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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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File:66648034_p0.jpg (773.78 KB,2500x1767)


The /qa/ meetup
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File:capsule_616x353.jpg (126.7 KB,616x353)

Actually, this is a project I should look into doing soon because I can use kissu as help and it's something people here could be interested in.
For those that don't know, Starlit Season (not Starlit Stage, oops) is an Idolmaster game that came to Steam, but only in Japanese of course. However, modding UE4 games, including text, is not terribly difficult all things considered.
There's no Sachiko or /qa/ girls in it, but Takane is in it and I kind of have a thing for her because she reminds me of Luna from the Lunar series (same creator).
I'm messing around with Monster Hunter Rise right now, though, so it wouldn't be that soon.


christ imagine the smell in there



I bet it's clean smell. When I was a kid and went to a sleepover with my friends I always took a shower in their house.


18 little girls all crammed into a shower and bath!!

File:24648[1].jpg (22 KB,225x350)


leds post shows that are not edgy and have happie endings
that doesn meen they cant have sad parts but no overal melodrama or tragidy or dum psychologikal components post ur happy shows
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Azumanga Daioh
Kiniro Mosaic
Yuru Yuri

Bessatsu Olympia Kyklos
Di Gi Charat
Gakuen Handsome
Inko Colors
Mirai no Watashi
Tsurezure Children
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File:TK Sophie 004.jpg (48.76 KB,545x1100)

I like some of them. I don't know what this one >>83956 is and I don't like that she is wearing what she is and I don't like the more vicious(or edgy as the kids say) kinds, is that the trope you mean?

I like Vampires like Remilia and Sophie(from the anime Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san). The kind that are elegant, reclusive ladies.


⚠️ AZUMANGA DIAOH is depresing because id is nostalgik ⚠️


I didn't know kissu supported emoji.


Less about support. More about who's disabled it.

There's a lot of standard Unicode that gets colored on some browsers like mobile so even if all the emoji characters were filtered out there would still be Unicode around serving the same purpose

File:fce8ca531ccfe9b1da8d45afd8….jpg (4.11 MB,2424x3537)


Thought up a really neat thread idea and thought it was really funny and then never posted it.




I can't believe you would do this...

File:[SubsPlease] Uma Musume - ….jpg (124.96 KB,1280x720)


How does /qa/ feel about wasting food? I feel terrible if I ever let food go to waste so I always end up eating too much to try and let nothing be wasted. Then I feel sick because I ate too much...
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>programs to donate unused food from restaurants and grocery stores to food banks and shelters
I'm aware of these, but unfortunately I've also heard that there's been laws put into place that make this a lot more difficult, such as preventing food that's past its sell-by date from being donated -- not expired, just past the sell-by date.


There's always going to be someone holier than thou. I'm not going to dumpster dive.


That doesn't have much to do with food waste, after all, he is doing that to grow more food to make more money. Whether we waste food or not he will always make more money from selling more food, that's just how it is. The economics are the same, he gets payed for the amount of food he grows anyway, regardless of what we do or don't waste.


I match amounts I eat and cook exactly


File:2ffa8e03b9c3892e37ed34444e….jpg (185.43 KB,450x600)

always remember to lead a sedentary lifestyle so as not to waste any excess calories

File:[BD] Mushishi 22 - Shrine ….jpg (157.22 KB,1920x1080)


What are your favorite episodes or just interesting concepts from the anime? I thought that the idea of "Shrine in the Sea" was worth a thought in how functional a community where people are "reborn" and expected to take on the exact role of those who they used to be was interesting. Makes you wonder about the lives of the villagers outside of what's just shown in the episode. Such as if they really feel like they're who everyone else says they are, or if just having it being told to them their whole lives made them accept it.


Hard to pick, but that is one of my favorites too, along with the one with the woman who's losing her memories.


I didn't watch it, I tried but it couldn't hold my interest. Maybe if the protagonist was a girl I would have.


I can't remember a single Mushishi episode and I watched the following seasons even.
It just doesn't stick in my head very well.

File:f64970204dbe21051d92ead9e8….jpg (3.58 MB,1714x2763)


Where do you think you got your taste in music from? Or what influences do you think had the biggest impact on what you listen to now?
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If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that it's because you are gay. That's the only thing I can think of that would explain listening to metal.


from everywhere pretty much. Honorable mention for 80s/90s movies, late 90s mtv, red mitsubishis, tresor berlin, and the dude who posted a death metal track i liked on 4chan once


What's even a good way of finding new good music now with all that's out there?


find people that like the sorts of music you like and look through their collections.


depends on the genre
I usually use discogs to find out more infos and sometimes last.fm to get some recs when I'm bored. I have a gigantic backlog though so I don't really need to find new music.

here's a bunch of charts I stole from /mu/ https://x0.at/15mL.7z

File:[HorribleSubs] Murenase! S….jpg (176.23 KB,1280x720)

