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File:4ba113c6a148ac8dcb3ac95c41….jpg (379.69 KB,1280x905)


How would someone even go about learning about music history and becoming knowledgeable about theory without attending courses? I'd assume that unlike math or any science the online knowledge is all a jumble.
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File:7c182bcbb49061638ae14d9a4f….jpg (143.31 KB,1080x1080)

Learning about "music history" sounds too vague, I would suggest learning about particular genres or movements you're interested in. In particular I recommend the "33 1/3" book series, which are shorter books of 100 or so pages each that go in depth about one particular album per book.


also art theory blends into history. Artists don't need theory, but historians do to describe sound in literature


>then you start getting interested in the history of japan and the settings they're based on

You always get blocked by the language barriers doing this


I only took a course on it, but the evolution of styles, techniques, and trends is way more interesting than most of the old music itself. Gregorian chant isn't particularly fun to listen to, but I can still appreciate the contributions it made to music.

You can probably just download a textbook for it. It's not going to be as good as a course, but it'll still give you the basic foundation before moving into the specific parts that interest you.


Come to think of it, the first website I made(before I was a programmer) was about music theory and trying to make big bucks off of it. Would tell you the site, but I've forgotten it.

Gregorian chant is basically science. All the rules of what you can and can't do to create a perfectly crafted chant.

File:nozomanu-fushi-no-boukensh….jpg (47.01 KB,460x651)


Is a digitalized personality put into a robotic shell a zombie?
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Entropy is a bitch kissu friend.


File:C-1696195449265.png (2.64 MB,1920x1080)

You know if we ever figure out a way to fix brain damage then we'll be essentially immortal, since most of death is just permanent brain damage that causes the brain's functions to cease. I'd imagine that we can probably find a way to preserve people's brains so they don't decay and then if we do figure out a way to cure brain damage then we can just jump start those brains once more and have the person once again alive.


File:[SubsPlease] AI no Idenshi….jpg (327.4 KB,1920x1080)

I'm talking about BILLIONS of years of new knowledge gleamed and technological advancements to match it compared to our current ~5000 years. And it's silly to think we already know the absolute truth of the universe when we have so many lame bandages like "dark ___" so our current theories don't evaporate. Implying that nothing will change is pretty foolish to me.


Well hell, with the current technology we could build a dyson swarm around the sun and harness the power from it, using cheap as fuck satellites too.
It'll be uber expensive sure but we can do it.


If a digitized person, without a backup--or a way to shift from one robotic shell to another, then no, they aren't a zombie but they are considered mortal.

File:3dc3310b577ee493e0c3c63ee1….jpg (190.52 KB,1753x2048)


Kroger had candles on the clearance shelf so I bought a couple. They smell quite nice. Wish they weren't so expensive normally or I'd buy them a lot more. They give off a nice vibe, especially the wood wick ones.


Oh did you buy the Virgin Mary candles? Those are always really nice.


They were Yankee Candles. They were half off, so I got a vanilla creme brulee scent and Lavender scent. This vanilla one smells really good.


Oh that's nice. I always love lavender, it's a really calming scent for me.
Vanilla must be smelling really well.

File:sonickarts!.png (645.87 KB,1586x771)

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Hey Kissu Kissu! Would you like to play Sonic Karts sometime? I have created an addon pack with some fun stuff included! If someone else is willing to host it, that would be cool, but if not, I can always do it myself.

The download includes everything needed to host and play the game, plus a custom client created by 4/vm/ that adds new features to the game.

