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File:[Erai-raws] Shoujo Shuumat….jpg (110.76 KB,1920x1080)

It's a complex question that can't simply be answered with a "Yes" or "No", but since you tried to condense it into such with this thread I'll reply "Yes" to spite you.


I think I'll agree with this


It's about the layout in its current state. If you think it should be 'fixed' or improved you should answer accordingly.


File:shion shrug.jpg (110.66 KB,696x716)

So with two invalid votes discounted it's 2 to 4 right now. Thanks for announcing you were only going to vote to epic troll me.


right click hijacking is very rude


File:[SubsPlease] Ochikobore Fr….jpg (136.24 KB,1280x720)

It's a really bad poll as mentioned, but you're not trying to be helpful so it is what it is.


File:1438153778593.png (264.75 KB,480x600)

I don't see what's so bad about it. Either you like it or not. I don't like it as how it is right now. I think it needs a lot of fixing and improvement if we were to use it on the rest of the site. There should be an easy to access option to stay with the older one for those who really can't get used to it.

Also, 2 to 7.


double right click. I swear. Half of the things people complain about are because they don't want to go outside of their norm.


It's not really intuitive...


it's not my fault users can't be expected to do something different. I mean, I guess it does have to explain some things more clearly. How much trial and error needs to be done to understand imageboards anyways, it's not like imageboards are actually clear about how to use them


Did you not look at the giant news item in the bottom right?


File:1506097472387.jpg (102.18 KB,958x538)

I figured it out immediately, I'm just saying it's not intuitive and others have shown that it's not. And imageboards are extremely simple to understand, you make a post and submit it, I figured it out the first time I used them.

Also go drink your morning coffee or something.


they are not intuitive,

Clicking on No. brings you into a thread, but if you're in a thread it highlights
the number creates a quote reply for no reason other than you're supposed to know how that works
> is green only if you know what it was derived from
> as a function is unclear so people use it for functions outside of it's intended use
Markup is expected to be known despite vichan never giving it's users a guide on how to use them(the person complaining about this improvement expects people to not want to actually experiment and try it).

Albeit a site like 4chan or a software like vichan(and it's shallow imitations) don't offer a lot of things for the user to do so the vagueness is easier to learn,
Imageboard software is all about locking out newfags. I must apologize that I must be making you feel like a newfag because I'm making things unintuitive.
Some execution of ideas is poor, but I can't label everything with giant text like a shitty Garison comic.


I honestly don’t see the appeal but I guess I can’t complain as long as I can switch to the original interface.


File:NONONONONONONONO.jpg (237.86 KB,850x478)

>Markup is expected to be known despite vichan never giving it's users a guide on how to use them
Vichan is software, not an imageboard. Of course it doesn't tell users how to do markup. That's not its job. Its job is to be a customizable imageboard, not a pre-deployed instance. It's the job of whoever's managing it to explain how features like those work. When something with RHEL breaks, you don't file a complain with Linus Torvalds, you call up the customer service department of Redhat.

>Imageboard software is all about locking out newfags.


The irony is talking about software gatekeeping and Linux in the same post. Linux is the penultimate example of preventing people from being able to use it.

I don't think this behavior is good, but nothing in the markup helper is any different from (or more effort than) the markup systems on forums. I still need to read over the criticism in a different mindset, so I might have missed a detail there.


File:[Erai-raws] Munou na Nana ….jpg (124.03 KB,1280x720)

This requires you to go to a different domain gets rid of the new homepage itself which I don't mind. I meant that there should be an option on the normal domain to not use it.


I mean, I guess I could have a cookie be read by NGINX and have it direct you there but having to input a different URL or having to click a button is there any difference really


Yes because one gets rid of something I actually like and the other one doesn't.


I apologize, but I might have to gatekeep you.


¥gatekeeping your already existing community


File:1442757345077.gif (305.77 KB,500x349)

I said it wasn't the new homepage itself that I had a problem with on /b/, but the fact that it's used for regular browsing. The new design IS just the homepage slapped on top of everything else after all. Websites usually don't use the same design for the homepage as they do for the rest.

Stop giving me these witty buttdevastated replies now.


