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File:summer qa.jpg (278.65 KB,2000x1400)


Summer party with /qa/ to celebrate 2 years free of 4chan moderation!
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File:qa-fs8.png (380.6 KB,2000x1400)


File:1626993441181.png (2.39 MB,2000x1400)

needed some adjusting


File:1627441669668.png (1007.47 KB,2000x1400)

The Queen of the ocean relaxing on the /qa/ beach


loli-chan... easy on the desserts...


File:lain.png (1.81 MB,2000x1400)


File:[SubsPlease] Tantei wa Mou….png (3.26 MB,1920x2726)


Holy heck this detective is cute and dead!!
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File:[SubsPlease] Tantei wa Mou….jpg (126.7 KB,1280x720)

>and dead
Until they realized they didn't know where they were going with the story so they decided to spend over half the anime on her NOT being dead. (Too bad they still had no idea what they're doing)


Yeah, baited me on dropping it at episode 3, and now its nothing but Siesta! I don't want to continue it, but everytime I see non-dead Siesta I feel some regret...


File:[SubsPlease] Tantei wa Mou….jpg (177.6 KB,1280x720)

I've continued on with it and will finish it since there are (thankfully) only 4 episodes left, and let me tell you, it is complete garbage that makes me question why this is any popular over actual good shows. Is a good first episode and vtumor advertising really all it takes to propel a series into the spotlight? If so I guess that maybe more studios in charge of good anime should try and use them as a money magnet (but not sacrifice the integrity of their series by actually putting them in, like this one did).


I really do wonder what they were thinking with that hour-long first episode and how much of a disconnect the following episodes were. Episode 3 with the idol girl was just mediocre and I didn't see any sign that things would improve. It's nice that Siesta returned apparently, but I'm not going to see it. What a shame.


File:2791c4cebab6cf74d77a7504f5….jpg (168.92 KB,700x480)

Siesta returning is most likely just a tease to trick people into thinking the anime got good again because it has the cute detective girl back who made episode 1 great. However, it's just an illusion as the writing is some of the dumbest I've come across. Which could possibly be on purpose, but bad writing is still bad writing even if you do it ironically. I don't find it funny or the characters amusing/interesting. It's a slog of a show that just treats you to 24 minutes of stupid a week before going away. I'd much rather watch dumb detectives doing fun things than this.

File:Terraria_2KyAgYfubZ.jpg (1.5 MB,3840x2081)


Was thinking that it's been a bit since we last had a gameserver for people to hop in and play whenever, so how about Terraria again now that it's been out for a while and everything's updated?

TShock is updated to the latest version of the game so all works out on that front. Only thing I want to consider before setting things up is what'd be a good way to slow progression so that people don't get left behind too fast and if there's any mods people might want installed.

Server IP: terraria.kissu.moe
Port: 7777
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Going to try Daytime Empress


File:explorer_8FY694Jimf.png (554.6 KB,681x604)

fucking hate moon lord
even as a hot babe


Now just to do it again and again until we get the zenith...


https://terraria.fandom.com/wiki/Fishing#Factors dang, there sure is a lot that goes into fishing


File:kuay.zip (3.88 MB)

I'll keep the server running a bit more if people still want to play. Seems like a lot of people are done after getting all the endgame gear, but here's the .zip of the world for anyone that wants to keep it.

File:E0D3wuuVoAow0nU.jpg (2.97 MB,3274x2315)


Decided that Sunday may be a bit early to stream everything so I'll just be streaming a movie every day starting Sunday at 7 pm EST. If this conflicts with anyone's schedule tell me.
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He had a Twitch that I hung out in as well as some movie nights on a seperate platform where I watched a few films with the chat.
I dunno what he's up to nowadays since he's basically dropped off the radar. Time flies and people move on...


sasuga anonymous


4.0 stream starts in an hour!



