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File:kissu streams.png (230.94 KB,924x847)


Current plans: Monogatari streams every Friday, nyaa! (and some on Sundays I guess?)
This is a thread for discussing and planning streams that people can host using kissu's own anonymity-supporting cytube fork at https://theatre.kissu.moe/! People can and should make threads for the big day so they can post images and stuff and be more in control, but a thread to talk about stuff was suggested and I think it's a good idea.
I think I'll edit this OP to coincide with planned streams as well.38 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


If I can remember what we were using I'll come back and link it. It isn't that hard. We rented a cheap VPS and installed some software we got from github on it. Then all you had to do was connect to the server like you would with twitch/youtube or any other major streaming service. I typically used OBS but I piped ffmpeg directly a few times.

Anyway, you'd stream the video to the VPS then it would distro it to your users. We had about 30 regulars and one time about 200 people connected during a big event. We never had an issue with bandwidth since we had unlimited plan and the VPS could handle several hundred users.

The best part was if I streamed in 1080p the users could toggle quality in the player it embedded. So they could pull down 360p and 720p transcodes if they were on slow connections. VPS never had an issue with transcoding in real-time.

Everyone that streamed on it had a different style. What I did was plan a block of content similar to how Toonami and Adult Swim were run back in the day. Then I'd stream 4-6 shows for those few hours with breaks and bumpers in between. Sometimes I'd switch over to someone else's live stream and restream it if people in chat requested. It was really fun.

I don't join the streams here often. I think I watched Ergo Proxy a few months ago with you guys and a couple of movies in the past. I'm not really into streaming much and I don't use sites like Twitch. I did enjoy producing content for the one I ran for a little bit though so perhaps I should make an effort to give it another try. I did enjoy things like Saltybet back in the day.


I've tried to look into how to do this and upload a stream as a file to the cytube player, but I don't think it's possible.

In the least I haven't put in the time to research multimedia streaming. Best I know is http/tls sockets


Its possible. If the guy that set it up for us is still around I'll ask him about it next time I see him. I helped maintain it when he wasn't around but I'm having a hard time remembering the name of the script now.

What it basically did was embed a player from our VPS server in the cytube page. It by-passed the default cytube player if I'm recalling things correctly. It worked really well even on old smart phones. It could even auto-adjust quality for the user if they started dropping packets or their bandwidth got wonky.

You can't do it directly through cytube as far as I know. You have to set-up your own VPS like this and embed the third-party player.

The upside to doing it this way is no more conversion+upload. Instead you set-up OBS (or ffmpeg) to transcode the video in real-time like a normal streaming set-up for twitch/youtube. You don't need a recent CPU to do it either. I was doing it on a 15 year old CPU just fine. Since I was VJing the stream for those hours it wasn't like I had anything else hogging resources going on. You don't have to plan things in advance anymore. If chat doesn't like what's being played you can just load up a different video locally and switch to that.

What I did was dedicate a monitor to the stream. Anything I played on the monitor got sent out. But I had some keyboard shortcuts for OBS that allowed me to switch to a title card stream if I wanted to hide the screen for any reason. What I did was set-up a playlist of content locally and run it through mpv. Then I'd set that to play through while participating in chat on another monitor. If people needed pee breaks I could pause mpv and switch to a title card or something else I'd prepared in OBS while everyone waited. Usually I'd play music or something.


File:1421388966605.jpg (635.26 KB,793x1122)





File:e97ac0d50d151010259c7ea51e….jpg (501.45 KB,850x1200)


I am considering going on a carnivore diet. Nothing fancy, prolly just ground beef, eggs, and dairy products every day. I've tried more "balanced" diets before and I never felt any better. Lately I've been very depressed and started putting on weight, so I'm interested in seeing what life will be like cutting out carbs almost completely. I understand there are some risks because there hasn't been much research on these types of diets, but I don't really care about anything right now.

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What part of my post sounds "paranoid" and how am I promoting a "conspiracy"? How is a statement of fact a "conspiracy"?

Perhaps it's you that is paranoid since you're assuming the worst in other people. Like you know better or something. I don't need to read your link to know that it agrees with what I said. I know that everything I said is fact.


being defensive over someone challenging you, hmmmmmm


File:119.png (57.41 KB,173x464)


File:Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 1….png (5.85 KB,477x77)

>how am I promoting a "conspiracy"?
NTA, but in arguing that the aluminum industry "started advocating that it was good for children's teeth" in order to cut costs, you are saying that they had an "agreement for perform together a []wrongful[] act."
Pic related.