>Websites usually don't use the same design for the homepage as they do for the rest.
This is frankly, just not true. It's representative of the old school /frames look with the ability to alter the display with page changes. It was my hope that elitists would not have complaints with this, but I suppose that was foolish to hope since cultural prudes exist solely to produce argument.


it could be said that the sidebar and ability for the site to handle no javascript viewing were the biggest compromises I made to suit oldschool posters who might not be satisfied with a more heavyweight approach to imageboards that deviates from the norm of categories on the left or top and threads down the center.


File:1603786308276.gif (84.63 KB,432x567)

There's a million problems with it that several people who seem to be knowledgeable about web design have highlighted. You're just unable to accept any criticism.


I am unable to accept your criticism, because it is not even criticism but insults.


File:1523729081334.png (167.75 KB,620x550)

No, you're buttdevastated over stuff that isn't related to this. I made valid points about it along with other people.


File:841635502b.png (122.98 KB,639x891)

I've looked through the post chain and the biggest recommendation I see is to use the old system


I am using the original layout to post here indeed, but it's a shame that it gets rid of the homepage too. I think the design there is okay.


The new layout is too busy and closed in looking
You've got things popping out and trying to grab your attention from every corner. All the extra crap should be in one area (i.e. top only) or two opposite areas (top and bottom) if possible. Right now you have a frames sidebar thing on the left side, with links to and out of the site in the bottom right corner, notifications on the right side, and the reply button at the top.
The frames sidebar accesses its menus in conflicting ways; you have the recent posts menu and frame sidebar collapse by sliding to the side; the FAQ, Rules, and Options pop out as windows; Post Tools is sort of a drop down menu. It can be hard sometimes but keep a consistent visual way of accessing menu options, unless of course you do want to convey a feeling of haphazard schizophrenic thought when using the new layout.
Ultimately this all serves to distract from the real content, the posts. These extra features should be complimenting a users posting experience not demanding they visually sort out what the hell is going on everytime they load the webpage.


don't listen to him
maximalism is the way to go and it's freaking cool!!!!!


Please do not misuse spoilers.


no, simple is besto


I don't have the time to click twice


File:a layout to hate.png (215.15 KB,1365x629)

The new layout is so fundamentally different from the gold standard that a simple "yes"/"no" question is enough to pass it judgement. It's like using a whole different platform. And my answer is "no".

First and foremost, I can't drag images to the "file" section anymore and am forced to use the file browser to pick my image. But it does have a useless hover message telling me to drag and drop, which makes the browser open the image in this tab and makes me lose all my text.

Moving on to the attached picture, left to right:

In orange: what is this? It took clicking them to realize what their function is. The icons, their positioning and how they're placed with no obvious information comes off as a very web2.0-style of design and screams "smartphone friendly". This is an issue to be discussed further ahead.

In yellow: and what comes off as the perfect place to click to get back to the /poll/ board turns out to be a fluke. Your only ways of navigation out of the page, besides writing thee url, are through the "all" board or a much more discrete "return" next to it. Return to where? Hover over and read what appears on the bottom left corner to find out. You make what appears to be a "smartphone-friendly" frame and miss a critical step.

Grey: the least bad thing in this image. The thought behind the creation of this is understood but the execution is lacking.

Brown: another "smartphone-friendly" feature. The Reply box is gone but I'm not getting any extra space for it. Why remove the reply box? An item that is contextually the easiest thing to understand and the easiest way to show people how to reply to the thread is now gone forever, replaced by another fucking pop-up. The quick reply pop-up is a convenient feature when you're at the bottom of the thread, but its size and lack of options make it wholly inferior to the classic reply box (which you were already fucking with before this) that one feels compelled to scroll back up when making more elabrate posts like these. And I see a lot more clickable buttons in this reply box I'm using but it's the third fucking time I'm writing this so I'm not even going to bother risking having to browse back into this spiritual torture chamber to rewrite all this. This design is schizophrenic in that it doesn't seem to decide itself between fully committing to a smartphone-friendly design or keeping it computer-first. There's no compromise or integration, just a jarring clash of styles.

Red: what is this? I click it to make it go away and another pop-up shows itself, firefox asking me if i want to receive notifications. And minutes later, the thing in red appears again, asking the same question, most likely because I'm using cookie auto-delete, umatrix and private browsing. Ah yes, now it's up to 6 cookies and 99+ XHR bullshit javascript. For what?

Purple: is this a joke? The first thing on my mind when I see this message is that image that shows what 4chan would look like if it got bought by the cheezburger network. You're telling me I can "customize" my "experience"?! You already customized it for me more than I ever wanted or asked for, you stupid fuck. "Experience"?! Does kissu run a board of directors and hired a hip new marketing manager with some "sentiment data" analyst bullshit degree? Is there a kissu brand manager?

