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File:f2b4b48a39.png (531.51 KB,1726x1254)


Found a nice online DAW that lets you mess around with audio using node graphs.
Finding that it's impossible to export anything you make on Firefox because it uses a broken version of the WASM FFMPEG(or maybe it's something else) so I've only been able to get it to be fully functional on chrome.



File:Highpass.mp3 (6.01 MB)

Highpass Filter


File:Lowpass.mp3 (4.66 MB)

Lowpass filter


File:[SubsPlease] Utawarerumono….jpg (126.33 KB,1280x720)

I kinda like the underwater/heard through wall effect of the second one.
Well, I did at first. I think it will give me a headache if I keep listening to it.


it's all I have saved to be H

File:1639702648760.jpg (221 KB,600x714)


Have you ever discovered something you weren't meant to or found any sorts of real life easter eggs?

Just recently I discovered an unannounced product by looking through the published manuals on a certain company's website.


Patreon used to have a link to a "sitemap" tucked away at the bottom of its homepage, where you could view every patreon page and every post all indexed in a huge directory structure. When you clicked on random pages you would see mostly $0 pages for some guy's random art project that had zero appeal to anybody. Sometimes single or double digit dollar pages for those people who have somehow scrounged up some followers who probably know them in real life anyway.
If you visit patreon's homepage using the internet archive to go back to around 2020 you may find some partial archives of it.


File:[SubsPlease] Utawarerumono….jpg (166.87 KB,1280x720)

Not really. Sometimes I like to look at files in games when someone releases a tool that lets you do that, but I'm not unique in that regard


The admin controls to 1chan (the train website) were left unguarded years ago.
I respectfully let them be.

File:89652752_p0.jpg (289.36 KB,1454x1127)


Pruning/splitting a reaction folder and deciding what the optimal size for it will be for quick access almost feels like deckbuilding in card games or something.


File:odyknms-156121351552799129….mp4 (1.38 MB,1238x720)

I did this a while ago. I just picked a mixture of random nice images and also ones that I liked.


File:[SubsPlease] Utawarerumono….jpg (139.81 KB,1280x720)

I had a /jp/ folder that turned into a /qa/ folder that turned into a kissu folder and then there's everything else in a different folder.
Well, I guess I slightly organize stuff I download from pixiv and such into "porn" and "cute".
Anything more than that is beyond me. I could say "I'm going to organize it later" but I think I should just be more honest and admit that it won't happen until if and when it becomes prohibitory, like the folder gets too big that windows can't properly load it in a couple seconds.


I used to have reaction images sorted by emotion expressed (and still do have some that way) but upkeeping it with every new screenshot became a bother so I don't really use it as much any more, except for when saving off of imageboards. Most images I have pertaining to specific series that I like more than usual are sorted by series and then character. I think that it doesn't really matter the size of the folder as long as you can remember the names of your folders since you can easily type->enter->type->enter-> your way into the folder you want.


not even our folders can withstand the changing times...

File:63565440_p0.png (2.56 MB,1500x2125)


So what happens to imageboards after PHP 7 dies?
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I've always wanted an easier forum system to spam


what about meguca


think martin, think


does meguca not count as an imageboard?


liveboards different from imageboards. My post said HTTP imageboard servers anyways to avoid the question you asked. I'm sorry that I didn't mention your favorite imageboard(it's called shamiko now anyways)

File:7050c810aa9baad24bbd54b1db….png (1.13 MB,1800x1283)


Interested what type of mouse-grip you use, or if you use an alternative style of mice such as the vertical or trackball designs.

Thinking about switching from a standard laser mouse to a trackball (like picture related) because my laser mice always fail in similar ways and I might get a better lifespan out of a different type of mouse. They also benefit from better ergonomics, not putting strain on the wrist. I'm concerned if I would be able to play games well on it.
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just upgraded my trackball's bearings... and I learned that there are differing levels of bearing percision levels and the one I wanted was G5 compared to the G10 that I bought.

