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File:[SubsPlease] Majo to Yajuu….jpg (73.51 KB,927x688)


If your life is saved in a way that makes you completely dependent on the person who saved it, with them able to take it away at any time, have you really been saved?
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Even the normal undead are utterly beholden to their resurrectors to survive. Their lives aren't their own at that point. Benevolent necromancers may allow them a great degree of freedom, but a freedom that can be taken away isn't a freedom. It's a luxury that distracts a slave from their position.


File:Undead.Unluck.S01E19.Undea….jpg (263.17 KB,1920x1080)

Maybe. Sounds pretty terrible to me. Sounds like a prolonged suffering thing, but OP is alluding to a specific situation from a specific anime and for that I'd say the answer is probably no.
I think in these situations there's usually some free time or small joy found since the human mind is capable of great feats of adaptation.


Only the dead can know peace from this evil.


File:1659551873956.jpg (1.03 MB,2465x3500)

Consider this scenario:
The one you're eternally indebted to is a cute girl

I think then we can consider that you have been saved.


File:1535482186224.jpg (769.05 KB,1920x1080)

It seems it's actually in the WN that Shalltear takes a lot more prisoners, like Arche and Brain becoming her sex slaves. Maru decided to off them the second time around, and I'm very glad he did so.

File:Fall 2023 Anime Chart - Te….png (7.62 MB,2213x5518)

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So, what anime are you planning on watching this season? There's quite a few major sequels and continuations and some new stuff that looks great as well.

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File:1707928478172768.jpg (297.33 KB,687x858)

Was browsing some places and found this chart of the final rankings for all anime on nico. More than popularity, kissu may like seeing this.


wait what
98 out of 100?



that has to be selection bias


Well it's the ratings for the final episodes, so most people that were still watching probably did like it a lot.

File:C-1701381587276.png (6.94 KB,380x380)

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New feature just landed.
Better than paint, allows you to add another layer on top for a simple CSP style image editor.
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The only one I know of is on 4chan, but I'm not sure if it's any good. It's bad to always receive fluffy, non-committal praise, but /ic/ seems to be too far in the other direction. Apart from that, artists seem too scattered.


do people still use conceptart.org forums
edit: apparently not the site is gone noew


I am also on firefox and it also doesn't work here and in some other browser drawing app so maybe firefox just does not support pressure.


Chrome tends to be more ahead of the curve with programmer apis


File:Yuuka.png (99.51 KB,238x238)


Got banned from heyuri cuz anonwaha is a faggot.
I need a good site to migrate to.
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File:1706225751579974.gif (328.01 KB,212x219)

i hope you enjoy being here with us forever!


I think part of what helps kissu maintain a relaxed atmosphere is that you're still allowed to be edgy, calling people slurs and making jokes about race and sexuality, but actual discussion of controversial real-life topics is kept on a pretty tight leash. I can call people niggers, but something like >>119722 would get you banned pretty quick.


File:8478494_p0.png (96.22 KB,357x494)

my negis


wrong. I do not like your post. It just makes every post after it more likely to cause an explosion of deletes.


do you know who I am?

File:1688069964888590.png (1.31 MB,1080x1920)


I've been looking at 4chan/w/ and found the powerlevel thread. It's like a thread for posting wallpapers which reference some anime/manga/game/whatever but try and be pretty stealth about it so it won't look weird in public.
There were some really good ones there, but there aren't many wallpapers for phones there...

What wallpapers does kissu use? I've been using pic related on my phone for a long time now, it's Okabe's phone wallpaper from the Steins;Gate VN. Pretty stealth but still a nice reference that somebody who's also read Steins;Gate would catch (not that that's happened to me yet...)

This could be a nice long-running thread so I'm posting it on /qa/, but maybe it's better for the seasonal boards? Though those don't get much activity compared to the 2 main ones, so I put it here
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File:C-1707866678763.jpeg (79.42 KB,735x1041)

And this one too, which I like quite a bit and fits very well.


It only works because his personality contrasts with being a Lich


Well yes, that's essentially the story in a nutshell. Though I meant it fits in that it's rectangular, fits the screen.



File:1624155193616.png (1.45 MB,1500x1030)

I just started using this one as my wallpaper about two days ago?

