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File:b66997a63d70de3434db0ff060….png (742.4 KB,579x819)


does anyone else feel really scared to share fucked up things about themselves on imageboards even when its completely anonymous?
i should be able to overshare all i want on these places but i cant idrk why
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Returning to OP's topic, I never know how to properly start a thread. I don't know what the norm is, but I feel my comment-to-thread posting ratio must be through the roof.


Just because the blog thread eats many good thread ideas doesn't mean that the majority of posts in it aren't complete wastes of space. There's a line between "something happened that made me think about x" and "today I saw a bird."


Usually if I make a thread I don't post in it again because I never feel like I know what to add without feeling like I'm just trying to bump it.


File:35344181_p0.jpg (304.95 KB,980x750)

I only know how to make jaypee-esque threads.


File:STL266413.jpg (55.33 KB,959x1500)

Blogposting and even general random thoughts are all fine with me. In fact I'd even encourage more people to put those random thoughts into /jp/ threads than into those big overused bloat threads. The argument I see that the former will fall off makes no sense to me since most of the time people never really check the older posts in the huge threads anyways. It's much easier to spark up a conversation about something with a thread than it is inside of a mega one, with the threat of it falling off unnoticed being something that should only be a small fear. Bloggers should be welcomed to make their observations on life until they start to talk about relationship stuff and then I kill the norms die die die die die die die die die

File:FnXD6PyagAAW0bT.jpg (400.46 KB,1299x1813)


So /qa/, which is it? Do you stay true to your Japanese spirit or are the enticements from the west just too alluring?
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File:nep bleh.gif (876.71 KB,500x281)

i always thought "jrpg" meant "rpg from japan" and that "wrpg" meant "game from america". people trying to make it into a discussion about story/aesthetics/themes/gameplay distinctions always struck me as odd. we classify music, movies, animation, and books based on where they were made, so why is it suddenly weird to do that with games?

anyway, i like jrpgs more. admittedly, i've never really spent much time playing a wrpg, but also because jrpgs tend to appeal to me more.


>so why is it suddenly weird to do that with games?
that's what was discussed above...


I don't play WRPGs too often, but I'll play female if I can play third person and use lots of different sexy armor, I guess. If there's romance stuff then I'll usually play a guy, especially if it's first-person and/or you make a lot of decision to make him "you". This is also a bigger deal in Japanese games when romance is locked to opposite gender, so you can't be a cute girl in Harvest Moon games and marry a cute girl. I guess that's not really an RPG, though.


I get more invested into JRPGs and explore more, read all the lore I can, unlock all the content I can etc. But with western games I don't really do that as it's not as interesting.


It is in a way but it's hard to get people to understand what genre you mean without it, but also "RPG from japan" can mean a lot of games. "jrpg" has stereotypes associated with it (most of which have faded since the 2000s), but I guess the association still remains? See Yahtzee. I'm kind of surprised he's never faced accusation of xenophobia or outright racism for the way he feels about Japanese games as whole.
They should complain about this more.

File:Untitled.png (21.91 KB,492x314)

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/qa/! It's time to show off your MS paint skills! Try drawing a character and seeing if others can guess at who it is. Starting off with an iconic one so that the first picture isn't impossible...
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File:ddd.png (10.02 KB,597x624)


I like this one.


File:C-1690281295882.png (8.31 KB,400x300)



File:average precure fan cookin….png (32.16 KB,1200x900)


making some tsew

File:f7f8e7b8d497013bc717b0ba4e….jpg (5.23 MB,4780x2500)


What are your thoughts on using multiple displays vs having one main one.

Having done the following:
- One widescreen monitor
- Two monitors
- One Widescreen + Laptop screen
- One TV monitor
I find that my ability to focus on tasks and get into the `zen` zone state of programming is much simpler when I only have one primary monitor to focus my attention on and then potentially an auxiliary one to play music or get outside notifications. Only one thing is the object of my focus at a time and this helps me get things done.
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I never fullscreen anything when I'm working. Chats, email, spreadsheets, code, old ass webapps; none of them need more than half the screen at most. Even when slacking it's better to put a video in the corner and work around it so you can keep everything close to your point of focus at all times.

The trick is to size everything differently and arrange them in ways so that there's always a small piece of each window that's peeking out so you can activate it in-line.


