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wanna know why /qa/ is REALLY kuso right now................


File:Di Gi Charat - S5 - Christ….jpg (135.18 KB,720x480)

It's because I hadn't posted yet. Sorry.


File:1576646341121.png (14.17 KB,188x142)



for ants


It was for RPGMaker

File:1589514879029.png (1019.51 KB,825x1121)


is rationality decided by emotion or is emotion a distraction from rationality? In other words, can you really ever say a show/game/anything is objectively good if you any level of investment in it? Are the best judges the ones who care the least?
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> but it's perfectly possible to have an irrational fear such as severe claustrophobia. A small room isn't going to hurt you and it giving you a panic attack is not rational at all. It serves no purpose.

That's just it though, if you dig deep enough into fears like this you will actually come up with a logical causes even if the person with the fear doesn't consciously think about them.
Regarding claustrophobia for example, why might that be caused? Well I would be quiet afraid of crawling through a tight space and getting stuck, that's logical, tight spaces could give the feeling of entrapment and restriction which is something that it's logical people would feel fearful of, tight spaces also limit visibility meaning that you would not be able to monitor your surroundings and it also limits mobility meaning you would not be able to spring away from potential threats as easily. Even in safe domestic environments we still might be wired to want to have the ability to monitor and react to our environment and losing that ability and control makes us feel fearful.


I feel like we need to clear this up: if it has a cause, that makes it logical?


I guess so. I think that most causes will have a rational bases to them in some way or antoher.


Well that's the thing: everything that exists has a logical cause and follows a set of rules. In that sense, the universe and reality itself would be rational. But then, why would people identify something as illogical and label it as such? It's because in terms of the frameworks that people build, ideas and actions can be logically unsound. Everyone understands that fearing a lion makes sense because most of the time it'll kill you, but trauma that makes one terrified of an enclosed space is seen as senseless because the reaction it causes does not match the nonexistent threat posed by said space. That's why phobias are called irrational fears, particularly because even if the person affected understands that there really is no threat they still won't be able to easily overcome it.


Emotion creates a context in which we can have goals and desires. Rationality provides us with a way to get there. If you can't get invested in something, you probably don't like it and can only judge it on the surface level. The best judges are the ones who care enough to think about why something got them invested and can explain where it succeeds and where it fails.

File:/qa/ cornered.jpg (376.04 KB,1920x1080)


So /qa/, what do you think are some good ideas for how a site can advertise itself on the modern internet?
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shoulda kept it it was funny


File:Honeyview_1PpepTnrMs.png (347.53 KB,469x469)

Alright, do it for kissu RIGHT NOW and I expect 10,000 new users by next week.
But seriously, though, I think a good brainstorming session to expand kissu a bit might be a good idea. Nothing grand, maybe just to increase the rate faster than the current "do almost nothing" speed.


>I expect 10,000 new users by next week.
brb posting Kissu links on TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit.


Just name-drop it naturally in conversation in other communities you frequent, such as to mention where you got a particular image, or where you like to discuss anime, or as part of a funny anecdote, or whatever else (and encourage other users to do the same). That's the best way imo to both attract the kinds of people you actually want and to not come off as annoying.


File:[Isekai-mini] Tensei shita….jpg (275.92 KB,1920x1080)

but I said to filter out the chaff and not to annoy people!

File:6181956dca5759aceaa861065e….jpg (62.29 KB,1100x700)


What is it that drives activity?
Because it's been said that making threads is very important, but if I go and dump five random pics on /jp/ that's not gonna do all that much, at least not always. Not all threads generate the same amount of replies either.
It's also said that activity is sorta exponential and a few posts can become many, but it leaves the question of why that is happening in the first place.
So, what is it and why?
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Certainly, that's also why I support a measure of rudeness. You don't need to do all the work of challenging yourself, you can be challenged by others instead. More precisely, it's what I like to refer to as "competitive", as competitive discussion or competitive funposting. To be partly driven to justify yourself, your actions and your beliefs, preferably in a way that makes you look cool, and in turn poke others into doing the same. It really does fire up the neurons, might even help fend off alzheimer's.