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How am I supposed to enjoy, or at least tolerate cooking? It takes so long, and you need to give it lots of attention. It's pretty obvious cooking was invented before recreation, so how are people doing it today when you can have fun instead?
Maybe it wouldn't be as bad if I didn't have to clean up tools afterwards, but I do. The only thing that makes sense to cook is huge portions that will last for days, but that seems to limit what you can cook reliably.
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File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (194.59 KB,1280x720)

I cut my thumb with a big knife when trying to find a fast and smart way to cut carrots. It was working until it wasn't.
What the hell? This doesn't happen if you just eat pre-packaged stuff. Is this why they say "blood, sweat and tears"?
Well... I guess I really do need a food processor thingie


File:1510695741776.jpg (217.59 KB,1280x1024)

I made coffee jelly and it turned out pretty good. The combination of sweet coffee and vanilla sauce was surprisingly good.


Can you elaborate on this? Coffee jelly? Vanilla sauce?


File:1620323880526.jpg (2.42 MB,4800x2700)

Think I want to try this, but what recipe did you use?


put a scoop of icecream in my percolated coffee

File:1483488208950.gif (413.02 KB,491x276)


Don't get why people feel the need to angrily reply and shout at ignorable things they don't like when they can ignore it or humorously mock it. That'd at least be doing something productive with the topic instead of turning all talk about them into pissing contests. Like you'd think people would've learned to take it easy after all these years.
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File:1427893554344.png (171.25 KB,637x431)

Don't get why people think "taking it easy" means not expressing any negative opinions ever.


File:1524966694359.webm (761 KB,854x480)

Just pretend what everyone says is a joke and everyone sounds like a little nerd LOL




wwwwwww cat look like janny


wish I were on that bed....

File:wVajCF89k2pkWTUE0Me6msiqx0….png (34.67 KB,500x90)


ids still heer.................
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File:bungle drawing 43.png (28.63 KB,502x532)


bungle is a cloooooown
just reeeaaaad it


dont sage the bunglel thred he is our mascot 4ever


Sage isn't a downvote. I personally sage by default, only bumping if I have a good reason to.


he is not the mascot of people who DON'T READ

File:01 Hello, Morning.mp3 (4.69 MB,255x255)


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Your opinion that my opinion is bad is bad.


The labels exist because things sound different and every time an artist is inspired by another person's they need to give it a term other than ___'s style because it's demeaning to your own creativity if you call yourself 'just a copy of ___', but there's always going to be some excessive labelling.


File:1491228843867.png (11.05 KB,177x192)

OP, i'm sorry your thread is bad so here's akari riding a spider


File:[SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no….jpg (171.7 KB,1280x720)

I'm overly sensitive to sound and there's too much variance in the music levels. I think it would give me a headache to listen to it for very long unfortunately. Maybe it's my speaker settings?


I know what you mean and my headphones cost less than ten bucks.

File:06f25eda82763fb41b745087c9….jpg (456.93 KB,715x1000)


Would you still want to go back even if the things you care about now wouldn't turn out the same?

Kissu is never created. /qa/ only lasts a few months. Your favorite artist, or author passes before creating anything. You use your knowledge of future events to become wealthy, but the things that made you happy are nowhere to be found.
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Changing the future into something uncertain seems scary... I'd probably just stay with things the way they are now.


>Changing the future into something uncertain
isn't the future always rather uncertain?


Yeah but you know the present. Going back would make the current present uncertain.


File:kurisu_afraid.png (439.03 KB,800x450)

No! Time travel is dangerous!


File:twitter majikado 148311936….jpg (135.85 KB,1378x1378)

but the surprise is the best part!

File:ariyatouch.webp (69.41 KB,1440x810)


Does anyone else think this is really stupid? I don't drive or own a car, but physical buttons and switches seem like something you don't need to change.

The physical feedback from a button being pushed seems like something that you can't sacrifice for some lame "modern" design. Also, buttons are fun to push. Part of the reason of having a mechanical keyboard is the strange satisfaction I feel by pressing each button and feeling it on my fingers while also hearing a sound associated with it.
Would YOU want to use something like this?
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wow, now that is a gimmick not worth existing


Mine doesn't do this...


File:__original_drawn_by_sakifo….png (148.5 KB,800x738)

massacre on the roads from norms stabbing at their touch screens trying to turn up the AC and drifting into oncoming traffic
just try doing it to my 100 series lmooooooo


thread's on sage, figured I might as well backlink to it


It's cheaper just to set all the controls to a single display interface than to manufacture a bunch of buttons.
Also part of designing cars to be more and more disposable to fuck over consumers that live in too large and spaced of cities to not have a choice but to begrudgingly lease or loanbuy one.