I had to deal with the Red thing 10 times in the writing of this post so far.

And finally pink.
The hate in my heart is turned into a righteous hammer to strike down this sickness.
Why the fuck. Why the fuck can't I get rid of this? Yet more browsing space -- sorry, should I say "experience sharing block"? -- that is getting covered in pathetic useless clutter. What the fuck is your problem? Has the use of shitty bottom corner waifu shittery gotten so normalized That having a full block covering the site is routine to you people? I'm not a piece of shit tool who uses his desktop and browser as substitutes for logo tshirts in their lives.




File:50020716_p0.png (1.97 MB,1060x1500)

>right click hijacking is very rude

I didn't even notice this until you mentioned it.
This design truly is the reflection of a lost generation.

You arrogant motherfucker.
How many websites have this feature?
How many websites force you to have an extension like righttoclick just in order to be able to get your right click back?


And why the fuck do I have to press "read more" for posts like >>988 WHEN I'M ALREADY INSIDE THE THREAD.

>Imageboard software is all about locking out newfags. I must apologize that I must be making you feel like a newfag because I'm making things unintuitive.



>How many websites force you to have an extension like righttoclick just in order to be able to get your right click back?
Youtube. The issue is that context added feature on neet doesn't work on chrome so it's a tricky thing. I'm going to only put it in select places such as homepage and post/file info .

The read-more thing has been covered in depth already. I'm going to reduce it's impact to about 2% of posts, but keep it because brevity is pretty nice and doesn't waste people's time.

>Gatekeping by community spirit/cultural enforcement, NOT VAGUE ...
Gatekeeping oldfags out is a net plus to every community. They expect that they're allowed to boss around new posters for not doing what they want yet throw a fit when the same standards are applied to them.
I don't like "oldfags". It's a dumb label.




File:53f3953feaba529869a696fd0f….png (949.66 KB,1006x1000)

As a precursor, if you used the preview system you would have found out that italics weren't going to work.

>First and foremost, I can't drag images to the "file" section
You can I did it here. The drag and drop is expanded the full QR. Perhaps a bug.

>web2.0-style of design and screams "smartphone friendly"
sucks to be you. The reverse < should be clear. The RSS button I'm not sure how to make clearer without explicitly giving it a name.

>In yellow:
Ought to be improved, but you just complain so I'll have to interpret how to better lay it out myself. Since I am a zoomzoom web2.0 "self proposed oldfag" I probably won't lay it out in a way you like.

Will be removed. The only thing that I want on that panel is posts and threads. Reply bar will be moved to sidebar. Having a giant post form fill up your screen is dumb, the first thing you read should be posts, not scrolling down a giant space waster. It's things like these that cement in my head your ``oldfag`` status.

Having post data not stored on navigation is problematic. There's a thing that I added to my issues list.

I don't see the schizophrenia. Is this a CSS thing mostly? You don't go into this in much detail, but it seems like the most important thing I can take from your paragraph.

Yeah, the UI is very cookie heavy. Haven't tested it without. The server needs information to generate pages so it goes that way. XHR is background polling for new replies. The red message spam probably because of a combination of cookies and xhr.

>Purple: is this a joke?
No. I'm not an oldfag.

I think I will have to make it minimizable, but it wasn't really a priority at the time. I plan on moving the boards into the sidebar and putting the wide banners there because I don't have many options with where to put it in a two column layout.

heh. I don't think you elaborate on this point enough and get lost in pointing out individual design problems.

I do want it to be easy to use, but I find this easier to use because it has a lot more features and notifications and things actually track the screen so you can scroll though the feed while making a new thread or replying to posts up top without it flickering between QR or form. Acknowledging the most important and vaguely covered problem I think you bring up. I don't have a solid design philosophy. I'm just developing features without considering how they're layed out on the page or presented. I think the sidebar needs the most work to be more in line with the rest of the page. I do want to go for a more modern appearance though because I think most of you "oldfags" are dragging things down with a strict value on tradition and what's right or wrong about the culture. You hate on Twitter and likely Reddit, but they have things that I believe are worth copying. Modern design hate is pretty dumb. You should make your brain plastic again or you may start waving a cane at new posters.