Also, I don't think you are paranoid, but
>when I read about how fluoride used to be considered toxic waste which required paying big money to dump I understood what happened.
made me pause and ponder whether to continue reading or dismiss your post as paranoid nonsense. I agree with the other guy on this: This sentence sounds paranoid.


it sounds paranoid because you treat fluoride like a wholly negative thing, a poison that was put there for nefarious purposes rather than the more complex process of some scientists using the evidence they had to fight a health crisis, which they rushed out while overstating its positive effects
you don't distinguish it from any sort of toxic waste and talk about it in the same context as mutant fish, that's a problem too

here's people from harvard quoting other studies concerned that past records came from bad practices:
and they sound as normal as ever, even the PHS lowered its recommended levels by a good amount
>It is expected that implementation of the new recommendation will lead to a reduction of approximately 25% (range: 12%–42%) in fluoride intake from drinking water alone and a reduction of approximately 14% (range: 5%–29%) in total fluoride intake.
but then you compare it to the previous post
>"They" say a lot of things. The toothpaste you use everyday will kill your dog. So "they" say. But it's also super healthy for _you_ even though it's proven to contain something that lowers your IQ.
not only is it something the above two links tackle, they can do it without needing to invoke the shadow cabal of "they"

File:[SubsPlease] Ijiranaide, N….jpg (242.66 KB,1920x1080)

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pouting at the fact that kissu has a bump limit
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File:[Piyoko] Himitsu no AiPri ….png (2.35 MB,1920x1080)

'Filtering' as in opening up video editing software and and adding a bunch of noise and other filters


I just filtered this shab


File:vlcsnap✝[SubsPlease] Tense….png (1.43 MB,1920x1080)


File:vlcsnap✝[SubsPlease] Kono ….png (1.64 MB,1920x1080)


File:vlcsnap✝[SubsPlease] Kono ….png (2.11 MB,1920x1080)

File:ab708131e24529da534c51b7e8….png (4.42 MB,1611x2531)

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Didn't have any basil for my pizza so I put thyme on it instead.
It's not a bad substitute. It's pretty good in its own right.
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I'm on my way.


>no one made carbonara with ham and spinach for me
because you posted TWOOO TOOOONE


She dyed her inner hair green to show her love for spinach and this is how you treat her....


should've dyed the whole thing


File:__kochiya_sanae_and_kochiy….png (4.74 MB,3070x3897)

Spinach hair maids are good too.

File:[Yabure Kabure] Non Non Bi….jpg (452.28 KB,1920x1080)

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Do you have any experience gardening?
I decided that I'm going to attempt gardening this year. My dad grew up on a farm and we had crops in the backyard when I was a kid. I still have the old tilling machine that's in good shape and some other rusty tools, but I don't have a hammer to mine silver from nearby rocks so I won't be able to upgrade the stuff.
I think it's too late for my geographic location to start growing early Spring stuff from seeds, so I need to buy some that are already a few weeks old from a local nursery, or maybe online? This stuff sounds kind of fun as long as your expectations are reasonable.
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File:arrggh.jpg (1.45 MB,3582x2616)

And here's something that angers me. Why? Because I've had terrible luck with the peas this year so I just found a corner and dumped some peas I bought last year. I didn't even water them after the initial day. So of course they're THRIVING in a freaking corner where I left them to die while the ones I coddled have almost all died off.


File:carrots.jpg (2.38 MB,4032x2262)

Here is the row of carrots. The leaves are quite pretty. The arrows point to some pea plants that should be tall and green right now but are instead barely holding on. They're supposed to be taller than the carrots so the sunlight easily gets to everything, but instead...


File:DEAR GOD WHY.jpg (1.44 MB,3655x1950)

And here is my gardening day being ruined AGAIN
Not just heavy rain, but HAIL. Yes, lovely hail with a diameter that's 0.5-1 inch (10-20mm). Again I can't complain because some people are getting tornadoes. The sun is already out again as if nothing happened, but everything is soaked and I'm sure there's some damaged plants from the hail.
So concludes today's adventure in gardening. Hooray.


