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File:[anon] The Idolmaster Cind….jpg (278.49 KB,1920x1080)


Remember "Creamy's Curated List of Imageboards"? It was a list of imageboards with a guy's short description and opinion of them. Do you think there's any value in trying to bring something like that back? Opinions are probably something to avoid, though.
If if were to be brought back, I think it'd need permission from admins, and maybe the users, for their site to get added to the list. I remember someone on /qa/ had been working on one back in 2017 or maybe later, but due to jerks using it as a source of sites to attack he closed it, which was a sad thing to see. For this reason getting permission is probably something to pursue.
You see a lot of people make the "where do I go for ___ because 4chan sucks at this" threads pop up on 4chan so much that I feel it's something that can be used to help populate the alternatives (including kissu of course). Granted, a lot of people complain for the sake of complaining and wouldn't use other boards even if you shove the list in their face.

As it stands, the main thing people post is ccd0's exhaustive (but very difficult to navigate) plaintext list or occasion images with very few select boards on them. As lovers of meta and imageboards I think we'd be in a good position to create and maintain something superior to both of those.
What do you think?
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that site has more on it than just the tunes??


How about a wiki? I remember someone tried to do that at socialwiki.top once, but the site died for whatever reason.

On opt-in versus opt-out: Opt-in would probably be too troublesome, but a way to quietly opt-out would probably be a good idea. If you go the wiki route, maybe there could be a third option where you can look up the board's page by name, but the page isn't listed in any indexes. (Maybe this could be the only opt-out, because there are sites that clone previously existing sites and try to rewrite history as if they're the original, and we wouldn't want to accommodate them by deleting their or the original site's article.)


the kong!!!!


Well, by "curated" I meant more that it's not going to be 80% dead links or political activism stuff.

That thing you mentioned seems cool, but I think waiting for 4chan to be completely destroyed won't give it much use any time soon. How would you even spread it to people at that point?

>If the aim is to help posters stuck on 4chan find better imageboards for their interests, ccd0 could add an item to the 4chan X top bar that...
Although that does sound cool, it doesn't really have the same kind of reach and is difficult to spread. How would you tell people to find it? "First go download 4chanx, then do this" when we're trying to convince people to not just sit in a 4chan thread and complain all day. It's also thrusting more work onto ccd0 and turns it into a singular thing for one person to manage.

What doesn't matter?

Wiki, huh. Yeah, that could be a cool thing, although it requires people to expend more effort to find stuff than a list.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


You don't need to make a site, just host a list somewhere like ccd0 does. As long as you can link to it and update it, a plain text file is all you really need.

If it's just something to link to people trying to evacuate 4chan, I don't think you need to worry about spam. Unless you go full 8chan advertising campaign, it'll only be a trickle and any boards with broad enough topics to appeal to those people are going to welcome more users.

File:899ad9ee43086d0f9f82b921a8….jpg (245.56 KB,1450x2048)


If you cut a sandwich in half, do you have two halves of a sandwich or two sandwiches?


Is a sub a sandwich? A sandwich needs two pieces of bread and using a roll is only one


Before cutting it, you had put some ingredients in the middle of two pieces of bread and created The Sandwich, which is a sandwich.
After cutting it, you now have two halves of The Sandwich, each of which is a 'wich in its own right.


If you cut Endless Eight in half, do you have two halves of Endless Eight or two Endless Eights?


You would have two halves of Endless Eight, or perhaps two Endless Fours.

File:Decapitation-1-1200x1637.jpg (341.7 KB,1200x1637)


does kissu read light novels? show us your favorites or what you're currently reading.
it's an aspect of otaku culture that i somehow never got into despite being a bookworm, and i rarely see people discussing novels online. thought i should change that, so i downloaded pic related on my tablet since i'm a NisiOisiN fan and i am already familiar with the anime adaptation. maybe it's not an ideal introduction to LNs but we'll see how it goes.
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Overlord nails "kuso cash shop-reliant mmo addiction", before they went full fantasy it kind of reminds me of a VR version of Archeage


File:11027808.png (6.88 KB,350x250)

i'm having fun reading zaregoto, but since i watched the anime adaptation that covers the first volume of the novel i already know how it's gonna play out. maybe should've picked a different light novel to get into the medium...
i should look into those doremi novels now that you mention them, i forgot that there's a lot of doremi content apart from the main series. aren't those the ones where the ojamajos are adults?
>What do you read usually?
nowadays i basically read whatever i can get my hands on, regardless of genre. i particularly enjoy postmodern novels and old/obscure erotica. my favorite books are 2666 and story of the eye.


