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File:Sachiko Happenings Thread ….png (597.51 KB,900x735)

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Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
Imageboard Happening Archives

This thread is cyclical with old replies removed as new posts are made.
Last Archived: February 7th, 2023
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Well from a lot of vlogs and tiktaks, it seems like most American megacorp tech employees barely worked so it was inevitable


warosu search does not work anymore


We have to let it go


maybe we can do more about it


I guess the way around it for now is to use "end date" instead of "offset"

File:vlcsnap✝[SubsPlease] Isele….png (987.99 KB,1280x720)


I hope isleave is just going to be about the MC meeting new girls and effortless swooning them. All while being great at everything and stumbling across amazing opportunities.
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File:[SubsPlease] Iseleve - 04….webm (2.82 MB,1920x1080)

Even when it comes to making absurd settings for the MC to make himself look good in the author manages to pull it off in the most mundane way possible. I find it infeasible that someone could be this unintentionally incompetent.


Both series have the same author?
This really is the season of generic isekai.


all you gotta do to be successful is hit the gym


File:[SubsPlease] Iseleve - 08 ….jpg (481.25 KB,1920x1080)

This fucking anime...


would love a bear pet

File:Shobon VR.jpg (1.89 MB,1920x1080)

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I'm a VR now.
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i shouldn't be surprised and yet i am
the future is now


File:808b958a449be18071c09a13e7….jpg (6.71 MB,2300x3500)


I was watching the recent Playstation showcase and noticed that there's a heck of a lot of VR games in there that look more like traditional games but in VR rather than "VR games". I'm lead to guess that maybe we're starting to see the success of HL:Alyx bear fruit since 3 years seems like a fair enough time for people to really get set up and ready to develop more AAA VR games. Hopefully this marks a huge step in the positive direction for VR and it begins to catch on a bit more. There's so much potential in the platform I feel is yet untouched and a bit more love going its way potentially means more of it'll be tapped in the near future. Although I am worried about if the price barrier to entry is still a bit high for some.


File:Screenshot 2023-05-28 1728….png (820.67 KB,1159x499)

Furality happening soon. Not exactly a furry myself but I think I'm going to sign up for it and see what it's like. There's one event thing I want to check out.


Furries are the ones really getting into VR right now aren't they? I remember that in VRchat they're all over the place.


Yeah. There's quite a lot of furries in VRChat and Neos. Makes sense. Spending money on a VRChat avatar and VR setup isn't so different from spending money on a fur suit. There's also just a lot of regular people too given how cheap and accessible the Quest 2 is.

File:1.jpg (2.03 MB,2048x1536)

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I tend to nag people to post their cat pictures here so it's only fair that I post some of my own. Here is the (late) kitty I had when I lived with my parents. I had her since I was eight years old and she lived to around 15 years.
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File:10.jpg (186.88 KB,960x1280)

the end


File:b64e32ee46db55996b5d19df37….gif (1.35 MB,540x304)


AAAALL the cats


me on the top


File:R-1685409556833.jpg (1.35 MB,4080x3072)

demanding fatso missed me
started meowing as soon as I stepped in

File:da baibru.png (81.53 KB,360x288)


So the DDDDD thread made me realize that kissu doesn't really have any threads dedicated to manga that I could find. The focus seems to be too much on seasonal anime. I realize that this is because manga is much harder to find/follow than seasonal stuff as there are no clear guidelines for it and Westerners don't read comics nearly as much as the Japanese do.

Anyway, what manga have you been reading recently? I just read the latest chapter of Shimeji Simulation a few days ago. As with anything made by Tsukumizu so far it is great. Definitely recommend it to everyone here and I do hope it eventually gets an anime adaption as well like SSR.
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it's a mark of consistency


File:Love-Hina-Omnibus-v01-(201….jpg (2.63 MB,2250x3375)

I use a cheap and kuso tablet too and it works fine for lower resolution scans, but trying to read something like this is on an 800x1280 display is hopeless.
Having a tablet with a better screen would be nice, but it's hard to justify spending several hundreds on something that will only be used as a manga reading device.


