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File:84916996_p0.jpg (1.07 MB,878x1239)


How does /qa/ facilitate the reading and understanding of papers online? Many a time I've come across something that grabs my interest but I just can't for the life of me understand it. Knowing that many papers are written for those that specialize in a specific field, is there really any way to learn or gleam some info from subjects that fall far out of what you know without divulging a potentially very long time to learn the subject field of the paper itself?
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My mind shuts off after telling me it can't be too important if I don't understand it.


I wonder how much of it comes down to how your brain is wired. I've been a big reader ever since I could read, and I've never had trouble with that sort of thing, even if it's on topics I have absolutely no knowledge of.


I don't read many papers, but when I do I just read the abstract and conclusion.


File:81678119_p0.png (882.8 KB,2000x2000)

I really don't have any interest in reading submitted scientific papers. The stuff is written to be technical and to satisfy bureaucratic standards which necessitate repetition, tons of references (Ms. Hazuki, Kissu Dynamics 398293-100 pg 15; The Success of the Boober- Sanae 89234-2384-124890) that you can't even readily access, and an attention to detail that are meaningless to the layman.
Intermediary "scientific news" sites seem to work a lot better for me.


Here's a good article with real-life implications. The abstract is written in fairly plain English with references to the experiments, but without describing anything an average reader wouldn't understand. Based on their abstract, the conclusion of the paper is that treating a fever with fever reducers is likely to show no significant improvement and may in fact be harmful to some degree.

One referenced paper was one in which cold-blooded reptiles were infected and given fever reducers. The reptiles that sought warmth among the control or were warm regardless of the fever reducer showed improved rates of survival. They also mentioned that fever is likely an adaptation some 4 million years old, so based on this fact alone likely represents some benefit. That said, the paper also encourages that more research be done on this topic to validate their conclusions.


File:frieza wine.gif (740.13 KB,500x375)


When you desire to appear sophisticated in English you simply use a loanword derived from French/Latin in place of its Germanic equivalent (sophisticated is a Latin loanword). For example; saying 'sentiment' instead of 'feeling', 'fatigued' instead of 'tired', 'possess' instead of 'have', 'detest' instead of 'hate', 'ruffian' instead of 'gangster', etc.

This is a related video which does the opposite and makes you sound stupid instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIo-17SIkws

Come on, attempt it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Latin_words_with_English_derivatives
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instead of "gas" you can use "lift"
a quick google search says that the old english word for "air" is "lyft"


File:1538762660411.png (132.78 KB,668x447)

Ooga booga


Those who would call Anglish dumb know little of the beauty in the sagas, Beowulf, kennings, and the tasteful alliteration found in it's Germanic roots.




posting this too because my first link is lacking


File:cool-cat-drinking-his-mart….jpg (430.76 KB,1080x1097)

au contraire, my lapin

File:patchy eat template.png (299.4 KB,742x1115)


What is Patchy eating?
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hehe big head




File:1647216250473.jpg (2.78 MB,2500x3556)



what the HELL


how much you wanna bet that she ate the dinosaurs too

File:FNGI2wbacAEU9T3.jpg (98.69 KB,734x1200)


What exactly makes a gyaru a gyaru? Why is Marin one? Is it just someone who dresses up in a somewhat western fashion at this point? The gyarus that I have in mind look a lot more exaggerated than her.
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File:c151cb89ea7f44acddac1ccbfe….png (5.94 MB,3500x4000)

Her piercings, nails, makeup and hair are gyaru cues for example.

As for what makes a gyaru a gyaru well... In real life it's a specific subculture. In 2D works though it's just an aesthetic. The best way to put it is girls with a "fashionable" appearance. They unlike "normal" girls are keen on customizing their appearance hence the hair, nails, piercings, makeup and so on. 2D works like to sort of stereotype, exaggerate the differences among girls.

Light hair and tanned skin does not a gyaru make. Obviously there are no gyaru in for example a fantasy setting. And even outside of fantasy settings, there are characters such as Ikumi Mito from Food Wars! who are not gyaru despite their tanned skin and light hair.

Sonia from Pokémon Sword & Shield was notably inspired by gyaru.

