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File:Screenshot_20210403-174532….jpg (90.96 KB,1920x1080)


At what point in a show's lifetime do spoilers stop becoming a problem?
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kevin spacey kills euphemia


Once they've been seen in the stream should be the cutoff.


>I think a week is good enough
I agree with this. That gives people who are dedicated to the series as it's actively airing/ongoing enough time to watch it if they didn't get the chance to right away.


I think it more depends on what kind of thread the spoilers are in.
If somebody posts spoilers of Yuru Yuri in a Yuru Yuri thread then it would be assumed that everybody in that thread had watched it but if they post such spoilers in another thread there might be many people who have not seen it yet but plan to at some point but now you spoiled the secret plot twist at the end for them.


It's really a context thing. If the gathering is to discuss a new episode of something, obviously you don't need to worry about spoilers for that episode. Bringing up stuff that happens later in the manga is. If you're in an anime-focused community, you can probably assume everyone there is familiar with the big stuff and you can safely bring it up wherever. Telling someone outside of those communities that Saber is Japanese King Arthur would be a spoiler, though.

There has to be a balance between facilitating conversation and ruining the experience for others, but common sense really should be enough to find that balance.

File:efbc1056f9186dfa0fc636e696….png (5.1 MB,3072x2171)


What the heck how did I just learn today that one of my favorite eromangas got an animated adaptation??!?!


I'm not expecting a lot since animated hentai is usually pretty low quality, but I'm still downloading it to watch.


holy crap I love this one, although I sincerely doubt any studio could do it justice


imagine linking to a site where I need an account to even see the info...


File:1d65f8e38a873e8bd820356c2f….png (2.23 MB,1457x2064)

Imagine not having an AniDB account...

Here's a myanimelist link I guess.

And here's the original manga.

I love Tiffany.


File:000G.jpg (252.81 KB,1280x1947)

Tiffany's great, but Chloe is so cute.....

File:1659807791220384.jpg (172.59 KB,1056x1080)


Is it possible to learn a skill you never picked up in your teenaged/growing years?


File:75049913_p0.jpg (229.69 KB,920x1000)

Yes, without question. Even old retired people in their 90s learn new skills and there's various cliches about military men or other career people completely starting over in different fields


My dad started learning Swedish for fun when he was 60, so why not?

File:internet ages japan.png (1.1 MB,1000x1500)


Have there been any isekai-style stories about revisiting not the distant past or a fantasy setting, but revisiting the internet of 15 years ago and introducing modern culture to it. Like imagine a guy who knows all about modern twitter humour and can quote 1000 dril tweets from memory, getting a massive head-start over everyone else when he introduces it to 2007-era twitter where people didn't post about anything more interesting than their lunches or their work or because the cultural knowledge of how to actually be viral on twitter just did not exist. Tell me that doesn't hit the same buttons as spreading knowledge of the printing press or internal combustion engine to antiquity.


File:rorikamisama.jpg (97.56 KB,1280x720)

Is somewhat like what you described. Although it was kinda shit and I wouldn't really recommend it.


god no
culture has degraded


Would be funny to have someone go back in time to try and introduce cancerman to the post-rage comic crowd thinking they'd be a big hit and failing horribly.


the potential for conflict there with kuso addictive optimized culture displacing what came before it makes the premise interesting. in the tech version of the isekai story nobody misses the counterfactual x hundred years of normal pace tech development, it's generally agreed to be a good thing by all.


Inventing the Ponzi scheme! Inventing the Nigerian prince scam! Inventing multi-level marketing! Inventing casinos! Inventing fractional reserve banking!

File:R-1655606916330.png (116.62 KB,2700x2160)


Lets make some D&D alignment charts of our favorite stories!
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File:R-1655611694915.png (712.88 KB,1600x1280)

okay here's the picture



File:seasonal alignment.png (2.89 MB,2700x2160)

I couldn't think of onee for chaotic evil, especially one that isn't a spoiler. Someone else can fill it in maybe?


Pop Team Epic.


why is purin chaotic good, she's more like lawful evil


Is it just me, or does Bocchi seem to have brought forth a lot more MADs recently? Felt like they were sorta on the downturn or I didn't see them as much before, and now I see them in my recommended feed a lot more while surfing youtube.


