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File:[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Pr….png (895.67 KB,1024x576)


wanted to share this cute and colourful frame of this show i'm watching
share your nice screencaps
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File:[Silver_zero_Subs]Alps_no_….jpg (955.89 KB,3162x1066)


File:[Silver_zero_Subs]Alps_no_….jpg (1.12 MB,1440x3364)


Thanks 4 sharing anon it means a lot to me


File:[SubsPlease] Sousou no Fri….jpg (376.29 KB,1920x1080)

Frieren has lots of really nice frames. I wonder how it will look in BD form.


File:[mudabone] Hidamari Sketch….jpg (517.05 KB,1280x720)

File:20231201_145521.jpg (663.96 KB,1400x1400)


Anniversaries are always a good time for reflection. So how about thinking of yourself, /qa/. As the years have gone by and you've gotten older, do you feel like you've become a better poster?
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File:c8ff328f97ba0c2685d07b8df8….jpg (634.49 KB,2508x3360)

Well, since returning here after a year and some change I think, I think I've become more stable.
I'm still laconic in my words though, and I feel like I come across like an asshole everytime I post.


File:S01E03-INSTALL [61FA37C6].….png (2.68 MB,1920x1080)

This is something I wonder about a lot. I've certainly become a more active poster but I'm not so sure about a better one. Even after years of being here I don't think I've properly assimilated into kissu's culture. Worse, it may actually be the inverse, with others being influenced by and taking after my own kimo/kusoposting. /secret/ being the board I'm probably the most active on should say a lot.


i'm doing way better now and i'm very happy with where i'm at
especially throughout this last year it was great
kimi ga kimo


File:1702004273355306.gif (594.26 KB,332x540)

happy for you anonymous!



File:e3f20aa3454f1c789f8d5a60ef….jpg (578.25 KB,1957x1614)


Is "Gezellig" the most accurate word to describe /qa/ - my friend is here?

>Gezelligheid is a Dutch word which, depending on context, can be translated as 'conviviality', 'coziness', 'fun'.
>The word derives from gezel which means 'companion' or 'friend'.
>A common trait to all descriptions of gezelligheid is a general and abstract sensation of individual well-being that one typically shares with others. All descriptions involve a positive atmosphere, flow or vibe that colours the individual personal experience in a favorable way and in one way or another corresponds to social contexts.
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That wouldn't make sense. A phrase for a specific thing would generally make things more concise, not less.

I suspect most of it came from Francization. A lot of English started as Romance (specifically French) vocabulary welded onto a Germanic grammar that it wasn't really 'meant' for, so you lose out on a lot of the subtleties of both.


File:1702689670672.png (1006.22 KB,899x557)


It is wyrd


File:[SubsPlease] Helck - 01 (1….jpg (255.38 KB,1920x1080)



There is one word coined by a Scot that comes to mind and that's haecceity, also known as thisness. It's what distinguishes a specific thing as a distinct, particular entity. There are other fairly specific loans like eudaimonia or defenestrate, and of those that are trivia-tier I've come across qualtagh, that one's pretty unique. I don't think English lost these per se, it's that a lot of what you see touted around as these mega-specific abstract things are often a product of writing, either popularized by it or simply not used in regular speech anyways, and the English language spent a very long time being marginalized in favor of Latin and French, whose impact will be felt for even longer. And really, English speakers mostly prefer to borrow words over calquing them, that too contributes to the whole shebang.

The specificity of commonplace vocabulary is generally very underrated and you won't see it appear on any funny lists, but English's phrasal verbs in particular are a stupidly productive way to narrow down or diversify meanings. Get, get in, get out, get up, get down, get by, get on, get off, get along, get at, get away, get back, get over, get across, get around, get through, not to mention get as an auxiliary, at this point I'm sure you get the idea. It's important to highlight the fact that multi-word expressions are lexical items too and just as valid as individual ones, which is what most of these would be in a different language.

As for verbosity itself, it comes and goes, Aristophanes was making fun of it all the way back in 391 BC with his Lopado­temacho­selacho­galeo­kranio­leipsano­drim­hypo­trimmato­silphio­karabo­melito­katakechy­meno­kichl­epi­kossypho­phatto­perister­alektryon­opte­kephallio­kigklo­peleio­lagoio­siraio­baphe­tragano­pterygon. It's not unprecedented.