As for the manga project, it was complicated by the need to draw over all those empty spaces from the dialogue that got removed. Plus, I went overboard with the cleaning, erasing even onomatopoeia and at best patching it up with cloning. Couldn't even read kana back then. Though I have no idea of how it went down on the translation side of things. Anyways, maybe anime would be easier to do, but there's hardly any that hasn't been already covered, is there?


File:Tsukuyomi_v01_p010.png (1.44 MB,2863x4400)

>A community centered around a project strikes me as the most stable type of community on the internet,
This reminds me that I wanted to start talking about potentially reviving the ill-fated translation thing we had here (and IRC) a couple years ago. It was some cute non-h doujin/manga, but it just fell off. I think the translation part was fine, but cleaning the images and placing the text was where things got slow and stopped. I'm a lot more familiar with photoshop these days so I'd at least be able to help more.
The thing I wanted to do is to finish the Tsukuyomi Moon Phase manga since its official translation was never finished and it is the namesake/original theme of kissu itself. Getting new people is hard and advertising sucks, but Questionable Translations becoming as a thing on kissu could be quite a boon.
Well, that's a theory anyway. I'm not sure how it'd actually play out.


I think it could be fun to try even if it might fail again.
I can't even read kana, let alone translate - but I'd say I'm decent with photoshop, though I may be underestimating how hard editing out sound effects and the like actually is.


its mostly just a huge pain in the ass


Yeah, the sounds aren't worth editing out. You can see a ton of people keep them because it really is a pain.

File:KimagureOrange☆Road_OP3.mp4 (19.18 MB,720x540)


The transition to digital animation was supposed to enable anime to be produced quicker and at better quality than ever before. Do you think this is actually the case?


There's a niche for low-budget but full of heart. Kemono Friends, D4DJ, Frame Arms Girl.
Super Cub, Uma Musume, and Kuroitsu play with the idea of CG making the 2D look that much better in comparison.
There's Houseki no Kuni and Beastars, obviously.
Some EDs look nice even though they use CG. Precure and Somali come to mind.


File:07979a392cabe8e488a95d7ab2….jpg (294.53 KB,1888x1024)

i think it was just supposed to make anime production quicker/cheaper

but is there actually a technical reason why can't they just replicate the film feel with filters post production? i can't really see there being one.. which i guess means there just isn't any interest in doing so

the op isn't talking about 3dcg...


File:[Pizza] Do it Yourself!! -….jpg (485.26 KB,1920x1080)

There's like 50 shows a season now so it's certainly quicker, with some studios doing multiple shows a season (with varying success).
Quality? It's in the eye of the beholder and a whole complicated discussion.
To me, this is a particularly strong season animation-wise with the vibrant Urusei Yatsura refresh, the mundane-made-elaborate Bocchi, DIY's oldschool messiness, Pop Team Epic's expensive parodies, and of course Fran's smooth fights and Iruma-kun's unique style. Spy X Family's and Bleach don't really stand out as stylistically unique (although one of them is 20 years old), but they're also done very well.
Yes, I think the quality is certainly there and that's just the stuff that I watch personally.


File:1488078166748.webm (1.87 MB,800x600)

>the op isn't talking about 3dcg...
I avoided it, but there's definitely discussion to be had on whether CG has actually provided any benefits. Perhaps the best argument for CG is mechanical design and yet the Gundam show this season doesn't actually use CG for the mechs themselves.


>There's like 50 shows a season now so it's certainly quicker
If you look at the late 90s, soon before the transition, you'll see that it was normal for there to be about 50 anime airing at once back then too - the only major difference in that regard is that a far higher proportion of anime these days is only a single cour long, so there's a lot more anime -starting- each season.