File:[SubsPlease] Bocchi the Ro….jpg (117.38 KB,1280x720)

I can't say I've gone looking for them so I wouldn't know, but I wouldn't be surprised based on the musical theme, ridiculously good animation for what it is and fantastic faces in general. I'm not sure how much editing you even need to do


>I can't say I've gone looking for them
Me neither, but it's the first time in a while that I've noticed myself finding MADs naturally without explicitly searching for them.




ANOTHER one on my home page.

File:c50af4d741f58ee86ccbda62c1….jpg (154.4 KB,2048x1470)


Why is it that indie video games are so much better than industry produced games, while at the same time industry produced cinema does much better than indie cinema?
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>something like an indie realist film may not need to pay its actors at all when they're doing it for the sake of art
The same could be said of indie game devs could it not? Did any of the /v/ OELVNs have actual pay for the people that worked on them during development?


Mm, yeah, I'll admit I'm biased towards acting, it just seems easier to me than other types of work.


Many industry games suffer from inclusion of too many cutscenes. It was cool in the PS1/PS2 era when they would put a few in the game for the big moments, but with modern CGI becoming so cheap and storage space no longer limited, they throw in cutscenes for everything. With text dialog you can run through it at the pace you read, but with cutscenes your choice is to either sit there and let the characters talk at their speed or to skip it completely. It turns what should be 5 minutes of reading dialog into 15 minutes of listening to it.

This is especially true in the RPG genre, but I see it elsewhere too. Stuff like God of War or Bayonetta started falling to the issue of they wanted to do some "epic" combat moves that in practice turn into "mash this button or time a button press with the movie". I want to play a game, not watch a low-budget movie built with video game models.

Whereas indie games tend to be straight gameplay.

Although like >>100087 said, there's plenty of mediocre to bad indie games out there that you'll never hear about. And there are good industry games out there too. Half the "problem" is there's so many games out there it's a pain to sift through them for the good ones. Feels like we're back in the Atari era all over again, although at least now we can watch gameplay videos and reviews and stuff to actually see the game before bothering with it.


File:The.Lighthouse.2019.1080p.….jpg (166.28 KB,1920x1080)

What's "Indie Cinema" in this case? Because most of the time I'd consider indie cinema leagues better than industry cinema.


I didn't think that lighthouse was indie. Maybe my impression of cinema is too uneducated

File:tumblr_nn2oi4jmgM1utwuzeo1….jpg (169.86 KB,1280x800)


In ~6 hours @ 6PM EST I'm gonna be streaming Dennou Coil(2007)
Director: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitsuo_Iso
Streaming: https://theatre.kissu.moe/kiss/vermeil
6 Episodes per stream

It's a Madhouse Scifi Original by a dude who did a lot of mecha.
An episodic series where each episode builds up a hypothetical universe around artificial reality. It does this by following around a group of kids who experience it.
Rather than a story of jaded (young)adults fighting against technology it's a ghibliesque story of kids adventuring in a strange world driven by a common place technological item.

If I recall correctly it was pretty light hearted show.
I don't remember it very well and I wasn't patient enough to do episodic series a long time ago.
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sounds like movies are better
except with this guy since they tend to be higher bitrates. Maybe can try to do a youtube upload of a movie since releases probably aren't copyright protected as strongly.


File:[Pizza] Do it Yourself!! -….jpg (412.52 KB,1920x1080)

We do have the stream account where I've put stuff that we've streamed and it shows a breakdown by genre:
There is some voting involved, although since people never nominate shows to stream it's more of a reactive rating system than what people seek out. Maybe you can find patterns there or something? I don't know


I'm going to be finishing the series. It's more plot centered at the moment.


It was a whole lot more engaging and story-filled in the second half. Really threw me for a surprise since I thought it was just going to be a tech-future SoL like DIY was.


Honestly, I had trouble staying engaged. The serious parts were good, but the slice of life stuff was the more traditional variety with normal people doing normal things and it caused my to lose focus and get sleepy. Since I had trouble keeping focus I could not bond with the characters, so emotional moments did not have the impact on me it should have. It had some cool concepts and I probably would have preferred it as one cour full of story to keep me interested. Oh well.

