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File:48969603_p0.jpg (496.27 KB,1000x1300)


How does Kissu sit?
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How can people be unable to squat, it's such an easy position... I want to slowly put non-squatters into a squat and see what goes wrong first


they just fall over backwards...


haha now i want to do it more


File:__original_drawn_by_shiman….jpg (50.1 KB,600x800)

When I was in school we were always taught to sit criss-crossed. I don't know why but that was so deeply ingrained in me that it's literally the only way I can sit. Eating dinner at a dining table, playing on the computer, sitting on the sofa. I even do it when I sleep because it feels weird to have my legs not folded up and crossed.


I too squat like this, but I keep my back straighter. Though if I'm feeling particularly relaxed, I sit leaning to the left side of my chair lying on my left thigh, almost lying down with my legs in the air.

File:256e35381273ef493639220202….png (12.93 MB,2101x3365)


Is the metaverse truly the future? Or will it be something far more mundane. Also if it is, how likely is it that Facebook gets a significant piece of the marketshare?
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No, but either Mark Zuckerberg or another giant megacorpo will own your personality and all of your traits through algorithms to create a AI version of yourself after you die that they control for eternity.


Eternal life, but at a great cost...


What's worse is what if computing becomes so powerful in the future it could trap our very essence into that AI program forever?


I guess it depends if it would have what we could refer to as emotions and such. An AI of me that follows what it interprets as my actions to things could be cool, like a living memory of my existence, as long as it wasn't suffering or something.


I wouldn't want my essential being to be a slave within the metaverse for all eternity. You've got a screw loose for thinking that would be "cool".

File:C-1669614523117.png (438.1 KB,1772x1756)


Welcome to the new Internet, same as the old one.

As of today PHP7.4 no longer has any security support provided by the language developers. If something breaks, it's staying broke.
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probably not much because most sites are not owned by professionals, rather photographers trying to make a homepage for example. But I believe a lot of the spam comes from compromised servers.

So the effect of PHP disregarding certain versions makes Wordpress' job harder which negatively impacts the entire internet. Most websites on the internet are wordpress and WP is the most attacked engine anywhere


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (269.37 KB,1920x1080)

Does wordpress have no plans to upgrade then or am I too stupid to understand this? Or, do people have wordpress sites and they choose to use PHP over other things?
When I think of a wordpress site I think of a basic blog format which I assumed didn't requre programming knowledge, something functional but basic. The one that comes to mind immediately was the MoyaiSubs one which I followed for Mewkledreamy subs.


File:[Commie] Bishounen Tanteid….jpg (250.2 KB,1920x1080)

If security issues are such a concern, and keeping up to date with the latest PHP version is so important to keep one's code secure. Why do the PHP devs make it so upgrading are always breaking everything and require immense effort to actually upgrade code to the latest version?


>Most websites on the internet are wordpress
can they afford to migrate to something else or everything going to break heptadimensionally?


File:c9cffd5a5b682dc72a5355c46b….jpg (633.64 KB,650x920)

It's not just PHP, this is the same for most of the "scripting" languages like python and lua. They don't have the mentality to keep backwards compatibility.

File:746883c84ca29cae834e9e4806….jpg (395.15 KB,2048x1644)


How do you keep yourself from coming to dislike something as a result of its fans?
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File:1444290588096.gif (407.19 KB,535x480)

I disagree with the part about not giving any rebuke to differing opinions if you disagree with them. This should be the way in which you get others to adopt your own view and create a nicer environment for yourself. Given everyone is acting sincere, that is. At least, I like to do this on places I care about. If it's some place I don't even use then yeah I agree.


File:1.png (1.3 MB,1440x1080)

These days, I've all but withdrawn from the places that house the types of kuso retards fans that would piss me off. I'm semi-aware of their existence, but it doesn't really register with me that much at this point.


File:[HT]_Hidamari_Sketch_10_(7….jpg (24.19 KB,357x485)

I do my best to avoid interacting with them. But sadly that's not always possible, especially if they overlap with the things I like.


