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File:question baka.png (115.93 KB,430x477)


How I stop Furryfox from saving images as .webp?
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File:125e6bc1a27989a7801ab1a33a….png (1.24 MB,731x1271)

Do you think Osaka's mom also made a deal to get her married and out of the house?


File:igfAds8K4x.jpg (538.19 KB,1971x1290)

Looks like konachan is split into a 'safe' version so I could use that, yeah. konachan does seem to have a basic quality control thing in place like danbooru. Looks good. Though, the benefit of something like gelbooru is that it's democratic with user scores, so maybe a combination of them would be best.

Thanks. I never thought of background tags, but it could help prevent images with the plain white background, huh? It would be great if there wasn't so much white in the images, like what I have going on here right now.
Though, this program does let you designate a folder for the 'background' image and in theory I could clean up the plain backgrounds with photoshop's magic wand tool so that the background is transparent instead. Takes a lot of time to through so many images, though.

It does work with the negative tags, I.E
"touhou -explicit" will give me touhou tags without the explicit tag. So I COULD use the Mewkledreamy tag. But, not all tags are appropriated applied at all times so it requires some cleanup.




If I recall safebooru is a thing too
and there is both wallpaper and aspect ratio tags too.
Its weird to think boorus are still used for non-lewd purposes


File:Grabber_Po8WshkdWY.png (23.73 KB,315x661)

Oh, now I remember simple_background.
And safebooru is great, too, I think most of these are already included by default in Grabber.


Wake up, Kissu!
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Green day has gotten so corny I forgot they used to have kinda somber songs.

This song hurts more when you look at it from the perspective of a usenet user


happy september 10623th, 1993 everyone!


Wake up Kissu!


File:7e2fa06444070e3e6e153fd2a7….png (328.29 KB,711x782)

So, wake up, Kissu. Wake up and smell the ashes.



File:Number-Six-the-prisoner-26….jpg (46.55 KB,600x450)


I am not a number,
I am a freeman!
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you are number 97180


Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen


File:1603840032269.png (128.97 KB,409x374)




never managed to watch more than one episode of this show, I've tried at least three times but it always feels super slow.

File:835a0e2d875e54223691fab19a….jpg (143 KB,747x1000)


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Don't apologise when you're in the right


well I wasn't trying to be funny; I like you guys most of the time but the puritanism is really off-putting some days.


It wouldn't bother me if it were only contained to a post or two. You're right that hyper-aggressive language policing is unconstructive and arguably outright harmful. But seeing that sort of language sprinkled all throughout the thread, and so aggressively at that (>>97153) leaves a bad taste in my mouth. At least to me, it reeks of "flyby teen shitposter who doesn't know nor care to know the site's culture".


I've been here since kissu started, and 4/qa/ since before Feb of 2017 before that.
I can't remain mentally stuck in the consciousness of a /jp/ poster from a decade ago, and I don't want to either.
Also, you're conflating some of another poster's posts with my own, although I am 97153.


Fair enough. Doesn't mean I have to like it though.

File:R-1664195545687.jpg (1.9 MB,1920x1080)


it is fun lying down and wiggling your finger in an ear


love the image


File:facedown.jpg (342.51 KB,1080x576)

¥ lying down


File:[SubsPlease] Youkoso Jitsu….png (1.51 MB,1920x1080)

¥ lying down


File:dead loli.jpg (137.3 KB,1280x720)


File:[SubsPlease] Soredemo Ayum….jpg (97.95 KB,1280x720)

One day you'll be able to move around in video games and VR while in such a position, doing absolutely nothing with your arms. It's going to be great

File:97528285_p0.jpg (297.15 KB,869x1228)

 No.89785[Reply][Last50 Posts]

starting to melt in my blankets
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What one?


Kind of surprising, still not sure what's unintutive about it, but I've experienced it a few times as well.


crazy food truck


File:61764538_p0.png (1.13 MB,1200x850)

ate marmite and tomato butty


ate banana

File:[PuyaSubs!] Delicious Part….png (1.38 MB,1920x1080)


Look, look...


File:[PuyaSubs!] Delicious Part….png (1.77 MB,1920x1080)

It's LALA!!


File:who_pokemon.0 copy.png (729.9 KB,1400x788)


File:who_pokemon.0 copy.png (969.65 KB,1400x788)

It's Ditto!

File:e312b082f16ec04b0de1865633….png (3.02 MB,3091x1953)


How many pets does /qa/ have?
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3. They're all getting quite old now, which is making me rather depressed.


Only one cat currently.


File:76876940_p5.png (407.75 KB,1000x792)

Same. Although two of them just can't seem to get along and constantly fight and try to invade each others spots


none, unless you count the raccoon that likes to hang out next to my garbage bin.


One bird, used to have two but the other died a few years ago, sadly.

File:S.jpg (8.67 KB,800x450)


Everyone hates people pluralizing anime as 'animes' or manga as 'mangas', but I see comparatively little push-back to the pluralizing of other otaku-culture loanwords in the same way. How do you feel about words like 'lolis', 'tsunderes', and 'otakus'? What about something like 'boorus'? Are they acceptable, or should their usage be discouraged?
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I pluralize it as aminays and mangoes.


Oh, huh. So it's something like 'kissu', kind of. Well, I guess we can't pluralize kissu in text because it would look like it's pronounced like missus (Mrs.) at that point. Maybe.


depends. If the loanword is already invariable or a past participle like "cliché" or "pasta" it pisses me off, but other than that I don't see why loanwords should follow different rules. Down the line if they're worth using they'll be anglicized anyway so you might as well start now.