Obviously it goes without saying that a gyaru porn thread is not representative of gyaru, because fetishists have a tendency towards reductionism. So if you're basing your image of gyaru off those trashy-looking tattooed tanned girls with light hair post-corruption... It is no wonder it's wrong outside the ero context. Same goes for gyaru-oh (male gyaru), their appearance is much more diverse outside NTR hentai. Eikichi Onizuka from Shonan Junai Gumi and GTO is a gyaru-oh, for example. But gyaru-oh are a topic for a separate thread, unlike gyaru they are much more rooted in delinquency and hence their rough "punk" appearance.


Oh, that makes sense. Man, Pokemon girls really have such amazing designs. It's weird to think they've been so strong for 20+ years now and yet the designs are still so strong. You can usually tell it's a Pokemon girl, too.


Poke Gyaru



File:Mode_gyaru.jpg (232.26 KB,497x546)

This is Gyaru? Really? That's just how my mom dressed when she was younger.

File:Bully.jpg (312.01 KB,800x1299)


Does (serious) bullying happen in public schools/interns as often as what media leaves me to believe? I studied in a private one and never saw it happening to anyone. The most that people did was calling each other nicknames, throwing paper balls at each other, etc. Someone would compare me to Jesus and a cocker spaniel because of my long hair and also imitate my raspy voice for example, but that was the full extent of it.

Share your experiences with the subject ITT.


Yes, but I prefer not to blog talk about it. Uhh, don't have much else to say then.


>Does (serious) bullying happen in public schools/interns as often as what media leaves me to believe?
no since the media only reports outstanding cases there's an obvious bias. But it depends on the school and the country probably.

in all my school life it was really tame but I heard some stuff from friends in other high/middle schools about lots of practical jokes (sometimes violent), nothing as crazy as portrayed in anime where absolutely everyone bullies someone though. Also some schools here are known for having some quite serious initiation rites but you don't get bullied more than that once you're in

>calling each other nicknames, throwing paper balls Someone would compare me to Jesus and a cocker spaniel because of my long hair and also imitate my raspy voice
that's just banter


File:1626046149412.gif (1.84 MB,500x318)

I never really experienced too much bullying because I was more aggressive than passive when it came to people annoying me. However, for most of highschool I just studied by myself and I guess I didn't really find myself catching the attention of anyone that would really bully me.


People would pretend to encourage my autism and they'd talk behind my back. I'm surprised that they're still bringing up things that happened, what, fifteen years ago? I can't get things out of my head and it's ruined moments just because someone used a certain phrase that reminded me of a bad experience. The internet is full of tough guys that won't acknowledge or will even speak positively about their experiences. I don't notice much bullying in my anime because it's a fairly cheap way to mess with the viewers and so I avoid it.

File:kitasan_black.png (1.86 MB,1920x1080)


I'll be hosting an Uma Musume Season 2 stream at 6PM EST (5PM CST) this week Friday. You'll catch on fine and maybe even enjoy it more without watching Season 1. If you still want to prepare, know that this show is based off real racehorse trivia but also career records, so be careful when looking things up. For those of you who join a little early, I'll be playing half an hour's worth of Umayon shorts. Hope to see you there.
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File:1512353968228.jpg (1.42 MB,1266x1239)

The Uma Musume s2 stream will be starting in less than 5 minutes!!


uma pissume


That's it for the stream! Hope you guys had fun.


Uma Musume S2 is a very /qa/ anime because so much of the show is influenced by the meta. All the race outcomes were real, all the injuries were real, and certain details such as McQueen's reluctance to enter the starting gate as well as the announcer's dialogue were taken from real life. The game came out roughly halfway through the season, allowing for more funding to better hide the CGI. It's possible that the CGI was meant to reference and advertise the game, which was a show of faith given that it was in development hell. Even in the first half, priority was given to animating the idol shows. The idol performances were much more important in season 2 than season 1, which focused more on the races themselves. You'll even notice references to the yakuza porn ban.


File:[SubsPlease] Uma Musume - ….jpg (179 KB,1280x720)

Had a lot of fun and it reminded me of how good that season actually was. In my mind it seemed almost an anomaly that I had rated gacha so high, but no it really did deserve to be put on a pedestal. Also Rice Shower is still and forever will be my favorite horse FUCK the norms that hate her.

