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File:2817c757d68a1a0226f0303268….png (2.14 MB,1025x1300)


Anyone want to play Age of Empire 2 DE?

On sale until Feb 3 (looks like 8 USD). Playable on Linux with the various Proton or Wine emulators. Has a good handicap system if you want to have an easy time.

Military strategy game where each civilization is basically the same with small differences. Makes it easier to pick up the game for a first time player. Has a bunch of european, asian, african and mezoamerican civilizations.

We already have 6 people who are interested in the game on kissu(Steam). If you play good or you play bad it doesn't matter. Or maybe you'd rather just watch. Game has a lot of amazing observer tools that are used by professional observers and streamers, I can stream too and post about it here(I probably will anyways)
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and i need to change the thumb to the .zip version...


If anyone wants to pvp or pve-coop I'm going to be idling again soon.


join through this steam link
I'll be keeping stream up to show what im doing  through my twitch

If I get bored I'm just going to loop build orders until anyone messages me


It's live


File:bd8ae0dc91f6d13a2732c84af5….png (1.71 MB,969x1500)


How does /qa/ quench their thirst and refuel their electrolytes?
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salty summer sweat mixed with water


File:1561786304988.png (218.69 KB,505x600)

I- I love looking at a cute girls' smooth armpits!


>I don't think it's even remotely possible to be "low on electrolytes" since "electrolytes" just means mineral vitamins.

My first thought was that advertisers were using a problem only applicable to athletes and pretending regular people should worry about it as well. Looking it up, it seems that it's a problem for marathon runners, but even for them, it's questionable how much electrolyte supplements help. The more important thing is to not drink too much water.



Apparently Gatorade was promoting dangerous advice to athletes to make a profit:
>In America, the sports drinks industry also made a push into the area of clinical science. In 1992, the American College of Sports Medicine — the “premier organization in sports medicine and exercise science” with over 45 000 members — accepted a $250,000 donation from Gatorade.
>Four years later, in 1996, the American College of Sports Medicine produced guidelines that adopted a “zero % dehydration” doctrine, advising athletes to “drink as much as tolerable.” 23 This guidance grew out of a roundtable meeting in 1993 “supported” by Gatorade. 24
>The 1996 guidance stood until 2007, when in updated guidance the college acknowledged that people should drink according to the dictates of thirst. However, it still promoted the idea that people should lose no more than 2% of body weight during exercise, and this remains the position in the published literature — although how people are meant to know how much weight they are losing while exercising isn’t made clear. 26


I got old and I still found parts of it funny. It's just too wordy at times.

File:[SubsPlease] Sono Bisque D….jpg (303.51 KB,1920x1080)


How do you work up the motivation to start and complete really long series?
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I think there is a notable difference between shows that are basically one long serial with similar studio direction (One Piece), and franchises that are split into distinct series with sometimes completely different direction (Gundam). Which one does OP refer to?


In Bisque Doll it's referring to a Mahou Shoujo anime with (possibly?) multiple seasons.


which one is the sado masochism arc?



Only once have I committed to a long series. Went on a one piece binge and blew through 900 episodes in 3 months. I don't know how I did it, I drop most 24 eps I attempt to watch now anyways.

File:valentines day.webm (11.79 MB,1280x720)


Why do shows seem to never have their holiday episodes on the actual holiday?
Or even worse why do some have them after the holiday? Surely it makes more sense to have the holiday episode right before the holiday?
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yeah but at least do the episode before the holiday, doing it after feels wrong
it's like trying cash in on a fad that died a year ago


So long as its within the week, it's fine in my opinion.


File:[SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no….jpg (169.08 KB,1280x720)

It's because of me. I told them not to, and I'll do it again! HAHAHAHA!!


File:mad_face.webm (1.21 MB,640x360)



File:1491244871587.jpg (308.74 KB,1920x1080)

Think about it this way, the holiday episode scheduling is only a problem for a single point in time for when the episode airs. Afterwards, if you were to watch it again you wouldn't even consider whether you were watching the episode on Valentine's day or not would you? Or if you did, you could always just watch the episode then if necessary.

File:73803427_p0.jpg (1.46 MB,1000x1200)


What kind of mouse do you use and are you happy with it? My left clicker on my razer adder is messed up and it's time to get a new one. I don't think I want to get another one because this was after only one year. The rainbow lights are kind of cool, I guess.
I use a mix of relaxed and claw grip and have small hands so it's seemingly impossible to get something that's fully comfortable. Maybe I should try a trackball or something, but can those be as accurate as mice?
Uhh... post about computer mice or something.
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>Not sure how much longer it will last, however.
Foreshadowing! My mouse's left-click is now double click, which is pretty inconvenient, especially when trying to drag stuff.


