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File:maxresdefault.jpg (61.92 KB,1280x720)


I've seen a lot of references in threads alluding to the subject, but as a recent kissu visitor I am unaware of the story behind kissu's relationship with 4chan.

Is there a thread or page where I can read about the founding of kissu and what sounds like some kind of exodus from 4chan? Just curious.

I thought of simply poking around the internet for info but decided to just ask you guys directly for a more authoritative source.
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I know it's a 4/qa/ thread, but the antisocial frog stuff really isn't needed, is it


What even is the point of being able to talk about 4/qa/ if you're not even being able to mention frogs? That same image was posted countless times. To pretend it wasn't to some extent iconic is frankly disingenuous... EVEN IF it's "antisocial", that was still the reality of browsing 4/qa/.

Spoiler it, if you must, but deleting it seems a step too far, particularly for a thread [ul]devoted to /qa/'s history[/ul]...


This shit was never notable in the first place, it was just a footnote in a long line of boring tryhards. Protip: if you're going to spend hours a day desperately trying to catch someone's attention, it's probably a good idea to make sure you aren't easily filterable.


That stuff is better kept secret, as it has nothing to do with /qa/ of today


File:jenga.jpg (78.07 KB,1280x720)

I thought this was the ritual?

File:finger.png (347.71 KB,600x387)


Trolling is an artform, but what makes an artist?


epic prank bro


Artist: Someone who makes art


File:86361288_p0.jpg (1.4 MB,2067x1447)

I believe it


he said art not lard

File:199c8cc6efcb3cb6896eb57c60….jpg (125.45 KB,700x700)


Sorry /qa/, you're ok, but I love /jp/ now.


I think I saw an image where someone has sex with her keyhole thing up there once

File:[SubsPlease] Kobayashi-san….jpg (149.07 KB,1280x720)


Does /qa/ follow the principles of clean code?


File:programming-tans.png (1.3 MB,1200x1800)

I would if I could, but it's all I can do to string together spaghetti that's technically functioning


I'm super interested in learning ruby now.

File:1566238689130.png (1.46 MB,1275x1622)


Are we magical girls? Sometimes I feel like one. Are we here to fight normalfags? Is the chanosphere our prison? Is anonimity our power? Do you feel powerful sometimes? Do you feel like there is something magical and special inside of you?

I like this feel.


File:77983196_p0.png (1.3 MB,1000x1861)

We're all super mahou shoujo trapped within the confines of Anonymity out of fear for what would happen if we were to be comfortable named. Just look at all the notable /qajp/ personalities that got on the bad side of moderation and faced years long bans on their trips because of this. It surely tells that if one desired to, they have the power to destroy the chanosphere, but choose not to since that'd be too boring.


magical girls would kill us in an instant from across the stratosphere if we allowed ourselves to get this cocky


feel powerless nore often than powerful
so many things that are out of my control in life


We are dancers!

File:521b26a71ed5695f4af45fc65….jpeg (780.25 KB,853x1204)


Is art created for the express purpose of being consumed any worse than art that is created out of personal desire?

Arguably, most anime (particularly adaptations) is designed for consumption, rather than out of free-flowing creativity. Does this make such art lesser if people still enjoy it? Where does one draw the line between "marketized art" and "creative art" and is there even a difference?
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I'd prefer the thread not go in the direction of "look how ugly this thing that everyone hates is!" "I agree, this ugly thing looks bad! What were they thinking!?!?". When you've seen one thread like that you've seen them all.


Odd to think of Precure as marketized but I guess it makes sense given it's a brand that Toei keeps pumping out new material for. Though, it's hard to accept given the negative connotation I usually attach to those words...


>it's hard to accept given the negative connotation I usually attach to those words...
That's sort of what I meant to evoke in creating this thread.