File:hail.jpg (228.86 KB,1800x1494)

I have to admit that hail, in isolation, is pretty cool. I hope there isn't major plant damage since hail is known for tearing them apart...


File:ee746b4b7404721741c3c15973….jpg (2.33 MB,2000x2000)

me watering your pea plants

File:AI art.png (370.42 KB,512x512)

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There's two threads on /qa/ for different AI generation content and help. A thread on the morality and ethics of AI. One about the future potential AI holds. One on >>>/megu/ for more in-depth help with specifics. Then scattered about across all the boards some threads using AI generation for image openers and such. However, none of these actually encompass kissu's opinion on AI!

So, what do you /qa/eers think of AI currently? Do you like it, dislike it, find it useful in any meaningful way at all? Or are you simply not interested in the output of algorithms?

I myself find AI to be a useful tool in generating the kind of content I've either exhausted the available stock of or are gated off by some hurdle I need to spend more time overcoming. When it comes to text/story generation, it's like a CYOA playground where I play the role of DM and set up all the lore/situations/characters, and then the AI acts out events as I lay out the flow of the story. This creates a more interactive experience for me than just writing out a story myself for some reason, and I find it highly addictive. Then for AI art generation, I find that AI works wonders for filling a specific niche taste I have, or specific scenario I want to create an image for. It really is quite amazing in my eyes, and I have hopes for it getting even better in the future.
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File:12f6f99659.png (170.03 KB,1324x418)


<- Opus


I wonder how I could feed it some information about newer tech problems I have a hard time to understand and digest them to being youtuber-tier


File:20240519_000805.jpg (438.66 KB,1922x2048)

While learning JP to read VNs/Manga and watch anime in harmony is that what I post while doing so will be inaccessible to a fair bit of people. So seeing the advancements of AI in making translation more real time and convenient makes me happy and hopeful that we'll have on the fly OCR translations in the future people that don't know jp can use.


File:[SubsPlease] Spice and Wol….jpg (227.71 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, "live" OCR stuff is nothing new and people have been doing it for nearly a decade now, but having far faster stuff that's also a bit better (but still not great, contextual language and all that stuff) is really quite amazing. I didn't stop the Nosuri playthrough I was doing because of the translation, but because of the font being unreadable with OCR...
Well, maybe AI OCR stuff will progress, too. I don't think I could get away with sending GPT4-O thousands of screenshots without paying


I like the AI/live-OCR stuff but I worry about people using it to churn out lazy translations they don't bother to check. We're already seeing a lot of that and now some companies are trying to cash-in.

But I think it would be a very valuable tool for learning a second language. As long as it doesn't teach you bad habits. What I'm really looking forward to is live-speech translation improving. Picking up kana and some basic kanji didn't take me that long. But learning how to speak like a native speaker and being able to understand a native speaker are a very different matter. Especially when you do not have access to one IRL to practice with. Even then they're usually speaking slow and not teaching you certain words and concepts (like internet slang). No Japanese teacher in an institution of learning is going to cover subjects like common otaku slang or curse words.

Then there is the issue of dialects. You could spend years learning one dialect and be totally unable to understand someone speaking the language in a dialect common just 1 hour outside of the major cities. The main barrier I had learning how to speak basic Japanese was the fact that our teacher couldn't understand our local English dialect well and we could barely understand her Engrish. Every lesson was incredibly frustrating especially with a class room of idiots making fun of her daily.

File:1694551941464.png (146.63 KB,444x444)


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File:AI Song.mp3 (2.56 MB)

As 'primitive' as it is, I've been a fan of this song for years. There's plenty enough generic music made by humans, that I see little point making more just like it with AI - the bigger potential IMO is for using it to make music that sounds inhuman, just as how Vocaloid is at its best when treated as its own style, not as a poor imitation of human vocals.


the irony is that if it wasn't good you wouldn't bother to make a video out of it, but it has obvious implications for cheaply producing the "sides" to your main product


it's soulless and i refuse to listen to it
I'd rather hear bad music some actually tried hard to make


I would rather listen to the lazy cashgrab of a professional than the futile efforts of an amateur.


I can't decide if this guy is using AI voice generation or is actually this good of a mimic. But he's producing content at an amazing rate and most of it is good. I don't listen to a lot of rap music anymore (mostly just K-rino) but this guy drops a new album every month or two and I always give them a listen.

