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File:sakaki2.gif (1.65 MB,500x374)


Mines fear factory, what are yours?
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No, I looked it up and metalcore is its own thing. Probably early Mastodon then



File:[SubsPlease] Isekai de Mof….jpg (193.58 KB,1920x1080)

My favorite metal band is the ring. It's small and smooth and fits right on your finger. I don't wear any, but I can still appreciate them.


miku metal


Please just drop the damned ring into the volcano, Mister Frodo. We've been here for 3 hours already.

File:1572032069664.png (1.23 MB,1312x818)


What is the purpose of NULL?


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (200.94 KB,1920x1080)

Eh, nothing!


It's a dirty hack that implements option types but doesn't do any of the compile time type checking needed for a proper implementation of option types.


It's easy


It's a value assigned to a pointer to indicate that it's not currently pointing to anything.

File:mewkle ringy.png (1.98 MB,1920x1080)


Hello, friends. Would you believe me if I told you that the attached image is an edit? It does not exist! It's crazy, isn't it? You assumed there was a Mewkledreamy/Elden Ring crossover, but it's not actually real. This is the power of photo editing.
Photoshop is expensive, though, and these days you have to subscribe. I heard there's a way to bypass that, but this isn't the thread for it. I heard someone might have uploaded it somewhere, I think a bird was talking about it.
Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes. I think we should talk about photo editing to encourage more kissu creations since people might want to participate in the random nonsense people throw together here now and then.
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File:[Erai-raws] Isekai de Mofu….jpg (255.18 KB,1920x1080)

An image like this a nd...


File:Photoshop_kxuIVhRygh.png (649.18 KB,789x747)

...viola! Doing this with one button is VERY nice


That is so janky...


That is so janky...


Like I said it's not perfect and I had to fix it up, but it was still a lot less work than the magic wand or the cursed manual method

File:__original_drawn_by_arisa_….jpg (183.18 KB,2090x1124)


What makes something look good? It's one of those things you see people talk about a lot, but I've never heard a satisfactory answer. Most theories of aesthetics boil down to some combination of "this looks good we should do more things that look like this" and "I like how this looks, you should too".

I don't want to be told what looks good; I already know what looks good because I have eyes. What I want to know is why the things I find visually appealing visually appealing. We know broad strokes what makes something sound or taste good, but why is our knowledge of what makes something look good (at least from where I stand) so primitive?
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I wonder how much neophobia comes from social pressure. I feel like there's this unspoken rule that you're not supposed to get into anything too new or different from what you already like once you've hit your 30s.


File:[SubsPlease] Kyokou Suiri ….jpg (231.55 KB,1920x1080)

The way people on imageboards tend to talk about neuroplasticity is overly simplified and generally combined with the cynical crabs-in-a-bucket thing since people tend to be overly negative. It does weaken as an adult, but not to the degree that people thought decades ago. Will you learn a new language in your 70s as easily as you would if you were 6? No, but the same is true if you were in your 20s. What does change, however, is motivation and the amount of free time people may have.

>"time feels faster as you age" phenomenon is a thing

That's generally seen as a result of routine and the brain working on autopilot. I remember reading that one way you could remedy this is do make simple changes in daily actions, like changing the route you take when driving and so on. If you're doing things unconsciously then time feels like it's moving faster.

As for the musical tastes thing, I wonder if it's related to the way our personalities are pretty much locked in place by the time we hit 15 or so. Maybe musical taste is somehow influenced by this, but who knows?


>It's the reason why the "time feels faster as you age" phenomenon is a thing.
No, that's really just routine, as >>119092 said.


Completely agree with this. I don't like the pessimism around it.


File:beetle.jpg (552.58 KB,2428x2934)

Yeah, more and more it feels like a convenient excuse for tunnel-visioned people who can't stick to a hobby/skill. They should focus less on lacking a younger brain and more on maintaining a younger mindset, that stubborn drive that keeps you going even if the results are shit. Sure that's helped by being a kid with no real obligations, but I still believe most people have more free time than they think to learn something new.

File:templates.png (52.59 KB,1350x500)


Found this pic from January 2020, not sure what it's supposed to mean.
I think I posted it in the /b/ meta thoughts thread before someone flippin' killed it while I was away.
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I guess that's somewhat right, but you can have all 3 in one.