File:[jackoneill] Dai Mahou Tou….jpg (113.13 KB,720x476)


Spent all day trying to write a simple program and cursing myself because I saw a million ways to make it cleaner or more efficient, but I was just too tard to figure out how to write it that way. Why is programming so unintuitive and retarded and gay? I feel that the only reason it's made this overly complicated is so that company programmers can get inflated budgets because nobody else put in 100000 hours to understand their cryptic shit.
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Maybe the problems could be solved if I just took a year to sit down and read through the documentation while working on solo projects since I can conceptualize what I want to accomplish and how I could pretty easily. But who has that kind of time to do that... Seems like the kind of thing that the programmer kids get a head start on because they're learning while in secondary school and that doesn't matter so they can focus on programming..


at any given point in time, most of the documentation doesn't matter to you. read about what you're going to use a lot of

>Seems like the kind of thing that the programmer kids get a head start on
they sure do, as i am one myself


my first programming language was MATLAB
1 indexing and optional semicolons are the bee's knees


Not learning programming until college, huh?


Loved using Matlab in college. It's the real deal when it comes to being computer-tard friendly and not a nightmare to code in. Too bad it's proprietary and expensive as hell so you can't really use it after college unless you have work that uses it.

File:1667511462648.gif (379.61 KB,600x338)


/qa/eers are /qa/zoku, but what are kissus?
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File:Futoku no Guild - S01E04.m….jpg (196.04 KB,1920x1080)

Kissers is the one that's most obvious, but it's not very special. Kissueers sounds alright... maybe?
This is hard


File:1576546482188.png (639.23 KB,700x602)


Kissnon is the one that best rolls off the tongue, but it's rather generic. I'd stick to al/qa/eda, /qa/tari, or /qa/zoku.


File:1505444269235.png (109.56 KB,520x380)

We've always been friends, right?



File:Michigan_Central_Train_Sta….jpg (5.26 MB,3886x2590)


Urban decay is such a weird thing. This is Michigan Central Station, a rail station in Detroit. It's strange to realize that this isn't some place that's been abandoned for centuries, but that this is just the result of around 20 years of abandonment.

Does /qa/ have any interesting abandoned places nearby? Thought about doing any urban exploration?
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There's probably some around somewhere, but I really have no desire to be around it. It's depressing and usually ugly. Most examples I have around here would be old stuff that was purchased and built into something else, but not completely "renovated". Like this >>98978 you can imagine the convenience store being bought and turned into something, uhh.. I don't know, a pet store? But they didn't have any use for the old gas pump area, so it's a pet store with a decaying pump station near it. There's a Wal-Mart near here that purchased a large area that used to be a fun Miniature Golf/Regular Golf/Arcade place from my childhood. There's no sign of the arcade or mini golf, but you can see part of the driving range that's rusty and overgrown and every time I see it I get extremely depressed because I remember the stuff that used to be there and added joy to the world unlike Wal-Mart.

I think there needs to be certain amount of time passing before I could enjoy this kind of thing, like I need to feel detached and unaffected from the events that made things that way.


Nobody wants to buy old gas stations because the soil is potentially contaminated with all kinds of bad stuff from leaky tanks and spills. Especially older places that were around back when they still put lead in gasoline. Same thing with a lot of old industrial sites, it's such a risky investment because you never know what you'll find once you start looking into cleaning up the place.


Very much true. Most torn down gas stations from probably a decade ago are still open fields. Not always the case, but it does lower value


I've always been interested in urbex, too bad I live in a rural community. Not much to explore here.


File:48164567_p0.jpg (974.15 KB,1400x812)

Do you know of thomassons, queue eyy?
I believe that original /qa/, especially when it was unlisted, qualifies as one actually.

File:__shiki_eiki_touhou__4aefd….png (1.59 MB,1378x2039)


Are filters helpful or harmful for imageboards? On one hand it can more easily allow for coexistence of elements that are both perfectly fine on the grand scale but maybe don't get along with each other. On the other, they could potentially separate boards into "factions" of sorts.
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File:[aRMX] Maoujou de Oyasumi ….jpg (265.48 KB,1920x1080)

Automatic or manual filtering, and to what extent?
I think kissu has done a pretty good job in allowing people to filter subjects by hiding boards from /all/, like ecchi stuff with /ec/ or real world stuff with seasonal boards.
But, if individuals need to start filtering words or threads manually and it increases in intensity, the community becomes divided over it I think something is wrong and it needs to be addressed before it gets out of hand.
It's all about tolerance levels, I guess.