>The drag and drop is expanded the full QR.
I suppose instead of using an input button I can use a input file and that will fix browser compatibility issues.




Then help it be good


Explain what aspect gives off the feel of schizophrenia


I hope the 2005 shockwave flash game look isn't permanent.


from the mind of the designers responsible for rapingu shitaba no sageru and italics are now moved to `[ e ]' because FUCK you; this winter say hello to [Read More]


Looks not permanent, but overall design is inevitable with opt out on original.kissu.moe

html5 standard is for <i> to be replaced with <em>


honest though, I'm laughing my ass off at this


File:1368977709002.gif (1.02 MB,480x270)

It seems the design is overwhelmingly disliked. At least he's realizing there are a lot of issues with it now though: >>>/b/5334


huh. Did you really think I discard criticism because I want to defend it.


Apparently some people don't realize this but this UI is still in trial. It's just all features are done so I wanted impressions.


>>1012 >>1013 makes a lot of valid points, despite his tone, but it seems most of your retorts still consist of babbling about "oldfags" and "gatekeeping" and whatnot. Allow me to remind you: "gatekeeping", "elitism" or whatever you want to call it is something that might alienate potential new users, who may stick around regardless of being "gatekept", or may decide it's not worth the bother. On the other hand, what you're doing right now is alienating the existing userbase.

Also, hopefully by now you have been able to understand why people accuse you of being obstinate and unwilling to listen to criticism. It took multiple posters and a hundred posts of discussion for you to accept the gripes that people have with "read more". Do you expect everyone to expend that much time and effort before you will even acknowledge their criticism as valid?


Not to mention that you don't seem to think your own arguments and decisions should be upheld to the same standard of scrutiny.


i like the new layout but its still funny how defensive you are hehe


The opposite. I note down criticism, but I challenge it too


He was referring to how you don't seem to provide as strong of an argument when you dismiss (or "challenge") criticism.


it's strong to me?


If you really believe it to be as strong as the arguments others present to you, you've got quite the bias towards yourself...


oh taking over rightclick freaking sucks though
it feels like im in a java applet!!!
give me back my right cliiiiiiccckkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't get it, is one not allowed to defend what they believe just because others don't?

double rclick, but it's going to be reduced in usage


The point is that you're quick to point out supposed logical fallacies in other people's posts, but your own arguments are often fallacious and based on groundless assumptions.


the alternative of this seems worse because no matter how agreeable my personality is, people will criticize something without expecting change. To be considered obstinate is better than a doormat.


No one is telling you to be a doormat, you are entitled to your opinions (as is everyone else), but acting like they're above logic and reasoning is hypocritical and makes it hard to believe that you're really as open to criticism as you claim to be...


File:60481964_p0.jpg (221.45 KB,1000x714)

Know that sorrow has moved me to write further. But not today. I can only fight so many existential battles at once and I'm tired. I must rest.


That's enough data.

/poll/ will be default for now until next update.
/b/ remains


I shall begin with the pride that clouds your mind, most patent in >>1016

>As a precursor, if you used the preview system you would have found out that italics weren't going to work.

So eager are you for a "gotcha", that you purposely fail to grasp the essence of the message.

>And I see a lot more clickable buttons in this reply box I'm using but it's the third fucking time I'm writing this so I'm not even going to bother risking having to browse back into this spiritual torture chamber to rewrite all this.

To be proud of something you've put hard work into is not unwarranted. However, you must put pride aside and realize YOU ARE A BAD WEBSITE DESIGNER. Once you realize this, there will be no need for rhetoric or semantics.

The second issue with your pride comes from your failed attempts at interpreting the very Nature of image boards, their software, and how they should operate, as seen in >>988

>Imageboard software is all about locking out newfags.

From an end-user perspective, imageboard software is the easiest, simplest platform to use. Compare with forums, the rival platform during their height: no registration, no need for an alias, simply write and post. Compare with the newest platforms of the web2.0 age and you'll see even more advantages: no need for registration which is usually tied to a phone number, no clunky, resource intensive layouts, no complex quoting systems and, across all eras, the enticing idea of not being shackled by reputation. Image boards grew at times past their creators' ability to properly moderate thanks to sudden influxes of new members, who found the software so easy to operate they had no need to lurk. What filters new users is the administration and the community.