File:[Erai-raws] Ishura - 06 [7….jpg (87.74 KB,1280x720)


How much time can a show spend on build-up before you demand the plot move forward?
How many episodes can the main character be absent before you need things to get back on track?
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File:[Erai-raws] Isekai de Mofu….jpg (235.65 KB,1920x1080)

If it's really good then it doesn't need to move forward at all. The exception is filler material, but I don't think that happens much these days. But, I think it needs to be clear about what the show will entail early on, and not suddenly pivot for episode or two in a completely different "genre". I think it's better for a dramatic show to have a fun episode than a fun show to have a dramatic episode, especially if it goes into politics and stuff.
Story progression though? As long if it's still generally heading in the same direction I don't care if it takes a while if the characters are good.


File:[AonE]_Hidamari_Sketch_x_S….jpg (140.52 KB,1280x720)

All of them. Never move the plot forwards and have the characters move on from school. Keep them there forever and the good times continue forever.


Episode 1:
We are informed that aliens are attacking Earth. Humanity scrambles to bring together a team of high school students to combat this threat.

Episode 15:
So far, every episode has brought news of people dying, massacred by the vile invaders from outer space. The protagonists are very disturbed by it and discuss it with great vigor during lunch on the school roof.

Episode 52 (last episode):
One of the characters confesses her love for another, but the declaration ends up inaudible over the noise of heavy bombardments. "Eh? Nandatte?"
To the background of the burning city, the girl suppresses a tear, bears a slightly bitter smile, and says: "Eh, it's nothing."


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (262.4 KB,1920x1080)

I want 10, no, 20 seasons!


In the OP show, they spent five episodes introducing characters and are just now having the different factions start to interact meaningfully. It's still been interesting, but I am wondering how much they're going to be able to fit in the remaining time. It's not episodic or SoL at all, but at the same time not much is actually happening while they set the stage.

It's different from, say, Code Geass or Railgun where they periodically set the important stuff aside to get into school shenanigans. That can be a lot more frustrating if it isn't used to build character motivations or relationships and just ends up feeling like a filler episode.

File:vlcsnap✝[SubsPlease] Akuya….png (447.71 KB,1280x720)


Is this an "anthropomorphic" (furry) image?
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I know it's a joke but that's genuinely a really good drawing


File:tegaki-1707283620394.png (10.19 KB,380x380)


File:tegaki-1707293036984.png (33.87 KB,1280x720)


Dolkness Duck




Having a hard time getting advanced math concepts into my head so I can get advanced machine learning concepts into my head easier.
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I'm also one to learn more from practice than reading, but isn't reading/lectures the only way to understand the concepts of AI and the math required behind them? For example, I can program a neural network following tutorials and have a general grasp of what the functions do, what a loss function might be, what gradient descent means, etc, but I want to know what they mean in the pure mathematical sense as well.
Don't know how it is now but a year ago when I was learning machine learning, you could train (albeit smaller models) with Google Colab for free.
Don't know how much the average person can reasonably pay for but I did also create a worthwhile image recognition program to categorizing my image hoards.


File:[SubsPlease] Dosanko Gal w….png (2.03 MB,1920x1080)

Yeah, I guess the big LLM stuff does require beefy hardware if you actually want to create competing products. People did mess around with making neural network stuff years ago before this chatgpt stuff took off, though, so I assume that stuff is still out there. Things like a guy training one to play Pong or whatever. While being completely ignorant of the inner workings of this stuff, I think that kind of thing is probably informative.




File:__makise_kurisu_steins_gat….png (4.18 MB,1700x2100)

>I want to know what they mean in the pure mathematical sense as well
i asked a friend in the field the same question and was pointed to this lovely resource https://d2l.ai/
You will want to have a solid math foundation in areas like linear algebra, calculus, statistical methods, ect.. but it does also have some introductory chapters on the most relevant foundational items. I haven't made it past chapter 8 yet and have had been using it for a few years but I still think it's a great resource. It's almost exactly what I was asking for, as I was tired of half-baked medium articles and youtube videos that went which function to use to make a dog-cat classifier but they never told you much about how or why it worked.