The issue with this mouse was the ruby bearings that come stock are low precision and you want better ones to get a smoother roll. Better percision smoother roll. I figure stock were G25 because I do notice an improvement but I'd want it smoother to get hand mouse level accuracy. Still, dissembling it isn't hard if you follow a guide. Had to remove ribbon cables and stuff.


Seems like G10 bearings in a trackball help a bunch. I wonder what it would be like if I modded it with G <5


Yeah, this is perfect. There's no reason why trackball won't do what mouse can't all while providing less wrist strain. Highly recommend it if you're willing to do a bearing swap with G5 or G10 ceramic ball bearings(requires working with delicate ribbon wires and tearing apart the underside to reach screws).
Con: Have to adjust to it and still adjusting, trackballs acquire debris which impact smoothness, requires a modification to be a 10/10 mouse.


File:f961b81fa1.png (127.25 KB,2006x1016)

and there we have it, back to roughly even with my mouse skills.

Now have to readjust to playing rts


File:RCCXdkr.png (61.51 KB,928x417)

heh... you made me use 10% of my power.....

File:1c2da72644c6a538489b587228….jpg (51.52 KB,550x760)


Most dubs are terrible or at the very least pale in comparison to the original audio, just about everyone recognizes this. Despite that, when it comes to old media they enjoyed dubbed when younger there are those who hold these dubs close to their heart. Are there any anime/games like this for /qa/?
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>I think the Western stuff has become more standardized and "professional", which in theory is good, but in reality it's centered around a dozen people and everyone sounds the same depending on the company
I definitely agree with this. Also despite being more "professional", the only thing that's really changed is that the actors take the roles more seriously and there's not really any charmingly bad dubs anymore. What hasn't changed is that the quality of dub actors is still at near rock bottom with most of the better ones having left for better media.


Roblox youtubers do anime dubs now, I think even the meager pay of audiobook productions are seen as more prestigious


For me it was the first Samurai Warriors.



>Roblox youtubers do anime dubs now
Huh, are they advertised that way too? Like "Featuring youtuber guy as the voice of blahblah!"? Seems like it could be a decent attempt to get some kids talking about it for word of mouth advertising.

File:illust_91383405_20220915_0….jpg (5.05 MB,3260x3942)


Have you ever given thought to creating some document for yourself in case you ever lose your memory?

Every now and again I think about maybe creating a small booklet with key details about myself, such as a brief autobiography as well as important information like bank details and passwords.
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Not to the point where I have to write an autobiography so I remember who I am...


that is a good idea op i will do that


File:[SubsPlease] Teppen - 10 (….jpg (197.05 KB,1280x720)

Hmm, but maybe it'd be better to re-invent myself and cast off the shackles of memory. I'm not particularly attached to who I am, so I don't think I have any desire to do anything but keep passwords written down, which I'm already doing. A fresh start doesn't sound bad.


I've been meaning to write a journal for years but I never actually do it. I also have some kind of phobia of rereading things I wrote once I got them out of my system which doesn't help at all with this.


I started a few years ago but stopped because I'm too lazy. My plan was to divide the document in two parts: my life IRL and my tech life including videogames and internet. I'm also interesed in writing some kind of "manifesto" but only to put my thoughts in order and evaluate them alongside my worldviews.
But then I wonder: why even do that? Nobody will care. Not even myself. I barely exist outside my room anyways. There's no reason to analyze me. I'm an empty shell.

File:miku_the_animation.webm (435.62 KB,480x270)


Don't forget to catch Hatusne Miku the animation this season!
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File:[SubsPlease] Jashin-chan ….webm (2.27 MB,1920x1080)

Miku's superior baseball skills at work. Pros should consider themselves lucky she doesn't bring her leek to games.


File:[SubsPlease] Jashin-chan ….webm (1.08 MB,1920x1080)

For online deliveries does /qa/ pay extra for high speed Miku delivery?