Your misconception comes from an attempt at obfuscating your status as a new player in the grand scheme of things, fueled by the heavily enforced misconception that only seasoned image board veterans have the ability -- even the right -- to run their own image boards. Nothing could be further from the truth. People with this pride have had it all in their hands and squandered in in tragicomic fashion. One need only look at 8ch as an example of this. The admin, too, was eager to differentiate his platform from other image boards, meshing together reddit and image boards, presenting unbelievably badly coded software and grotesque site designs. Consumed himself by his pride, he lost a huge community to internal strife, drama and website functional instability, all of his own making.

Imageboard admins constantly overestimate the pull of new features and underestimate the pull of an active community to the growth of their site. /Ota/ is an awful example to follow from the admin standpoint but you'll see that it's still kicking even though it doesn't even have webm support. You won't even need that. All you truly need is a stable platform.

Stop trying to be someone you're not. The guilt of doing so will eat you from the inside out and manifest by damaging whatever you got that you're able to even remotely associate with the sham. Be proud of what you've achieved being who you are.


File:kissu unseal number one.png (553.28 KB,1357x629)

Your mind is clear. The sickness affecting your sense of pride is in remission. You can now look ahead and understand the mistakes. The oversights. The staggering along the way. You now understand YOU ARE A BAD WEBSITE DESIGNER.

You will feel more open to suggestions, because your main goal is to improve your work. As you asked, these are my suggestions. It doesn't mean they are the best, but they are definitely an improvement. Other suggestions from other people will come, which might bee even better.

So let's begin with the home page.
... I will leave these disgusting pop-ups for later.

The idea of featured threads is something I've always liked to see put in practice and it's something I myself suggested somewhere else years ago. I'm biased when I say I like the idea. My suggestion was a little more complex in that it involved featuring community activities and used the space by listing titles on the left that one could hover over, showing the OP post on the space to the right. The space would cycle through the titles on its own if left alone. Certainly a coding nightmare. Furthermore, such a design implies there are enough community events/important threads to fill a space of the same size as currently in use, which might not always be the case. At most, it could switch between the current design and my suggestion as activity grows and there are enough threads to warrant it.

The "Friends" portion needs significant work. As the banners are internal, I suggest placing a link to them under stats on the left frame. To know how to get to them and that you can make your own should be the kind of task that requires the minimum amount of lurking that materializes in those who wish to know or be part of the community. Same thing with the moderation logs. The original layout option is shockingly out of view and should be moved to the left border, below options, as "switch to original layout". The wheel needs more work but I'll get into it later. The friends tab would then have only 4taba, oyasumi and 4chanX. Frankly, I'd get rid of 4chanX as they are truly an abomination, but that's another Fight, one I cannot battle alone.

Finally, the "active threads" portion, though this applies to "featured threads" as well. Hovering over an image brings a thread preview. The aesthetics of this preview are abysmal. Begin by removing the "Google" link. If someone is interested enough in finding out more about the image, they'll read the thread proper. Secondly, the preview disappears once you try to mouse over it (and away from the image). There is a scroll bar that should be done away with. Make the preview windows all have the same size and figure out what size thumbnails should have so it all fits when all replies in the preview include images. Limit text to however many lines is possible according to the window's dimensions and use the "Read more" gimmick here, opening up a new tab into the thread. For featured threads, include only the OP and make it fit the whole preview window.


Concerning thread navigation:

I will use >>>/b/4243 as reference.

The "read more" feature has to go. As it stands, it serves no purpose whatsoever outside of a manifestation of your sick pride. It has no place in image boards when there's a character limit to replies. The absolute most use it could have would be if one were to enable unlimited character length in replies, with "read more" serving as a cut-off at the current reply length (or a new length decided later). I'm sure limitless reply lengths could be exploited, making the "read more" feature more trouble than it's worth.

I understand the "read more" feature is meant to save space and make scrolling down easier, that if a reply is actually interesting for the reader, he'll click "read more". However, always assume the worst and look at 4chan's userbase. Cannon fodder users (passive entities who don't contribute and merely echo the memes, following trends and spam the same trite, never really breaking rules but never being a true net positive to the community outside activity) will see this as an encouragement to write less. By writing less, it encourages the same type of posting that has reduced itself to a "based/cringe", like/dislike, replies as upvotes dictatorship. It's a negative however you look at it, outside a different type of usage as written in my earlier reply.