File:C-1689974048091.png (4.46 MB,3440x1440)

>3440 x 1440
your desktop bg


Never black bar, always streeeeetch


:D >: |


File:desktop.png (14.55 MB,7680x1440)

I like having 3 monitors (each 27 inch and 1440p). one for videos, one for general internet browsing and 1 for any chat or side webpage I want up for information if I'm playing a game or something. I was using 2 monitors and a tv but having a big tv right in my face was pointless so I switched to a normal monitor.

File:one-outs-anime.webp (20.9 KB,736x411)


We're watching baseball today.
One Outs is a gambling/psychological anime from 2008 focusing around the sport of baseball.
Don't naysay it, it's actually exciting.
Many people consider it one of the best sports anime ever made.
It stays far away from those annoying shone tropes.

I'll co-opt https://theatre.kissu.moe/kiss/yukkuri for this stream.
We'll start at 6PM EST
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File:[sam] Gin no Saji - 06 [BD….jpg (265 KB,1920x1080)

Pretty great show. It did a good job of making something as mundane as baseball more interesting. Keikaku doori stuff is hit or miss to me, but I think it pulled them off


Good stuff. It strikes a nice balance at doing ridiculous stuff without going overboard, and while Tokuchi is OP mentally and A-tier physically, he doesn't quite manage to steamroll through everything, namely Johnson. Those last few EPs were my favorites.


darn, wish my internet was good. been meaning to watch baseball-akagi


I watched One Outs a long time ago and was nervous it wasn't as good as I remembered. I'm happy that I was wrong - One Outs is still lots of fun.

File:[SubsPlease] Jujutsu Kaise….jpg (272.77 KB,1920x1080)


How do I learn discipline in dropping more seasonals so I can do more work on my backlogs for other anime/games/vns? There's a bunch of stuff I pick up each season that's mearly passable at best and I know I probably won't come out of it at the end of the season feeling great about watching, but I don't feel it's so bad that I should drop it. Yet at the same time these hangups prevent me from getting through more of what I really like the most and know I will deeply enjoy when I'm finished. It's a complicated feeling because I know that most likely whatever I drop during the season for being merely passable I probably won't ever rewatch later on since it'll be competing against the rest of my backlog. How does /qa/ deal with this?

Also pic not related, that's the 5th AOTS this season.
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I forgot about VN adaptations.
Regular novel adaptations must be pretty rare. Legend of Galactic Heroes was one, I don't know of any others.


Hikari no Ou was a recent one. Fune wo Amu a while back. Aoi Bungaku but that's kind of cheating. I'm sure there's been others that don't come to mind at the moment.


Subete ga F ni Naru


I've mostly already achieved that state for the majority of seasonal shows, but still I persist.


Use the 3 episode rule. Give a show 3 episodes to meet your expectations, and if it fails to deliver, drop it. The key is to raise your standard of quality, so that only shows that truly impress you make it through the filter. Don't feel pressured to keep up with a show by online hypetrains or "popular" shows, just stick with what you enjoy the most.

Honestly, I've went for years before without even watching seasonals. It's possible you just want to stay current, which is fine, but if you find discipline to be a problem maybe you should take a break from seasonals. List out the top priority shows/games/VNs from your backlog that you absolutely must get through, like the stuff you would feel bad if you died before finishing or trying them, and try to complete that list before watching seasonal anime anymore.

File:1689477495393250.png (785.79 KB,1275x717)


There's an anime convention next month and I'm thinking of going. I want to cosplay as Akira from Eden of the East. Would I be allowed in if I cosplayed pic rel? I would tape a white piece of card to my groin so nobody sees my dick


Should be fine as long as you're properly censored


Well, make sure to include the guns. You wouldn't people to think you're crazy

File:4chan-xia.png (554.32 KB,1316x545)


If I have anal sex but I don't like it, am I still gay?
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Depends on the context.
If you have a boyfriend that you love, and do it to please him, then you're obviously gay.
If you are a prostitute and do it because you need the cash, then it's possible that you aren't.


File:20230307203333_1.jpg (302.63 KB,1920x1080)

What if I let my best mate do me in the b*tt and nakadashi me as a sign of friendship, does that make me gay?


20 dollar is 20 dollar


What if I have a boyfriend I hate and do it to please myself?


Still gay, you're just weird.