Nice, thanks, gonna get started with it.

File:1573541190964.jpg (330.72 KB,686x720)


nitter is fucking DEAD
>If nothing changes, all remaining instances will go down eventually: Instances rely on guest accounts, which are valid for a certain time and of which you need a ton to run a public instance. The API for this got taken down and it doesn't look like a fluke this time.
>Guest accounts have been removed, they weren't just led to believe that. With real accounts getting rate limited immediately and likely banned, I don't see any path forward for Nitter.
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File:Utawarerumono.S03E20.1080p….png (2.45 MB,1920x1080)

I will NEVER have a twitter account so this is a bit of a bummer for the few times I actually need to look at something. I really, really wish artists and creators would completely move to something else


File:Yama no Susume Next Summit….jpg (152.27 KB,1920x1080)

Rather unfortunate, the maintainer says the same.

It's difficult to wean yourself off of something when people insist on linking to it for no apparent reason. I suppose from now on I'll just tell them I can't see it, same as when people link to other kuso sites.


god i'm finally free


I'd really like to, but 99% of my traffic to twatter is due to japanese artists posting some stuff only there and nobody put it on any boorus
misskeys still hasn't completely taken twatter's place for them so far, either, the future is bleak unless elon actually delivers on his promise to make the service subscription based for real (thereby killing it, hopefully)


For now he's still hoping to make money off of it. But I doubt he'd let money get in the way of controlling one of the greatest communication platforms, when he is already making enough money elsewhere.

File:23bc8b69e8.png (559.24 KB,987x1475)


Sponsored by Alice
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i like rias


Be careful what you wish for


I'm Alice


File:2024_01_18_23-04__AOE.png (394.7 KB,1276x1271)



File:[SubsPlus ] Gushing Over M….jpg (255.36 KB,1920x1080)

Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice took me to Alice

File:__jingwei_and_sushang_honk….jpg (2.54 MB,1800x2400)




this shab just crushed my ribcage


which one is the chicken?


chikkum nugger


OP meant to write chikan, but he's just a bird, and not good with keyboards.

File:1508035963584.png (193.63 KB,624x334)


I wonder how much the proliferation of generals comes down to having to attach an image to the OP on most imageboards. It's a small thing, but speaking personally, it adds just enough friction that I've posted things I've wrote to existing threads rather than starting new ones.
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i use the search feature before posting
the search feature is trash btw Ill show you a broad query


>the search feature is trash btw Ill show you a broad query
i know bro


The reason I prefer to post in existing threads is that I don't want to draw too much attention or to push down other threads.


File:Undead.Unluck.S01E17.Outsm….jpg (217.2 KB,1920x1080)

Making new threads can be very difficult if you lack confidence or worry about whether your thread is "worth it". But, I think people mostly do it out of convenience for places like 4chan so they don't need to look around at all.

Yeah. People should try not to feel that way here, but it's inevitable.


Maybe. It's probably a much bigger hurdle for streamers and phoneposters and those have sadly become far more common than they used to be. I have to put in some effort if I'm making a thread about a handheld or console game I'm playing, but anything anime or PC game-related is piss easy to just grab a screenshot that fits with whatever I want to discuss.

Most of the "thread within a thread" posts I see also have images attached, though, since they're statistically more likely to receive replies, so it's a compounding factor at best. The core issue is people bringing non-imageboard ideas about organization and discovery to imageboards. Embrace chaos, embrace reposts, embrace overlap. If it were up to me saying "there's already a thread up" would be a bannable offense.

File:1560011997082.png (43.16 KB,960x1150)


I present to you De Qataris Pronuntiatio, or, On The Questionable Realizations Of A Toponymic Tetragraph And Its Many Compositions, Lesser Known Among Imageboarders.

Since time immemorial, two questions have remained present in the minds of all those dwelling /qa/: what do we call ourselves, and how do you pronounce the board's name? It has long been a matter of ⟨/qa/⟩'s phonemic composition, whose myriad expressions appear to contradict each other at every turn. Herein you shall find an authoritative examination of its manifestations and the underlying logic, motivated by the recent anniversary, and based on General American English and General British. (I am sadly forced to neglect Australian pronunciation for the sake of my sanity and time, nothing personal mate.) It's very long, but its length is necessitated by these phenomena's complexity.
The two books I've consulted the most are Gimson's Pronunciation of English (actually by Cruttenden), and Kreidler's The Pronunciation of English, while getting transcriptions from The Oxford Dictionary of Pronunciation for Current English with some usage of Cambridge here and there.