File:1637125534029.jpeg (44.84 KB,500x532)


Okay hear me out. Is there such a thing as an slice of life equivalent in literature? I know there are a few books about the daily lives of people living comfy lifes such as Heidi or Anne of Green Gables but I mean it in a more anime-oriented way. The literature equivalent of K-On, Non Non Biyori or Yotsuba!&. Not only focusing on day-to-day activities but also pursuing moe in all its beauty. Something like girls messing around town talking about silly stuff, not having much worries. No drama or sadness (well, maybe some feels here and there).
Asking because I'm thinking about writing stuff like that as short stories. But is the west ready for such level of moe? Also some weeks ago in the Katawa Shõjo aniversary thread someone mentioned it having a highly western style. Well, I would like to avoid this and try to be more akin to the japanese storytelling style. What do you think? Is it even possible?


I'm not much of a book reader, but the only things I could think of that would be similar is stuff like the Babysitter's Club because it's famous. There could be modern stuff, but I have no knowledge of it. Everything I read as a kid had major events steering them, usually mysteries.


Yes probably. Off the top of my head, the series with the girls who kills slimes for 10000years, the other series with the girl playing a vrmmo with a defense build, and the other one with a girl who reincarnates as a saint and sleeps all day fit that description.

I guess you can probably find some similar stuff on webnovel and royal road too if you want to see a western equivalent but I dunno I've never searched.


I love microfiction because it is the closest to perfect you can get (For sale: baby shoes, never worn.) and you can experiment easily. I love BOFURI because the writer took it easy, wrote a small amount each chapter, and captured happy little moments. Apparently, neither I nor the internet can agree on what differentiates Eastern and Western styles. I think it would be good if you focused on understanding why you like the things you do and incorporate that into your work. Then you can develop your own style. You are already starting to do that by dissecting what makes something moe.


I haven't sorted out my motivation to write. I know that rereading my stories makes me really happy, which is good because barely anyone else reads my stuff. Maybe it is better to write for yourself than for validation from others, but it was a very lonely experience for me. I always had doubts that I was a bad writer, especially when people didn't want to even take a literal minute to read one of my pieces. People say I'm lazy and untalented because I don't write very much and because I mostly stick to being cute and funny. It hurts.


My style is to mostly write dialogue, make it natural sounding. When I brainstorm dialogue, I will imagine the characters lounging around and chatting, then boil it down.

I make it a point to describe as little as possible and when I do, to just say what it is. I don't like rote five senses writing, sterile evocative language, big words, needless description that leaves less room to for the reader to imagine the characters and surroundings. If I absolutely need to describe thoroughly, I pretend I'm gossiping, bragging, threatening, mocking, then convert that. This type of behavior isn't healthy, so that's why I do it sparingly.

When I'm being serious, I to try to write what I know that other people don't, or at least what I'm interested in. This is more important than world-building. Police in a Pod, Cells at Work, Uma Musume do not need much world-building because the details of expert knowledge is a world unto itself.

It took me about a month to come up with this toolset for myself and people don't take it seriously because description and world-building is much more important to them than me. I'm also worried that this system has made my writing formulaic.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


There are many poems which describe nature. Or you could read song lyrics. Anthologies are great when it's about getting the feeling of one topic or object from different writings, there are some about every topic with many chapters being written in few pages.

File:gorgon.jpeg (168.39 KB,1080x553)


there was a thread for vidya on here not too long ago. What about Kissu's tabletop gaming scene?
What have you been playing on tabletop, Anon?
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File:ss_f4e2257edc1cb8093f1f0b4….jpg (937.77 KB,1920x1080)

Not sure if anyone cares about Yu-Gi-Oh, but it seems a game released that's free to play:



years ago my cousin asked me if I was interested in tabletop games and I asked if he meant stuff like monopoly, I will forever regret saying that and missing the chance to get in with a group of tabletop gamers


>Lobbying and 'table talk' are encouraged! Players can comment on cards and try to convince the judge to pick a particular card - either their own or a favorite choice.
One time, the group decided to have the judging process be completely silent because they thought it was how the rules went. Unsurprisingly, it wasn't fun.


RIP potential discussion about playing mahjong again


never really figured out the rules to yu-gi-oh and watching the show didn't help either

File:c0f81767a1a5b4d70460021fc7….jpg (3.48 MB,2061x3099)


So much of the universe can be represented and modeled by algorithms, does this mean that there may be an underlying algorithmic nature to the world itself? And we just don't have the means to see the true code.
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Part of the reason for the effectiveness of mathematics in science is that science makes rapid progress in the directions where mathematics can be put to use. And sometimes mathematical concepts will appear to be present in nature, but what's really going on is that humans have developed a powerful technique for modeling things approximately.




and you don't seem to understand


Could we ever tell when we've modelled something exactly?


I don't think there's any way to know for sure that we've modeled something exactly. It is possible to know for sure that a model is only approximate, though, for example due to the model becoming inconsistent when you extrapolate it too far. Modern physics is in such a situation.

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