File:27151688_p0.jpg (489.05 KB,812x850)


What exercises does /qa/ do to alleviate wrist/hand pain when it starts to build up from too much hard computer use?
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i never liked gel mousepads or wrist rests on keyboards or whatever BS you can get for a desk


Werks on my end. Already have had a sand bag for a couple years that did wonders.


File:2009_05_12_17_09_02__5_The….jpg (106.47 KB,600x300)

I've somehow been spared from wrist pain. I do get some finger pain, though. I talked to my doctor about it and she sent me to get some "therapy puttyy" to squeeze, but really nothing will fix it except if I stop doing the things that makes my life worthwhile like playing video games/internet/typing and I just live with it


This is really scary. I don't want to stop using the computer.


probably should try these out need something to exercise with idly

File:drink.webm (671.15 KB,718x540)


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File:Gallus.webp (41.07 KB,333x545)



if only this had came out 5 years ago when I really wanted to play the game but not enough to learn how to, maybe ill give it a go


File:Untitled.png (13.74 KB,552x295)

I didn't really play the game but I thought the low tech mapmaking was charming. It's what inspired me to try it on the archives years ago. If I wasn't already dabbling in so many games right now I would give it time but I will at least watch a video on it to see what has changed.


Is there a way to do this on kissu? I know we have color codes and stuff, but not sure if there's custom font color options that can be used to craft something like that.


it was a bit of a headache to align all the Fortune Color = blah blah through it all; so I could imagine it being a pain to do here as well and likely underutilized for the effort.

File:1667483496735.png (50.69 KB,793x298)


The Ex forums are blowing up because the admin decided to change the UI and kill search pages for 'performance'.

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File:C-1670452574132.png (21.13 KB,1068x133)



This is confusing


it makes sense to me


I don't get it. Why can't they just number the pages like they did before, rather than having these stupid unlabelled dots?


Newer is better fallacy.
I hope dots instead of numbers for pages don't become a trend. At least for carousels and such it makes some sense.

File:__konpaku_youmu_and_saigyo….jpg (665.04 KB,868x1069)


Thinking about and planning around Factorio recently has made me wonder about what use more complex games like these could potentially have in regards to education (specifically mathematical). Usually when one thinks of games meant for education, they think of dumb kids games that aren't necessarily engaging at all. They don't necessarily challenge players to think about problems from a more "real-world" perspective. With strategy games like Factorio, AOE2, Paradox Games, Civ, or even some complex action games like Path of Exile (doubtful maybe), I believe that there's a really amazing untapped potential for the use of these for actually engaging youth and providing them with application problems that carry with them actual motivation to solve.

Abstraction seems to be a real hard thing for kids to overcome and visualize, so to have something they can apply these abstractions to in a way that makes sense and produces actual visual results would probably be best to tie a reward system for people that keeps them invested in the learning process. What does /qa/ think about the potential for this endeavor, and will the rise in VR potentially help to make this a reality with the education that could be done using it's technology as well?
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this is honestly rather boring


Maybe... but it helps me with my factory....


>think about problems from a more "real-world" perspective
>Paradox Games
Their games are pretty good for teaching a general overview of history, specifically European/Western history. As well as giving people a good general idea of how geography and ethnicity overlap.
There is some value they provide with regards to giving the player the same motivations for their actions as their historical counterparts. The feudal structure of governments in Crusdaer Kings is really brought to the forefront how relationship driven everything was back then. In Victoria 2 the player really becomes beholden to market forces at times and begins to experience the pressures driving late 19th and early 20th century colonization and wars and nationalism.

Big issues do arise from using these games as historical vehicles though.
Crusaders Kings strongest point of showcasing how relationships drove medieval systems invariably means it's far too centered on the individual, leading to a heavily skewed Great Man view. And since players aren't actually the characters they control they lack the emotional and physical pressures that their characters would invariable have to make the relationships and decisions they do.
Victoria 2 has the opposite problem where the individual almost never matters and it's all about how the nation state or more accurately the collective bureaucracy of the nation state operates and influences world events.
The other glaring issue is the alt history outlook these games foster by being historical sandboxes with their gameplay goals often encouraging people to hung up on "correcting" historical events. There isn't not value in placing the player into this mindset but the ease with which they can "correcting" some of these events can leads the player to faulty conclusions about why history happened the way it did.


There is also a lot of pop history in Paradox games and the more DLC they add the more absurd they get.