Sometimes the similar thread feature receives a neat idea


File:[SubsPlease] Isekai de Mof….jpg (171.21 KB,1920x1080)

Ehh, what do you mean? This thread is a neat idea? Or the suggestion was good? I'm confused.


I am also confused


My spellchecker corrected revives to receives. Probably because I typed recieves

File:c9d55586c25c134ce1448f7634….jpg (1.66 MB,1480x2070)

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Every time I see an artist that draws Blue Archive it's always lolis. Is the game just that chock full of them that it's all there is to draw? It really tempts me to try it out, but my distaste for gacha is still stronger. Only by a little bit...
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if he means child he should just say child


File:9946fec9cbf2a390f310193657….jpg (131.46 KB,749x1269)

I like this new Blue Archive girl.


interesting feet meat


Shes cute, but her chibi could be better


File:d24f3ee89a63da4d5563c8a961….png (3.38 MB,1047x2172)

My twitter is full of Hina in a dress. I guess it's new. She is incredibly beautiful in it.


Recently I've come across two different channels that seemingly popped outta nowhere and started putting out fairly specific and very high effort content at a pretty decent rate, which then went on to get hundreds of thousands of views. It's weird, so I wanted to share it:

Dogehammer Fortykay makes WarHam animations in the style of Madness Combat with the peculiarity that all humanoids are portrayed as a variation of doge, and they seem to have a pretty good grasp on the lore. Highly likely to have read at least some of the novels.
Mr. also makes animations, mainly centered around Zundamon but also featuring other synthesizers, consisting of absurd situations loaded with Jap memes. Their last video (>>112412) is a song that they wrote, drew, and edited by themselves. Their watermark is a black square, further adding to its oddity.

What motivates someone to straight up drop what they were doing, start from scratch with something so damn specific, and somehow still succeed in an environment where 99.99% of people are stuck with views well below 10k? The whole thing seems crazy to me.
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Yeah, honestly, that's probably it. Straightforward stuff.


Youtube doesn't look that hard, it's full of idiots.
That said music production and animation would be harder I think as you are not really competing with youtubers at that point.

Music tends to get more views as it's short and people will replay it.


The zundacult continues its rampage on the internet.


File:115201747_p0.png (3.47 MB,2480x3166)

I wonder if there's any way to effectively measure Zundamon's increase in popularity. I still remember learning of HIM two years ago now in a random stream someone linked on /jp/ because he was using it as a TTS.
Actually... I don't think I ever learned how to do that. In the program (>>90430) it was a whole bunch of work just to say a few words, but that guy was doing it live. Kissu needs a Zundamon thread reader.


she's made to read japanese not english
i imagine all you need to do is pass the text

File:2b653abd3e1c68d62c0d010a42….jpg (2.44 MB,1500x1875)


What tales have your minds woven while you lie in slumber?

As for myself, I just had a dream in which I died. It started off with my father taking over a trip I planned out with a friend and making the experience somewhat uncomfortable. During said trip I uncovered a trait about them I hadn't known amd also apparently they had a medium sized youtube channel they'd mostly put behind them. Apparently it was discovered by a background check my father ran. Which is odd considering they were concealing themself within a black cloth the whole time. This did strike me as odd as the person in question doesn't really seem to care much. But, after that revelation I wad able to connect with their reasoning and appreciate them a bit more.

Then the dream shifted over to me and my family at the shore. We were going to enjoy the beach and also get some food first. I was looking at the donuts in a display case wondering why we weren't eating those but they insisted on going out to the downstairs breakfast bakery that I don't think would work in real life given that it'd be so easily flooded. But back on track, I'd decided to stay home and just sit in one of our trucks. Which is when another family showed up and started putting stuff in the house starting to treat it like they owned it. I told them to stop and that they didn't have any rental here at the time, but they didn't listen. The head of the house, some wicked lady I presume started to get really aggressive with me and yelling at me telling me to get lost. I was trying to tell her that my family owned the house when one of her relatives came after me and I defended myself with a wooden plank, bashing their skull. I don't quite remember the rest of the altercation but afterwards everyone was under the beds in the house and fairly injured. One of the younger children clearly had enough as she desperately reached for the shotgun besides her loaded it before firing it into the vicinity of the matriarch. Right after this she fired the second shot at her too. The matriarch keeled over and died as she asked her daughter how did she know she should've shot twice to make sure she finished the deed? The echo reverberated throughout the town and siblings/relatives of mine came to check on the situation.