This image is the real ending to Eva

File:skyrim again.png (663.2 KB,861x478)


Can't say it's all that surprising but Skyrim is coming out again with no time line for tes6
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File:kar.jpg (182.97 KB,853x480)

But why? Do people never get bored of Skyrim? I got sick of it after playing it for 250 hours.


skyrim itself does have a lot of content even if it's kinda shallow
and with the kind of community skyrim has if you give it marginal support it's lifespan as a revenue generating game can be extended quite far
also despite it being made 10 years ago a new sucker is born every minute and there's a lot of minutes in 10 years


File:1581296892519.jpg (1.38 MB,2048x1352)

i knew the toddster had someting like this planned for Skyrim Day X


Damn. 10 years. I downloaded it and was going to play it but then I decided to download some mods and things quickly got out of hand and I still haven't played it much and I have like 300GB of mods and hundreds of hours messing with stuff.
This seems like it's an "expansion" where paid mods are combined into the final product that is sold for consoles. Huh, I wonder if that was in the fine print for anyone that put something on CC.


Maybe they should do the same for Morrowind and Oblivion or at least update it to the graphics level of Skyrim and release that, I think that would actually be a good idea and actually make them more money.

File:332109762c1ad206ee01dfe14c….png (2.8 MB,1440x960)


I need a thread workshop and fast


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (94.62 KB,1280x720)

A what? How does it work?


nothin, simply saying I don't know what to talk about or how to present what I want to talk about.

File:7c4cd023b569100a908bbd5bed….jpg (839.17 KB,800x1000)


Does /qa/ eat strange foods?
I tried eating natto and actually like it a lot, the sticky texture is very nice, but it has some bitter taste so I eat with the attached sauce.
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File:kibbe-platter-cc-ca4641c1….webp (108.49 KB,800x600)

strangest thing i eat regularly is probably kibbeh nayeh
it's basically raw minced beef with spices mixed in


Is it raw and then cooked together with those spices? That looks like baked bread or something


You can make baked or fried kibbeh too but specifically kibbeh nayeh is uncooked.
People can put it in all sorts of shapes to serve it as it's literally just a lump of minced meat that's been mixed with with spices. There's all sorts of regional and just community specific recipes but they way i usually eat it, it has something like number 2 bulghar, all spice, and some other stuff i don't know. It's also mixed by hand wear you have a bowl of water that you dip your hands in to wet the cracked wheat or something like that. I don't usually make it, my mom/ aunts or grandmother does but I would make it more if i didn't have to place an order at the butcher's before hand and then get to the shop early so i can make sure I'm getting the first bit of meat that has been minced for the day.


Do you guys ever worry about uh, salmonella or anything? I guess if the source of the meat is good then it's not a problem


Sorta but for the most part raw meat in general is fine to eat if it's fresh.
The problem with eating raw meat is when you let it sit or their is contamination from other sources like the meat cutter/grinder the butcher used cut a bunch of other meat before hand and there was cross contamination. That's why you have to tell the butcher before hand and then get there first thing in the morning to make sure your meat is the very first one they prepare for the day. And then the dish has to be made same day (unless you freeze the meat) and is only good (relatively safe) for a day or so after making even if you refrigerate it.
This article seems to briefly touch the safety and risk https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2013/02/06/171301501/why-lebanese-love-their-raw-kibbeh
That being said I've never had a problem with getting sick from it and have been eating it ever since I was 8 or so. I guess it's a trust sorta thing, like you have to trust that the source of the meat is coming from a competent butcher/source.

File:55284129.gif (428.85 KB,1200x600)


Marisa wants to give you a shroom. Would you accept it?


File:0af727c4cfb28df737fd19d1b2….jpg (1.3 MB,1403x992)

hell yeah I will


File:mushroom.jpg (63.3 KB,600x439)

Oh nice I love Russula mushrooms, thanks Marisa!