File:C-1662576077676.png (1.34 MB,1280x720)


File:miku does the thing.webm (795.79 KB,853x480)


Wow, this reference is almost 20 years old

File:__patchouli_knowledge_touh….jpg (239.63 KB,1000x1400)


When does sameface become a problem for you?
Is the perception of this problem's severeness inversely proportional to the severeness of an obsessiveness-factor in human brains?
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File:Grisaia_no_kajitsu_cover.PNG (4.71 MB,1312x1687)

I don't mind it, I may even prefer it, depending on what it infers. There are plenty out there who would label any consistent art style as being "sameface", but for the most part it means having similar facial structure for most characters so that they don't all look like anatomically different caricatures instead. I think it makes things look more mature. Even then, they usually have different face formatting for characters that need it; like animals, old people, big gruff type characters and so on.

Frontwing basically had two different go-to artists up until around 2015 — being Fumio and Watanabe. In a visual novel like Grisaia, they both designed separate characters. Despite this making them have "differentface", it didn't look too jarring because their art styles at the time meshed pretty well. It's only around the time they both worked on Hatsumira that Watanabe's art had begun to lean in on a certain style and their differences became more noticeable. I think having something like different artists for every single chracter would look odd, honestly.


File:f8095b895a337ea146ebbe6cec….jpg (473.99 KB,1456x2048)

I really like Watanabe's art. The Monogatari girls are some of the sexiest and most beautiful in the industry. I read Grisaia as well.


the trick is to draw that one face so well that it becomes a good point


It's only a problem when I can't tell who's who.


File:1463168894606.jpg (44.2 KB,465x334)

I fear not the man who practiced to draw 1000 different faces but the man who has practiced drawing the same face 1000 times.


1) Have you ever watched this video/swf before?
2) Can you name every single show/media that is in it?
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Wow. That's some pretty good memory you've got. Although looking at it again, the sharp angles on the clothes and long thin legs do match up with the style of Code Geass for sure.


File:shirou think.jpg (13.27 KB,347x315)

I know right. I even posted on the Geass threads back then and I had no idea where it was from. That gif wasn't posted very often.


File:564px-Flint_the_Time_Detec….png (659.97 KB,564x899)

So nobody got the one with the pink haired girl so far and I don't think anyone will at this point, so I'll reveal the source: it's from Flint the Time Detective/Jikū Tantei Genshi-kun. Some of the older users might've had the chance to watch it before.


Is this a giant girl?


File:170555dd88448ccc87d445169a….png (12.61 MB,2336x7367)

You can tell which is the author's favorite by the sexiness of their boobers, and...

File:49daa7ece253d22f1a71c6dd7e….jpg (185.86 KB,1000x1500)


Let's talk semiconductors.

What does /b/ think about Apple's recent A16 chip? From the looks of it's using recycled Avalanche and Blizzard cores from A15 on... TSMC's N4 process... which itself has marginal, only %6 density improvement over N5 and the same yield returns. A15 itself had marginal improvements over A14, so we are talking about a two-year stagnation. Apple used to be the leader in performance per watt on their chips for a decade now, each A series processor somehow outdid its predecessor and the entire competition, but it seems like that trend is grinding to a halt. With their senior engineers departing for Nuvia and Intel and Tesla (not sure about the last one), Apple has been experiencing a massive brain drain lately. It's actually a reversal of times when they were poaching engineering from all over the industry, but it's kind of fun and sad to see the same happening to them now. M1 lit a fire under Intel & AMD's asses, and we are seeing massive performance improvements on x86 front as a result, but it looks like Apple itself is now losing steam. It's Intel's 14nm+++ all over again.

I think they were betting too hard on TSMC delivering 3nm on time in 2022, but apparently N3 has horrible yields and TSMC is trying to put the blame of kusocanning the process on Intel for withdrawing from that process for Meteor Lake (yes, 3/4 Meteor Lake cores will be made by TSMC). But even Apple apparently gave up on TSMC 3nm and like everyone they are targeting N3E now.