File:89871792_p0.png (7.85 MB,2407x3341)

That's what I ascertained from the OP too. I think rather than marketized vs not, the criteria for what usually produces good work is passion & effort. I'm sure there are some very passionate people in Toei animating the pretty Precures for their company and other talented individuals putting work into the scripts, while on the other hand you have some jackass LN author writing his power fantasy like Death March which gets a shitty adaptation probably slaved for by koreans with the bare minimum put into production so that more people can know of the LN title, since nobody cares for it. Obviously Toei's method results in the better overall work even though the concept for this season most likely wasn't one person's artistic idea.


So what about series that never end, or ones that exist purely to advertise some other work such as a VN or manga? This seems like a pretty big downside to art being marketized.

File:91465292_p0.jpg (1.07 MB,1172x2000)


Someone needs to crack mobile games so people can play through the story and be romantic with the characters without hundreds or thousands of dollars or hours to unlock it all.
Will you volunteer?
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I searched for princess connect crack and I immediately found APKs for download claiming infinite money. Don't know if they're legit, haven't tested them.


I'd imagine if private WoW servers exist, then it would make sense that there'd be something similar for gacha you could set up to play however you wanted.


File:reconnect_manga_01.jpg (411.42 KB,1064x1659)

the more successful gachas tend to have manga adaptations where all the characterization that can't happen in game goes, and as a bonus they usually run alongside the game instead of running for a bit and the stopping, like the anime does. the translation for th reconnect manga is only up to page 4 from what I could find, but it exists.


I'm pretty sure most of those are probably viruses... You can find the same thing for just about every app.


Yeah, I saw some warez-like site where it was a paid thing. Paying money to avoid paying money doesn't seem like a good idea, much less giving the credit card info to such people.

Hmm... though if it's an APK wouldn't that mean the virus is localized to inside the android emulator? That doesn't seem like too big of a risk

File:Question_wave_Yume.gif (377.38 KB,534x343)


Where do you get your (pirated) games from? Wanted to play Senran Kagura games but cant find them on nyaa and thats about the only place I know to look for games at...
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Animebytes, Anime-Sharing and a few others.
>ROM sites
Just your regular ROM sites, Emuparadise and whatnot.


Thanks for the sites Anons, found what I was looking for! Now I can truly say I like the Senran Kagura girls!


File:927bc44dc542bf6a969debf3a7….png (640 KB,800x1500)

Here is the list of all the sites that I currently use:
and cs.rin.ru for obscure games.
They all should be safe.
For ROMs and ISOs I would suggest:
vimm's lair
wowroms (they have this annoying popup when downloading, but are otherwise okay.)


thank you!!


I got a gazelle games account despite not playing that many games

File:Heinrich_fueger_1817_prome….jpg (132.85 KB,483x700)


Are you interested at all in all the old world mythologies? Obviously you can't throw a JRPG rock without hitting at least 20 references to Norse mythology or various Canaanite things and their successor religions, and Western media is the same with Greek mythology.
One of the most interesting things I find about them is when they have shared stories as it indicates either groups influenced by each other via trade or war, or perhaps an underlying human desire to explain specific phenomenon. Many of them have a story about great flooding, for instance. Similarly, humans gaining knowledge that wasn't intended for them is embodied in Prometheus, Lucifer and Loki and likely others (I'm not very worldly).
I read up on this stuff occasionally on wikipedia, but I doubt it's a great source for this kind of thing and there's also just so much out there that it's impossible to see it all.
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File:133371[1].jpg (446.49 KB,1280x1118)

dragons are cool i like dragons wish i could befriend one


Is there a SINGLE piece of writing mentioning supposed "dragon bone"?
Is there a single piece of "dragon bone" that is known to have been in the possession of ancient nobles?


dragons are cool i like dragons wish i could be one


Dragon remains are sometimes mentioned as being found in Chinese chronicles and Dragon bones are used in Chinese medicine as well, most of the bones used in medicine are most likely not Dinosaurs and instead just anything large that was found in the ground but many of them may have been. There is a church in Italy, the Santa Maria e San Donato, that has large bones said to be those of a Dragon slain by a saint but these are most likely from a Mammoth or something.