>i should look into those doremi novels now that you mention them, i forgot that there's a lot of doremi content apart from the main series. aren't those the ones where the ojamajos are adults?
what non-main series doremi content is there again, there's the LNs, the VN, a bunch of radio dramas, and that 20th anniversary movie, did I miss anything?


and I guess a bunch of licensed games


there's a manga, too

File:7f8a712d5364745e9b51a02c2f….jpg (3.09 MB,3508x2280)


Try and find a dark theme that isn't based around blue tones
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Notepad++ is the one Windows thing I miss having in Linux


lots of blue


There's notepadqq, which is pretty much a very close clone of it


use a dark theme plus Flux


I use Flux on my Linux

File:kissu's favorite anime thr….png (96.95 KB,2306x2024)


Everyone knows about 3x3s and whatnot, but what about your particular AOTYs for every year? Have you ever given thought to that? Think it'd be interesting to see how much how this graph kissu can fill out, and what everyone picks.

I think even for myself I'd have some trouble for some of these years with how much good stuff is in them.

https://kissu.moe/test.html or https://files.catbox.moe/vhp590.html : Easy fill-in horizontal template
(Edit the background-image property of the body segment of this to whatever image you want as long as it's a variation on >>109261 and it should work.)
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amazing taste


File:waterfox_Pl4PPr3Zki.png (115.12 KB,256x337)

Elly will never forget


Surprised there's not as many people picking Geass for '07


But it started in 2006.


File:498c3934dca1bf14aa382ba980….jpg (1.77 MB,6047x3974)

Well it ended in 2007 and that's year I associate with it in my mind...

File:[SubsPlease] Rokudou no On….jpg (60.33 KB,584x720)


If good girls are good
and bad girls are bad
wouldn't it be good if all the bad girls became good girls?
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thread theme


File:pink hairs.png (642.48 KB,1000x1000)

You know what's good? Girls with that kind of bubblegum pink hair are good. It's so damn sexy. Bratty hot pink loli hair

And it must be a very specific pink.

NOT purple, maroon, or soft pink like Kurumi, Nozomi, or Chocola from Yes! Pretty Cure 5. Certainly NOT the soft purplish pink of Jasminka from Little Witch Academia. NEITHER the salmon of Hinata from Ro-Kyu-Bu nor the main character pink of Tomoka from the same. NOT EVEN the reddish pink of Nene from Bubblegum Crisis, who almost has it, and has exactly the right type of personality to go with it, but the hair is just a bit too red so its not the colour I have in mind.


File:bb493062b8c1b85c1cb68cda82….jpg (886.41 KB,1063x1500)

Hmmm, #ea5aa2, but also #ee58ad...
What about pic, #fe8db9? Its values look to be in line with the examples given, save for being a tad more green.
The girl herself I'm not sure I'd call bratty, but she is proactive.


Hmm, it's pink, but it's lacking that fluorescent boldness that makes a hot pink. Like Nene's hair, it's just outside the edge of the concept. Good girl though, with her 1 kilo boobers showing through her shirt gaps and blue eyes+pink hair combo.

File:[Doki] Elfen Lied - 01 (12….mp4 (21.67 MB,1280x720)


Since we've been going down memory lane these last few days, let's have a thread about OP/EDs. Basically, if you wanted to give someone an idea of what otaku media in general is like, which three intros or outros would you pick to show them?

¥Chiki Chiki Ban Ban
Koumei's show wasn't all that great, but the OP itself is a perfect example of blending old oriental stuff with funky modernity in a funny way, which is done alllllll the time.
¥Dango Dai/qa/zoku
Calm song about cute blobs which is depresso in context and serves as the ending to a highschool harem romcom. Fairly common things.
Visuals based on Gustav Klimt with somber Latin lyrics to preface gore (+boobers). It's super specific, but in some sense it feels like a very anime thing. Hard to explain.