I think AI music is like all AI-art. It can be a great tool in the hands of an actual artist. But a lot of people aren't the creative types and they produce mountains of garbage just because they now have the ability to pump it out.

I've noticed a ton of new youtube channels lately that do nothing but post AI generated click-bait. Some of them have millions of views and from the comments it's obvious most people can't tell. I've seen some other suspect stuff on youtube lately as well. A lot of "face reveals" lately that are obviously some kind of AI+face tracking and/or so-called "deepfakes".

File:FUFkj43UEAElLGX.jpg (1.05 MB,1800x2404)

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Which side does /qa/ take? Obviously pixiv would probably be better for searching (although boorus are even more preferable for that) and viewing a long list of art at once. However, in recent days I've been using twitter's feed more and I think that in terms of discovering new artists and likewise finding interesting stuff from people you haven't already followed it's a lot more convenient. Also the previews are a lot easier to see. So in terms of finding content, which do you think makes for the better go-to feed?
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The west does have a lot of doujin creator type people that make things for free, they just seem to make games instead of comics. F-95 zone has a lot of games from them and some of the game developers post on the site too.


I agree with most everything you said. I've been here to watch it grow and chance. It's really changed for the worse. I don't understand the tiwtter clones myself. The problem with moderation is finding good ones. Those people you speak of are always the firs to apply. They act sane for a bit then they go crazy and kill the community from the inside. Seen it happen far too often.

We used to have a lot of "doujin" software but now it seems like things are going behind a paywall. What I really miss are western artists that did animated shorts. A lot of them were really talented. Now you rarely hear from them at all.

I wrote a long post some where else about how I want to run/manage/start such a community. Perhaps we could discuss this there if you'd like to talk some more about it.


File:[Piyoko] Himitsu no AiPri ….jpg (172.52 KB,1920x1080)

I decided to look at the booru side of things. Some software/service thing (booru.org) that a lot of smaller boorus use (and even gelbooru) has been on the downturn for years now. To my disappointment the guy actually closed it to new applications years ago. I decided to see if there's any news in regards to this and this seems like the guy's disinterest is even lower than it used to be. It took a month for him to reply to a thread about tag searching not working: https://forum.booru.org/viewtopic.php?t=14193
With it "winding down" I wonder what this could mean for every booru that relies on it. I've seen many websites die over the years from admins that have long since lost interest and it makes me wonder what's going to happen. Gelbooru will manage I'm sure, but what about all the smaller stuff?
On a side note it's kind of disappointing to see people that used to be so passionate about this stuff just mentally check out and no longer care, but I guess that's a subject for another day.


>I really don't understand why there's like 20 twitter clones when the format is terrible for anything that isn't sharing pics of food.
Are you counting by URLs? Most of those are mastodon instances


The upside to this is I wrote some software over two decades ago now that's still chugging along fine and being used by lots of websites (it's written in PHP). So most likely someone will pick it up when it gets too unbearable and the bugs too annoying.

A lot of it isn't a lack of passion. It's a lack of time combined with the fact that it's becoming nearly impossible to host certain content on the internet these days without being harassed, doxed and ddos'd. I went through that over the last few years myself. I'd still have a couple of places online if I could keep them up without constant waves of pizza spam and bot spam. A long with people with nothing better to do than devote their lives to trying to take them down. I burned through multiple hosts in just 6 months due to harassment simply because I allowed people to have a home when others wouldn't. I don't understand why it's so hard for people to simply ignore sections of a website they don't like.

I even had people sign up to be mods that would wait until they knew I was asleep before causing a bunch of drama with the goal of running other users off. It's really sad. Of course these people never build anything of their own. They only destroy what others provide for free.

Which is why if I do something again (assuming I can raise the funds) it's going behind an LLC and going to be some kind of invite-only place (at least at first). My pipe dream goal is to run a place with creators can upload any content they want without fear of censorship and users could donate/pay them directly without worrying about the funds going missing or the banks cutting the creators off due to nature of the content.

I _really_ think it's about time we had a place where the Japanese and English users can interact directly when they want. It doesn't make sense to keep them separated when so many on both sides are interested in learning the other side's language (or already know it). Plus I don't see the point in Japanese creators going through these distro channels like CR and others. Which only ruin the content or censor it. When they could just sell directly to English users.