From the looks of it, I don't really expect any significant performance improvements from Apple for several years, primarily because they are so dependent on TSMC delivering their node advancements in time. They have to revamp their custom core designs without that sweet node shrink. AMD on the other hand entered N5P pretty late, so they have some time window until N3E actually becomes viable, and they can switch to that without much hiccups and perceived delay on their end. In my opinion, we won't be seeing any new groundbreaking chips with double digit IPC/PPW/ST/MT gains until at least 2025-2026, like how it has been for several years now. And when TSMC N3E arrives, it's going to be EXPENSIVE. Samsung's 3nm GAAFET's are pretty interesting though, as well as advancements on Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express. 2026-2027 is going to be wild for consumer processors. What do you think?


I really don't follow this kind of thing. The only thing I can really remark on is that it's always good to see more variety and competition, so if previously Apple was dominating something and instead it's spread across those companies you mentioned then that sounds like a good thing to us as consumers.
I wonder what the chip situation is going to look like in a decade. There might be a new factory or two up by then... maybe.


File:9c53588d19dec76263b4c05536….jpg (1.41 MB,1061x1500)

Well of course, competition is always a good thing, but what we are seeing here is both a diversification and consolidation in the industry at the same time.

First, as a background information, there are three types of companies in this industry.
There are Integrated Device Manufacturers, which design and manufacture their own chips. Intel and Samsung are notable examples. Samsung also fabs chips for other companies, but they have been bleeding a lot of customers lately (namely, Qualcomm and Nvidia).
And there are fabless semiconductor companies, which design but outsource the manufacturing of their chips. Notable examples are Apple, Qualcomm, Nvidia and AMD.
And then there are pure play fabs. These are the companies that take premade chip designs and manufacture them for other companies. Some examples are TSMC and GlobalFoundries. Samsung is also present in this field, but it doesn't fit in any other category I've talked about so far, so it's an outlier here.

TSMC is the leading pure play foundry. So much so that if you want the latest bleeding edge technology on your chips, there is pretty much no other choice, other than Samsung, which has worse offerings compared to TSMC. The problem is that when the entire industry depends on a simple company for leading edge technology, it can easily become a bottleneck. Any delays in their upcoming nodes can cause a ripple effect throughout the industry, which is what we are experiencing right now. Another bottleneck in chipmaking is ASML, which makes laser machines that are used in chipmaking. They are the only company that can make the advanced EUV lithography machines that make the latest generation processors economically viable. They have such a huge backlog of orders that they estimate they can deliver recently ordered machines three years later. This, of course played a part in the recent semiconductor shortage.

So it's true that we have some serious competition in the industry right now, but it's mostly concentrated in the Western sphere of influence and there are several chokepoints that can grind the entire industry down to a halt. If China were to make EUV machines, then I assume we would have astronomic advances in the industry, comparable to Cold War space race, but that doesn't seem probable, at least for 2020s.


File:91EC109B6FE4473EBAC7FF8BC2….png (127.9 KB,332x199)

It's really interesting to hear about Apple stagnating on their mobile processor side. Speaking to your point about Apple experiencing brain drain, or at the very least facing difficulties with improvement, the areas I'm most interested in with Apple -- desktop processors and VR -- have purportedly been having issues as well. From what I understand, people were quite disappointed with the M2 series of processors; the performance improvements were not nearly as great as had been expected, and instead of the improvements being generational and iterative they seemed more of a brute-forcing by increasing the size of the existing M1 die. Although the M-series of processors can be seen as flagship product for Apple, its been my understanding that their mobile division, focused on all things related to the iPhone and iPad, has always been their golden boy. So given that both seem faced with issues, it might hint at some broader issues within the company; is mismanagement an issue? Are, for instance, engineers being swooped from the mobile processor division to the desktop processor division and vice versa, leading to worsened outcomes for both? It's certainly thought-provoking.