File:eiyuuou_butte.webm (5.39 MB,1280x720)


Strong start for generic fantasy anime. The show had some good animation, funny faces, and decent enough fan service, for the genre, but otherwise isn't too amazing. I didn't like that the school nurse's office is basically just a typical modern anime nurse's office, complete with the nurse in a lab-coat and short skirt.
The end of the first episode really caught my attention. It seems to be an allegory for the MC getting married to the redhead. The ritual, forming a pact with the fire demon represents their wedding ceremony. And after this ritual the MC carries her (naked body) away to, presumably, consummate their marriage. Her change in hair and personality in the follow scene, cements her change as an woman reliant on her family (the demon sword) to a now part of a cooperative union between husband and wife.
Thinking about this, makes me wonder how many other harem anime have allegories for marriage between the MC and his harem that I wasn't actively looking for.
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Interesting, the difference is more of an actions vs characteristics thing. I'll have to keep that distinction in mind as I watch shows and see if how characters are called changes throughout a show.


yeah yuusha is literally brave-person, 勇者
英雄's nuance isn't as obvious though (also it's a different yuu)


knew all of that from gaogaigar
sometimes anime helps


I swear we had this exact same discussion on /qa/ a year or two ago.


certainly possible

File:__houraisan_kaguya_touhou_….png (500.87 KB,1226x885)


Am I the only one who thinks that traditional RPG progression systems are weird from a game design standpoint?

The reward for playing the game well (leveling your characters, using the right equipment, etc.) is your party becoming more powerful and thus the game becoming easier, which seems counterintuitive to me. Ideally, you'd want to give better players more of a challenge, or at least not less.

I've had this on my mind because I've been replaying RPGs I had as a young kid, and it's disappointing to see how easy they've become now that I know how to manage my party properly.
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>I think the most important example of greater power being both cool and kinda boring in turn-based combat is the exponential power curve of casters in tabletop caused by the bajillion options they start to gain as they advance. It ends up trivializing encounters and it's a complaint I see a lot when it comes to people talking about their experience with higher level play, there is such a thing as too cool.

At least in D&D, in my experience the caster problem is more of an issue with the "15 minute day" style of play, where you take a long rest after every encounter. Because casters are supposed to be able to do something super awesome once or twice a day, but start to fall off after sequential encounters as they spend their spells/spell slots. While weapon-based classes should have more consistent output.

Pocket dimension spells with no costly component exacerbate the problem because now there's a always a safe place to hide for a day and come back fully healed an spells restored. Leads to kind of boring game sessions because nothing is a challenge unless it can either instakill the players or the DM gets tired of it and starts making homebrew monsters with 10x health and reduced effects from save or die/save or sucks spells.

I suppose you could also do something like "you have to beat the dragon before he razes the city" or "all enemies in this dungeon respawn at midnight". Every once in a while that might not be bad, but feels kinda hamfisted if it's used all the time.


Most games do have some sort of soft level cap, either by having limited available XP (set number of enemies, quest, etc.) or by increasing the amount needed to level up until it becomes unrealistic to grind past a current point. Both are generally more natural than simply stopping growth because I said so.

There are tons of games that try to build in roguelike randomizer elements and they generally don't make things any better. Even putting aside the difficulty of designing a tight experience when you never know what the parts will be, learning the details of a game and attaining mastery over them is a huge part of the appeal. If you don't know what's coming, every playthrough is just blind guessing without you ever having gained anything. Much better to just add a difficulty level geared towards optimal play for the replayers.


I've never done tabletop, but are most encounters just "wild kobold appeared"? I'd think there were enemies enacting evil schemes that would progress if you did that video game shit. Having a DM should make it super easy to go "you rest a day in your pocket dimension while the goblins burn down the village and rape all of its inhabitants."


I think that by the time you're around level 8, full casters like sorcerers and wizards have more than enough slots to go through multiple encounters with just one long rest, especially if they're using CC well. I used Hypnotic Pattern as a warlock in one fight against like eight dudes and managed to take out half of them with a single action, super efficient spell.

Personally I haven't found myself in any situations with a deadline like that. The campaign I played consisted of going around looking for the shards of the mcguffin, so you're searching for a lost expedition in a mine and come across the bugs that killed them as well as some fey leaking in from a portal, there's a banshee with some zombies in an abandoned town, or a sneaky medusa in a dark labyrinth. It lasted like two years and a lot of stuff happened, but we weren't really saving anyone. (In fact, we brought about the end of the world.)


the "murder hobo" joke is pretty true for most tabletops I've played, most players aren't too concerned about what happens to villagers and stuff, it's more about leveling up and getting loot.

