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File:9972b15a.JPG.jpg (44.56 KB,480x360)


Can't easily watch any recent anime as well as I can early 2000 and older. Is it time to stop resisting and accept Old = Good New = Bad?
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File:IrumaGroup.jpg (315.61 KB,1280x720)

My main complaints are that too much modern anime relies on processed photographs for backgrounds, and the colors are getting more muted, and the faces less expressive.

But there's still exceptions like Iruma-kun that bring back the older style, so I think not all hope is lost.


How much of the old stuff have you watched? Like, let's say a random year of... 2003. How many shows have you experienced of it? Do you think it's the same as the exposure you've had to, say, 2019?


Think I agree with this most of the stuff I really like is filled with vibrant and bright colors and 2000s anime had a lot of that.


Ok, I've been wanting to say this for a while and here it is, although much shorter and less elaborate than I wish I could be:

Getting obsessive with old content kills the potential of the new; new things shouldn't have to be smothered so heavily by the weight and expectations of the past works, even if those past works set a "benchmark" or hurdle expected to be raised, so to speak.
It's incredibly unfair to the creative spirit of the present, and those working hard on it, seeking validation for their ideas and skills in creation. Like when people still pay for and listen to dead musicians instead of sampling the works put out by new people and supporting them on bandcamp or KoFi or whatever. It's just sad is what it is. Yes, I know the future looks grim sometimes but still I want to give the new generation a chance to show what they got.

I think we all get nostalgic and want a comfortable place to return to sometimes; that's normal, but goddamit I'm so tired of seeing things like Lucky Star or Miku derived content on Twitter for the several thousandth time by some small artists, rather than characters from newer series.
I wish I had more time to say more about it.


I think that good old series still getting love isn't that bad, it's not something we should discontinue just because the new exists, but yeah I think completely ignoring what's new and snubbing it for what's come out probably isn't that good a mindset either. However, it's still probably a good idea for people to go and experience the good old stuff too since like how old stories can make people jaded about new and derivative stuff, those new and derivative stories may actually end up spoiling the old for those who haven't experienced it before. This may or not be a good thing though depending on if the new is better than the old, but usually that isn't the case.

File:[SubsPlease] Kobayashi-san….jpg (205.04 KB,1280x720)


It's been two long years but now Kobayashi and Kyoani are finally back with a bang bringing the prettiest episode of the season with also the best OP and ED of the season in tow.
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File:[SubsPlease] Kobayashi-sa….webm (3.9 MB,1920x1080)

High-Power yuri action


sigh the last episode was so nice


dun dun... DUHHHHHHH
Sadly it's just a "shoot em up" and those aren't very appealing to me in general


A shmup anime tie-in? Don't think I've ever seen that before. I'll have to try it out.


Konosuba actually got a slow-paced shoot em up on the Vita.

File:59e358edd741cd1b48f6d88d52….jpg (821.21 KB,2894x1566)


Is anyone here on /qa/ involved in the Scene? How did you get into it and what is your experience with it?
It seems to be a very small and closed-knit friend-to-friend network of people that the only way to get in is to know one of them personally. Most of releasers also don't have any public profile and any information about them is told by someone else that know them.
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File:boingball.gif (659.88 KB,499x281)

I love the demoscene, those guys are always making the weirdest stuff, and it's almost always made in some super interesting way. the only one I really know of off the top of my head is when kkrieger made a tiny splash for a being a technically full functioning game that was several kilobytes, though.


In the old days they existed as intro for cracked computer programs so they must be small, fancy, and utilize fully the hardware the same time.
I like the chiptune on some of the gameboy demos a lot, they seemed to use some custom coding to stuff more simultaneous sounds into the very limited sound system it had.


The gameboy's interesting. It's pretty weak but it's also very cleverly designed, so if you're smart you can push it really far.


File:f1c0d99450a83fef4e19a4efb4….jpg (1.55 MB,1600x1600)

good info website with scene stuffs


File:1628795119081.jpg (30.69 KB,452x640)


Have you watched it?
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File:c964a02388c5f747a9e5b83e7….jpeg (61.63 KB,599x482)

Well, it was pretty good. I'm disappointed by the amount of 3D in such a large production with 10 minutes of credits, especially when it looked very jarring during some parts. Some of it did look great and in fact add to the spectacle, however.
The characters and story were pretty good, the same random bible stuff that is synonymous with Evangelion and Japanese media in general and a story that kind of makes sense but doesn't really. All in all I'm satisfied, but not blown away.
I'm 20 years older and have seen a lot of stuff since I watched Eva on VHS. Sadly the novelty we seek is harder and harder to satisfy.