Game plus addons download: https://mega.nz/file/mJYUhJBR#UmY_51jm0gQkjk3uZa512Z09T75V8GujKVscg7clX0s

4/vm/ client source code: https://gitlab.com/c3851/srb-2-k-cep

Stuff added via addons:- Custom characters! https://files.catbox.moe/v72z70.webm If you have characters you want, feel free to suggest more!
- Wide variety of tracks. About 42 map packs worth of maps!
- A Kissu theme pack with custom music and graphics on the voting screen.
- The in-game HUD is colorized to your chosen color, including the new speedometer and drift gauge.
- A hitfeed that shows when people hit each other or fall off the map.
- Timers on the bottom of the screen that shows how long your sneakers, your mini-turbos, or you being spun-out lasts
- A simple trick system. Tap brake after a jump to get a small speed boost when landing. It is on a cool down timer after you do it.
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Just eating dinner and finishing reps so soon.


File:f79d01f03d.png (417.7 KB,1280x800)

Come play mario cart!


Three of us playing now!


File:srb2kart-saturn_v2.1_64bit….png (837.49 KB,1920x1200)

Four now!


File:srb2kart-saturn_v2.1_64bit….png (169.3 KB,868x387)

good race

File:94d48c8143b7012803f0885617….jpg (436.38 KB,2121x3000)


When you don't go outside it's easy to forget the basic hygiene you practice since much of the motivation for taking care of yourself can be perceived as a social thing. However some things are important to do even if you're not going outside for the sake of your long term health! Like brushing your teeth and flossing to keep them clean of plaque leads to healthier gums and reduced risk of brain disease! If you haven't brushed yet go do it!

What other health tips does /qa/ know to keep their body in peak condition?
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Cold is synonymous with comfy in my book. But it really isn't cold where I live except for three petty months and even then there is no snow.
And more importantly, mold will accumulate on the walls if your room is dark with closed windows for 16h+ each day, condensation dew on the windows being an early sign of it.


I moved from somewhere it's warm all year to somewhere that actually gets winters, but my building controls the heat and they make it way too hot in winter. I was robbed of my comfy.


Can't open my window anymore since somehow I broke it so I can only open the inner window :( Now I just open my door whenever I get out of my room
Here it's somewhat warm for 3 months and cold for most of the year. Which is depressing.


It's only depressing if you look/hear what's outside. At night the air is fresher, less or no noise from people,cars,dogs, so my disappointment after opening a window without getting the expected refreshing effect doesn't hit as hard as at daylight.


File:Kindle_2023-10-08_19-15-08.png (1.71 MB,1263x1876)

gotta start small anon. you can't hide from your self. it'll start to know the small improvements too.

File:1662863507324.png (1.22 MB,1060x1060)


People say they're sick of irony, but what I think they're actually sick of is people using the guise of it as a shield for social and intellectual cowardice.

When someone says "awesome" to bad news, they obviously mean the opposite and are just being funny. A statement like "The Room is the greatest movie of all time" is a bit more ambiguous, but you can still infer that they're probably joking.

The problems come in when you start using the general shape of irony to make statements that aren't actually ironic. You're intentionally muddying your point to give yourself an easy out; you're joking, unless people start agreeing with you, at which point your 'ironic' statement starts revealing itself more and more as sincere, although it's still phrased kind of jokingly, because you want to maintain a level of plausible deniability in case you say something people don't like. It's an okay-ish way of making yourself look good in an argument, I suppose, at least in the short term, but it's anathema to any actual communication; to sharing ideas with others and seeing how they respond to them.

I was thinking about this because I myself use real irony all the time. When I hear bad news I'll say "wonderful"; when someone tells me an embarrassing story I'll say "that rocks". But I have, to my knowledge, never used pseudo-irony, and I couldn't quite articulate why it bothered me until now.
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Notto disu shitto agen....
Okay, so verbal irony is one of those odd human things where they say one thing but actually mean the opposite. You infer that it means the opposite of what it's literally saying via context, as you said, and often intonation is a big contributor. In something like socratic irony, the speaker pretends to be ignorant, but is actually knowledgeable and just feigns retardation to draw the other person out and rebuke them.
Sarcasm is specifically a form of negative language that overwhelmingly employs irony, but it's much more narrow in scope.