Also setting up the logistics for something like a goblin attack on a village becomes complicated, you've got hundreds of villagers and goblins theoretically on the field but you have to abstract everything not near the players and it tends towards more of a "fight goblins until the DM says you're done" kind of situation.

Far more typical adventures is exploring a dungeon looking for some kind of treasure like >>111232
said. Maybe of use in stopping a greater evil. It gives the players more agency in exploring, dealing with traps, ambushing or being ambushed by enemies, and retreating when necessary.

yeah you should have enough to keep going, but there's people who like to burn their top level spells at every fight and then want to rest as soon as they're out of high level spells, even if they have plenty of mid-lower ones still. 5e has some improvement on this with spell recovery in short rests at least.

File:1585142503722-0.png (186.48 KB,540x784)


Do you abuse pharma amphetamines for qualityposting?
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File:Neurochems.png (512.18 KB,960x720)

What are feelings? Responses to certain chemicals in your brain? Are chemicals created in response to substances any more "real" than chemicals created as a reaction to watching anime? Are all sources of escapism unhealthy and we should focus entirely on work and productive hobbies only?


File:Coffee!.png (6.22 MB,2480x3507)

I use them to low effort post faster.


diet cokeffee


File:loli stirner.jpg (50.44 KB,613x771)

Feelings are a spook.


Midwit loli

File:80638852_p0.png (502.37 KB,800x1357)


Incest. Do you think it's okay?
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File:1474325607054.webm (1.69 MB,960x540)

The "coze" zone.


File:1502194764079.gif (1.51 MB,480x360)

Kirino is the greatest ever and a goddess, so there's really no question as to whether what she believes in is true or not. It's simply fact. Incest is wincest!


But anon, we're not her brothers. Cute girls deserve to be shared, not hogged by their family!
Nice numbers BTW.


I have not seen it, is it one of those where it is revealed that she was a step sister all along?

If that's the case then no, it's not okay.


No, Oreimo is one of the rare blood-related incest series.


PetraGODs won, Petra is sharty culture, CHRIST IS KING!

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be
thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our
daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we
forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us
not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
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File:[Coalgirls]_To_Aru_Majutsu….jpg (123.22 KB,1920x1080)

Well that's all you had to say, where's the nearest Cathedral, I'm converting now.


You have to beat Jesus in a danmaku duel before you're allowed to join.


File:1603410866772.jpg (112.82 KB,600x600)

based christian
this should have been the get


sharty can't stop losing


File:Hibiki_Card.webp (44.27 KB,327x450)

Did something happen..?
Island of Montreal had no power for the past three and a half hours

File:70338601_p0.png (818.86 KB,677x1062)


What a funny article.

The entire thing is posed as a "well did it really?" type of article in which the original claim is debunked while at the same time the figures they present show the claim to be true but "only 82 million" instead of 100 million. And then it goes on to say how it's crazy how the manga industry in japan is doing so much better than comics and doesn't even present manga as a whole sales as a comparison point. The fact that the entire comic book industry in the west is outsold by a single series is such an embarrassment for American comic writers that i have no idea why ANN tries to defend them.

On the topic of comic books though, why has America failed so spectacularly at recapturing the audience it had in comparison to manga which has only kept forward momentum? With how big Marvel/Superhero movies were you would have thought that the comics industry itself would be booming as well, but that's simply not the case.
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So by your logic all Americans will just give up on drawing pictures in an ordered series, decide the format should be exclusively produced by the Japanese, and never again attempt to express themselves in such a way?


No. American comics would still exist, obviously. But it'd be in the capacity that, say, German movies do. You're not going to get that worldwide market back because it's already saturated by the better established and more competitive manga industry.


What I wanna know is why anyone would buy a traditional comic book period anymore when we have webcomics.


The feeling of turning the page and the ability to read wherever will always trump the web-based experience.


Because they're very collectible.

File:u149 cuddling guide.png (475.3 KB,1641x1420)


What is your preferred cuddling method?
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File:kong.png (71.44 KB,1000x1000)


Sachiko is looking a bit more pink than usual.


Me on bottom right


me on the bottom left

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