I think too much nostalgia kills the potential of the future, if that makes sense.
I'm always willing to give the new a chance, even if that just makes me come off as a brainless consumertard or someone with low standards.
I like the rebuilds although 3.0 was a bit alienating to me.


I feel like, come a few decade from now, the original series will still be remembered and the rebuilds will have faded away in irrelevancy. The only thing I think that kept interest in them to this point was that everyone was wondering how they'd finish. Now that it has finished I really doubt the rebuilds will stand the test of time or the initial hype over 4.0. It was a good movie, but nothing special by any means.


File:Anno.jpg (106.83 KB,1366x768)

The master of BS did it again! I think like the original, Anno's idea morphed as he went along but he wasn't really in the right mindset to make anything that'd be considered a masterpiece. He's still competent enough at film making that normal audiences loved it though.


I've watched it and I didn't like it. At least it motivated me to finally rewatch the original series, so that's something.

File:DSAADDA.gif (765.89 KB,480x553)


Are you a big fat cheater when it comes to games /qa/? Usually if I like a game alot for its gameplay I'll hold off, but for eroge and other such games I bust open cheat engine around when the title screen pops up.
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Of course it is... The whole point of chess is supposed to be that you plan your moves many steps in advance.


I was also talking about the remake. I haven't played the older version.


no, but i usually don't play games involving others, anyway.


>Despite this change, a form of modding will still be possible. Players will have the ability to modify specific files which include adjusting values of skills, items, and more. However, keep in mind the Classic client of Diablo II will still exist and that is not going away. Multiplayer mods will still be able to exist and thrive on that platform by our community there.

Cheaters rejoice! You can cheat Diablo 2 all you want, you just can't do anything interesting with it mod-wise.


Speaking of cheating, saw a really nice video on floats recently which could help people out with Cheat Engine maybe

File:10383.jpg (136.68 KB,800x800)


Is there anything better than this crap, but for a similar price?


I don't think anything beats ramen prices unless you're making meals yourself. But, you really shouldn't eat too much of it. All that sodium is pretty bad for you.


File:041000022463-1096944-png.webp (140.55 KB,1500x1500)

This stuff might be SLIGHTLY more nutritious, but I haven't done any comparison with price and stuff. There's also that old Chicken Helper brand from Betty Crocker, but I haven't eaten it in over a decade.
This is a good question and I'm curious, too.


File:0ce5d67a0faa3852476547d3c8….jpg (834.94 KB,858x1200)



Moved to >>>/aut/521.

File:88187525_p0.jpg (954.77 KB,1005x1420)


There are two types of people in this world: Those who select an image before posting, and those who do not.
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Did that yesterday...


File:celluloid-shot0008.jpg (277.95 KB,1920x1080)

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who think before posting, and those who post.


File:1616713551408.gif (1.49 MB,805x559)

Images make the board look cute! Of course I always make sure to attach one to my posts.


File:1621450867561.png (637.09 KB,696x682)

Especially images of Yasuna, the cutest girl in the universe!


File:image.jpeg (169.46 KB,612x869)

My pool of images for posting is really starting to dry up but I'm too indecisive on my preferences for which I finding to be a fitting image for posting with.

File:vX0O6sC5.jpg (138.04 KB,600x400)


What ever happened to difficult puzzles in games?
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Play Shenzhen I/O or TIS-100. Pretty difficult puzzle games. But that's obviously not what you mena :P


At this point I have to wonder why not just go the full way and get a degree in electrical engineering


they had to be nerfed or removed entirely because of video game journalists


File:[Commie] Bishounen Tanteid….jpg (305.04 KB,1920x1080)

Could games like Factorio be considered a kind of logistic puzzle game? I mean, it's all about figuring out the ideal layout to move and make materials in a limited amount of time before aliens kill you.


When point and click died it took them with it.

File:1.jpeg (95.93 KB,927x1024)


Dying without noticing must be nice.
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You summed up my opinion exactly. To the letter.


File:page_01.jpg (1.01 MB,1097x1600)

I don't have time to die. There is too much media to enjoy. Can't drink and eat good food either when you're dead.


If I ever were on the verge of dying I'd get so excited my heart'd start pumping with full force again.


File:__super_mutant_and_cait_fa….jpg (7.3 MB,2894x4093)

Don't pick the bad end! Don't pick the bad end!


Joining the unity is tantamount to death...

File:90218711_p0.jpg (1.05 MB,1942x2460)


Does /qa/ have good posture?