File:298bd64b029696980687f18a18….png (1.85 MB,1066x1491)

There is nothing strange about "animes" if Japanese need to follow the same rule. アニメ itself is a loanword, they'd better respect the Anglo plural rule and use アニメス instead.
Clearly, Japanese showed no respect in the first place, so our appropriate response is to also use our own rules even for Japanese native words.
So yes, adding s to every of these words is not only right, but also the right thing to do.


It's a shortening of animation, so it shouldn't have an s at the end

File:catgirl-anime-kemonomimi-e….png (2.95 MB,2200x2600)


Any good anime in the future? Like, not next season but just the future. Watching this looking for things and there's a Kenshin reboot for some reason.

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File:waterfox_vE6xu33kIa.png (1.34 MB,1196x685)

forgot image


File:[SubsPlease] Tokyo Mew Mew….jpg (179.14 KB,1280x720)

Anyway, there's a ton of sequels and continuations and remakes this season, yeah. I don't really look far ahead because I don't want to get excited for something that's far away. It's mental torture.
Mew Mew New is getting another season next year, I guess. I don't know much else and don't really care to know




I want to watch Do It Yourself!! for the educational value.


And Bocchi the Rock! because it has very good luck. Cloverworks SOL and the same name as the wahaha muffin.

File:qatan_question.png (71.5 KB,390x450)


How does /qa/ pronounce the "o" in "loli"?
"la-li" as in lallygag?
"lo-li" as in low?
or do you do it another way?
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Same as lolly.


Like japanese rori but with an actual L sound.


I pronounce it ロリ。


File:01 - Lonely Twilight I_1.webm (3.86 MB,640x478)



Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta.

File:20220403_050832.jpg (352.34 KB,1364x2048)


Sono Bisque Doll got me thinking... does Kissu have a favorite cosplayer? Do you even follow any cosplayers (that aren't just ecchi ones, you PERV)?

I'm a big fan of SeeU. She's really cute and her outfits are pretty impressive.
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File:IMG_20190527_090851.jpg (130.12 KB,768x1024)

i once had a very vivid dream that me and liyu were on a picnic date in a park
there was a helicopter shining a spotlight onto an apartment building nearby

im sure that we shared a kissu after


cute megane


This may surprise you to learn, but some mirrors warp the reflection.




File:neet posting.jpg (13.63 KB,185x185)


I first heard of 4chan watching Gamer from Mars videos about '10 crazy 4chan pranks' I think they were called I remember seeing these videos and thinking that 4chan was this magical place where you could say anything you wanted and get people to do what-ever you wanted and it wasn't as good as I thought it was but I still enjoyed being able to say why I liked with complete anonymity and I became interested in anime and manga and gradually I started using 8moe and other chan-sites
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It's a long time ago. I was on a website with flash videos and flash games and there was a loop of some guy humping a piece of text saying 4chan and people were talking about "this 4chan guy" so I tried to find out who that was.
Can't remember the name of the site. I've looked, but even using archives I'm not getting anywhere. It was a pretty obscure flash site and not close to one of the bigger ones. I just kept finding weird sites on the internets.
Searched for 4chan due to that flash loop and got to the frontpage. Being 12 and a naruto anime newfriend I went straight to /a/ since it was the first visible board in the list. Of course it was a complete disaster for the rest of my youth, but I have no regrets.


Found Pooshlmer first actually, although I knew of ED and vaguely of 4chan from someone at school, it just didn't mean anything to me at that time. I was really into Pokemon ROMs because it was all I could play on my mediocre school laptop. From there I got into Touhoumon and there was a dedicated thread to it on there.


I came to 4chan in 2015 because I was a edgy, depressed, and racist and among those crowds on the internet /pol9k/ was the cool place to go to complain about the refugee crisis and being an insufferable loser. I think I stuck around after removing that part of my personality and permanently quitting those boards because it was the best place to talk about paradox games (even though /gsg/ has always been one of the worst corners of the site) and because I liked the contrarian/elitist/indie tendencies of /mu/ and /v/.
I don't even get nostalgic for when I first stared using the site because all the boards I went to were terrible in every way


File:165395232642.png (341.98 KB,730x1370)

My first chan ever was Hispachan around 2016 then I learned English and started visiting 4chan, Wizardchan, 8chan and many other IBs though Hispa was always my main board. Now Hispachan is dead and I feel like I don't have a home anymore.


any good hispa memes? board culture?

File:akiyukisimba_waifu2x_art_n….png (381.94 KB,958x846)


Why is it that in anime productions, people remember the names of studios better than they do the directors, teams or top level staff?
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anidb has basically everyone that's worked on it


I kind of agree but Shinbo is a pretty bad example of this. He has been a household name for otaku for over a decade.


Of course, but that requires looking it up, which is usually "read once and forget" if a name doesn't immediately ring a bell. Flashing creators' names in viewers' faces every episode during the OP/ED is basically spaced repetition, which tends to stick much better.


Same reason people know labels better than (non-hip-hop) producers and mixers, and publishers are better known than editors.


File:philspector.jpg (348.29 KB,623x1920)

The reason being that most people don't hold any true vested interest in the things they obsess over? Anybody who really cares about music usually knows the names of producers like Steve Albini, Avicii, and Trevor Horn.

No, I think the real reason is that Western scholars don't take gook artists seriously except in the fields of cinema, music and literature. Video games and anime need a few more decades to catch up.


Do you think these spooky videos are faked?


File:1422207013149.png (342.34 KB,412x373)


I thought this was going to be about ghosts or something.
First one is real.
Second one is definitely a production meant to tell a story by using specific camera views and angles for atmosphere instead of accuracy.
Third is fake.
Fourth is another example of using camera angles to give suspense and emotion instead of how somehow would actually record something if they were under duress.
Fifth is fake, for, again, specifically using angles people saw in movies.

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