It's not supposed to be exhaustive because you simply can't do that and I am missing far too much stuff, but these three are the ones that came to mind. Which would you add?
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I still need to rewatch the Death March OP at least once each time I see it because it's such an enigma how something so lame and lacking any intrigue whatsoever gets made. I have to imagine absolutely nobody in the production cared for it because even if there were an attempt to make the OP bad it'd be more stand-out than what this piece of trash is. The only redeeming quality is that it fits the anime perfectly with how godawful dogshit it is.


>Death March
holy hell, I LOVE MENUS


I don't think I quite understand the question. I would probably just point them to stuff everyone knows, like Eva OP, Haruhi ED, etc.


File:magic knight rayearth OP.mp4 (17.26 MB,960x720)

I'm really not someone that can do the artsy or reference talk.
I've mentioned it before a few times since I love it so much, but Magic Knight Rayearth's OP is what I would think of if someone told me to pick an anime OP as an example of the "genre".

It's got so many of the things that we know of now as cliches, in order:
1. Birds/creatures flying away from camera
2. Far shot of the leading characters
3. Amazingly animated flowing hair
4. Camera panning around the main characters with the bad guy in background
5. Title logo accompanying the music picking up
6. Characters flying in the sky
7. Silly "mascot" character
8. Secondary/villain character action shots as they replace each other in the foreground with the rapidly moving background. This is one of my favorites
9. Villain full roster shot, as if they were taking a photo with the big bad guy floating ominously out of focus
10. Main character facing away from 'camera' and then looking pensive
11. Brief glimpse of magical transformation scenes
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


It's more about representing tropes and stuff rather than simply sharing good OP/EDs.

>>109418 posted Death March not because it's good but the opposite, it's garbage isekai and there's more than enough of that to warrant representation.
>>109441 used Rayearth to list tropes typical of OPs themselves (nice), while I'm now posting DxD because it's turbo ecchi and that kind of fanservice is very characteristic of otaku media.

Duvet for example is a classic, but you'd have to explain what you think of it you and how it fits into the wider picture. Don't pick Eva.

File:ime a cat.png (120.81 KB,460x644)


This says a lot about society.


File:108793023_p0.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB,1338x1700)

This says a lot about society.


The layers of this palace are NOT for your kind.

File:5bc10687503814764dcdd3eb27….jpg (1.2 MB,1716x2559)


I'm going to Japan for the first time ever next month and I'm very much looking forward to it. I really want to explore Kyoto, all the traditional architecture and shrines look really interesting. And I also want to climb Mt. Fuji. And visit Akihabara. For you Kissuers who have been, what was your favorite thing there?
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nice stories anon


must have been the accent


File:1653502731003.png (25.41 KB,231x149)

No... Even the people infamous for Engrish are mocking it now...


I larped as a anime protagonist with no parents today and bought a premade bento for dinner from Lawson. There was a lot less martial combat involved in it than anime had led me to believe.

There was also Fubuki Lawson merch that I was extremely tempted to buy, but I held back. Maybe next time...


Nakano Broadway is way more comfy too; not as much of a crowd right on you and the noise is more tolerable. Despite this, there is still great selection with a bit of everything for an earnest seeker.

Nyalra often posts some nice finds from it.

File:[SubsPlease] Fuuto Tantei ….jpg (415.34 KB,1920x1080)


What are the reasons for the lack of popularity of tokusatsu series among Western otaku? From my experience talking to Japanese people it seems most of them who are into anime beyond watching popular new shows are also interested in tokusatsu, but on the Anglophone side of things it seems to be mostly restricted to /m/ types.
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That's a coincidental relationship, not an inherent one. >90% of the anime I enjoy have nothing to do with toku. Unless you're watching very specific sub-genres of anime, they aren't really influenced by toku.


mmmmm donuts


I don't think that's what "coincidental" means. Anyway, the point is: when two mediums share a large part of their early history, common tropes, influential creators, have a significant overlap in fanbases, and were even once called by the same name ("TV manga"), it's safe to say that they have a lot more in common than just their country of origin. This is about the medium as a whole, what is or isn't directly influenced is another matter entirely.


It could be that western otaku are looking for 2D specifically, while Japanese otaku perceive anime and toku as both being commonplace otaku media, part of the same environment.