The curse of the double click, strikes again! (I really need a new mouse. This is happening too often too...)


I use my left hand when I'm just browsing


Strangely it went away for me, but comes back once in a while. I think at least for me it's related to the drivers or something somehow because nothing changed for the mouse itself. My keyboard would also randomly restart with the computer giving the "new hardware found" sound.
I guess you could mess around with your computer a bit?


NEVER buy Razer products, holy crap. They are way too expensive for the shoddy quality and as far as I know they require you to install proprietary software that requires you to make an account on their services to do something as simple as configure the RGB lights or mouse buttons.

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Last thumbnail wasn't befitting of a good music thread, so have some chocominto aisu
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Ah, bump limit.




File:www.jpg (983.37 KB,1108x1036)


What is she looking at?
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I use sage to be polite. But if you like rude guys more then I won't sage any of my posts!


that wasn't a question, that was sexual harassment


more like sexual her ass meant


No it wasn't, it was not sexual at all! Stop hiding from the question!


File:Screenshot 2022-02-17 at 1….png (1.03 MB,1903x3527)

She's looking at this thread.

File:[Orphan] A Penguin's Memor….png (340.22 KB,640x480)


Would /qa/ be interested in watching A Penguin's Memories? It's an anime movie starring talking penguins during a fictional Vietnam war dubbed the "Delta war", and their time returning back home with the memories they have. The movie was produced by Suntory Beer for some reason.

If so, what time would be best? I was thinking 5PM EST this Thursday, the 17th, perhaps.
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File:[Orphan] A Penguin's Memor….png (297.01 KB,634x386)

Mike helping an injured bird.


oh ffs i missed it


There's still 40 minutes left. The images posted give a rough chronological summary. It's pretty slow paced.


File:[Orphan] A Penguin's Memor….png (289.29 KB,634x386)

If anyone missed the stream, I made the link permanent so you can watch it on your own sometime, although just know that the link will expire in 24 hours since it was uploaded to cockfile.

Thanks again for everyone who came to watch!


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (263.97 KB,1920x1080)

This represents my emotions after watching!

Thanks for the stream. I liked it. I was expecting a lot of PTSD and penguin suffering, but it was more of a penguin finding his way in the world. The detail to proper English signs, pronunciation and even written letters was impressive. I can't really appreciate it since I live there, but for the intended Japanese audience I imagine that gave it a lot of atmosphere for Penguin America.

File:63b107f3d8c119b7db574e29c7….jpg (383.13 KB,1460x2048)


What's Kissu's favorite food? It had better not be fast food!
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bagels with cheese and a cup of coffee


>It had better not be fast food!
die healthnorm


Cut it out man


File:f515ccbcb0b2f5ab767ed3ed55….jpg (2.39 MB,2373x3351)

I really like hotdogs, especially ones that I grill myself. Actually, I really like all the grilled foods. There's something about them that just works really nicely in the summer. And the smell's really nice too.


hehe you like wieners

File:1614959181644.gif (1.99 MB,500x270)


It's valentines day so why don't you post some good lovey-dovey romances /qa/?
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She's just tsundere. You can see it in her eyes.


Romance is gay.




But is it ecchi sketchy one-touchy?


File:[Judgment] Kareshi Kanojo ….png (622.94 KB,702x526)

In terms of romcoms KareKano is one of my favorites if not my favorite.

File:Untitled.png (21.91 KB,492x314)

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/qa/! It's time to show off your MS paint skills! Try drawing a character and seeing if others can guess at who it is. Starting off with an iconic one so that the first picture isn't impossible...
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You got the hexagon face shape right.


Thank you.


File:Untitled.png (45.46 KB,648x522)

Behold the extra smug


really like the slight smile of smugs like these


File:jfhjfh.png (42.88 KB,648x522)

File:4730f32c9421808a0648c5aee4….png (4.22 MB,2714x1920)


What do you like to do while you're not watching anime or playing video games?
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Ah! I have it. Next stage of the plan is to use my billions of dollars to create advanced R and D facilities that will develop the ultimate weapon, an aircraft capable of creating a vacuum in front of itself and moving through it. I will use this technology to create megahypersonic fighters and even mega hypersonic airships(because air resistance does not mater in a vacuum they can be as big as they like).

They will fly so fast that not only will nothing ever be able to intercept them but they will be able to intercept absolutely anything in turn. So then I will have my host nation by the throat as I will be able to hit anywhere at anytime and defend myself form anything. Even the US will be powerless, one megahypersonic jet will destroy every US Carrier on the sea in a matter of seconds before they could even know they were being destroyed. No vessel or aircraft will ever be able to sail or fly anywhere without my approval. And then I will be able to do whatever I like and will conquer the world with no resistance.