File:B7fLHaU.png (566.53 KB,791x768)


Do you ever think about the origin and establishment of "life" on Earth? It's such an absurdly illogical thing to me- order arising out of chaos.
I just read this and I guess it seems to bring a bit of reasoning to how it could have happened, but it still seems like such an impossible occurrence, even with the incomprehensible numbers involved with the universe.
Do you think humanity will ever be able to create it somehow? It seems like it would require an understanding of the universe that is far beyond our current understanding. It'd probably be easier to create sentient AI.
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wow OP you're so close to figuring out many things yet youve figured out nothing


File:(`・ω・´).jpg (23.94 KB,599x357)

I very often wonder who's responsible because I have definitely never asked for this.


A bunch of amino acids and proteins and then somehow a form of control was established. It happened obviously and we're dealing with a "a million monkeys with typewriters will eventually write Shakespeare" situation with the truly absurd size of the universe and its age, but it's crazy!


what if we exist in all the realities but we're only aware of a few of them


that's already true. just think of sounds or electromagnetic radiation beyond our perception.

File:1445642152570.png (35.97 KB,285x330)


Is Tsukihime Remake seriously going to be stuck on consoles forever? Why the hell are VNs neglecting what used to be their main platform now? Who even plays VNs on a Switch? Reading stuff for hours on that tiny screen must be awful. And the PS4/PS5 isn't even popular in Japan anyway.

Has anyone tried to see if it can be emulated with the English patch yet?


Why's it even need a remake?


File:[SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no….jpg (180.09 KB,1280x720)

>Who even plays VNs on a Switch?
You greatly underestimate the comfort of reading a VN in bed on a handheld. Well, at least for the first few days, but and then the arms get sore. It gets the forearms a workout, though, and mine actually got bigger hehe
That's why I made this thread: >>84897
I agree, though, VNs without a PC release is a crime. But, PCs are still a strange beast in Japan. PC ports are for a Western audience, really.


File:1476322256141.jpg (96.01 KB,850x768)

You can emulate it, but the English patch is still unfinished. Most switch games these days can be emulated day one.


File:1561978613241.jpg (303.57 KB,973x746)

>PCs are still a strange beast in Japan. PC ports are for a Western audience, really.
What happened to the typical otaku? Did the newer generation somehow devolve and stopped viewing PCs as a genuine game platform, or are they just not the target audience anymore?


The Japanese anyways loved handhelds and movile phones before smart phones. It's no wonder they all transitioned try gacha hell.

File:997d93220459d7ef2ed15ccda0….jpg (76.78 KB,1077x862)


To get a better view/understanding or for your own entertainment, have you ever rewatched an anime? Or more have you ever done it without a stream to encourage you to rewatch?
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I concur that it is supposed to be like that, leaving you feeling disgusted.
Its like how NTR leaves you sick to your stomach, its intentional. Take it or leave it.


>>82856 even looks like a NTR heroine


I hadn't considered that, but you're right. She looks exactly like the kind of character you'd see in an NTR doujin...


File:EternalFeminine.jpg (179.36 KB,1366x768)

I've seen Madoka Rebellion over 20 times, I think I've lost count.


If I really like it I'm almost guaranteed to give it a rewatch down the line. Sometimes just for the fun of it or sometimes to reevaluate my thoughts on it if it's been a long time since I last watched it, I think it's cool when I rewatch a show and my opinion on it is drastically different than when I first discovered it.

File:1538802030702.gif (477.58 KB,380x289)


How come youtube videos get so many damn views nowadays? They must've changed something in the system with how works. There's no way it's a natural evolution even when accounting for more people gaining internet access over time. Kony 2012 has 'only' 103m views today, but it was literally what everyone was talking about back then. 100m is pretty much nothing nowadays compared to shit like Baby Shark and Despacito. Baby Shark having a whopping 10 billion views also do not make any sense to me whatsoever since it's targeting a specific age demographic not very vast in numbers.
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File:[SubsPlease] Slow Loop - 0….jpg (107.25 KB,1280x720)

I know not to click google's answer to tiktok. I'll remain happy and ignorant


I meant that they shouldn't have a tablet or phone at all at that point in their life. Even if its just a hand-me-down or something.


You're lucky that YouTube automatically tagged it that...


File:wolf.jpg (113.81 KB,749x780)

I thought it was a fun watch.


A lot of it comes down to numbers. High-speed internet connections (and to a lesser extent internet connections in general) are much more common now than they were in the 2000s and early 2010s. More people online = more views.

File:waterfox_Dhy30NHPxV.png (10.72 KB,542x263)


What's your opinion of "log in with [service]" to comment on websites? I absolutely hate it.
I wanted to congratulate Moyai Subs on finishing Kiratto Pri☆Chan, but I'm not going to make a social media account to do it.
In theory I could make a wordpress account, but it's also an account that will would follow me if I ever wanted to post on another wordpress page. Surely there's a way to combat spam while not also being tracked, right?