I don't deal with its fans


Nekone has funny eyebrows

File:MaidRPG.png (1.46 MB,722x1010)


Does /qa/ play Tabletop RPGs?
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only thing i've managed to find is online 5e...
we ended up ending the world.......
yeah there are platforms like roll20 or fantasy grounds
apparently tabletop simulator too


I've never played a tabletop RPG but there's a board game called Munchkin which is about only the fun parts of D&D. Unless you were talking about real-life commitments.


Not very often because I'm not too social, but when I did it was pretty fun.


There's various ways to play them online, but they all come with their own caveats and I imagine nothing is ever going to be as good as just doing it in person. Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Foundry, Tableplop, and Tabletop Simulator are some of the virtual tabletops available, but you could even make do with pure text chat depending on the game. I suppose the other hurdle is finding people to play with. Some of these have listings for public games that you can join, but playing with actual friends would almost always be better.


File:db2a0432dce38b7b2ea4864e1e….jpg (160.47 KB,1280x720)

I used to play the 40k rpgs, mostly Dark Heresy and sometimes Only War.

File:de25252ee3f17f086b99ee38db….jpg (1.6 MB,2867x4096)


What's /qa/'s philosophy for how moderation should be handled? Hands off and left up to the users, or complete control under the mod's discretion? Back on 4/qa/ I used to lean more towards the hands off side with how the board was ruled by user moderation. However, after reflection I realized that the user moderation was a bit of a consequence of circumstance which kissu doesn't really have, so now I'm in favor of more moderation to keep boards/sites stable.

My idea of what a good moderation strategy could be is mods identifying the best posters and making decisions based off of what'll create the best environment for these posters. I believe this removes a bit of the bias on the side of the staff as it considers more than just their wants, and also it can lead to a bit of introspection when the "best" posters post something a bit out of orthodox. The justification for this is my philosophy that some people are just naturally quality posters or "good people" in general.
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Honestly, I know vern very well and even I'm confused on his position. Attemtping to infer anything about his thought process on the matter from his public posts is probably a bad idea.


Now that the dust has settled, let's review what's been discussed in this thread.

The overwhelming opinion is that, for better or worse, rules as they are literally written come second to moderator discretion. It was said that the staff can ultimately do whatever they want without being limited by rules, and so these are at best seen as guidelines, or at worst as inconsequential. >>100073 is the exception, speaking in favor of objective rules for everyone but the admin.

When it comes to hands-off versus hands-on, the general stated idea is that different communities require different approaches. I think that's a truism, though, which doesn't address the fact that mods will have to make their own choices when deciding what's best for a community.

On the second paragraph of the OP, the general criticism is that the staff continues to be the one defining the criteria for what constitutes "good people", and so its bias is unaffected. I'd add that since the users are not informed of what it is exactly that the staff sees as good, it's not possible to act accordingly, which may lead to a mismatch. Like the filtering of 'ϙuean, which I personally enjoyed.


File:[SubsPlease] Mairimashita!….jpg (215.71 KB,1280x720)

> the filtering of 'ϙuean, which I personally enjoyed.
You liked the word itself or the filtering of the word?
I like word filters because they're entertaining when they're unexpected and it's a type of "passive' moderation that the poster is aware of, but not necessarily the viewer. It's not directed at anyone, but instead a word.


The word itself.
Most filters on kissu are definitely aimed at specific people, singling them out as outsiders and discrediting them. I'm okay with that. 'Kweaning, on the other hand, is more of an inside joke, and I'm not so okay with trying to kill it.


I think it's important to understand that moderating is about more than just deleting posts. The term is often used to describe people who go through report queues and delete rule-breaking content, especially on large sites with fragmented communities, but post deletion and user banning are measures of last resort when an element of the site cannot be reconciled with the health of the larger community. Good moderation engages with the community is other ways to prevent things from reaching that point as much as possible and to solve the problem when they do on a higher level than direct, per-post/user intervention. It can be indirectly through things like the UI designs or FAQ/News pages that tell people what the site is meant to be about or through direct means like highlighting good content or making announcements when some trend has gotten out of hand. You could also consider events or "happenings" a part of their role to keep the community engaged and provide unifying moments.