Filters are too broad an instrument and the flow of discussion is too finely interwoven for them to do much good. They're best used against external spammers and shills---people who aren't intimately familiar with the normal state of the board are less able to fill it with material that blends in with what's usually there, so filtering is more effective against them.
I don't use them very much.


Hmm. If we're talking a user's individual filter list, I gotta say I personally never used the one that did the rounds back on 4/qa/, I hid everything by hand. Enjoyed getting into epic debates with the frogs here and there. But I don't think it's particularly effective, even if you miraculously got 2/3rds of a board's population to ignore it, a handful of people can still keep it afloat, and it'll spill over. It's not like a forum's board subsections which are clearly and explicitly delineated, there are no tangible rules or mechanisms to isolate any of what's being filtered. It's at best a general agreement that can easily fall apart. The only case where I'd use one is for keywords that only actual heavy duty spammers include, which isn't that common a thing.


I used Yotgo's filter lists that were posted, but I also had my own long before that with it's own peculiarities.
Searched /g/ a few times and I wasn't the only one seeking out a neural network that would filter the latest frogfeel factory.
Even if I had set something like that up, now there are those AI generated pareidolic images that cannot be unseen, which I doubt could be practically dealt with.


I use them to highlight threads I dont want to miss, but aside from stuff I'm absolutely not interested in (like say threads about apple on /g/ or dbz threads on /a/), I dont hide anything. I don't browse 4chan enough anymore to be affected by spam.

File:koruri dressup.png (366.42 KB,1329x1506)


Oh, no! Koruri procrastinated too long and now she needs you to give her an outfit for Halloween! Draw/edit/etc something onto her!
(and try to keep the background clear so I can make a collage)
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File:kumoruri.png (452.39 KB,825x1132)

Would you walk into her web?
Oh my God, an anorexic Koruri...


File:1667010912778.png (451.3 KB,1329x1555)

ate the yuusha party


File:1667010912778.png (184.34 KB,1329x1506)


File:koruri grim harvest.png (11.13 MB,3024x3024)

The grim harvest is complete


A murder of koruris, guarding their hoard...

File:header.jpg (44.81 KB,460x215)


Nee, nee, kissu.moe/qa/-tachi have you played Little Witch Nobeta?
Should be a cute and funny geimu with Souls-like gameplay from what I've read. I've been thinking of buying it.
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good hips tho


i want to but i cant let my steam friends know im that kind of person


yes you can


i also played the demo back when it came out and it was pretty fun, but it was like an hour or two long in total. the dev better have put in a bunch of new stages or it won't be worth the pricetag unless you're just an ooooouuuu fren


File:FgEZVCPaAAINJL8.jpg (1.12 MB,1414x2000)

Halloweensperm with Nobeta...

File:f89f1a6075b3d8a369f71e9095….jpg (142.36 KB,1280x1024)


I've been thinking. I think the most forgotten and inaccessible (subbed) anime are probably good but not highly-regarded series from the 2000s and early 2010s. There's hardly any reputation and most public torrents are dead. They just sort of exist for people going through old seasonal charts.


File:MV5BMjA4OTUxNjMwN15BMl5Ban….jpg (40.31 KB,271x475)

Those would be the direct to video adaptions of eroge before eroge was even a word known even among more regular western anime fans; thinking Pink Pinapple titles.
I've even watched some of the more famous ones, and I gotta admit that even after seeing them they are hard to remember, since it's just low budget fight scenes and some lewdness.


Hmm, why 00s and not 80s or something? I've tried to find some old shows that were in Nickeldeon strangely enough in the early 90s and it's nowhere. I imagine it's like that for most things.


Well, I was thinking of subbed anime stuff as unsubbed stuff is obviously the most inaccessible.