I tried guiding them in or calling out to them however they mysteriously ignored me no matter how hard I tried to get their attention. I found out why soon enough as I saw my lifeless corpse on thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I had a dream yesterday where I got bitten by a venomous snake on my left arm. When I tried to pull it off it refused to let go. I wonder what it means.


I had a dream I was living with my parents in some weird hospital park because they were running from their past


all of my dreams recently have been nightmares. I try to forget them, but sometimes I feel like they have an important message, like warning me that I am headed to death if I don't change my ways.


I had an incredibly strange dream/borderline nightmare today that I wanted to share. It's one of the oddest dreams I've ever had.

I'm in my house. I can't remember how the dream started but I know something is outside that is trying to harm me and trick me into opening the door. It's trying to bait me out by pretending to be a human. At first it pretended to be a family member and a couple of other things I can't remember. I do vividly remember the last thing it did though.

I look out of my back window and there is a paramedic standing there. But it's like a cardboard cutout of a person. It was talking to me but its eyes were all messed up and were looking in two directions at once. Then it went crossed eyed. A crude fake that even a child would see through. Then it slide away like someone was pulling it with a fishing line or something. Imagine a cardboard cutout of a person getting pulled with a string. That's what it looked like.

I decided I'd had enough of this game and I wasn't going to hide from it anymore. I think at this point in the dream I'd been locked inside for days without food and water or something.

I get a rifle and multiple magazines of ammo. Then I burst out of the front door rifle in hand to confront whatever has been doing this to me. There was nothing there. There weren't even animals. I looked around for awhile and decided this was not going to work so I returned to my house.

When I come back inside I go to put the rifle away in the gun safe. There is a woman I've never seen before standing naked in my bedroom. I can't remember her clearly now. I just remember that I was overcome with lust. I picked her up (she was tiny) and threw her on the bed. Then I started humping her like a jack rabbit. The last thing I remember is sucking on her neck while I'm exploding inside of her.

Wake up to soiled shorts. Strange because I shouldn't have had much seed to spill this morning (I'd fapped just before bed). I went to the bathroom to clean up still disturbed by this very odd dream.

I put on some clean underwear and returned to bed. I slept for several more hours. IT HAPPENED AGAIN. The exact same dream played on repeat with the exact same ending. I soiled my shorts again.
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had a dream that my brother and his fiance had a baby but the baby had a gigantic head and looked weird and almost seemed like an inflatable and i wanted to poke it because it looked wrong and when i did the head deflated to a more normal size but the baby seemed like a doll or something it was really weird

File:FH8Ed7hakAQtzsY.jpg (80.31 KB,615x870)




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File:baby.mp4 (9.37 MB,1280x720)

It really is amazing how well this show has turned out. The humor is extremely good and hits the right combination of old-style silliness that still perfects fits today. Someone said in another thread that it's a thread that makes them laugh out loud, and I feel the same way.
And the production values. Man, they're amazing. I still myself impressed looking at the animation, from Lum's electric antics to fantastical slapstick exaggeration.
If you're not watching this, you should remedy that. You don't need any knowledge of the original series.


File:[Rom & Rem] Urusei Yatsura….mp4 (8.06 MB,1280x720)

(The story in this half-episode is that Ataru has a voodoo doll of Mendou on his chest but he's unaware of its powers)
Another example of the humor and great animation. This stuff is so good!
You're watching it, right? You are, right?


Benten's ass


I am, I just don't have much to say about it. It's good and the hair is pretty but there's not much to say about comedies
Also, I've read some of the manga and the winner is revealed relatively quickly, so there's not much reason to ship


File:UY S2 OP1 lower quality.mp4 (28.87 MB,1280x720)

I went with the [Pizza] release which is probably the best one when it comes to appearance and maybe subs? This one episode was... 2.7gb. Hard drives are a lot bigger these days and this will probably be the most colorful show of the season, but this still hurts.
The nyaa comment said they're aiming for Tuesday releases, which is about 5 days from the default Crunchy or whatever-derived ones.

File:1657728491496.jpg (658.24 KB,2560x1440)


Can anyone explain why I can read a vn for 10 hours but have trouble watching an hour of a tv show or a movie? Are the stories that much better?
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this shab just failed me


There's still tons of old ones that lack an English translation though, so even if no new games are being made there will nevertheless be no shortage of 'new' releases for a long time to come.


you're retarded. That's why. TV shows and movies these days have the same plot as VN's but don't take 100+ hours of fluff talk and blueballing the reader just to get through the same plot points.