In those wordpress things I'm pretty sure you can put in any fake address you want without the site even needing to verify it.


I think that it's annoying, but it's whatever the developers of the site intended isn't it?


Oh, you can? I'll see if that works later

I guess? There must be a reason for it, but I can't think of one that isn't related to tracking and targeted ads and such


throwaway email website?


Yeah, I guess that'll work.
I guess this is the solution

File:a78ff7461f455d46daae6183c5….jpg (595.8 KB,2086x1001)


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not really any debate with this one ex is simply just better


where's the debate? without ex, nhentai dies.


Kinda hate to dogpile on you, but as the other said it's not a debate at all due to one being a scrape and rehost of the other at a lower quality while also lacking content. But, it's probably very good that nhentai exists. You could say it makes it more accessible to memers which does have a bad effect on the overall community, but it also satisfies them and keeps them contained there so comment sections are a lot better on ex. Basically, it wasn't youtube'd.


>while also lacking content
Which one bows down to irodori again? At least NH has the ball to keep them up.


>At least NH has the ball to keep them up.
Again, because they're a scraper... It's not a matter of principles, they just happen to download and host everything that has been uploaded to Ex. What you're saying is like, "at least X booru has the balls to keep up deleted Pixiv content." It's a complete non sequitur.

File:48335446_p1.jpg (291.27 KB,950x1482)


Everyone seems so on-edge recently, so how about talking about ways to take it easy despite all the occurrences. For myself I've just been getting lost in video game. It's nice to lose yourself in another world that lets you forget all about the one you're in.
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chino kafuu


been edging myself for too long


File:1518068555819.gif (1.22 MB,429x129)

tippy tippy


In another world with Tippy from Gochiusa


i just take it easy
thats how i do it

File:1637945168638.gif (566.91 KB,500x281)


People say series are either convergent or divergent, but if that's true then where's the border between the two? Checkmate nerds!


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (182.33 KB,1920x1080)

I don't know what that means...


A series being convergent means it sequence of partial sums is convergent. A sequence is convergent iff it's Cauchy, meaning for every epsilon > 0 blah blah blah.

[checks Wikipedia]
>A sequence <math display="block">x_1, x_2, x_3, \ldots</math> of real numbers is called a Cauchy sequence if for every [[Positive and negative numbers|positive]] real number <math>\varepsilon,</math> there is a positive [[integer]] N such that for all [[natural numbers]] <math>m, n > N,</math> <math display="block">|x_m - x_n| < \varepsilon,</math> where the vertical bars denote the [[absolute value]].

If it's not convergent, there is an epsilon > 0 which is a counterexample. The "blah blah blah" is false for epsilon = 0. We can use the supremum of the epsilons for which "blah blah blah" is false to measure how divergent a sequence is (if the epsilons are not bounded, assign infinity). So we have a scale of divergence from 0 to infinity inclusive where 0 is convergent and anything above that is divergent. On this scale all the convergent stuff would be on the boundary.

Now I wonder if we can we do it the other way around, finding a number that measures how convergent a sequence is.


Equivalently we can use limit superior - limit inferior, taking the ∞ - ∞ and (-∞) - (-∞) cases to be ∞.


always seemed odd to me that series like 1-1+1-1+1-1+1-1+1-1+... were called divergent


My first thought was that you meant anime shows by series, and divergent or convergent in a sense of entertaining or tense.

File:nesuo.png (1.57 MB,1920x1080)


Back when I was learning that the mitochondria was the powerhouse of the cell, I thought the key to learning anything was through analogy. It oversimplifies the process, but learning is fundamentally about using prior knowledge to understand new ideas.

Now you can expect someone to bring up false equivalence as soon as you make one and that person might be stupid enough to insist an analogy is bad because it's an analogy. They could be right about the false equivalence, depending on the argument, but this instinctive backlash may also be the product of a changing culture. Do you think this is a good thing?
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why would they make a box of chocolates with ones they know are bad


Opinions are like tastes in food. Everyone's got different ones.


File:veryobvious.png (166.61 KB,488x311)

this is obviously a penis


what no way Kuroitsu would never stoop so low brow


you'd be surprised at the amount of stuff one can draw starting from a penis

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