Apple has also purportedly been having troubles with developing an AR/VR headset. The biggest issue of which seems to relate with the M2 series; the AR/VR team was likely hoping for a processor that was at least roughly the same efficiency and power draw for some performance gain, but because that wasn't the case, they noted issues with heat and battery life. To combat this, there were some suggestions that instead of the processing being done on a headset, they could instead be done a "processor pack", a bit larger than a phone that would strap around the waist. Frankly, this sounds "un-Apple", so that idea probably got cancelled. That said, the ambitions of the AR/VR division seem to be completely against what that of management wants. The executives want an AR headset without controllers and that's not gaming focused that could be used for high-end productivity. Meanwhile the engineers all came from Oculus and are more VR focused. To expound on the level of disconnect, management sees VR as being too isolated and has demanded that there be a screen on the front of the headset that would show the users eyes. There are a few mock ups of this that you can find floating around -- I believe being tested by Oculus engineers -- and the results are... uncanny.

Broadly speakingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File:7f0b7e62d45809c416d6a31b28….png (996.25 KB,1024x790)

>Let's talk semiconductors.
A more interesting question is about the physics of semiconductors and how far this technology can go in term of computation speed.

There are 2 ways to improve the speed of single processor cores:
- Reduce the chip area while keeping voltage constant. If the 1D size is reduced by a factor of X, then computational speed increases by X^2. However, power consumption increases by X, and current density increases by X^3.
- Increase voltage while keeping the chip size constant. If the voltage is increased by a factor of X, then computational speed increases by X. However, power consumption increases by X^3, and current density increases by X^2.

The limiting factor of it is the current density. Too large of it results in housefire. If the chip area is scaled down X while voltage scaled down X^(3/2), then the current density is kept constant and power consumption also goes down significantly. But we only get speed improvement of X^(1/2), and reducing voltage requires all other electronic components connected to it to work with low voltage and makes the system more vulnerable to noise.
This means ideally, to get 2x speed increase the lithography process must improve by 4x. And we don't have much space left before electron tunneling takes effect.
In reality, the improvement in lithography accuracy is much slower and the number TSMC advertises is larger then the real semiconductor density it can achieve because it hacks the number by overlaying multiple lower accuracy masks together to achieve a higher number. Intel does the same thing but marketed it as ++++ so it's being less dishonest in this sense.


>TSMC advertises is larger then the real semiconductor density it can achieve because it hacks the number by overlaying multiple lower accuracy masks together to achieve a higher number.
To put it another way, they advertise their nodes based on the smallest feature size, but the typical feature size is often larger.

File:R-1662677787461.png (528.1 KB,1280x720)


papercraft and origami are fun. here are some threads I thought were funny

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File:20220908_220349.jpg (3.46 MB,4032x1908)

I only know a little bit of origami.
I present: a frog!


dumb frogposter
(pretty cool)


I liked this one.


Finally went through his stuff

Other favorites:


Escape puzzle Christmas

These I thought were really pretty:

Paper craft illusion
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Found better instructions for >>96387

File:dd9b4d358290a12cdca0196ab0….jpg (1.78 MB,1160x1639)


Does /qa/ have lots of emergency foods in your home like canned and frozen foods? What kinds of these do you have?
I have lots of these foods including pasta and pasta sauce, lots of sardines, beef cubes, corned beef hashes, canned ham and chicken breasts, and jams in my shelf. Also some udon, gyoza, and hot pockets in my freezer.
Together I think all these stuffs can last me about a week, but nowhere near some people who have full basements of stuffs enough for years.
I think having something you need sometime in your home that doesn't need to be worried about going bad is always handy especially for the /qa/hikkis. I just opened a strawberry preserve that's been sitting on my shelf for almost 2 years to serve with my breads!
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I don't know that I'd call it an "emergency" storage, but I've got probably a month's worth of food, provided I had water and fire to cook the dry foods. I mostly buy dry foods and preserved foods in bulk because it's cheaper and it's not like you have to worry about them going bad. If the electricity goes out and I'm reduced to eating preserved foods only then maybe only a couple weeks, but water would be a concern before food in that situation. Especially since so much of the preserved foods is salty too.


