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File:1576630899112.gif (25.84 KB,255x217)


The creator of the GIF has passed away.

Let's post some GIFs to honor his memory.
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File:gif.gif (216.68 KB,1200x1200)


File:1647516050777.gif (271.35 KB,320x240)


File:1645988072189.gif (1.68 MB,800x800)


File:21_.gif (423.08 KB,1024x851)

One of the ways to identify an older internet user is if they make use of black and white non-animating GIFs. I can't remember the specifics 100%, but I think GIFs are lossless at 256 colors or less, and I think the filesize was about the same if not better than lossy JPEGs.
I still tend to save my black and white crops as GIFs


File:ApparePartyHard3.gif (678.08 KB,1280x720)

Seizure warning

While true that it's lossless, static gifs are basically obsoleted by png, which is also lossless, provides better compression, and supports a larger palette size if needed.

File:zooniverse.jpg (78.19 KB,500x500)


Seems like crowdsourced research projects are basically clicker games that don't make me feel as bad about how I'm spending my time. I'm going to see if I'm still interested after a week of doing this.


This looked like some odd form of advertisement, but if it wasn't I can restore the thread


Restored the thread and URL


I don't understand, what is this site?


Looks like public group research stuff. I'm not really sure what it actually entails without doing research into the research


It seems like it's making people creating AI datasets for machine learning algorithms

File:1344779951276.png (159.26 KB,800x807)


I've been giving it some thought, and now I want to know what /qa/ thinks of the disparity between closure in OVA/Movies and TV anime? With an animated movie or OVA usually you get a nice story that comes and finishes with a clear conclusion and maybe a bit of sequel bait. However, in the case of TV anime more often than not, or at least for more recent adaptations, a bunch of them "end" on some climactic point in a story while lacking conclusiveness. Which may be expected as many anime today serve more as a marketing tool for manga/LNs, but it sure leaves a sour taste when a show is going quite well and then it just ends without wrapping up much of anything. Especially worse is when you actually go to check out how the story proceeds in the source material and the quality of said series becomes exponentially worse as the author stretches out the story to ensure it keeps running while it should have ended ages ago.

So what does /qa/ think? Do these non-endings you see all over the place bug you as well, or do you just not care? Or do people even notice how much more satisfying a story feels when it actually concludes?
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File:b0c1256a6da249ecd2106af0a2….jpg (533.48 KB,1343x1400)

hate how so many sol are like this so i always want more and by now there's hundreds of s2 nevers that im holding out hope for
but at least shamiko got hers


Nani kore


Not sure what OVAs you're talking about, because in the format's heyday, the market was saturated with heavily abridged adaptations that couldn't even do the modern LN adaptation's job of acquiring new fans because they barely made any sense to viewers who weren't already familiar with the source material.



I was quoting shami


Surely slice of life is one of the few genres where the lack of a conclusive ending isn't an issue? The only proper endings they can really do are 'and then they grew up/graduated/whatever and parted ways', which are just depressing and not something I have any desire to see more of, or 'and then things just continued on indefinitely', which is basically no different than not having any ending at all.

File:c6272a8ccb7b80e88853a5a4d8….jpg (373.84 KB,1500x2121)


Does kissu believe in ghosts or the paranormal? Usuallly people refer to them spookily or treat them as malicious, but I wonder why that is. Can't there be good ghosts?
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File:97015895_p0.png (668.94 KB,1080x915)

Those aren't ghosts they're giant sperm
leftovers from cross-dimensional masturbators


File:[Commie] Bishounen Tanteid….jpg (298.96 KB,1920x1080)

If I were a ghost I'd definitely haunt the hell out of whoever was in my house to force them to keep me up with the latest anime. Although maybe I'll have electrical ghost powers and be able to poltergeist my way into torrenting new releases.


>in a forest or lake alone especially at night
Sometimes I dread what could be lurking in the shadows of storage areas in my own home. Can't imagine being able to suppress my fear enough to go out into the much more threatening woods at night.