I'll first go over general English grammar and fundamentals, then compounds, and then free-standing ⟨/qa/⟩. Some of these are heavily subject to board changes, take ⟨/qa/bal⟩: of its 39 total hits, 35 are from 2017-2018. Likewise, 65% of ⟨/qa/non⟩'s 449 instances come from 2020-2021. Patently tied to historical contingency. Also, some words included are less than nice, but they're important to the overall analysis.


No.XXXXX = a 4/qa/ post and its number.

⟨xxx⟩ = a word as it is written, not pronounced. After words with ⟨/qa/⟩, the added parenthesis (XX) represents how many times it appears on desuarchive, totalling the root alongside plurals and such.*
/xxx/ = broad transcription, the word as made up of logical units, phonemes.
[xxx] = narrow transcription, specific sounds independent of the logic behind them.
E.g., English ⟨cat⟩ is broad /kæt/, but narrow [kʰæt], with the extra puff of air that English speakers add at the start, but which is generally not treated as relevant.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File:[SubsPlease] Hoshikuzu Tel….jpg (422.44 KB,1920x1080)

>See mono trends?
Ooops, no not "see", I was trying too hard to form something legible and forgot 'see' doesn't make the same sound.
Uhh... "Uh mono spends?"


Well... I guess Lindsey was right. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtnlGH055TA for a relatively simple explanation.

>See mono trends?
So like key mow-
>"Uh mono spends?"
NOOOOooOOoo okay then the transcription was mostly accurate, /kə'mɑnoʊ/ rather than /kə'moʊnoʊ/ it seems.
Na/qa/ma, does that one rhyme with stamina or spatula? Worth asking about it too.


File:C-1706764611618.png (135.66 KB,832x501)

Always thought this was pronounced "kwambler"

How the hell were you able to assemble and collect all these various namings for /qa/... Did you use a program or search through every single post on /qa/ and just noted down when each occurred? That's some real dedication. I appreciate the effort to completely go over every single possible pronunciation of /qa/ and especially explain why the post-2d/random one is WRONG and /geɪ/.

If there were to be one issue I'd take up with this thread though, it forgets one of the more abstract yet widely seen spellings that seems to slip everyone's mind, and it's a name that everyone should know too. I feel it's so in the open that nobody even considered it, since it took me a year or so to figure out myself. I assume it's french or some other sort of insane language ruling.


Or maybe it's also japanese in the sense of it being シウイエ...


File:lexical_sets.pdf (121.21 KB)

To anyone that this could prove useful for: here's a four-page list of 27 sets for British English with dozens of examples for each, and a couple notes concerning General American. It's very useful if you want to get a more intuitive feel for what the vowel refers to.

I found all of these manually, they have a tendency to cluster together, either into a chain that throws a few different names around or as an OP dedicated to it. There's a solid amount of "how do you pronounce /qa/" and "how do we call ourselves" threads floating around. I appreciate that you managed to read through it.
>explain why the post-2d/random one is WRONG and /geɪ/.
Well, ackshually, I wouldn't say it's wrong. More like it's a variant, one that goes back to Feb 2017 and which overtook the mainstream after a ~sociocultural shift~. The pronunciation is backed up by your reading of ⟨/qa/mblr⟩ as kwambler (with LOT as in quantum or swan, I take it) and the ambiguity of ⟨/qa/ck⟩ in the same bracket. Shit's too messy.

>I assume it's french or some other sort of insane language ruling.
Hmmmm... I did always read it as /si.u.ie/ because of all of these changes, but now that you mention it, in Latin I believe it'd be close to /ki.u.ie/, kinda like in cuius, commercium, iudex and Iesu, pretty close to /kju.ei/. Not sure, maybe the man in question can explain.