Take this paper (please forgive me) where a survey was conducted to measure people's opinions on tango. The most significant difference in how Japs perceive the dance compared to Latinos is that they find it to be more individualistic. This gap is huge: on a scale of importance going from 0 to 5, "individualistic" scored 4.1 on the Japanese side, but 1.2 on the Latino side. To understand how much of an abyss of a difference that really is, individualistic is the only value to score less than 2. The next lowest score has a 2.7, which is "alert" again on the Latino side of things, above that it's mostly 3s and 4s. For whatever reason, Japs find it liberating, a freedom that translates into individualism, while on the other side of the fence this association does not seem to exist. If anything, it's the opposite, because you have to cooperate with your partner to do it well. It takes two to tango.

You don't need me to tell you that a good deal of people look towards Japanese media as an escape from western stuff, that's already been stated plenty. Unlike >>109244 I don't think it's about growing up, but coming into contact with material that you initially don't identify as originating from Japan. Kids can understand that the funny drawings are foreign, but western people wearing funny suits is obviously a western thing. No asians there. The more knowledgeable folks who understand toku is a separate thing wouldn't be inclined to look at 3D. It is perhaps comparable to the case of people who jerk it only to hentai and that of those that also like JAV, or how the word hentai as an umbrella term for 2D ero is a western invention in the first place. I believe this reflects the broader situation of westerners and Japs categorizing the same things in different ways, leading to inclusion or exclusion of toku within the otaku sphere.
I myself respect toku, but have never gotten around to watching any of it. I do think it looks cool from what I've seen.

>the Arab world
Wut????? Can I get a runPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


he probably meant something like Aristotle's notion of accidental and essential properties

File:1675313228076.jpg (204.43 KB,512x512)


One of you has the website with a ton of anime reaction pic? I've lost it (u_u)


File:100974211_p0.jpg (113.42 KB,800x800)



File:vlcsnap✝[SubsPlease] Kono ….png (1.57 MB,1920x1080)



File:[SubsPlease] Isekai One Tu….jpg (321.81 KB,1920x1080)

I don't have the motivation to actually "create" reaction images by cropping stuff. I just use screenshots directly. I've thought about uploading all my screenshots somewhere, but there's thousands upon thousands of them and I get hundreds more every season.
I think you could go to desuarchive and search "reaction image" on /a/ and get stuff; they probably still have threads like that.


Wish I had the motivation to organize my screenshots for reaction image purposes but there's always too much

File:2021-05-23_19.52.42.png (1.85 MB,1920x1057)

 No.72435[Reply][Last50 Posts]

Kissu! Kissu! Would you be interested in playing some Minecraft together?

Last time there was a server, people were a bit divided on whether it should be creative or survival, so I set up a basic hub when you first spawn in so you can choose which you'd rather play on. At any time you're free to head back and swap which world you're playing on as you see fit.

The server will be based on 1.16.5, but is mostly client agnostic. You can play on just about any version of Minecraft from the past few years, including Bedrock Edition - which includes phones, and consoles. But, if you decide to play on an older version, things will look a bit different since new blocks and items will be rendered as older blocks and items depending on what version you're on.

There is just one limitation to the server itself, however... Because it's a free server, if no one has been online for about 5 minutes, the server will automatically shutdown beyond my control. I typically have #qa open all day, so if the server goes down, either say something there, or make a post in this thread.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.
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did you even install any alternatives or did you just use the pack on its own?


File:Screenshot_2023-06-05 opti….png (262.79 KB,1903x2463)

I'm not going to install 40 fucking mods because no one is capable of just doing Optifine but in Fabric.


You don't need all those. if its just resource pack stuff just grab the stuff listed under "Resource pack compatibility" Since performance stuff and Shader stuff is already installed into aof. At most its 10 if you grab one from each category.



Looks like I'm fine. Ran their checker script and found nothing. Last time I downloaded mods was about a month or so ago so I shouldn't have been affected

File:arc-pro-group-with-portal.….png (175.89 KB,480x270)


Do you think Intel will commit to their GPU line or chicken out when the sales get bad(as Microsoft did against Apple and Samsung), which they inevitably will be against AMD and NVIDIA market dominance, or will they commit to it and try to make a market where one doesn't exist(has anyone done this)?
13 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Maybe in the XP era, grampa.