File:Goodnight Punpun Omnibus v….jpg (Spoiler Image,7.01 MB,4260x3056)

It's hard to put into words what I thought of Punpun while tired and a bit drunk. But anything that helps me to better evaluate myself is probably a great work.


File:[SubsPlease] Dead Mount De….jpg (506.34 KB,1920x1080)


This actually exists, and I'm quite interested.


but why spanish....

File:[Erai-raws] Maoujou de Oya….jpg (239.52 KB,1280x720)

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What have you been dreaming recently?
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File:__shameimaru_aya_and_scout….png (199.03 KB,800x790)

I was playing Scout on a fully patched version of 360 TF2. I tried to destroy a mini sentry, but of course trying to hit that thing using controller was near impossible.


not one dream instance but my dreams follow a pattern of a 3/4 ratio of being really great then one strange/weird/unexplainable dream occurs with things that can't be described or written down


Had a very odd dream recently in which events and things in the dream were represented by 'cards' so to speak. Each card was an illustration of what was going on but at times the illustrations were off and needed to be modified. I had to fix each and every one of them to achieve the perfect scenario I was aiming for. It's vague in my memory, however the last thing I remember doing was trying to create repeated strikes of a spear before I had woken up.

I feel like it may have been a dream connected to how much AI generation I was doing at the time. All that prompting and subsequent editing to re-prompt really must've gotten to my head.


File:FRG7m99agAAMu6s.jpg (877.52 KB,1366x2220)

I keep having these very realistic and mandela effect-like dreams about playing as Chinese and Korean factions in Shogun 2, which is probably due to me wishing they made a DLC set during the Imjin War.


File:milk.png (584.69 KB,2000x1519)

I dreamt that /qa/ started living together in a shack and then declared itself an independent nation.


What's actually stopping animation studios from making high quality 3DCG animations like this? This was made by far fewer than the number of people you see listed on high budget productions and yet I feel it far surpasses any 3DCG production I've seen.
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I've seen PS1 games with smoother animations than what we get today. I felt kinda dumb when I noticed why that is, the key difference lies in whether you use motion capturing or not.
I'm guessing that getting full mocapping is somehow more expensive than half-assedly animating 3D models by hand? I'm pretty sure you can do good enough mocap with just a phone's camera, no extra gear needed, it really is a mystery.
There's probably a also big aspect of traditionally 2D studios not really knowing how to use 3D software, maybe?


I think I've asked this before, but why not t
Toonboom-type 2D puppet animation like you see in Western TV animation? I'd be way easier to replicate the traditional 2D look with something like that, especially when you mix it in with hand-drawn animation.


There are plenty of smooth animations that don't use mocap, I doubt Dead or Alive did.



File:blue parent bone red child.jpg (20.41 KB,512x512)

Dead or Alive was really impressive because they had so many 'bones' in the breasts to give them such fantastic and fluid animation. These days people can rely on physics engines to do it and only give the breasts maybe 2 'bones' for movement, but in the old days DoA gave the breasts like a dozen of them and manually moved them around for animation, which is a massive undertaking. That's more than the arms or legs would have, (if you ignore fingers/toes)

File:fdbaa121ecf63ed71b6943425d….jpg (199.07 KB,2048x1448)


What do you think of the over-proliferation of video guide/tutorials replacing texts and pictures even though videos are much worse for most of these contents?
There are some contents where video tutorials make sense, like disassembly of computer parts, but for a lot of others they provide nothing of value. In fact, they actively waste times because it's harder to skip uninteresting info made worse by lower information density, such as all these programming tutorials where you need to sit through everything including waiting for something to be opened and typed and retarded narration.
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People need to just have blogs again


I use Glasp to transcribe youtube videos


what youtube guides can i follow to become as cute as mahiron


File:[SubsPlease] Isekai One Tu….jpg (457.52 KB,1920x1080)

Video is extremely inefficient for conveying information, but people like them for the entertainment value and the "turn brain off" appeal. Personally, I think all this stuff was perfected with GameFAQs, but it's not nearly as popular as it used to be and lots of info is on specific wikis now (make sure to avoid 'fandom'-operated wikis if you can) and it's a lot less social.
I think that's a big thing that has been lost- communication. Videos and articles are things that are created and left to sit there- something that is consumed by the audience. However, GameFAQs and other older sites had people exchanging information and creating great threads filled with data and also having fun and making friends while doing it.
Alas, we just live in different times.