File:single_core.png (53.34 KB,1400x1400)


How do I make good programming language benchmarks. No one has done any performance research on Godot's GDScript because the community says it's good enough. Any benchmarks only look at framerate in physics calcd and not GC impact or memory per object. Obviously that reasoning is not good enough.

Picture related is single core performance on a weak processor



File:[SubsPlease] Isekai de Mof….jpg (261.52 KB,1920x1080)

Programming language benchmark? Measuring what? Programming seems so abstract and dependent on the programmer themselves that a benchmark seems strange to me. I'm not a programmer, though, so who knows?
Godot, huh. Isn't that a game engine? I hear it's been advancing along, but still has a fair way to go to compete with stuff like Unity and Unreal, but it has that indie-ish charm to it that those don't.


File:[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Pr….png (421.95 KB,1024x576)

>Programming language benchmark? Measuring what? Programming seems so abstract and dependent on the programmer themselves that a benchmark seems strange to me. I'm not a programmer, though, so who knows?


Are you seriously waiting for Godot?


Godot has a repo for benchmarks: https://github.com/godotengine/godot-benchmarks
There's a few in there specific to GDScript, such as memory allocation or string manipulation. I'd recommend looking into contributing your own benchmarks if you want to flesh it out, since stuff like dictionary manipulation or simple number crunching seems absent.

>How do I make good programming language benchmarks
The only real requirement for a benchmark is to be consistent between runs and to be able to highlight small differences in performance. You could design one for isolating a known weak point in a language's runtime, or one that can be compared to what someone in an actual use case might do. It just depends on what you're trying to measure.

>Any benchmarks only look at framerate in physics calcd and not GC impact or memory per object
The problem is there is no GC in GDScript like you would find in Python or JS. Objects are instead reference counted, so deallocation occurs as soon as no other object references it, rather than waiting for the GC to do a cycle. In essence, this means there are no random GC pauses to deal with, but you run the risk of creating a reference cycle that can't be automatically deallocated, or having objects deallocated at a bad time and causing a frame stutter.

I also suspect most game developers would rather spend time profiling their specific project than profiling the language itself, since there's always the option to drop down to C++/C# if needed.

File:scream.jpg (87.6 KB,493x637)


A thread about phrases, buzzwords, and online discourse in general, because why not.
Which terms do you gravitate towards and which ones do you avoid? Do you think people has lost the ability to take lighthearted banter in stride?
Personally I try to write properly when the discussion is semi-serious, but get lax when funposting. For mainstream though it seems like using memespeak for post-ironic brownie points or ad-hominem attacks has been the norm for awhile. It gets tiring seeing the same lazy response over and over again. The rampant use of 'based/cringe' is a prime example.
54 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


You joke but that's actually true. Latin is a dead language and Rome is a dead culture.


I think that while the internet's affect on language is certainly there, it's also overblown in circles like ours, understandably given that we are on an imageboard. Most people communicate mostly with real life people who speak their own language and dialect and even when they communicate online they are still mostly using Facebook and such to speak to people of their own language. Imageboards are a very international and English dominated space and I think we take that for granted.


It's hard to reply to because you couldn't come up with any facts to refute it with or arguments to make in regards to the original debate so you had to resort to throwing around comparisons that add nothing in order to get the last word in since that lets you claim a victory of stubbornness. Personally, I think you could have more efficiently accomplished this with a simple "no u".


The debate proper started with this sentence:
>Wiping out dialects and lesser languages would make the world a better, more efficient place.
Some of the answers that came up as the debate progressed are:
1) If achieved, variation would kick in once more anyways because it's inherent to language. You can't set a permanent standard for millions to follow and expect that to function, much less for billions.
2) Exposure doesn't kill languages. It creates areal features, loans, and other phenomena, but the weaker ones only stop being totally spoken if there's power behind the shift.
3) Actively achieving global language standardization would require committing several crimes against humanity and create a dystopian world in the process.
I've listed plenty of examples to support this. Where are yours? You've reached the ridiculous, untenable conclusion that replacement is somehow natural and equal to inheritance. No one else would support this. And finally, let's go back to this other quote:
>There's a reason so many languages have gone the way of the dodo.
Dodos were killed until none remained.


You could also add 4) it wouldn't be efficient at all due to the associated cost.

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