The layout is slow. Twitter-slow. It takes my computer 2 seconds to open the right-click menu, with the entire layout freezing when I do so (frozen confirmed from the banner on frames stopping). The "hide" option, unintuitively called "toggle", takes 4 seconds to do its effect. I have no interest in knowing what "preview pinning" does, but it takes just as long to act. Ctrl-tabbing and returning to the browser window while the new right click abomination is open also freezes the browser. I'm writing this text in a notepad file to preserve my sanity and good-will and whenever I tab back I see it happening. Clicking out of this new menu also freezes the browser for 2 seconds. The options menu, redundant as it's also in the frames wheel, also takes 2 seconds to open (both on the menu and on the frame).

In conclusion, the new menu is worse than useless, it's a detriment to the browsing experience as it dramatically slows down the browser to annoying levels and has no features that aren't more easily accessible elsewhere. The hide feature was already elegantly part of the old layout, as was the reply preview, and usage of either of them did not result in unnecessary freezing. As for options, it's already in the frames which is enabled by default (good idea).

Hovering over a quote, bringing up the preview screen, also takes 2 seconds. This is particularly egregious when running into replies like 5534 on the same thread. Scrolling up and down even at the constant speed of simply pressing up on the keyboard makes the posts disappear. The posts can't keep up with the scrolling. The whole code is bloated and most likely inelegant. You are like an AAA videogame company announcing a remake to a beloved game and adding new features that make the game worse.

I notice the section showing which posts are replying to a thread also shows posts in other threads. This is worthless for whoever is browsing the thread, as they have no idea what's happening in a different thread nor may they have any reason to. It's often the case that a person might follow a reply linking to another reply into a different thread, but I have never in my experience done or heard of anyone going the opposite direction, or wanting to. This is a feature that I have never seen anyone ever asking for and it reeks of someone desperate to add something new but running out of options. I assume it's all part of a new script, which is showing to be an undeniable net negative for the browsing experience. You are coding over coding. Javascript is the enemy. Do yourself a favor and delete the entire script from your computer and start over.

You have made reporting and deleting posts needlessly unintuitive. The old system is infinitely better, even if it can be improved upon.


Finally, the reply box. I am so tired.
The quick reply box was always a neat QoL feature for people who want to quote multiple replies or don't want to scroll up and down to the reply box and the replies and vice versa all the time. What it also ended up causing was a tunnel vision effect and an even worse degeneration of the concept of lurking, with people often making the same replies as people who have already posted, making the experience of reading a thread nauseating and encouraging people to be even more self-serving in their posting. But like I said, the Fight against 4chanX is one I can't fight on my own, nor will.

What the quick reply box provides comes at the cost of having a simpler box, with fewer features, covering your view of the thread. It's good when you wish to make a quick reply (as the name implies) but awful when you want to make more complex posts. Naturally, it ended up contributing to the issues mentioned above concerning userbase mentality.

You know what would be a truly game-changing idea? Have the big, normal reply box at the bottom of the thread. Force people to scroll all the way down, expose them to the whole of the thread, even if for a split second, if they want to reply. Now there's a forum quirk that should have stuck. I'm not going to delve on this idea but I just want to let it out of my mind as I've had it for a long time. I am so tired.

The big reply box is a necessity if you want to write something elaborate. Having a permanent quick reply box open gets in the way of browsing and clashes with the aesthetic of the image board. I understand where you're coming from when you say you don't want a big reply form to take a big portion of the thread (at the top, which can be easily avoided by scrolling down -- the quick reply box comes down with you all the way of the thread, blocking the view CONSTANTLY, but whatever), so I offer you a compromise: the big reply button uncovers the big reply form. Quick replying continues to operate as usual, popping up when you click the reply number. Still want quick reply to be accessible without having to click a reply number? Add a smaller "quick reply" button under the normal reply button. I don't like it and think it would be too much information to absorb, but it's the only other way outside a hotkey, which would involve even more intrusive trash.


I'll clarify some topics that you mention.

Community is important, but the step above is unique software. You can see that the biggest and most recognized boards from 8ch, 420 and 4 all have a unique software that makes it clear who you're with.
If a site's to be used it has to have it's own brand of interface, and the person I am, I prefer to go with mainstream solutions over the ideologically driven ones.

>4chanX as they are truly an abomination
Well this therein is the major difference in opinion since this UI is based around it's design choices. So in situations where you suggest removing something they use I'll flat deny.

It seems like the majority of criticism comes from the ideological perspective that new internet is bad and we should regress to the past of no interactivity, but what's written is for the most part useful.