Pretty sure that still happens, you just need to join some youtuber's discord to see it.

File:1683364894673060.jpg (261.59 KB,2048x1140)


do you have any habits or quirks about how you use your computer that other people could consider unusual?
when i was younger me and my brother used to burn funny images and videos onto CDs for some reason. i also hoarded HTML pages for offline reading, but my internet is more reliable now so there's no need. i also still use RSS feeds, i guess that's unusual for some people.
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File:[EMBER] Heavenly Delusion ….jpg (240.77 KB,1920x1080)

> for some reason
Storage was expensive back then and CDs were pretty great for that. I ended up burning CDs just to make more room on the hard drive. CDs could store like 700MB and hard drives were 5-20GB.
Hmm... weird habits... uhh.. I don't organize "general" images. I have a folder for /jp/ that became /qa/ that became kissu and then there's everything else. I should probably get around to organizing them sometime.
I have a lot of 'temporary' folders that I shove stuff into, and it becomes just another unorganized 'general' folder that gets lot with 500 other 'general' folders, so I end up doing windows search to find stuff sometimes. (The program 'everything' is really good at this)
Uhh... hmmm...
I have a backup of every "all-purpose" older hard drive on every new hard drive I get. I.E Drive A is on Drive B, and Drive A and Drive B is on Drive C and so on. I don't do this for large media stuff, but for images and other stuff I accumulate over time.


File:R-1685061224782.jpg (106 KB,1300x878)

'Member these?


I use GNOME 3


I don't know if this counts as one, but Ratpoison is the only tiling WM that I like. It's basically GNU Screen or Tmux but for Xorg. By default, there is only 1 window visible and it's maximized. You can manually split the screen or just keep everything maximized and change windows by using keybindings. It's also very easy to configure Ratpoison.

Here is my ~/.ratpoisonrc:
bind c exec alacritty
bind t exec alacritty
bind e exec thunar
bind r exec rofi -show run
exec xset -b
exec setxkbmap eo
exec feh --bg-fill ~/.config/My_BG.png

Ratpoison also supports workspaces with rpws. Ratpoison can show all (including custom) keybindings with ctrl+t ? (first press ctrl+t and then release the keys, then type ?). StumpWM is like Ratpoison++ and it's written (and configured) in Common Lisp (SBCL). It has a lot of nice features but it's not as lightweight or as stable (I never encountered any issues with StumpWM, however). Currently, I'm using IceWM because I never used the tiling features. IceWM is similar to OpenBox but it has better syntax for config files (not XML) and IceWM is nowadays getting more actively developed than OpenBox. Still, it's a shame that Ratpoison is kind of unfashionable nowadays. It's very simple to use.


File:[SubsPlease] Yuusha ga Shi….jpg (243.55 KB,1920x1080)

Yep. Until a few years ago I still kept a couple stacks around for nostalgia's sake, but ironically it was just taking up too much space. I do still keep around the burned disks, though, especially the old PSX and PS2 games. I've got one of those old cases meant for music CDs that served its purpose well.
Now you could fit the entire library of these older consoles on something the size of your thumb tip, it's really amazing

File:[SubsPlease] Kaminaki Seka….jpg (620.94 KB,1920x1080)


Do you ever wonder if it 20 or so years people will make PS2-style 3D references in stuff or if it will remain simple sprites when people want to make something look video game-y?
I figure a lot of the people creating things these days grew up with or at least experienced the 8 and 16 bit eras at the time, but what will it be like once those people are retired?
(remade the thread on /qa/ since I think it'll be better here)


File:[SubsPlease] Kaminaki Seka….jpg (297.44 KB,1920x1080)

I think Kaminaki is a good example of a hurdle that has to be dealt with. People saw this 3D guy and I'm sure people probably dropped the show because of it. I think in hindsight while it also does save budget and time I think it's also a purposeful design decision to make 3D that looks primitive and out of place.
Maybe 20 years from now people will be so good at 3D, and audience will be so accustomed to it, that something like this is an obvious joke.