File:ba8414dc119dd0f63403c8283f….png (4.25 MB,2121x3000)


Do you share any of your otaku interests with your family members?
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the steve jobs anime looks like it has a lot of fujo appeal


Why do I always end up liking the fujo anime


Me and my brother grew up watching anime together. He got into it along with me. I also had a cousin who was into it that I would watch Gundam Wing, Berserk, and a bit more with when we lived near each other. The rest of my family knew about my interests and thought I was a freak of nature for singing J-Pop in my room and my grandma thought I was trying to sing opera while singing along with Malice Mizer.


did you just reinvent the concept of zettai ryouiki...


File:[SubsPlease] Migi to Dali ….jpg (321.34 KB,1920x1080)

It's a great show and while the pandering is kind of obvious with some camera angles and such, it's really quite unique and enjoyable to guys, too.

File:[SubsPlease] Uma Musume - ….jpg (139.69 KB,1280x720)


When did you peak?


I'm peeking at her right now


Not yet


Takane Horse cant say anything to me


ugly ears

File:6534b6760da007edcfb76089cb….jpg (910.89 KB,1920x1080)


What games, or types of games, do you think will survive the test of time and become staples into the far future? Like checkers, chess, or backgammon.

Although esports has been a fairly well-known thing for at least a couple decades, it hasn't been until the past few years where it was actually accepted by the Olympics and even schools and universities as something more than just goofing off. But I wonder: how many of these games are truly timeless? It's not exactly a competitive sport, but Tetris strikes me as being reduced to the most essential parts of a game -- not overly flashy, or constrained by sensibilities on what makes good graphics -- it is the prototypical timeless game.

That said, there are a lot of things we for granted as being timeless now. Modern sports like hockey, american football, table tennis, etc. were only invented within the last ~150 years. Even modern yoga, as we understand it, is only really an invention from within the last ~200 years.
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I think they plan on keeping Minecraft alive for 100 years or so. I guess that one will still be talked about in the 2120s.


If you think about 2000/1995 games then the few which survived were carried on by iterative sequels. Ones that didn't died from major technical advances and maintained small cult followings.


As long as there's a way to play Old School RuneScape there will be autists online to play it. I know I will play it until I die if there's a possible way to do so.


2D fighting games will survive the test of time. I don't see games like Street Fighter or Melty going away anytime soon. Even the most obscure games in the genre have dedicated players and you can find games no matter what time of day you log on to the services that allow netplay.


File:Undead.Unluck.S01E10.1080p….jpg (176.47 KB,1920x1080)

Anything first person would be my guess. I'm not a huge fan of shooters or Minecraft, but they're kind of a big deal. It's a "natural" camera view with easily understandable implications. It's also something already ready for the transition into VR and AR.
Fighting games? Ehh maybe. They did manage to survive the death of arcades and online connections will hopefully improve over time.
RPGs? It... doesn't look good. Lots of companies have used RPG elements to "gamify" and create addictive gameplay feedback loops, but the happy JRPG or open-ended WRPG themselves seem like they're on borrowed time compared to the old days. (I don't consider RPGMaker eroge to be a substitute).
Gacha will probably be timeless if it counts as a genre since it exploits human weakness.

But, really, who knows? I wouldn't have guessed Minecraft would become as popular as it is.

File:my_dreams.gif (2.39 MB,636x358)


Can /qa/ give me some fun anime and cartoons to watch? I've already added a bunch to my media server and I'm running out of things I've watched before. It automatically adds stuff that's airing so I already have everything released in the last year.

I'm mainly looking for 60s-2000s era content. I have five other people sharing the server with me. I'm tired of going through anidb looking for stuff I haven't seen before. Half of what I find isn't available anywhere anyway.
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Speed Racer and Astro Boy, maybe?




That's 70s, as are Harlock, and Galaxy Express 999.


I have two shows from the 50s. The Kitten's Doodles and The Kitten's studio. I have about 6 shows from the 60s including Speed Racer.

I like old animation. It's cool to see how the styles developed over the years. I have a lot of stuff from the 30s-60s but most of it is American and admittedly not very good. Some of the 50s stuff from America is fun though. I watched a lot of animation in the 90s as a child that lampooned it. Ren and Stimpy did it all of the time.