I did a brief wiki search on the history of fossil and they do not actually mention this church(the church has a wiki page itself but it's very small and does not even show the bones very well you can just see bits of them sticking out from behind an altar in the background) or the mentions of them in Chinese Chronicles nor do they mention some other cases like the man that found them in the 16th century and thought they were from a Giant but they do mention Chinese medicine. So this isn't a very well researched field it seems.

They do mention that thing about the dwarf mammoths being Cyclopes and also they make a very ambitious claim that a story of Griffons protecting gold in Hyperborea is referring to triceratops fossils found in a gold mine on the border between Kazakhstan and China. The second is just silly but the first could be possible(though they are not dinosaurs) but there is still no solid evidence of that being the case and it could easily be a coincidence(stranger things have happened).

Dragons are a very old concept as well. So there is a possibility that like Flood myths they could be based on encounters with dinosaur bones from long before recorded history. Most dragons don't really bare that much of a resemblance to any known dinosaur this could be due to how old the myths are or maybe from incomplete remains but even then the skull and form of a dragon is far different than that of a Dinosaur and more seems to resemble known animals as does the Griffon and most mythological creatures.

I think it's possible and even likely that dragons are based on Dinosaurs(or maybe prehistoric animals) but I would not say that it's certain or that there is any solid evidence for it that I know of but as I said it does not seem to be a well research field of enquiry.


I like Babylonian/Assyrian/Middle Eastern Pre-Abrahamic city-state religions, those were really neato.
Should learn about the Demiurge though

File:qastats.PNG (101.47 KB,1369x580)


Recently I have a feeling that the contents on /qa/ is drifting farther away from my taste. Rather than simply bickering about it, I think it's best to provide objective data so that everyone can see how /qa/ has changed.

Now, pic related is the contents of /qa/ categorized by me, for first 5 pages in bump order (recent activity) and rest rest of pages (past activity). The categories represents different topics on /qa/ (colored to my personal preference):
Act off-board: invite /qa/ to do something together off-site, like for gaming or anime stream etc
2D media: any discussion of Japanese 2D contents (mostly anime though, which I personally don't like to discuss)
General media: any discussion of games or other media that is not Japanese 2D contents
General QA: general random questions and answers discussion
Creative: draw/writing/music/program creation, DIY, image editing
/jp/ like: things that normally go on /jp/ after split
Internet: discussion about internet culture, websites
Meta: discussion about imageboard posting/moderation, site issues
Others/news/blog: Anything that is not above, mostly news and blog

From the statistics, we can see the categories have relatively changed activities recently:
Large increase: Act off-board, General media
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I found the locked thread in most part harmless aside from 2-3 posts that received an appropriate community response. I've thought about this thread quite a bit and the conclusion I came to was that it would've been preferable just to delete the post and not lock the thread. As it served as more community moderation doing its job and that's why /jp/ in general has been more resistant to trolling because of. Just nuking everything creates a bit more of an /a/-like dependency on mods. Also it creates to outsiders the perception that the mean mods are the ones keeping down all the epic /pol9k/ conversation that'd be flourishing instead of that there's just a general rejection of such topics by the posters.


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (244.91 KB,1280x720)

Well, I don't have any complaints. Creative threads? Well, I'm still not sure what counts but I think I'm the primary creator of those so I guess I could try to make more of them. I've actually been floating an idea of a "how to use photoshop" type of thread, but need to figure out a good way to share the program itself. Making stupid edits is fun!

Yeah, it'd be good if people remembered that threads don't disappear once they're off the front page of /all/. Maybe a big catalog button somewhere or something? Or people are too accustomed to /all/ which doesn't have one.


These are examples of Creative threads:

There are some other threads that I count in this category like DIY threads or >>73454, but I consider them a lower level since they don't invite posters to create something and post them here.


>Also the activity on /jp/ is very high: the last thread on page 10 was bumped just 2 weeks ago, while for /qa/ it is 2 months
On average /jp/ threads are much more low effort and free-form than the more discussion-heavy threads of /qa/ so it makes sense that there would be more of them.


it's harder to make a deep thread on /jp/. If something gets lots of replies on /jp/ and isn't a thread that might be placed on /qa/ then it must be very special.