Only just barely can I suppress the need to pull aside shower curtains lest someone be hiding behind them.


yes but I don't think they bother people

File:97224606_p0.jpg (643.14 KB,726x1026)


Do you follow any "serious" artists online? By this I mean it's not just all cute or pretty girls, but stuff that's a bit more nuanced in subject matter.
I saw this Ouken art in my pixiv recommendations and it reminded me that I really don't. I should try to expand my horizons, so to speak.
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File:93f6234ac3819ee76239d4657b….jpg (256.15 KB,873x1580)

Yes, I remember waaay back in the 00s that I thought Shanoa from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia looked very beautiful, so I've been following the artist since then (although that does fall into the "pretty girl" category) along with Ayami Kojima. I also like ABe and a lot of manga artists with a more realistic/unorthodox artstyle that are too many to list. As for non-professional artists I usually don't remember their names, but there are a few that I follow on boorus too.


I follow a few people who paint landscapes or military stuff like boats and planes on pixiv.


File:83581284_p0.png (4.47 MB,2508x3541)

Not a lot, just a few here and there. Mainly ones that draw really nice scenery or cool high detail worlds. I like them for desktops, although I don't change my desktop very often at all, so I guess I just follow them for the cool or nice things they draw.


File:Kaisen_Tobiuo-131223145266….jpg (743.37 KB,1127x1754)

>By this I mean it's not just all cute or pretty girls, but stuff that's a bit more nuanced in subject matter.
Those are not mutually exclusive.


File:monkey85_kitako-1364175036….jpg (2.34 MB,3034x2000)

File:Toho Parsee 008.jpg (150.6 KB,800x800)


I just found out that my sister has Covid but I don't want to catch it. How transmissible is it? I don't like my sister so I don't talk to her much but I still live with her but I live in the garage, do you think I will catch it? Has /qa/ ever lived with somebody with Covid and not caught it?
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Lots of variables regarding how transmissible it might be. Depends on variant, how long since she caught it, etc. If you don't have a shared bathroom and never leave the garage the chance should be low.


covid is so passé,,, make a thread again when she gets ukrained


File:[SubsPlease] Non Non Biyor….jpg (351.52 KB,1280x720)

Wear a mask and/or distance yourself for a while, I guess? I think it's only contagious for a few weeks. The dominant strains at this point are quite a bit weaker in the short-term, but there's been no indication of what long-term effects they may still have.
Never hurts to play it safe. You don't like your sister so you have a reason to avoid her now!


File:animals kissing 017.jpg (140.83 KB,1280x800)

kys (kiss your sister)


File:Mahrisah 097.jpg (436.55 KB,2591x2892)

I am still alive in case anybody is worried about me. I don't think I have it so far.

File:1534816760194.png (421.81 KB,624x771)


Can even devils be loved?


File:sample_275dbf9499babe33d43….jpg (462.13 KB,850x638)

Of course, I'll always love her!


File:1465198851557.gif (1.69 MB,360x360)

Anyone can be loved.


File:1349664149193.png (43.97 KB,574x578)




Very hamboneable body.

File:KF Fennec 007.jpg (624.97 KB,991x1400)


Ever wonder why Vtubers have exploded since 2020 and Covid exploded since then as well?

It's because one of the symptoms of Covid is to lose your sense of taste.

Thank you I'll be here all night.
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Yeah me too, I'm different from those other vtuber fans because my vtuber isn't as well known and also underground and super cool.




File:[SubsPlease] Slow Loop - 1….jpg (281.6 KB,1280x720)



I lol'd


People always talk about "ironic weebs" as if they're an epidemic, but I hear about them way more than I actually see them. I suspect it's one of those cases where people confuse self depreciating humor with irony.

File:4161525_p0.jpg (540.92 KB,2480x1754)


What would you do if society were to collapse or if the unthinkable were to happen?
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why should there be car wreckages, is that a scenario where all persons suddenly die without any premonition?


Now it's a cool obstacle course to race through



need more scenario description OP, what disaster has caused this collapse?