Sleep. Try not to think about death. Contemplate the future. Dream.

Sometimes I do productive things too.


Playing virtualised tabletop games.


I listen to music. Program.


Exercise or I read a book.

File:8c9e8497155c72b8749d0f5ae8….png (7.91 MB,1920x1080)

 No.72101[Reply][Last50 Posts]

*shouts into the sky*


100% /qa/
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I sort of want to join in on this but I haven't bought a game on steam in years and wouldn't know where to pirate


lobby closed
the game is so cheap there is no reason not to just buy it


i have maybe a dollar fifty on my steam wallet and feel like i can't justify purchasing any more steambux


File:6496a636-daa3-49e3-9423-d9….png (304.28 KB,496x496)

Does anyone want to play some Yack Paasento Orenji Jusu?


Perhaps, although I'm feeling pretty tired an unfocused

File:[SubsPlease] Slow Loop - 0….jpg (233.44 KB,1280x720)


would this be considered wide


File:874819.7550000001_image.png (994.56 KB,1280x720)

Not wide enough


File:1623604221408.jpg (15.29 KB,184x184)

Maybe, but they're not nearly putting enough effort into their shape as they should be if they want to achieve true wideness.


I think the wide is cancelled out by the long. Haven't you seen some of the side profiles?


                  ...... --―…―-- .....
                   . : :´ : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :::..、
             -=彡: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : `: ._
             / : : : : : : : : : : : /: : : : : :l: : : !: : : : : : : : :.、
          /: :/: : /: : : : : : : :/: : : : : :/: : : :!: : : : :l: : : : : 
.          /:.:./: : /l : : ⌒ヽ /l: : : : : /: /: : :l: : : : : } : : : : : : ヽ
         |:.:/|: : :|:.|.: :/レヘ∧|.:: : : /: /:.:⌒ヽ: : : : j: : : : : : : : :
          l:/ !: : l:.レ'yfテミx!/|.: : :∧/ヘ__l/ | : : : /: : : : : : : : 个ー
              V:.:|: |〃 r':ハ  j∧/ ィfテミxレ!:./ : : : : : : : : : :!
           ∠ィv': 从 乂ソ         r::ハヾレ:< \/ >: : :.:.ト、
            //: : :|xxx  ,      乂:ソ ノ.:.: :.>  <: : : :j: :}
             7/l: : :人            xxxイ.: /< /\ 
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File:94484530_p0.jpg (3.22 MB,1447x2047)


Been thinking of playing that new Lost Ark MMO and I'm pretty sure once I start playing there's going to be builds and guides for everything down to the smallest detail and everyone's going to be minmaxed to hell and back within the week. So that made me think, has the development of the net ruined MMOs to an extent?
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MMOs in general seem to kind of be a lost genre. FFXIV and TESO are the only "modern" ones with large playerbases. Most MMOs seem to be old but still played (OSRS, EVE, WoW Classic, Lineage II, Maplestory, SRO, EQ) but as like a very niche thing.


Because all of them are bad and all the new ones are bad as well, every time a new MMORPG comes out it's massive for a few weeks and then flops and every game commentator says something like 'well this just goes to show how much interest there still is in the genre, I'm sure a game will come out soon to cater to this'. Maybe Dragons Dogma online would have been good but I don't speak enough Japanese.


I've been playing mmos since 1998 and I hear this idea occasionally. I disagree with the sentiment as even back in the early days there were guide sites, and my first mmo had built in class forums accessible in game with GM appointed class masters who's job was to teach new players how to play the class. Interaction and exploration are key to mmo and exploring the game together is part of what helps build the community.

In fact I think what I just described is part of what's missing in modern mmos. The sentiment that the internet has ruined things might be partially true, but not because the net has active changed in a bad way, but because the games have offloaded much of their community aspects onto it rather than having it integrated. By having the community centered around third party sites or applications the sense of reality which the communal aspect lends to the game world itself is separated and the game world becomes a side activity for the community.

In older games people would hang out in the game world and idly kill time existing within that reality. Now they close the game and hang out in discord making the game itself more lonely.


I think it has less to do with quality and more to do with demand. They ask for a good amount of your time and expect you to spend a decent chunk of said time socializing in some way. It's more time than most adults have and more than most kids are willing to give.

MMOs were at their peak back when the idea of doing a thing online was novel. Interacting with other players was cool. Exploring a giant virtual world was cool. Slowly becoming the most powerful guy in town was cool. Now that the novelty is gone, a lot of the genre's mainstream appeal went with it.


The time demand is a large reason why I stopped playing WoW. I really like and miss heroic raiding, but I didn't have the time or desire anymore to run mythic+ dungeons for hours every day just to get the gear needed to be able to do it.

Part of it was probably burn out too, after like 13 years.

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