I think I've mentioned it here before, but I recommend the cartoon OK K.O. It's from the 2010s, but it's very much stylistically in line with Cartoon Network shows from the late 2000s like Chowder and Flapjack

File:[SubsPlease] Rurouni Kensh….jpg (313.6 KB,1920x1080)


The new rurouni kenshin looks flippin GOOD (Although not on the level of Tsuioku good but that's impractical). Which is nice for me because depending on how much they adapt this is probably up in my top 3 greatest battle shounens of all time. Would be amazing if this goes beyond just re-adapting what the anime already covered and properly doing justice to the later manga arcs because that's the greatest fault of the original IMO. Although the new OP is definitely no sobakasu..... It's hard to top a 10/10 opening I wish the new one was at least comparable...


Anyways, with this I kinda wonder what /qa/ thinks about the uptick in higher budget remakes of older anime? I find it a bit worrying because of the precedent Hollywood set with it, but everything so far has been pretty quality (This, Urusei Yatsura, Mahoujin Guru Guru come to mind). Also as a positive it seems that these new remakes, if source material has updated since the original, are doing more the Brotherhood style of remake in which they adapt the source material more accurately and to its conclusion instead of just being an advertisement. In a way I think I'd actually prefer more of these since I hate the way so many older anime are just sitting in the "next season never" bin and if a full remake is what's needed to see them adapted to finish then so be it. I will happily eat up the Spice and Wolf remake if that's what'll be done as well.
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>The new rurouni kenshin looks flippin GOOD
A shame that the same can't be said about how it sounds. The OST in this new version is serviceable at best, but maybe that's just my bias coming into play from having watched the original and its soundtracks being one of my favorites of all time. I don't know how to express it as a musical smarty would, but the tension and impact are extremely lacking. Also it doesn't really feel like it has anything unique to it, it's just battle music. Really, they should've just repurposed the old OST and maybe done remasters at most.


Although, if there's one thing I'll give credit to the new one in terms of OST... It doesn't play this fucking song every single other minute whenever something slightly emotional happens. One of the worst parts of the original.


The worst part is that it's a really good OST on its own, and you'd never think that you'd get annoyed of it. But I remember them swapping from whatever was playing to it so many times that I got sick of it at one point. Maybe memory serves me wrong, but I feel that at one point they switched to it twice in the same scene.


I know its chiefly a comedy series, but how do you not lose motivation to engage with UY when the manga spoiled who would win very early


File:FjnJIqoVQAAuC_L.jpg (313.68 KB,1168x1609)

Because I adore the characters and don't really care too much about the end goal as I do the characters and the situations they get themselves into. Who cares that it's filler if you're having fun? Not like there's always some grand meaning to everything.

File:R-1701911654028.jpg (2.55 MB,1920x2872)


How does kissu manage their passwords? I used to use a password manager (KeePass) but I thought someone figured out the master password and got my keyfile when I was having a psychotic episode. Now I'm writing them down in a notepad, but the list is getting long and it takes a while to find the password I'm looking for. I also don't have the memory for a bunch of xkcd-style passwords (https://xkcd.com/936/) even though they are a good alternative to honestly answering security questions.
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File:b2c7e076fac44ebae1042454c4….jpg (2.65 MB,2738x2149)

I only remember 3 passwords, a short one for random websites I don't care, a longer one with variation for more important accounts, and a third one for things that never leave my computer.
It's not like passwords work anyway because they're moot when you're under gunpoint.


but what about those people who say that google managed passwords are better than self managed...


multiple master passwords is a great idea


Why does firefox always ask to save my passwords if it never works when I need it autofilled?


I have a notebook for important stuff I rarely have to use like logging in to my ISP's web portal to pay the bill. But I rarely have to reference it after I use the password more than a couple of times. I make passwords using lists of random uncommon words and substitute numbers and characters for letters along with randomly using the shift key. For shit I don't care about I just use short passwords because I don't care if someone gets into the account. That said it has never happened in the 30 years I've been using the internet.

For _really_ important stuff like ssh logins I don't use passwords at all anymore. root accounts are disabled and I generate a public key to access such things. I don't fully trust TLS but it keeps the bot from filling up my log files with BS.

Last but not least I have some encrypted thumb drives hidden in various places that are unlocked with a long master password. Some of those have a txt file with list of important accounts+passwords contained on them.

For logging into my encrypted PCs/HDDs I use a key file on a thumb drive. Insert thumb drive into usb port. Boot. Then pull it back out. Stays in my pocket all of the time or is hidden in safe in a location not in the same house as the PC when I won't be using them for awhile. Aside from my laptops all my PCs run 24/7 unless I'm going on vacation or something. In which case I unplug them and store them at a friend's house until I return.