I suggest massive solar flares destroys all electronics and continues unabated for a year. This would effect kissu ppl the most i think so would make us come up with scenarios where we try to keep up our neet lifestyle in a radically altered world.


It could be anything from a mysterious disease that affects everyone but you and a small number of others to an alien invasion that abducts half the population, leaves ominous crop circles, and turns cities to glass. Pick your favorite scenario! There's way too many out there!


File:[SubsPlease] Non Non Biyor….jpg (190.16 KB,1280x720)

Yeah, I don't have the skills or willpower to survive this kind of situation. One of the first things I'd do is find a reliable dose of drugs for a peaceful exit. I wouldn't take them immediately, but I'd keep them close at hand.
It's nice to imagine myself joining together with other people and growing nice happy gardens as a dangerous situation increases our bonding, but that's an ideal situation. Many people are willing to band together for the greater good like this, but some are selfish and won't think in the long term and would immediately pursue an antagonistic role to satisfy immediate desires. Sadly, we've seen a demonstration of this in recent times. Though, without the internet, maybe people would be more socially conscious again.
I'm actually starting to get into gardening just for the sake of it and it's pretty nice. I don't think I know anything else survival related. Maybe I'd help keep hard drives from decomposing, for a future humanity that can access these all-important JPEGs again.

File:ff969dc1f6f6fb4908100c9a69….jpg (766.48 KB,2000x1495)


You get five new episodes(each one 30 min. long) of your favorite show, those are as great as the show, in return you lose a year of your life expectancy, you can repeat this exchange as often as your heart desires. Would you take the deal or not?
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in your opinion, by what you have seen. Not revolutionary different but not boring either.


I would watch shoujo ramune until I die


I finally make the perfect umineko adaptation in exchange for my life.


Is it only one show? If so, does this entity providing me of the five new episodes know of my favorite show? Or do I have to choose one?


File:46718608_p0.png (724.56 KB,700x810)

I wouldn't do it. Firstly, I wouldn't be able to decide on a show, and secondly there's still so much out there outside of just that one show that I don't think it'd be worth the exchange. 5 episodes is what, 100 minutes if you exclude the OP, ED and episode previews? I can't do it.
Lose a year of my life to bring back a multiplayer game at its peak, though? Yeah.

File:[Erai-raws] Maoujou de Oya….jpg (183.01 KB,1280x720)


Do you delete shows after you're done watching them?
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File:adh9i8sof851u060lq1m90pjv8….png (1.82 MB,900x1332)

I only download bitstarved HEVC reencodes so I can fit hundreds of series on a drive.


Didn't we have this exact same thread 2 months ago? Anyway, yes.


Storage is only getting cheaper but the internet is becoming more and more aggressive about copywrites and DRM, and things just end up going poof all the time.
Common stuff and rare as well.


I seed everything and then buy more space. Even keep around multiple releases of shows. I only delete stuff, which I don't like, but that would mean I didn't finish the show anyway.


I keep everything I enjoyed watching. Mostly for rewatching purposes later on

File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (393.9 KB,1920x1080)


WTF man, I JUST (reluctantly) moved to 10.

>Microsoft has been teasing a “next generation” of Windows for months now, but new hints suggest the company isn’t just preparing an update to its existing Windows 10 software, but a new, numbered version of the operating system: Windows 11.
Well, I'm not going to use this until 2025 based on the previous time I've "upgraded", not least of which because people will need time to crack all of its data harvesting that I'm sure will be even worse than 10's.

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After windows7 when online connectivity started being the biggest thing. Focus on features declined to try and get the best forms of automatic feedback to reduce the need to spend on R&D or QA.


Windows 98 was the exact same thing, just replace "Edge" with "Internet Explorer" and "the weather and side bar things" with "the entire file manager and by extension everything that utilizes it".