So I guess what I'm saying is that good moderation should be hands-on, but they shouldn't be ban-happy. There should be rules, but they should only be an indication of the spirit of the community. They shouldn't be the centers of attention, but they should be known and understood presences.

File:Crusher Joe [BD 1080p] [O….webm (5.62 MB,1440x1080)


media screenshot/video thread for stuff you don't necessarily want to make a thread for
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File:clara song 3 I think or wa….mp4 (18.58 MB,1280x720)

(abrupt song end though)



File:[babon-rip] Wandaba Style ….jpg (149.02 KB,1440x1080)

back on my early 2000's stuff kick


i've never understood why these sorts of webms use a synthpop track. it seems like it clashes with the intended traditional aesthetic


It's a mix of new nostalgia and old nostalgia, newborn traditionalists of all kinds love it. Don't watch pic if you're not into that stuff.

File:793e0d3120c5c1a85122be7a8e….png (222.36 KB,480x528)


Do you watch anime on Japanese TV where they are first released?
Since anime mostly premiere on TV and only appear with subs hours later (and often weeks later back in the day), there exists a gap where they are already being discussed heavily by the Japanese communities but most Western audiences are left in the dark other than the few who choose to watch them on TV. This is especially true for anime originals.
In addition, this seems the most convenient option to catch up a large number of seasonals. The newest episodes from different titles are played one by one without any intervention from you.
Also you have the chance to see the otaku-oriented ads for the latest releases and merchandise info. At anime late night slot time they're pretty much the only kind of ads you can see. For example I saw Utawarerumono ads twice on one night of watching session!
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I've done that a few times, late night anime airs around 4:00PM where I live. I don't think I'll do it again since I don't japanese and I rarely watch anime anymore anyways.


File:[SubsPlease] Utawarerumono….jpg (97.66 KB,1280x720)

Nope and can't say I ever plan to. Even if I could understand Japanese, I really, really like being able to watch something when I choose to and there's also the timezone difference. Also being able to pause or "rewind" and take better screenshots is really important. Sometimes the best frame is impossible to capture manually.
I've accepted long ago that I'm not Japanese, so stuff like this is only disappointing to me. It's not my world.
"Oh, there's a sale at Gamers!. Oh wait, there's only Wal-Mart here."
"Cool, an orchestral concert of ____? I'll just teleport across the planet for that one, should be enjoyable."
etc etc...
Sounds like torture


funny face!


Well, I use mpv to watch these streams and I can pause and rewind them.
The filters and upscalers you can use in mpv are also much better whatever the browsers use.


We need drone shipping to really take off so we can have merch sales be worldwide.

 No.85375[Reply][Last50 Posts]

for posting your good musics and remusics
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shoegaze is nice



Remebered. Also, nice bump limit thread...



What's Kissu's ethos when it comes to ads? Do you owe anything to creators or websites?

Recently YouTube tried out the idea of making people pay to be able to watch 4K videos, but this comes at a time when YouTube is also making users watch up to 5 ads in a row now.

I don't get how they haven't realized that making ads more intrusive encourages more people to use ad blockers. If YouTube still had banner ads and limited the number of ads to be more reasonable there would undoubtedly be less people using ad blockers and YouTube might have never gotten themselves into a situation where they would be showing a very small number of users up to 10 ads in a row...
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Although they can be a bit over the top, I like the ads on Nijie. They genuinely advertise things I might be interested in rather than the scattershot approach to advertising that most ads online take. That's not an endorsement of analytics driven targeted advertising; those are just creepy and invasive.