File:[SubsPlease] Akuyaku Reijo….jpg (304.7 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, and those patient enough to learn Japanese also have a bunch of PC98 and other stuff that will probably never get translated. Since these all take a long time to get through, VNs will have a lot of content available fore the foreseeable future.
OEVNs are also increasing in quality with stuff like that uhh, Slay the Princess and also that sibling cannibal one with Coffin in the name. (Technically RPGM but story-heavy) so maybe there will be a strange renaissance of English speakers embracing sincerity and real storytelling and filling in the gap. I'm skeptical, but it could happen. I'm just glad to see Western people make sincere attempts at VN/RPGM instead of irony stuff.


>TV shows and movies these days have the same plot as VN's

File:charon comparison.png (5.92 MB,1707x2177)


The other day I came across Go Nagai's adaptation of the Divine Comedy, and a lot of its illustrations struck me as rather un-manga-like. True enough, most of his large illustrations appear to be taken from Doré's art. It's a very interesting crossover.
The main change Nagai does is making characters more monstruous, you can see how he draws Charon here twice as tall as regular people and gives him blank eyes for further contrast, and to King Minos in the first circle he gives a pretty evil look with large teeth and all that.
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Older art and stories are very minimalist in tone. Free of the bloat that make it harder to create compelling stories. Easy to appreciate across generations


File:1491158834914.jpg (2 MB,1385x1374)

Yeah I can only think of stuff like the Witch Craft Works album covers parodying Kraftwerk.


Hmm, yeah, I mean more serious stuff.
It's funny you'd say that about the Divine Comedy, because it is brings up over a millennium of history and myth. It's very hard to make sense of its mountain of references without any notes.


The japanese love this stuff


File:[MATSU] Maria Holic Alive ….jpg (874.63 KB,1920x1080)

Especially this one.

File:52f06268f3723145353c172c09….jpg (709.69 KB,1446x2048)


What was your AOTY 2023?
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she just saw a small penis


MyGO isn't really a typical idol anime, it's just a drama. My favorites were mygo and skip and loafer.


I didn't like the anime for that series much but the manga is great


File:1683004702496.jpg (1.13 MB,1920x1445)

Kaminaki, no contest.
The first half of the show had a great setup with power levels being tied to follower count and all the tricks the humanely ruthless cult leader Yukito used in order to increase it, even after it switched gears to archon battles you still had great moments like Mitama bashing her head in furious dogeza to get the truGoddess to shut down Dakini's powers.
The hype was through the roof and people were making tons of pics, my folder has 279 files without counting the screenshots I took, and one I made got reposted over a hundred times. It's sad that there were no puppets in the end and how in the later part of the show the animation somehow got even worse, but that only speaks to the talent of these people who knew how to make full use of their budget (five Argentinean pesos). It's unbelievable that one of its best executed jokes used like four frames per minute and still managed to get hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube before the clip was taken down, when half of it didn't even exist in the manga (>>108680). Lots of great original changes that made it even more enjoyable, very bold.


oranges are messy so apples for me


Im from heyuri, what is this site like? and what are the good parts and the bad parts about this site?
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File:pu-chan.jpg (78.56 KB,640x640)

ohhhh~ nyuu~ lolz


i know.


File:0be1aa5afa760a4e937a89a72….flac (395.48 KB,175x175)

Can someone give me a quick rundown on Heyuri and if its any good?


File:Delicious.in.Dungeon.S01E0….jpg (379.29 KB,1920x1080)

Most people wouldn't go to imageboard A to ask about Imageboard B. (for various reasons)
The best people to ask is the actual users of the website in question.


File:LXGPSW33NUCZ625X325BEZKURU….jpg (153.31 KB,517x386)

s'alright. it's more chit-chatty and you have to be in the mood for it.

File:computer friends.jpg (65.26 KB,545x550)


To what extent -- if at all -- do you think people should be protected from information hazards? Should the spirit of preserving free speech supersede ethical considerations?

To be clear, I would define an information hazard as any piece of information which can reasonably be assumed to potentially result in harm to others or oneself. Many things would fall under this definition, such as instructions on the creation of a weapon to direct encouragement or instruction to commit self-harm. Taking a more broad view, there is also information that by virtue of knowing presents a tangible and credible risk to the person who knows said information -- for example, self-incriminating knowledge or, as previously mentioned, information on self-harm. I would exclude non-intrinsic sources of potential harm, such as social media, because a medium itself cannot be a source of harm, but it is instead the content within it that may harm others.