File:kissu unseal number two.png (102.92 KB,554x628)

At long last, the bottom right corner eyesore and a draft of a slightly improved left frame.

I am too tired and my hate for that disgusting thing is too great. If I have to explain how bad it is, then you truly are lost. To make things even worse, clicking it while within a thread ALSO freezes the browser. What a piece of digital trash. And I just noticed hovering over the left frame, bringing up those tip boxes telling you what a button is, ALSO freezes the browser.

That eyesore should be moved to frames. Frees space in the browsing area and occupies unused space in the frames area. Switch places for the feed and remove frame icons. It's all in the picture. I'm done. I am tird.


Thought you were done with the finally so I interupted the chain.


/int/ was the only good board (for a month only -- truly the best representation of 8ch being a flash in the pan) and all it had over other boards was a dancing spurdo at the bottom right corner. Tikiparty was a fun sideshow but didn't have the critical mass to form a community. As for most recognized, it was /pol/ which had nothing more than replier ID because the board was full of paranoids.

Outside the drugs boards, the most notable and arguably the only good one was /woo/, which had nothing noteworthy in terms of new software, unless you count saying "nb" instead of "polite sage" a groundbreaking feature.

/pol/ has nothing noteworthy either

>It seems like the majority of criticism comes from the ideological perspective that new internet is bad

New internet isn't bad, it's just co-opted. I only mentioned a social network ONCE to comment on site speed or rather the ridiculous lack of it, to put things in perspective. You cannot deny the changes in poster mentality that some initially harmless QoL changes ended up creating.

>Well this therein is the major difference in opinion since this UI is based around it's design choices.
Outside the quick reply box and maybe the cickjacking, I don't see how. Unless you're planning to add an obnoxious waifu image at the bottom right corner to complement the awful box.


>You know what would be a truly game-changing idea? Have the big, normal reply box at the bottom of the thread. Force people to scroll all the way down, expose them to the whole of the thread, even if for a split second, if they want to reply. Now there's a forum quirk that should have stuck. I'm not going to delve on this idea but I just want to let it out of my mind as I've had it for a long time. I am so tired.

Actually, tabamin seems to have thought of that too, and implemented it into his design. Take a look, https://4taba.net/thread/a/266

New internet is arguably on the whole bad in some ways. It's successful in garnering activity, but not in bringing out the best of humanity. Also on 420chan, it's successs was not simply because it has a unique software, that's just something that complements it. It's arguably one of the best examples of how community is king, since it appeals to a niche audience no other imageboard appeals to, and has seen great success thanks to this. moot even mentioned it in his q&a as his favorite alternative imageboard because of it. 8chan simply got lucky to become as big as it did, but it had ideas beforehand that weren't a radical departure from the norms of imageboards, but a thought on how to do them differently. 4chan is simply too big to fail, and has only been making small improvements on the existing imageboard format, never changing too much. If your idea is to try and innovate on the imageboard formula as 8chan did, since that's the only real example of a more radical change compared to the rest you listed off, then what specific goal do you have in mind?

On the other hand I'm glad that you are actually acknowledging, even if reluctantly, that good points have been made. I hope you use his suggestions to improve upon your design and try to make something better which does appeal to the many.


>obnoxious waifu image at the bottom right corner
The options have a setting to allow people to insert this. That was popularized by meguca though, 4chanX is a lot of things from the quick reply and the reason why the pages load way too slowly.

Pages are dynamically generated using a combination of server generation(hence why it's so cookie dependant[but as a side note this allows for some amazing no javascript potential]) and user generation. Pages are done using the SPA principle meaning when that the server only generates the initial page and then the browser takes over, making requests to the API.
The problem is this means you need to generate everything. This means that it's more like designing a flash website than an HTML one.


File:Screenshot at 15-46-11.png (7.62 KB,575x36)

for example, generating Feedback #4 on /b/ takes 3 seconds.

This length of time seems a bit unlikely considering all it should be doing is attaching strings together so there's likely a bug in the cache generation.

On user end issues(why does the page grind to a halt when the CTX is open), the React engine likes to rebuild pages a lot and will sometimes frivolously attempt to reconstruct the HTML. In a sense, you're not wrong. It's like I'm working with Unreal Engine to build a website. If you don't know everything it's going to do something stupid behind the scenes.


i dont like change


i plan to make it as easy and obvious as possible to use the unchanged layouts.

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