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previous one on limit bumper
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olympic opening ceremony was all vidya music, no migu sadly



File:(clipboard)1625799251016.png (589.21 KB,507x558)


Want to buy this skin for my Azur Lane waifu but can't because poor...
I don't know why but I feel the need to have all her skins, even though I know its just wasting money and feeding the big chinese corp
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File:Apo~n_dance_Maira.gif (458 KB,500x470)


Er, uh, yeah, but I'll do it in the game thread and uhh... tomorrow/later today I guess


your waifu is a sheep wearing a seifuku




Don't use that word it is an insult to her and her creator.

File:w.gif (384.93 KB,1282x721)


Does /qa/ use any keyboard shortcuts for improved productivity? If not, you totally should!!

Some of my favorites are:
Win + Print Screen = Outputs a screenshot to Pictures/Screenshots
Alt + Right/Left Arrow = Forward/Reverse history
Middle Click Link = Opens link in new window
Middle Click Drag = Scroll without wheel
Middle Click Tab = Closes tab
Win + Tab = Task view (shows windows on each monitor, and allows access to multiple desktops)
Ctrl + Tab = Move right one tab over in browser
Ctrl + Shift + Tab = Move left one tab over in browser
Ctrl + W = Close active tab
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oh yeah also:
Ctrl + z: Undo (everyone knows)
Ctrl + Shift + z: redo


Having side buttons on my mouse is the best. Can use them to go back and foreward much easier on webpages


you guys have all reminded me that my mouse also has the forward back buttons. I've had it for almost a year and haven't used those things since I completely forgot they existed


Mostly Ctrl + W/T/A/F/Z/C/V/click and Alt + Tab.


It's more of a physical keyboard shortcut but I keymapped to switch the functions of the Caps Lock button with the space button, although the space button is the biggest button on the keyboard it feels much more of an improvement to hit space with the left little finger everytime I want to seperate words.

File:[SubsPlease] Re Zero kara ….jpg (Spoiler Image,100.16 KB,1280x720)


Did something change recently in Japan to allow more uncensored gore in anime, or did something with streaming services change to allow them to air uncensored episodes? It seems like I've been seeing more and more episodes without black bars everywhere and it's quite nice.
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Huh. Didn't expect for in Peach Boy Riverside to see some gore. And in the first episode no less!...


Maybe with the Tokyo Olympics falling out of favor and becoming more of a burden for Japan than not, anome has been saved!


Abe's strong arm over the anime industry is at a close. It's time for a new era of Yakuza sponsored anime with ultra violence and tons of perversion


File:Majo no Tabitabi 94.jpg (Spoiler Image,371.24 KB,1280x720)

Gore is still censored in Japan, however I too have noticed the increasing frequency of gore in TV anime lately, censored or uncensored. Until the last 3-5 years, with exceptions, gore in anime's seemed very toned down for nearly 10-15 years now.

I think that, with anime becoming more mainstream globally, it's because Japanese still have the conception that American anime fans love gory anime like they did in the 90s and early 00s, and anime's profitable overseas now. I'm pretty sure in reality, most Western anime fans don't really care either way for gore or not, but the stereotype in Japan is that the average American anime fan still loves hot-blooded action, guns and violence, because of the hyperviolent anime OVAs of the 90s that were more successful in America than in Japan.


I mean, it's no misconception. The most popular animations in the West are chock full of gore.

File:wp2006652.jpg (136.08 KB,1920x1080)


If you were given a 5 year life expectancy from today, how would you spend the rest of your life?
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nice. wanna blitzkrieg and chill?


The same as usual. I’d make arrangements to donate whatever's left of my inheritance would go towards making genetically engineered catgirls for domestic ownership a reality.


File:1403586444153.gif (183.46 KB,480x270)

Y-you are truly a saint, Anonymous.


i didn't like this anime


File:bridget_portrait.png (44.11 KB,310x396)

idk travel? I would probably take out a billionaire or politician in my final year.

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