File:1684972548911.jpg (48.81 KB,915x724)

Mmm, no, I doubt that'll happen much. Pixel art is special in that it can lie on the cheaper side of the spectrum but still look charming, it's simple stuff. Kaminaki isn't videogamey at all, and its manga doesn't have any sprites anywhere, so it's clear that the anime chose to use them as a big cost saver first and foremost. Compare that to The King or Atar's transformation, and you'll see that cheap 3D doesn't work nearly as well as cheap sprites. Let's not even talk about the red guy or that weird turkey that appeared for twenty seconds.
I think that for comedy or side stuff, simple pixel art still has a lot of mileage left regardless of whether it even intends to be a reference to something. On the other hand, stuff like emulating PS2 3D animation would take waaaaay more effort and dedication, it's nowhere near as viable.
I don't really buy the argument about using contrasting 3D to evoke any kind of anything, it looks out of place period. The combine? Yeah, that's an awesome joke, but I don't think it's the case for my King and his derpness.


Pixel art is still widespread in indies, so it won't become any less recognizable among the new generation. PS2-era graphics only existed for that one brief generation as 3D was improving and isn't stylistically distinct enough to be clear you're doing it on purpose. People who like the show might defend it by saying it was, but anyone viewing it from a vacuum will just think it's cheap, low-effort crap. Even PSX/N64-era 3D with polygons jutting out everywhere makes a better "we're doing this as a reference" style.

File:2478b95a3a5f49f0fec7d73f68….jpg (1.63 MB,868x1500)


Does /qa/ believe theres life out there beyond just earth? Or, even more unlikely, intelligent life? Also what are your reasons for or for not believing so? I like to think it exists because of how life-striving chemistry seems to be. As though there's some goal within matter of the universe to try and create life. Otherwise it's odd to consider the existence of a universe utterly devoid of life, as though there's something critically flawed about such a system.
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>I bet we could probably export life there ourselves at some point
I know rovers and stuff are made in clean rooms, but it always makes me think if some bacteria might hitch a ride on some of things we've sent to other planets.


I assume there's something similar to life, in the "self-fueling self-replicating machine" sense, but I doubt life as we understand it on earth exists elsewhere, simply because it's too specific.


The universe is so large that I think statistically there has to be. But because the universe is so large it's likely we will never see it.


File:[Rom & Rem] Urusei Yatsura….jpg (274.94 KB,1920x1080)

I agree with the other posts.
The sheer numbers involved both in the size and the amount of time that has passed makes me think life is a guarantee throughout most if not all galaxies. Intelligent, social life seems like it would be extremely rare, though, as intelligence is itself rare on Earth and was just an adaptation that happened to work for a few species. Insects are more successful than any other group and they're basically little robots, and of course a virus could theoretically destroy all of humanity one day and the debate as to whether they're alive or not is still ongoing.
I really love the idea of a galactic federation thing with a whole bunch of species from different regions, but it seems like an absolute impossibility because of the scale, even before you take into account communication and how different lines of life would perceive reality. According to google, the Milky Way is 105,700 light years wide, so you would absolutely need targeted teleportion across utterly ridiculous distances as the speed of light, the theoretical maximum, is far too slow.
But, lots of stuff possible today was considered impossible in the recent past so who knows what we'll find. Quantum mechanics is basically a cheat code for reality so I'm sure if there's any answer it will be there.


The law of large numbers is such a boring way to justify extraterrestrial life. Besides, we don't even know what the probability of life is. It may be so small that even with how large our universe is it could be just us.