Because modern websites break anything and everything possible so glorified CSS monkeys can justify 100k year job. There are no longer real web standards.

File:1602674590527.gif (494.39 KB,640x640)


do you think that catalogs and overboards are detrimental to an imageboard's quality of posts? i'm not sure about catalogs but i do think overboards can be harmful since different types of threads get grouped in, and as such anons may be inclined to reply to a /qa/ thread with a /jp/ style, so to speak.
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File:40111470_p0.jpg (441.23 KB,900x900)

It's not a general thread unless OP mention the words "general" or "edition"!


the tsukuyomi moon phase thread on futaba has reached 151st edition


What on Earth do they talk about all day?


It looks like blogging


File:1626923390696.png (1.32 MB,1518x1075)

*replies to the /qa/ thread with a /jp/ style*

File:PSOGL2_002.jpg (213.73 KB,1280x960)

 No.103108[Reply][Last50 Posts]

I am... a Raven!
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Now that the dust has settled, I can safely say I fucking HATE the changes made to AC6. Hard-lock is fucking disgusting and the lack of turning speed is a disgrace. This is not the game I waited a decade for. Yamamura was not the man for the job. Fuck why couldn't they just remaster VD...


I think if you take out the hard lock and instant turning, this game becomes near perfect. The gunplay just feels so good and I love the way impact melee has.


I wouldn't call it near perfect. Actually I don't like the stun centered gameplay either because it turns the game into just shoot>stun>combo. This ruins melee for me because it feels sub-optimal to use for anything other than hitting a sunned enemy. Melee in previous AC games had you thinking in 5d trying to figure out how you were going to land a pilebunker. It always felt extremely satisfying. I don't get that here. I honestly think this is one of the worst AC games, but it's still a pretty good game funny enough.

The worst part though is that it's so casualized that's it's hard to believe they will just revert back to the OG AC formula since nu-AC fans will see it as "clunky."


You can play this game on your browser, I think. It's on the internet archive. I remember seeing people online saying you could play it using the edge browser on the xbox with a controller but I'm not sure.


meant to reply to the OP...

File:width chart.jpg (2.24 MB,2560x2880)


Towards a Theory of Width

I believe it's high time we formalized this crucial matter. At first I believed this to be a simple task, I thought we could say wide was a subset of chibi, but reality is never so straightforward.

¬ Ume Aoki - Orthodox Width
Ume's default head shape is hexagonal, alternating with a rectangle or narrow oval that are about twice or thrice as wide as the default while retaining roughly the same height. Eyes change too, going from a fairly regular form to to her trademark (✖╹◡╹✖). It's a very clear contrast, absent in Madoka for the sake of srs but commonly extended to it in fanart. The golden standard.

¬ tkmiz - Heterodox Width
Unlike Ume, tkmiz's heads are predominantly circular, blobby, and don't have a qualitatively different mode of width, instead characters will melt or be stretched like fresh dough. Their eyes do not change either, as can be seen when Yuuri gets NARROW'd in ep 2. However, after an exhaustive review I've come to the conclusion they are not nearly as wide as the hidamaris. They mostly stick to their regular-sized blobheads, and it's only in Shimeji that their proportions sometimes change in a way that's comparable to Ume's or even more radical. However, this model is widely recognized as wide, so excluding it would be negligence. ("Don't be so wide about it" is a bit of a meme translation, though, the original says 横長.)

¬ Kotoyama - Sharp Width
If tkmiz's width is on the blobbiest end of the spectrum, then Kotoyama is the opposite: his wide faces are well-defined and extremely pointy. Eyes change from regular to rectangular (though as you can see in >>/jp/58098 it's not exclusive to widened forms), and noses disappear. Initially I had my doubts about including this one, as it is proportionally the narrowest of all, but after giving it a closer look I can say with no doubt that it fits Ume's criteria to a T, even if the change is not as pronounced as in Hidamari.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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that's the verdict yes


File:C-1701819197699.png (85.2 KB,497x201)

okay see THIS is motherfucking wide you better believe it


Okay, but more seriously in Yofukashi characters tend to do that kind of face when they're confused, bothered, or something like that. In terms of looks and circumstance, it's fairly regular and decently spread across characters iirc.


you might say its widespread



File:[anon] Star☆Twinkle Precur….jpg (177.78 KB,1280x720)


Lala Lala Lala!! Her voice so sweet!! It's been over a year since we've had the pleasure of seeing Lala here on Earth.
Well, the Starscape alliance is always working tirelessly to protect the universe.
In the name of all the magical girls around the world, our top secret ally Lala has returned from her mission on earth.
On top of that, our beloved friend Lala has been taking pictures of the magical girls for the Starscape alliance. (She's on the left side)
I hope to see many more pictures soon!!