Very nice


File:windows12.jpeg (24.41 KB,474x499)

just make your own windows anon


you fool this is a plan to make windows 12 seem amazing by comparison

File:c8d8d9dff0699879d7967a57dd….png (425.77 KB,574x943)


One thing I have noticed on the recent uploads/translations of the panda is usually well-known and regarded artists like Ankoman and Terasu MC kind of milking the fanbox system. Now since there's been a lull in conventions I get it but some artists do it weird or disappointingly.

Like ankoman for example makes a bunch of 6-8 page one shots that are fairly hit-or-miss and annoying to collect (and to be fair, that isn't the fault of the author, the quality is) and this seems to be a common format for this type of distribution. Some also use it to release chapters of longer-form stories, this is a less of a pain, although when downloading it is quite odd to see hentai in individual chapters. Kind of like downloading from MangaTraders in the old days.

What do you think? Have you even noticed? Do you not care? Does it bother you?
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


Most stuff's been on ex, yeah.
I'm more talking about how it tends to promote serialized content rather than full doujins and tanks.


I wouldn't mind too much if people weren't spamming exhentai every time an artist adds 2 more pages, I swear I've seen that same terasu mc doujin 35 times.


I wonder if that sort of ongoing spam is out of a genuine want to archive everything, people farming points like why they upload samples or for another reason.

I remember pre-fanbox becoming preeminent there were a couple of ongoings that were spammed like that. Something about a hypno app harem and it had like 500+ pages.


File:[ANE] Ore no Imouto ga Kon….jpg (270.24 KB,1920x1080)

If it's good is that really a problem? Or do you mean promoting the kind of stuff that gets "ongoing" tags on ex?


If its good I guess but it becomes spam like >>86283 mentions

File:p009.JPG (157.93 KB,734x786)


What are your experiences with the dreaded automobile and its locomotive functions, aka of the worst enemies of hikkis and neets? I have a driver's license but can't remember the last time I picked up a wheel. I probably forgot how to do it at this point. Driving is scary as hell for me. I was extremely nervous during my test and wanted it to be over as soon as possible. It's one of the most terrifying things you can do a daily basis. It's more dangerous than being a police officer or a security guard for example. Drivers have a much higher death rate than people in those professions. I had a friend who got killed in a car crash and have gotten myself involved in two accidents before, one of which could've easily killed me as well if the stupid trucker actually banged on the car instead of just scraping it, so that definitely contributes to my fear of driving.
17 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Oh, that's a shame. My area probably does, too, but I've never actually thought about it. A little dinky thing to drive on the sidewalks a few miles away would be nice. Yeah, a bicycle could work, too, but you can't really store things on one like groceries


The most I cared about cars was when I watched Redline and thought it was really cool.


I was at the steering wheel for like maybe 5 minutes in my entire life. I used to bug my parents a lot back when I was 16 to teach me how to drive, but I wanted to ride a motorcycle then instead of a car. Anyway, they never taught me how to drive, and I’m 20 now and broke so I can’t afford the courses or the license itself either. The only kind of freedom I got so far was tricking them into getting me a passport so I could travel abroad with my savings.


File:1da0be20181d4e8196517a8410….jpg (145.68 KB,960x833)

I moved to the sticks with my parents so I need to learn how to drive because the rural bus service is often interrupted by construction on nearby roads


File:[Alexvgz] Azumanga Daioh 2….jpg (231.97 KB,1440x1080)

I love going fast, and generally enjoy having fun driving. Although because of that I don't like driving because I have to not do any of the things I want to do when driving and if I did I'd probably get into an accident and die.

File:e49ea1e9eb24f29096411a9d77….jpg (30.24 KB,748x421)


Whats the point of hentai?
Whenever I see hentai it looks so high quality just be jerked to for a few minutes, then just go on with your day like normal. Am I doing it wrong or something? I feel like hentai is always made to be so much more than it actually is, but its always the same feeling.


edging for 25-30 minutes



A miserable little pile of sperm!


Be patient. You have to find hentai of a character you like.


File:1514764629988.jpg (602.03 KB,1600x1200)

sounds like you're quite terrible at this masturbation game my dude

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