File:mario-is-missing-ad-copy.jpg (510.5 KB,1197x1581)

As a side-effect, sure, but games designed to be entertaining only had value in the old days before the smartphones and kids would rather play a boring edutainment stuff instead of watching informercials. I think in general kids or adults will learn things when they gain an immediate advantage from it, so video games do offer a really good incentive instead of the nebulous "you might find this useful in 20 years if you choose a certain career path" that most education feels like.

File:540553decc4a37f47ca12f0ba8….png (156.4 KB,750x600)


Is there any logical reason for companies that could still function with their employee working from home to oppose working from home? When it comes to housing issues caused by insane city population density & living expenses, having employees being capable of working from anywhere could really alleviate the issue.
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trips of wishfulness


File:1e67b6f45df8898e06ef6baef1….png (4.32 MB,2548x1800)

hope i can convince my b*ss to give me a ra*se or maybe a pr*motion


i dont want a ra*se itll make them expect more out of me


looking for a nice cozy m*ddle m*nagement position


very good s*nergy in this thread team

File:the_baito_solution.webm (1.8 MB,1280x720)


What does /qa/ think about cybernetics, especially their potential going into the future? I'd want to see them being used to fix all sorts of disabilities, or observe how far they'll go in enhancing the human body. Just think of all the problems in life that they could help solve!
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It's hard to say. I think removing a limb and replacing it with a robotic limb would be extreme and most people would avoid it, if it were to come out today there would be fringe groups that would do it but most would not. But then these days people cover themselves in tattos which are also ugly and also permanent so depending on what is fashionable it might become wide spread.

This is regarding limb replacement as voluntary, while I agree that amputees in modern society are rare depending on what culture a future world might have they could be much more common, I have not seen Deus ex so I cannot comment on their culture.
But if wars were common or people went around intentionally cutting limbs of each other that would increase the numbers.
Also, in a world with robotic limbs how work places treat and see employees might change, if a worker got an arm caught in a machine they can just replace it, they don't need to provide a pay out. Employers might even only hire people with robotic arms so they could get away with worse safety standards.


That would only be the case if replacement cybernetic arms were cheaper than medical treatment for a real one. The bigger issue is that people will enhancements will be better able to perform tasks than those without, so people will be faced with a choice between chopping off an arm or losing their job. The high cost of good cybernetic body parts could also lead to debt-slavery for lower-class workers while the rich get to enjoy being physically superior to everyone else.

Also, you should play the original Deus Ex. It doesn't go into these issues much since you don't see augmentations present in normal society and technology is turning towards nanomachine augmentations, but it is one of the best games of all time and fairly influential on internet culture. The prequel, Human Revolution, does deal with the aforementioned social issues.


yeah the original deus ex doesn't give augments to regular people, the two roughly made retro semi-bots are already powerhouses and there's only two of them


Always find it funny that HR is a 'prequel' but the augmentation tech seems years ahead of the original Deus Ex


It's hard to say how much they would cost or if treatment for a human limb would be possible(it would depend on the injury).
I don't think robotic arms would actually give people an advantage. All it would give you is grip strength, even assuming a robotic bicep would be stronger the bicep still has to work in conjunction with other muscles to do any meaningful task.
It's likely you would be sacrificing dexterity and feeling for that grip strength and the number of jobs that would need increased grip strength would be limited. I think any job that did need you to grip something securely would be better done by a vice.

But most people don't work in jobs that need grip strength or strength at all. So the reduced work safety requirement is really the only advantage I can see.

File:48969603_p0.jpg (496.27 KB,1000x1300)


How does Kissu sit?
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How can people be unable to squat, it's such an easy position... I want to slowly put non-squatters into a squat and see what goes wrong first


they just fall over backwards...


haha now i want to do it more


File:__original_drawn_by_shiman….jpg (50.1 KB,600x800)

When I was in school we were always taught to sit criss-crossed. I don't know why but that was so deeply ingrained in me that it's literally the only way I can sit. Eating dinner at a dining table, playing on the computer, sitting on the sofa. I even do it when I sleep because it feels weird to have my legs not folded up and crossed.


I too squat like this, but I keep my back straighter. Though if I'm feeling particularly relaxed, I sit leaning to the left side of my chair lying on my left thigh, almost lying down with my legs in the air.

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