Imagine if a mangaka could post his/her work on a place with no censorship then share some of their donations with the English community to do a proper translation within a few days/week. We're already doPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File:sYRXvwl.png (369.71 KB,1026x638)

 No.71667[Reply][Last50 Posts]

Found a neat youtube player
100 posts and 22 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File:[MTBB] Bakemonogatari - 06….jpg (221.36 KB,1920x1080)

https://everythingmoe.com/ is a very useful site that popped up recently. It's a database of everything related to otaku culture with list rankings and reviews.


File:[MTBB] Bakemonogatari - 06….jpg (226.01 KB,1920x1080)

https://www.photopea.com/ A free online photo editing tool which is basically the same as photoshop.


introduction/guide on how to play the FATAL TTRPG, of all things. Unfortunately(?) it looks pretty incomplete.


File:[MTBB] Bakemonogatari - 13….jpg (207.75 KB,1920x1080)

https://4museum.neocities.org/ A pseudo-archive for 4chan for the /a/, /g/, /sp/, /trv/, /tv/ and /v/ boards dating from 2006 to 2008.


helpful hachikuji

File:1.jpg (2.03 MB,2048x1536)

 No.102927[Reply][Last50 Posts]

I tend to nag people to post their cat pictures here so it's only fair that I post some of my own. Here is the (late) kitty I had when I lived with my parents. I had her since I was eight years old and she lived to around 15 years.
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File:R-1716681447667.jpg (3.55 MB,4080x3072)

and mom's rendition


squeeze it


sometimes but that makes her leave so it's not ideal


Didn't know where my cat wet. The first floor neighbour in the building over got a cat and was walking along the railing. Cat was staring at it somewhere unusual


Cat attack

File:2f6adaf63d2319d37725072983….jpg (1.47 MB,947x1353)


It's been a while since Kissu's played any games together, and with the interests in agriculture becoming more relevant and Stardew having finally received its multiplayer update recently, I was thinking now is as good a time as ever to see if there's interest in cultivating together. I think in comparison to the upcoming Factorio expansion it should be a nice relaxing intermission people will enjoy. Also it's on sale right now so if anyone's interested I can buy it for them ( https://steamcommunity.com/chat/invite/NUIbnP7U )
6 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>labor of love updates
Phrase it as euphemistically as you want, it still means the game isn't finished yet.


Will probably start up the server tomorrow as I find myself a bit busy with stuff today.


What is your definition of a complete game? If it is fulfilling the original vision then it's a finished game, anything new is just extra free stuff. Would you rather devs take a paradox model and ship post launch updates as endless torrents of DLC? Or should they just drop it and never touch it again no matter what new ideas come to mind? Is anything ever really finished then?


File:[SubsPlease] Isekai Nonbir….jpg (115.76 KB,651x840)

Invite Code:

Come and join if you want.


File:[Piyoko] Himitsu no AiPri ….jpg (268.03 KB,1920x1080)

Dang, I never got around to playing it solo yet and doing it multiplayer as the first time would be a terrible experience. Oh, well. Have fun for me.
I tend to play these games so slowly (taking my time with events/etc) that it's a bad time for everyone involved anyway.

File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (226.8 KB,1920x1080)

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MORE AI STUFF! It's weird how this is all happening at once. Singularity is near?

Alright, there's another AI thing people are talking about, but this time it shouldn't be very controversial:
Using a temporary email service (just google 'temporary email') you can make an account and start having conversations with bots. (Write down the email though because it's your login info)
But, these bots are actually good. EXTREMELY good. Like, "is this really a bot?" good. I talked with a vtuber and had an argument and it went very well. Too well, almost. I don't know how varied the stuff is, but they're really entertaining when I talked to Mario and even a vtuber.
Sadly, it's gaining in popularity rapidly so the service is getting slower and it might even crash on you.