I know people don't like this kind of terminology, but this
>using the general shape of irony to make statements that aren't actually ironic
we can call post-irony. Why is it -post? Because it intentionally uses the cues that would normally mark something as ironic, while at the same time NOT meaning the opposite of what they're saying.
Irony is already often ambiguous, because you have to figure out if it matches the context or not, and so people with weaker social skills like autists tend to miss the point. But post-irony is designed to be ambiguous, everyone finds it harder to figure out, and that's on purpose. That's the term you're looking for.


>When people say they're sick of irony, what they are referring to is how some communities get to the point where it seems they lose the ability to find anything fun in its own right, instead getting all their laughs via their disdain of how other people do. It's basically the evolution of cringe culture, in which people got entertainment from more directly mocking other people's forms of entertainment.
I think this is accurate, and I'd go a step further and say that a lot of the time, once it goes on long enough, communities end up getting mad at their own caricature of their "opponent" group rather than anything that group actually say or does.


File:00009-526135517.png (765.33 KB,712x960)



I always think of the 'le' meme, which existed in [s4s] ironic form for significantly longer than it did reddit sincerity.


On topic sager...
Anyways yeah, [s4s] is weird when it comes to meme culture, like they'll hold onto a meme for so long.
Like "le jack ruselel"

File:[SubsPlease] Yuzuki-san Ch….jpg (157.19 KB,1280x720)


It seems like CR decided to jump on the AI bandwagon by publishing a straight MTL that nobody bothered to look over. Probably their worst output since Gab Dropout, though in a completely different direction.

Obviously companies are itching to fire all their translators, but how good does the tech need to come before that becomes viable?
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>Better than 0 translation at all
Not when it actually is making stuff up and passing it off as a translation or is so low-quality that it ruins the experience.

You could get away with "Mr. Yuzuki" since that's the equivalent title structure teachers get in English (though -sensei is familiar enough that leaving it is fine), but "Sir" is flat-out wrong. He's not a knight.


>but how good does the tech need to come before that becomes viable?
The extent to which accurate translation, especially between languages as different as Japanese and English, is reliant on context (eg. previously-established information, what is shown on screen, cultural references, etc.) makes me think it is effectively impossible, short of the development of something close to a Turing-test capable AI. There will certainly be improvements, likely to the extent that it will provide a tolerable-enough experience when there is no other choice (such as with untranslated VNs), but I highly doubt it will reach the level of quality expected of a paid product in the foreseeable future.


¥ Getting AI to remember context


Maybe they're already using it on all shows and the one guy fixing the output only had time for more popular shows.


I was just thinking that if it were possible CR would definetly jump on top of AI dubbing

File:blood_moon_rampage.webm (323.9 KB,548x308)




File:[SubsPlease] Kage no Jitsu….jpg (257.54 KB,1920x1080)

It's time.
It's motherfucking time.
Hell yeah.


cid is so flippin boson


Red moon, ree-ee-eeed moooon
cleanses the sinful and makes them anew
shining brightly in the night sky
waiting for the souls
Who will be born again tonight?
Who will be born again tonight?

File:JGen-Naoki-Urasawa-Beethov….jpg (597.41 KB,2048x2048)


Do you like classical music?
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It's great for background music, but if I am actively listening to music then I want something with lyrics instead.


yes, all 500 years of it


hell yeah kapustins great

ill bet you found it from the staffcirc remixes which are also great


I'm not sure if it's really "classical", but I like orchestral music that Shiro Sagisu composes a lot, particularly the music of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Of course, the classics are great too. The soundtrack of Legend of the Galactic Heroes is almost entirely classical (barring the few narration tracks and original music for the show) and it is glorious. Dvorak's New World Symphony is probably my favorite classical work, followed by Gustav Holst's The Planets and Vivaldi's Four Seasons.