That being said, anime from the 20th century (the 80s in particular, bubble economy stuff in general has western interest) has a cult following and a lot of series are well-known again and even stuff like you mentioned that was localized in other countries are getting dub-subs but a lot of it is really hard to find on public trackers. Ironically, really hard to find stuff can often be found on pleb streaming sites. I guess it really depends what you're looking for.
I would also say from the 20th century non-mecha series from the 70s are probably the most obscure as 60s and before are of historical interest.

It's kind of weird to think that my parents watched Gatchaman growing up and didn't even know what they were watching.


there was a guy on 4chan /t/ who was making torrent packs of anime organized by year, he didn't do every anime though the point was only to get a representative sample. he did it from the 70s to 2005

File:aaaaaaaaa.png (2.14 MB,1181x1102)

 No.73454[Reply][Last50 Posts]

Have you been working on anything? Art, programming, etc.
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I've been trying to write a story about a relationship between a mega NEET and magical imouto
and it's gonna be awesome

but writing is so hard.
and it's true what they say about writing it's the last bastion for the failed artist after they realize that drawing is too hard.



ACTUALLY the last bastion is becoming a critic.
anyway I believe in you


File:Resolve_RjznAMEqJ2.png (1.14 MB,1920x1080)

Ahh, I love that euroka moment when something clicks. I prefer to mess with stuff manually instead of following tutorials, and the Da Vinci Resolve finally clicked. (although fade out was something I had to look up)
I'm going to start doing simple video edits again, and I've made an excessively long intro for the kissu seasonal stream to get used to it. Maybe I should see if I'm doing something in a way that takes too much time


Late I know but have you tried to find resources related to pro wrestling media?


File:ZBrush_964nJxLgDo.png (Spoiler Image,261.52 KB,1391x1211)

It's not late, this is a slow process because I'm bad at focusing on it.
If you mean real life examples I've been using bodybuilders and fitness women and it works decent enough. The ideal are proper poses in black and white with good lighting and that's what people pay for (or pirate) but it just isn't there for female musculature.
The biggest problem I'm running in to is finding the right balance for a "passive" fantasy muscle appearance without making one of those 2% bodyfat extreme bodybuilders that look alien. Abs are simple and people have grown to expect to see them in their active state even when someone is sleeping, but for other parts like limbs and back it's a lot more complicated with the shape varying wildly with activity. I've noticed that the quads in the legs are especially a nightmare as they have a bunch of overlaying muscles that can really alter the shape of the leg in basic movement.
In 2D you can draw the proper muscles flexing per pose, but no one, not even studios with billions of dollars, animate muscles actually flexing and stretching in 3D (and rarely in 2D). I'm also trying to make this a body can turn into a regular "anime" appearance of low detail, which is easy, but also a plump body, which is actually more difficult than you'd think.
I think I'm going to try experimenting with morphs/shapes that trigger on animation, but it will be a lot of work and I doubt it'd work with physics.

Pic is just a 3D butt without any color, but I'll spoiler to protect the virgin /qa/ eyes anyway.

File:1608391040451.jpg (141.42 KB,1280x720)


Are people who like 2D-related content nicer than other people on average? It does seem like they are in the imageboard context at least.
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In my experience, they're either much nicer or much meaner, with no real inbetween.


such are the consequences of deviancy


I'm simultaneously nicer and meaner.


File:FQO_ksHVkAU7kn3.jpg (236.05 KB,2048x1756)

i'm mean as heck! grrrrrrr!


Just more introverted, I'd say, which can sometimes come across as being kinder.

File:c6dfc65da7fa0baacccd93c8d2….jpg (1.5 MB,1920x1440)


Philosopher vs Mathematician, who's stronger?
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ancient GEEKS


East, West... Philosophy is best


File:Die-jagd-fur-Hegel_1956-02….png (1.02 MB,717x1012)

The great hunt of 1956 depleted the stocks of philosophers. The few left alive, if there are any, have to stay hidden to avoid being rightfully shot on sight.
All the ones who mattered fortunately died ages ago, so philosophers have basically lost by forfeit.


File:EoygKzgXEAAUNw2.jpg (45.39 KB,350x418)

Future is best


i thought philosophy was like a mind thing how does this "posit" thing work

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