File:[Yabure Kabure] Non Non Bi….jpg (452.28 KB,1920x1080)


Do you have any experience gardening?
I decided that I'm going to attempt gardening this year. My dad grew up on a farm and we had crops in the backyard when I was a kid. I still have the old tilling machine that's in good shape and some other rusty tools, but I don't have a hammer to mine silver from nearby rocks so I won't be able to upgrade the stuff.
I think it's too late for my geographic location to start growing early Spring stuff from seeds, so I need to buy some that are already a few weeks old from a local nursery, or maybe online? This stuff sounds kind of fun as long as your expectations are reasonable.
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File:asdf2.png (4.21 MB,2560x1440)

A more comparable view to the original image



File:asdf3.png (2.08 MB,2167x1131)

Foreground is onion and a crapload of clovers that grow instantly overnight even when I pull them all. There were supposed to be some other flowers growing around the onion but they don't seem to be working apart from marigold (very bottom left corner).
Then the next row past the tarp is the aforementioned cucumbers, except the left-most plant is cantaloupe.
Then the next row is watermelon, and then it's the tomatoes.


File:asdf4.png (3.36 MB,2336x1440)

The beans that weren't destroyed by evil rabbits are starting to throw out tendrils so I placed stakes and it's amazing to watch them attach and climb.
The orange stuff in the pitcher is a mixture of cayenne pepper and garlic powders which is something I read about to deter rabbits. You spray it on the plants. I'll be getting a chicken wire mesh fence thing set up soon since they're not expensive and I hate seeing my plants destroyed before they can grow. Eat some leaves, yeah, that's fine, but tear them out at the stem and kill them? GO AWAY!

(also it's really hard to get a good picture with a laptop that only has a forward-facing "webcam" camera. Just imagine me holding the computer backwards moving my finger around to 'click' the touch pad thing.


File:asdf5.png (2.49 MB,2251x1440)

Oh, forgot the sunflowers. There's like 25 of these total around the South side of the house (which is where the most sun is if you're in Northern hemisphere).
Pic from two weeks ago: >>108012

File:a1e93b9acac36663c3edc2d3f3….jpg (651.57 KB,1085x1007)



Did you know that wormholes potentially already exist, and at some point in the future we could possibly move matter through them? The only issue is that they're small, really small. So much so we can't even hope of fitting a person through them, but maybe something like nanobots could be sent through. Given this, what implications does this have for the perceived hard limit of light speed being the fastest things can travel? Also if they can exist naturally, what's the likelihood that at some point humanity will be able to open them with their own technology?


Hmmmm, only at microscopic size...
Well, there's the problem of what to do with the nanobots once they're through, and how to even wield them. Communication with them would still take thousands of years, right? With how you'd be sending and receiving info with stuff that's still capped by the speed of light.
The Orion's Arm project features a web of wormholes for navigation, but its design and maintenance is enabled by a group of incomprehensibly ascended superintelligent god-AIs to the fifth power, their clarktech, and several thousand years of research even with the support of said AIs.


>The Orion's Arm
was NOT expecting to come across a reference to that freaking niche community first thing in the morning


I just have them as reference as "those dudes with their wack as fuck hyper-advanced sci-fi setting".


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (300.3 KB,1920x1080)

I think I've read that they've managed to "teleport" some elementary particles or something so this is probably something similar to that? Quantum physics is so bizarre that it's easier to just classify it as magic and be on your way


Extremely clickbaity headline.
>Given this, what implications does this have for the perceived hard limit of light speed being the fastest things can travel?
If wormholes exist, then yes, we can circumvent the speed of light limit. But that's a big if.

"Teleporting" means something rather technical about splitting quantum information into a purely quantum part not subject to the speed-of-light requirement but useless for sending a classical signal and a purely classical part which is just a classical signal. It has little to do with the sci-fi idea whose name it bears.