The greatest

File:C-1696389931345.jpeg (51.39 KB,258x387)


Streaming the 1988 USSR Tresure Island in 20 minute
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in a min


startin now!


funny didn't realize the kakariko village theme came from this


If anything watching this made me want to rewatch The Muppet's adaptation of this. Kind of hokey and you sort of get the idea that the USSR was trying to force health messages into it instead of make something entertaining.
But you can tell the animators and actors had fun making it so that's what counts


flippin was asleep

File:45b3ee8f1b0d7b165f845eb8e3….jpg (15.17 MB,3813x4724)


So we're about 2 weeks out from the biggest RPG release of potentially the decade. What plans has /qa/ set aside for the release of BG3? Do you have a general idea for what you'll be playing or are you going into it blind, or do you not give two-shits about it because it's a WRPG? I'm looking forwards to playing an Elven Necro and seeing just how fleshed out the summons are for it. Also to see if they let you take an evil route.

From all that I've seen and heard so far about it, the game seems to be rife with player freedom/choice and really expansive with its lore, with the early access version alone being able to clock a few days worth of play. I haven't touched it at all yet because I'm waiting for the finished product, but based on Larian's history and the past Baldur's Gate games I think it has a solid foundation for massive success.
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eh, I'm waiting for Amelia to review it before I try the game.


File:no thank you.jpg (483.7 KB,595x841)


File:coaltar-of-the-deepers-no….webp (29.78 KB,600x600)


I amassed 8gb of save data what the FLIP???

File:88451172_p0.jpg (6.05 MB,2480x3508)


Please talk to me about something.
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Aside from a local Chinese joint that I eat at so often I'm becoming friends with the ownership, probably Wingstop


there was a sports bar near my work that had half price wings on wednesdays which i think contributed to their going out of business
so many flavours of wings
i liked to dip the dry ones in the sauce left over from the wet ones and dip the wet ones in the powder left over from the dry ones


File:64a2905c90828c5cc07925a00d….jpg (Spoiler Image,344.54 KB,1017x951)

Opinions on edgelord women?


Often can dish it but cant take it


File:e6b1c0ed96c1735848f8b823e5….png (523.49 KB,1024x898)

True and watching them get flustered is very cute.

File:112027007_p0.jpg (408.96 KB,1464x2048)


You ever notice, that in almost every subculture based around media, that consumption on your phone is considered a faux pas. Which I get it, its hard to appreciate stuff made for a larger screen or even movie theater on a little cell but it feels great to watch things in bed
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Cuz tarded


that's zero two from darling in the franxx


David Lynch is a hack and he has never made a good film in his life.
Eraserhead sucks
Dune (1980s) sucked.


Shut the FUCK up andy.


Playing games on the bed is peak comfy

File:bc292afcce3cac4a64304e59f9….jpg (639.72 KB,1450x2048)


Do you prefer magical portals or scientific portals? Do you find the material of portal boundaries alluring? Which objects and places could be serving as portals unbeknownst to passersby?
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File:f39787f3fef9fd1d3deb33a2b5….jpg (359.92 KB,1600x1195)


dumb stupid nips who only post their art on twitter where it gets jpeg fucked


really like it when girls perv on themselves


science is just a very narrowed progression of magia naturalis


Like masturbating, or is this another secret thing?

File:(Hi10)_Hidamari_Sketch_x_H….jpg (312.16 KB,1920x1080)


Continuing from >>105100, I'll be streaming Hidamari S3, Hoshimittsu, its specials, and SP. It'll be eight episodes on Friday and eight on Sunday, at 6PM EST as usual.
It'll be lighter than last time, but still, remember to take a nap and drink some coffee beforehand.

Right here: https://theatre.kissu.moe/kiss/widehall
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File:[mudabone] Hidamari Sketch….png (826.91 KB,1280x720)



File:(Hi10)_Hidamari_Sketch_x_3….png (895 KB,1280x720)

Alright, that was all, thanks everyone for coming. Maybe in like a year we'll do Honeycomb and the graduation special, we'll see, we'll see.



Bullied for being a bully and bad influence!


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