I began thinking about this after learning of a particular place that encourages and celebrates self-harm to the extent of providing information, means, and validation. I have also for a long time been under the impression that mass media reporting on certain topics, such as mass shootings, naturally increases and tacitly encourages their prevalence.
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It's not an apt comparison. Eugenics are, first and foremost, wrong at a scientific level. The people who advocate for that kind of thing typically fail to understand just how similar the human genome is across the entire species, and believe that you can artificially weed autism away when its causes aren't all that clear in the first place. They justified it through "scientific" racism and phrenology, warning others of imminent biological degeneration. None of it is true.

On the other hand, information is what informs one's actions, immediately. If you're inside a burning building looking for the exit and someone tells you it's to the left, you're going to run in that direction. And if they were wrong or lied to you, they're causing you tangible harm. If someone else knows it's bad information and they care about you, they're going to correct it. It's not only important to both propagate and crack down upon information as needed, it's the entire point of communication. It's why we have language, to convey this.
The Egyptians who erased Akhenaton from history thousands of years ago had no relation to other forms of censorship like that of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum or nazi book burnings, negative information control was agnostically used to meet certain ends, and will forever be used just like any other application of force. Even democracies have to deal with the paradox of tolerance, not even anarchists can escape it.

>You presuppose your curative actions will result in what you consider good. The ends aren't merely not justified by the means, but rather your ends are a non sequitur that your means will never arrive at.
And this is something you could direct at literally any kind of political decision, even inaction itself.

>Organizations practice self-censorship because it is in their own benefit to prevent certain ideas from spreading and because they are in a position to decide what is "correct" in that space.
Why are they able to decide that, and how doesn't that apply to any organization at any scale? By justifying practices for their benefit and then stating censorship has benefits tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The argument is that censorship can be beneficial to you when you or someone with the same interests as you is controlling what is censored and harmful when it is controlled by someone with interests opposed to yours.


File:1563812684252.png (7.12 KB,300x300)

I think infohazards aren't the root issue. The problem lies in ignorance and lack of thinking on the part of people who come across such media. The internet is always going to have taboo, bad, or harmful information and there's nothing you can do about it. What we can do about it is educate people on how to handle that information safely, the most important is how to think for yourself. To a well adjusted mind with a decent moral compass who can digest this information won't be shaken by this knowledge, recognizing the words on the screen as just words and are unlikely to listen to the voices and let the intrusive thoughts win.
The dangers of infohazards are most realized in those who are unstable, skewed to an ideology, and overall unable to think and introspect themselves. A guide on making weapons could be exploited by a political extremist teetering on the edge of snapping such as Abe as >>113940 mentioned. Self-harm infohazards prey upon ill minds and weakens their reasoning barrier by persuasion and making such methods easy. Increased awareness of tragic events perpetuated by ill minds (or what glows green but that's a different topic) can spur other vulnerable people to do the same like a giant web of peer pressure. There's also things perpetuated by media and certain political ends that advocate for HRT and questioning your sexuality; it is fine to introspect and question yourself, but it only works when you come to the answer yourself, not exploited by their "correct" answer being forced upon you. Children are especially vulnerable.
I for one think that children should be sheltered from the internet and politics because they are simply too young and don't know any better. Let them gestate a little before letting them fly the coop with the tools they need to sort information. These tools are something that a lot of adults are lacking unfortunately. Children need time to grow and establish themselves as an individual, being told what to think by their schools and social media doesn't create individuals, it creates lemmings who don't know any better and become political statistics. They have been "disarmed" from their ability to think and question.
On the other hand if you think about it, if you've failed to learn *how* to think and that eatingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>children should be sheltered
>being told what to think by their schools and social media doesn't create individuals, it creates lemmings who don't know any better and become political statistics
These are contradictory. A sheltered upbringing limits your available knowledge to the point where you just have to go along with what people tell you, or if you do try to break out you're totally unprepared for it. Good parenting is key to providing a safety rail as they get exposed to new, potentially dangerous ideas, but even without that the ability of a person to harm themselves, intentionally or not, increases dramatically with age.