Ah, yeah, it's those CPUs with the mini GPU thing inside it, right? Those things are pretty cool. Not nearly as good for gaming, of course, but compared to what it'd be like with a "regular" CPU it's pretty impressive


my laptop msi laptop is AMD...
(it also doesn't have a monitor because the hinges broke)


Personally I've rooted for intel to enter the market for a long time because AMD are price fixing poopheads content to protect their margins at the expense of ever dwindling marketshare. I am not one of those people hoping for AMD or Intel to force Nvidia to lower prices so I can buy Nvidia yet again.
But they fumbled too many years. Imagine if arc actually got released in 2020/2021 in the height of the cryptoboom 2.0
It would've sold out regardless of how unfinished it was. It would've afforded Intel a lot of cashflow and a large installbase to essentially betatest the drives and early hardware revisions. It would've been a lot of fuel in the tank and lessons learned for the next hardware generation. They could've built a lot of momentum.

Instead they delayed and delayed and delayed and still put out what was always going to be an unfinished product. Only now it's a much different market and whether or not battlemage will be aborted along with the entire business unit is anyone's guess as inventory piles up and prices get slashed.

It's a damn shame.


I really wonder what's happening with Arc. It kind of seems like from future hardware leaks, the Xe cores for GPU rendering will be used in laptops and be pretty good, but no idea about discrete GPUs... I hope they haven't given up on it.

File:934ed46e2b13af7276e78283b8….png (588.77 KB,1000x676)


It's time to play MC again! This time with a huge modpack, "All of Fabric 6" https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/all-of-fabric-6

The server address is:

The easiest way to install I found is to get a custom launcher like https://gdlauncher.com/en/download/ and then select "All the Fabric 6" from the modpack list. That should set you up with the ability to join without any hassle.

For other methods:
1. Get a version of MultiMC
2. Add an instance of 1.19.2 vanilla MC to your multimc
3. Try to open it and it will ask you to log into an account, type in whatever for a local one and it'll work.
4. Then after that's finished right click the instance, click on "Edit Instance" which will open up the console, and then go to the "Version" tab.
5. In here you want to hit "Install Fabric" and then install the latest version.
6. Then download this mods folder and extract it somewhere https://mega.nz/file/GGBFgKLK#I5TW_svdXPxYbAPk7x3Ln4Flxbo2e_zT40d78YKkxXA
7. Go to the "Loader mods" tab of the console window of your multimc instance and hit "Add"
8. Select all the mods you extracted from mods.zip and you should be ready to join.
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i'll test since the owner is out...


for some reason it stopped. I thought it was still running (and taking up 50% of the CPU at idle....)
Should be running now


File:tower 2.gif (1.57 MB,968x513)

update to the tower, added more floors and furnished some more


Yeah I saw, it is very good looking!


thank you!

File:[SubsPlease] World Dai Sta….jpg (113.68 KB,1280x720)


Should kids be shown the classics while they're young even if they can't fully appreciate it or given watered-down content that's simple enough for them to understand?
10 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


If you show kids too many classics they'll become jaded towards modern stuff


It's said that postmodernism is a rejection of the modernist tropes. But if someone did not grow up as modernism was getting tired, then would they accept modernism and the things before it as old and tired?

I think not. Beyond the changes in attention span and the cultural times, Kids just like what is popular and gets them attention of other people. If their friends or idols are all listening to Brahms then, along with the assumption that there is an attentionspan to listen to all that, they will enjoy Brahms.


Maybe, it'd have to be at least somewhat understandable so they may gain a foothold, but in any case going back to old stuff is more complicated in this day and age where our media horizon keeps expanding at the rate of the universe.
I don't think kids are that driven by what's popular among adults. Young'uns doing their own thing and adults getting pissed at them because of it is itself an undead trope. As for Brahms, it's more complicated, you have to be a fairly hardcore postmodernist to reject good music that doesn't convey any particular ideology. We live in the times of postmodernism, but most people are not postmodern in the way artists and academics are, and are often able to enjoy things without trying to deconstruct them to the bone.


i think kids are very driven by what people with power think. So are adults, but adults instead have to worry about not dying because the country says they're useless


who even defines what a classic is, just let them have access to all old stuff

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