Every now and again I catch myself in a woefully poor position, hunched over, staring intently at my screen, or slouched over so far my spine is touching the bottom of my seat, or countless other bad seating positions.
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i dont think there is only one kind of 'good' posture, or as important as people think

that being said, if you spend most of your time sitting, investing in the best chair you can afford is a good idea


"good posture" is actually really bad for you. sitting up straight puts pressure on your spine for really long periods of time. the actual best posture is to switch around how you're sitting constantly. so if you're one of those people who fidgets around frequently switching positions to stay comfortable, you're doing it right.


File:ZZM 008.jpg (246.86 KB,1068x1600)

No. My head sticks too far forward and so does my belly kind of like this. It's annoying because it also makes me feel fat because my belly pokes out, if I just stand up straight then it looks lean. I think it has something to do with Pelvic tilt as well as posture, I moved my monitor a bit higher up and when I move out I well start properly addressing this.


Ever since I started exercising daily I've noticed my posture getting better and better. Maybe it really is useful to do in which case I'd need to thank kissu for inspiring me to get into the habit of it.


I'm never really hunched over, more of the time I find myself almost curled up in a ball while sitting in my chair. Maybe I should just get a bed to lay in since I think that's all I really want to do...

File:(clipboard)1631972690746.png (1.47 MB,640x850)


What meds do you take?
Risperidone, lithium, wellbutrin and klonopin here.
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I don't. I just don't care for bonding over "mental illness". It is basically on the same level as /r9k/ tier bullshit. Also, I'm pretty sure we had this thread months ago and it was deleted after two or three replies.


File:Alienware-Laptop-Transpare….png (401.76 KB,1200x798)

mods are asleep, post PCs


aspirin and paracetamol


I don't take anything nowadays I just gave up on trying to find something that works I do take the odd vitamin D and B12.

You should lay off the sodium tablets.


Don't know what pills those are but I hope you're doing ok.

File:[Exiled-Destiny]_Ghost_Sto….png (283.71 KB,640x480)


Would Kissu be up for watching the Ghost Stories dub next Thursday and Friday? It's 20 episodes total, so I figured it'd be better to split it over two days.

As for the time, probably 5PM EDT

Stream will be at:
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File:753D84AC-62BD-4650-A395-9D….gif (466.54 KB,500x500)

that stream was a lot of fun and I hope we do it again soon. it’s hard to imagine a dub that tops the Ghost Stories dub though. I fucking LOVE Satsuki.


Because as I said, it is an insult to her and her creator. You are ruining the character.


Calm down Miyuzaki
lewding characters only devalues the character for the person lewding her


Lewding is separate and different and I don't actually care so much because it can be put down to parody. People that draw lewd images of characters are not literally saying that that is the character and what the character does or would do, whereas if you say that it's your wife you are.


File:1630072275410.jpg (47.95 KB,800x452)

I never once lewded Satsuki; I love her in a non-sexual way. besides, I don't think it's even possible to "insult her and her creator" more than the dub did lol

File:[Commie] Bishounen Tanteid….jpg (266.28 KB,1920x1080)


Why does my creativity seem to burst forth when I'm on the verge of falling asleep and can't do anything with it...
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I think this happens to me a lot, too. The worst part is it usually happens when I'm too tired to write it down in notepad or something. Happens a lot in bed, too, but I think everyone gets that


File:ballmer_peak.png (91.33 KB,652x592)

There must be a sort Ballmer Peak for different things like mental stimulation, like how people tend to have more profound thoughts in the shower, despite taking a shower otherwise being a rather mindless thing. Maybe there's one for tiredness too. With a sizeable number of artists all being depressives, maybe that's another thing which on a knife's edge is the balance between creativity and not.


> The worst part is it usually happens when I'm too tired to write it down in notepad or something.
I'm usually always on my phone when sleepy so I just send a message to myself on my IRC channel.


Sleep deprivation boosts adreneline or something and makes you behave differently.
You can also get effects from food deprevation. Notably i get very angry.


I have never felt creative in my life

File:[SubsPlease] Super Cub - 0….jpg (117.58 KB,1280x720)


When was the last time you were sick?
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File:mousu.jpg (113.4 KB,1000x1503)

haven't been sick since I went hiki
another solid proof that everyone is stupid except me


File:896504688870170624_1.jpg (28.41 KB,400x524)

Im sick every day
sick in the head


Do hangovers count as being sick?


File:1629225951373.png (360.67 KB,655x668)

probably 2019 since no one wore masks back then and my job had me next to kids who were perpetually sick and never covered their goddamn mouths, fucking brats


probably got punished by the heavens for this post. fell sick last week, I had the runs and headaches for the whole week it was horrible, I have no idea where it came from.

File:3e36b0f205dd04d1e37cbaa394….jpg (232.4 KB,2048x1534)


How are you supposed to achieve long-lasting happiness
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death friends


try living


try leaving


ginger tea with lemon and honey


black tea with milk and honey

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