I have a stockpile but the real problem is water; I can't store enough of it practically in an apartment.


File:kaiji water tank.webm (4.72 MB,1278x720)



Lots of noodles(tagliatelle), tuna cans, sunflower oil at home. But in the meantime I learned how to cook what I call ra-men(though no animal bones are used in the process) so I already used up half the noodle reserves. If I lived in a region where instant noodles are more popular(and affordable) I would stock up on them too.


still one of the most insane things I've ever witness in anime
what a madlad.

File:1-8SlhbnSvTqIGNitvI6HZ0Q.jpeg (152.88 KB,800x800)


Do you have a game or show or anything else that you experienced when you were younger that has left a permanent impression on you? Not just nostalgia, but you feel as though it altered your way of thinking or what it is you desire.
I'm aging myself a bit with this one, but two prominent ones for me are the two Lunar games. They're JRPGs that I first played on the PSX. They originally came out on SegaCD, but it was wisely remastered for a console that more than 5 people had. I did go back and play the SegeaCD versions on emulator back in the day, though. I even had some Lunar avatars that I still have on my drive!

The main themes of the games are adventure and love. At its core the games are very simple both in gameplay and story scope, but its charm is the unmistakable purity of it. I think these two games gave me desire for the fairytale romance that you can only see in fiction, and of course the corny "defeating the bad guy with friendship and love" cliché. It's just so beautiful and pure. If someone were to ask me what paradise is like, I would point to this kind of thing. It is the pure idealization of human emotion.

Someone might have also noticed that the art looks familiar, and that's because the character designer eventually worked on [email protected] Takane in particular really has the face, so she's a bit of a weakness of mine when it comes to 2D idols, even when I don't really partake in that culture.

Of course, the games do have issues. Today I can appreciate the fact that Working Designs went overboard with the localization process and should have been respectful to the source material. The main story is fine, but the random NPCs make jokes and references to pop culture that they really shouldn't.
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File:c.png (172.56 KB,201x219)

And for anime, it has to be the Gundam series, particularly the early UC. Both 0079 and War In The Pocket, have both made me have deep thoughts about my worldview and current events, feel heavy emotions and gotten me into several 2D genres like mecha and sci-fi. It has also gotten me into several 2D-related communities, like /m/ and model building.
I still am a big science fiction and mecha fan to this day and I watched 0079 in my late teens, it's probably been this biggest 2D influence on my life.


>I wonder if this is part of why I get drawn more towards tempered or bittersweet stories. You're victorious...but the cost of victory is to give up the dream. That time you spent with Marin by the sea, it's as if it never happened.

Ah, this is exactly the kind of thing I mean! It seems like the stories we experienced when we were young(er) heavily influence what we seek out and enjoy as adults.
I never did finish Link's Awakening myself, I got stuck somewhere and just couldn't figure things out. It's hard to go back to play because of all the menu navigation needed to switch between items.

>the Sharpe series of books by Bernard Cornwall had a huge impact on me
Would you mind going into detail how? Are you very interested in the stories of soldiers and such?

>I know most of you don't like sport, but...
While you're right in that I'm not going to watch 5 hours of that, I really want to hear about all sorts of stuff, and /qa/ isn't specifically Japanese stuff or even "nerdy" stuff.
It's cool that you do the 'skill or speed runs' of Pikmin. I've noticed from watching some speedrunning events and channels that lots of games are getting "randomizers" that, well, randomize things. It adds a fresh breath of air that some people really seem to love, but I don't know if Pikmin has anything like that.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Would you mind going into detail how? Are you very interested in the stories of soldiers and such?
I guess before then my views on soldiers would have been based on Hollywood movies so it's just people shooting each other, but in these books he is an officer so it gave an insight into the command and tactics side of things, also because it's a book not a movie it explains why things are happening and why people are doing what they are doing for example they go into detail explaining how muskets are loaded and how they are meant to be used and things like that and the character might have a monologue about what mistakes are being made by somebody or what he himself should be doing. Before reading it I had wanted to work with animals when I grew up but after reading to I wanted to be an officer and that was what would drive and define my life. Though it never happened in the end anyway because I got injured playing sport.