And there's that magical girl friends are so awesome. I wish I could make magical friends like them!
And so there you go, the reason why I love Lala and why I'm so happy to see her around every time.
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File:f4972709d38f4ebd51d636da4e….jpg (92.54 KB,1280x720)

i believe....


File:Star Twinkle Precure 02.mk….png (3.65 MB,1920x1080)

I wanted to crop a bigger image for her for the birthday CSS, but cropping her is extreme hard mode due to all the colors and her tiny antenna and multicolored clothes and so on. As pretty as Lala is, she is NOT edit friendly.


File:1553460613552.jpg (204.87 KB,803x1199)

You cannot crop Lala because Lala is infinite.


File:b5d0510cf8aa7105f1020bd83b….jpg (1.32 MB,1300x1836)

lala stomping on my balls in 2024

File:20231201_041147.jpg (304.13 KB,1448x2048)


Do you think that as we march forawrds towards a future in which AI bots become prolific, paying for access to post on sites will become the norm? Not a crazy amount or anything, but more like a dime/quarter for a code that you insert to allow posting. The financial burden for the regular person is nothing, but the cost to spammers would mount to hundreds if not more depending on how many different 'access tokens' they'd need to purchase. Maybe there's other ways that I'm just not good enough at computers to understand, but with the way botnets keep getting better and better it seems like something the net will have to deal with somehow.


Maybe, I think even just having to provide your credit card details would be enough and Youtube already does something like that where in some countries you have to show ID to prove you are an adult in order to watch some content. That would work as well.

But the issue in both cases is that it takes time to do and so many people would be too lazy to do it(I never provided Youtube with my ID when they asked for that reason) but also there are many people who would not feel comfortable providing such ID. Though to be fair a lot of those people are the kind that a website would be better off without anyway.


File:[SubsPlease] Sousou no Fri….jpg (237.21 KB,1920x1080)

I'm too tired to give much of a response right now, but I've said that this is something imageboards should look into before, here on kissu. We (kissu) are protected by obscurity, but it's still something I worry about in the future. The internet is full of spam so adding semi-coherent AI spam to it will greatly worsen things for those few places that still allow free, open communication without proof of identity. As it stands currently, humans are worse than AI for the "identify the thing" CAPTCHAs that were a mainstay of the internet for so long.

I think the meguca captcha centered on anime characters is probably something that will serve a greater purpose one day, but customized and perhaps with another layer of perplexity. I've seen CAPTCHAs that involve levels of reasoning that AI won't (yet) pick up on, like a "choose the fastest" and the correct answer was to select the horse icons. I've also seen isometric views where you need to rotate an object to set it into the right position. Perhaps a kissu-related one would be something like "drag the nekomimi hat onto the right character", but you don't want it to be too complex or niche because you still want a broad audience.

Due to the effort involved this would need to be something of a posting window unlock instead of just one post per captcha since it would be far too annoying otherwise.

File:[mottoj] Tsukuyomi Moon Ph….jpg (82.78 KB,1024x576)


Kissu is four years old! Stream has concluded!

You WERE cordially invited to the annual streaming of Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, the namesake of this corner of the internet known as Kissu!
Kissu was born on December 1st, 2018, and since streaming is done on weekends for the benefit of those people that have things known as "lives", the stream will start on Friday, December 2nd at 6PM EST/11PM UTC.*
Currently the plan is to watch 13 episodes on the 2nd and then 13 more (12 + OVA) on the 9th, which is what we did in previous years. However, I'm also open to splitting it up into 3 weeks since 5 hours of streaming is a pretty long time.
Questions? Comments? Neko mimi modo?

*Timezones are a major pain and sadly some people will be left out, but if there is enough interest maybe someone can organize a stream for the Eastern hemisphere and I could provide you with the stuff you need. [css deactivated]
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File:40298_p0.jpg (119.42 KB,613x842)

Don't "bleh" me, dotard !!


i'm a dotard

i dota


Happy birthday Kissu! Looking forward to the stream tomorrow.




File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (324.15 KB,1920x1080)

Oh, how mischievous!
There is no stream tomorrow because this thread is from last year! (at least not planned, someone could do something as last second if they wanted to)

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