consideration?
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File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (228.73 KB,1920x1080)

Sorry for the old bump, but how has your journey gone? Did you survive?


rember to brush your teeths trice a day


File:2.gif (1.29 MB,534x960)

i'm still around


File:d636c8c-5b935ef2-0100-4b7d….gif (5.12 MB,450x300)

I forgot to brush my teeth alot and go unknown periods of time without doing it, somehow I get no teeth pain no cavities my teeth dont get disgustingly yellow. ive been to a dentist after not brushing my teeth for probably weeks and was just told im not doing a good enough job brushing (despite not having done it at all) but aside from that they were fine
im led to believe that either brushing your teeth is not actually that important or i have super teeth


Probably the latter and you don't drink/eat things that are terrible for your teeth, like soda.

File:1639292297356.png (943.11 KB,803x639)


What's her name?


File:Bamboo.Blade.S01E11.576p-H….jpg (78.44 KB,1024x576)

hmm I wonder...


I know that girl! She's Aikatsu, from Aikatsu stars!


Thanks. Omg she is so attractive... gonna wed her!


Bulbasaur, she's a grass type Pokemon. Don't let anyone spread lies that she's half-poison because that's just stupid

File:71278518_p0.png (642.28 KB,720x842)


Does anyone else hate the post-apocalyptic setting? Or maybe just any setting where humanity has declined and everything blatantly sucks? I think it's been done to death and I really don't like all the barren landscape and ugly destroyed buildings and death and destruction everywhere. Isn't there enough of this stuff in real life?
Things that are happy and nice are better.
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File:Frenpocalypse.png (1.14 MB,1920x1080)

What if we averted the apocalypse by all becoming friends?


need more like HOTD


File:Dormarth_2.webp (54.46 KB,526x692)

I forgot I made this thread. I finished playing SMT4:A. SMT does it in such a good and creative way that I can't hate it. I was reminded of playing Nocturne over 15 years ago and how amazing the atmosphere was. Persona 1's atmosphere was really cool, too, but my memory is hazy.
I guess maybe my real complaint is that most of them are done in a really boring way. If it's just normal human conflict/suffering it's not very appealing to me.
The OP picture is a girl from the Atelier Dusk trilogy. The games are really fun and I like the characters, but the setting sucks. Humanity killed the environment, so the people are surrounded by ugly, barren land with dried up rivers and so on. While there's still pretty areas, overall the setting is purposely ugly. I don't need a video game to see a world with stuff like that.


I like this acronym.
PA is a simple plot device to erase/replace aspects of modern technology while still placing it somewhere on Earth's timeline. Also adding to the fantasy RPG trope of the ancient ones, old beings of immense power.

DA would be about the destruction of culture and the struggle to protect it. 2 very different naratives that don't compete rather complement one another.


File:1513886172451.jpg (508.09 KB,1500x1080)

I don't mind the setting. I'm also a big fan of settings werethe work gets warred back into the past like in sora no woto

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