yeah, GC era was weird, felt like most of the flagship titles were both late to be released and ended up being kind of mediocre entries in the series for the most part. I felt like it was the new titles like Pikmin that kept things going for Nintendo. That video kind of makes me want to play through it again.

>I never did finish Link's Awakening myself, I got stuck somewhere and just couldn't figure things out.
Bottle Grotto entrance? It took me something like months to figure out that you have to use magic powder to light the torches. There's absolutely zero indication anywhere in the game to tell you that magic powder lights torches, nor is it intuitive like LttP where you use a lantern to light the torches, which makes sense because it's fire. Heck, LttP even has magic powder as an item which does NOT light torches.

It is cool that books give you so many more details like that. Unfortunate about the injury.


EVA face brings back those teen feelings

File:java_vpaQ21ktJe.png (1.55 MB,853x809)


There's a new Haven and Hearth world starting on August 12th!
Is anyone else interested in playing some Haven and Hearth in a couple weeks? It's like a free* multiplayer version of Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley in one shared world, but with more focus on exploring and there's combat and stuff. You start with nothing, but you can build up a little village (with others) as you hunt animals and raise crops and stuff. It's really so much more fun when there's a bunch of people you know working towards goals and having fun building and decorating. Do note that there's PvP and people can freely attack you if they have the right unlocked perks, though there's ways to hide in your town. Certain animals/monsters can also permanently (rarely) kill you, although it only happened to me once when I was really new. There's some system to inherit a percentage of xp from your dead 'ancestor', but I never looked into it.

There's a pretty heavy emphasis on grinding to the extent that you'll always need new materials and food. However, stuff happens on real world timers, like it takes 20 hours to dry leather, or 3 days for crops to finish growing and other such things. It takes a similar time to recover from injuries and to 'study' things to get XP, so things can't progress TOO fast.

The current world should last for at least a few more days I think if you want to run around and get a handle of things, but there's no rush.

There's also a wiki for it, though the info isn't always accurate to the current version. https://ringofbrodgar.com/wiki/

*If you pay $15 you'll get an extra row of inventory space and 20% more XP. It's a fun game and I spent a lot of time in it so it was worth it to me.
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It should've been covering all the walls + a fair amount of land beyond them to be more specific. Ram takes 24rl hours to dry and they built one some distance away from our walls in a place we hardly ever visit anymore. After 24h they moved it closer and repaired, in 2h they could move it again.


Well, I'm done playing. Are you?
If so, I want to give what's left of our stuff to the people we met and traded with. I assume everything of value is gone, but maybe they can take some crops after they're done growing or something.


So the takeaway from all this is building smaller (just enough for the idol alone to cover) and starting getting numen from ancestral worship sooner to extend ram wait time even further. I guess it's a good reminder to take security a bit more seriously as I haven't been raided since legacy times.
Important stuff that's gone are the animals and shitty metal + some of the good new metal that I've been planing to use for new anvil/hammer and pickaxe (there's still enough ore for all that though), beehives are annoying to replace too.
Strength/carpentry sets weren't taken.
I'll play some more, don't know how long or how actively.


File:b18616596f51c2d6.png (801.25 KB,1920x1080)

one of the guys spawned an alt nearby before leaving


Hah, what a farce. People do that with full knowledge that it gets people to quit. The goal is to fuck people over because it's why those types play these games.
Well, I think it'll be a long time until you get the cloth to get the flags up, but good luck. I messaged the people we traded with that we'll give them what's left of our stuff when you, the last one, quit.

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