It says "beta" all over the site, presumably this is in the public testing phase and once it leaves beta it's going to cost money, so it's best to have fun with this now while we still can (and before it gets neutered to look good for investors or advertisers).
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File:C-1714334861653.png (355.56 KB,2230x361)

wait wtf when did sankaku start doing this


File:[SubsPlease] Henjin no Sal….jpg (314.2 KB,1920x1080)

Can't say I'm too surprised as he's always chasing money-making schemes. This stuff will slowly become more common, but most people still utterly fail to see the potential in it including here, much to my consternation. The time to strike it rich was last year (which I think I even mentioned in this thread in trying to get people interested in making a kissu version) but it will be interesting to see what others do... poorly. All these website versions are terrible as it's obvious the creators aren't even interested in it themselves. That lack of interest dooms them to mediocrity, but since people don't know any better they won't care.
I can sense some of the gas leaking from the AI bubble, but there's still a lot of it in there.


File:GNfqq47aMAATYY0.jpg (161.25 KB,945x2048)

So there's a new version of GPT out, GPT-4O, and it's insanely fast compared to the other models. It's doing translations in real time and can output text at speeds which make even the super fast GPT-4 seem slow.

Also it's apparently got even better vision now so it can describe emotion in a picture too and the feeling around it more than just describing the factual descriptors of the picture. Not sure if that's disturbing or not...


File:1715642671475755.png (230.01 KB,809x1054)

Hmm. Yeah, this seems pretty impressive based on this image I just grabbed from /g/. This is pretty damn impressive. I wonder if it can identify birds and stuff. I imagine it's still the case that GPT4 is more dry when it comes to (E)RP stuff when compared to Claude, but the tech and following directions is still the best. I've kind of temporarily lost interest in text AI again since I spent weeks making a character and burned out, but I'll get back into it eventually.
Apparently the GPT-40 thing is free, but you do need to give them your phone number to make an account so anything you say will be tied to your identity. I suppose this means they want free labor in training filters or more training data, or just plain ol' data harvesting.


>it's still the case that GPT4 is more dry when it comes to (E)RP
Maybe it's just rumors, but from posts here and there I've heard that the new model is incredibly horny. So it might just be up there with Claude now. If it's free with a phone number then I'm sure that the proxies will have it working soon enough.

File:kind-fb.jpg (344.88 KB,960x640)


Does /qa/ have any experience with ebook readers? I've been getting back into reading recently, and although I like the ebook reader app I have on my Android phone (ReadEra), it's not entirely pleasant; my phone is a bit weighty so it's tiring to hold, and it strains my eyes after reading for a while.

The most obvious choice seems to be a Kindle, but it seems kind of opaque what the differences are between models other than storage. I'm really not a fan of them seemingly being permanently tethered to the cloud and this "ad-supported" thing seems annoying as well. Ideally, I would have something that I can move my own ebooks onto just by plugging it into my PC. USB C is a hard requirement as well; I can't believe Amazon was selling Kindles with the worst charging connector of all time, micro USB, up until 2021.

Looking at the prices for the features that matter to me... I'm really wondering if it would be worth it buying one at all. From what I understand, I would probably be looking at buying some Android e-ink tablet, but those don't seem to have the best reputation online (?) and I can't imagine any are particularly lightweight. My phone is ~200g and that feels a bit too heavy for me. Anything tablet sized I'm sure would be too heavy for me.
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Thank you for the response. Is it able to display manga from right to left?


File:KCC - Other 1440x1920 Pres….png (112.83 KB,640x541)

Yes, but there's a little bit of work you'll need to do. If your manga are in .CBZ files, you'll need to convert them to .EPUB. I personally use Kindle Comic Converter. You can technically load .CBZ files if you want, but they'll have no metadata other than the title, and page turning will typically be very slow. Converting to .EPUB let's you import those converted .CBZs into Calibre and add metadata to the files. You can technically just use Calibre to convert to .EPUB, but IIRC it's just not as granular as Kindle Comic Converter.

I should also add that for whatever reason if you add .KEPUB, before the .EPUB file extension, things will load faster and for normal text EPUBs you'll get access to things like changing the font. For regular ebooks it's fine to use Calibre to convert to .KEPUB, but you'll need to download a plug-in inside of Calibre to do that.