File:5bc10687503814764dcdd3eb27….jpg (1.2 MB,1716x2559)


I'm going to Japan for the first time ever next month and I'm very much looking forward to it. I really want to explore Kyoto, all the traditional architecture and shrines look really interesting. And I also want to climb Mt. Fuji. And visit Akihabara. For you Kissuers who have been, what was your favorite thing there?
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post pic of mom


>Oh and one last thing, DO NOT go to shibuya, shinjuku, or harujuku. Just dont, they suck. The area is only worth going to for Meiji Jingu
yeah would agree with this, although I got some nice leather gloves in Harajuku, as well as new sneakers.
I would also argue that even Meiji Jingu isn't a big deal especially if you aren't into monarchies or the Japanese royal family, which would be most I figure. When I went I just treated it as a park to stroll through and felt a bit like an ass and a gawker making an exhibit out of some people's sincere beliefs and reverence for royal blood. It isn't that interesting either; the grand shrine in Suwa had a massive nawa rope and a huge 7ft long sword.


do not take your mum to anywhere near tourist trap locations, they WILL spend tons of times shopping in duty free shops


scared someone's going to say something kimo


Did you have any funny interactions

File:[SubsPlease] Oshi no Ko - ….jpg (300.91 KB,1920x1080)


If you told me that Doga Kobo of all studios would be producing the potential AOTD with an opening movie that asserts itself proudly as most likely the best anime movie to come out this year. I'd probably laugh in your face. All the trash they've been throwing out there. The quality void, I didn't think it was possible.

After watching this I'm convinced and refuse to believe there's any reason for this other than they had the A-team hard at work perfecting this very work. Haven't been this excited about an anime for a long time. Being able to tug at my heartstrings and relate to the protagonist not out of some form of "relatable" character points, but instead from sharing the same burning vengeful passion is what I feel really marks a masterpiece in the making.
46 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I guess those are part of the message too, but I found more of the criticism to be directed towards the audience than the industry. Rather than the disingenuous nature of Ai being a fault, the anime praised her for it and ran defense for the idea that there is nothing wrong with it.


File:[SubsPlease] Oshi no Ko - ….png (1.08 MB,1920x1080)

This is the opposite of critique. Kana explicitly says Ruby looks like a great performer because of her resemblance to Ai, and Ai is the PERFECT, GENIUS idol because of her lies. Those terms are not ironic, they're not satire, it's what the characters genuinely think about her. Anyone who endorses her is endorsing her lies, and by extension the practices of the industry, because lying is what it demands. As long as nobody opposes Ai's perfection, the criticism is either badly done, or not done at all.


If that's the case, then it's not helped by everyone but Akane being able to manage, and her ignoring the advice she received. Makes it look like a personal flaw rather than a real issue.


I should preface by saying that I do like the show and am looking forward to the next episode, but i dont think the show is all that good nor does it do anything all that special in its shallow critique, but I think the issue isnt with that but instead because its trying to be too many things at once and it all suffers as a result. the first act hook was fine but now it would be much better if it just kept the working slice of life bits, the reincarnated bit doesnt feel all that necessary but I can see why its there. The rest makes the show feel likes its constantly jumping around and cant decide what its trying to be. I also hate that they are going to have the two main characters not realize that they already know eachother until much later, this sort of plot point introduced and every once and awhile brought up but its clearly going nowhere is infuriating.

At least the girls are cute.


I see it as having three main threads going on, each of which could've been their own manga:
A) dude seeks revenge for his mother's death
B) teens finding their way through the entertainment industry
C) expo about said industry
Apparently it's got romcom stuff as well, iunno.
Anyways, the issue is that the main hook is A, it's the climax of episode 1, but the story is actually centered on B and C and that's why I think its advertising was disingenuous. You always have to go into a work knowing what it's about, because if you have the wrong expectations you'll come out upset that it wasn't what you were looking for, but this time the show itself and everything surrounding it plastered Ai's face everywhere it could and is now failing to deliver on it. I assume that's why >>108520 called it filler, even though... it's not, not at all.

For example, for comparison, Perfect Blue doesn't stop every ten minutes to dump some exposition on you, themed kirara doesn't have super srs dramatic character arcs, and something like Pompo had its protagonist's goals and his learning about the industry perfectly aligned, as well as being more of a pure celebration. OnK indeed tries to do everything at once, which is why negative reviews keep saying something along the lines of it being unfocused.
Also, I don't think any of the characters so far are as interesting as Ai was, and that's a shame.

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