File:hmm.png (41.46 KB,393x355)

give it back


File:f5a6826dff46a63e5cc514ac9a….jpg (319.7 KB,2048x1925)



I've got a mushroom to give Marisa if you know what I mean heh heheheheh

I was at the store and bought an extra that I don't need. I hope she likes it

File:1594169185118.webm (1.98 MB,640x360)


Why does just seeing a vtuber send some anons into a blind fit of rage? It's not saying anything about them, and why do you know them enough to even identify them to hate them.
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I can't possibly support the platforms the vtubers and their believers operate on. It's basically a capitalistic subversion, a cult with no ulterior values to gain from.


streamers are just reality tv stars for new generations
some japanese reality tv shows have guests speak behind anime avatars, exactly like that


>streamers are just reality tv stars for new generations
You never had to shell out $100 just to call in on whatever reality TV if it was airing live.


This wretched world will find a way to commoditize everything.

VTubers on a technical level are nothing new. Software such as FaceRig has been around for years. It's funny to whip out a cam feed and surprise the audience - the guy behind the mic is actually a talking paperclip. It was generally obscure enough that poor usage was looked over.
What's not funny is some dumb bitch (or guy) using these 3D avatars and plastering them onto the screen 24/7. These niggers could have followed the trend of putting their ugly mug into the corner of the screen while they stream. But that's not good enough. They only think in terms of business. It's all market share, "making markets", revenue and viewership. There are plenty of people who think they're hot shit for tapping into this type of thought.
There's some images or articles out there that describes the process of how niches and hobbies with honest practitioners (read:nerds) get exploited for profit. VTubers are for people who like "the anime" and also "the videogames" but are complete secondaries. If VTubers die down so will their desire to watch them. They will simply latch onto another thing. They are consumers in the most degenerate sense.

Imagine being on an anime board and all of a sudden these stupid 3d avatars that have no merit start flooding in. The discussions are noise. Countless threads fill your catalog but nothing can be gleamed from the words within. It is so bad that you could replace the VTuber names with actors from Bollywood and not think twice about it. That's how shit they are.


Leftfield/outsider performance vtubers would be interesting, something like alantutorial but for vtubers. Hatoba Tsugu kinda had the right idea.

File:70397314f2.png (89.71 KB,1169x852)


Hey qaers,
Is it imageboard
or is it image board?

Was looking at this
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File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (229.74 KB,1920x1080)

Are you sure this includes phrases with 'image' and 'board' in the same query? I have no idea how this stuff works. Like uhh, what if someone searches for, uhh, "image with board". No, I don't know why they would...


File:70ed0371e9.png (82.05 KB,1162x877)

Not sure, but it's seems relatively unpopular in comparison to looking up THE definitive imageboard


File:cdddd032f0.png (41.11 KB,1192x625)

but yeah, it looks as if it combines board image and image board as one search so image board probably got some hidden things going on.


This is why you use exact terms, i.e. "image board" (with quotation marks)


File:d2b49cbd1e.png (93.28 KB,1149x891)

I tried this and then the graph started to make more sense, but then I looked into the present and it turns out "image board" might be more popular due to academic articles on imageboards(perhaps because spellcheckers don't realize it's a noun).
Oddly the search statistics show the US predominantly uses the stranger form of the noun.



If Linux is so good where are all its cute mascots?
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could use a more professional rendering, but the concept art is alright


File:[SubsPlease] Peach Boy Riv….jpg (82.74 KB,1280x720)

Wouldn't linux's mascot be a solid color screen with text on it or something? It seems much more "professional" for lack of a better word, with the games and silly stuff on windows and mac.


actually... why are they all brunettes


File:ark-tan.jpg (283.32 KB,1364x2500)

there are distros dedicated to gaming like Manjaro, there's also less "professional" distros with their own specific use cases like puppy linux. it's too broad a spectrum to be thought of as one thing, honestly.


File:MVzu1.png (758.58 KB,3200x3200)

you cant have your foot and eat it

File:ariyatouch.webp (69.41 KB,1440x810)


Does anyone else think this is really stupid? I don't drive or own a car, but physical buttons and switches seem like something you don't need to change.