Well, it has come out. It looks fairly okay all things considered, but it would appear to make any use of the color feature you really need to be using the glow light, which may negate some of the benefits of using e ink (namely the long battery life). Without the glow light it certainly looks muddy and poorly saturated as Kaleido tends to look. It's a bit darker than normal a normal e ink display without the glow light to compensate, as you can see here: https://youtu.be/UEGPFIpJz98?t=421 (Jump to 7:05, for reference). In a few reviews I noticed that you can see some diagonal lines in some of the up-close shots of the devices. After some thinking, I'm pretty sure this is because of the LCD layer being fairly low resolution... A cheap trick they use is marketing the resolution by stating the PPI. For color, that's 150 PPI, and for black and white it's 300 PPI. As the device has a black and white resolution of 1264 x 1680, that means the color resolution is a quarter of that at 683 x 840. I'm not sure how big of a deal that really is, not having seen the deivce myself in person to tell, but the lower resolution of the color layer doesn't appear to result in any weird aliasing in any reviews, so it's probably not an issue in reality.


Is there any ebook way to do OCR drag and select for looking up individual kanji, words, and sentences for reading Japanese manga?
I might be tempted to buy one if there is something like that since there'd be a lot less distractions available.


I should have bought the Libra 2 before it went out of stock.

File:[Rmx] 1982 Otaku No Video….webm (6.03 MB,720x480)


I've noticed that there's a bit of talk here and there at times about big named directors like Shinbo or Ikuhara in threads about there respective anime. Similarly there's "the /qa/ voice" and a few threads in the past made about favorite seiyuu's. With the more recent Seiyuu Radio thread I got a bit more interested in asking /qa/, how much do you pay attention to who's making the anime you enjoy and how conscious of their work are you while watching?

For myself I mostly know seiyuu, studios, composers, singers, and directors since those are more the big in your face part of anime, but I also can recognize a few character designers like Akio Watanabe/Amazuyu Tatsuki. I also know a few (non-director) animators by name, though I can't really tell who's who from just watching an anime like it's occasionally possible to do with directors/studios. Not even sure if it is possible.

Maybe it's a bit meta for some people, but I think it can be valuable and give you a greater appreciation of anime you really enjoy or lead you to finding other works with them included that you may also love. It can also be an interesting experience to go through the catalog of a director to watch how they grew over the years. A similar thing applies to seiyuu, and with them there's also the feeling of hearing a new voice you don't recognize that absolutely hits it out of the park and astounds you, like Utena from MahoAko.
12 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File:1649952899216.jpg (73.12 KB,554x433)

>So many people on there that are knowledgeable but publish their knowledge on a kuso platform you can't even view half the time without an account
It's ok! In time they'll all be on misskey once Elon's gutted jp twitter enough. Where you can easily sign up and be free of all the limitations westerners force through twitter! As long as you sign up through a JP IP. That isn't a VPN since it could get you banned. And your sign up is through a JP exclusive email because most western ones throw an error including gmail/proton. Which is easy to get as long as you've got a JP phone number with SNS available that you can activate any time, while in Japan.


...I signed up to Misskey on my kuso western gmail with my kuso western IP and I didn't have any problems...
Also, you can just sign up to other instances on the Fediverse.


Yeah, I did that a year or so ago too but I forgot or my password was changed and I can't get into the account.


I know the basic stuff like big name directors, artists, composers, seiyuus, etc. I also like watching behind the scenes stuff when it's available such as vid related.


There's an official version on youtube of the short animation by the way. Give it a watch.

File:Soredemo Machi wa Mawattei….png (492.03 KB,1109x1600)


To what length do you go to avoid spoilers?
6 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File:1613089728271.gif (28.6 KB,595x510)

I kill anyone before they get the chance to spoil me.


I seek them out, actually. Fairly often, there's just so much out there that I'd rather check what's up before giving it a go:
>>>/jp/74826 >>>/jp/75268
Today I watched a movie that I knew was about altered states of consciousness and because of the context it was recommended in I thought it would be about introspective ego death shit but turns out it had a fucking caveman in it! Going out to the zoo at night and eating a fucking goat! Like fifty fucking minutes in after they experiment with the sensory deprivation water tank and the tribal shrooms in Mexico, genetic memory my ass. What a waste.


I remember reading that a certain Ancient Greek playwright had a person come in before a play and explain to the audience everything they were about to see before it started so they would better understand the story, and that Aristotle thought this was great while Nietzsche hated it, but I can't remember where or who that was.... maybe it was Sophocles...


Both Nietzsche and Aristotle predate the modern concept of spoilers, anyway.


Spoilers being a bad thing that you should avoid is a manufactured concept being propped up by TV networks and streaming services in order to convince people that they need to watch/binge shows immediately in order to boost ratings/subscriptions.

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