It's my computer, I get to decide what runs on it. And I decide to block all ads.


ye, but then you'd have to agree that other people own the website so they're allowed to put ads on it or block you for blocking them


My biggest problem with ads is that they often make a website unusable. Sure, yes I should allow them to support the website I am on but if flashing banners cause me to be unable to focus on what I am trying to read or look at then the choice is using adblock or not using the site at all.
If ad blocks were prevalent enough it would at least force websites to rethink how they advertise and possibly even how they are monetised.
Paying for 4k content is a reasonable idea in theory but most Youtube videos are not in 4k and would not benefit from being 4k, internet speeds in many cases might not be able to run it either.


That's fine. I just don't visit sites that do that.


Does /qa/ have any favorite animators? I really like kekeflipnote. Their animations have a really nice fluidity to them.
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Yeah, once he got hired or something they took down the videos in his channel and reuploaded it to GW's own site:
And it has different music for some reason? No one was happy with this, a lot of people (me included) assume that the guy probably got gimped, so ehhhhh kinda bad, honestly. Thank god that the repost is still up, at least.


I like cyriak


Ah, yeah I love Aimkid. I wish they still uploaded videos to YouTube because their style is great.

Woah. This is really impressive. The only thing comparable I've seen is from Melodysheep who at some point took a hard turn from making music mashups to incredibly realistic 3D space and sci-fi animations.


Youtube/amateur animators you mean?


File:NickPark.webp (165.52 KB,615x922)

YouTube is just the platform that everyone posts on... Someone could just as easily say that they're a fan of Nick Park, the Wallace and Gromit creator.

File:1650335268042.jpg (138.56 KB,1200x900)



Apparently EA is switching over to using Unreal 5 as its main engine, and my question is, is it really that good? What makes this one so special that everyone seems to love it?
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All the indie UE games are bad because they require an unescicary level of programming skill for the goal of storytelling.

Rpgmaker provides a simple framework for people with more interest in art than autism... I mean programming.
The best gameplay driven eroge come on Unity because again, it doesn't require excessive autism.... I mean programming... to build with it


Why is UE so unintuitive for non-programmers? Shouldn't a game engine be the other way around as to help common people make games with less energy and time devoted to the coding side of things?


Maybe it's good that people like that are weeded out, clearly they don't have the dedication.


I don't think it's good to try and weed out visionaries because they can't handle the autism of programming.


it's in C++ and as far as I know it's very free form in giving you control over everything.

The more limitations a game engine gives the better it gets for non progrmmers. This is because more of the program can make assumptions about what you want and prewrite a lot of the codes you would need to make from scratch in UE.

I have to say that I have never looked at how UE engine works, but Unity is a better stepping stone because it has a lot of general purpose algorithms that, albeit inefficient, are already premade. The programming aspect is in C#(Microsoft Java) and you just need to put code into a set of established functions that run per frame or do documented tasks within the software.

So this is my point. The less powerful a software is, the easier it is to just use it without having to devote yourself to it's nature.

File:[UTW]_Shinsekai_Yori_-_14_….jpg (257.95 KB,1920x1080)


Realistically, how would you deal with and manage a society of unpredictable beings with the destructive potential of nuclear weapons? It doesn't seem like you could really allow them the same freedoms that normal humans enjoy and not have society collapse in on itself.
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novel was never translated so I just go off of wikis are forums... I doubt the possibility but squeeler learned the secrets of the universe from a minoshiro. One has to wonder how much he knew.

The exploding fish were not known to the humans so it's possible he did some genome edits using Messiah's psychic powers or other means.


I guess in the context of history their society is pretty morally reprehensible, but it's not on them to bear blame and receive punishment for the sins of their ancestors. With that, Saki trying to look towards the future with hope starting from their current position can't be criticized. It's up to them to learn from history and improve instead of repeat it.

The one thing that does still bug me is that while the ancient humans may have ceded the earth to the new psychic breed of human, it doesn't rob the Queerats of their humanity/intelligence. But maybe speculating on what could happen as their society moves forwards isn't so productive as any of these problems could potentially be addressed or not with no bearing on what was actually shown...


File:bobbin beaut.webp (715.59 KB,2340x1316)

Bobbit Worms are actually kind of splendid to look at.