The physical feedback from a button being pushed seems like something that you can't sacrifice for some lame "modern" design. Also, buttons are fun to push. Part of the reason of having a mechanical keyboard is the strange satisfaction I feel by pressing each button and feeling it on my fingers while also hearing a sound associated with it.
Would YOU want to use something like this?
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wheel looks like a face


It's stupid, I also really don't like the huge screen that they are placing right by the driver. It's distracting, all of these buttons are distracting as well and another issue I would have with this is that much of the time I don't actually look at the buttons to operate them or at least I barely do. You are supposed to be looking at the road, I give a quick glance to the button I want to press and then just feel for it, this can't be done with that new style.

Modern cars are disappointing in general, I always wanted a Fiat 500 but the new Electric one is terrible, I'll probably get the very latest Petrol model and hope that I am still even allowed to drive it in the future.


>Modern cars are disappointing in general
They really are and the unreasonably fast push towards electric sure isn't helping. At least some places don't have it as bad yet like Europe. I'd like a Yaris or an i30N but North Americans get the monochrome crossover 5000.

Fuck I can't unsee it. But at least it'll distract me from the fact that it doesn't have a shifter.


reminded of FNAF. gross


File:1570048968133.jpg (330.02 KB,1017x765)


File:eat.jpg (173.67 KB,613x812)


how to uncensor hentai
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Does that bypass the law? I presume its still illegal for them to post uncensored art where ever, it's just Patreon is private enough for them not to worry.


it wouldn't bypass it, but maybe they realize that patreon distributes money into a buisness PayPal (of which a few governments are allowed to audit) so they could say they're a mangaka who sold X copies and never divulge their nickname. I'd be a bit skeptical if they knew of this loopwhole, but it's probably the case that a government isn't going to start doing detective work to track down who an anonymous artist is.


Plus they're distributing it through the US system. Japanese sites follow JP law and EN follow US law.

This more simple analysis is probably more likely


The subtle comedy of this image puts a smile on my face.


File:1629079123400.jpg (59.37 KB,431x500)

File:foobar2000_HdXe2uhaCa.png (561.82 KB,1920x1080)


What's your media player look like /qa/? Found this nice skin for foobar online and been using it for the past year or so.
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File:1489890441164.jpg (121.79 KB,880x720)

That sounds really neat, making your own music player would probably be the best way of making sure everything is to your liking. By the way how do you get album art since I've noticed foobar seems to mess up on me at times and not display anything while there's clearly an existing cover.


if the music file doesn't have embedded album art you need to tell the player what are the file names of album art
typically it will be cover/folder/jacket/front.jpg/png
if the album art file has some other strange names you need to rename it


File:Untitled.jpg (29.32 KB,962x512)


File:2021-08-14 03_34_43-Greens….png (66.72 KB,1200x900)




File:__photoshop_tan_original_d….jpg (976.68 KB,4000x4000)


How well versed is /qa/ in image/video editing software? I was thinking about having a thread for which people could share tips and tricks they know about their software of choice, or maybe ask questions about how to perform certain tasks. For instance, I was masking in Davinci Resolve and the video I was editing repeated some motions, so I was curious if I could possibly copy the position for my earlier mask onto that later frame to save on the time required to move all nodes.
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Something I've found about masking is that if you do it, you want to be really strict on the borders. Trying to be perfect and get the outline right gets the background leaking in and looks quite bad. It's much better to overdo it than do too little


I wouldn't have recommended it a year ago, but I checked kdenlive recently and at some point they updated their UI to be human friendly. much more likely to recommend it to people, now.


This is a playlist for a short and concise series of videos for learning the basics of photoshop. I don't know if it's been superseded by anything, but it's a great series to watch.


kdenlive just fine, but I am interested in MMD thread on /wsg/ right now.


Does anyone know if there's a way to make a static backgound into a mask in Resolve? Like say I'm cutting out something from an anime and I just want the moving part, but the background never changes, can I somehow easily cut that out without needing to do polygonal rotoscoping?

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