By sheltered I don't mean it in its entirety. I don't want to withhold knowledge, rather I just want them to not see the wackos until they have a grasp on what normal is supposed to be. You teach them your views and morals before others. Sure it's hypocritical, but what else are you supposed to do? Letting them learn a dozen conflicting views and expose them to ideologies before they have a solid understanding on what death is just doesn't feel right.
I agree with you on good parenting, context information is important and you just don't get that from exploring the internet by yourself, you need to be there with them providing this safety rail and answering and elaborating on questions they ask. The internet can be a soapbox for a minority to seem larger than it actually is, and the deluge of garbage on social medias like tiktok and twitter can make it seem like that is normal and expected, without context—i.e. not knowing any better—they could believe that's normal and try mimicking it as children are want to do because they want to fit in and be accepted. Teaching common sense also goes a long way in keeping their head on straight.

The schooling thing is from my own experience growing up and the public school I went to, it's all anecdotal and I understand that not every school is like this. Short and simple they didn't want to teach children to be well adjusted adults capable of caring for themselves, they wanted to prepare you for a desk job where you don't have ambition and bow to authority. Keep your head down, don't ask questions, and go ask your parents to teach you cursive, how to use tools, cook, etc. because we cut home economics and shop classes from the curriculum to siphon more funding to our board of directors.

File:4b30127d7ab7a7264cd672c4a8….png (5.94 MB,1645x2500)


Q: Why is Spy x Family s2 better than 1?
A: Because it's the Yor season

Seriously, I can't get enough of this cutie draped in crimson. Not to mention the way the spy gags are interwoven into the plotline without breaking the flow, or how competent this more serious story is for what on the surface looks like a mainly comedy anime. It's an absolute love letter to the genre and I in turn love it, and relish in the popularity it's found itself. How about /qa/, are you enjoying the increased screentime for best girl?
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File:[SubsPlease] Spy x Family ….jpg (127.41 KB,1280x720)

I'm glad we've all come to the same conclusion and Yor is our collective favorite. You know how you can tell? Yor gets a serious thread on /qa/ whereas Becky gets a throwaway one on /jp/ (the smelly board).
Indeed, let's all stop to appreciate Yor for a moment.


They're two different audiences


File:[SubsPlease] Spy x Family ….jpg (293.33 KB,1920x1080)

I really, really like how SxF does misunderstandings.
It's not just a matter of setting up some jokes, you have multiple people in the same space actively trying to accomplish different things and constantly speculating, extrapolating this or that, for both srs and comedy. And really, that's why Anya's telepathic power stands out: she's not powerful like Yor or resourceful like Loid, she's just a regular child that constantly misunderstands stuff, but she's able to gather tons of information that others don't have any access to.

Take the whole sequence in the vacation arc (ep 31/32) where Yor has to fight against the chain guy in the hallway: first, from afar Anya picks up on Barnaby's intent to kill his targets, but she doesn't want Loid to find out because she thinks it'll cause a breakup, so she exploits his goal of keeping her happy by making him buy more souvenirs.
Then, when the fight begins, Yor's immediate goal is to dispose of the guy as fast as possible without making too much of a scene, and especially to not be seen by her family. So Anya feigns ignorance, pretending she doesn't know it's Yor and telling everyone it's just a performance. It works wonderfully.

And from last week's episode: Becky wants to make Loid fall in love with her, Loid wants to get info out of Becky, and Yor wants everyone to be safe and sound, while Anya is more of a bystander. But Becky doesn't know that they don't know she's trying to court Loid, and generally doesn't understand what she's doing, so she keeps trying to escalate her seduction attempts.
After she comes clean with her plan and tells Yor about it, Becky gets the idea that Loid likes strong women, so she goes and tries to achieve a high score in the strength test. Yor simply thinks that she's trying to get the prize, and so wrecks the machine. Becky then misinterprets Loid's shock as proof of his attraction, and thus the mission ends with Yor giving her some martial training. I expect that to be brought up again in the future.


File:[Erai-raws] Spy x Family S….jpg (57.54 KB,699x720)

Why is Yor so shit? She ruined the whole season.


File:[SubsPlease] Spy x Family ….jpg (235.88 KB,1920x1080)

That's a good way of putting it. Seeing the story from a variety of angles is a good strength of the show. Classic comedy stuff that also plays into the seriousness.

You got a lot of guts posting that here. Yor was a great highlight of the season.

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