File:54920839_p0.jpg (271.27 KB,520x747)

Ironic how while in research for another post I noticed a small parallel between AI and Shinsekai Yori. Where there exists a possible scenario in which humanity casts doom upon itself through developing AGI, and cedes their ruling over the world to their more perfect creation.


Okay, I gotta go back to this post 'cause its interpretation is bonkers.

Ancient civilization wasn't the one that destroyed itself. The rise of espers did. First regular humans studied them, with care, they didn't kill them like savages. But later espers figured out "hey, with my overpowered magical abilities, I can abuse other humans as much as I want!" Then they flippin' destroyed global human civilization. They spent centuries killing millions, hundreds of millions, if not billions, for no other purpose than enjoying themselves. At one point, the regular people that had been perpetually abused managed to finally free themselves from esper tyranny by killing their last emperor. Except...

Scientists didn't establish a NAP either.
And they didn't """make certain """humanoids""" look like beasts""", they forcibly transformed the few normal people that were still alive into a eusocial race of slaves, which they treated like cattle, like sub-humans, showing that they still considered non-espers to be completely inferior to themselves. None of this happened by accident, they spent all of their time in hiding looking for a "solution" and once the Sakura empire they fell they swooped in and reestablished espers as the dominant power, once again trampling on, genociding everyone else on purpose. None of it was a kneejerk reaction, it was completely premeditated, just like the very well planned creation and usage of cats, just like the destruction of the library that was the false minoshiro, just the regular genocide of "rats", methodically eliminating anything that could be a threat to the stability of esper society. They didn't change one bit.

This isn't even about authoritarianism, it's about espers being the antichrist. It's not about a bad political system, it's about a race of magical people repeatedly destroying humanity, it's so ridiculous that it becomes incomparable with reality. Saki cannot fix any of these things, good intentions do not change the fact that espers needed to commit heinous acts in order to even stop themselves from killing each other. I repeat: they are irredeemable.


Does Kissu like trains?

I've been watching a few of this channels videos here and there and its really come across to me just how busy and expansive the US rail network is. At the same time that makes it seem all the stranger then that despite the infrastructure ostensibly being there, that there isn't more passenger service outside of the few large metro areas with commuter rail, such as in the North East. Likewise, its also a bit peculiar to think that there's basically no electrified lines outside of those aforementioned commuter rail services, such as along the North East Corridor with Amtrak, or with the lines operated by NJ Transit and SEPTA.
13 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


There's really not a problem with it. Is it used to mock or derail or used maliciously in any way? Nope. People use different words to say "cool" sometimes and it's okay.

That's cool, but it's also really depressing to see those water levels that low. Maybe people should make some of these https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hunger_stone
I could see this hopefully triggering some innovation in boats requiring less water to navigate and steer as I heard some of them are really deep and can't be used. I think this was in Europe, though, so maybe US boats are somehow less affected.


Yeah, US is currently having a lot of trouble moving the grain from this year's harvest because rivers are low. They can load them less so they float higher in the water, but that means they're carrying less stuff.


This is so cool, signalling is really fascinating.


CNBC has some genuinely great videos on rail and other infrastructure in the US. Which is kind of weird... I mean, TV is absolutely horrible and yet they're able to create something actually coherent and provides real information and value online. I don't get it.


Nice NHK video on one particular route in Fukuoka prefecture. One interesting thing I noticed though is the prevalence of masking. I thought this might have been an older episode that got published recently, but the NHK websites seems to suggest it only aired on September 30 of this year. I suppose there must still be public mask requirements due to COVID or something like that?

Also, funny comment at ~13:15 "Chicken is popular in Kyushu." hehe.

File:mahou shoujo of erections.webm (3.83 MB,1280x720)


The Guardian Angle of all /qa/-chinpos


Kinda surprised they can show a solid shape like that


File:carrot and eggs.jpg (107.77 KB,1280x720)

it's just a carrot and a couple eggs he keeps in his pocket
why wouldn't they be able to show that?


ate that in an omlet a few hours ago

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